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Zenn Diagram

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The more I touch someone, the more I can see and understand, and the more I think I can help. But that’s my mistake. I can’t help. You can’t fix people like you can solve a math problem.

Math genius. Freak of nature. Loner.

Eva Walker has literally one friend—if you don’t count her quadruplet three-year-old-siblings—and it’s not even because she’s a math nerd. No, Eva is a loner out of necessity, because everyone and everything around her is an emotional minefield. All she has to do is touch someone, or their shirt, or their cell phone, and she can read all their secrets, their insecurities, their fears.

Sure, Eva’s “gift” comes in handy when she’s tutoring math and she can learn where people are struggling just by touching their calculators. For the most part, though, it’s safer to keep her hands to herself. Until she meets six-foot-three, cute-without-trying Zenn Bennett, who makes that nearly impossible.

Zenn’s jacket gives Eva such a dark and violent vision that you’d think not touching him would be easy. But sometimes you have to take a risk…

328 pages, Hardcover

First published April 4, 2017

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About the author

Wendy Brant

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At age ten, Wendy Brant wrote her first book, My Mysterious Double, the story of a girl and an impostor pretending to be her. Years later, after graduating with a degree in journalism from Northwestern University and completing the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver, Wendy wrote adult fiction (albeit unpublished) while working as an HR manager and being a mom. But when she started reading the same YA books as her kids, her attention and passion shifted. Now she likes to write about isolated teenagers who somehow find a way to connect with others, and she's also a sucker for a little romance.

Wendy lives in the Chicago area in the best neighborhood in America (as crowned by Good Morning America in 2010) with her husband, teenage daughter and son, and guinea pigs Mac and Tosh.

Check out Wattpad for THE SWAILING -- a YA dystopian road trip romance! https://www.wattpad.com/story/1487997...

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March 20, 2017
Zenn Diagram is a cute love story of two teenagers. Lovers who are madly in love with each other but can't be together.

Eva, the protagonist, is a math genius. She is funny, smart, rational, somewhat emotional but not a bit boring or dull. She is a lively character with a good sense of humor that cracked me up several times (and I don't laugh easily).

Sadly, she can't touch anyone or anything. She reads the emotions of a person or from their possessions when she touches them. Emotions - that could be joyful, hurtful or dark enough to make one feel suffocated. She can't control it or stop it. As soon as she touches anything, she sees images in her mind empowered with intense emotions of hurt, betrayal, loneliness and trauma. Being a kindhearted person, she feels frustrated for she can't help others.

I felt so bad for her. How frustrating it could be for a teenager to not touch or hold hands with a loved one. As they say, sometimes a silent gentle touch is all you need to comfort someone.

Zenn's character is a cliché. Tall, dark and handsome. He is a hardworking and responsible person. He is also a humble artist. As soon as Eva and Zenn met, they connected mentally, sharing funny math jokes. Zenn complements Eva as he is also funny, sweet, caring and rational like her.

Eva fell in love with Zenn and discovers she can touch him without getting any mental images from him. Then something from the past comes up and shatters their sweet love life. Eva may lost her first and probably last love forever. That twist was totally unexpected.

This story could be a 4 start but the first 40% of the story was slow paced. It was all about how handsome Zenn is and how Eva sees emotions of others in her mind. Even though I don't mind reading about Zenn's looks and Eva's mental images of emotions (no doubt the latter is written too beautifully) what bugged me was the repetition. For me the novel lacked depth. Not intriguing or something deep. It was a good read though. A light romantic novel that you can read in one sitting.

An ARC of this book was provided by Kids Can Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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April 4, 2017
I’d like to start off by saying how kind the author of Zenn Diagram is. I was approved for a copy of the book on NetGalley but my copy of the eBook got messed up and Wendy Brant was so kind with sending me another. This isn’t the only amazing thing she’s done though. I’m gonna have to add “wrote an amazing book” to that list. Zenn Diagram is truly an awesome piece of writing and totally related to my math-loving-self.

 photo E923FCC9-093F-43B3-A9BF-55A37426EE85_zpszzmfwfo9.gif

Algebra, calculus, trig, you name it, I love it. So, reading a book about a huge math nerd who first falls for a guy because he makes a joke about his name relating to math, well... I was hooked almost immediately.

 photo 0155F239-22A6-4DDF-BB3B-653ABDCDB365_zpsplaiuebu.gif

This novel had a fun twist to it though. It wasn’t just another teen love story, but is about a girl who had read people through touch. First just their emotions, but over time she can see their deep, personal problems. Fun, right? Yeah, not so much. It causes her to not ever want to have any contact with others. That is until she meets Zenn. Hardworking, artistic, Zenn who had me falling in love right along with Eva.

 photo C649BE0E-E71B-4BC9-906D-B74546FE72E3_zpsjx1cfbxv.gif

The whole plot was such a fun idea and I could not for the life of me put this book down.

Something else that I really loved about the building of Eva’s character was how she always thought she didn’t like certain things because she couldn’t ever do them, but after she was allowed the opportunity she found herself standing in a new light. I think that sometimes it can be hard for people to accept new things in their life when they’ve lived only one way for as long as they could remember, but we just need to remember that life is ever-changing and sometimes we just need to strap in and enjoy the ride.

This YA romance had me squealing and blushing quite a few times, and I’m gonna be honest... I cried when it was over. I’m not entirely sure why though. It had a pretty amazing ending so I think I was just sad that it was over.

 photo 7B53F8BC-B792-4AF2-964F-CFC782D6B3E8_zps65sgjcaf.gif

I’m so glad I got to read this awesome debut novel. Thank you Wendy Brant!!!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book Via NetGalley.
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June 2, 2017
3 Stars


Being a math prodigy isn’t Eva’s only interesting trait. When she touches someone or their belongings, she gets a “fractal.” A picture inside her mind filled with what defines the other person --their hopes and fears, anxieties, personalities and backstory.

I received an ARC of this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Kids Can Press for the opportunity!


