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Trident Security #6

Tickle His Fancy

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All around him, Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans’ Trident Security teammates have fallen in love and gotten their happily ever after. Ironically, they had always thought the charismatic Dominant would be the first one to fall—not the last. While helping his boss’s fiancée find a new bakery for their wedding cake, he finds himself drooling—not over the delicious confections, but the sweet baker who’d created them.

The lone survivor, Francine ‘Fancy’ Maguire’s world was destroyed when her husband and unborn baby perished in a horrific car accident. Three years later, she is finally shedding the dark shroud she was existing under and starting to live once more. When a handsome customer takes an interest in her, he sparks something deep within her that she never expected to feel again. But will she dare to give love another try?

With a killer on the loose and an unknown vandal targeting Fancy’s business, Brody finds plenty of reasons to keep her close. Can he break through the steel barrier she has wrapped around her heart? Or will he lose her before he can convince her to take a second chance on love?

244 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 17, 2016

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About the author

Samantha A. Cole

102 books1,366 followers
USA Today Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Author Samantha Cole is a retired policewoman and former paramedic. Using her life experiences and training, she strives to find the perfect mix of suspense and romance for her readers to enjoy.

Wannabe in Wyoming (co-authored by J.B. Havens) won the bronze medal in the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Awards in the General Romance category.

Scattered Moments in Time won the gold medal in the 2020 Readers’ Favorite Awards in the Fiction Anthology category.

The Road to Solace won the silver medal in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards in the Contemporary Romance category.

Samantha has over thirty-five books published throughout several different series as well as a few standalone novels. A full list can be found on her website - www.samanthacoleauthor.com.


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1,257 reviews13 followers
August 20, 2016
Tickle His Fancy ( Trident Security book 6 )
Samantha Cole

4 sweet and geek stars

Arc received in exchange for an honest review.

Holy hell, these Trident Security men just continue to blow my mind, and Samantha Cole, what can I say she is a freakin amazing author. Every story continues to bring this gang closer together while bringing in new blood with each new book. Tickle His Fancy was designated to our favourite geek and his sweet Fancy. We’ve all seen beauty and the geek, well welcome to Fancy and the geek. A sweet making gorgeous redhead whom just happens to own Fancy Creations and a geek that can hack into any database. Feeling like the only one left at Trident who hasn’t found his significant other, Brody Evans is about to get a sugar high from one smart, quirky and independent bakery owner. Look out sweet geek, your time has come.

Francine aka Fancy, is the sole survivor after a car accident that killed her husband and unborn child, now 3 yrs later she owns her own very successful bakery, and has a reputation that is proof. With her late husband’s brother at her side, she runs a tight ship, loves her job and shop but is missing that part... the love and companionship that left her along with husband and child. But as a cake tasting starts she discovers a certain Texan that wakes something in her that has been dormant for years.

Sweet Brody Egghead Evans, is more than dumbstruck when face to face with Fancy Maguire, and it is not just her cakes making him see stars. His dominant ways are woken by this stunning redhead and now he has his sights on her, she will be his. He just has to work how to win her heart without scaring the life out of her. In perfect timing comes, a kidnapper and murderer and someone targeting Fancy Creations with nasty graffiti. Perfectly planned Brody organisers a security system to catch those involved. Along with this system , comes the opportunity to slip further into Fancy’s life and it’s not long before there get togethers turn into the beginnings of a new relationship.

Coming clean, Fancy fills Brody in on her loss and struggles to regain her life, but it is Brody’s secrets that may have her running for the hills. Little does he know that his “sweetness” is more than a little aware of the lifestyle Brody belongs in, and her reaction to his background more than blows his mind. While entering a new relationship the pair become comfortable together, but with her business under threat, him and the whole Trident team on edge with more subs being kidnapped and murdered by a crazy madman. So when Brody becomes the target, everyone must use everything in there power to find him. It is strangely his own tracking device that alerts his whereabouts, but Brody must hold on to everything he has to survive this crazy man and return to his Fancy. Never fear a crazy man will never keep him away from his woman, the love of his life... it may just take a little longer to return to her.
I love how much Ms Cole puts into her action scenes.

