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The Destruction of Silence

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In his most accomplished novel to date, Roger DeBlanck delivers an unforgettable contemporary story of a young Native American man on the road to recovery.

Abuse and addiction have ruined Thomas Newsome’s youth, but he refuses to follow the wasted path of his father, Gilbert. After Thomas narrowly avoids tragedy, he vows to get clean and stay that way. Before he can bury his past and move on, he wants answers from his father for why he never changed. But then Gilbert falls ill and takes off on a personal journey.

With only a handful of clues from his Apache past, Thomas sets out on a quest to track down his father. Along the way, he meets an elderly Native American sage by the name of Sons-in-jah. While traveling with the old man deep into the heart of Apache country through Arizona, New Mexico, and across the border, Thomas’s search for his father becomes an odyssey of self-discovery and an excavation into the roots of his Mescalero ancestors and the truth of his family history. The native individuals he meets and the enchanting places he visits will forever alter his perspective on life.

The Destruction of Silence is a heartfelt novel of remarkable beauty and compassion. It will sweep you up, carry you along, and leave you bereft and ultimately uplifted.

260 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2016

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About the author

Roger DeBlanck

6 books121 followers
Roger DeBlanck is the author of six books: four novels, a volume of poetry, and a collection of essays, poems, and meditations. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He works as a librarian in a large public library in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his wife Alley live in Henderson, Nevada. They have a beloved dog named Sophy. Visit www.rogerdeblanck.com for the latest news and updates. You can connect with Roger here on Goodreads and also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All links are available on his website.

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Author 41 books743 followers
October 16, 2016
The Destruction of Silence is a poignant road story of redemption and self-discovery. Drug addict Thomas Newsome sets off to find his abusive father, seeking answers to questions that have plagued him since childhood. The life he leaves behind is one that is veering off the tracks, and as he pursues his quest it takes on a mytho-poetic quality, a journey that ultimately forces him to confront both the spectre of his father and the mistakes he has himself made. And yet at the end of this road lies resolution too. In this beautifully written and engaging novel DeBlanck manages to capture the emotional turmoil of his youthful protagonist and the intensely personal journey he undertakes towards his own salvation. But what I enjoyed most about this novel was the wonderful, evocative descriptions of the places that Newsome journeys through, in the desert plains and valleys of the border states of America. DeBlanck writes of these places with a genuine affection, and I found myself transported to a world I know little about. A lovely read.
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39 reviews
December 9, 2016
Thomas Newsome is an Apache descendant struggling to gain control of his life after suffering child abuse and homelessness leading to drug addiction. He goes on a journey through towns in the desert and mountains of the Southwest learning about his ancestors. His path to forgiveness is a passionate and emotional journey. A seemingly magical bond with the wise and learned Apache named Great Star is an unexpected friendship that changes Thomas.

I finished this book wanting to plan a trip through the Apache lands of the Southwest. I want to spend time traveling to the unforgettable places where Thomas found his spiritual peace. To meditate on the Apache Tribe's legends about life and death, to be one with nature and overcome past haunting memories, and to survive are strong messages in The Destruction of Silence not to be missed. I do believe I will forever feel the presence of Great Star.

The book honors the Native American culture as it pays homage to the power of the universe where the heavens and Mother Earth with her people, plants, and animals are respected. The Destruction of Silence explores these beliefs along with historical facts about the Apaches and the Apache warrior Geronimo.
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Author 2 books1 follower
July 14, 2017
I have just started reading this book and already it has captured my attention and imagination. The first few pages have stirred my interest and make me interested in what will come next in the narrative. The writer has a real "feel" for the characters and invites the reader to participate in the story.
Profile Image for Gerald Weaver.
Author 5 books81 followers
October 26, 2016
If I were a Native American, Roger DeBlanck would be my spirit animal. I had been re-reading one of my favorite Henry James novels when I picked up Mr. DeBlanck’s “The Destruction of Silence,” just to look at it for a few moments. Those moments lasted until I finished the book, and then I returned to Henry James. I mean this in the best possible sense. I reread classic literature and I also read contemporary fiction. I am very unlikely to put aside Henry James or Charles Dickens or Jane Austen for the likes of David Mitchell or Jonathan Franzen. But for this immaculate little novel, I felt compelled to put aside “The Portrait of a Lady.”

