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This Road I Ride: My incredible journey from novice to fastest woman to cycle the globe

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In December 2012, Juliana Buhring became the first woman to circumnavigate the world by bicycle. With only a few months of training and little sponsorship, support or money she left from Naples on 23 July 2012 to cycle the world.

Raised in a religious cult as a child, Juliana finally broke away as a young adult and found her soul mate - an explorer seeking the source of unmapped rivers in Africa. When he was killed by a crocodile, her world went dark. To escape her grief, she decided to set herself a challenge. Having never seriously ridden a bike, she set out to ride around the world.

18,000 miles, 152 days, 4 continents, 19 countries, 29 punctures, 6 big mountains, 1 desert and a cyclone later, she made it back just days before Christmas with a Guinness World Record. Empowering, inspiring, often humorous, This Road I Ride is testimony to the power of sheer will to overcome any obstacle.
Discover a true story of adventure, blood, sweat and gears.

224 pages, eBook Kindle

First published May 23, 2016

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Juliana Buhring

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Juliana Buhring is a British-German ultra-endurance cyclist and writer. In 2012, she set the first Guinness World Record as the Fastest Woman to Circumnavigate the Globe by Bike, riding over 18,000 miles in 152 days. She lives in Naples, Italy.

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3,849 reviews34.9k followers
May 3, 2016
Oh my ...I wasn't suppose to cry!

I already bought - pre-ordered - this book on Amazon a week ago. This book will be released in a few weeks in stores. I bought this book so that Paul could give it to his mother as a gift. ( she rode her bike across the United States twice).
Yesterday I noticed this book on Netgalley. I had my own - somewhat -interest in reading this story, but honest to God...not with the razzle-dazzle enthusiasm as I'm feeling now. I just finish it!!! I AM SOOOO MOVED!!!! I think I need to buy a couple more copies of this book ---( we have a ton of cyclist friends).
However... if are a King or Queen couch potato...this story will significantly increase your resting heart rate, affirm your faith in humanity, and give you the 'toasty-warmies' all over!!!

Julianna Buhring - born in 1981, cycled the world. She turned 30 during her ride. With only had 8 months of training, very little money, and 'no' sponsorship, she left from Naples, in July of 2012. Julianna travelled through 19 countries, 4 continents, ( 18,000 miles), in 152 days, ( averaged 125 miles a day), making the first woman's record for circumnavigating the globe by bicycle in the Guinness Book of Records. Julianna was neither an athlete nor a cyclist.
She had set out to prove that anything is possible, that we can do things that are far bigger than ourselves.

NOW for some FUN... "Reason's for this novel's enjoyment and achievement"....
Julianna Buhring is not only a Champion cyclists, she is a passionate author. She writes superbly. Her writing is engrossing, fragile, brittle, sharp and pulsing with life.

Her story is astounding, moving...and a joy to read. With only a few thousand euros, a bike ( PEGASUS....her companion), and a dream....she takes off from Naple's central

We learn a lot about Julianna. Deep sorrow for a man she loved - Henri Coetzee, a world explorer, had recently died ...( killed while kayaking...by a crocodile). He was her inspiration for her world bike adventure. Henri talked a lot about fear when confronted before embarking a mission. Julianna was inspired from his words - made them her own...."nothing great can be achieved without jumping the fear barrier".

As we read Julie's story, we learn about other times she had to jump the fear barrier.
She was raised in a religious cult called "Children of God". This story alone is emotionally wrenching. It wasn't until she was 23 when she escaped - left behind the only world she knew - isolated behind high walls - dominated by rules - a dystopian dictatorship. She then wrote a book about it exposing the abuses and lack of human rights the kids suffered.....called "Not Without My Sister"

We see the commitment and courage Julianna has to start from 'nothing'.... from 'scratch'. When you are rejected from everything that was once your life---and lose everyone and everything you loved, believed in, uproot yourself - turn against your own identity, as Julianna did....there is not much else to lose - or fear.
It's her strength that seems to keep Julie peddling through fatigue, sweltering summers, major rigorous mountain climbs, bruised, black toes blistered with frostbite, face raw from windburn, cold, hungry, in pain, lonely, in tears, smelly dirty, strong headwinds, a sprained wrist, mechanical breakdowns, limited funds....(RAN OUT OF MONEY while in New Zealand, and almost had to come back), etc etc.
THANKS to many online followers around the world ...who started tracking her... donations kept her going. That in itself is/was very touching!!!

