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Yeah, Baby #6

Brief Me, Baby

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Guy Rule: No sleeping with the competition.

Jaxon Croix is a smooth talker who’s used to success in life. But despite the law firm partnership, showcase home, and expensive sports car, something is missing… until he meets Natalie Gardner. He knows she’s meant to be his, and he doesn’t waste any time going after her.

Natalie fell into Jax’s bed before she knew his history with her new employer. She’s in for a rude awakening when she finds him sitting across the table for a deposition in her boss’s divorce. Knowing her job is on the line, she tries to put the brakes on her relationship with Jax… only he’s not willing to let her go.

Warning: If you’re in the mood for a quick & dirty read with an alpha male who’s a possessive beast under his fancy suits, this novella is for you!

Bonus Content! Brief Me, Baby includes an extra Fiona Davenport book, Penalty Clause (Risqué Contracts #1), which starts at about the 50% mark. For a limited time only!

136 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 13, 2016

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2,354 reviews24.7k followers
April 13, 2017

Brief Me, Baby is book six in the Yeah, Baby series by Fiona Davenport.

It must have been fate that had Jaxon Croix in that coffee shop at exactly that time so that he would see the beautiful Natalie Gardner sitting there at the table. Jax is a successful attorney of a firm he shares with a partner. He most definitely is a smooth talker and quite charismatic. If there was ever a time he wanted to use those gifts to his advantage, it was at that moment, to secure a date with this beautiful woman. He knew she was something special.

On their first date, he knew she was meant to be his and his alone. On their second date, he got her into his bed where she belonged.

“Natalie was the woman I didn’t know I’d been waiting for. I hadn’t recognized the void in my life until it was suddenly filled by her.”

blonde professional woman in glasses:

Natalie is new in town and has secured a position at Smith, Yates and Warren as junior associate. She’s thrilled to have this position but it requires long hours and hard work. This leaves no time for romance but she finds it hard to turn down the oh so handsome Jax. It isn’t until after a wild and wonderful night in his bed that she realizes he has a bad history with her firm.


Her boss asked her to sit in on the council of his ugly divorce proceedings. When it came time to take the deposition, who did she find sitting across the conference table but Jax as opposing council. This won’t work at all. She will have to end the relationship before it really even began. At least until this case if over.

This is a short and oh so sweet story that included lots of dirty talk, insta-love, over the top alpha possessiveness, and lots of hot, sexy times. So in a nutshell, I loved it. This also includes a second short story at the end which I didn’t read, Penalty Clause Risque Contracts 1. There is a book seven in this series, Play With Me, Baby, which I have already read and loved. So, I have completed this series. I will miss it as I have really enjoyed every book.

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48.6k reviews4 followers
October 5, 2016
Another irresistibly sexy and steamy read in the Yeah, Baby series. Like its predecessors, this one has the same characteristics I have come to expect from the winning duo Fiona Davenport, insta-lust/love, OTT possessive alpha hero and scorching chemistry between the leads. Brief Me, Baby told the story of law attorneys Jaxon Croix (Jax) and Natalie Gardner.

Jaxon is a smooth talker and a drop dead gorgeous guy. As a teenager charming his way out of trouble was common place for him. He was the king of the campus. Then as an adult he used his talents to blur the lines between right and wrong. A fact that made him a damn good lawyer and since practicing law, he only lost a handful of cases.

Natalie is a newbie starting a job at a law firm in Baltimore as a junior associate, far away from Chicago and outside of her step-father’s sphere of influence to make it on her own. She wants to be taken seriously in her profession and not having everyone assuming that her career had been given to her rather than having earned it. She has decided to stay away from guys until she was fully settled in her new city and professional life.

The second Jax and Natalie meet at a coffee shop, they are immediately drawn to each other. Jax is a silver tong devil and It takes him only a few minutes to make Natalie act completely out of character, managing to talk her into a date at first, then another one the very next day at his place.

They share an incredible night together and what started as a whirlwind romance between them turned out to be Natalie’s nightmare when she finds Jax sitting across the table as the opposing counsel on a nasty divorce case involving her new boss. Her brand new job on the line, Natalie tries to find a way to distance herself from Jax, knowing that a relationship with him would be a clear conflict of interest that she would have to disclose to her boss. Only Jax’s not willing to let her go, bulldozing his way in Natalie’s life and hell bent to make her, HIS.

This sticky-hot sweet story was a perfect bedtime read I thoroughly enjoyed.
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1,086 reviews1,169 followers
September 15, 2016
4.75 Smutty Stars

Yeah, Baby is an absolutely delicious series, and Brief Me, Baby fitted in perfectly with the remain books. This story had all the elements present in all the series: fantastic main characters, an irresistible OTT alpha for hero, some spectacular chemistry that translated into incredible sex scenes, and an enrapturing, low angst plot with an ever present sweet component that makes us melt (even when we least expect) ! ;)

The headboard added a steady thumping to the mix as it banged wildly. It was music, all of it. A symphony all our own, one composed by the knowledge that we belonged to each other, that our bodies were made to fit perfectly, to sing in harmony.

