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The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book

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Speaking exclusively through Jane Roberts, Seth has repeatedly stressed the concept that we create our own reality according to our individual beliefs. But how do our realities merge and combine to form mass reactions such as the overthrow of governments, the birth of a new religion, wars, epidemics, earthquakes, and new periods of art, architecture, and technology? In this pioneering work, Seth explores the connection between personal beliefs and world events. He pinpoints the unconscious -- and often negative -- beliefs pervading science and religion, medicine and mythology, and offers thought-provoking reflections on Darwinism, Freudianism, religions, cults, and medical beliefs.

336 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 1982

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Jane Roberts

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Roberts was born in Saratoga Springs, New York. After attending public schools, she attended Skidmore College. She wrote in a variety of genres: poetry, short stories, children’s literature, and novels. When she was in her 30s, she and her husband began to record what she said were messages from a personality named "Seth", and she wrote several books about the experience.

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March 28, 2015
Jane Roberts’ Seth phenomenon commenced in 1963. Her Seth books, co-authored with her husband Robert F Butts, first appeared in 1966. Many books followed, containing the transcribed messages from the ‘entity’ Seth. He referred to himself as ‘an energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter.’ Commentaries and asides by both Roberts and Butts is sandwiched between the Seth text—some of it illuminating but much of it irrelevant and somewhat annoying. Roberts was also a poet and author of several books of her own, including the ‘Oversoul Seven’ trilogy of novels. Roberts was a bona fide trance medium (however one might define it) who had an intimate personal psychic ‘relationship’ with Seth. But her reception of information was not limited to arranged sessions of being in trance with Seth controlling her body and voicing messages, which her husband transcribed. Seth also had extrasensory impromptu ‘communications’ with her ‘on the side,’ at any time of day or night while she was fully aware and active with her daily tasks. Many of those messages became impressed on her memory to be related to her husband or her friends or later included in her books.

The Seth material has been dismissed by many religionists and materialists as New Age drivel. But it has been endorsed by many other high profile authors, psychologists and spiritual progressives. The material has still a strong following. Many books are still being kept in print. Whatever the material’s ‘source’ I find much of it to be profoundly thought-provoking and accessible metaphysical literature. For me it is certainly more coherent and comprehensible than ‘A Course in Miracles’ (produced by automatic writing). Furthermore, it contains a great deal of good practical advice about how to be a positively minded, active, loving and creative individual. Unlike ACIM it does not require a mind-controlling discipline centered on a frustrated theology of humankind’s misdirected and deluded egos.

I could not find anything scary, demonic or fanatical about Seth’s declarations. In fact, ‘he’ champions freedom from restrictive religious, psychoanalytic, political and scientific precepts. The reader may choose to accept or reject what is offered. Next I intend to read ‘The Seth Material’—published eleven years prior to this book—which would no doubt have been a better book to start learning about Seth’s universal, interactive and inter-dimensional view of consciousness.
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Author 3 books30 followers
July 25, 2021
Really good book for shadow work for the individual and collective subconscious.

Among the explanations of Seth are the reasons for mass events: viruses, mass shootings, natural disasters which Seth sees as mass suicide, meaning the people that have died have chosen such path in order to show their satisfaction with the current ways of the world. Very sobering view!

Another good point was made regarding Idealism. We are all in some sense idealists. We all have an ideal toward which we strive, but we should not get disheartened if our ideal is too far away from our current perception of the world. We must imagine the right steps toward our idea, and work daily on those steps to reach it. We should never become fanatics to our ideal because then we will become possessed and we will fail to see the beauty that is in front of our eyes.

There are plenty of insights available in the book, so it's a worthwhile read.
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190 reviews2 followers
September 16, 2012
I started reading the SETH Material with "THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY", and by the time the total had gone from 5 books to 15, I was reading them as quickly as I could get my hands on them. SETH literally changed my life, and all for the better.
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571 reviews31 followers
July 16, 2020
This is one of those books that leave me all spaced out and sort of tingly upon completion. So much to think about, so profound and positive.

The narrative for the book ties in with the other Seth book I'm reading at the same time (The Magical Approach). It is also entwined with Jane's health problems and what we now know her early death.

