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Shaman Stone Soup

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An Enchanting Memoir Featuring 20 True-Life Stories of Miracles

What if you didn’t believe in God and miracles started to occur? Shaman Stone Soup takes you on the journey of an atheist who discovers Native American spirituality and becomes a healer for friends, family and clients. The author shares her personal stories that demonstrate how spirit guides, angels and enlightened beings can answer calls for help through miracles. You will read about the matronly ghost who overstayed her welcome, the spirits of ancient wise men who offered advice and a miraculous cure from cancer for a friend, the man who got out of his wheelchair to go hunting and fishing, a vivid dream and later chance meeting of a pastor who needed guidance, the metamorphosis of a schizophrenic, the loving afterlife contact from her mother who died unexpectedly, and many other stories.


First published December 12, 2010

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About the author

Elizabeth M. Herrera

6 books52 followers
ELIZABETH M. HERRERA is a shamanic healer and author of life-changing books. Her stories encourage people to stretch outside their comfort zones and reexamine their own beliefs.

She inherited her rebellious spirit from her father who was raised by his grandfather—a full-blooded Apache who smuggled sugar and flour from Mexico into Texas, exchanged gunfire with Texas Rangers and crossed paths with Pancho Villa.

Elizabeth was raised in a Christian home, but lost her faith in her early twenties. For over a decade, she searched for something to fill the void, eventually discovering Native American spirituality (shamanism). Through this spiritual practice, she unexpectedly became a catalyst for healing and miracles. These events led her back to a belief in a higher power.

Always drawn to the spiritual side of life, Elizabeth began her shamanic path in Michigan where she learned to shamanic journey with Stephanie Tighe (a certified Sandra Ingerman instructor). Elizabeth continued her studies through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and death and dying (psychopomp), but her major source of learning has been from her spirit guides, who offer limitless guidance and lessons on living a more spiritual life. To learn more, visit her healing website at ShamanElizabeth.com.

Elizabeth is the author of Shaman Stone Soup (Memoir, Spirituality), and Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators (Contemporary Fantasy), Dreams of Heaven (Spiritual Fiction), and Of Stars and Clay (Science Fiction & Fantasy).

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Profile Image for Jammin Jenny.
1,410 reviews191 followers
January 8, 2022
If you are interested in learning more about shamanic healings and miracles, then you will most likely really enjoy this book. I was hoping for more, but I did enjoy the descriptions the author gave on some of her healings and the spirit guides that were with her. I believe everything does have a spirit and we are all connected, so that part was nice.
Profile Image for Merril Anil.
807 reviews73 followers
August 21, 2016
Very captive and tangible stories

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and secondly a huge hug for being so kind and patient when I have taken so long to leave my review of the book

For me the introduction itself set the tone for the book. In the beginning of the book, there is a very powerful and beautiful story about Shaman Stone Soup and that story simply blew my mind and thereby preparing me for the experience of the book

The book itself introduces you to the author and her background and I think that was beautiful and a very relevant addition because it helps the readers understand the stories told in the book and the purpose behind them more elaborately. As I said in the review of Author’s other book, Dreams of Dying, You need to have an open mind and the willingness to embrace the views and beliefs of the author to be able to imbibe the message and purpose of each stories shared by the author. There is a reason why I say that the stories are “shared” by the author and are tangible because the book is a collection of short stories and each of these stories are real life experiences from the author’s life so it makes them more interesting

The author is a shaman and let me be honest in saying that I am completely new and have almost to nil knowledge and experience about this world but in spite of that I had a wonderful time reading the book which shows that the author doesn’t preach or tries to force her belief on you and that is really admirable. She has used the book to share her views and experience through her own personal experiences and quick and captive stories

The author can write. That is what I have to say about the book because this is the third book that I am reading from the author and each of them has a simplicity and elegance that makes reading the book so delightful. I had a huge gap while reading the book and in spite of that I never had trouble immersing myself back into the book and I guess that shows the ability of the narration to lure in the readers

The book comprises of short stories illustrating the beauty and workings of Shaman rituals and its powerful world yet none of the stories are aimed at forcing its belief on you but eventually it does piques one’s interest enough to research more on it and that is where you feel the power of the author’s writing

The book is a beauty with short and enthralling stories and a good spiritual journey and insight into the world of Shamans and life in general

Profile Image for Natalie Buckner.
10 reviews
October 22, 2013
I have absolutely no intentions of putting this book back down till I finish reading the last page. Heartwarming true-life accounts of miracles, enlightenment, and spiritual healing.
Constant chills and goosebumps with every turn of the page. This will be a book that will forever stay with my soul. Another stepping stone in my path of enlightenment and understanding.

Read this front to back today, and even after an hour of putting this book down, its contents have stayed with me. Definite feeling of peace and happiness. I loved it!!

