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Circle Trilogy #2

Dance of the Gods

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Combining elements of the supernatural with gripping suspense and seduction, #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the second novel in her Circle Trilogy…
He saw where the earth was scorched, where it was trampled. He saw his own hoofprints left in the sodden earth when he’d galloped through the battle in the form of a horse. And he saw the woman who’d ridden him, slashing destruction with a flaming sword… 
Blair Murphy has always worked alone. Destined to be a demon hunter in a world that doesn’t believe in such things, she lives for the kill. But now, she finds herself the warrior in a circle of six, chosen by the goddess Morrigan to defeat the vampire Lilith and her minions.
Learning to trust the others has been hard, for Blair has never allowed herself such a luxury. But she finds herself drawn to Larkin, a man of many shapes. As a horse, he is proud and graceful; as a dragon, beautifully fierce; and as a man…well, Blair has never seen one quite so ruggedly handsome and playfully charming as this nobleman from the past.
In two months’ time, the circle of six will face Lilith and her army in Geall. To complete preparations and round up forces to fight, the circle travels through time to Larkin’s world, where Blair must choose between battling her overwhelming attraction to him—or risking everything for a love that can never be…

321 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published October 3, 2006

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Nora Roberts

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Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including Hideaway, Under Currents, Come Sundown, The Awakening, Legacy, and coming in November 2021 -- The Becoming -- the second book in The Dragon Heart Legacy. She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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1,072 reviews119 followers
February 7, 2017
5 ~ Team BlairKin (I ship them SO hard!) ~ Stars!!!

I liked Glenna and Hoyt in Morrigan's Cross but after reading DotG I'm in LOVE with Blair and Larkin. Because although I go ga-ga for a sweet romance, I go nuts for an opposites attract love story. And Blairkin is just that.

The Circle of Six continues to prepare for the ultimate battle. In DotG we get a closer look at the warrior, Blair (wow, can I just fangirl for a second on how awesome it is that a chick is a bad ass warrior in the circle!! Very Girl Power, just sayin!) & Larkin, the one of many shapes, (also fangirling over how freakin awesome it was that Larkin isn't just a regal horse or a cunning hawk, this dude can turn into a flippin DRAGON peeps! A Dragon! And I about died when he did that little unicorn stunt. Cuz I ❤️ me some Unicorns!!)

Okay back to the review, I enjoyed this one so much more than the first book. I felt a deeper connection to Blair and Larkin, their romance was so much sweeter and we get so many tender moments between them. It was a nice balance of romance and on going plot. The story really starts to pick up the pace and we see all the pieces start to fall together.

This had some really great high moments but also a lot of low moments. Don't get me wrong, in book one there were some pretty heavy stuff to deal with but this one went so much deeper. There's an extra layer of carnage and desolation that is brought to light. There's more spotlight on the fact this is a battle between life and death. Love and hate, and it all gets darker and twistier. The emotional turmoil is thick and pungent and real. Scene after scene had me that much, more invested. I am attached to these characters now and I can't wait to get my hands on book three. Because if I go nuts for an opposites attract story, I obsess over love/hate tropes and Cian and Moira are sending out some slow burn sparks that are bound to go off with a BANG!
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1,433 reviews120 followers
May 4, 2016
I always end this book with tears in my eyes. And it drives me crazy that, no matter how many times I've reread or will reread this book, I can never remember who the "old man" is. At the same time, though, I just know it's going to end up being Hoyt, Larkin, or, somehow/someway, Cian. It's a good thing I always have book three to read when I read this trilogy. Otherwise, I'd probably be driving myself crazy (crazier? lol) trying to remember. ;-)

Anyway, moving on. . . I LOVE that Geall, where our Circle of Six went around the halfway point, has dragons. And Larkin can shift into one! :-) He first does this in Ireland, where he was lucky enough not to be seen by any of the locals or tourists. And then on one of his flights as a dragon in Geall, That might possibly be my favorite scene in all of this trilogy, though of course I need to read book three before deciding. ;-)

Blair, our female MC, is not my favorite of the three women. (That title would probably go to Glenna.) I'm not sure how old she is (I don't think she's 30, yet [edit: actually, she may be over 30, as I think she said she's been hunting vampires on her own for 13 years since her 18th birthday]), but she comes across as being very young at times in how she acts and thinks and talks. I never like her very much in those moments, and wish that Larkin had a better character/woman/female to fall in love with (like me! lol).