Give me more protagonists who like math please! (Especially girls!)

This is such a great idea. The fractals Eva receives are described beautifully, and the parallels with math are just fantastic. The reasoning behind it is a little hokey, but pulled off incredibly well.

I love Eva’s family dynamic! The chaos of the large family was captured incredibly well, and her relationships will all family members were considered!

The romance was pretty cute. I really liked their ultimate connection, and thought it was handled very well.

Zenn’s art sounds awesome and I want to buy it.


It’s not totally insta-love, but it’s pretty close.

The main character spends the first half of the book constantly talking about how she “isn’t like other girls.” She even reiterates that she’s close with her best friend because “she isn’t like other girls” and is disappointed when her friend shows interest in boys, clothes, or anything else Eva isn’t interested in. It absolutely drove me crazy

There’s a strong sense that giving up something you’ve worked hard for and wanted for forever is the grand romantic gesture. Probably personal preference, but I didn’t share this view.

In Conclusion

Suffered from a major case of "I'm not like other girls" and "If we give up everything for each other, it's romantic, right?" with a dash of "But it's fate." BUT, this idea was super interesting and fun, the characters unique, and I loved the math parallels.
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2,670 reviews701 followers
March 3, 2017
I loved the premise of this book and the cover, so I was pretty excited to start it.

I love love love Eva and Zenn. They're both in impossible situations and genuinely nice people that it was easy to root for them right from the first page. Eva is a legit math genius and snarky af. Zenn is an artist and shy and the sparks between them are perfection.

Of course there are some angsty times and miscommunication, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Somehow, I enjoyed the struggle, which is rare for me. And coupled with Eva's supportive parents and adorable siblings, I was in love.

Overall, it was an engrossing read that I know I'll be rereading.

**Huge thanks to KCP Loft and Edelweiss for providing the arc free of charge**
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510 reviews297 followers
May 8, 2017

Mini review:

I received this E-ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I had heard about this book through some friends' reviews. I decided to request it. Unfortunately I didn't like it.

I could not stand the MC. Her voice was annoying and she was so proud of herself. I have heard that she improves but I didn't care enough to see that.

I don't know whether I would recommend it. It's up to you.
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1,214 reviews334 followers
May 7, 2017
About: Zenn Diagram is a young adult fiction novel written by Wendy Brant. It was published on 4/4/17 by Kids Can Press, 328 pages. The genres are young adult, romance, contemporary, and paranormal. This book is intended for readers ages 14 to 18, grades 9 to 12.

My Experience: I started reading Zenn Diagram on 4/28/17 and finished it on 5/6/17. I'm fortunate to have read this book with the wonderful and amazing blogger, Charlotte @ charlotteannelise! This book is truly an excellent read! If time were not limited, I would have devour this book in one day! I love how the story comes together so perfectly. I love the humor and the cuteness of first love. I love characters with a talent and I love how humble they are with it. The surprise twist was most unexpected and I completely adored it!

In this book, readers will follow the point of view of Eva, a math genius with a quirk. She avoids touching people and things and that means no handshakes, hugs, and keeping her hands to herself. The quirk is to conceal her ability to see into people's deepest and darkest secrets by a touch of her hands. It's a bit complicated. She's very good at math and therefore, does math tutoring after school. From there, she met Zenn, a mysterious good looking guy with beautiful eyelashes and weather hands. Eva has distance herself from boys all through seventeen years of her life, but Zenn caught her attention and somehow makes her think the bubbles of loneliness she created for herself is not so ideal after all.

The math talks and the paranormal of fractal visions are an interesting addition to the story. I enjoyed the supporting characters with her best friend Charlotte and her quadruplets siblings. I really like Zenn and his story. I love the introduction to diversity in this book and that Zenn is a quarter Vietnamese. It's cool that this story locates in Wisconsin because I used to live there. Most of all, I love how the characters has talents but are not show offs. I love Zenn's strong beliefs in not wanting to accept free hand outs and works hard to survive on his own. I totally love it that despite struggles and selfless acts, good deeds comes in tenfold. This book is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it to each and everyone!

Pro: surprise twist, innocent first love, friendship, family, education, romance, talents, diversity, epilogue

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

***Many thanks to Kids Can Press for the opportunity to read and review. Please assured that my opinions are honest.

Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com
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385 reviews105 followers
June 14, 2017
DNF because there is way too much slut-shaming. When Eva's mom was bribing her three year old siblings to potty train and I read this comment "I just hope it doesn’t mean they’ll grow up to be slutty girls who give it away to any cute boys who buy them dinner" I was done. Eva is such a snob and within the first chapter she dumps the whole "I'm not like most girls" attitude three times. Another two times on just one single page. I would like to read on to find out if she redeems herself, but I can't say I'm all that interested.
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1,150 reviews1,290 followers
March 8, 2020
Full Review on The Candid Cover

Zenn Diagram really surprised me. When I first saw it, I was interested in how the author would incorporate a more sci-fi sounding concept into a contemporary, but it ended up working out perfectly. The main character is funny and relatable, and the way the book is written is just what I like. Even the title is a math joke!

This book has an interesting concept, especially for a contemporary. The main character has the ability to tell what a person is feeling when she touches something that they own. I enjoyed the way that Eva uses her ability to help others and figure out where they’re struggling when she’s tutoring them instead of manipulating everyone. The originality of this book made it interesting to read, and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for something new.

Eva is the perfect main character for Zenn Diagram. She is logical and a math genius, but also pretty funny. I appreciated her geeky jokes scattered throughout the book. Eva is also relatable since she is awkward and more introverted. I felt bad for her as I was reading, since there are so many things she can’t touch without getting a vision, but she doesn’t complain about her ability. Whiny characters are a major turn-off for me, so I was glad to see that Eva is so agreeable.