I am more than grateful could ever describe for receiving this signed copy from GoodReads, First Reads!!
Profile Image for Cheryl.
41 reviews4 followers
December 4, 2013
There are two ways of looking at things: one is as if everything is a miracle, and as if everything isn't. The author falls into the former category. I found parts of this book absolutely silly, like claiming to have changed the course of a hurricane, and thinking schizophrenia is a misuse of spiritual connection to negative spirits. I've known people touched by a schizophrenic person in their lives, and it is a tragic mental illness. Overall, it's a quick to read uplifting book, which serves to remind us to open our eyes to the everyday miracles in our lives.
2 reviews1 follower
October 22, 2013
I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of Shaman Stone Soup through Goodreads First Reads....The book was an easy read and full of positive messages. It would be a great read for someone new to the concept of Shamanic healing as it is not bogged down with confusing language or concepts. The book gives you a look into the authors personal journey and life experiences and gives you the chance to reevaluate many of your own conclusions about spirituality in general.
Profile Image for Mary.
68 reviews3 followers
August 6, 2016
I loved Shaman Stone Soup! Shaman Elizabeth Herrera relates her personal experiences to convey a powerful message about miracles in life. She offers a view of miracles from a perspective that is easy to relate to, and shows how they can be experienced by everyone. Reading her book has been a truly uplifting experience!

I received my copy in a first reads giveaway.

Profile Image for Pattie.
154 reviews5 followers
December 14, 2017
I enjoyed reading about Elizabeth’s experiences during shamanic journeying...many thanks x
Profile Image for Adrienne.
188 reviews
March 1, 2018
3 stars = I liked it. It wasn't my favorite book, but at the same time, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to read it. It wouldn't be a book that I would have purchased from the store; I would have preferred to borrow it from the library or buy it for my Kindle.

It is nonfiction. Many of the stories seemed too incredible to be true-to-life experiences. However, I know a small amount about shamanism, and the author's descriptions of her shamanic journeying and experiences rang true based on my previous readings about shamans. It was reassuring to read that our loved ones live on after death. I already believe in an afterlife, but it was interesting to read about someone's shamanic experiences with those on the Other Side. Some of the stories were more touching to me than others.

The author wrote about healings that she had performed while on shamanic journeys. In some respects, it was interesting and empowering because it means that we are not victims of some health lottery. On the other hand, I was uncomfortable with the chapter that described that a healing might not 'take' due to the patient's refusal to accept healing. I grant that the possibility exists and everything depends on individual circumstances. But what made me feel unsettled was the implication that some people choose to stay ill, that they are responsible for their sickness or disease. I think that perspective, which is a form of victim-blaming, is very harmful. I don't think the author meant it that way, but the thought was inescapable while reading that chapter.

I liked how at the end of each chapter was a 'message from Spirit.' They summed up each experience well, and many of them were very encouraging, uplifting, empowering, and comforting.

I received this ebook via a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.
Profile Image for Mai.
2,164 reviews5 followers
October 26, 2019
Well written and very interesting. I have known and worked with a number of shamans and greatly believe in and respect the written that they do. However, I do worry sometimes that people will have too much faith in someone's ability to heal things such as schizophrenia to the point that they drop ask their medications and such. I've seen it happen when so called 'shaman' take advantage to devastating results. The real thing can be amazing, but there are lots of people less ethical.
Profile Image for Lori.
1,442 reviews
February 22, 2018
I was a goodreads giveaway winner of Shaman Stone Soup. Elizabeth Herrera is a Shaman. She has spent the last couple of decades helping people with her Shaman powers. These are the stories of the people she helped. Each chapter ends with a spiritual message that is meant to be healing. I found this book to be pretty good. I learned something about what Shamans do for others.
Profile Image for Tera.
18 reviews46 followers
March 5, 2018
I won a copy of this book through a goodreads giveaway. I found it uplifting and will probably re-read sections of it when things should look bleak at some point in the future. It is a series of miracle stories, just the thing when you need a little boost of faith. I am glad I received this copy.
830 reviews
April 24, 2018
The reader has to have an open mind for this book. Many people would find this book spiritually challenging. I found it refreshing. Anyone who discovers a spiritual path to a higher good is doing the right thing in my opinion.
Profile Image for Andrea.
247 reviews2 followers
January 19, 2019
Two thumbs up!! I did not really know much about shamanic journeying. The author introduces the topic through beautifully written, easy to read, short stories about her experiences. It is a feel good read!
Profile Image for Golden.
10 reviews1 follower
January 17, 2019
Awesome stories of your work for others, healing and helping .

I have learned much reading the teachings of the writings of so many wonderful shamen who share their teachings and from my teachers and guides.
Profile Image for Letta Raven.
278 reviews22 followers
January 29, 2014
I'm a bit disappointed. While it is always interesting to read stories on experiences I was hoping for some less personal bits about shamanism as well.
Profile Image for Clipinchick.
598 reviews31 followers
Want to read
March 21, 2018
I received this book for free from the author/publisher in response for an honest review of the book. I have not had the opportunity to read this book at this time. I will add my
review of this book once I have read the book. Thank k you for allowing me the optometrist review your work. I look forward to reading this book.
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