Larkin, on the other hand, is pretty fantastic. I think Hoyt's probably my favorite (I do love that brooding sorcerer), but Larkin is definitely a very close second in my affections. (Again, I'll have to decide on a favorite male once I read book three and see/learn more of Cian.) Larkin and I would probably never suit, as he always wiggles out of kitchen duties and I'm not the greatest in the kitchen, but still. . . A girl can dream, can't she? lol ;-)

In any event, I enjoy the battles and everything that happens in this story, but once again it failed to really "wow!" me. I think it's just something about the tone or the voice of the story that once again failed to entrance me. It just wasn't as magical a read for me as, say, Stars of Fortune was. (And yes, I do think I'll be comparing every single Nora Roberts to come to Stars of Fortune, lol. I really loved that book. *hehehe*)

So I really enjoyed it and it's worth a solid four stars. And I'll definitely reread it at some point in the future (possibly at many points in the future). ;-)

Before I call this review "done," I want/need to say a few words on how this story ends. . .

In the end,

I really don't know what it is about that ending that makes tears pool in my eyes, but as I was typing that, tears once again formed in my eyes. I guess there's a little magic in the way these stories are told, after all. ;-)
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519 reviews143 followers
May 26, 2020
Me ha gustado más que el anterior, la trama avanza y pasan cosas interesantes lo que tengo es muchas ganas de ver lo que tiene pensado Norita para la próxima pareja y para el final de la historia.
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663 reviews59 followers
October 23, 2016
3-1/2 stars

I definitely enjoyed book two much more than the first one. I felt the characters were more fully drawn, and I felt more connected to each one. There was more "meat" to this book as far as action and preparing for the impending battle. Definitely enjoyed the dynamic between Larkin and Blair and the development of their relationship.

Looking forward to book three and the showdown between good and evil and what I assume will also be the focus on Cian and Moira's story.
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1,740 reviews750 followers
March 20, 2021
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Nora Roberts! She writes such a wide variety of books and she does them all so well, it’s quite impressive. This is a bit different than any I’ve read by her and it’s interesting to see her to vampires. It’s my second time reading this series and I enjoyed it just as much this time around! It’s been so long since I’ve read them that it’s like experiencing them for the first time again.
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1,140 reviews40 followers
April 23, 2020
Buena continuación de la trilogía. En esta segunda parte la historia se centra mas en Larkin y Blair, la verdad es que me ha resultado demasiado instalove, pero por lo demás el libro tiene mucha acción y eso me ha gustado. Ya solo queda cerrar el circulo con el tercer libro
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536 reviews72 followers
July 7, 2021
It took a few chapters to get used to the switch of focus in characters, but if I’m being honest, I saw it coming. The next book will probably focus on Moira & Cian. I have the same opinion of this book as the last one. A bit cliché in the romance department, and you can see it coming a mile away, but the storyline is interesting enough.
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725 reviews120 followers
March 3, 2019
"El gran punto débil de esta historia es el romance. Durante la mayor parte del libro no me creí a sus protagonistas y creo que sus actitudes fueron bastante inmaduras al principio. Lo mejor es que, más allá del asunto amoroso, la trama sabe mantener el interés y se vuelve bastante adictiva en la recta final. Además, logró incrementar mis ya de por sí enormes ganas de leer el último libro de la trilogía".

Reseña completa: https://entrelalecturayelcine.blogspo...