I'm sure I've read this several times, judging from how battered the book is. I'm tempted to quote so many passages, but you should probably just read it yourself.
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5 reviews
September 6, 2019
There is a deeper aspect of the last two Seth-Books that Jane published “...Mass Events” begins to address the source of the problem that you chose for yourself within this probability.
You did not choose the happy side of the JFK assassination main-event (Where it didn’t happen) because much of the challenges in this present probability were eliminated. I would hazard to guess that a very small following of main probable “time-lines” journeyed that route because the opportunities to learn are reduced severely. But in this one, where the thUgtopians have their “Tower-of-Babel” rebuilt, you have nothing but challenges to make wise choices.
The opportunity to follow a thUg-based “easy-route” will constantly be offered to you, but you have to sell-out your own self-worth to be given such easy-routes from the thUgtopians.
The mass events have the Mystery School Cult in the driver’s seat, your challenge is to learn to create your own future by understanding that your desires and beliefs and choices guide you into the probability of your choice. Seth was pretty clear in saying maintaining your spiritual integrity and concentrating on good-intentions will have a great pay-off while thUgtopians concentrate upon a fake-Utopia based upon fanatical, murderous intents as a collective of secretive-thUgs.
The book is a master-piece for few to realize how it applies to this probability.
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43 reviews
October 17, 2016
this is amazing
this is mind-smashing
this is opening doors
aha elebernis
not easy, you've got to read some paragraphs twice or three times to fully understand
but since i started writing my dreams down
this (book) makes so much (more) sense
every chapter, every paragraph comes with wisdom & new ideas (or 'old' ideas confirmed)
sometimes i read a chapter and at night i dream about it
which is scary but also proving you create your own reality, just like seth says, time & time again
but then, time does not exist
it is relative to our perception & senses
that is why einstein called it general theory of relativity...
think about that, men in white coats
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Author 4 books20 followers
February 15, 2009
Think about the weather and changing weather patterns and you might feel confused even after looking at scientific research. Read this book and understand the deeper level of our personal responsibility to what we create and co-create.
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Author 75 books340 followers
May 29, 2018
If you haven't read any of the "Seth" books they are truly unique, heart touching and help us all with that link to spirituality that is sometimes hard to find.
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Author 6 books14 followers
October 23, 2021
I began my journey through the Seth Books with Seth Speaks. I read this book thirty plus years ago (or more) and was amazed with the reality portrayed by the non-physical entity who gave us the name "Seth" for reference, though he had no name. Just recently I rediscovered this book. Perhaps reading it as an "elder" has given me more resonance with the subject matter. As we age, we naturally become more philosophical and curious, especially about death and life after death. Needless to say, this time around the book did more than amaze me . . . Imagine, if you can, that someone promises to share the secrets of the Universe--and then does! The impact of these books does nothing less.

Since completing Seth Speaks (several times), I've read in sequence these books channeled by Jane Roberts during trance to her husband, Robert Butts. For 21 years Roberts channeled Seth, a multidimensional personality whose intent it was to shed light on reality, a brilliant and amazing light such that everything we think we know is mostly false. To date, I've read . . .

Seth Speaks
The Nature of Personal Reality
The Unknown Reality (Volumes I and II)
The Nature of the Psyche, Its Human Expression
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

Currently I am reading Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1 (of 2)

In truth it's hard to comment on any of these books individually because I am always rereading them. Even now, beside my bed, there are three "Seth" books. The profound, specific, and consistent reality that he portrays is so exhilarating, so wondrous that I cannot refresh my mind and soul enough through his message of our true selves as multidimensional entities whose creativity and existence is unbounded. Even physical reincarnation is but a stage on our endless evolution through eternity, an evolution wherein we are always learning and always helping ourselves and others. It's impossible for me, in anyway, to convey the significance of his message. However, if you want a reason to believe in life and love, read Seth Speaks and all the volumes that follow. There are two additional Seth books following Volume 2 of Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment. These are The Magical Approach, and The Way Toward Health.

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Author 6 books22 followers
November 10, 2022
Rereading this 40 years later, is interesting, particularly in the middle of the supposed Covid pandemic, which pretty much seems to be an illusion.

Particularly important is the study by Denis Rancourt in Canada, showing that the pattern of the spread does not correspond to what one might expect from a respiratory virus.
See my discussion here: https://www.americaoutloud.com/covid-...

It is very helpful to reflect on the idea how we are, in our individual experience, also plugged into a group experience at various levels. It can give us clues as to the causes in the mind of these experiences.

Fascinating read. Highly recommended in these Covidian times.
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1,378 reviews17 followers
February 4, 2022
Probably my favorite Seth book, and especially relevant to today's world events. He emphasizes idealism, understanding, and shared responsibility.

Read twice
9 reviews
May 8, 2022
Started this while reading Unknown Reality 2. Was too curious to see what was in it, due to the war and pandemic.
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14 reviews3 followers
March 11, 2017
The Seth series is long and complicated. In conversations supposed "channeled" through Jane Roberts, the Seth personality/entity reveals his own take on metaphysical reality. The material really does twist your brain and forces it to consider new ways of looking at the world. Be prepared to throw away all you pre-existing assumptions about life and the universe. I'll tell you now, that the information will take time to absorb and process and that several readings might be in order. But over time, the books seemed to have much validity. My advice is to dive in and glean what you can at any level.
31 reviews
November 18, 2020
Another fantastic Seth book

I can't recommend the Seth\Jane Roberts books enough. They are all important work. This book was helpful and enlightening when looking at life with the consideration of how each person affects and contributes to mass events. Recommended.
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