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Me and Me

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It’s Lark’s seventeenth birthday, and although she’s hated to be reminded of the day ever since her mom’s death three years ago, it’s off to a great start. Lark has written a killer song to perform with her band, the weather is stunning and she’s got a date with gorgeous Alec. The two take a canoe out on the lake, and everything is perfect—until Lark hears the screams. Annabelle, a little girl she used to babysit, is drowning in the nearby reeds while Annabelle’s mom tries desperately to reach her. Lark and Alec are closer, and they both dive in. But Alec hits his head on a rock in the water and begins to flail.

Alec and Annabelle are drowning. And Lark can save only one of them.

Lark chooses, and in that moment her world splits into two distinct lives. She must live with the consequences of both choices. As Lark finds herself going down more than one path, she has to decide: Which life is the right one?


First published April 11, 2017

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Alice Kuipers

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I was born in London, England, and I moved to Canada in 2003 when I fell in love with a Canadian. We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which took a while for me to learn how to spell. I have four children, a girl and three boys.

My first novel, Life on the Refrigerator Door, was published in 29 countries, won several awards and was named as a New York Times book for the Teen Age. My second is called Lost For Words in the US, and The Worst Thing She Ever Did everywhere else. It won the Arthur Ellis Award, was shortlisted for the White Pine and Willow Awards, and was published in eight territories. 40 Things I Want To Tell You is my YA book published in 2012. The Death of Us, a CLA honour book, in 2014. My newest YA novel is Me (and) Me.

Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book is my first picture book. It was published with Little, Brown Books For Young Readers in December 2014, and the sequel Violet and Victor Write The Most Fabulous Fairy Tale is available now.

Find me at www.alicekuipers.com

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232 reviews190 followers
October 1, 2018
So I didn't read the blurb before I read this book, and that turned out to be quite a big mistake...

If I had read the blurb, I would have known what this book is about: Lark having to make an 'impossible choice', then having her world splitting into two distinct lives and having to live with the consequences of both possible choices...

Instead I was extremely confused about how her boyfriend kept magically coming in and out of a coma.

However, once I got past the initial confusion, it turned out to be a really interesting book.

I loved the exploration of Lark's character. As she got to live out two distinct lives, it really allowed the reader to know her character well and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story.

The side characters however were barely explored at all. Everyone except Lark seemed extremely one dimensional and I could barely keep track of who is who.

But it wasn't too long, and it was easy to get through. I didn't get bored while reading it, and I enjoyed the story. So overall, 4 stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a review copy! All opinions are my own.
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288 reviews18 followers
September 13, 2018

The premise of this sounded so fantastic, I requested an ARC right away without knowing anything else about it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I got about 30% of the way in before I decided I couldn't do it anymore. Maybe if I didn't have so many books on my TBR already I would've stuck it out, but I couldn't rationalize spending reading time on a book I wasn't enjoying.

The writing was one of the biggest challenges for me to get through this. It read as juvenile and inexperienced. The dialogue was clunky, too.

And despite the book getting off to a great start when it came to the action, not much seemed to happen after that. Lark's two lives seemed to be pretty much the same, except with a different person in a coma: She visited the hospital, she felt guilty about not saving the other person, she met up with her band, she talked to her friends about how hot Alec was, and she got creepy messages on her phone from her other life. And this happened twice in the book since it's all about her dual lives that seem to be existing at the same time, so it felt really repetitive.

This book had a lot of potential, but it wasn't for me. It might be for somebody else, but I couldn't get through it.
6,104 reviews66 followers
August 2, 2018
Really not good! Full of clichés, a pace terribly slow, very teeny (dialogues, romance, life events, etc.) and unlikeable characters.. I'm still on my quest to explore YA from different book and point of view, but so far, not much success... so maybe I'm just unlucky or this category of book is clearly not for me...
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2,285 reviews216 followers
June 29, 2018
***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of ME AND ME by Alice Kuipers in exchange for my honest review.***

Lark must choose between saving the life of a little girl or saving her boyfriend, both in danger of drowning. She believes she lives parallel lives. In one she saves Annabelle and Alec lies in a coma, in the second, the opposite occurs.

My biggest issue with ME AND ME is I never bought into the scenario Lark had a choice. My only option would be save the child before the (almost) adult. Most female humans and animals (and probably also many males) are biologically predisposed to protect our young, whether they’re ours or not. If I can’t buy into the dilemma, I can’t buy into the book. A better scenario would be does Lark save her younger sibling or the girl she babysits.