La puntuación real sería un 3,5/5. No le doy el 4/5 porque la pareja protagonista no me convenció casi nada con su romance e incluso lograron que me pusiera de los nervios con algunas de sus tonterías.
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594 reviews127 followers
August 25, 2012
Após um início de trilogia promissor em A Cruz de Morrighan, Nora Roberts traz agora até nós a sua fantástica continuação. Se o primeiro livro tinha servido mais como introdução às personagens e aos mundos em questão, O Baile dos Deuses prepara-nos para o derradeiro confronto final.

É essencial que o círculo se prepare para a grande batalha. É preciso treinar, traçar estratégias e fortalecer todo o conhecimento que adquiriram até então. O inimigo está sempre à espreita e eles não podem ser apanhados desprevinidos. Mas até que ponto estas seis pessoas conseguirão aguentar todo o peso que carregam nas costas? A cada tentativa furtiva de conhecer melhor o inimigo e o terreno alheio, alguém acaba sempre seriamente magoado.

No entanto, como em todas as histórias em que o bem combate o mal, haverá sempre uma arma que será mais forte do que todas - o amor. Enquanto que no volume anterior a história estava focada em Hoyt e Glenna, neste é-nos apresentado um novo casal, não menos intenso - Blair e Larkin.

Blair é uma mulher de armas, de uma personalidade de ferro e de uma convicção inabalável. Desde muito cedo teve consciência do que a rodeava e, para o combater, treinou de forma incansável sem que nunca lhe fosse dado o devido valor. Abandonada pelo pai e posteriormente por alguém que julgava amar, Blair tornou-se numa mulher fria e determinada a fazer o que tem de ser feito sem se dar ao luxo de sentir fosse o que fosse. Até conhecer Larkin.

Larkin, o metamorfo, é uma personagem extremamente engraçada. Arranja todas as desculpas e mais algumas para não fazer o serviço de cozinha, namorisca aqui e ali e é um autêntico brincalhão. Porém, bastou ver Blair a lutar para se aperceber que ali estava uma mulher diferente de todas as outras, capaz de lhe provocar sensações nunca antes sentidas.

E é debaixo de uma atmosfera cheia de medo e apreensão que mesmo assim o círculo se vai preparando, o amor prosperando e a esperança crescendo. Foi sem dúvida uma obra que tive muito gosto em ler e que me proporcionou umas boas horas de leitura. A escrita da autora sabe como tocar-nos no coração, apesar de por vezes ser bastante previsível no que irá acontecer a seguir. Gostei Muito e aguardo ansiosamente pelo desfecho da história.
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1,256 reviews106 followers
March 9, 2018
Set in the luscious green fields of Ireland, home of the undead Cian & sorcerer Hoyt, and training grounds of the Circle of Six, the warriors met Lora, the cunning French beauty brought up & sired by the evil tyrant, Lilith. When Blair failed to vaporize her on their first meeting, Lora swore to kill her in the end after numerous tries of luring the girl to join the coven. Larkin, the shifter of shapes, flew side by side with dragons in the air to keep Blair away from their nemesis. Two equally strong but hard-headed warriors strove to keep the circle together but can’t keep their hands off of each other, even when faced against the greatest evil of all. Will their love continue to flourish beyond the transcends of time? Who will sacrifice to join the other in the Old World? Who will decide to face the new world in the future?

After a week-long marathon, Nora Roberts never failed to amaze me. This second book is much better than the first one, complete with details of chivalry, tall-tale adventures and passionate encounters of two unlikely beings. I liked the way the author set my mind to a whole new perspective about dragons and sorcery. Ohhh.. Dragons! My weakness!

Blair as a warrior and once-a-hopeful bride, shows prowess and class in the midst of a fight. Larkin, on the other hand, was open & accepting, even to the new & modern things that seemed impossible in his homeland, Geall.

