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Air Born: Do You Dream of Flying?

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After thousands of years, the ancient 18th of Ahmose are still on the hunt for the secret of flight, forcing Avitorians to hide in fear. Facing the threat of capture, Leif's dreams are shattered and he is forced to decide between hiding or embracing his heritage.--Air Born is a Young Adult, Urban Fantasy novel.

316 pages, Paperback

Published September 2, 2016

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About the author

Timothy Trimble

16 books13 followers
I'm a published author, freelance writer, technologist, and software developer - basically a geek who likes to write. I've written books for Microsoft Press, Wiley Publications, user guides, and more articles than I can count on all my digits. While the non-fiction writing has been great, my heart lies in the telling of science fiction and urban fantasy stories.

I've met Captain Kirk, taught Harry Anderson (Night Court) how to fly in Flight Simulator, been in front of the TV camera four times, and played in an awesome band at the House of Blues. But, I started writing when Google was just a set of Encyclopedias and I've been writing ever since.

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212 reviews6 followers
July 22, 2017
First of all, thanks to the author for gifting me this book! I was very excited to get it, and I'm also very grateful that I was given the freedom to review or not review, so this is nothing but my true thoughts. I think it's really easy to feel a sense of obligation when reading/reviewing a gifted book because you want so badly to like it that sometimes you might be tempted to bend the truth to show your appreciation. However, I'm delighted to report that I very much enjoyed Air Born, and I also have some critiques. :)
I LOVED the concept of this book!! The dreams where I can fly are the dreams that I never want to wake up from, so a book where people can fly makes me really happy. :'D I also found that the story started to remind me of Jurassic Park a little bit. It's very sciency, and at the beginning of each chapter there's a little quote or poem to set the tone which reminds me of Jurassic Park a lot. I just had a lot of fun with this story.
My no-spoiler critiques are as follows...
I felt like some things were over-explained(exact distances and heights when they weren't necessary, multiple detailed reactions within the course of a single conversation,) and some where under-explained (the motivations of the Avitorians, and the 18th. I got the gist of what the two sides stood for, but I felt like it wasn't explained enough.) I also felt that sometimes the characters blended together a little because they all seemed to have the same voice.
Every book is different and there's no right way to tell a story, but I've found that my most favorite books to read are the ones where I don't think about these things.
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2 reviews9 followers
September 28, 2018
Wow! (No spoilers)
So, Mr. Trimble so very kindly gifted me this book, asking me to give an honest review once I had read the novel. I’d like to thank Timothy Trimble for doing so and introducing me to Leif and this fantastic world where people have the ability to fly.
I’d like to start by saying that this was a very fun and easy read, that left me wanting more every chapter I finished.
As you read this book, you will be able to tell that Mr. Trimble is no doubt a nerd! (Which is definitely a good thing in my books) Throughout the text, detailed descriptions using technical language when talking about such topics at astro-physics, cars, coding and others can be observed. This at times can be a little tedious, especially as it doesn’t contribute to the story, however it doesn’t detract from the story and isn’t something that will put you off from reading the book, you may even really enjoy it. Personally, I would have loved this level of descriptive language to have gone into the romantic scenes. Being labelled as a romance novel (as well as sci-fi, fantasy) I must say, I expected a lot more romance! I’m not talking anything smutty here... I simply mean I would’ve liked to have known how each of the characters felt when they embraced, kissed or locked eyes. What was going through each of their minds? Especially because in the book, when two Avatorians fall in love, its an instant bond and one that can’t be broken. I would have loved to have read more emotive language on how this bond develops so quickly and how each of the characters respond to this. I felt very much like an outsider when reading about Leif and Carina, rather than feeling like I knew their inner thoughts and feelings.
This really was my only big criticism! I loved the world in which I was introduced to, the characters were relatable, even down to the villain who was completely believable! The possibilities for sequels/prequels is endless! I could read on forever about how different individuals navigate their way through this world that they live in!
If you have kids, I couldn’t recommend this book more if you want to get them into some proper reading. There’s no bad language, it’s clean and as I mentioned before, very easy to read, making it perfect for children and the younger end of the spectrum of YA readers.
I found that this story never got stale, I found myself thinking about the characters and how they were going to handle certain situations when I wasn’t reading the book, which to me is the sign of a great book written by an author who knows how to get you invested in characters.
To summarise, I really did enjoy this book, if you’re looking for something quick and easy, yet thrilling and compelling, this is the book for you. I can’t wait to read the next instalment. I’ll be keeping up with the author on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates...you should to!
February 2, 2017
[I deleted my old Goodreads, I guess all of my reviews disappeared. But I fortunately saved this review somewhere on my PC and I found it now. That's why I'm posting it again ]