The way that Zenn Diagram is written is so satisfying. There are some heavy topics mentioned in the book, but Wendy Brant doesn’t go too far discussing them and going off-topic. Zenn’s mom’s habits, for example, are shown enough for the reader to get the idea. I also really appreciated the plot twists, as I certainly didn’t see the major twist coming. The pacing in the book is perfect, as well.

Zenn Diagram is a unique book about a girl with special abilities. The main character is awkward and relatable, and the writing style is excellent. This book is perfect for all the math geeks – and everyone else – out there.
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475 reviews171 followers
May 25, 2017
Oh lots of cuteness in this one!! It was somehow cute and light but had some heavy stuff it touched on as well which I enjoyed.

Eva Walker is awesome at math and kind of a nerd bit that isn’t why she has only one real friend. That has more to do with her ability that when she touches someone or something that belongs to them, that she can “see” their issues, secrets and emotional baggage. However when it comes to tutoring math touching someone’s calculator only gives her their math baggage making her very good at her job. When Zenn Bennet comes in for tutoring Eva accidently touches his jacket and gets a really dark and violent vision. Still, she and Zenn click but is he worth her visions?

I loved the nerdy vibe of this one. Eva is all about math, getting into a great college, and going into neuroscience to help figure out why she has visions. I found her a pretty likable character and realistic teenager. She may have had only one friend but it was a great one. Charlotte was her friend forever and knew her secret ability. They had ups and downs in the book but I loved how they handled it. Totally rang true for me – especially of girls that are that close.

So Eva lives with her parents and her quadruplet toddler siblings. That could os have been a disaster with that many small kids but honestly they were adorable. I would have loved more of them but maybe then they would have lost their charm. Eva’s dad is a pastor and I loved how religion was addressed in the book. It wasn’t pushed on you and actually, Eva wasn’t a big believer. But I loved how she took some main concepts that her father taught and lived by those.

Of course there was a romance! Zenn and Eva were adorable. I mean they were awkwardly cute. There is a twist of sorts relating to them, maybe even more than one and I think it all worked in the story well.

If you are looking for a quick, cute kind of nerdy story this should fit the bill.
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211 reviews74 followers
September 5, 2018
This book was given to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the blurb for this book, I knew I was going to like it.

But I was wrong. I didn’t like it, I LOVED IT.

I’m going to say it outright. Friends, Romans, countrymen, READ THIS BOOK.

Eva, our girl, is probably one of the best female characters I have ever read. She’s the kind of girl who saves her Math homework for last just so she could savor it. The kind of girl who counts sidewalk squares and hops over each one that is a prime number. The girl whose phone passcode is the first four digits of pi.

She’s smart and hilarious but she’s also flawed and did stupid things just like the rest of us.

And she likes the library.

“I like the library… I like it better than most people. It’s quiet. It has substance.”


Zenn (cool name, by the way), on the other hand, is really artistic, and hardworking, and cute, and sweet, and awesome.. and okay, I just love the guy. Really. He has officially earned a spot in my book boyfriends list.

Aside from the main characters, I adored Eva’s siblings, the quadruplets. The characters were all very real and I felt close to them. I felt like I got to know them and saw them grow throughout the book.

Honestly, at one point, it made me cry even though no one died. I only cry in books when someone dies but it was so heartbreaking and complicated. I felt really bad for them and a tear just rolled down my cheek!

Seriously, I recommend this to all my friends who love YA contemporary romance. A lot of the scenes in this book are very swoon-worthy. It’s so cute and fluffy.

Friends, please buy and read this book when it comes out and spazz with me.
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340 reviews91 followers
November 4, 2016
Zenn Diagram is the debut novel of Wendy Brant. And I adored it! This book is another book on the list of upcoming books that will steal your heart.

Things I loved about Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant:

- Eva! Eva is the main character of the book and she is super smart (like math genius smart), but she's also quirky, funny and sweet. I would love being her friend, like why is she the outcast? She's so cool!
- Eva has these weird vision-things when she touches someone or something, which makes it almost impossible to touch anything. But it can be very useful as well (if you want to spy on your friends for example).
- The characters feel real, they have a troubled past with heartache and loss and you can see the way it impacts them. The characters all have their own life that does not revolve around the main story, and that is something that gives it an extra dimension.
- It's super cute!
The story was a bit predictable at some times, that's what you get when you read contemporary, but that does not imply that it was boring. I read the book in only two days I think, and it was such a nice way to spend your time (instead of doing homework). I think I waited too long before reviewing this book because my mind is literally empty. Oh I remember, one thing I also loved in the book was Eva's family, the E's (her little brothers and sisters) are so adorable!

I am giving this book ★★★★ (out of 5), because it is fun and cute and realistic! It is a good way to spend your time and if you like contemporary, I will definitely recommend this book.
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189 reviews310 followers
July 9, 2020
Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

Let me start off by saying that I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. I used to be super into contemporaries but only read ones I'm really interested in now, so picking this one up, not knowing what to expect from it and in the end really enjoying it was awesome! Eva Walker, the main character is a nerdy math lover who, at first, I didn't really think I'd loved but I actually enjoyed her a lot. Zenn, the artsy love interest was adorable, but what made the book was their relationship. I find myself not often shipping the couples presented in many books but these guys, I loved!

The writing was simple, but not boring or juvenile. There was also a bit of humour which just positively added to the lightheartedness of the book in general.

The plot was fast paced, and because the book wasn't particularly long there was never a time where I was bored or wanting to put it down. It was almost predictable at some times and dint quite give me the wow effect so that's why it wasn't a full 5 stars for me. But it delivered way more than expect, that's why I settled on 4.5/5 stars as my rating, it deserved that.

Zenn Diagram comes into stores on April 4th so don't forget to head to the bookstore and pick it up then, I would highly recommend for a quick spring break read!

*I was generously accepted for a review copy of Zenn Diagram from the publisher through NetGalley so thank you!*
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109 reviews78 followers
April 7, 2018
Zenn Diagram is like an art tree branching out with mathematical symbols and equations, rooted on a history which later on blooms in to a gift. It is a beautiful story where Art and Mathematics is a face to face, side by side thing fitted to find each other's perfect romance inasmuch as they are destined to be. Puzzled? Well, I have a proportional analogy for that, Math : gift = fractals : destiny. I got you more confused?

