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Bookish and proper Percival Tunstell finds himself out of his depth when floating cities, spirited plumbing, and soggy biscuits collide in this delightful conclusion to NYT bestselling author Gail Carriger's The Custard Protocol series.

Percival Tunstell loves that his sister and her best friend are building themselves a family of misfits aboard their airship, The Spotted Custard. Of course, he'd never admit that he belongs among them. He's always been on the outside — dispassionate, aloof, and hatless. But accidental spies, a trip to Japan, and one smart and beautiful doctor may have him renegotiating his whole philosophy on life.

Except hats. He's done with hats. Thank you very much.

339 pages, Hardcover

First published August 6, 2019

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About the author

Gail Carriger

58 books14.9k followers
Gail Carriger writes comedies of manners mixed with paranormal romance (and the sexy San Andreas Shifter series as G L Carriger). Her books include the Parasol Protectorate and the Finishing School series. She is published in many languages and has over a dozen NYT bestsellers. She was once an archaeologist and is fond of shoes, octopuses, and tea. Join the Chirrup for sneak peaks of upcoming giggles: http://gailcarriger.com/chirrup

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3,222 reviews2,052 followers
August 5, 2020
So sad to be at the end of this series, but the author rounded it all off beautifully. Everyone who needed one ended up with a partner, another generation was begun (key to another series one day perhaps), and then Rue's wedding meant we got to revisit all the best characters from the past books. It was delightful!

But then I find all of Gail Carriger's books delightful. They are always fun reads, light and totally entertaining - no brain strain required. She has also written lots and lots of books and continues to do so. I am off now to discover which ones I have not read yet.

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847 reviews23 followers
January 13, 2021
Oh my! I cannot begin to do the final book in the Custard Protocol series justice. I listened to it in audio and loved, absolutely loved, both the narration and the story. It’s an A+ for me, so five stars here. In a Facebook live event Ms. Carriger described Reticence as something like a “love letter” to her readers/fans; that’s exactly what it felt like to me. In addition to featuring a surprisingly enchanting love story of two nerdish, awkward characters, Ms. Carriger gives plenty of time to other key characters not just from the Custard Protocol books, but also from the original Parasol Protectorate series and the Finishing School series.

Although the book is told from the POV of many characters (including Spoo, the feisty deckling) the main story features Percival Tunstall (son of Ivy from the original Parasol Protectorate series) and the new ship’s doctor Arsenic.

As the book opens, Arsenic (the daughter of Preshea from the Finishing School series) is waiting to apply for the job of doctor on the Spotted Custard. Arsenic spotted an ad for a doctor who must tolerate “explosions and cats,” and figured this was the perfect job for her. Arsenic’s interview with the group (and pre-questions by Spoo) was delightful, and of course she gets the job. The whole cast then quickly heads out to the wedding of the very pregnant Rue to Quesnell. Percy is almost instantly captivated by Arsenic, and Arsenic is intrigued by him.

While Percy and Arsenic’s romance is the main thread of the book, it’s also filled with the group’s usual adventures, which take them from London, to Egypt, to Japan. Along the way we’re introduced to some new forms of shapeshifters and get to catch up with familiar characters. In addition to revisiting all of the leading characters from earlier books in the series (Rue, Quesnell, Tasherit, and Prim) we’re also treated to many other key characters including Spoo, Bumbersnoot, Virgil, Alexia, Conall, Lord Akeldama, “Auntie,” Aggie, and so many more.

I listened to a video in which Ms. Carriger discusses Reticence. She promises that while Reticence is the end of the Custard Protocol series, it’s not the end of the Parasolverse (a relief to me as the ending rather felt like the end). Her three novella lines will continue, and there’s a possibility of a YA series set much earlier in the Parasolverse timeline.

A word about the narration: Moira Quirk IS the voice of the series for me. At this point I cannot imagine reading the books in print. Ms. Quirk has given such a unique voice to each key character in the series, that she’s brought them to life for me. (And I was delighted to hear Spoo chirp out with “Aye, Aye, Lady Captain” at numerous points in the book.)

I cannot imagine reading Reticence as a standalone. So many seemingly minor incidents would have no meaning to someone who has not read the prior books in this series, as well as the full Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School series. As for me, I think it’s time for a re-listen of the Finishing School series. The glimpses of key characters in Reticence made me remember just how much I loved that series.