I fell in love with the people she met. -- oh... The stories and memories they 'all' have together: priceless!!!
She pushed those mountains in Portugal... close to tears... but then was rewarded with spectacular views - "the setting sun casts deep shadows through the trees, offsetting radiant shades of pink and orange".
I was happy to know that people in the United States treated her well! They were generous! Actually ...all around the world people were generous.
Oh.... I loved - loved - loved when Julianne shared about the books she was listening too. ( an audiobook girl).... or books which inspired her: From Philip Roth, Jack Kerouac, to Mark Twain.
And Food....As you might imagine ... Julianne Buhring mentions food often - Some meals she had sounded delicious - even a chocolate bar- but a frozen chicken breaded rubber patty on a dry white bun, ...I think I'd starve too! haha!
And COFFEE.....( the hunt for a decent cup).
After being away 5 months -- retuning home.. I think it might have been her
Neapolitan espresso she missed the most! :)

Anyone who enjoyed Cheryl Strayed's book, "Wild"... will love Julianna Buhring's book.
Her bike ride around the WORLD... visiting each of these countries...is vibrantly imagined!
This young girl's energy, wisdom, and life experiences, restores all kinds of faith.

Thank You W. W. Norton & Company, Netgalley, and Julianna Buhring

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903 reviews132 followers
August 30, 2019
Lots going on in this slender, but gratifying, little book.

An epic quest ... a unique global tour ... some over-the-top endurance cycling ... some growing up in (and, thankfully, eventually escaping from) a religious cult ... plenty of loss and love and discovery and kindness ... but the quest, oh my, the quest is the thing....

Let me get my two (personal, largely unfair) gripes out of the way first: (1) I would have preferred another 100+ pages, devoted to the cycling, the technique, the gear ... but I realize folks like me are a small slice of the reading public, and, no doubt, the book was far more accessible to most readers without it...; and (2) I wanted pictures ... lots more pictures, but, even in this hardcover, few were included... Fortunately, some are available on her website at: http://julianabuhring.com/it/gallery-...

But both of those things bring me back to what an incredible quest this was. This would have been impressive had Buhring's journey been fully supported; without support, the achievement is mind-boggling.... What an extraordinary achievement!!! Even having read the book, I can't wrap my head around it... I don't wanna get too wrapped around the axle on this, but ... wow ... it's really impressive....

At the same time, I wish I hadn't read this so soon after reading van Hemert's The Sun is a Compass. The quests - both extraordinary - couldn't be more dissimilar, but ... for better or worse, nor could the authors, not just in life but in their writing style. It wouldn't surprise me if many find Buhring's writing more accessible, but I was taken in by van Hemert's memoir, colored both by her scientifically-trained eye and the academic gloss on her prose. As a result, for me, this book felt light (too light), but, of course, that takes nothing away from the magnificence of the story (or the book). Having said that, if you enjoyed this, my guess is you'd enjoy the other as well....

Buhring's life growing up in a religious cult ... oh, where to begin ... breaks my heart, but obviously enlivens and enriches this journey .. [what do they say? pain provides great content.... alas] ... and, of course, now I'm curious to read her co-authored Not Without My Sister. It's hard to stomach these stories ... and it makes one question how often and why they play out .... Not too long ago, I read Grits, Green Beans and the Holy Ghost ... admittedly about another (disturbing, frightening) cult, which also contained large doses of catharsis throughout. ... This kind of stuff just makes my head spin.