Well, it is about a seventeen year old Math geek, Eva who have an amazing gift (if she could ever call it amazing) to know a person's secrets, emotions and fears. Like when she touches their calculators while tutoring, she gets the algos (short for algorithms: nerd alert!). By touching other people's things, she have these visions — the fractals — which she really stays away from. Calculator visions were nothing compared to what she gets when having those fractals. It was like a tsunami, a hurricane of things, forming an array of patterns, shapes and colors with intricate details leaving an imprint of overwhelming emotions she really doesn't like to have. That earned her an unfair reputation of being a neat freak thus making it really hard for her to have normal friends and normal relationship which involve touching of course. In short, she doesn't have a carpe diem, be in the moment normal kind of life.
“All it does is remind me of all that I will never have: simple touching. Warm skin on warm skin. No fucking fractals.”

Until Zenn walks in to her life who, even made her swoon over using math analogies on their first meeting. He is a hardworking and responsible guy who have a great passion with art. They easily got closed and drawn to each other until they're feelings were hard to resist. Eva learned that he's the only person she can touch without having those chaotic fractals. Until she discovers the shared history that bonds their lives forever. Will the truth breaks them to stay away from each other or will it more be the reason for them to stick around and never let go?

The sparkles of light between Eva and Zenn were irresistible. I felt like a normal teenager again, reading sugary and sweet stuff like this. I enjoy every single moment of spending my time reading every single word! I love arts and Math (they are an amazing combo by the way) as much as I love books. So it didn't surprise me at all that Zenn Diagram earned a spot to my must-have-must-buy books. Other than putting a catchy title and intriguing cover, Wendy Brant brought a unique approach of putting all the elements of this book, forming a connection to each and gives an unforgettable experience, perfect for readers who have a home grown love for both paints or colors and numbers or algorithms, like me.

From fractals and algos to Eva and Zenn's shared familial history, there have more Venn diagram between them and the gift that truly blooms? The destiny of being together.

So, who's the total genius right now? There's none other but Wendy Brant. You girl, totally rocks!

***Thank you NetGalley, Kids Can Press, and Wendy Brant for providing me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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May 29, 2017
Zenn Diagram was such a charming and adorable love story! I was pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable this book was!

Eva, the main character, was a funny, smart, dedicated, and family-oriented person. At the beginning of the book, Eva was quite judgmental. She seemed to thrive on the fact that she "wasn't like other girls" and seemed to think she was better than every other girl because she didn't wear makeup. Eva also wasn't very accepting of the relationship her best friend got in, which was ridiculous considering there was no reason for Eva to not support her friend. Thankfully, Eva grew as a person, learned from her mistakes, and became less judgmental. I was so happy that Eva had a change of heart. That character development made her more likable. I ended up loving Eva!

The main male character, Zenn, was precious. From the first time he was introduced, I knew I was going to fall in love with him. Zenn was sweet, considerate, charming, thoughtful, hard-working, and responsible. Zenn is a dream man for me. I WANT MY OWN ZENN! I volunteer to be his wife forever.

This book had a slow start, and things started to feel a little repetitive. However, once the ball starting rolling, I was HOOKED! The plot got a lot more interesting and became extremely unique. There were twists and turns that I did not expect! I thought the author did a great job at keeping me guessing. Also, the romance in this book was so adorable. I thought the romance was well paced, believable, and extremely swoon worthy.

Zenn Diagram was a light, quick, and cute read! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a YA romantic contemporary that will put a smile on your face!

4 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. *

MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It
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1,128 reviews148 followers
July 28, 2017
*Thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for an e-copy. This review is my full and honest opinion.*

Actual Rating: 3.5

Zenn Diagram is a really cute contemporary teenage romance with a dash of the paranormal. Eva Walker is just a regular girl who has an affinity for mathematics, so she spends her free time tutoring other people or hanging out with her only friend Charlotte. But there's one more thing: when Eva touches another person's skin or possessions, she can see their emotions. This had always been something that had always alienated her from other people. But then she meets Zenn - and for once in her life Eva might be okay with taking a risk.

I really liked all the characters, and although Zenn did feel a bit like a cliche I loved him anyways.
Admittedly, the main character was a little annoying sometimes and I felt like some of the teenage drama between her and her best friend Charlotte were a little unnecessary and overdramatic. Nevertheless, I liked how the story turned out from a contemporary perspective.

One thing that I wish was was different was Eva's gift. I absolutely loved the idea of it and the fact that this book wasn't just contemporary. I wanted Eva's gift to play a larger role; in the beginning it seemed like something huge, something that practically defined Eva's personality. But as the story went on the book seemed to slip more into contemporary, and the gift didn't seem to have that much of a purpose anymore.

The plot was also a bit predictable - I'm sure the same story line has been used before in at least two other books I've read (though I don't remember which).

The writing style was probably the strongest part of this book; it did have the typical young adult feel to it but I thought the author played with words and figurative language very well. Overall this was a pretty quick read. I think it could be perfect to curl up with on a lazy Saturday evening.
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450 reviews32 followers
June 3, 2017
I hate Maths.... and with this book I still hate maths.
But I loved this book....

First of all I love the writing. Fast and fresh it was a joy to read this story.
Secontly I loved Eva character... This girl was amazing... She was realist, with confidence, with humor and 100% conscious about her condition... and not forget the math madness so she was super clever.
But I loved Zenn character too. He was the good guy with all the meanings. Hard working boy who try to support his mom, who try to finish the school and who try to survive from his father past.
And the 2 of them make a very interesting couple... because they linked in some way even if they don't know.

5 Zenn and Eva stars...
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161 reviews158 followers
June 17, 2017
'I like the library.'
'I do. I like it better than I like most people. It's quiet. It has substance.'