January 13, 2021: Just finished a re-read in audio of the above and agree with everything I wrote before. This is a joy!
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764 reviews23 followers
August 7, 2019
Wonderful book! My favorite in this 4 book series! I love the world, the characters, the jokes and the romance! What really made this book extra special was the appearances of some of my favorite characters from her finishing school series! I hope to see more novels and novellas with this series! 😍
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1,238 reviews385 followers
July 21, 2020
3.5 such-a-sweet-ending stars

For all that I haven't read Preshea's book yet (it's on my list, no worries!) SHE WOULD name her kids after poisons. Good god.

Funnily enough, up to this book I always read Percy as ace. But I do love him and Arsenic together, they're very sweet.

The kitsune adventure was cool (although the audiobook made me a bit uncomfortable), but the found-family trope is alive and well in this series and I LOVE it.

This book is complete fan service and I'm here for it. Seeing the Finishing School ladies again (and Alexia too!) made for such a grand curtain call. Also, that epilogue?? YES. Gimme all the novellas nowww. I hope Ms Gail comes back to this universe, because I do love it so much.
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Author 79 books16.9k followers
October 25, 2019
I finished listening to this one! Loved it - wonderful story, and a great narrator!
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273 reviews9 followers
August 12, 2019
2.5 STARS!!!!!! I hate to say this, but Custard Protocol just is not for me. I enjoyed Reticence more than I did Prudence or Competence (Imprudence is the best in the series by far), but I was still left sorely disappointed.

Reticence is all about Percy, and his developing relationship with a doctor named Arsenic. Only, it’s not always about that at all. This fourth in the series reads more as an “I want to bring in all my other characters from previous works to say farewell,” than as a cohesive, fully drawn and plotted novel. The cameos were great, but forced. Was I happy to see all these people that I really do love again? Of course. But it didn’t feel natural to the plot at all. I didn’t feel like these characters were “in character,” so to speak. They were just there as a plot device, to give the younger bunch something to do. Percy is somewhat less of a pollock in this one, but only somewhat. Honestly, he and Prim just aren’t developed enough, in my opinion, to be able to carry whole novels. And Rue, who had great promise, basically faded to a lovesick, puppy-eyes-making caricature of herself. Being in love doesn’t make you boring. Or insipid. Rue became both.

Quesnel was wasted almost the entire series. There was a chance for some real character development and growth in this series, but the author seems to have sacrificed it for forced romance, and statements about being accepting of all sexual preferences. It felt like one big social statement, and that is NOT what Carriger has taught us to expect from her work.

In the end, the cameos were nice but unnecessary, as they added literally nothing to the story, except plot devices and veiled statements. My dear Lord Akeldama was also wasted. The epilogue, in particular, really irritated me. It was all nicely tied up with no real explanation of why any of it was done, except for....yep, you guessed it. LOVE. And while it worked fine for Harry Potter, it doesn’t work for a series that is supposed to be steampunk fantasy.

I will forever love her first two series. I have The Parasol Protectorate on constant audiobook rotation. I always enjoy The Finishing School. I look forward to any other novellas based on characters from those series. But this series? A huge disappointment.
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896 reviews59 followers
December 8, 2020
For whatever reason, I enjoyed this last book of the series the most of the whole thing. Part of it is because it follows Percy who I think is the most interesting character of them all, but also because the story was far more interesting than the first three.

The romance was sweet. The awkwardness between the two was done in a way that was sweet and funny. I really did enjoy it.
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1,531 reviews237 followers
February 7, 2022
I have been reading Carriger since I stumbled upon Soulless in 2009. I immediately fell in love with her funny, Victorian, Steampunk wit that accepted everyone, no matter their form, nationality, inclinations, or really anything! She turned Victorian society on it’s head and made it so approachable and appealing. I later discovered that this was only one series of her many. She has built an entire world of her own. A world I would love to visit.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her speak four times and each time was more entertaining than the last. She wore Victorian clothing and a fascinator at each appearance. She began her career working at a Corsetry shop, so really knows her Victorian fashion! She grew up in San Francisco so was taught Universal acceptance as a matter of life. She writes standing up. I love this woman!

If you read these series in the order in which she intends, you grow to love each and every character, not only for who they are, but for their connections to the past. All of Carriger’s characters are unique, quirky, at turns hard to take, but for the most part, all are infinitely lovable. If you are interested in the “correct order, I’ll paste it below. This is according to Carriger’s website, but let me tell you, it makes no never mind. Read whichever you can get your hands on first and go on from there.