There is so much suspense built into such a small amount of time that I find myself page turning so fast to get the answers. No surprise, Tickle His Fancy was just as amazing the previous books in this series. I truly love the whole Trident team and the newbies that work their way into our hearts through amazing writing, but let it be known I’m so hanging for Carter... Bring on October. Master Carter, I’ll be waiting!!!!!
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887 reviews84 followers
August 19, 2016
Five delicious stars for "Tickle His Fancy." Ms Cole, just keeps doing what she does best , mixing romance and suspense in a perfect storyline all wrapped up in a bunch of Dominant sexy ex-navy seals with strong caring sides to boot!

We finally come to Brody"Egghead"Stevens storyline and his turn to run into his soulmate and no less I. The most unlikely place, a bakery . Since Ian was out of town on Trident business and his fiancé Angie needed to go wedding cake shopping and sampling , Brody was elected to escort her and keep Ian's fiancé safe.Brody being the consummate flirt he is with his southern Texas drawl and manners he can turn on at a dime has o issue with flirting win the counter girl at the bakery but he goes all in when he gets a ok at the bakery owner. Fancy McGuire, but to spite his charm and flirting Fancy is a tough nut to crack, by crack her he will.
When Brody sets his sights on something he goes all in so he is at the bakery everyday just so he can see and flirt with Fancy, and when Fancy's store is targeted by vandals Brody thinks nothing of setting up one of his high tech security systems . every little bit to get her to agree to a date. Persistence will finally win out and Brody is willing to take it slow. Knowing she is a widow he is willing to give her time. Time he knows she needs to feel comfortable enough to talk with him about her loss, so she can move on.
Brody can only imagine how hard losing of her first husband and her pregnancy was. Brody, just consistently proves he will bet their for her whether it is for a good cry or dealing with vandals at her Bakery.
Of course as part of the Trident team , Fancy is not his only priority, recently the safety of the Tampa subs becomes endangered by a serial killer and Trident is brought in on the manhunt. With each sub that disappears the team places more security in their women. Of course when it comes to the safety of the subs at Covenant escorts for the subs home becomes a mandate!
The more time Brody spends with Fancy though the more he is convinced that Fancy is his future! Fancy though is not the only one who needs to be honest and tell Brody about her last, Brody has to step up and tell her about his life in the BDSM world and hope she is willing to give it a try, or meet him half way if they are truly going to have the future he wants with her.

So though this is Eggheads story, Ms Cole manages to introduce us to the new Omega team members , since Brody has an integral part in their training .
We get to meet Brody's huge family and a new petty officer that Brody goes out of his way to help, Russ; I think he may have an intresting story waiting to come foward, and of course what would any Trident book be without our favorite mystery man making an appearance , the one , the only Carter.

And Yeah! We are getting Carters story later on the year! Can't wait!
Trident fans are sure to love this one!
Arc gracuiosly supplied by author for an honest review!

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547 reviews5 followers
April 19, 2017
As always I very much enjoyed another of the Trident Series books, Tickle his fancy, by Samantha A Cole. The story is always fantastic, the men always damn sexy and the ladies so wonderfully refreshing. Brody is such a ladies man that I was shocked that he fell so fast for Fancy. She won him over with her baked goods and curvy body. Together they make the cutest couple. The book focuses on Brody's Protective nature over Fancy and the teams need to protect the ladies within the BDSM culture. A great book and already sets you up for another exciting read to follow.
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693 reviews
August 17, 2016
Tickle His Fancy
Samantha Cole
5 sweet stars

EGGHEAD is here! I must say I love the name Fancy as well so of course you know I loved every minute. PLUS … we have a new pup in this one and hes a special one! NICE TORI! (If you don’t know who that is you should message Ms. Samantha and she can fill you in – GREAT LADY).