I'm glad I found the book, and it was an easy, gratifying read. My hat's off the author - or, as they say in the peloton, chapeau!
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Author 62 books744 followers
May 24, 2016
My Review:
Disclaimer: I am NOT a bicyclist, but my husband is. As a result, I've found a love for the sport. Every year we watch the Tour de France and about six months ago, he drew me in with a documentary film about the first unsupported Trans America bicycle race. In that race was a woman rider who honestly stole the show. We loved her. She was snarky and fun as she goaded the Italian men who said she shouldn't be there because she didn't have the experience. Well, a few weeks after that I was looking at books on NetGalley and found this book and showed it to my husband, because he loves to read books like this. He was the one who recognized the author as the woman from that race...so I requested the book.

I'm so glad I did. Most of you that read my reviews know this isn't my normal genre to read. Although I do read a lot of biographies for reference with my own fictional writing, I don't normally review them. But this book is worthy of a review just because it was a phenomenal book. I'll admit. I'm a fiction reader. As a result, I usually slog through non-fiction books and honestly rarely finish them. I finished this book within twelve hours of starting it...and read it in the middle of my normal work/life day...so I was pretty much reading it every spare moment I had. I definitely recommend it.

Juliana Buhring does not have the normal endurance cyclist's history. In fact, when she set out on this adventure, she'd only been riding a bicycle as an adult (building up her endurance and not just for casual rides) for a few months. So for her to set out not only to circumnavigate the world, but also to set the record for doing so was absolutely crazy.

But she had her reasons.

A year and a half before, a man she loved who was also an extreme adventurer died when a crocodile attacked him in his kayak. There are flashbacks throughout the book of discussions she'd had with him over the years. He also led a not-normal life and they'd had lots of philosophical discussions about those choices. Ms. Buhring also has a different background just because she was raised in a cult until the age of 23 when she escaped. Over the years, she was abused, shunted from country to country, and rarely had anyone from her family who loved her there to support her. The cult regularly separated families for the good of the cult and this began for her at the age of 4.

Her stories are heartbreaking, but they help to explain how she could survive this journey. She's tough...incredibly so, and from reading her story, I would guess that she doesn't make connections easily which is why it was so devastating to her when her friend died so suddenly.

The book is completely engrossing and entertaining. She's an incredible writer. It's broken up like a daily journal with little vignettes and stories from her daily observations. But sprinkled throughout are philosophical discussions about life and what it means. There are moments when she's incredibly depressed and at rock bottom of her ability to go on, but those are tempered by days of beauty and resilience which prove to her why she needs to keep going. I loved reading the book and getting to follow her on her journey.

I definitely recommend the book...for bicycle enthusiasts, people who like to read biographies, or for anyone that likes to read about the human spirit and its ability to overcome immeasurable odds. She overcame and wrote an inspiring book documenting her journey.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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419 reviews26 followers
July 22, 2016
Newbie cyclist establishes Guinness record for circumnavigating the globe in an amazingly quick time. What elevates this book from similar (male) tales is the rider's thoughtfulness throughout. A cult survivor mourning the loss of a lover's accidental death prior to beginning her journey, Ms Buhring comes at her trip with an unusual perspective. Having written a previous book about her experiences growing up and fleeing from The Children of God, she's far more of a writer on a bike, than a cyclist struggling as a writer to capture their experiences. Those looking for a practical travel guide, or some kind of testosterone fueled account of battling the elements and the limits of human performance, should look elsewhere. Those with a philosophical bent that are trying to figure out how best to live in this world, with all its challenges, are the ones most likely to enjoy this quick read by a remarkable woman.
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522 reviews133 followers
January 12, 2020
Juliana Buhring, İstanbul'daydı. İmza günü ve söyleşisinden izlenimlerle güncelledim yorumumu; buradan ulaşabilirsiniz: https://zimlicious.com/ruzgara-karsi-...