1. The Curious Case short story
2. The Finishing School series
(4 YA books, starting with Etiquette & Espionage)
3. The Delightfully Deadly novellas
4. The Parasol Protectorate series
(5 books, starting with Soulless)
5. Romancing the Inventor novella
6. Prudence & Imprudence
(First 2 Custard Protocol Books, Rue’s POV)
7. Romancing the Werewolf novella
8. Competence & Reticence
(3rd & 4th Custard Protocol books, the twins’ POVs)
9. The Claw & Courtship novellas
10. The San Andreas Shifter series
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1,619 reviews177 followers
September 13, 2019
A cute, satisfying ending to the Custard Protocol series. Gail Carriger's fans will absolutely want to read this and see how the adventure turns out. I didn't quite love the POV throughout this book -- certain characters are sidelined or mostly off-stage, which left me a little bit hungry. Still, it's a fun wrap-up to a charming series, and well worth reading.
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204 reviews5 followers
September 12, 2019
"Retience" marks the end of an era which makes it an extremely difficult book to review. Gail Garriger's Parasolverse follows three generations of characters, spanding from the 1850s and ending in 1901. Coupled with ancient mythological history "Retience" encompasses the totality of the series and ties up loose ends, but leaves room for more narratives.
The plot of "Reticence " is fairly straightforward locate and rescue The Wallflower, a spy, and investigate a new shifter species in Japan. Rue is pregnant, Prim newly in love and Percy is well just Percy. What makes this a strong entry in the series is the reunion of all the major players. Rue is the perfect character to bridge all the generations. The reunion was my favorite aspect of the book. The older generation has a special place in my heart. Dare I say, my favorite. These young bucks know nothing of the struggle. *in my grump old man voice* Also, the introduction of Dr. Arsenic Ruthven and her parentage is a major whopper. I instantly redownload a book in the Delightfully Deadly series to reread.
Percy and Arsenic take center stage. I adored Percy's neurodivergence. His beauty comparisons to insects and animals tickled me to no end. Arsenic is just as unconventional as Percy, the perfect tinder match for the oft misunderstood scientist. She's an awesome addition to the Parasolverse.
Gail continues to build upon the Parasolverse to the point of saturation ,term used in the series, and I'm here for all of it! In "Retience " the adventure is fun and the science is confusing, but that's always the case with me and science. However, Gail continues to utilize her characters in unexpected ways in the Parasolverse.
🌈🌈🌈🌈 4 rainbows (If you've read Gail you understand)
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4,230 reviews1,650 followers
August 19, 2019
Lacking in plot and consisting largely of a relatively unromantic romance. That said, I actually liked the romance, at least intellectually, because Percy and Arsenic fall in love merely by reading together and sometimes having deep conversations about their various overlapping interests. There's no passion there that I ever felt, but there's a deep connection of the truly similar and there's no doubt they'll live happy lives together. It's generally not the stuff of romance novels, but there's a lot to be said for feeling truly comfortable with someone, and for an introvert there's little sentiment more powerful than not minding the company of another.

Aside from that, as I said, Reticence dearly lacked in plot, which is a bit weird for a steampunk adventure. If the romance had had plot or really any sort of character arc for either, that might have worked, but nothing happens but quippiness for the first half of the book. At about the 50% mark the actual plot, involving a trip to Japan to search for a missing spy and find a new kind of supernatural, begins. However, even then, it's not much of a plot, and it all comes together quite conveniently, and, frankly, didn't make a ton of sense to me.

Still, I did enjoy the book throughout despite those problems, because I do rather enjoy quippiness and the silly humor Carriger writes so well. A weird book this one, though.
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893 reviews496 followers
February 10, 2020
This was so much fun, who would have thought that I would enjoy a story all from Percy's point of view. He is so adorable in this one.
I also really enjoyed the rest and the new supernatural creatures.
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156 reviews2 followers
January 9, 2022
Oh how I love Percy!
Of course I like all of the characters on the Spotted Custard, but Percy has a special place in my heart and is the one I relate to the most.
So enjoyed him at the heart of this story.
An excellent ending to the series.
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4,676 reviews704 followers
August 27, 2019
Fourth and last in The Custard Protocol historical fantasy steampunk series (a sequel series to The Finishing School and then The Parasol Protectorate) revolving around the misfit crew of The Spotted Custard. The couple focus is on Prof Percy Tunstell and Dr Arsenic Ruthven.