So on now to our Trident men. I absolutely love this series. As fans we have watched the Trident team grow with new members of the family – new team members in training (which means MORE BOOKS) and adding to our not so patiently waiting for the next story. Brody has been ordered to accompany Angie to taste test wedding cakes due to Ian being sent out of town. Loving Angie, Brody has no problem taken the sweet woman and try out some tasty treats while keeping a watchful eye on her. The vision that walks out from behind the counter is a vision ….. the boom has hit and Brody is in the direct line of fire.

Submissives are missing --- the team knows its only a matter of time before it hits closer to home than it already has – the bodies turning up are being brutally tortured. One of the young ladies found was a thorn in the mens side but she didn’t deserve what she got. Fancy is also being targeted but why no one knows. What is going on and how is Brody going to protect the women he wants.

I have to say we also get several previews of books to come … Carter is on the horizon friends! That’s all Im saying … We have a bad ass woman named Lindsey Costello Abbott making her presence known and we will see her in the near future. (Im pretty sure Ms. Cole has based this character on me but don’t tell her I have figured it out.)

I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in love with this series as well as the characters in the Malone Brothers. Don’t forget we have a new book heading our way there as well. The banter between the men is something we all would give anything for. I have to say there is a scene where Staying Alive is blaring through some speakers and I was dying laughing at the circumstances. The scene is something only Samantha could create in her head using her experiences making it an event you wish you would have been there kicking the beat with Babs. Egghead is right … Pansies should run right after they puke. HAHAHAHA! -- I also will NEVER look at the kiddie pool in my back yard the same ... Holy beavers.

Last I salute you as a character Russell Adams because you are real … in so many ways there are so many like you out there .. Congrats on Jagger … real or fiction I don’t know but based on real events .. I know they are .. pick one … support your veterans .. help them heal. Show them how grateful you are. Welcome to the family Mr. Adams and Jagger …

Click it up friends --- you wont want to miss Fancy and Brody. Thank you Samantha for the ARC … brilliant as always .. you made me laugh, cry, jump for the stars and honor me with trusting me as a fan. Until the next one … Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.
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2,630 reviews25 followers
September 25, 2016
Another enjoyable story in this series, I have been looking forward to Brody "Egghead" Evans story and it didn't disappoint. He and Fancy made a great couple, and the relationship that developed between although a little sweeter than those in previous stories was good to read but the sex when it happens pretty hot. However the suspense element of the story for me wasn't as good as previous stories, and honestly when the character who turns out to be causing all the problems was first introduced I had guessed they would turn out to be the one responsible and I was right. That being said though, those few chapters towards the end were really gripping and I honestly couldn't turn the page fast enough to ensure that Brody and Fancy got their happy ending.

Overall though it was a great read (even if one characters name kept changing throughout a chapter), and with the additional serial killer storyline that is left open i'm looking forward to what happens next. Especially as it's Carter's story and I've been desperate to read more about him since he was first introduced. As for this one it's definitely worth a read especially if you're a fan of the author and series.
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2,807 reviews241 followers
September 10, 2016
Ok I am not going to lie, I have been very impatiently waiting on Brody's book. I love everything about this whole series. The sex is HOT, the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat, and the dirty talking alpha males will make your panties melt. Brody is YUMMY!! I mean they all are but boy I just knew when he found "the one" he would be the one to really fall hard. On top of being a Dominant and sexy as h*ll, he is probably the sweetest most caring too. There was a twist that I didn't see coming at all but also many unanswered questions that I'm hoping will be revealed in the next book. Fancy and Brody are off the charts amazing together in every way. Can't wait to see what comes up next from this series. Please oh please let it be my man Carter with sugar on top!!!

Review by Tabitha
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38 reviews2 followers
August 20, 2016
Samantha Cole, you have totally gotten me hooked on Trident Security. I have enjoyed each book in this series more and more. Your books are most definitely on my list as an automatic one click. Thank you.
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206 reviews1 follower
August 21, 2016
5 Stars for Samantha A. Cole's Tickle His Fancy

I love the Trident Security Series! I swear each book gets better and better. I also want to thank Samantha A. Cole for continuing the fight for more help for our veterans.
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2,472 reviews6 followers
June 27, 2018
I enjoyed this book a lot. While this is the first one that is not a complete stand alone I enjoyed the deeper story line and it wraps up enough to still feel like a completed book.

