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Coletti Warlords #6

Wulf and the Bounty Hunter

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Wulf knows Yakira is his soul mate. The only person he needs to convince is her, but with intergalactic terrorists on Yakira’s trail, there’s little time for romance. What’s a hot-blooded Coletti warlord to do?

Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, but he is a Coletti; the ultimate predator with a taste for blood, a passion for battle and the need to control everything in his life. The big question is; how does she make Wulf understand she’s a powerful psychic with kick-ass bionic limbs and quite capable of taking care of herself?

223 pages, ebook

First published October 18, 2016

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About the author

Gail Koger

24 books1,267 followers
I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for thirty-one years and to keep insanity at bay, I took up writing. Not to worry. The insanity isn’t catching – much. Other than the addiction to chocolate and the twitch in my left eye, I’m good. My current project is Jinxing the Warlord, another Coletti Warlord story.

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Author 5 books334 followers
October 10, 2016
Wulf and the Bounty Hunter is the latest addition to the Coletti Warlords series. These sci-fi space adventure romances are sheer laugh and snort out loud fun. The stories build on each other as a battle rages between a crazed, power mad son who seeks to bring down the Coletti Empire while giving his allies earth as a feeding ground. They could be read out of order or standalone in a pinch, but I would recommend reading them all just because they are not to be missed for the great entertainment value.

This time, its Wulf who is celebrating another Coletti hunt gone well when he encounters his future mate in the sassy, fearless, young girl prepared to steal from him because she is hungry after being left to her own devices after her father gets hauled in again. Yakira is a young orphan girl who has bionic limbs since the was captured by the Tai-Kok who sought to eat her. Her adopted father and brothers rescued her and brought her into their boisterous and not so law abiding family.

Years later, Yakira is better able to take care of herself and has her best friend and sister of the heart beside her as they go into the bounty hunting business to earn the money needed to bail her father and brothers out of jail. Unfortunately, the Coletti Warlord she has been ducking for years is after the same bounty prize. One thing leads to another as they often do for trouble magnet, Yakira.

Wulf is unexpected. His actions and words work on her and touch the dark and damaged places in her even as she struggles to teach him that she is no helpless Damsel in Distress. Wulf and the other Coletti need her to use her pyschic gifts as she helps them track a ruthless crazed traitor and his allies. Danger happens and Yakira along with her friends and family duck, dive, shoot, and scramble their way through each situation.

The story is exciting and non-stop action, but fun and passionate. The humor is a full range of comedic flavors and colors the story so it is light and amusing even while the moment in the story may be otherwise. The plots are simple, but move swiftly. The development is simple and doesn't go deep, but for all that, there is so much there to enjoy and escape into.

The romance, likes the rest of the story, is hilarious and fun though is sizzling hot. Wulf is alpha to the core, but once he encounters Yakira, he discovers that bossing her around or trying to tame her is a futile effort. He rushes in and gets stubborn about protecting her and she pushes back insisting she can protect herself and be a part of the team effort. Meanwhile, he courts her and makes her know that she is safe with him just as she makes him know that she cares for him and loves him.

It was fun to get back into the Coletti Warlords' world and encounter familiar faces. A Quinn Jones sighting in his new role. And oh yes, I did enjoy the Jones' family reunion and meeting the other Coletti couples again. I have come to appreciate the alienness of the surrounding cast of characters that are creative in their strange appearance yet are not so alien in their feelings and motives. Even the most scary looking races can become friends and even find romance. Tabors and Gorum and Askole were a delight. Yakira's encounters with the Overlord were hilarious. She is young and has that whimsical and mischievous quality that gets big bad bruisers to go a little soft.

All in all, I was excited to snatch this up and disappointed when I saw the end. I love this series and anticipate the fun adventures and hilarious dialogue and situations set in the Coletti Warlord world. I am anticipating the next release and happily recommend this book and the others in the series to sci-fi romantic comedy lovers.

