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Fix You #3

Use Somebody

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Jeremy King, Hollywood über-agent to the stars, knows that sharks gotta swim. He’s one of them, after all. He’s never met a deal he couldn’t strike or an argument he couldn’t win. LA is his kind of town—they both never stop moving.

So when his friend and client, movie star Andrew Pettigrew, invites him on a “man-cation” to the wilds of Idaho for a little fly-fishing, Jeremy’s not so sure. He might not have cell service. There’s no way there’ll be any supermodels to woo. And his idea of the great outdoors is a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in his Tesla Model S—moose definitely do not factor into the picture.

Fitting then that because of a moose, he meets Macy Shea Summerlin, the best fly-fishing guide on the South Fork. Jeremy’s surprised and tantalized, but Macy isn’t having any of his alpha male posturing. She gives as good as she gets, and she knows how to throw a mean right hook.

As the two of them get tangled up in each other’s lives, both Jeremy and Macy must come to terms with winning and losing and letting love in. And Jeremy has to find the answer to his own question: Is he simply “using” Macy or could he really “use” someone like her? Find out in Use Somebody, book 3 of the Fix You series.

224 pages, Paperback

Published October 1, 2016

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About the author

Beck Anderson

6 books234 followers
Beck Anderson writes about perfectly imperfect people. She is a firm believer in love and its power to transform. She also believes firmly in naps and procrastination.

Beck is usually found chasing after her husband and youngest son, who are often out mountain biking, or cheering on her oldest son, a competitive figure skater.

She is a fan of: all dogs (even eighty-pound chewers of aglets), paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, hiking the foothills of Idaho, and eavesdropping in neighborhood coffee shops (you've been warned).

Learn more at authorbeck.com.

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2,097 reviews316 followers
August 1, 2017

3 amusing yet not spectacular stars.

Jeremy King is THE agent in Hollywood. Men envy him. Women want him for his money, looks and standing. He's alright with that but maybe not as much as he tries to tell himself or us for that matter.

We first meet Jeremy when he is on the plane to go on a fishing trip with his best buddy Andrew 'Andy' Pettigrew. His story took place in the Fix You books.

Luckily for me I know James Dean and Marlon Brando. So I don't need any film education thank you very much so I got to read on according to Mr. King.

Jeremy is ... hard to describe really he wants to be the best at everything it's all about the win nothing more nothing less.

I found him humorous his inner musings were hilarious although it did get tedious at times. Whereas I enjoyed a book solely from a male POV. I couldn't really take him seriously. Especially when it came to his obsession with Macy she seems to be the only good looking woman in a 50 mile radius we he still have been interested? Maybe.

Throughout the book he would joke and even trying to hook up with Macy I found it hard to believe.

Macy Summerlin is the lodge fisherwoman guide and Jeremy is intrigued. I didn’t get enough information on Macy which made it all rushed at the end of the book well for me anyway. Macy is a mystery. We don’t know what her story is but it comes out to late. Well for me anyway.

I liked this book. I was enjoying the book but suddenly at 60 % I was lost. The heroine’s issue was just thrown in and I was like huh what? Where did that come from? No clue to be honest. If Jeremy noticed small things while they spent time together then maybe as a build-up it would have been better. Alas it was not.

I'm not entirely sure what the author was trying to go for here. It started out as a rom com book and that was the vibe that I was getting from it. And then once again it felt off. It was also slightly cookie cutter. The ending felt rushed. I missed more dialogue rather than Jeremey’s constant inner musings.

This author knows how to tell a story but this book just isn't me. That doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

Book received in exchange for an honest review.

Review can also be found @ http://jerisbookattic-reviewblog.blog...
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2,605 reviews418 followers
September 28, 2016
Review by Trinette Dungee

In this over-populated, overly-saturated world of erotica and wild sex (which I love by the way), Beck Anderson is a breath of fresh air. She is proof that you don’t need rip-roaring, butt smacking, and raunchier-than-raunch sex to sell a book. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ole romp-fest with all the bells and whistles just as much as the next girl, but every once in a while a good ole fashion romance just hits the spot. That is exactly what Beck Anderson delivers in this book.