Eva is a math whiz who has special powers (aside from the math stuff). She gets "fractals" when she touches other people or their belongings, which can tell her their deepest darkest secrets. She uses this talent of hers to identify people's weak areas in math (by holding their calculators!) while tutoring them. When a new cute guy at school (Zenn) approaches her for tutoring, she gets a fractal that practically knocks her out. Read the book to find out what happens thereafter :P
This turned out to be a fun, contemporary YA romance, without being overly dramatic.
I'm throwing in a bonus math joke here:

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233 reviews25 followers
March 27, 2017
Thanks for netgalley and publisher of this book to provide this book for every netgalley reviewer in exchange for an honest review.

You know that feeling of not knowing should you read a book or not because of mixed reviews that book received? I have it when I saw this book. I have to admit beforehand that I am a great grudge bearer: I would hate myself for weeks for picking up a book that I hate. Even the ones that I borrowed from libraries.

So I was very hesitant to read this book when I saw this available on netgalley a week ago. But my curiosity got the best of me and now here I am, happy and grinning and feeling all fuzzy.

-Love the concept of modern today mixed with some unexplainable phenomenon with a very logical girl as a heroine
-I can't get over how much I adore Eva, the mc. She was just so loveable and cute and quirky, and Wendy Brant actually succeeds in making her a smart girl that actually was smart. You know that romance book that the mc is "smart" and "different" and ends up disappointing you for the fact that she doesn't seems, sounds, or acts smart (kill me, that kind of book just got me pitying the paper they waste on it). Eva is actually smart and quick-witted and all. And it's just really nice to get a chance to be inside her head. Because even though she was really smart, she still feels relatable.
-The plot is also quirky and a bit whimsical. Just like how life works. One day it's all about yourself, the next day all other thing that needs attention in life.
-Setting while not perfectly built is very solid.
-The language is just so enjoyable that you already halfway through and you don't remember you need to cook for your younger siblings' lunches lol
-I still have minor issues like and when

All in all, I think this book needs a chance to be loved :3
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578 reviews29 followers
April 13, 2017
What more can I say than this?: I absolutely loved and adored Zenn Diagram! In fact, it has made its way into my #1 read of 2017 so far this year! I have been reading a lot of thriller and suspense books lately, so it was a welcome change of pace when I started Zenn Diagram which is YA (Young Adult).

Eva is a loner in school by choice. She has a unique ‘gift’ (or is it a curse?) She can touch someone or something and then gets these visions and fractals (a repeating pattern that becomes clearer over time.) She tutors fellow students in Math because through these visions she can see where students are having their difficulties by simply touching their calculator. She also learns issues and secrets that she may not want to know. Needless to say she avoids touching others at all costs…. Until she meets Zenn, a boy in school that she begins to tutor.

Zenn Diagram is Wendy Brant’s first novel and it is a brilliant debut! I did not want to put it down. The characters are fully developed and you can’t help but adore both Eva and Zenn. Eva is smart and feisty, yet also lonely and frustrated. You really see through her how it can be not being able to touch someone. Her ‘aversion to touching’ has made her classmates believe she is a ‘germaphobe’, which puts her in that category of one the ‘weird kids’ in school.

Zenn is a hardworking guy and also very adorable. At first Eva isn’t sure what to think of him when she accidentally touches his jacket and gets an unpleasant fractal. Over time the relationship grows and a romance progresses. They are delightful together! It is a sweet romance that you can’t help but eat up and want more of. The issue of how can a romance occur if you can’t touch the other person is brought up. A conversation with Eva and some friends takes place involving consent in regard to physical contact, which seems to be becoming a more mainstream topic now. In that conversation there is a great analogy involving tea. Even though I don’t drink tea, you won’t think of it in the same way again. You want things to work out as Eva and Zenn are perfect for each other at this stage in their lives.

Zenn Diagram is more than just a sweet teenage romance. There are things in both Eva and Zenn’s lives that are far from perfect. There are things we don’t know about both of them at first and then Wendy Brant goes and pulls a twist from out of nowhere that I would have never suspected! It was exceptional! From that reveal there is a change of direction with the novel. When the novel was over I wanted more.

This is a brilliant first novel and I look forward to what Wendy Brant will bring us next!

Zenn Diagram is very highly recommended!

**I received an e-arc through NetGalley and a physical arc from Kids Can Press. Thank you so much for my copies!

**Note to Parents: Zenn Diagram is filled with ‘teenagers being teenagers’ and we see all the teen angst that occurs with teen relationships. In addition to the intimacy issues addressed there is language, but I feel neither is worse than what teenagers hear at school or see on television. There is no teen drinking or drug use in Zenn Diagram. There is language throughout the novel and yes the F-word is used. If you are worried about that then please read (and love) this book before giving to your kids. On my arc copy it recommends the book for ages 14-18, which I would agree with.
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June 9, 2017
This story was so clever and sweet and genuine, and I can't believe past me would ever have passed up something so adorkable because it was contemporary and touchy-feely. I want to smack that past version of me. Because this book isn't just contemporary; it contains a bit of magical realism, too, and a whole lot of nerdy math convos and science-y stuff. And while I don't believe Eva's condition as it is described is a real thing, there are other very real types of touch-emotion synaesthesia. And I find all forms of synaesthesia absolutely fascinating. I loved the family dynamic, the swoony romance, and even the sense of fate that came with the story. It actually reminded me a bit of The Love That Split the World , which I also adored. The only thing that bothered me was that the ending felt a little abrupt, but maybe that's just me because I wasn't ready to leave these characters behind. And I was still left with a few unanswered questions, even with that touching epilogue. 12/10 would read again.
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April 19, 2017
I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The book was so heartwarmingly adorable. And somehow made me nostalgic for high school calculus. This book had so much humor and pure teen drama of high school with the added complications of sometimes knowing a little too much about your classmates. I flew right through it. Eva and Zenn are a dynamic duo who keeps a smile on your face for the entire story.