Now I'm off to read the last book in the series, Valley of Silence, to get a glimpse of the vampire Cian!
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539 reviews17 followers
May 27, 2020
Después de leer el primer libro tenía muchas ganas de saber como iba a seguir esta trilogía llena de magia, vampiros, viajes en el tiempo...
La historia de Larkin y Blair la verdad es que me ha encantado. Tenía muchas ganas de saber de ambos, qué iba a ocurrir, como iban a llevar su historia y cómo iban a solucionar el problema de los dos mundos.
Además, durante este libro ha avanzado mucho la historia y ya está a punto de empezar la gran batalla.
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90 reviews1 follower
September 17, 2018
This is more of a 4.5 star, but I learned higher because it was very good. Some descriptions were lacking or only partially attempted. Other than that it was just as good as the first in the series.
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219 reviews12 followers
December 22, 2021
The story line is okay, but I still wanted the mythology series to be a little bit more mythology and less romance than it is
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62 reviews20 followers
May 4, 2014
Possible Spoilers
Book 2 in the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

Still narrated by an older gentleman who is sitting around a camp fire with a bunch of kids and knowing that there are some steamy sex scenes, is wrong on so many levels!! but the story continues..
 photo wrong_on_so_many_levels_540_zps413b2597.jpg

The story is basically detailing more information and giving more insight into the life of Blair Murphy, who is the warrior in a circle of six, chosen by the goddess Morrigan to defeat the vampire Lilith and her minions.
She has a hard time resisting the flirtatious advancements of Larkin (a shapeshifter).
 photo aZPWPe6_460sa_zps971204b1.gif

Basically as the chosen six discover each other through dreams and what not of 'Morrigan' in book one, book two flows into them having to go through a portal to another land. This is where the princess and Larkin reside. The evil Lilith and her minions are also crossing the portal in search of WORLD DOMINATION .
 photo 28beb93b76a86b4f181d32e1c211c55bb7fdd36902caecda338cd9ca5d1285cf_zps113267ed.jpg

Towards the end the princess(Moira)and the vampire(Cian) share an intoxicating kiss which they deny even being attracted to each other since Moira despises vampires. *eye roll* I believe it is safe to say that in the last book the romance will build between these two characters.

This series is a bit annoying at times to me but it is one of those that sucks me in because I NEED to know how it all will end.
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Author 28 books182 followers
September 16, 2013
I really loved this second book in the CIRCLE OF SIX Trilogy by Nora Roberts. The main romance is between Blair the vampire slayer from our world and Larkin the noble lord from Geall. But there's some very steamy foreshadowing of a romance between good queen Moira and the vampire Cian as well!

Since this book really belongs to Blair and Larkin, I want to comment on something no other reviewer has really discussed. That's the obvious way in which these characters are inspired by people on the legendary TV show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

Blair is a rogue vampire slayer from Boston -- she's dark-haired, hot tempered, outwardly very tough but inwardly terribly insecure and vulnerable. Does anyone not think this character was inspired by Eliza Dushku's legendary portayal of the ill-fated Faith Lehane?

Larkin is the guy who plays Xander Harris to Blair's Faith. He's not as much of a wimp as Xander, and he's much more of a lady's man. But his overall personality -- fun-loving, takes each day as it comes, never pretends to have all the answers -- is very much in the Xander tradition.

If you think I'm bringing this up to trash this book, think again. I totally love it! It's so wonderful to see the Faith-type bad girl find love and not go down a dark path to total self-destruction. And it's nice to see a warrior hero who has a softer side and who says very openly that he's not as ruthless as the heroine. I really liked this couple a lot!

I would recommend this book to any of the tons of BUFFY fans who are still out there. I would also recommend it to romance fans, fantasy fans, and just about anyone who enjoys a good story with lots of adventure and really likeable characters.

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937 reviews85 followers
September 23, 2014

This book picks up where the first one ended: on the day after the night battle against the vampires. The circle decides to counter-attack in style, going to the mouth of the caves where Lilith is hiding. They succeed, albeit barely, and go back home. They settle back into their training routine until the time comes for them to go to Geall, where the final showdown will take place.