Bisiklet denince benim aklıma ilk gelen çocukluğumdaki yaz tatilleri… Annemin küçük teyzesinin Yalova’daki yazlığında, sitenin içinde sürekli bisiklet üstündeydik arkadaşlarımla. Bazen yarış da yapardık ama genellikle toplu halde bisiklet sürerken bir yandan sohbet eder, parkta park edip dondurma yer, sonra yine aynı şekilde devam ederdik hava aydınlık, karanlık demeden. Frene basmadan, buluşma yerine yavaşlayarak gelip, bir bacağımızı diğerinin yanına atarak, bisikletten süzülür gibi inmek en “cool” hareketti mesela… Rüzgara Karşı kitabı bu günleri hatırlayıp, şapşal şapşal sırıtmama neden olsa da sizi yanıltmayayım; benim anılarımla alakası bile yok onun başına gelenlerin!

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March 9, 2021
"If you really want to experience the world, get on bicycle."(p.88) For those of us that ride bicycles, the freedom of the road with the wind blowing in your face is pure joy. I own two bicycles 1995 Trek Mountain bike I have had for twenty six years and I ride it in the winter. It has over 23,000 miles on it. In the summer I ride a 1984 Schwinn World Sport I have had for thirty seven years and has over 35,000 miles on it. I don't know if I hold any records for longevity or mileage on these bikes and I am sure there are people out there that have more then me but when I started reading this book I thought of that mileage.