Jeremy King is one of the top agents in Hollywood, he used to getting just what he wants and the word “no” just doesn’t register to him. Wheeling and dealing is what he does, smooth talking is what good at except when it comes to Macy Summerlin. Macy’s had a rough life, she’s not fascinated or impress by the big Hollywood folks that are spending time at her beloved resort. She’s a small-town girl just trying to keep her head above water and Jeremy King is just not what she needs in her life.

I guess you can tell by the amount of stars that I simply loved this book. I loved everything about it; the storyline, the writing, the characters, the humor. Beck managed to tick-off every box on my checklist (and let me tell, that is no easy feat). These characters were likeable from the door. I have a habit of rooting for the underdog so even in the previous books to this series (this is book three) although Jeremy wasn’t really seen in the best light, I was kind of drawn to him and curious about him.

What I absolutely loved about Jeremy was that he was so freaking clueless that he was downright adorable. Now that’s not really how I’d like to describe a man…especially an Alpha like Jeremy but that’s how I felt. I just wanted to hug him. Once Jeremy realizes that he can’t impress Macy with the typical “Hollywood BS”, he’s not quite sure what to do with her. She’s totally different from what he’s used to dealing with. Although he is physically attracted to Macy, his draw to her also seems to be finding out what’s happened in her life to make her so guarded. He quickly realizes that there’s a lot not quite right with Macy’s life and he sets out to help or “fix” things. Problem is, he normally makes a bigger mess; but you have to love him because his heart was always in the right place. When he learns that Macy’s issues are bigger than anything he’s ever dealt with before, he more than willing to be her “Knight in Shining Armor”, but again he goes about it all the wrong way.

Jeremy’s a fixer; he says it’s due to the nature of his job but I think it has more to do with the fact that he’s compassionate and has a big heart (not that he would admit it). He’s so jaded by that Hollywood Life and the “someone’s always out to get something” mentality that Jeremy wasn’t just clueless about relationships but he was clueless about people. Funny thing about that, he kind of realizes that about himself. Not only does he realize that he’s clueless but that he’s something of a douche when he really wants to be. This makes him vulnerable and as much as he didn’t want it to show, the vulnerability was sooo obvious (to the reader). Although Jeremy knows the position certain people have in his life, he wonders of they know. He’s also somewhat insecure about his position is in their lives. This couldn’t be more obvious when it comes to his relationship with his best friend Andy.

"Does he know he’s my best friend? I think so. Yes, I’m pretty sure. I don’t fucking know. Yes.”

There’s also that little jealous streak he has when it comes to Andy’s friend Todd. The two seem to be in competition for who’s the BF to Andy. Even though he is not a fan of Todd’s, he does (for the sake of his friendship with Andy) somewhat try to keep the peace and get along with Todd because he understands the importance of that relationship. On some level I think Jeremy secretly kind of wants to be Todd’s friend (and vice versa) but that pride thing just gets in his way. I absolutely loved his sense of humor… the dude was just comical.

Since this story is told from Jeremy’s POV I focused mainly on him with my comments. However, I do have some opinions about Macy as well. I really liked her. I loved the strength and vulnerability with Macy. Her character started off very strong but when she hit that vulnerable moment, boy did she hit it and boy did you know it and feel it and just wow. When it comes to Macy, Jeremy has found that person that makes him want to be a better person…a different person; the person who has taken him out of his comfort zone, who challenges his belief that he is always in control.

My favorite quote in this book…

"You value dominance, control? Think that’s what equals winning? No. Resilience. That is what puts a man on top. The ability to absorb the punches, roll with the punches, get back up….never stay down when the thing sideswipes you that you never saw coming.”

Those are just words to live by on a daily basis.

