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The Way Toward Health: A Seth Book

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This book explains why we become ill. There are metaphysical psychosomatic reasons that will manifest illness. When those mental thoughts and beliefs are corrected, changed or amended healing can take place. This book is based on the last two years of the authors life and her hospitalization and death.

392 pages, Paperback

First published November 1, 1997

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About the author

Jane Roberts

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Roberts was born in Saratoga Springs, New York. After attending public schools, she attended Skidmore College. She wrote in a variety of genres: poetry, short stories, children’s literature, and novels. When she was in her 30s, she and her husband began to record what she said were messages from a personality named "Seth", and she wrote several books about the experience.

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295 reviews87 followers
October 13, 2014
I was incredibly moved by this most personal and meticulously recorded account of the last months of Jane Robert’s life. Her struggles and deeply rooted beliefs clearly illustrate the concepts that Seth teaches over and over again. How our beliefs create our reality. How our ideas about ourselves alter the very fabric and quality of our existence. One of the biggest lessons I learned was how every cell in our body is constantly striving towards it’s fullest potential of expression, health and vitality. That disease or less favourable levels of health are expressed as a direct result of our own conflicting beliefs. My focus has shifted from concentrating on what’s wrong with me to a more positive and joyful appreciation for the strength and healing potential of my own body. This is a much more empowering belief to hold and I have felt the effects already. This was the final book written by Seth, Jane and her husband Rob. I feel incredibly privileged to have discovered and read many of their collaborative works which are a huge gift to humanity.
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Author 2 books12 followers
May 9, 2020
Be More Spontaneous! Life is Energy and energy changes forms, moves and is agile. Enjoy your strength and power, every problem has a solution.

Wow……(5-minute pause)
"The Way Toward Health" should have been titled, The Way Toward Death.

This was not an easy read, to watch Jane get sick and die at age 55. But, it was however illuminating, when you began to understand what this book was really teaching. It was a backdoor view of what could happen if we don't change our thoughts or beliefs.

I can hardly move, for I just read the last page, Jane's husband Rob's words about the final moments with Jane. She died with her eyes open and they were bright with tiny freckles, so innocent and pure this woman who literally choose to sacrifice herself for the greater mankind. The Irony is that her entire book is lessons about Not Sacrificing Yourself. Jane's "The Way Toward Health" teaches that self-sacrifice has a myriad of false beliefs associated with it, and being self-less is the foundation of most religions and our society as a whole. But, if you look to nature you can see the error in this belief.

Even a flower knows self-love. Can you imagine a flower saying, "I am blooming and reaching for the sun, but this is selfish, so I sacrifice myself for you." Both flowers suffer and their offspring, little seed comes into the world, knowing he is here to fulfill his potential, like every molecule in every atom, but the System tells him, "It is not our way to thrive, spirituality is about self-sacrifice and holiness is a vow of poverty, and putting yourself first is Selfish. But, don't worry little seed, we'll find a cancer treatment when this belief makes you sick."

I don't think Jane loved herself, yet the entire vault of her Seth Material is about un-doing what society teaches— that to love your Self is Selfish. After 50 years of traveling the world to find the key to happiness, I found it: SELF LOVE. As you love your Self, you feel good and love others, then the world, then the animal kingdom, then all of nature, then "All That Is", which ironically is the "Self" supported by what it is made up of.

Jane was deeply tortured by hidden Catholic guilt, and her Mother's crippling arthritis, then her own thyroid exaggerated activity. Seth repeated over and over again that sickness can be exchanged for health by a thought replacement. Spontaneous healing occurs when a limiting belief is replaced by an unlimited belief when the truth of the body is revealed. The body can and will repair itself. The way to find out if you have any limiting beliefs— is to list all your "core beliefs" about life, labeling them as Limited or Unlimited. You'll be surprised to find out what type of beliefs you have.

Through the entire book, Jane uses herself as an example of "what not to do." She knows how to be healthy, yet on a deep level, she wants to 'pay' for not doing more, even her own birth, she blames for bringing on her mother's arthritis.

Near the end of the book, Jane takes the challenge— to face her own image in the mirror.

In this moment she represents nearly every man on the planet, taught not to love himself.
When our veil is lifted the young child, who once loved himself, but was "turned off", is reminded of his true nature, a loving state of vitality.

Loving others, but not yourself is like a mother trying to put the air mask on her baby while the plane is going down and she can no longer breathe and is becoming foggy, therefore misses the baby's face. True love of Self is the only means to planetary love.

Here are the top three lessons I learned from Jane's book:

1. Be More Spontaneous! Life is Energy and energy changes forms, moves, and is agile. To keep up with life is to thrive within it. Every problem has a solution if we use our strength and power.

2. To work on loving my Self. This means to be gently handed with ones self, accepting of your less than perfect moves in life, and be as me, as I can be.