Both characters were great, but Jax really stole the show for me. He was the perfect alpha, possessive and protective to extremes, and of course his dirty talking didn't hurt, au contraire! Natalie describes him in the perfect way,

Jax Croix was a silver-tongued devil.

I loved Natalie's independent and sass streak, but her constant pushing and running away - don't get me wrong, I understood her predicament - was a bit to much, IMO. Nonetheless, I really loved them together, and the subplot worked perfectly. From the moment they meet, we could pratically feel the sparks flying, and Jax's will to claim and take, unstoppable.

“This pussy is mine.”
"Made for my cock."
“My hand.”
“My mouth.”

He know Natalie is his future and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Fucking hell. When I got my hands on Natalie, she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Which shouldn’t be a problem since I intended to keep her chained to my fucking bed until she was wearing my ring and carrying my kid. Not only was it what I wanted more than anything, but it would tie us together so she couldn’t run from me anymore.

“I’m not asking, sweetheart. I’m telling you. We are getting married.”

The secondary characters were fantastic as well, and I'd love to read Eden and Isaac's story (pretty please, Fiona...). :)

Brief Me, Baby was amazing sweet, steamy short read. The only reason why I didn't give it five smutty stars was the short epilogue. I would love for a bit longer and further along version on it, to completely sate my spoiled epilogue will. I love a more extended look into the characters HEA.

That being said, I am now counting down the days until Fiona Davenport's new release, because their books sure are the best kind of addiction! <3

I was coming to the realization that there would probably never be another moment when I wasn’t continually falling even more hopelessly in love with her.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

For the full review with Release Blitz, check out my blog post,
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1,361 reviews737 followers
September 15, 2016
Yeah I know but WHY THREE STARS!?
Yes it's Fiona Davenport.
Yes the guy is hot and a total alpha
Yes he just about the most perfect guy

But I just could not connect with her.
She basically pushes herself on him (their first time)
I don't like what she did after
How she acts
She just bugged me.

Now I will not go into details here as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
Glad I read it and love FD and will continue to read her books but sadly not even hot sex and a hot hero could make this book for me.

Worth a read but not a reread.

Plus side the story was actually very good!

Safety: totally safe well there is some other woman drama but it was total bullshit! They are faithful and there is some pushing.
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620 reviews522 followers
September 20, 2018
I'm loving this series. Also the OTT heroes. I loved Jax!

The story is about Jaxon and Natalie.

She's new in town with a new job. They're both lawyers. She's a junior associate and he's a partner at a rival law firm. He worked before at the law firm she's working at now but didn't tell her about it until they come face to face with their clients.

She took off running every time she's out of his sight. I know why she did that but she still annoyed me a little. Good thing I ended up liking her. And I loved Jax. He only had eyes on her and there's no doubt about his feeling for her and for wanting her in his life.

It has an epilogue but I want more.

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1,308 reviews73 followers
November 8, 2020
'¿Siempre vas a estar así de gruñón cuando estoy vestida?'

Brief me, Baby de Fiona Davenport serie
Yeah, Baby libro 6

Mí humilde opinión:

Regla #6: No dormir con la competencia.

Jaxon Croix es un hablador suave que está acostumbrado al éxito en la vida.

Pero a pesar de la asociación de firmas de abogados, el escaparate de la casa y el costoso automóvil deportivo, falta algo... hasta que conoce a Natalie Gardner.

Él sabe que ella debe ser suya, y no pierde el tiempo yendo tras ella.

Natalie cayó en la cama de Jax antes de conocer su historia con su nuevo empleador.

Ella está esperando un rudo despertar cuando lo encuentra sentado al otro lado de la mesa para una declaración sobre el divorcio de su jefe.

Sabiendo que su trabajo está en juego, intenta frenar su relación con Jax... solo que él no está dispuesto a dejarla ir.

Brie fme, baby es una pequeña historia de abogados enfrentados y... Muchas nalgadas.

Al igual que con todos los libros de la serie, es una lectura fácil y rápida, con un montón de escenas candentes, dosis elevadas de un héroe obsesivo absurdo y un romance más dulce que el dulce.

Esto es un insta-todo y no es para cualquiera, me advierto hasta a mí misma de esto siempre que leo uno de Fiona Davenport.

Me gustó el comienzo de este, Jax se acerca a Natalie en una cafetería para conquistarla, se sintió la fuerte conexión entre ellos y fue divertido desde allí.

Me gustó que Natalie se lo hiciera difícil a Jax, al fin aquí él héroe no se sale fácil con la suya.