Can’t wait to read the next one!
19 reviews
September 6, 2018
Tickle His Fancy is my favorite book yet in the Trident series! It was an amazing book from start to finish and I didn't want to put it down!
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10 reviews2 followers
August 21, 2016
I absolutely loved it! Brody was perfect! I can't wait for the next installment of Trident Security!
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490 reviews2 followers
August 22, 2016
WOW, WOW, WOW - need I say more. Yes actually, if your coming across this book for the first time, make sure you have read the others in the series first!
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727 reviews34 followers
September 21, 2017
what can i say? I LOVE IT!!!! this is a very dear series for me.. i found the first book by a few recommendation on twitter and since then i haven't put it down.. each book is more beautiful and more intense ... as a D/s, BDSM practitioner i can say Samantha writes the real deal in her books.. and if you are not so much into the whole BDSM lifestyle don't worry, she approaches the subject in a very elegant and fine way.. the Dominants are pure GENTLEMEN... caring and lovable as they should be :)

Tickle His Fancy was a great surprise for me.. i love everything I've read from Samantha .. but this book was very special and emotional as in the Dom (Brody) was super caring, lovable and a pure Gentleman.. he was always thinking about Fancy, taking care of her .. he made her his priority and part of his life instantly ... the sex scenes where off the chart.. i have to say Brody know what he is doing.. i love the love story between them .. she is a very mature (mentally speaking) woman, she knows what she wants and she didn't play any games. she is a hard working woman whom i think i can call her my best friend because she has this amazing bakery that i'm dying to try hahah :) everything she made for Brody was super delicious.. i could only imagine how good they were specially the strawberry ones mmmm ... i love how all the trident girl welcome her ... they become great friend in a very short time.. i know you guys are going to call me crazy but i love that part where the princesses tells Brody how she can see Fancy is his soulmate... i know, i know i am romantic what can i say :)

i also love, the story is full of surprises twist and turns that you are not expecting .. i'm not saying much but you never know who is the "bad" guy in this book one day he is all nice, the other day he was the devil.. so expect the unexpected ... i specially love when you don't know who is the bad guy or what is going to happen.. and this book did that for me .. a lot of great unexpected moments, a lot of nice moments, a lot of romance and sex scenes!! the flow was great .. there is also a bonus chapter at the end of the book and WHAT A SCENE!!!! it was hot, hot, hot!!!!

i love every book Samantha writes because she always writes mature, grounded characters, with a real body and sexy curves.. i like that her characters are sexy and confident.. the trident security men are always looking for sensible down to earth women .. so if you are looking for real characters, this is your series.. this is it!! the trident security men never disappoint.. they are sexy as hell!!

i can't wait for her next books specially Carters story....
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2,370 reviews57 followers
March 18, 2022
Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans & Francine ‘Fancy’ Maguire

The romance was okay, but what really had me on the edge of my seat were there the two mysteries. One involving Fancy. Her place of business and other things that belong to her continue to be vandalized and Brody spends his personal time trying to beef up her security to figure out who's the culprit.

For this one, I actually picked the correct offender, but then something was thrown in to make me doubt, so I was unsure. Even though my initial guess was correct, I never would have guessed everything he did, but I did get the why correct.

The other mystery was not solved, and I feel like it could be a subplot that goes on for several books (I loved this). Submissives are being taken and possibly killed, and no one (including me, lol) knows who's guilty. I have one strong contender in mind (meaning that I also had a couple of other's in mind that were incorrect), but it doesn't make sense that it's actually who I'm thinking, so that will probably come to nothing.