As I mentioned, this is book three in the Fix You Series, although you don’t have to read the other two books to understand this one…I think you will appreciate Jeremy just a bit more if you do.

One of the major boxes Beck Anderson ticked off of my list….supporting characters. Supporting character that are so well written that they don’t over power the current characters’ story but leave you salivating over learning more about them. Such is the case with Todd and Tucker. Although we someone get Tucker’s story along the way in this series…My interest is so piqued with Todd that I’m just praying we get his story too.

Once again, another home run for Beck Anderson!
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Author 14 books1,419 followers
October 11, 2016
I Hope It's Gonna Make You Notice...

...Someone like me, thinks Jeremy, super agent to the stars. He's all about wooing supermodels in Los Angeles. Here he shares his methods for getting his woo on:

I can tell you how to get a woman in bed. You tell me what she likes, I'll tell you the way into her boudoir. Is she a Midwestern girl? I bet she loves football. Find out her favorite team, fly her to their stadium, invite her dad, get a meet and greet. Ka-ching. You will score.

*jaw hangs open* This Midwestern girl is TOTALLY swooning!

But when his friend/client Andy takes him on a fishing trip on the waters of Idaho, Jeremy is out of his depth. He can't drive his Tesla along the PCH (what a snob) and cell phone service is spotty (*gasps*). He's so irritable he almost comes to blows with Andy's other friend, Todd.

When Jeremy meets elite fly-fisherwoman, Macy, he definitely takes notice. She's not impressed by him, and sasses him right back. The more she plays hard to get, the more he's intrigued. Men.

I like the backstory of what made Jeremy so driven and ball-busting. His musings are a pleasure to read, like his insight into fake social media:

I'm sorry, but I'm not a big believer in the "here I am having a snow cone, oh look I just snapped a pic of it in the light of the sunset while I happened to be wearing a fashionable floppy hat" kind of bullshit.

...and his belief that "talent is sexy":

Listen, hot girls are one thing, but a good-looking woman who is gifted at something? That is pure sex. Have you ever watched a really good female bartender? That is hot. So is a pilot, or a musician, or a painter, or a glass blower, or, gee, I don't know, a fly fisherwoman.

Andy's wife Kelly tells Jeremy, "I find you lovable but mildly disgusting because of your general lack of moral compass."

Can Jeremy find a better sense of moral direction and land the big fish(erwoman)? Stay tuned in this delightful third book of the Fix You series.
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2,402 reviews177 followers
October 8, 2016

I, quite simply, adored Jeremy. This is the first book I've read of Beck Anderson's so I had no expectations as to who Jeremy was, since I understand you meet him in Andrew's book/s. (Don't let that deter you by any means, Use Somebody can definitely be read as a standalone.)
He's an alpha who is absolutely adorable. Contradictory, yes, but oh so fitting. He's got himself a bit of a reputation back in Hollywood with the ladies, one that he happily embraces...one where, in his own words "...in LA I've got game." But the middle-of-nowhere Idaho is not LA and agent-to-the-stars Mr. Jeremy King is in for a rude awakening.

"I want her to notice me, look at me. Like me best."

When Jeremy meets Macy everything he thought he knew about being an alpha male flies right out the window. Macy's not impressed by who he is, his job, or his lifestyle. She's a small town girl, working just to get by, not interested in some big Hollywood type out to save her from herself. And that's just what Jeremy sets out to do- he likes to fix things. But when it comes to Macy, he's got his hands full.

Watchingg Jeremy struggle with his feelings for Macy through most of this book was so entertaining and fun! The poor man did not know what to do with himself when it came to this strong, independent, and fiesty woman. She's nothing like the women he's used to getting involved with and it was just delightful to see him try to figure things out. His inner musings and bumblings when it came to his feelings had me laughing, he's so completely clueless and so darling. There were times I just wanted to smack him upside the head for the things he said, and other times I just wanted to cuddle him.

" I want to hold her. I want to kiss her. I want to keep her with me, next to me. I want to love her."