My thanks to the author and to Loose ID for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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15 reviews1 follower
October 19, 2016
Five stars is not enough for this book, but all that is all that Goodreads will allow. Picking right up where the other books leave off we get to know Wulf better in this read and meet his mate Yakira. I instantly felt a kinship to Yakira an human kidnapped at the age of three from Earth. She was a heroic, brave , and funny character who was hilarious to watch in action with her best friend and partner in crime Ziyad. Watching these two travel the galaxy kicking butt was not funny but impressive for two females on their own. You never knew what to expect from one scene to the next. Ziyad is a genius inventor and strategist and Yakira is a master tracker making a career of being a bounty hunter. When the two run into Wulf on one of their bounty runs chaos ensues and we get to see more than one love story play out . We also get to meet up with some of the characters from the previous books, and some new Jones family members along the way. This book is full of all the action and comedy we've come to expect from the Coletti Warlord series as well as some much needed payback to villains from earlier on in the series. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has fallen in love with the other books in the series, or anyone new to the series wanting to start it now. Well worth the wait for this book!!
Profile Image for Rhonda Jones.
2,392 reviews10 followers
October 18, 2016
One Wild Ride - I Loved It

This is the kind of book you stay up all night to read. It was non-stop action adventure! The heroine is a human woman with strong psychic abilities and bionic legs. Yakira was attacked by an alien species when she was only 3 years old. She lost her legs and one arm, and she lost her family, when an alien species took her aboard their ship as a food source. But this awesome little girl was rescued, got bionic limb replacements, and grew up with an adopted father and brothers. Only her adopted family were in constant trouble. The young girl learned early how to defend herself and acquire food when the need arose. Yakira is absolutely fearless, adventurous, and always having to come up with credits to bail her family out of one mess or another. The fastest but not easiest way to get credits is to bounty hunt the most notorious criminals in the universe. Did I mention Yakira is fierce? She also has an awesome best friend, who is not even slightly human, but oh so smart. Together they are an unbeatable team. That is, until a Coletti Warrior decides Yakira is going to be his mate. Wulf thinks he is a big tough warrior, and he is. So why is Yakira always bailing him out of trouble? There were so many laugh out loud moments in this book, it made me smile just waiting to see what would happen next. This was a great book!
1,137 reviews2 followers
December 19, 2019
It's been quite a wait but SOOOOO WORTH IT TOO!!

Gail Koger has delivered again another awesome book to read in this series!! I'm ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!! Why you may ask? Well;there's her fantastic,unique and creative females. DEFINITELY determined,possessive,passionate and powerful warriors challenging them and cherishing them once they finally get them. All the while the humorous dialogues and dangerous life threatening situations just keep you glued to the pages. Gail crazy sense of humor,creative worlds,sizzling hot scenes with her wonderfully portrayed charismatic characters are not to be missed reading experience!! Every time I need to put a smile on my face,I go to my library and Gail Koger because I know her wonderful books will do that every moment of reading any of her series or books. So DEFINITELY PICK UP THIS AND IF YOU MISSED ANY OF THEM,GO BACK AND GET THEM!! You're Gonna love them!!
Profile Image for Emmie.
1,278 reviews3 followers
September 30, 2019
I love this series! I was either giggling or laughing out loud at the antics of Yakira and her brothers. I cannot wait for the next installment!

Gail Koger reminds me of S.E. Smith.
Profile Image for Cindy.
937 reviews19 followers
August 8, 2017
Gail Koger keeps on doing it - hot action, hot heroes, and fall out of your chair humor. She's on my 'preorder and read the moment it's out' list and that's a very short list.

CW01 The Warlord's Comeuppance
CW02 Just My Luck
CW03 Vexing Voss
CW03.5 Black Friday Coletti Style
CW04 Reality Bites
CW05 Just Desserts
CW06 Wulf & the Bounty Hunter
CW07 Game On Askole
53 reviews1 follower
October 22, 2016
Great series