However, once there, they have trouble to convince the local populace that vampires are real and are coming for them, which means they have to learn how to fight and defend themselves. This leads to some rash actions, that I'm not going to spoil for you. While the other book showed the blossoming of romance between Hoyt and Glenna, the romantic pairing of this is Blair and Larkin. It was sweet to read those parts, especially as Blair has some emotional scars and was reluctant to let herself get involved.

Overall, this was a typical "middle-book", building on the world and plot introduced in the first one, but without actually solving the big issue of the series, since that is the task of the third and last book. It was refreshing to see vampires portrayed as the bad guys, blood-thirst and all, with the typical vampires characteristics forgotten by all those YA books out there. I'm not saying I don't like those books, but sometimes it's good to go back to the roots of a paranormal/supernatural creature.
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116 reviews6 followers
August 10, 2011
I absolutely loved this trilogy!

Then again, I really like Vampire lore.
Cian was my favorite guy, he was the most complex, wonderfully drawn character of the bunch. He and Moira made a wonderful pairing, my heartstrings tugged at the moments where they knew they deeply loved each other, but knew they couldn't have a life together with him as a vampire who will live forever and her as queen of an ancient world. My favorite lady was Blair, she and Larkin made a very close second in the couples/romance category for me, the prince charming-esque shape shifter and the bad ass butt kicking vampire hunter chick. Really liked Hoyt and Moira but they weren't as well drawn and the romance there seemed pushed aside a little so that all of the characters could be introduced, and the stage for the final battle could be set.

And the vampire queen, Lilith. She is one of the darkest, evilest, most demented villains I have ever read, and I loved her character. She's very well drawn and developed as a villain. You not only see vulnerability and bad, you see how she came to be and why she is the way she is, and gain insight into her motivation. You get to understand her madness a little bit, and she's pretty bad ass.

Definitely a rocking trilogy!
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2,061 reviews141 followers
October 15, 2015
I am just not feeling this whole trilogy. Book One was a big disappointment and Book Two isn't much better. The whole vampire vs. human war is tough for me. I am not a paranormal fan in any way. Okay, I do enjoy a good time travel tale and maybe a ghost story here and there, but witches and vampires and shape shifters, no thanks.

The goddess Morrigan has summoned 5 humans and one vampire to save the "worlds" from the evil vampire, Lilith. Last book they gathered and skirmished with Lilith's vampire army and Hoyt and Glenna fell in love and got married. This time we get to know Blair and Larkin. Blair is a vampire slayer from Chicago and Larkin is a shape shifter from another "world", Geall.

Blair was the girl that got the gift instead of her brother, so daddy dearest did his duty and split. She is emotionally bruised by his rejection and also that of a fiancée that couldn't handle her night job. She has real problems with love and trust and believes she can only rely on one person - herself.

Larkin is a good ole boy shape shifter who, for some reason, falls in love with Blair. His shape shifter gift comes in handy as does his knowledge of Geall where they journey to have a battle with the vampires.
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1,355 reviews140 followers
June 6, 2014
September 13-17, 2012

Love love love Blair and Larkin!! :) So great together!! I can't read Book 1 without continuing to Book 2! Book 3.... I can skip to the ending. :) Blair ROCKS. She's powerful, but with serious vulnerabilities. and Larkin.... Oooooohhhh.... LOVE. He's sooooo great and SO great for HER, which, though they're fictional, is the most important thing! :)

August 9, 2009

Ah, Blair and Larkin... What fun!