Jeremy and Macy both had a lot to learn, not only about each other but about themselves. Their journey was rocky at times, it was heart-tugging, and it was sweet and loving.
Use Somebody is a really terrific story of finding your true self, about letting people in, about opening yourself up to others.

***Review of an arc received courtesy of Ardent Publicity
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1,361 reviews9 followers
October 9, 2016
The third in Beck Andersons’s Fix You series, Use Somebody taps into the life of agent extraordinaire Jeremy King. The story opens with Jeremy and Andrew a with HIs client Andrew and family friends at a mens fishing retreat. Jeremy is, rightly so, a confident man and by nate of his profession, a fixer. From the moment he checks into the lodge, he’s besieged with the image of fishing guide Macy. He’s found a challenge in Macy and seems utterly perplexed as to why.

Andersons’ storytelling is incredibly descriptive and it made me yearn for a week at a lodge in Idaho. It took me a bit to get behind Jeremy though. His confidence is expected, but he really is absorbed in all things Jeremy. He really does have a great heart, it’s just slow to show. Initially, the story is delivered with Jeremy addressing the reader, a clever set-up by the author because it really does drive the sense that we know Jeremy, we are in his head after all. It’s Macy who is a mystery.

Macy is adorably goofy as she tries her hardest not to swear, and I loved her command of the river, of fishing, such a male dominated activity. She has secrets that Anderson slowly exposes, drawing us into the drama. Macy’s upbringing, her unique issue that’s probably more common than we know, and her life in Idaho really does make her a perplexing character. It's easy to feel empathy for her as he leads a rather lonely life, but she seems content. Even if she is coasting through and not experiencing much joy outside of her job.

Jeremy’s life is devoid of family, aside from Andy’s, which makes it easier to empathize for him in his quest to both help and win Macy. He really see’s himself as a hero, he can fix the situation Macy is in and he goes all out to help her, making him a good guy in the end. The drama is not too over the top, the story is well paced, and their connection forms despite Macy’s reluctance. It seems Jeremy doesn’t take no for an answer all that well. Use Somebody is a a solid 4 star read and a great addition to the series.
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15.2k reviews150 followers
October 8, 2016
This is the first time I have read any of this authors work, and my word, it will not be the last. This is the story of Hollywood agent to the stars, Jeremy, who is sexy, rich, and totally used to getting his own way, and Macy, small town girl, who does not fall for Jeremy’s charms. When Jeremy is dragged on vacation by his best friend, he is totally out of his comfort zone, and Macy starts to teach him the other side of life.
This is a beautifully written storyline, and all of the characters are great. This book is jam packed with humour and love. I was hooked from the very beginning, and could not put it down until finished. I recommend Beck’s work for all romance lovers, and I cannot wait to read more of her work in the future. Awesome job Beck Anderson!!
October 14, 2016
Book Review: 4,5 Stars

One new awesome book from the lovely Beck Anderson

Use Somebody is the third book and spin off of the Fix You Series . The moment I knew there would be a new installment for this series, I was jumping up and down, at first I thought it would be a new book about Andrew and Kelly, but noooooooo, it was about Andrew’s agent, Jeremy King, and I was more eager about it because there’s nothing more exciting than to read how a not-so-beloved character— I will be honest here, I almost hated Jeremy King in the first book, Fix You —redeems him/herself and get his/her HEA! And this is what Use Somebody is about: Redemption.

Jeremy King is one of the most successful and powerful Hollywood agent. He’s focused, ruthless and perfectionist. He doesn’t do friends, he doesn’t do romance. He only cares for signing multimillionaire contracts for his clients, that will not only make them wealthier and more famous, that will also means his bank account will get bigger and bigger.