Jax es el héroe de las cavernas que supera a todos los demás que leí en la serie, es completamente loco y es increíble lo que es capaz de hacer por la heroína.

Natalie me gustó, era directa y decidida.

Ella quería tener éxito por su cuenta así que entendí por qué reaccionó como lo hizo con Jax cuando descubrió su historia laboral.

Mis dos quejas son que fue muy corto, necesité algún epílogo con el bebé!

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565 reviews93 followers
September 17, 2016
3.5 -short and sweet- Stars

Super OTT. Super case of instalove. Super far fetched and unbelievable. Super short. Super cheesy. Yeah, I ate it up like a super sized McDonald's meal and loved every bite!

In reality the H would be considered delusional, insane, controlling, abusive and should really be institutionalised or arrested.

BUT in book world; the H is simply Insta-in-love, crazy insane for the h, alpha possessive, disciplinary AND should really be inside my pants!... but also arrested too - cos that whole controlling and spanking stuff kinda pulls up some warning signs on the crazy front.

There were a few scenes where I woulda enjoyed being shown not told. Also, more detail in the epilogue woulda been highly appreciated, but being such a super short, sexy read; we get what we get (all 137 pages of it). Nonetheless, I really had myself a nice time reading this even though I had to really stretch my ability to believe.

Highly recommended to those who love a safe story with their romance served with super sized OTT Insta-everything and an alpha possessive (mine) hero. There are so many of these similar short stories out there but this one was one of the better written ones.

Dual POV and standalone story as part of a series. I haven't yet read any others in this series but I didn't feel that I missed anything at all. Will definitely look into more of this author's works for sure!
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1,193 reviews290 followers
May 30, 2017
2.5 I don't like these two...
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2,057 reviews580 followers
September 15, 2016
All the things we have come to love from a Fiona Davenport book!

--hot, sexy alpha caveman who only had eyes for the heroine
--decent heroine, she annoyed me for a bit but she turned out ok
--love at first sight
--no cheating or ow/om drama
--hot hot hot
--a cute yet unfulfilling epilogue that was maybe a few months out (I was kinda disappointed in that)

I felt like I should have known the other couple, Isaac and Eden. If I read about them before, I don't remember. I hope maybe there will be more books for this couple.....
Profile Image for Carmen Rae.
1,460 reviews174 followers
January 15, 2017
Oh my god this is the last one of the series so far (please tell me there is more coming) now what am I going to read when I need short hot insta love with OTT alphas? Damn It

Check out my reviews here
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410 reviews112 followers
September 15, 2016
Hot, short and safe! Nice little read, loved how OTT the hero was.
Profile Image for Jennifer McGurk Finn.
2,102 reviews43 followers
September 29, 2016
Another quick but very entertaining and oh so steamy read by the very talented duo known as Fiona Davenport.
Guy Rule: No sleeping with the competition.

Jaxon Croix is a smooth talker who’s used to success in life. But despite the law firm partnership, showcase home, and expensive sports car, something is missing… until he meets Natalie Gardner. He knows she’s meant to be his, and he doesn’t waste any time going after her.

Natalie fell into Jax’s bed before she knew his history with her new employer. She’s in for a rude awakening when she finds him sitting across the table for a deposition in her boss’s divorce. Knowing her job is on the line, she tries to put the brakes on her relationship with Jax… only he’s not willing to let her go.

Warning: If you’re in the mood for a quick & dirty read with an alpha male who’s a possessive beast under his fancy suits, this novella is for you!
Profile Image for C.
683 reviews
March 17, 2017
Safe read
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855 reviews126 followers
September 14, 2016
Fiona did it again! She nailed it with this sexy, funny and outrageously hilarious novella! This is an insta-love novella and packs quite the punch....in more ways than one!

Jax is the ultimate alpha caveman! Yes caveman! He's beyond gorgeous, successful, and identifies his soulmate at a coffee shop and decides she belongs to him. There's a hurricane coming for Natalie. And his name is Jax. She can run but she can't hide. Natalie's attempts to hide and Jax tantrums at her attempts are hilarious!

I absolutely love this story. It's short, sweet, and straight to the point. Although not a full length novel, the characters and scenes are well developed and the story flows beautifully!

Five stars!
Profile Image for Darlene I read WAY to many books.
3,143 reviews1,431 followers
October 6, 2019
3.5 ⭐

Natalie is new to her firm and is doing the grunt work and meets Jax flirting and shying away from him until he ask her out. Nat has mix feelings for a second since she had no time for men with her new job but Jax talks her into a date. But he is keeping a tiny tiny secret he is the rival from another firm. When she finds out she tries to push him away but he isn't having it he knows that's his girl and he shall always chase after her.

And she does run many many mannnyy times heck he had to get his best friends wife to fake a lie that she knew Natalie to get her to talk to him 😂😂😂 ohhh Jax a true OTT alpha.