This book is pretty fabulous! Blair has some serious issues (thanks to her terrible father), and Larkin is so incredibly perfect for her, it's unbelievable. Blair is a seriously kick-ass character — the perfect example of a powerful woman, and Larkin is... funny and sexy and just all-around fabulous... I loved reading, once again, about how they fall in love... :)
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96 reviews25 followers
December 20, 2017
Está siendo mi saga preferida de Nora, creo que aún por encima de Bahía de Chesapeake.
Qué derroche de fantasía y magia. La pareja protagonista de esta parte ha sido una de mis favoritas de todos los libros de Nora.
Los secundarios y antagonistas son geniales. Los paisajes irlandeses, la mitología que rodea a los acontecimientos, la red de vampiros, el desarrollo de la historia... Para mí, un 10 redondo.
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987 reviews240 followers
November 10, 2014
1,5 stars

I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan. I love to read her romance/thriller novels as well as her "in death" series.

But although i had some great expectations regarding this trilogy, so far things are not working out. The story and the elements involved in it, unfortunately just felt too cliché, and i ended up bored senseless with it. Even more so that on the first book. Although i do prefer Blair and Larkin as a couple, than i do Glenna and Hoyt.

The only reason i didn't give up on this, was because of Cian and Moira. I do hope their story makes up for the previous two books.
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2,133 reviews143 followers
April 8, 2021
Blair Murphy, the last in the long line of demon hunters, is used to work alone. But when she joins the circle of six, tasked by the goddess Morrigan to save the worlds from Lilith and her hordes of vampires and demons, she has no choice but to go against the grain and become a team player.

Which isn't such a chore considering the team she's working with. A future-queen who's also a mean archer, a shape-shifter that also pretty easy on the eyes, a witch and a sorcerer and a vampire who just happen to be her who-knows-how-many-great-uncles.

Now the time has come for their group to travel to the mystical land of Geall to do battle and their little team of misfits find themselves training an army...

While the first book set the stage, presented the characters and expertly built the world and mythos, this second ones brings the characters and the reader closer to war. There's no more squabbling and infighting (if you don't count sexual frustration, of course), the team is well-established, developing a nice and steady rapport, trust has been built, connections have been made...

While that created conflict before, the conflict, the leading force of the narrative, now comes from the coming battle and the preparations for it...And from the heroine and her issues and past experiences. While I appreciated the first, the latter annoyed me beyond measures. While Blair might've been considered a typical NR female lead—sharp around the edges, gun shy, not letting people get too close—she was a bit too cold and callous for my taste. And rather whiny, if you think of it. Sure, two guys left, but that doesn't mean everybody else will, yet that was her mentality for the better part of the book. And it pisses me off the luck of the draw gave her the picture-perfect hero that was Larkin. Honestly, he deserved better.

My dislike for Blair probably colored my perspective of the romance, I guess. Or maybe the main romance simply wasn't as interesting and intriguing as the one happening on the sidelines since the moment Larkin and his cousin Moira traveled to Ireland in the first book.

"If I were still in the habit of it, I'd bite you in a heartbeat."

She lowered the tea cup to fron at him. "Is that, in some strange way, a kind of flattery?"

"Take it as you like."

"Well. Thank you...I suppose."

So, with the romance (at least the one "driving" this particular story) out of the way, the overall trilogy arc took center stage. The narrative sharpened and tightened, creating a literary equivalent of scooting forward in your seat at the movies. The perils looked more real, more imminent, the sense of danger and urgency was augmented, and the little sprinkles of levity and peace thrown in, just heightened the anticipation, the darkness lurking, waiting to pounce.

I can't wait for the next book. For the battle...and for...

"For God's sake, stop me."

When his mouth crushed down on hers, she felt everything. Too much. It was dark and it was bright, it was hard, and unbearably soft. All that was inside her rushed toward it, reckless and crazed.

Then he was standing aside, a foot away from her, and it seemed all the breath had left her body.

"That's not the way he'd have tasted you."

"I found Moira arguing with Cian at the edge of the courtyard."

"Not a big surprise."

"It was when he finished the argument with his lips."

"Come again?"

"He kissed her. Hard, steamy, passionate."

"Ho boy."