Kudos to Samantha for changing the game.
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1,131 reviews14 followers
May 31, 2020
Another member of the "Sexy Six-Pack" of ex-Navy SEALs finds true love in Tickle His Fancy, the sixth full-length book in the Trident Security series. When Brody "Egghead" Evans is drafted into helping his absent boss's fiance Angie (from His Angel) find someone to bake their wedding cake, he doesn't expect to find love. Baker Francine (aka "Fancy") not only makes a mean cake, but she's a beautiful widow who needs love and attention from a great guy (ie, Brody).

The romance in this book is as perfectly spot-on as the rest of Samantha Cole's books, however, the romantic suspense part is weaker than the other novels. The villain is very obvious from the beginning, and could have used more development as a character.

Still, it's a very good book and definitely worth a read.
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1,246 reviews
August 27, 2018
Series Just Gets Better and Better!

Six books and two novellas into the Trident series and I am far from bored! Cole's sharp writing, creative characters, and varied storylines have me hanging on every word. When I have to put down my book and I'm not reading about the "Sexy Six-Pack," I miss them like they're actual people. Can't wait to read more of their adventures!
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195 reviews
January 25, 2021
All the yummy food described!! Brody and Fancy are perfect for each other, and once again, a Tridant man has found a woman who is curious about BDSM.
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2,645 reviews16 followers
March 9, 2017
Brody loves women, all women. But he is ready for one to call his own. And when a visit to Fancy’s bakery places her in his path, he thinks he may have found the woman for him. But can he protect her from the danger that surrounds her?
Tickle His Fancy by Samantha A. Cole is sixth in the Trident Security series. I love this series and was glad to see Brody was getting his shot at happily ever after. You knew that even though Brody was a notorious flirt, when he found his one he would be all in and Ms. Cole did not disappoint. I loved his patience with Fancy. She hasn’t dated or even thought of a man romantically since her husband died but she is close to being ready. Brody becomes her friend first and slips under her radar into being something more. I loved how he made her laugh and regain joy in her life even as she fed his voracious sweet tooth. Ms. Cole allowed Fancy the time to realize the type of man Brody is. He protected Fancy but appreciated her strength. I enjoyed seeing Fancy blossom under Brody’s care. He allowed her the time as well as the respect of all that made her into the woman he was coming to love. This is a wonderful addition to this series. Ms. Cole allowed Brody and Fancy the time to grow into an intimate relationship. This story is full of laughter, joy and hope. I loved seeing characters I had grown to love appreciate the people in their lives. Ms. Cole gave me a well written, well developed and enjoyable read. And I for one can’t wait to see where she will take us next.
Five Shooting Stars and a Star Dust Award
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424 reviews14 followers
March 8, 2017
Brody and Fancy forever!!!!

This was the sixth book in the Trident series and I am in love with another couple. I love how the Trident team always support each other. Brody and Fancy's story was jammed packed with mystery, intrigue, love and some very hot sexy times. I can't wait to catch up with them in future books. If you haven't started this series yet, you are missing out on many wonderful stories. They are so addictive. Five stars are not enough.
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398 reviews
January 27, 2017
4.5 Stars