3. The present moment is where my power lies, by concentrating upon how I want something to occur, it will show up in a fortnight. This is an energy field wave pattern used to create in our physical world.
Example: Focus, Relax, Focus, relax for 14-day cycles.

Jane/Seth explains Diversity this way, a King would get tired of being a King, life afterlife, and come back to experience being poor. This really helped me see diversity from another view. All of nature is diverse, and this allows for its expansion. On a deep level, everything has consciousness, because atoms have tiny molecules that always strive for the best possible expression. We as humans are each unique, and in this way we play a part in ALL THAT IS. Each of us, by our pure "Being-ness", enhances the expansion of the universe, and it's expansion. Humans provide a field of energy around the Earth, based on our natural being, which uses consciousness to focus.

My mental project: I have created a "Satellite" city above Earth for my son Michael, let's all manifest for him an amazing wife and family, his wildest dream!

I have a Hypnotherapy Practice in Doylestown PA, 2 hours from NYC, I utilize the Seth Material, and my session is usually 2-3 hours and resolves life long issues in just one session. If you are interested in this amazing quantum physics experience, check it out here at www.doylestownhypnosis.com or call me for a free phone consultation to hear more about it 215-840-0684, tell me you found me through this review and I will be ticked!

I also wrote a book about my wild adventures dating and looking for God, LOL! You'll love it, check it out "From Hollywood to God" on Amazon.com

Love Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist, and Adventurer of the Mind! :)
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21 reviews15 followers
September 21, 2023
An ok book i guess. Especially considering one has to navigate all the personal comments, dream analysis and sessions to actually reach some rapport with the topic at hand. It's ok, but I would've liked reading the personal bits as an addendum, epilogue, extra information at the end. That would've been so interesting. But cutting through chapter order and all it was a bit invasive for me as a reader who wants the informational content more than the personal insights as interesting and insightful as they most definitely can be.
Profile Image for Eleanor Carson.
124 reviews
April 29, 2020
Not as good as her other dictated books, but interesting due to the significance of when it was delivered - as Jane Roberts was dying in the hospital. There is a great deal of biographical detail written by her husband, Robert Butts, which help to place this book in perspective. The sad thing is that she suffered and died from a treatable condition - and a condition that she could have changed herself if she had been able to change her fundamental outlook on life getting in the way of production. One thing the book makes clear is that health depends on a good flow of energy among the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, and a block at one level has ramifications at all other levels and even across lives. We are responsible for our own health and can change our health by changing our life choices - our living choices - at any point while we are alive. I found this book to be encouraging in its message while also being disturbing and profoundly saddening as I read about the final months of Jane Roberts` life.
Profile Image for Vanessa.
84 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2014
Seth recommends that the Seth Material be read in order of publication, as each book builds on the last. Since this is the last book published, I obviously jumped ahead! What an interesting look at the channeler Jane, as she chooses to use her own health issues, which ultimately led, at the end of the book, to her passing! This despite being the instrument by which the unembodied entity, known as Seth, communicated to us, on this earthly plane. I came away with an appreciation that each of our journeys are uniquely our own.

I highly recommend first time readers to the Seth material start out with the book, Seth Speaks - the third book that was published by Jane Roberts. The overall theme of you create your own reality, and that your beliefs are the foundation of such creation, is another approach to navigating through this life. Cheers!
Profile Image for Jessica.
71 reviews7 followers
January 6, 2015
Overall, I really liked this book. This book was far less substantive than the other Seth books due to the extensive amount of notes by Robert Butts making up mutch of the text. If the notes were removed, the Seth material would probably only take up 100 pages of the 356 of the total. The book is very interesting, however, for the incredible personal information provided by Mr. Butts' notes. This is the very last material that Jane received from Seth and provides a look into what Seth was giving to Jane Roberts even on her death bed, literally giving us the last words Seth delivered through Jane. For that reason alone, I recommend this book.
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75 reviews
November 17, 2011
Possibly to some an 'emotional read'. It will undoubtedly give the avid 'Seth' reader 'mixed feelings' as to how Jane Roberts coped with her long illness, that eventually lead to her death. After her passing her husband in the book shares the intimate story of Jane's final days, and the teachings that Seth continued to give during that time...
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Author 4 books21 followers
February 15, 2009
This was a hard book to read. I just wanted Jane to create a different reality.
Profile Image for Todd.
197 reviews6 followers
September 17, 2012
This is a hard one to read, but it is even harder to visualize what that hospital room must have looked like with that pathetic, mangled creature, a bag of infected bones covered in bedsores, dictating her books to the bitter end.
2 reviews
December 15, 2016
This book is one of the slowest reads I have found, but it is filled with many valuable insights that I am glad to have sifted through. Although sometimes subtle in their profundity, I believe some of the wisdom contained in this book is essential to how we approach our own healing.
Profile Image for Stacey Latkowski.
6 reviews1 follower
August 31, 2012
Delightful reading, a great book to help boost confidence with innate abilities you didn't realize were already there within you plus more.
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