First I would like to thank the author for giving me a free ecopy of air born in exchange of an honest review, I enjoyed reading this novel so much. Once I started reading it I could not stop till I finished it
Second, if you’re reading this because you read the synopsis, thought that it seems like a nice story to read but you’re not really sure if you should get a copy. GET OUT OF HERE , GET A COPY AND START READING .
The upcoming part of my review will contain spoilers. even though I will try to keep to myself as much as I can, nevertheless I do not think it can be possible.There is so much I want to talk about. So, if you do not want to ruin your read, get back once you finish reading Air Born, and let me know what you thought of it. I love discussing books with people.
Why I have enjoyed reading this novel (besides my love of Sci fi) :
1- I loved that the story had kind of a before (Leif was born), during (Leif as teenager, when he started having the dreams and feeling the bond with Carina) and after (as a grown up who could finally fly).
It made Air Born unique, because most the books I read this year contain flashbacks or have epilogues. But in this novel, we kind of start reading about a character (Angela) in 1995, and then about Leif as a teenager (after 13 years, so that would be in 2008), and the rest and biggest part of the story about Leif as a 20 year old boy (now). I do not know why, but I liked that 
2- Describing Leif, not exagerated :
99% of what I read this year has a strong female characte as main character, and then that dreamy male character who is tall, and strong, he wears white tight tshirts that show his muscles when he’s moving… bla bla bla and it gets even worst when it is a love triangle. I think I suffer more than the main female lead trying to make up my mind and decide which fictional character should be my crush of the month :p With Leif, it is totally different. Even though the author has mentioned a few stuff about him here and there, but to be honest I do not even remember his hair colour. And I do not care, I just love Leif, and even though the dude can fly, he might be the most realistic character of 2016. Ahh he’s also super smart and good at math, that counts for something ;)
3- The pure, real and innocent love story.
I admit that I read love stories and enjoy them (check out my profile, Colleen Hoover books are my favourites) and I know a big majority of female readers are just like me, we read and dream and once the book is over we be like : that was very nice, I had a nice couple of days inside that book (I am literary transported to the characters’ worlds when I read) now back to reality, that will never happen even in my wildest dreams, but we gotta keep dreaming right ? so I just grab another book and start all over again.
With Leif and Carina, it is simple and true. Leif might not have told Carina anything that would blow up Instagram because every reader will be quoting what he said and poste it using #TrueLove. But, only the word BOND can make the reader know and FEEL that what Leif and Carina have is genuine and not many people can have it.
As for inocense, I do not know if most of the books are currently turning into little copies of Fifty Shades of Gray only to rank on the top of the best selling books list, or they are simply written in that way because they needs to be written in « that way »... !!! anyways, Leif and Carina have had less that 5 kisses throughout the book, and that has not made their story any less beautiful than the top selling love stories. As I said you just simply BELIEVE that it is true, no proof needed.
Now, the rating. I could not easily decide whether it deserves a 4 or a 5 star rating, because I usually give 5 stars based on feeling : when I can see myself in one of the characters, understand what they think and why they thought of that… I honestly have 0 in common with Leif (except that I used to be good at math during middle school) or any other character. But a story that is so much different from what is currently on the top sellings but could easily fit there if it has the chance to, totally has to get a 5. I am not saying this simply because the author was super nice and send me an ecopy of his book. I would have written the exact same thing on my blog (where the author could not see nor read the review) if I had spend money on an Air Born paperback.
I was left with more than one question, that the next book will certainly answer. But, I am not sure why Georgeo has not even tried (one second) to talk Leif out of saving Carina, like he did with his parents when they wanted to save Angela ! Even Leif doubted that Georgeo would help him ! is it because Carina was special ? or is it because Gerogeo knew that now he’s old, he will probably soon die of old age, so why not sacrify his life to save a young one (he knew he was probably not going to live , since he wrote notes for Leif on his phone) !!! or will my question simlpy be answered once I read those notes …. eeeeemmm GOTTA READ AIR BORN #2
AH before I forget: THE COVER. I am not a cover desiger or anything like that, and I like the cover. But it seems old, like it was not made in 2013. With the sky, the stars, the trees and mountains, it seems like it lacks something ( I do not know the word for it, you know when you wash black pants too many times and they lose their colour, that’s it) I mean the picture is not HD :p (can a cover even be HD, but I hope you get what I mean) also the writing, it seems like I took the picture myself and added the writing using Phonto app. I know that a book should not be judged by its cover. But, the cover is nice and it could be better and look like it is made in 2016.
[UPDATE: I've seen a paperback, the cover looks awesome. I guess seeing it as a picture on an e-reader wasn't in the cover's favour. That's all :) Just like seeing someone in real life, instead of some selfie with NO FILTERS ;) They always look better in person]
Air Born #2 PREDICTIONS ; or more like MY WILD IMAGINATION :
Now that the uncle of all Aviatorians is dead, who will replace him ?
If he left notes for Leif, then that must mean something. Leif is super smart and Carina is special, the right couple to fight the Eighteenth .