This is the sixth book in the series, eight if you count the two novellas, and the last of the original sexy six pack. I strongly recommend that you read the prior action packed dramatic books in the series before this one. The author does try and fill you in on all the different characters from the prior books but to get the best reading enjoyment you want to read the series in order.
Everyone always thought Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans would be the first to fall in love, but he fooled them all by being the last of the group. Helping Angie out with her wedding cake since her fiancee was called away on business, Brody was shocked to find himself drooling over Fancy, the baker and not just for her scrumptious pastries.
Francine ‘Fancy’ Maguire isn’t a stranger to tragedy. Her husband was killed in a car accident which also resulted in a miscarriage and weeks in a coma. After three years, she was finally able to start moving forward and the first step was opening up the bakery her and husband always wanted. Suspecting someone is targeting her and vandalizing her shop, Brody being the person that he is, steps in to help protect her, which leads to unexpected feelings for both of them. Will Fancy be able to love another after such tragedy? Will Brody and his fellow six packers solve the mystery before something tragic happens again to Fancy?
I am so sad that I can not give this book a 5 star rating. I loved the mystery and suspense and unexpected twists in the story. Unfortunately, there were times I felt like the author was trying to cover too much and the flow of the story ended up being choppy. I noticed because this talented author, in prior books, has a wonderful way of giving the reader all the information in a concise yet entertaining way. I love how she writes in the third person and is able to write from several characters points of view to get a bigger picture of things that are happening. It was awesome to catch up with all the characters from the earlier books, some less than others, but they are all a part of the team and you can’t write about one without the others. She did that again in this book and without giving away any spoilers it is difficult to explain the choppiness, but it does play into the fact you really need to know the characters so reading the prior books are important. I also felt like some things were unanswered unlike in prior books, so I do hope the next book will give me those answers. Of course some won’t happen because it was just missed do to the flow to the story, but another questions need to be revealed even if it is not a Brody and Fancy’s story. So for me the five star rating is missing not because of the one unanswered question and if you read the book you will know what I mean, but from the choppy flow to the story. I’m looking forward to reading the next book and the spin off series of the Omega team. The bonus scene at the end was a nice surprise for this fan. Read and reviewed for KFA.
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238 reviews23 followers
September 20, 2016
I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley by the Author for an honest review.

Tickle His Fancy: Trident Security Book 6 (Volume 6) is an awesome addition to the Trident Security series! The characters and the story line are well-developed. Brody "aka. Egghead" goes to Fancy's bakery to help Angie, Ian's fiancée, to sample wedding cakes. There he meets Fancy. He is instantly smitten. He drops by every morning to get donuts for the gang, just to see Fancy. Someone has targeted Fancy's store with vandalism, and Egghead helps her out. When these two get together it is instant chemistry. This is such a well written book that it will keep you reading until the end. I loved this book and series, and I recommend it to everyone. I give TICKLE HIS FANCY 5/5 STARS.
201 reviews
February 20, 2017
** Advanced copy was kindly provided by the author, but that has not influenced my review**

The last of the "Sexy Six-Pack men" to fall in love!! Book 6 is Brody & Fancy's story... the "Sexy Six-Pack men" women give their men a run for their money and Fancy is no exception. It was fun to see Brody having no qualms in his dealings with pursuing Fancy, he was very patient & nurturing yet maintaining his Alpha status... it was awesome. All this along with a double mystery too. Great story, my only issue is, and with out giving the story away.... is it's a bit of a cliffhanger and I am NOT a fan of cliffys... so be forewarned!! This series has been awesome!!
158 reviews5 followers
September 15, 2016
This book was given to WordsAPlenty by the author for an honest review.

Although not required – the best place to read this book is in the bathtub, filled with bubbles, lights down low, a glass of Vin Santo and some dark chocolate! This book is not only romantic but action packed and has ALL members of the Trident Team making an appearance! Wowzer!

Brody “Egghead” Evans, a member of the Trident Security Team and member of the Covenant, has just met his match in baker Francine “Fancy” Maguire. Widowed and running her own bakery, Fancy meets Egghead when he comes in to help his boss’s fiancé select a wedding cake – always one with a sweet tooth, Egghead falls hard for this little lady. The question is can Egghead get Fancy to live her life again?

“A grin spread across Brody’s face. It didn’t escape his notice that he was intentionally left out of her question. Well, we’ll just see about that. He was looking forward to tasting anything the beautiful baker was offering.”

That is just the beginning of his troubles – not only are bodies of subs popping up but someone is also killing people that Fancy cares about and Egghead doesn’t know whether or not Fancy will fit into his slightly kinky world.

In true Trident fashion, Samantha Cole keeps the mystery, action and romance alive and kicking in this latest edition of the Trident series. Cole continues to grow her series with characters that a woman can’t help but fall in love with and the action packed stories pack a wallop that leaves the readers stunned and wanting more.

“Brody thought he was going to pass out, the clamp was yanked out of the water, and his body sagged heavily. What had felt like an hour of being electrocuted had in reality been only a second or two.”

Cole experiments with this book, throwing in several unexpected twists – one after another with perfect timing. The cliffhanger is monumental!