In this book Juliana Buhring goes one step further and sets out to circumnavigate the world on a bicycle. Better yet she sets the first woman to record the fastest circumnavigation of the world. She pedals 18,000 miles in 144 days, across 19 countries and 4 continents averaging 125 miles each day. The book is completely engrossing and she is an incredible writer. I liked that she did not turn her journey into another ponderous, overly descriptive travelogue. She gives you enough information to draw you in and not to much so that you start to zone out. Spending so much time on her bike she also gives the reader her deep reflection about life, its outlook, and goals which I found very interesting. One of the best cycling adventure, touring, bike packing books I have ever read. To bad it had to end.
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4 reviews3 followers
January 30, 2018
I listened to the audio book while being the support driver for a few cyclists. I really enjoyed the audio version. Her determination and honesty was inspiring. I also was fascinated by her past as a survivor of the Children of God. She didn't go into extreme detail but it gives her story a different and interesting dimension. If you love audio books then give this one a try.
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148 reviews21 followers
July 10, 2017
This is perhaps the best book that I have read this year, and perhaps the last several years. There were so many parts of this book that I could not keep from re-reading as their relation to my life sometimes struck quite a chord within me. I loved the way the author took the reader along for the journey and though you knew from the beginning she accomplishes her goal, the detail and inspiring tone she uses throughout the story makes it feel like you were along the road with her throughout her journey. From this book I am interested in reading more from the author, as well as looking into my own life and where I can make changes to feel something along the lines of what she did for herself through her epic bike ride.
There were so many great passages in the book that I made note of to think about later on. Below were some of them.
- “We can achieve meaning through work, love, or suffering. Perhaps those who suffer most have the best chance to find meaning… suffering is inevitable… the last of the human freedoms is to choose your reaction to your suffering” (p.8)
- “Deep sorrow marks you more than any physical scar… Death has a way of putting the temporary nature of life into sharp perspective, reminding you that time is always racing toward that one inevitability, inspiring an urgency to do everything now, quickly, while you still can” (p.12)
- “Pain brings you to the basics of existence. It reminds you of your frailty, your mortality, your finiteness” (p.47)
- “If there was no suffering, man would not know his limits, would not know himself” – War and Peace quoted in book (p.47)
- I absolutely love that the author mentions reading Kerouac’s On the Road and was inspired to travel the U.S. as part of her bucket list. I like this simply because I want to do the same thing and though I was not too much of a fan of Kerouac’s book, it did have its moments that were inspiring.
- “…in times of misery, a friendly face can be a game changer” (p.52)
- “like all enjoyable things, you see, it has unenjoyable parts to it” -Philip Roth (p.62)
- “Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer”-Mark Twain (p.66)
- “To keep my negative emotions in check, I go into deep energy-conservation mode. This means keep still, keep quiet, keep calm… keep everything in perspective” (p.70)
- “…appreciate the little things- and what is existence except for a giant conglomeration of little things? We don’t even realize our reliance on them, how much we take them for granted, until we are without them… It takes loss and privation for us to discover the true value of something or someone. This is the strange nature of humans” (p.71)
- “If our minds can surpass the dictates of our bodies, then surely we are capable of anything. Everything starts in the mind. That is the seat of power, of whether we succeed or fail, of the beginning and the end of it all. When the mind gives up, the body soon follows” (p.78)
- “Life is a strange thing. You can create a reality to make it all easier to bear, then discover that you love the world you’ve created and it takes on a life of its own. Maybe none of this is real? Perhaps it is all just a ride? We forget who we are, and these moments awaken something in us that makes us remember we are creators of our own worlds, our thoughts, our emotions” (p.78-79)
- Consider visiting New Zealand: “The whole place has an eccentric, haunting beauty. I feel as if I’ve stepped through a portal into another world” (p.98)
- “A special freedom comes from not worrying about what people think. Imagine what would happen if one day everybody stopped caring, though. Something out of a Dickensian madhouse comes to mind” (p.108)
- “Do I endure the struggle simply to experience more extreme pleasure from these perfect moments? Perhaps that is the point. The more adversity we suffer in life, the more we savor the brief, rare periods of complete happiness and abandon… I think only those who know deep suffering can truly appreciate its opposite” (p.126)
- “Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in my own head, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage in anything more than the most basic human interaction… I’ve felt myself changing. I’m less willing to compromise with myself or others, and less forgiving of weakness in myself. I have no time for the day-to-day trivialities that I once felt were so important… when I finally open my mouth to speak, I now notice how much nonsense comes out. How little of substance is ever said. Everybody talks, but nobody really says anything” (p.139)
- “As an adult, however, I’ve never been bothered by solitude because I’ve come to realize that its opposite often means wasting time in the company of people I dislike or with whom I have nothing in common” (p.150)
- “I think solitude is less a conscious choice than an inevitable side-effect of certain life choices… When what passes for normal seems the most abnormal thing in the world to pursue, those who decide to go their own way, to be different, to achieve different goals than those society considers ‘normal’, will often travel that road alone” (p.150)
- The price of freedom is loneliness: “Freedom to do what you want is a heavy burden to carry and a very lonely road to walk… Freedom is an extreme, because it’s by definition selfish. Many search for it, but once they come close enough to grasp the depth and scope of loneliness they have to cross in order to achieve it, few have the will or desire to take the last committing steps across a barrier of no return for a reward that is not guaranteed” (p.150)
- “There have been times during the ride when I thought that I wouldn’t care if I died just then, in a place I want to be, doing what I most want to do. In those moments, I hardly cared if I’d finish the journey. Dying did not scare me; it was living without feeling alive that was frightening” (p.154)
- “To the man who has not known what life is, death is an enemy; and to the man who knows what life is, death is the ultimate crescendo of life” -Osho (p.155)
- “Revolving day by day within our tiny individual worlds, it’s easy to get an inflated sense of self and see the world from an egocentric perspective. Being the outsider in other people’s worlds makes me realize what an insignificant cog I am in this larger machine called humanity. The more you travel, the smaller the world becomes, while at the same time you and the things you thought were important shrink, too.” (p.160)
- Read Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted
- “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain” -Joseph Campbell (p.198)
- “… from the day we are born, time starts counting down toward that one inevitability. All we ever have is time. Yet even time is an illusion. All that really exists is the eternal present. We can only ever live right now, in this day, this hour, this minute” (p.203)
- “I believe that some people enter our lives for a reason. They may not stay long, but they have a lasting effect” (p.206)
- “We can do things that are greater than ourselves. If you believe nothing exists beyond a certain boundary, then you will never test the veracity of that belief and you will never discover new possibilities…Many people postpone making their dreams a reality to wait for the perfect time. There’s no such thing. The perfect time is right now” (p.215)
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595 reviews31 followers
May 28, 2016
Rated 4.5 - THIS ROAD I RIDE by Juliana Buhring is an inspirational cycling memoir especially enjoyed by those who appreciate mental and physical endurance. Juliana’s story is not just about the ride, but includes snippets of what she endured in captivity in a religious cult and other traumatic events in her life that she works through while cycling across the world.