I also had difficulty with Lark and Alec as a couple. He seemed controlling and he isolated her, making whom to save even less a dilemma.

I’m sorry to give ME AND ME a negative review, but I do not recommend.

Profile Image for Sophie lit ça.
624 reviews141 followers
July 12, 2019
Pour être tout à fait franche, je crois que j’ai un souci avec Alice Kuipers. En fait, c’est que j’ai tellement aimé Ne t’inquiète pas pour moi que j’ai chaque fois des attentes démesurées face à ses nouveaux romans, encore plus ici puisqu’on est dans une forme d’écriture différente, la réalité de Lark devenant multiple et poreuse via des textos qui font monter la pression.

Lien vers la critique complète : http://sophielit.ca/critique.php?id=2189
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464 reviews2 followers
September 24, 2018
I've been trying for weeks, and I simply cannot get into this book. The premise is interesting, but the problem with novels that explore two different realities, is that I have to read a lot of the same things twice. This doesn't make for an exciting experience at all. Also, the song lyrics are really annoying.
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Author 70 books478 followers
March 7, 2017
Haunting and mysterious, this is a powerful book about love, life and choices. Both page-turning and thought-provoking, Kuipers deftly tells a lyrical tale that’ll keep you questioning reality right up to the very end.
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651 reviews302 followers
June 24, 2019
J’ai aimé l’idée des mondes parallèles, la thématique du choix. Toutefois, les personnages, particulièrement celui d’Alec, m’ont tapé sur les nerfs. De plus, les paroles de chanson ne m’ont pas impressionnée. C’était une lecture correcte, sans plus.
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405 reviews36 followers
July 23, 2018
the language is irritating..
the songs are stupid...

its headache... not able to continue.. sorry.. ☹️☹️☹️
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777 reviews107 followers
April 10, 2020
Thank you Edelweiss and the publisher for this review copy of Me and Me by Alice Kuipers.
Although I appreciated the concept of this young adult novel about parallel lives and “what if’s” I didn’t enjoy the actual experience of reading it. The main character Lark is unlikable and I couldn’t relate to her on any level. Every decision she makes is selfish and ridiculous and I was left wishing that the two drowning characters saved each other and left her for dead instead. But since the entire novel is from her first person point of view you are pretty much stuck with her.
And the ending is a complete cluster.
Profile Image for Maureen.
899 reviews39 followers
June 29, 2018
The premise of Me and Me was a good one, but it was hard to follow the story. On one hand I liked Lark and Alec, but on the other hand I did not. I am not sure if the lake experience was what sent the events in motion. Three stars for effort. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to be an early reader in exchange for my review.
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56 reviews2 followers
October 23, 2018
I was sent this book as in advance reading copy, I’m not sure why, as it’s clearly YA and I’m 35. At any rate, I felt obligated to read and review but as you can see, it took me nearly half a year and then a week of forced bedrest following surgery to finally finish it and it was just really not a good book. At all. Yikes. I don’t want to be mean-spirited and I’m sure the author spent a lot of time and energy writing this book, but it was not for me, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed it twenty years ago either.
23 reviews
November 23, 2018
This book was an amazing read. I was a bit confused in the beginning about the switched perspectives, but once I realized what was happening, it was a fast paced exciting read.
Profile Image for Miranda.
56 reviews6 followers
August 6, 2020
Me & Me—Alice Kuipers
1.5 out of 5 stars

With thirty-or-so pages left, I was pretty set on a two-star review for this one. The last few sections were so “where did this come from” that it dropped half a star by the final page. I don’t like to rant on books that weren’t for me because someone out there will like this book. As such, this will be as brief as possible because there are other books out there to read that will hopefully be better for me than this one was.

Me & Me is a story about parallel lives, parkour, music, and “love.” Lark is canoeing on a lake for her first date with a guy when they spot a young girl struggling in the water. They both dive in to save her but her date hits his head and now needs rescuing himself. Lark must make a decision on who she can save because she can’t save them both . The chapters that follow alternate between her parallel lives—one where she saved the boy and one where she saved the child.

Pro (yes, there is intentionally only one):
1. I loved the premise of parallel lives and getting to live both sides of a single decision. However, the execution fell way short of expectations. By about the halfway point, there was a lot of skimming going on. I was intrigued enough to want to know the end of the story (regrettably), but was not interested in any of the characters or what happened to them along the way by that point.