Another great story by Gail , couldn't put it down, fantastic from beginning to end , can't get enough of the Colette warlords, can't wait for the next book , hopefully very soon...
Profile Image for Cyn Silvane.
19 reviews3 followers
October 25, 2016
Hang on for a wild ride! AMAZING addition to an excellent series. Keep them coming, Gail!
Wulf and the Bounty Hunter is a super entertaining, captivating, lively Sci-fi Romance with witty banter, fast-paced action, a Determined, Bold hero with a heart of gold, and a Sassy, Devious, Clever, In-your-face heroine. Add to that fascinating secondary characters that will make you laugh so hard you might break a rib (Totally possible… I’ve done it.) Gail has written a book where the characters climb off the pages and drag you kicking and screaming into their world. (Possible minor spoilers coming up.)
Wulf is a little different from Gail’s normal hero. Still an Alpha but much sweeter and more understanding than her previous ones. To Yakira at least. He isn’t afraid to tell/show Yakira how he feels and he knows being a mate to him is going to be a major adjustment for her. Wulf proved his love many ways but the top one was by being patient and giving her time to adapt. It is more than obvious he loves her. So much that he accepts her crazy (her brothers… a side note… I love the description of the Bjarke warrior’s victory dance) and dangerous (Ziyad- a half/Askole-half/Rodan “sister”) family as his own.
He tells her, “Know this. I will never betray, abandon, or sell you. Your family is my family. I’m driven to protect you from any who mean you harm. You were meant to be mine. My heart is forever yours.”
He also says, “I never stopped looking for you. Were you getting enough to eat? Were you safe? When I finally found you, I could breathe again. Colors became brighter. My life had meaning. I need you and only you.” (He met her years ago, when she was a child.) As much as Wulf is tender and loving he is also a kick*ss warrior who will protect his mate from anyone and anything.
To top this book off, during all the non-stop action, several characters from Gail’s previous books make cameo appearances, a secondary romance with Ziyad and Lothel is going on in the background, and we meet Bui (a child Tabor) who needs a bionic leg to replace the one eaten by a Tai-Kok. (Think an EVIL, EVIL Daffy duck combined with a miniature mechanical Godzilla. Gotta love Gail’s imagination.)
Yup, every second of lost sleep, every penny I paid, was well worth it. It was a delightful, engaging book that took my mind off of my troubles and made me laugh most of the night away. An Absolutely AMAZING book with every page being better than the previous one. I can’t recommend it enough. If you want a book that is a total delight read Wulf and the Bounty Hunter, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
Profile Image for Sandra.
1,293 reviews85 followers
October 30, 2016
Yay! Loved the action packed Jones girl & Coletti warrior wooing. As always Gail's books are full of fun, hilarity & lots & lots of action, snappy dialogue & kidnapping & rescues.

This time Yakira has a best girlfriend, Ziyad, as well as a Tabor to assist in her Bounty Hunter business. She isn't convinced that Wulf will be an asset in the long run, and he has his work cut out for him.

As always our Jones girl is a trouble magnet but she has bionic limbs & lots of gadgets thanks to Ziyad, who just happens to be half Rodan & half Askole.

Once again our villain Malik, the bad seed of the Overlord Zarek, is terrorizing the universe.

Lots of previous couples appear and add to the story which has evolved over the 6 books so far. Looking forward to the next one.

Profile Image for Angela.
276 reviews15 followers
October 31, 2016
Terrific ride around the universe with a couple of real cheeky girls....what could be better!
Yakira is that kick ass chick and trouble just finds her and the sister of her heart, Ziyad. This duo made me laugh while they pull at your heartstrings with their circumstances of life. I also found the rest of their little family interesting and wished we got to see a bit more of the two that seemed to drop out of the story (Ivar & Loki)
Wulf was both Alpha and honorable. What I really liked about him was that he is all alpha with Yakira But, you see that underneath all of his bossiness he loves her just as she is, mouthiness trouble and all.
So hoping this series continues...
176 reviews
November 27, 2016
You can definitely count on Gail Koger to deliver a book/story "full" of awesome characters, off the charts snarky(female) humor that'll have you laughing all the way through, great action and suspense, unique and interesting alien worlds, and HOT HUNKY aplha males, and much more! This book is the latest in the Coletti Warlords series and I completely loved it, and I am so thrilled that there is another one on the way! Can't wait!!! This book is definitely worth buying and also a five star rating!!!
Profile Image for Zordee Geller.
31 reviews
October 19, 2016
Great series