No om drama tiny om drama (his client tries to make a move on him he shuts it down), no cheating, sexy times, slight secondary chara, Drama, no virgins

Recommend- yes

No condom
Push/pull from h
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,341 reviews63 followers
September 17, 2016
I'll give 3 to be fair because I was expecting something like Alexa Riley's books. Unfortunately I didn't feel the chemistry between the MCs. And I didn't find the sex scenes hot. But it was an expectation I created, so I didn't feel it was right to rate it lower. It delivered its purpose: it was a erotic short book with an alpha man and a heroine left with no choice to bend to his wants. But this all was very lukewarm
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4,073 reviews447 followers
September 17, 2016
This was a good addition to the series.

Jax- Natalie- insta love- . It follows the formula of the series . The story was adorable in some place, ridiculous in others. Enjoyed it..in parts?

Safe read

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617 reviews14 followers
April 20, 2019
Brief Me

The moment Natalie walks in the door, everything Jax thought he wanted in life shifts and all’s he sees is her. Now to get her to stop running from him will be the trick.
Natalie feels the connection with Jax but knows the timing couldn’t be worse. If she can get through this one case, then she would be able to keep Jax and her job!!! But Jax has other plans and that means planting his baby in her so she has no choice but to stop running.

-safe read
-ott alpha
-no read ow drama beside a client of his thinking she would convince him to be with her.... but the h shuts that down quick.
-could have used more of an epilogue. Only two months out.
Profile Image for Fatimama.
1,017 reviews55 followers
November 10, 2017
I really liked this book as I usually enjoy the trope with H/h getting to know each other with mutual attraction and then they find out they are on the opposite sides of a big situation. Jax (H) was really the main pursuer of the relationship and I understood the heroine’s reluctance due to being in opposing sides in a case but she got over it right away. I liked that it didn’t take long for her to stop pulling away from Jax.
Profile Image for Danielle.
466 reviews27 followers
September 20, 2016
Short and smutty all alpha male attorney sets his sights on opposing counsel and does whatever it takes to make her his. A super sweet and oh-so-sexy quick read!
Profile Image for Melissa Blakeney.
204 reviews19 followers
September 15, 2016
Ok so ive been reading the "Yeah,Baby" series since the start and theres nothing more I love then a crazy sexy alpha who wants to mark whats HIS hence the baby making book name ( Yeah,Baby)... so this book in my eyes was lacking a tad bit but had all the stuff I love in a book BUUUUTTT..thats where I'm leaving it!!!

Enters THE sexy lawyer Jax who falls head over heels for the sexy innocent like Natalie who is very wary of the man Jaxon croix is and has a continuous fight with herself ..but she's really loosing the battle... because what Jax whats Jax' gets ... and so their story goes...

im giving this a firm 4 stars because i loved Jax' character but was utterly disappointed with the epilogue

This was an Honest review for exchange for an ARC!
Profile Image for Anna.
37 reviews1 follower
September 15, 2016
I swear, I love the Yeah Baby series and this one is no exception. Natalie is starting her career on her own terms when a run in with Ajax sends her love life in a whirl. He's charismatic and sexy but Natalie is afraid to give in to the chemistry they obviously have. The give and take between these two is hot, sexy, and sweet. And thank goodness for plastic b!tc#s getting what they deserve! (You'll understand what I mean when you read the book) I sped through this one faster than any other of the series. As always, this is a safe instalove story with a sexy alpha hero and a sweet HEA. Perfect for those who love that sort of thing.

*An ARC was given for an honest review*
Profile Image for Sharon Dunn.
1,226 reviews22 followers
September 15, 2016
Rules are made to be broken!!!Especially if the tall drink of water is over six feet tall and built like a brick house, draped in a suit made for him. Jaxon Croix is such man and Natalie can not tear her eyes away!! Will one night together lead to more than either bargain for? You will just have to read and find out. But warning this book is so hot that a significant other needs to be with you. This book will hit all your hot spots. If you like hot, dominant, alpha men who over the top and good to the last drop, then you will LOVE this one!! I would love to read a story on Eden and Isaac!!
Profile Image for Megan ~The Never Ending Book Basket.
1,953 reviews77 followers
September 21, 2016
This was another fantastic, well written, and steamy read by Fiona Davenport. This novella was just as intense, just says enjoyable, and just as wonderfully Alpha and over-the-top in the best possible way. I can't get enough of Fiona Davenport's books, and I really can't wait for more! If you were looking for a quick, satisfying, and heart melting, make your cheeks turn pink read, then run yourself to this book this very second!
Profile Image for Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog.
2,318 reviews114 followers
September 18, 2016
3.5 stars. Super sexy, sweet, short and easy read between two lawyers (Jax and Natalie) from opposing firms. Insta-love, insta-babies, insta-everything and hot, cheesy goodness! What's not to like!
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