Things I Liked :
-Aglos & Fractals. Being able to ‘read’ people’s emotions by touching their things could leave the average person immobile, but Eva has channeled her abilities into helping tutor her classmates in math. By touching their calculators, she can understand what they’re struggling with and the best ways to help them. She calls these smaller, more focused glimpses algos, or algorithms. While the more personal and layered glimpses are fractals - a repeating pattern that may become clear over time. Not only was the fractal imagery used beautiful, but the fact that Eva used her abilities to tutor her classmates in math was fantastic and instantly made me like her.

-Eva. Eva was SO FUNNY. She is smart and feisty and frustrated and lonely. She is a fully developed character. She reacts with humor in awkward situations because she doesn’t really have much social interaction experience. It doesn’t come across as disingenuous or quirky look-at-me, it’s really honest and pure. She’s jealous when Charlotte gets a boyfriend not only because she’s afraid of losing her, but because Charlotte is able to actually be in a relationship and do something as simple as hold a boy’s hand. She gets a crush on a boy and starts to get all fluttery and gets to actually hope that she might not have to be alone. She can be judgemental and nosey - two characteristics aided by her fractal reads - but she knows that she can be hasty and impulsive and she want to work on that. She doesn’t want to make snap decisions on glimpses of information, because she knows she can misread or misjudge a person, like Josh, but recognizes that they have their strengths too.

-Eva & Zenn. Their relationship was so adorable. They meet in tutoring and Eva gets a gnarly fractal from Zenn’s jacket, but nothing from his books. They develop a easy and humorous banter that is natural and effortless. We see then interact more and more, trading barbs and getting to know each other. We see their relationship grow and become more and I couldn’t stop smiling. They care about each other and want the best for each other. I loved seeing them be honest with each other and support each other - both with college and scholarship worries, Zenn’s art and Eva with her hectic family and her gift. The ending left me giddy!!!

-Intimacy. I like that Eva talked about not really having any experience with physical intimacy because of her readings. It’s something that she has missed out on, and that she hasn’t felt comfortable with. She is not ashamed of it, or shamed by her parents for it either and I thought that was great. It also helped to create a really great conversation about consent and physical contact.

Things I Didn't Like :
-“Not Like Most Girls.” This phrase was used a too many times in this book, especially in the character introductions. We repeatedly have Eva talk about how she (and even Charlotte) are “not like most girl.” They aren’t obsessed with makeup or shoes or boys or starbucks. They aren’t popular and are in the band; they’re different. Eva judges Charlotte a little when she starts using makeup and crushing hard on Josh. One scene felt particularly slut-shaming. . Fortunately, most of these scenes occurred in the first 50 pages or so and we don’t really see any similar behavior again.

This book was so humorous and fun. It made me nostalgic for math. MATH. It was such a joy to follow Eva as she begins to learn more about herself and develop relationships she never expected to have. It was so light and engaging while still allowing the characters to feel complex emotions and question their place in the world and what they’re doing. This was just a solid story that was a perfect spring read.
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February 22, 2017
*I received an e-copy version of this book through NetGalley*

Ahhh this book was so cute! After my last read completely tore me to pieces, I was hoping to read something a bit more light-hearted and that's definitely what I got. This story was well paced and had a lot of humour and wit coming from the characters, especially Eva. I enjoyed every single thing about this book, from the connection between Eva and Zenn to the plot twists that I 100% never saw coming to really rock the boat and keep you on edge at all times wondering what would happen to the pair. So many issues are addressed in this book, such as family and friendship and how important the future is. Forgiveness and loyalty, and how social ranking really means nothing.

A full detailed review will be up on my blog http://adailycloud.blogspot.com on March 21st anticipating the book's release on April 4th but I would 100% recommend picking this heart warming book up!
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June 23, 2017
3.5 stars...
I'm rounding up to four stars as I think there are a lot of people who would really enjoy this book.
It's not an amazing book in my opinion, there isn't anything here that hasn't been done before. Essentially girl has issues, boy has issues, girl meets boy, they fall for each other, maybe they can fix each others issues, random twist related to issues, boy and girl learn something about each other and themselves. See how it's pretty much every coming of age story ever?
But there are some super cute quadruplets in the story that are only three years old. :)

The uniqueness here is in the idea that our lead gal cannot touch anyone without being bombarded with their feelings. This leads into a whole series of odd events that drive the story forward.
I don't want to give anything away because the 'reveals' are interesting and I think knowing things in advance would ruin the book for most. But essentially there are a lot of stereotypes that are broken down (bare with the first couple chapters because they set-up why nothing she thinks is right in them later on). Overall Zenn Diagram is an excellent commentary on how everyone deserves a chance to be happy and no one person's pain, grief or hardship is bigger than another's.

I think this book would be interesting for many teens to read. They are likely to learn something from it about the nature of sacrifice and that no one person's 'horrible' events in their life trumps someone else's. I guess that's why I'm rounding up to 4 stars, the reality is that everyone has issues and no one person's issues are more dramatic, painful or bigger than others. I do really like this main point that Wendy Brant makes. I like it because I believe it's true. Your pain or grief is relevant to you in it's size, not in how large it appears to others. Hardship is not quantifiable, it is individual to each person and cannot be put on a mathematical scale and measured.

I would recommend this book for anyone who needs a reminder that it's not a game or contest to try and one-up one another in bad things that have happened to us. Alternatively it's not about one-upping good things either. It's just about living and being happy.
Any other issues aside, that may have to do with the writing or overall story, Brant portrays the message that everyone deserves to be happy very, very well.

To read this and more of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading

Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review.
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May 30, 2017
Aaaahhhh, you guys, Zenn Diagram is one of the cutest, sweetest books I've read in a long time. Funny, too.
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March 19, 2017
I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

From the very first chapter, I knew I was going to have a major problem with this book. A problem that persisted throughout and made me seriously dislike the main character, Eva.