I have simply loved this series of books. The Jones girls simply crack me up. Any romance novel that can be both sexy and funny deserved a five star rating.
55 reviews
October 26, 2016
Totally rocked

Loved this latest addition of the Coletti Warlords series. Just a perfect blend of humour and action. Ever hopeful there will be a book 7.
Profile Image for llv.
1,935 reviews7 followers
May 14, 2018
rating: 4 stars

I think this has been my favorite of the series. Sure it somewhat follows the same formula as all the others, but I liked Wulf the best of all the Coletti Warlords and I think I liked Yakira the best of all the Joneses. Overall, I think this is a good addition to the series.
Profile Image for Chrystal_K.
412 reviews
March 21, 2018
I love this series!!
Adventure and kick-ass heroines and hot Warlords and baby aliens!?!
What’s not to love? And let’s not forget the humour that the author weaves seamlessly into the plot. Amazeballs.
These books are so good that even though spiders give me the heebie-jeebies, I want a baby Tabor. Adorable.

The only thing that could make this book better?? ... an epilogue. I love epilogues! They’re like a happy ending on crack. ❤️
781 reviews2 followers
February 6, 2017
I really enjoyed this one. I think Wulf is my favorite Warlord in this series because he isn't too much of an overbearing alpha butthead. He does give Yakira credit....maybe not outright, but he does it more than the previous books. There were a few parts where Yakira felt exactly how I had been feeling during most of the books:

"Wulf was stealing my plan, our bounty, and making me feel pretty darn unappreciated. I had proven myself in battle, time and time again, but he still saw me as a helpless female"--it's about time it was mentioned! I feel like in the other books the girls are defiant and the guys are super brutish and then they just give in after one line. She doesn't, she makes him listen to her and what she has to say and he actually listens to her which made me so happy!

"Part of me was flattered. Part of me thought Wulf was a creepy old pervert"--yeah, I can see that.

"What are you doing?"
"Getting an anatomy lesson"--I loved her responses

"You've gotta teach me that"
"Your brothers said not to give you anything sharp" --I feel your pain, chica.

Even the Overlord was getting in some great one liners!
"Pretty." Or not. A slightly hystarical laugh broke from me. "I think her brains are still a bit scrambled, my lord. You know, crashing into the wall and all"
"You don't think I'm pretty?" --it was too good!

Overall, did really enjoy this book. I do like Yakira, she's a great character and I'm glad that she wasn't set on Earth first. She was from outerspace and had bionic limbs, which is the best. I'm glad that there is a little diversity between main female characters in her books. Then again all the warlords are basically the same, so you gotta put it some where :)

The story line basically follows the previous books, but I am curious to see how the rest of the books turn around after a certain incident happening in this one.

Can Lothal get a book? Please, please, please, please?

Quinn needs to get laid. But I did like that he was included in most of this book. He added a touch of assholeness that this needed :) Still loved him though.

I still want Hothar to get a book....please?

Now, however, I'm not a fan of the cover. Wulf can stay, he's pretty **drool** but I'm not a fan of her. I think it's the duct tape on the arm or that you can't really see the bionics on the arm....I don't know. I'm just not a super fan of her model. The girl is great, I just don't think she's represented well.
Profile Image for Renee.
109 reviews
October 23, 2016
Another hit in the Coletti Warlord series! I would give 10 stars if I could, but Amazon only allows 5.