My Take
It's all about tolerance and acceptance, and I love this comment about that superiority too many people feel about themselves, their country:
"We failed even to understand there might be others. Supernaturals are not the same the world over. Any more than countries, governments, or people are the same. Our failure as a nation is in thinking not only that our method is best, but that it is the 'only' option."
All three series have been too funny with Carriger's unique take on steampunk and the paranormal, as she pokes fun at society's rules and expectations.

And Reticence gets off to a fun start with Arsenic's nervous moments before her interview. More fun bursts out with Percy's being forced to wear old-fashioned clothing, which turns out to be Alessandro's!

Rue and Quesnel's wedding reception is a total crack-up and an "up yours" to English society as the sexes mix and match on the dance floor. Their guests certainly aren't the norm, lol.

And of course the older generation goes on about how this new generation is so bad, at which Arsenic spouts back that "...all our drama might be construed as your generation's fault".

More fun is watching Percy try to figure out why he reacts as he does to Arsenic, and then tries to figure out the rules of courtship. And don't forget...this is the Victorian age with all its worries about...nakedness, so you'll love those communal baths in Japan, lol.

It took me a bit to figure it all out, but there's a fascinating — and brief! — look at what caused the God-Breaker Plague with a bit of back history on Akeldama and Tash. Makes me want Carriger to do a prequel series!

As for point-of-view, Carriger combines third person dual and third person global subjective. The majority perspective is through Arsenic and Percy with the occasional thought/experience from a few of the other primary characters.

There's less drama and excitement in Reticence, although it's still a story driven by its characters whose nature creates all the action, as The Spotted Custard crew careens through Egypt to outlandish adventures in Japan with Carriger incorporating the past history of Commodore Perry forcing the xenophobic Japan to open up to the West.

There's an odd paragraph talking about pairings, with its last sentence the most confusing, about "...humans, they married humans". Well, yeah...? Carriger is perfectly fine with same sex pairings in the core characters as well. Yay for Carriger!

It's an unusual "family", and you can't help but love them for their eccentricity, loyalty, and love for each other. As a family, each unusual character has found a place to belong, to be wanted.

The epilogue ends in 1901 with a passage from Lord Akeldama's memoirs that include mention of that game played for love.

The Story
The Spotted Custard needs a doctor. Well, after the past excitements, a doctor is a necessity. And Dr Ruthven is hired the day of Rue and Quesnel's wedding with their honeymoon to follow in Egypt. Sort of.

It's in Egypt that Percy's inside information is confirmed: The Custard is going to Japan to rescue a spy and search out the elusive fox shifters!

The Characters
Dr Arsenic Ruthven is a woman doctor who received most of her training on the battlefield in South Africa. Preshea Ruthven is her notorious mother, a retired assassin who taught her children everything she knows (Finishing School). Prof Belladonna Ruthven, a botanist, is one of Arsenic's sisters.

The socially awkward Prof Percy "Sniffles" Tunstell is the ship's navigator with a passion for research and publishing papers. He's also brother to the Honorable Primrose "Tiddles" Tunstell who has a passion for crazy hats and is the ship's purser in charge of shipboard household and supply logistics. Footnote is Percy's cat. The slightly ruthless Virgil is Percy's very strict valet and the backup navigator.

The Spotted Custard is...
...a fantastical airship painted to look like a ladybug and gifted to Rue by her vampire father. Its mission appears to be that of finding new supernatural creatures. The Porcini is a smaller craft, a dropsy. The now-pregnant Rue, Lady Akeldama, a.k.a., Lady Captain, is about to marry Quesnel. The father who raised her is Lord Akeldama, a.k.a., Alexander whose spy name is Goldenrod, a gay vampire who is notorious for his flashy style of dress (The Parasol Protectorate). Quesnel Lefoux is Rue's fiancé and in charge of engineering with the sooties, greasers, and firemen reporting to him. Rodrigo Tarabotti is Rue's preternatural cousin and a reformed assassin who gained a soul and married Anitra, a Drifter. (S)he's also one of Akeldama's spies and was adopted by Floote as his granddaughter. Tasherit "Tash" Sekhmet is a werelioness who is first mate and in charge of military matters; she and Prim are a couple.

Alexia, Lady Maccon, is Rue's preternatural mother ( Soulless , 1). Conall, Lord Maccon, the former alpha of the London Pack, is her birth father, and a werewolf going mad who must live in Egypt. And can never leave. Ossobuco is their cat. Mrs Loontwill, née Phingerlington, is Alexia's snooty mother. Aunt Evylin is Alexia's half-sister. Alessandro Tarabotti, a rogue of a preternatural, had been Alexia's father. Formerly Floote is the tethered ghost of Alexia's and her father's butler, a man with a mission. Spoo is a girl and the head deckhand. Bork and Willard are deckhands. Aggie Phinkerlington is the crabby head greaser.