During one week away with his most successful client, Andy Pettegrew, Jeremy meets the lovely Macy, fisherwoman, guide and the only person who is immune to their Hollywood charms. Her total rejection toward him makes her the object of Jeremy’s obsession and he’s on a mission to make a better impression— sadly he started with the wrong foot with her —and woo her. After understanding she wouldn’t fall for the I’m the richer guy around , he approaches her in a different way, showing her how much he cares for her, that he is willing to help her even though she has let him very clear that she is very capable herself.

Use Somebody isn’t the usual kind of romance novel I am used to read, with super hot sex scenes and sex gods and perfect people. Jeremy has his flaws as well as Macy has hers. Reading about their lives, their rights and especially their wrongs was heartbreaking for me and that made me love them both so much, especially Jeremy. I don’t think of a better HEA for him than the one he found with Macy, and my heart is crying of happiness for Macy because she finally could open herself for someone worth of her love.

There are a lot of more reasons for me to love this book: The bromance between Jeremy, Andrew and Tucker. The cameos of Andrew, Kelly and the little baby Q. The canadian celebrity impersonators Justin  and Pierre Trudeau, Macy’s dogs. The non-explicit sexy romance of Jeremy and Macy— this book is a perfect example of how to make a romance book sexy without explicit sex scenes, well done Beck!.

Overall, Use Somebody was greatly well written, with a beautiful story, lovable characters and two funny little dogs. Can’t wait for more books from Beck.  

 photo ARC REVIEW_zpsxzwrevez.jpg
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2,275 reviews36 followers
October 9, 2016
A romance novel that has just that, Romance at its heart and in my opinion you will be hard pressed to find a better example anytime soon.
Agent to the stars Jeremy King isn’t exactly used to the quiet life, but when his friend packs him on vacation, it isn’t the bright lights of Vegas or any such place on the itinerary, nope Jeremy is in sleepy Idaho.
There is nothing not to love about Jeremy, he has the who alpha thing going on and why not it works for him or at least in Hollywood it works because Idaho…. not so much!
Because the woman that has caught his eye is having absolutely nothing to do with him, this time he is going to have to work his charm like never before. Will he? And more to the point will it work?
Macy is as far from interested in the likes for Jeremy as you could possibly be, she likes her life just the way it is and has absolutely no interest in the Hollywood hotshot holidaying in town. I knew this pair would give me everything I was looking for and they didn’t let me down.
Macy was pretty defensive but that wasn’t going to deter Jeremy and I have to say I actually quite liked the fact that he was willing to put himself out there, she wasn’t taken in the trappings of his lifestyle, the way he carried himself or the expectations that he had, she was comfortable in her own skin and if anyone had to change their modus operandi it was going to be Jeremy. I loved watching him evaluate the situations and trying to work out what to do next.
This was almost a redefining, a story that showed the grown of Jeremy as an individual, he had to take stock of the fact that this strong woman wasn’t willing to be at his beck and call, she wanted her life the way it was and he was going to have to find a way to fit into that and not the other way around.
He made me smile, his internal monologue showed the workings of a gloriously endearing man as he took almost toddler steps towards a proper relationship with Macy, Yes, he screwed up at times but I thought that only added to his charm. They had a lot to work through but it was fun to watch them as they pottered their way towards a relationship that was only ever destined to be beautiful.
Beautifully written with a depth of feeling that isn’t easy to find I have to say that the author delivered on all fronts, this was a fabulous read.
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2,091 reviews150 followers
October 24, 2016

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

Le sigh. Use Somebody is a wonderfully sweet read.

Told in the first person point of view of Jeremy King, a Hollywood agent, at times this book was cringe-funny. One of my favorite things.

Jeremy's ego-centric. He loves to win. He doesn't really understand people beyond what they can do for him. Dragged away on a fishing trip by his movie-star friend, Andy, Jeremy meets Macy.

Macy is a country girl. She loves fishing and Canada and her dogs (who are hilarious by the way). She's as real as you can get. Superficial is a foreign country she can't go to. She doesn't have a passport.

At first, Jeremy is intrigued by all the obvious things about Macy and then something else emerges: her character and spirit. And her past.