"She was pretty shaken." Glenna glanced over her shoulder. "And not, in my opinion, due to insult and outrage."

"I repeat: Ho boy."

And the resolution to the big problem...

The shadows will fall, dark upon dark, and demons rise from it. A sword flames through it, and a crown shines. Magic beats like a heart, and what was lost can be regained if that heart is willing.

Please, be willing. I know I am to read about it.
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944 reviews8 followers
March 7, 2018
Anche questo volume mi ha un po' delusa,salvo solo la parte in cui il Cerchio dei sei arriva nel paesello dove è nato Cian,il vampiro,anche perchè è la parte dove ci sono sia Lilith che Lora,i due personaggi-vampiri-cattivi migliori.
A mio parere,c'è troppo squilibrio tra i sei: c'è Blair,la guerriera che mi ricorda tanto Buffy, che non fa per niente risaltare gli altri della compagnia,è la saputella che ne sa di più sui mostri e non smette mai di dirlo e di ridirlo; la strega Glenna e il maritino stregone Hoyt non servono quasi a nulla come maghi;Cian,il vampiro se ne sta quasi sempre in disparte; Moira si tuffa solo nei libri,salvo quando arriva a casa sua,dove si trasforma nell'organizzatrice della guerra;Larkin svolazza di qua e di là,facendo principalmente sognare la sua Blair...insomma c'è poco o niente. Ah,ogni tanto compare la dea Morrigan che ricorda ai sei che sono i prescelti per la guerra Lilith contro Cerchio e che hanno il compito di salvare tutti i mondi.
Una cosa che mi ha dato un bel po' fastidio è che tutto viene sempre ripetuto più volte: insomma,ho capito che siete il Cerchio e che dovete far fuori Lilith,che vi state allenando e dovete creare un esercito!
Speriamo nel prossimo libro...qui mi si è appena appena risvegliato un ormone,che poi è tornato quasi subito a dormire.
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1,947 reviews121 followers
June 28, 2017
Not much happens in this book, but it doesn't matter, I still enjoyed it. Basically, this book is about Blair letting down her guard with Larkin and the group making small attacks on Lilith's vampires. The circle trains and finally goes to Geall. This books starts the day after the previous book ends, so don't wait too long between books.

The Circle of Six ~ sorcerer, witch, warrior, scholar, one of many forms and one who was lost. Lots of cool characters and very real in their interactions with each other. I like Blair's killing talent and Larkin's shifty skills. Larkin is too emotional and sensitive to be as deadly as Blair.

I'm going to listen to the last book next month, because I can't wait to see this end and I am looking forward to the final romantic couple.

Another reviewer complained that it's creepy that an old man is telling a group of children stories of magic, war, love, friendship and SEX! I must agree, but I try to overlook the audience of children, because I am enjoying his tale.
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May 25, 2017
I waited too long to review this but did review book #1 and will review book #3. It was an enjoyable trilogy to read - good characters and interesting plot. This one is book #2 and there are six main characters, each book features one couple but of course is an ongoing story - of a battle between good and evil.
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January 31, 2018
I thought this book was way better than the first in the trilogy. I felt the first one was awkward but she really hit her stride on this one!
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February 26, 2019
J'ai moins apprécié ce volet. L'ensemble est prévisible, les scènes manquent de précisions. J'espère que le dernier volet sera plus captivant.
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November 27, 2012
Depois de Glenna e Hoyt, bruxa e feiticeiro, terem impulsionado o início de uma batalha épica entre o Bem e o Mal, neste segundo livro da Trilogia do Círculo continuamos a acompanhar o recém-formado grupo de guerreiros nos seus esforços para derrotarem a verdadeira personificação do mal: a terrível vampira Lilith e o seu exército de sugadores de sangue.