The Kingair Pack is...
...based in Scotland and led by Sidheag Maccon, Lady Kingair, and Conall's great-great-great-granddaughter.

Madame Lefoux is Quesnel's mother, an inventor, and a teacher in The Finishing School series, so it's no surprise that Quesnel is so good at mechanicals. Miss Imogene is her life partner. Aunt Softy, a.k.a., Great-aunt Sophronia, Grandmother Petunia's younger sister, is an intelligencer, as is Sidheag, both from The Finishing School). It seems that this group of spies have been conspiring about The Spotted Custard's crew, hmmm... Wallflower, a.k.a., Agatha (The Finishing School), is an intelligencer of Goldenrod's who has gone missing in Japan.

The London Pack
Biffy, Lord Falmouth, is their Alpha now, London's first Alpha dandy. Professor Lyall is his Beta. Major Channing is his Gamma.

The Wimbledon Hive is...
...based in London and led by Percy and Prim's mother, the silly, fashion-obsessed Ivy, Baroness Tunstell (Hisselpenny was her maiden name), a vampire queen with her Egyptian vampires. Korpin is her vampire butler. The Tunstells' actor father is dead.

The Woolsey Hive is...
...based at Woolsey Castle outside London. Lord Ambrose is their representative to the wedding.

Vauxhall Bob is the steampunk version of Vauxhall Gardens. Avagadro's is a club for intellectuals. Zenobia is a metanatural, a queen, and Akeldama's daughter. The God-Breaker Plague fluctuates across Egypt and forces supernaturals into their human side. Kitsune power is the ability to befuddle.

I think the Paper City is based in Edo, a city floating above Tokyo. And the only place where foreigners are allowed. Lord Ryuunosuke has a great deal of authority. Lady Sakura is a geisha who is also a hostage and the mortal heart of her people.

Lady Manami, a huli jing (sometimes called a jinweihu) is at the temple.

The Cover and Title
The cover is mostly a background of oranges from the sky with an airship silhouetted against the clouds. Below it is a Japanese temple with its curved roofs with Percy in his centuries-past costume of a blue tailcoat, buff leather breeches, and a blue and red figured vest and navy cravat. He's standing in profile with his head turned to look behind him, holding a book. At the top right is an epigraph in white. The title is in a deep sky blue angled up from left to right and bordered top and bottom by a steampunk frame of gears and navigational lines. The author's name is in white, outlined in black. The info blurb is in blue below that.

The title is all Percy, for he is all Reticence when it comes to courtship.
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1,273 reviews21 followers
August 28, 2019
Unsurprisingly delightful and lots of sneaky appearances from characters from all the related series made it even more so. I quite enjoyed Arsenic and Persey’s romance and the setting and adventures were quite marvelous in their absurdity.

Sad to see a chapter end, but I have high hopes for more wonderful reads from this author.
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Author 60 books1,479 followers
September 7, 2019
So sad this series is over but loved every moment of it!
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628 reviews
August 19, 2021
Drachen, Füchse, Fliegende Städte aus Papier und Percy verliebt sich...was will man mehr als Abschluss der Serie.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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989 reviews48 followers
November 8, 2019
Gail Carriger has confirmed on her blog that for now, this is the last full-length novel in the Parasolverse. That makes reviewing this book a little bittersweet for me, as I know I will miss these books a lot.

For those who don't know, the author Gail Carriger has three book series all set in the same universe. It started with the Parasol Protectorate series, then the Finishing School series (which actually takes place before the first series chronologically) and then the Custard Protocol series. So many books, and this is the last one. Over the years I've fallen in love with this universe, and there isn't a book set in this world that I haven't enjoyed. I feel like Reticence was a good ending to the series, but I still can't help being a little sad that it is over.

Gail Carriger has created a wonderful steampunk world with supernatural creatures. I will always love how she combines English Society of the time with werewolves and vampires (and recently other creatures as well), it's such a well thought-out world, and delightfully whimsical in just the right way. I'll also forever love how seamlessly Gail manages to add LGBTQ+ representation to these books, despite the era they are set in.