This is one of the first books where the heroine is less than perfect. The way the author presents her flaws, however, makes her perfect. It makes her human and an antidote to all the innocent naive girls out there in books.

I enjoyed the growth of Jeremy. His often insightful, pithy, and petty observations made me chuckle. A lot. And then, he uses his insight to look beyond himself and out for someone else.

I would highly recommended it to anyone who loves funny, witty, and clean(ish) reads, kick-ass, heart of gold and complicated heroines, and a flawed hero who finds himself in the most unlikely of places. I also loved the secondary characters.

Also, massive props for the chapter titles. I'm not going to spoil it. If you want to know what they are, grab the book yourself.

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1,882 reviews50 followers
October 8, 2016
Cute book, Perfect Cover!

While I was instantly interested in these characters, I loved the cover even more after finishing the book. Beck Anderson did a fantastic job with actually making a cover for her book that fits perfectly. A weird way to start a review, however that thumbnail of the cover was just staring at me as I started to type, so I had to get it out. On to the rest of the book.

In Use Somebody, we are following Jeremy King, super agent to the stars. Not my favorite type of character, the cocky a-hole. The guy that constantly has to tell you how friggin great he is every second of the day. Pass. So I was glad to see he was going to be knocked down a few pegs by a home grown Idaho girl.

Jeremy and his buddies go on a fishing trip to BFE according to them. It's a guys getaway-no girls allowed. Naturally, the guide for this fishing trip is none other than a girl. A gorgeous, smart, awesome fly fishing girl. One who didn't take any crap from city slickers. I immediately loved her.

Of course you can see that love-em-and-leave-em Jeremy is going to fall hard and fast for the fly fishing pro, but it's the ins and outs of this little "relationship" that make things interesting. The push and pull from them, thier lives and how they are opposite in every way. Jeremy is the type of guy that gets what he wants, however this girl has some pretty heavy baggage that comes along with her. And no, not her two precious dogs.

The book is well written and Beck Anderson explains the backstory enough for it to be read as as standalone. If anything, it makes me want to read more about Andy and Kelly (Jeremy's friends) in the first two books, to see how they got to the place they are now. Full of humor, angst and of course romance, Use Somebody hit the mark for me.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.

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112 reviews
October 14, 2016
A-list Hollywood Agent, Jeremy King is completely thrown for a loop by the small town resort worker who hasn’t a clue who he is and doesn’t break her neck to get to know him. He is completely thrown off of his game by one Macy Summerlin and oddly enough, he’s okay with it. Okay initially he fights but before long he wants to be the one to rescue her and he when he realizes she doesn’t want to be rescued, he wants to be that guy by her side. But Macy doesn’t make it easy for him and she has Jeremy sailing in uncharted waters…emotional waters.

This lady is a true Rock Star in my book!

Beck Anderson’s books have gotten me in more trouble on my job than I really care to admit. Yep, this was one of those; the kindle app is open on my phone which is hidden by my keyboard so I can sneak and read at work type of books. It was one of those “Oh I’m at a stop light, how much can I read before the light turns green” (literally), type of books. One of those “Seriously, can’t you eat cereal for dinner tonight, because I’d really prefer to sit here and read. Oh, there’s no milk? Use orange juice. No juice, eat it dry, dry cereal is the best.” type of books.

Her writing is so tight, her characters are so well developed, her story lines…intriguing. I don’t give out very many 5-star reads (nothing that what I think matters all that much), but Beck Anderson manages to pull one out of me every time. I am literally smiling at the end of her books. I'm satisfied with everything I've read. If I could give it more stars I would!
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702 reviews10 followers
October 7, 2016
Five Wonderful Stars! Jeremy is a Hollywood agent for the stars and is used to getting what he wants. His friend takes him on vacation to Idaho which is the total opposite of what he is used to. Macy is a small town girl trying to live her life and is not impressed by the Hollywood crowds. Jeremy is attracted to Macy but he soon finds out she is guarded and his usual ways of winning the girl are not working. Can Jeremy brake down Macy's walls and win her over? I was hooked from the first chapter of this book and read it in one evening. The story was beautifully written and the characters had great depth. This is the first book by this author that I have read and I will be definitely reading more. Use somebody is the third book in the Fix You Series and can be read as a Stand Alone Novel. A Must Read!