For more reviews, plus travel, garden and food topics with photos, visit The Zest Quest, my pursuit of a zestful life.

One of the first memoirs I read was about a cyclist who built his own recumbent cycle and traveled across country. I have searched for that book for years, hoping to reread it one more time, but I can’t for the life of me remember the title or the author. Having physical limitations of my own, I live vicariously through others who are able to push through their pain to accomplish unbelievable achievements.

Juliana Buhring wasn’t an ultra-endurance cyclist when she decided to break a Guinness World record. Juliana was just a woman suffering through grief after the tragic death of the man she loved. Like many of us who grieve, she was questioning her own existence beyond the life of her friend. What makes Juliana more inspiring than this common experience is that she had also endured being raised within a religious cult, often against her wishes. Without a father or mother to guide her for many years, Juliana learned to rely on her friends for support. Her journey reunites her with many of these friends who support her during her low-funded pursuit to break a world record. This is a story of true grit and the human will to survive.

THIS ROAD I RIDE is a testament to Juliana Buhring’s ability to overcome hardship. I was fascinated with her bravery. Traveling alone can be nerve-racking and overwhelming for anyone, but to travel alone across the world on a bicycle in order to break a record, when you’re not even a trained athlete in that sport, is mind-boggling. Once I started reading, I was completely engrossed in the outcome. Juliana Buhring’s physical endurance is the stuff of legends. It’s easy to be awed by someone who can break a record, but there’s so much more to her story. There are some beautiful quotes and inner thoughts that add to her day-to-day struggles. I was often terrified for Juliana, knowing that at any moment, some outside element could cause her injury or death. Full of life, loss, suspense, bravery and inspiration, THIS ROAD I RIDE is captivating.

Review by Dorine, courtesy of The Zest Quest. Digital copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley.
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Author 38 books12 followers
August 11, 2016
Like many people, I was first introduced to Juliana Buhring via the documentary 'Inspired to Ride.' Intrigued by her tough but likable persona, I wanted to know more. After doing some research, I did not come away disappointed. I learned that she had written two books, the first about how she had escaped a religious cult as a teen, and another about how she became the first woman to ride around the world on a bike, and, in the process, break the world record for doing so. Being a fellow cyclist, I opted to read the latter first. It reads like a diary, peppered with relevant yet introspective thoughts about her adventure, and why she was doing it, but it never gets bogged down by such things. Rather, the book consists mainly of interesting observations and tales of the road, and what it's really like to be a lone woman on a bicycle traveling through various countries, with no financial or medical support, all in honor of a deceased loved one. She's not afraid to get too personal, either, like when she soils her pants while riding one day because she ate bad rice in India. You essentially take the ride with her, traveling along beside her like a ghostly companion. And when it's all over, you share in her sense of elation, exhaustion and accomplishment. I finished reading the book this morning, but I doubt I'll stop thinking about it for some time. It's the kind of story that stays with you and forces you to examine your own life, and the choices that have brought you to this point.