With the very first paragraph, we are introduced to Eva and her unique ability. With just touching a person or an object of said person, Eva can see into their lives, knowing things she would never have known otherwise.

This makes Eva very special indeed. It is not, however, what makes Eva go on and on about how she’s #not-like-other-girls.

Honestly, few words bother me more out of the mouth of women than, ‘I am not like other girls’. By saying things like that you are implying that there is something wrong with ‘other girls’. You are saying that if the world has blessed you with big breasts and you happen to like make up you are now an ‘other’. That you are entirely generic, with no personality, no hopes, and dreams. So, of course, our humble, ‘down to earth’ main character, cannot possibly be like those other bimbos. Right?

Not even our snowflake’s best friend Charlotte, who is described as beautiful and statuesque, is described as never being able to be popular because guys only want the loud, big breasted cheerleaders. You know, because all guys (except our heroic love interest, of course) are all painfully generic and are all into the same thing. Right? That certainly is what books like this say to me. And there are a lot of books like this.

Seriosuly, why do authors keep thinking that we will relate to people like this? I am a total nerd. The kind that owns every X-Men movie on DVD/BluRay and has watched every X-Men cartoon out there. The kind goes to comic book stores and randomly spews out facts about any and every subject you can think of. When I was a child my mother bought me an animal encyclopedia, which I read from start to finish because I wanted to know about all the creatures inside. I’m the kind of person who can spend an entire day in bed, reading. The kind that considers a fun outing to be going to the zoo or museum. And yet, I like makeup. I have an unhealthy love of purses and shoes. I love wearing pretty dresses and bows in my hair, and having fun and doing things with friends, and you know, being a normal human being.

I’m sick of the plain main character who insist of proclaiming to the world that she is not like ‘other girls’ simply because she likes ‘nerdy things’.

Another thing that bothered me was Eva’s inconsistency. She is someone who shows very little emotion. Which is fine, a character doesn’t need to be overly emotional. I am not an emotional person. But, she doesn’t seem to care much about her family, or only friend Charlotte, which is not cool. But then Zenn comes about and she’s in love? In a very insta-love fashion, to make it worse. No. Just no.

So, why three stars instead of two? I don’t know. I am feeling generous I guess. I so desperately needed a good book to read that I guess I just had to love this a little more.

That said, the book did have some pros. It was a cute, fast read (all the aforementioned things aside). It was a fun contemporary if you want zero diversity (then again most contemporaries don’t, like seriously, not even one POC to say one random, unimportant line in the background), are into insta-love, and generic characters. I liked it, though. Despite the problems, I was entertained. Somehow.

The idea was cool. I love that fact that Eva unapologetically loved math. I love that she had such a cool ability. Sadly, when I look back at the books I read this year, this is not going to be one that stands out. I am not going to remember the setting, the characters, or the romance. This will get lost in my memory, as there was nothing memorable about it.
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August 29, 2017
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was so good and I couldn't put it down. I finished reading it in less than a day!

Eva has a supernatural power - when touching people or objects with her hands, she can see "fractals" and understand a person's past and feelings. That is so. Awesome. I didn't really understand what fractals were at first. But then I thought of the lyrics from Let It Go (I used to be a huge fan of Frozen and memorized the words to all the songs) ...

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around.

... and I got it. It's kind of complicated though, so I'm going to include a picture of "fractal art" below for your viewing pleasure.

I think about when we met and I asked him his name and he made that Venn diagram with his hands. I probably fell in love with him right on the spot. I think about how our circles once seemed to barely overlap. Two separate lives with a tiny sliver of math tutoring in common. But now it's like my whole circle and his whole circle are the same: our past, our present and maybe even our future.

The feels. THE. FEELS. I love Eva and Zenn. THEY ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE.

Zenn (<-- can we appreciate his name for a second? ZENN. ZENNNNN. IT SOUNDS SO AWESOME.) creates art. Although the church van Eva's family owns sounds like a complete disaster (poorly painted clouds and a deep bible verse on the side), I feel thankful for its existence. If it hadn't needed repainting, Eva and Zenn may never have ended up together. So thank you church van for bringing together my OTP.

Eva is a math nerd. When she makes out with Zenn and he whispers things like "sine", "cosine" and "tangent" in her ear, she finds it HOT. She also watches VeggieTales with her siblings. AWESOMENESS: 256%

My mom fills the tub and strips the girls down while I put on a VeggieTales video for Ethan and Eli. I watch with them for a bit and Larry is singing one of his silly songs about a hairbrush when Essie waddles back into the room wrapped in a towel, her pink cheeks shining.

(That is my favorite VeggieTales song ever. I still remember the lyrics.

Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh, where is my hairbrush? Oh, where
Oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh
Where oh, where is my hairbrush?)

Okay, so overall, this book was super awesome (wow, how many times have I used the word "awesome" in this review?) not to mention it has a super happy ending which I love. That's all folks *drops mic
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March 27, 2017
I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review

This was a cute and quick read. The idea of a character being able to touch something or someone and get info about them through that isn't unique, but it was explained in a unique way--even if it was sometimes a bit over-explained.

Despite my enjoyment of Zenn Diagram, I'm not a big fan of books that have religion as a strong presence in the storyline, but I DID like that the protagonist had her own opinion and questioned everything, while still practicing some of her core beliefs.

My other issue was that though this story is sometimes fun and intriguing, it's also a little forgettable--I think that's a big part of why I'm not giving it a higher rating.

Eva, the protagonist, is also a very complex character that wasn't given much of a chance to grow. It feels like all of her problems are easily solved, or she brings them onto herself. An example of this would be the ending of the book. The ending was a little messy and too quick of a fix. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the slight hypocrisy and quick fix.

But don't get me wrong, despite my issues with this book, I still enjoyed it for the most part. I loved the relationship between Eva and Zenn, and sometimes, I loved her relationship with her mom--though it too was realistically flawed.

Overall, this was a fun read and I enjoyed it for what it was.

Happy reading!