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Annamaria for Alpha Book Club.

Plot: 5
Chemistry: 5
Pacing: 5
Ending: 5
Character Development: 5
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668 reviews11 followers
October 19, 2016
A new author for me and it was the synopsis and and Cover that caught my attention. I didn't realise that this was the 3rd book in a series, with that in mind, it didn't matter as it can be read and I read it as a stand alone.

Becks writing style appealed to me. It was a change in pace from my usual books, and was a traditional romance that didn't rely on on those hot and heavy scenes that some books are filled with and are not necessary.

Jeremy was an awesome Alpha, who soon realised that his cocky and arrogant behaviour that usually worked on the ladies didn't work on Macy.

Macy's didn't care for his usual tactics and this confused, intrigued and ultimately spurred him on to wanting more.

The story had the perfect balance of everything.

4 stars

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504 reviews3 followers
October 8, 2016
What a amazing and different read. Jeremy works in Hollywood and is use to getting what he wants. Macy's a small town girl. What happened when these two met. Macy is closed off and doesn't say yes to Jeremy like he's use to.

The build up was perfect. Writing amazing and so different than a lot of romance. A wonderfully written sweet story.
I enjoyed this from start to finish.

Highly recommend. 5 stars.
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813 reviews2 followers
October 9, 2016
This book was so sweet! No graphic scenes but it was so much better without it. If they had been in the book it would have taken away from the amazing story!
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766 reviews63 followers
October 10, 2016
DFN 13%

The robotic writing style and the bad cynical hummer were not my coppa, also the hero was narcissist ego maniac. The not good kind.

I didn't have any will to go further.
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565 reviews
November 9, 2017
My bad, I didn't read this series in order, I will go back now and read the first one, but I must say that I love Jeremy, very funny guy, well done!
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11.4k reviews150 followers
October 12, 2016
Jeremy King has become the best Hollywood agent to the stars, as he knows that sharks gotta swim. His, in it to win it, attitude has never met a deal he couldn't close. And forget about winning an argument with him. Like LA, he never stops moving. His close friend, and client, Andrew Pettigrew brings him on a "man-cation" to the edge of civilization of Idaho, for fly-fishing, Jeremy's none too excited. No cell service, or supermodels to bag, not to mention his idea of the outdoors is a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, so wildlife isn't his idea of a good time. The night he spots a moose, is the night that he comes face to face with Macy Shea Summerlin, the best fly-fishing guide around. For some reason, he feels a strong attraction, but she's having none of him, or his fancy moves. This only makes him want her more though, so he sets out to woo the female that gives as good as she gets. As they spend more time together, both of them are learning new things, and he's becoming more human all around. But will Jeremy finally learn that it's okay to need someone in his life, or will he give up when it gets too hard?

I will begin with saying, that I never saw this story coming! Jeremy King has a way of communicating that kept me laughing throughout the story, as his witty banter is highly original. The character development is good, with entertaining secondaries that were awesome. My issue stems from the fact that I just didn't connect with Macy as much as usually do with the female leads. I'm not sure if it's because the story wasn't told in duo POVs, but she just didn't imprint on me. I really hate saying that, because I'm a huge champion of the females first. But back to the awesome points again, the witty banter had me highly entertained, and add in the baby, "Q," and I thought I was going to need a heating pad for my sore stomach and sides, from laughing so hard. This is the first time that I've read Beck Anderson, and it won't be the last. Her talented writing style had me hooked, cover to cover. I loved the premise of a female that has issues, and definitely, Hollywood men that are on a "man-cation" in the wild, as the story was highly original. Her added in twists and turns, made for intense OMG moments, since they came out of left field, and more than one f-bomb was dropped. I'm excited to experience more of her original, and entertaining stories, so I'm going to HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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October 13, 2016
When I first "met" Jeremy in FIX YOU (Andrew and Kelly's 1st book) there was something about this Hollywood agent that I liked. He wasn't slimy and you could tell that he truly had Andrew's best interest at heart. Needless to say, I was excited when I discovered Jeremy was getting this own story. I wanted to know exactly what kind of woman was going to bring this guy to his knees. I definitely wasn't expected a fly fishing guide to be that person.