If I had any criticism at all, and it's very minor, I would have liked to have seen photos: of the people she met, the places she'd been, and even her bike Pegasus. It would've made the experience all the more engaging.
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886 reviews9 followers
January 7, 2016
I received a pre-pub from NetGalley. I always enjoy travel writing and especially those that are done via bicycles or walking. Buhring's book is short and sparse, making it even more readable and keeping the reader engaged with the struggle itself (biking and personal grief), not the places she rides through. I was interested in the people she met and we learned just enough to satisfy without going into so much detail we were "ready to move on" as the reader. Would recommend to those who enjoy travelogues.
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142 reviews2 followers
April 17, 2016
Provides vignettes from every country and lots of detail as this woman rides a bicycle around the earth, becoming the first woman to do so and beating the men's record. She rode without major sponsorship, instead travelling on donations from friends and social media fanss. Her work to move beyond her childhood in an incredibly strict Christian cult, along with stories from other ex-members, is another worthwhile theme in the writing. It does not hold together like a good novel, but is still a good read.
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191 reviews20 followers
January 14, 2018
Rüzgara Karşı benim bu tarzda okuduğum ilk kitap, bu yüzden cümlelerimi nasıl toparlamam gerektiği konusunda pek emin değilim.
Rüzgara Karşı, bir başarının hikayesi olduğu için beni gerçekten etkiledi. Düşünsenize Dünyanın etrafını bir bisikletle dolanan ve bunu yapan ilk kadının hikayesini okuyorsunuz, kitabı okurken açıklayamayacağım duygular hissettim...
Juliana hiçbir şekilde pes etmiyor, sürekli ona yanlış yönden gittiğini, bir bisikletle kadın başına dünyayı dolaşamayacağını söylüyorlar ama o asla pes etmiyor. Bu yola çıkarken kimsenin ona inancı yok ama onun kendisine inancı her zaman tamdı.
Bu yolculuğu yaparken bir de arkadaşı var, Antonio. Asla desteklerini esirgemiyor, sürekli Juliana'yı takipte. Ve diğer arkadaşları, dünyanın her yanında bir arkadaşı var diyebiliriz. Bu da küçükken kaldığı yurttan kaynaklanıyor. İmrenmedim desem yalan olur, düşünsenize nereye gitseniz size açık bir kapı var. Çok hoş bir durum olsa gerek.
Türkiye bölümüne gelene kadar çatlayacaktım sanırım, çünkü Juliana'nın ülkemiz hakkındaki görüşlerini aşşırı merak ediyordum ve kendisi bir lokum sever oldu. :D
İyi ki okumuşum diyorum, çünkü biz bazen pireyi bile deve yaparken Juliana bu yola çıkmasından itibaren hiç pişman olmadı, geriye dönmeyi asla düşünmedi. Ki bu kız hayatında ilk defa bisiklet kullanıyor!
Ülkemizde pek revaçta değil ama okumanız gerektiğini düşünüyorum, çünkü bu kitap azmin ve başarının yazıya dökülmüş haliydi.
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368 reviews15 followers
October 1, 2018
Rüzgara Karşı #starkyorumluyor
Okuma hızıma inanamadığım kitap, Rüzgara Karşı. Çünkü yazar o kadar akıcı yazmış ki kelimeler kelimeleri takip ediyor, bir anda bitiveriyor kitap. O muhteşem betimlemeler sayesinde sanki bisikletle dünyayı turlayan benmişim gibi hissettim. Doğal afetlere, tekerinin patlamasına rağmen pes etmiyor bu sıra dışı kadın. Zaten hayatının zorluklarında da pes etmemiş bir yolunu bulmuş. Daha kapsamlı olarak anlattığı kitabından bolca söz ediyor yazar. Bir tarikat yüzünden ailesinin dağılışı ve kaçışı, sürekli ülke değiştirişi gibi bir sürü şey. Bu muazzam kadının o kitabı çevrilmediyse eğer yayınevi mesajımı duyar umarım. Çünkü böyle güzel kitap yazıp okuyucusunu kitabın içine alan bir yazarın daha birçok kitabını okumak isterim. Juliana çok güçlü bir kadın ve ilişkileri de öyle. Büyük kaybı sonrası duruşu ve kardeşliğin sadece kanla olmadığını anlatışı çok güzeldi. Sanki bir film izlercesine okuyorsunuz kitabı. Ayrıca yol boyunca dinlediği kitaplar ve hayatı boyunca etkilendiği kitapları da bir köşeye not ediyorsunuz. Yani her yönüyle dolu dolu bir kitap. Herkese şiddetle tavsiyemdir! 5/5
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December 30, 2017
From reading this book, I've come to greatly admire Juliana Buhring not only for her incredible resilience and strength in her journey, but also jumping into a venture unprepared. I think a lot of people live in the age of preparation but they never leave it. It's common to hear people say that they want to do ....fill in the blank..... but have to x,y, and z first. It was really refreshing to hear someone doing something on act of faith instead of facts.