Blair, caçadora de vampiros por herança, teve que lidar desde muito cedo com a rejeição - A mãe abandonou-a e o próprio pai não tinha nada mais a oferecer-lhe para além do treino físico que lhe permitiria sobreviver ao combate contra os vampiros. Para piorar, o seu primeiro amor rejeitou-a cruelmente assim que ficou a conhecer o seu currículo de actividades não oficiais. Depois de uma vida dedicada de corpo e alma à mesma actividade que lhe roubou o consolo de uma família e a felicidade do amor, Blair tem menos de três meses para passar os seus conhecimentos de combate aos camaradas de grupo e treiná-los o melhor que conseguir, preparando-os para o conflito final.

O romance entre Blair e Larkin era conjecturável. Na verdade, desde bem cedo que os interesses românticos a desenvolver ao longo da trilogia ficaram estabelecidos… e a conclusão desta história não será também algo que nos vá surpreender. É a forma tão magnificamente intrincada que Nora Roberts nos traz magia e paranormal, romance e conflitos, modernidade e viagens no tempo que fazem esta leitura valer a pena.

Ainda assim, esta trilogia não será um dos melhores exemplos do fantástico trabalho de Nora Roberts, sempre tão atenta aos detalhes. A escrita é comparativamente fraca, sem a sua riqueza habitual mas a escritora merece definitivamente alguns pontos por sair da sua zona de conforto e arriscar-se num conceito tão singular na sua linha de trabalho.

A narrativa está bem estruturada, com a sua amena quantidade de acção e combates.

Sempre fiel aos personagens que cria, Nora traz-nos personalidades muito bem especificadas e mesmo que não gostemos delas, temos que ceder à sua magnífica caracterização. Blair, a quem eu tive grandes dificuldades em afeiçoar-me especialmente devido ao seu carácter demasiado másculo e bruto, é uma mulher decidida, com medos e inseguranças reais e válidos mas que não passa mais tempo do que aquele que é estritamente necessário a pensar nos seus problemas e não deixa certamente que isso influencia aquilo que veio até ali fazer - o que é óptimo porque não arrasta a história com as suas dúvidas e hesitações.

Larkin é tão maravilhosamente doce! Apaixonado, forte, bem-disposto e cómico, descontraído com a vida. Embora tenha sido caracterizado muito superficialmente (é comum que Nora se debruce muito sobre ambas as personagens do casal protagonista, mas em O Baile dos Deuses Larkin saiu um bocadinho a perder), Larkin não deixa de nos encantar.

Ao contrário do casal anterior (Glenna/Hoyt), o segundo casal (Blair/Larkin) traz, especialmente ela, o seu passado para a trama presente o que aprofunda mais a personagem.

O desenvolvimento do grupo, cada vez mais unido e cada vez mais concentrado na sua missão, está muito bem registado ao longo dos dois primeiros livros. Infelizmente, Hoyt mantém-se muito ausente tanto na acção como nos diálogos, mas em compensação Moira parece finalmente estar a sair do casulo e a assumir o seu papel nos acontecimentos e Cian…bem, esse está a precisar de uma boa lição!

Este grupo tão desconjuntado está aqui para nos mostrar que nem a maldade pura consegue vencer o amor, a generosidade, a compaixão ou a esperança. Muito menos quando aliados!

Uh!...e que maldade! A descrição das actividades de Lilith e do seu pseudo-filho em especial, bem como do resto do seu bando de vampiros, no covil que lhes serve de residência é tão doentia! Adoro!

Sou no entanto da opinião que os planos e objectivos futuros de Lilith podiam ter sido mais explorados. Acredito que nos daria uma sensação de ameaça real e de premência/urgência que iria credibilizar ainda mais a história.

A mudança de cenário é uma lufada de ar fresco neste segundo livro já que o círculo de seis estava praticamente isolado na casa de Cian, na Irlanda.

O final deixou-me desejosa de pegar logo no terceiro livro e seguir viagem de novo para Geall! Especialmente porque Cian é, desde o princípio, a minha personagem preferida desta trilogia, com o seu humor sardónico e arrogância intrínseca.

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