The adventure begins when 10 year old Yakira, alone and hungry steals from Wulf. He feeds her and then she manages to best him and disappear. Wulf realizes that Yakira is his mate, but he cannot claim her because she is not yet an adult.
10 years later, we meet up with a grown upYakira, who is now a fearless bounty hunter going after a bounty and low and behold, who is also going after the same bounty. You guessed it….. Wulf! The sparks fly between the two. We get to see Yakira time after time help Wulf and Wulf (being the possessive alpha male that all the Coletti men are) trying to keep Yakira from doing what she does best.
This books brings back some of the characters from the previous books and introduced a new character in Ziyad. She is the best friend and sister of the heart to Yakira. Ziyad is also a genius. She has come up with many new toys and inventions that Yakira and she use throughout the story. The Overlord wants them to give him Ziyad’s toys.
This book is full of the action, comedy, romance and adventure I have come to expect from the Coletti Warlords series. It, like all the rest of the series is a standalone book, but I recommend you read the rest of the books in order so that you will know who are the characters from the previous books that came to visit this one.
It was well worth the wait and I am eagerly awaiting “Game On Askole” (Sarah’s story).
Profile Image for Despina.
512 reviews3 followers
October 21, 2016
Once again I was transported into the world of the human psychics and the Coletti Warriors, in all around fun romp through their world. As usual, I loved all the characters in the story, I loved the adventures and I love it when the bad guys get what's coming to them. If your looking for a story that is all about fun, adventures and silliness in a good way, this is a story for you, it's better though if you've read Vexing Voss and some of other stories. I definitely enjoyed Wulf and Yakira relationship but I need it more from them. I wish Gail would let us hear Wulf's pov, that would have made the book awesome.
Profile Image for Angarad.
1,495 reviews22 followers
October 19, 2016
I was very much looking forward to Yakira and Wulf's story and was not disappointed. Another book full of humour, badass heroins and alpha mens who don't know what to do with their crazy mates haha. It was a one shot read, the action never stopping so no way you can put your tablet or in my case, Kindle, down for the night.
I hope that we'll keep getting more stories in this univers and with these characters, maybe Sarah and her transformation into an Askole or maybe even Quinn... a lot of leads are there I think.
296 reviews8 followers
October 22, 2016
holy cow this book was funny. I couldn't wait for it to come out. miss gail is one of my favorite authors and her books are always my go to books to read. I started reading it before going to bed and couldn't put it down. laughing my ass off with the interaction between yakira and wulf not to mention the rest of the jones family and their mates and the rest of the characters. you can read it as a stand alone but I would say you should get the whole series to enjoy the rest of the series. I cant wait for the next book of hers.
Profile Image for Allie Ritch.
Author 42 books34 followers
December 17, 2016
Great book! Wulf and the Bounty Hunter grabbed me with the very first scene, and the fast pacing made the story fly along from beginning to end. The heroine was a lot of fun, the hero was sexy, and the supporting characters were all terrific. I especially loved Bui, who made me smile every time she appeared in a scene! The bachelorette scene had me laughing, especially the image of Tae belly-up on the floor. Gail has a wonderful imagination, which she let out to play in this entertaining story. I highly recommend this book to SFR fans.
Profile Image for Angela.
386 reviews5 followers
December 28, 2016
I have loved this series since I read the first book that was available. Voss was originally my favorite book boyfriend, but I do believe that Wulf may have replaced him now. His attitude is of course, pure Coletti (which is badass extraordinaire), but the reader also gets to see the tender side of him when he deals with Yakira. The interactions between the two characters is awesome and the book moves quickly! I give this 2 thumbs up and would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes alpha males, sci-fi, kickass heroines, and laugh out loud moments.
2,309 reviews3 followers
October 18, 2016
Good read

I have adored this author since reading Vexing Voss. She never disappoints. This book was so interesting that I stayed up till 3am reading the night it was published, got up early and finished. Love the Coletti warriors and their kicka** women. Love the sassy dialogue and hot chemistry and their is always a special gift that makes the women special. Love this book.
381 reviews3 followers
October 19, 2016
Colette Warlords Are the Best Ever!!

This was such an enjoyable read! Like the rest of the books in this series, there is a lot of humour, action, romance ( when it's not being interrupted by danger lol). This is my favourite of this series as there are really 2 heroines in this book Yakira and Ziyad and love how they both got their HEA with their men. Can't wait for the next book!
32 reviews1 follower
October 19, 2016

Wulf and yakira were brilliant he was so loving towards he and that he never gave up looking for her and that he was prepared to wait until she was 21 to claim her. I have really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend this series to anyone I hope there are still more to come please.
344 reviews2 followers
October 23, 2016
The story continues

These stories are so funny! The author mixes humor with a fast paced adventurous plot that leaves you wanting more! And yes Ms. Koger I want more! I have enjoyed the series immensely.
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