Jeremy meets Macy when he's taking a guy's weekend with Andrew and company. He rarely takes time off and begrudgingly agreed to this trip for his star/best friend. But when he see Macy, there's something about her that calls to him. Makes him stick his foot in his mouth more times that he wishes and brings out a base need to protect her. He isn't sure why, because she's surly, but he has this desire to get around his gruff exterior and force her to use his first name and to let him inside. It takes a lot of work of Jeremy, something he normally doesn't have to do when it comes to women, but it makes him appreciate Macy that much more.

Macy was a hard woman to like. Her standoffish attitude was a little hard to work around and often had me wondering why Jeremy was trying so hard. I think the essence of Macy was somewhat lost in translation because there was something about her character that words just couldn't seem to convey. She was at peace fishing on the river and I think she would have packed a more powerful punch if I could see her (I had this vision in my head of Brad Pit in "A River Runs Through It" and the peace and calmness he always seemed to have when fishing. But I needed that visual of Macy in the same way).

The relationship between Macy and Jeremy left me unfulfilled. The insta-love like relationship just didn't seem to work with them. Macy was too prickly and the majority of their relationship too antagonistic to believe that they were in love that quickly. To me, Macy would have required a slow building relationship. Trust would have to be earned and she wouldn't give that up too easily, given the life she had lived. No matter how wonderful Jeremy was and the things he did for her, he'd have to work long and hard for her.

USE SOMEBODY was a good read, but I needed more relationship building between this couple to believe their HEA when it came.
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May 26, 2019
Bought this from a local author at a book fair. Very well written. Enjoyed the story and romance. Kept me intrigued the whole time.
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October 10, 2016
Touching, humorous read about famous alpha Hollywood agent Jeremy who goes on a fishing trip to Idaho where he meets and is instantly attracted to small town girl and fishing guide Macy. Except she's not impressed with him, his title, his charm, money, NADA!
The harder he tried the more she loathes him. Their banter was fresh, funny, and adorable.
Despite his best moves, she wants nothing to do with him, until a near tragic accident makes him realize what he has to do to get the girl. Resorting to his old alpha technique of care taker, he's a fish out of water, when she rejects him, again.
Why? Both have serious trust issues and until they come clean to the other they'll never be able to move forward and give each other a chance.
What happens next is what made this read a unique standalone. A refreshing romantic story without the constant description of repetitive sex scenes. The writing was great and the characters were delicious. A lesson of self discovery and finding true love❣
October 9, 2016
What a beautifully written story, I loved it. The characters were amazing and I just loved all the laughing I did while reading. I was drawn in from the very beginning and just could not put it down. This was my first book by this author and she has gained a fan, I will definitely be picking up more of her work. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a really great romance.
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October 13, 2016
Funny book. Very PG 13. I wish that the author talked more in depth about the h and H issues But a good read nonetheless.
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November 23, 2016
I am a sucker for a story about a cocky guy who gets floored by a girl who is supremely unimpressed by him. All of Jeremy's usual tricks don't work for Macy. A fly fishing, down to earth, hard working woman, Macy could care less about Jeremy's Hollywood connections and fancy cars. This, of course, drives him crazy and at first he tries to woo her on principle. But the more he gets to know her, with the help of some very dangerous river currents, the more she gets under his skin. Could Agent to the Stars Jeremy actually be falling in real love???
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