The entire Trident series is excellent; Cole continues to evolve into a masterful storyteller with each book.

I enjoy reading the Trident Series immensely but this last book – it was the best yet! I cannot wait to read the next one with Carter!
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3,027 reviews3 followers
February 3, 2022
This is the sixth book in the Trident Series and while it is not necessary to read them in order it really gives you a better understanding of the characters in the series and the backstories.

Brody "Egghead" Evans is a former Navy Seal and the computer wizard of Trident Security. He is known for his charm and Texas drawl. When he accompanies Angie to Fancy Creations he doesn't expect to meet Fancy Maguire who takes his breath away and is apparently immune to his charms.

Fancy Maguire has not had it easy since the death of her husband, Patrick, almost 3 years ago. Luckily she has had his brother Corey to rely on as she has opened her bakery. Fancy is also concerned as her bakery has been vandalized lately and she believes it could be due to some kids she had kicked out.

At the same time someone has begun to target submissives within the BDSM community and it is clear that the girls aren't safe. But who is targeting them?

Will Fancy allow herself to open up to Brody when it is evident how much he cares about her? Will she soon find herself at risk with what is going on around her as the attacks on her bakery continue?

Wow!!! Even before I started this book Brody was my favorite and this book just cemented that fact! This book was such an incredible page turner that I couldn't put it down!

Brody is every girls dream - handsome, smart, alpha male, gorgeous and of course caring! As soon as he meets Fancy he is smitten with her and immediately goes into protective mode with her regarding her safety.

Fancy is hesitant on moving on as it is such a huge step after you've lost someone you love. Yet she slowly opens up to Brody when she realizes how much he cares about her and is not trying to take Patrick's place.

I never saw the twist coming near the end although it didn't surprise me as they talked.

I've placed my guess to who is going after the submissives and I can't wait to see whether or not I am right!

This series is amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next with Carter!!

Reviewed for KFA

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265 reviews50 followers
September 6, 2016
5++++ Stars

We finally get Brody ‘Egghead’ Evans's book!! Wooooohoooooo

Brody is a lovable guy, with a heart of gold. He is just such a solid guy and looks after everyone, which you wouldn’t normally get from a computer nerd. Fancy is a heartbroken women, who is still grieving the loss of her husband.

When they meet, you can’t help but smile. Brody is flirtatious and Fancy is closed off, you can still see they are made for each other but can Fancy?

I have to say, the bl**dy prologue, wowsa… If that doesn’t grip you, I don’t know what will. My heart pounded while reading it, complete shock factor. This was unlike the other books, still as captivating but was somehow more gripping and intense then the others. With a killer on the loose and Fancy being targeted, I’m still not sure my heart has back to beating at its normal rate.

The Trident books just get better and better, hotter and hotter, and with each book you fall in love with all the characters all over again.

One of the things that completely struck me with this book was the way that Brody explains BDSM to Fancy. The trust that is needed for a D/S relationship to work, which plays a big part in it and really, the women has all the power. The explanation should be read by all those people to still see BDSM the way it was thought of 10 years ago. I read that part a few times, it intrigued me that much.

Samantha has a way of writing that just brings not only the book or characters to life but also the scenes. The descriptions you read bring the story to life, you feel like you are there along with the guys, living and breathing each word with them. You don’t have to worry if you may have forgotten a little piece of information from the other books because it’s all there for you.

Another AMAZING book!!