I'm rambling on about all the series as a whole rather than this book, but I have a lot of fond feelings about the Parasolverse. I'll be reading all the romance novellas Gail Carriger publishes in this universe, despite not being a big romance reader.

Out of the three series she has written within this world, the Custard Protocol series took the longest for me to warm up to. I wasn't a big fan of the first book, but I'm glad I didn't give up. The last few book have been wonderful, and I really liked seeing the world from Percy's perspective in this one. Arsenic was a good addition to the cast, and I like how she is connected to characters from the previous series.

This book felt like a wonderfully silly bow wrapping up the story. This is definitely a fictional world I'll look back on fondly.
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644 reviews12 followers
November 20, 2019
This was so good. Probably my favorite in this series.

I really wasn't sure about Percy being a big POV character, but he was wonderful, and I absolutely adored Arsenic.

Having finished now, I am really glad I read The Finishing School series before this one as it ties everything together nicely. You can understand this one without reading Finishing School, but it won't have the same emotional impact.

If this is the last in this world, it's a good one.
15 reviews1 follower
August 19, 2019
This is my favorite book of the three series.
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1,133 reviews11 followers
August 13, 2019
This was such a satisfying end to this series. I once again loved the new setting and characters and loved seeing the growth of already beloved characters.
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142 reviews
August 25, 2019
This book made me “awwww” and squee and laugh. A LOT! I adore this whole world and get lost in it with great pleasure and joy.
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1,919 reviews10 followers
September 22, 2019
I really enjoyed it! Rue's wedding was like old home week for some characters from past series! Percy and Arsenic are a good match!
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3,566 reviews259 followers
December 1, 2022
Reticence (The Custard Protocol #4) by Gail Carriger was a brilliant way to wrap up what has been a delightful steampunk series and universe. I know I will miss all of the characters from this universe of stories. As much as I love all of the cast, Percy really takes the cake here. If you haven't read Gail Carriger, and you enjoy fun steampunk, you have to check into this world.
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1,344 reviews31 followers
August 16, 2021
3️⃣ "May your tea always be the right temperature, your book never boring, and your world changed for the better by love." -

When the Anniversary of Reticence showed up in my memories, I only meant to reread the wedding but I couldn't stop. 3X and I loved it just as much as the 1X. Perfect while waiting for Oct 1st Release of Ambush or Adore.

2️⃣ It was just as wonderful the 2nd time.

1️⃣ Nothing makes my Bookworm heart happier than a series that ends well. Gail Carriger has woven a wonderful conclusion to Custard Protocol. It gave me Percy's story, charming new character Arsenic, and old favorites from Finishing School and Parasol Protectorate. My only complaint is that I wish Epilogue was about 50 pages longer. I just wanted to see so much more of these beloved characters.

Favorite Bits:“Which one of us should lead?” This scene was perfection.

Tash the Werelioness and Tassels.

G rated boot removal scene - IMHO was the sexiest thing Gail Carriger has ever written.

Latin Book Nerd Flirting:
Rue looked at Quesnel and then Primrose. “Are they flirting?”
“It’s like watching dirigibles crash midair, filled with hot air, slow and horrible yet inevitable,” said Quesnel. “I don’t think it can be flirting when it’s done so badly, can it?”

Chapter from Spoo's POV:“ No time to be a tosser. You can yell later, things ’ave gone wonky."

Epilogue that you have to read several times to grasp all the nuances. It's inspired a ton of speculation in the Fandom.

Well done Gail Carriger. Well done.
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3,916 reviews192 followers
August 30, 2019
This is the fourth and final book in the Custard Protocol. It seems like this book wrapped up the stories set in this world. I am very sad to see the end of these characters and this world. I enjoyed this book a ton it was a very fun and entertaining read.

In this book our beloved adventurers end up going to Japan to investigate a new type of fox shapeshifter rumored to dwell there. The Custard also needs a new doctor and Percy may have finally found his match this time!

This book was told mainly from Percy's POV, although we also hear a lot from the Custard's new doctor. Occasionally one of the other characters gets a word in as well.

There was a lot of adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor, and lots of other fun too. I enjoyed the new characters presented, all of our old favorites are included as well. I am truly sad to be saying good-bye to this world and these characters. This book does tie-in with the other two series set in this world (Parasol Protectorate and Curtsies and Conspiracies).

Overall this book was great fun! I am going to miss this series and these characters. I would recommend if you enjoy Victorian fantasy/steampunk stories with a lot of adventure and tongue in cheek type of humor.
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