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June 27, 2017
**I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. All opinions are my own and not influenced by my source.**

I DEVOURED this book in one sitting!

This story is so much more than your typical coming of age story, but with lots of twists. I have to say that this plot surprised me more than I ever anticipated! There is so much more to this story than a girl crushing on a boy she can't touch and I was totally invested.

Eva's gift of reading people's emotions and anxiety was a very neat addition to this story. It helps to reinforce her personality and actions in a way that you wouldn't get otherwise. And of course, it adds some drama to the backbone of this coming of age story. Perhaps the story would have been stronger without this premise (because there is a much deeper plot at play) but I did like this refreshing twist that gives this story a flare unlike any other I've read.

Eva was absolutely hilarious as a heroine. She's also very relateable in terms of her journey and insecurities. And Zenn is such a swoon-worthy hero and I immediately fell for him. He's got that mysterious aura around him and is so genuine that it's hard not to like him.

This was a great story that reminded me that there is more to YA contemporary fiction than lots of angst and landing the popular guy; it can also be about heart and growing up despite the circumstances.

Check out more spoiler-free book and series reviews on my blog SERIESousBookReviews.com as well as read book series recaps!

Full Review: TBP
Actual Rating: 4/5
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March 16, 2017
The eBook for Zenn Diagram is 222 pages so it was a very quick read for me; I finished it in a day. It's a super-cute contemporary that has its quirks and an underlying secret that will leave you shocked.

Eva Walker is a seventeen-year-old math genius. And if that doesn’t do wonders for her popularity, there’s another thing that makes it even worse: when she touches another person or anything that belongs to them — from clothes to textbooks to cell phones — she sees a vision of their emotions. She can read a person’s fears and anxieties, their secrets and loves … and what they have yet to learn about calculus. This is helpful for her work as a math tutor, but it means she can never get close to people. Eva avoids touching anyone and everyone. People think it’s because she’s a clean freak — with the emphasis on freak — but it’s all she can do to protect herself from other people’s issues.

Then one day a new student walks into Eva’s life. His jacket gives off so much emotional trauma that she falls to the floor. Eva is instantly drawn to Zenn, and her feelings only grow when she realizes that she can touch Zenn’s skin without having visions.

Ok, so first I'm going to start off by sharing with you some sentences from this book that I thought to be problematic. This is just my opinion, so if anyone feels differently about any of the, I would love for you to leave a comment or drop me an email with your thoughts. Ok so here goes:

- "Once in a while a vision will start like an algo and then go all Jekyll and Hyde on me."

So from studying Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at university, I gathered that the book was about Jekyll who had a split personality and Hyde was the side to himself that was dangerous in society and was demonised. I'm not sure that used split personality disorder as a passive joke is funny...

- "How a C is good enough for anyone, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand. But somehow he will be satisfied by his own mediocrity"

How is getting a 'C' grade bad? Just because she is a maths genius, doesn't mean everyone is dumb because they're not at college level straight away... I got a B in maths; does that make me mediocre? No.

- "occasional coat of mascara when I’m feeling nutty. I mean, I’m not Amish, after all."

Is she calling Amish people crazy? If so, I really really don't think that's funny.

- "Which makes me think I might consider bearing his children immediately."

We're 41 pages in... You shouldn't be thinking about bearing anyone's children at this point...

- "The car slows politely. Then it slows more, pulling up next to me. My stomach drops and I wonder if anyone will hear me scream when the rapist yanks me into his car."

Yeah, because being kidnapped and raped is hilarious

- "I mean, I am a quarter Asian, after all.” (When Zenn is talking about himself being an honour-role child)

The "I'm-asian-therefore-i'm-clever" trope is getting really old...

- "What the hell did he do? Murder a few people? Run a drug ring? Sexually abuse some kid?"

Again, I didn't realise that murder or sexual abuse was something that you could just make a flippant comment about...

Am I being too critical? I don't know... Please let me know what you think... But when I was reading them, they really shouted out to me that they were wrong.

Anyway! On with the review! Apart from those 7 sentences above, this was a really cute, fast-paced, brilliant read. I was so caught up in the romance and the back story of it all. I did feel a little bit cliche when and yet again, Zenn was the 'troubled', 'mysterious' teenager, but those things can easily be looked past. I thought Zenn was such an interesting character and I especially loved that he was really interested in art.

Eva was relatable. I felt for her when Charlotte ditched her for her new friends and a guy because I know how it feels when your good friend just suddenly finds a new friend and you constantly feel like the third wheel, so you just remove yourself from the situation. Some people have reviewed this and said that Eva was stupid for being angry at Charlotte when she got new friends but I disagree. Eva wasn't angry because Charlotte made new friends, she was angry because Charlotte completely and utterly DITCHED Eva for her new friends that she had only known for like... 5 seconds. That hurts. A lot.

"The university websites are wonderful, all the text written in an informal, laid-back voice that makes you fall in love with them. They say things like, If you are admitted to *insert school name here*, we will make sure that you can afford to come to *school name* and We will help meet every single cent of your family’s demonstrated need. Um, yeah. Right. Maybe if I sell my soul. How can they possibly promise that?"

- Wendy Brant, Zenn Diagram

I also enjoyed that Eva was a super maths geek! It was awesome to see two main characters passionate about something, and something that made them want to go to college. I loved Eva's family as well! I thought that - even though they were secondary characters - they were thought out really well and you felt like you knew their characters really well (almost like getting a fractal!)

Speaking of fractals... What an interesting concept! I've heard about getting visions, but seeing colours is really interesting - it's almost like seeing a person's aura. I'm also very intrigued as to what caused Eva to get these fractals... Is it what she thinks it is? (I'm not going to say because of major spoilers!), or is it something completely different? I don't know... What do you think?

Overall, even though this book had its moments - as aforementioned - that just didn't sit right with me, this book was a brilliant read. It captured my attention from the very first page and threw me into the world of Eva and Zenn.

Disclaimer: this book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Released 4th April
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