Every son should read Mr. DeBlanck’s book, and so should every father. It will also be an illuminating read for every daughter and mother, as well. It depicts the journey of Thomas Newsome, an American youth who has lost his self esteem, his connection with his Apache ancestors, and his sense of family. His journey is as much a spiritual odyssey as it is an interesting travelogue through the American Southwest. You can think of it as sort of a Native American “DaVinci Code,” but with a more grounded and accessible spiritual message.

If you like smart books for smart people, you should buy and read “The Destruction of Silence.” The twin requirements for such a book are that it makes you think and that it teaches you something. This novel accomplishes both ends. I was educated by the author’s understanding of this geography, culture and history. And I was made to consider many deeper truths that do not normally occur in literature. The book has a narrow scope, that of a spiritual coming of age for a young man of Apache descent. But that gives it a larger metaphorical significance.

We are all Apache. We can all use a Great Star to guide us. And we may find that guidance inside of ourselves. Hats off to Mr. DeBlanck. Buy and read his book.
Profile Image for Vicki-Ann Bush.
Author 23 books223 followers
October 29, 2016
I started reading, The Destruction of Silence a few days ago. When I began I was instantly gripped by the plight of the young man, Thomas. His horrific childhood abuse by the hands of his father, Gil and his plummet into the depths of hell through drug abuse. I couldn't put the book down and found myself devouring it as if it were my favorite slice of chocolate cake. Sweet but with a price. When Thomas decides to take a trip to find his dying father and confront him for years of horror, he meets an elderly Apache named, Great Star. With him, Thomas learns more about his own Apache heritage than he ever knew and sets forth on a journey of self awareness, forgiveness and the possibility of future brighter than he had ever imagined. This story is a heart wrenching, frustrating, anger igniting and eventually uplifting little gem that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys experiencing a read that touches all your emotions in a way that leaves you better for having read it. Congratulations Mr. DeBlanck, for peaking my interest and holding it with a story that had no vampires, werewolves or demons, but vibrant history. It was a great journey and I enjoyed every minute.
Profile Image for Jonathan Sturak.
Author 15 books76 followers
September 25, 2016
Journey. Addiction. Suspense. Confrontation. Redemption. These are just a few of the words to describe The Destruction of Silence. This is a very special story that follows Thomas Newsome on his journey to find his father and to find his self. The novel starts in Las Vegas with a window in the world of this young man and the struggles with growing up in an abusive home. Each of the early chapters captures Thomas’ emotions over his family, his girlfriend, and the demons within and propels the story forward with suspense spread across each page. This element was the most satisfying for me early on, but then the suspense rises up and overarches as Thomas’ drive takes front and center. Thomas must find his father at all costs and this leads him into the unknown. Meeting colorful characters along the way, Thomas takes you on a journey, his journey that spans Apache country with stops that provide a view into the secrets of his Apache past. With each word shaped and polished by author Roger DeBlanck, this is one you must read.
Profile Image for Donald Ozello.
Author 1 book10 followers
October 11, 2016
Wow!! What a great ending.
I know the author, Roger DeBlanck, personally. We met at a local Las Vegas authors event. I have read this previous two fiction books and could not wait to read "The Destruction of Silence". I purchased two copies, one ebook & one paperback to give as a gift to a reader who enjoyed Mr DeBlanck's first two fiction books.
The character development is amazing and the story moves quickly. The plot builds as the main character overcomes his past, grows into a man and finds inner peace. The first several chapters are extremely intense as the main character deals with an abusive father, then resorts to drug use to deal with the pain and anger.
The main character sets out on a journey. On this journey he meets a mentor who guides him. The mentor is a great character, his demeanor and calm teaching style reminded me of Mr. Miyagi.
"The Destruction of Silence" is a great book. Strong plot, excellent character development and outstanding ending. I highly recommend readers go on the journey with the characters. It is well worth it.
Profile Image for Brian Rouff.
5 reviews
January 27, 2018
I love road trip stories. I love redemption stories. I love Las Vegas stories. “The Destruction of Silence” is all this and more.