I did find a paragraph in her epilogue very interesting. It reads

Why do adventurers and adrenaline junkies do the crazy things they do?...I think many of them, including Hendri, subconsciously yearn for death as a kind of release from the disappointment and mediocrity they find most of human existence to be. Chasing the high becomes ever more difficult, and the depressive inertia of the in-between times increasingly unbearable, so they run at things, seek out risk, look for any way to rise into the air.
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June 1, 2016
Tells the story of the year Juliana went from from cycling noob to ultra-endurance cyclist who set the speed record for cycling around the world. Her book has great stories and characters, is exceptionally well written, weaves in flashbacks from our weird and shared cult upbringing, and is completely engrossing.

I met Juliana for the first time in 2011, and she told me about her ambition to cycle the world despite not having any history as an athlete. She said she didn't like talking about it because a lot of people say they'll do things they never follow through on. But Juliana was impressive and convincing--I never had any doubt she'd deliver.
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July 7, 2016
Just finished this wonderful book. Growing up in a bizarre cult, forming a charity to help people who were part of cults adjust to reality, losing the man she loved to a terrible tragedy, and then deciding to ride her bike around the world makes for fascinating reading. She is a very good writer as well. The pages just fly by with dazzling, thought provoking passages. The only problem with the book is that it is too short.
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July 29, 2016
I loved this book and her journey. Sometimes you meet someone that ignites the passion in you, and makes you question your own story. Her life changed direction after connecting with one person. What a great read! It's amazing how capable we are at achieving the unimaginable when we put our minds to it!
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March 29, 2016
Thank you for the Advance Reader Copy of "This Road I Ride. An inspiring, page turner of a read. My recommendation for any one dealing with the hard knocks of life. Juliana not only gets back up when times are tough....she rides her bike around the world! You go girl!
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July 5, 2016
Makes me want to finally ride that century.
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November 27, 2016
As a recreational cyclist, loved this book for the challenge and determination of Juliana. Also, she is so thoughtful in her musings about how she got to this point in life, and what is important.
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March 18, 2019
Büyük bir zevkle bir solukta okudum.Motive edici , ilham kaynağı bir kitap.Yazarın düşünce yapısı da çok etkileyici.
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February 9, 2022
Much like Buhring’s record-breaking cycle around the globe, this was a speedy read. I zipped through the story and am quite frankly astounded at the writer’s athleticism and capacity to handle suffering, especially coming from a standing start.

However, as is so common with adventure and touring books, the author’s writing style isn’t really strong enough to effectively tackle the themes and emotions she experiences throughout her incredible ride. To be frank, I suspect there are not many writers out there who can satisfyingly capture the highs, lows and reflections of a cycle like this, especially when grief is a key theme.

Instead I was often treated to the daily calorie intake and description of hotel rooms, which seems to be standard fare with so many books about cycling adventures.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a good adventure read but it just didn’t have enough sophistication, enough research or enough craft to elevate it to one of the classics for me. You’ll need to read Emily Chappell or Dervla Murphy for that.
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November 4, 2020
A short , enjoyable read .
This female is inspirational and extremely brave from her childhood in a cult , escaping the cult , losing loved ones and cycling the world solo . Absolutely amazing .
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August 11, 2020
What a remarkable human! An incredible book about an amazing journey and wringing the most out of life. Warning: it will likely make you question your existence. Think I’ve got a new hero.
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