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review!
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August 22, 2016
I gotta tell you this series just keeps getting better and better. The mark of a wonderful writer in my opinion is to have a lot of individual characters but still have a cohesive story utilizing all of them. Samantha A Cole kicks ass! You still have all the gang and she even adds in NEW characters. This story is focusing on Egghead or Brody and his soul mate Fancy (Francine). Brody and Fancy meet when he escorts Angie to her bakery to help decide on the wedding cake. At first glance Brody is struck speechless, which is saying a lot for the computer geek of the Trident Securities. Fancy however is a bit shy and thinks he's just a player. Brody however keeps coming back and back to her bakery and keeps wearing her down. Brody doesn't realize it but Fancy was married and her husband passed away in a car accident a year ago. She's not dated in that year. Fancy is however having some trouble with vandalizing at her bakery and Brody is just the man for the job. Fancy brings out his Dom tendencies and he loves to take care of things for her. Between the employees at the bakery and Brody himself, Fancy finally goes out with Brody. As always its only a hop skip and a jump to a serious relationship between the two. Brody has to tell Fancy he's a Dom however and he stresses about that for a bit. Their is also the suspense factor of the bakery being vandalized as well as someone is murdering subs. The boys at Trident are on the case however, so never fear!! I cannot wait for the next installment!
Reviewed by Amy for HeadTripping Books.
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August 22, 2016
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

AMAZING! I think that says it all on how I feel about this book.

Brody, always a flirt, becomes acquainted with Fancy (love her knickname!) when he drops into her bakery to indulge his sweet tooth. There is just something about Fancy that attracts him on a deeper level than he has ever experienced before and he wants to explore it.

Fancy due to tragedy in her life is very reserved but Brody breaks down her defenses.

My emotions were all over the place while reading this book. I was laughing out loud (love books that have me doing that!), sad when reading about Fancy's tragedy, gripping my ereader hard when reading through the intrigue and suspenseful parts. I was so surprised on who was causing Fancy distress in her life.

This book is part of the Trident Security Series but I think it could be a stand alone I honestly think you'll get a greater appreciation for series if you read them in order. It is truly an amazing series! I love how the author revisits with all the Trident Security Team. We get to keep up to date with all of them. In this book we're getting to know the Omega Team a little more in depth.

Samantha has a way of writing that draws you in so that you won't be putting the book down. The way this story goes along you just know that there is going to much more to this series. With each book the series just get much better. I don't even know how that is possible, it just does.
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August 27, 2016
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 Tickle His Fancy-Another Winner, August 27, 2016


vickie chaisson

Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Tickle His Fancy: Trident Security Book 6 (Trident Security Series) (Kindle Edition)

Samantha Cole has a way with words that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I have waited a long time to read Brody's story and I was completely enthralled. Many of the Trident Securities family make an appearance but this book can be read as a standalone. Brody and Fancy' s story is filled with aspects of love, humor, murder, and family. The one sure thing you are definitely going to get with s Samantha Cole book is a strong sense of family. Her books always have strong family ties and values and Tickling His Fancy is no different.

Their story starts slowly because Fancy was married once before and lost her husband in a car accident which put her in a coma. Brody meets Fancy while helping a friend pick out her wedding cake at Fancy's bakery. You would think it would be all sweetness from then on but someone is vandalizing the bakery. Also in the background someone is brutalizing and murdering young women and Trident Securities is helping with the case.

This book will hold your interest from beginning to end and I read it in one sitting. Samantha Cole understands the working her alpha men and the women they love. I highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.
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January 8, 2017
What can I say about Brody and Fancy…OMG is all. I am almost never at a loss for words but I am now. And very much in a good way. Brody has been my BBF since I met him way back in Leather and Lace. He is the “good guy” and very intelligent. Alpha and kinky enough to keep thing interesting. Everything I want in a real guy. Brody comes from a large family and takes on Fancy who is finally ready to live after a major and devastating life altering wreck.

Brody’s story starts off in a good place. He meets Fancy because he is helping his friend and boss’ fiancé Angie. Fancy is the baker for the wedding cake. She is ready to move on and Brody comes along at a time she needs help. At the same time Brody and Fancy are falling in love we are introduced to a new and overarching evil.

One major thing I love about Samantha Cole’s writing is her grasp of mystery. She doesn’t give you enough clues to fully figure out the twists at the beginning. I typically can figure out “the bad guy” fairly soon and while I thought I had it she threw in enough twists that I wasn’t sure until the end. I love that. I love how you don’t know how many forces are working against our couple in this story. I have never been disappointed in a Trident Series novel. I am not sure I would change anything at all about this book. Thank you for another great read.
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