When we first meet Thomas Newsome, he and his girlfriend are mired in the throes of meth addiction, living desperate lives that can only lead to despair and worse. Understandable, considering Thomas’ harrowing childhood at the hands of his physically-abusive father, Gilbert, a bitter, broken man who has surrendered to his own demons. But no less painful to witness. Despite the physical and emotional scars, Thomas manages to kick his drug habit and embark on a journey through the Southwest in a last ditch effort to locate the now-dying Gilbert, perhaps finding closure for them both.

With the help of a wise old Native American shaman known as Great Star, as well as an assortment of colorful characters he meets along the way, Thomas learns to take pride in his own Apache heritage while racing against the clock for a final confrontation with his father.

Author Roger DeBlanck goes deep into his characters to create an alternate universe that is foreign to most of us but feels all too real, busting through clichés and superficial expectations in the process. His descriptions are so vivid and evocative, you’ll feel like you’re in the backseat as the unlikely duo speeds ever southward in their healing quest to resolve Thomas’ unfinished family business. The ending packs an emotional wallop because we’ve come to care so much about Thomas and his heroic efforts to find peace and a new life.

Ultimately, “The Destruction of Silence” helps us rediscover our own humanity as we absorb a series of life lessons through the prism of timeless Native American wisdom. It’s an odyssey well worth taking.
Profile Image for Heather Silvio.
Author 35 books68 followers
November 15, 2016
This was an interesting combination of introspection within the main character and his outward journey to finding peace in his life. I enjoyed the road trip that made up the bulk of the novel, especially as I am quite familiar with many of the locales (including the Mescalero Apache reservation toward the end of the novel). The attention to detail was impressive; you could really see every location and clearly understand the character struggles. Highly recommend.
16 reviews
May 19, 2017
This was an incredible book. The scene descriptions were phenomenal, they are as good as any book out there. The soul searching journey in the book is inspiring. I loved learning about the geography of the southwest and the Apache culture. After whetting my appetite, I want to learn more about the Apaches. I would recommend this book to everyone.
Profile Image for Alley.
25 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2016
When you get to the end of his powerful novel, you may find yourself crying. It was tears of joy and relief for me after the long path Thomas has to take. He has had it rough for most of his life using drugs and battling his father. The journey he goes on is his best chance to put his past behind him. His travels are tense and amazing chapters full of history and beliefs of the Apaches in the southwest states and over the Mexican border. The descriptions of the characters and the landscape are really well done. I will never forget the fascinating characters who come into Thomas's life. He is a changed man forever and so will you after reading this wonderful story.
1 review
December 29, 2016
The book was recommended by a friend, and wasn't of the genre I usually read. However, I became quickly engrossed in the story, the rich descriptions of characters and settings, and the desire to see the main character overcome his demons and find purpose in his life.
It's a story that some may relate to, and it underscores the power of resilience and forgiveness.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend.
3 reviews1 follower
April 23, 2017
In The Destruction of Silence, Thomas Newsome, a Native American and a recovering drug addict, fights to stay clean at the same time trying to find answers and closure with his abusive father, who has disappeared. With the help of Great Star, an Apache elder and sage, Newsome drives through Arizona, New Mexico and into Mexico in search of him. DeBlack’s well-written and colorful descriptions especially of the landscape as the two travel through the Southwest ---‘the rugged hills that looked like jagged teeth’ and ‘canyon walls, their strata ribbed in layers of the most resplendent orange, red, and green,’ are only two of the many vivid images that made me feel as if I was in the truck riding through beautiful country. Learning the Mescalero history, about the Great Spirit Usen, meeting different Apaches along the route with its interesting stopovers, and an Apache girl’s coming of age ceremony were all fascinating and informative. DeBlanck does an excellent job weaving extensive research into this emotional story as Newsome discovers his roots and finds his purpose in life. Sue M.
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