I know Aviatorians do not keep much info about their race and history, but what if the Eighteenth have archives ? I would like to believe that the Aviatorians came from the stars, but now that I have seen « the love story and the romance » I need some action : The incredible couple Leif and Carina together with the nature ( They feel it, maybe they will discover that they can communicate with it and ask for its help) leading the Aviatorians to fight the Eighteenth (I know they do not believe in war, but what if it is the only solution ?)
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50 reviews2 followers
July 17, 2021
Author always believes that our words hold so much meaning in our life than we realize whether they said in anger,hate or in love because its gives a huge impact to anyone's life so better to use it wisely. After thousands of years, the ancient 18th of Ahmose are still on the hunt for the secret of flight, forcing Avitorians to hide in fear. Facing the threat of capture, Leif's dreams are shattered and he is forced to decide between hiding or embracing his heritage.--Air Born is a Young Adult, Urban Fantasy novel.
The flow of the story feels quite good and the characters come to life without being smothered in too much descriptive content. Entertaining, suspenseful read for anyone looking for a good page turner. Leaves the reader always wanting to know 'what's next? ‘Timothy Trimble proves that with the beautiful descriptions and marvelous prose found in Airborn. In addition to that, the innocent and pure romance story is a sweet, rare find in today's literature. The way the characters are introduced and developed not only gives you a good story but makes you feel like you are in the story, and that these are people that you actually know! You become entangled with the action and drama of the story!
I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and love story along with the science fiction. I would highly recommend the book to people of all ages. I loved the book. Character development was really good and the plot kept me intrigued. I also loved the NW connection. I'll be reading more by Tim Trimble and more Sci Fi. Well done, Timothy!
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76 reviews14 followers
October 25, 2020
Air Born by Timothy Trimble is the first in the Air Born series. A Young Adult urban fantasy novel where an ancient race of Avitorians hide their secret of flight from the world.In a world where many humans are power hungry, the Eighteenth, an ancient Egyptian society, are determined to learn the secrets of the Avitorian race. Hiding in plain sight the Avitorians live in fear, desperate to keep their abilities a secret, yet they are continually hunted.Leif, a young Avitorian who has had to hide his true self from society, is just realising his dreams when the unthinkable happens. He must decide whether to run and hide or fight for the freedom of those he cares about.
Air Born is an exciting and page turning fantasy. From the very beginning the reader is drawn into the story and the pace is fast and full of suspense. I particularly liked the building of the main character's personality and identity as the book progressed and the subtle approach to the romantic interest within the story. I was not sure what to expect from this book before I started reading, however, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the unusual storyline, vivid descriptions of scenery and the way the author has given seemingly normal people the extraordinary ability to fly. I would recommend this book to any lover of fantasy fiction, science fiction or even adventure.
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186 reviews11 followers
July 7, 2019
Book by @timothytrimble
Gripping and sensuous
After thousands of years, the ancient 18th of Ahmose are still on the hunt for the secret of flight, forcing Avitorians to hide in fear. Facing the threat of capture, Leif's dreams are shattered and he is forced to decide between hiding or embracing his heritage. 
The writing of Timothy not only describes you what's happening but it makes you experience it.
The proper backstory was yet another delight.
Loved the development of the story and you get attached to the characters. This book will fulfil your dream of soaring in the sky
Few things are little hard to understand but nothing too hard.....and oh yes, it is fast paced♥️
I would give this book 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars because ot made me stick to it till the end.
Highly recommended to those who are into YA urban fantasy and want to go on an adventure.
Looking forward to book 2.
1 review
June 23, 2020
Sci-Fi is not my first choice--but this book held me spellbound enough to carry it with me around the house, outside, late at night, whenever I had a few moments to read. The setting is familiar scenery, Pacific Northwest sights & sounds, and the characters are thoughtfully constructed. There's just enough suspense to keep the pages turning, just enough 'hints' of what's to come to draw you forward. The "science" in the fiction is reality based, but I'm no scientist, it just sounded right and believable. Don't we all dreaming of flying at sometime in our lives? I can't wait for the next installment!
2 reviews
August 14, 2021
Rereading on kindle!

I just got such a good deal on kindles for the kids that I had to immediately get this book on their library. It’s perfect for young adults and grownups as well! Very charming love story and action in spades. I’ll be getting the next in the series for our family too!
50 reviews1 follower
September 19, 2016
Tim does it again

I can't wait for the next Born book comes out. I stayed up all night reading this book. Much different than his other writings. I really enjoyed the characters, tho Jewel kind of got lost somewhere...great concept, neat story line, this book leaves many questions that I'm looking forward to getting the answers in the next one. Very well written. It's a story line that can keep going yet never get boring. Thank you Tim for another entertaining story.
I purchased this book even though Mr Trimble and his family are dear friends to my family. Tell your mom hello for me. I hope she is still enjoying her hats. I believe that to purchase his books and review them honestly, is the best way I can support and show appreciation for his writing. Please let me know as soon as the next book comes out
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