1. There is little depth to any of the characters. Their names stand out because there are a lot of odd names in this story, but not a whole lot makes them interesting to read about.
2. There’s this whole “first love” subplot that is incredibly insta-lovey and awful. None of this feels like love or first love material beyond the first date (the one that ends with someone ending up in a coma). It feels a lot like lust and nothing else.
3. There is a lot of telling but not a lot of showing. This might explain why there is little to no attachment to any of the characters.
4. The ending is completely out of nowhere. It’s not a good plot twist. It’s poor foreshadowing.
5. The book doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. Is it a contemporary with a sci-fi twist? Should it focus on “first love” or parallel lives or troubles with bandmates or shoplifting? There’s nothing wrong with having all the extra subplots if they actually add something to the story. Unfortunately, the execution of them is poor at best.

One final good thing (I guess there is more than one pro) about this book is that it is short. It can easily be read in a day or two. So, if the premise is intriguing enough that after all my hating on it, you still want to give it a try, at least it’s an easy read that won’t take up too much of your time.
Profile Image for Lucie.
381 reviews78 followers
July 25, 2018
Thank you Netgalley for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Picking up this book, I was pretty excited: the blurb seemed great, and even though most ratings weren't that positive, I was confident I would enjoy my read.
I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy it, because there were parts which I found really good, but the whole book was rather confusing for me.

But there was something I did hate: the characters. I couldn't stand Lark (in both versions), and even though I admired her songwriting skills, I didn't like her songs (well, I guess I'd have to actually listen to then to have an idea, but the lyrics seemed off); Alec seemed sweet but quickly became a toxic person to Lark (manipulative, and isolated her). I also had some trouble with the dilemma which Lark is confronted to at the very beginning of the book: save the girl she has babysitted or the boy she barely knows but might become something me. I mean, if I were here, the choice would have been quite easy to make.

This idea of parallel lives seemed great when I read about it in the blurb, but when it came to the novel itself... I found the whole thing really confusing and blurry, and even in the end, when things start to make sense for the both versions of Lark... well, let's say they didn't make sense to me. I was completely lost.

I was bored during a good half of the book. Nothing much happened, and with the characters getting on my nerves it wasn't easy either.

As I already said, there were parts that I actually enjoyed, otherwise I would have given a lower rating, but it's definitely not a book I would highly recommend.
Profile Image for Davianna.
253 reviews2 followers
October 2, 2018
This was an addicting, mind bending read about how the choices we make affect us. I was kept on the edge of my seat as Lark figured out what was happening to her and the twists were fantastic! The book was fast paced, well written, and had an eerie nuance that pulled me in from the first chapter.

I can’t say I really liked Lark, she fell head over heels for Alec and neglects her friends for one and in her parallel life she takes up stealing which I couldn’t for the life of me grasp why. At the same time she did kind of grow on me at the end. I Her friends seemed to genuinely care for her and they weren’t flat so that upped the enjoyability factor for me.

I loved the sci-fi twist, the parallel lifes were fascinating and Miss Kuiper explained it simply without overcomplicating it which I really appreciated. I’d have liked to know more about Lark’s Mom and how she dealt with the parallels before she died, maybe a novella or companion novel Miss Kuiper? *begging face* The book could also do with a soundtrack to bring the book’s songs to life, I loved the lyrics but I’m unmusical so I couldn’t imagine what they actually sounded like. The ending wrapped up nicely and I’m pretty happy with it. Overall I ended up enjoying this little thriller quite a lot!

Rating: 4 stars!

Recommendation: Ages 16 & up

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review
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591 reviews30 followers
November 2, 2018
All my reviews can be found at: http://jessicasreadingroom.com
3.5 stars rounded up to four for GR:

I am not the target demographic for Me and Me. As an adult (though not a mom) I know what my decision would be. But as a teen, I can see how Lark was torn as she could only save one. This would be every teen girl’s nightmare. And Lark lives it; even worse she lives the after effects in two different lives!

I enjoyed the back and forth between the chapters of the two lives Lark ends up leading: The one where she saves Alec, and the one where she saves Annabelle. All of our choices have consequences, positive or negative and this novel shows that in more than just the main decision Lark makes. One decision she made changes everything in her life.

It is not a perfect novel and the characters are not perfect. They all have their issues, as we all do. I can see where going through an event like this would bring you closer to the other person, but I did not really like Alec with some of his actions towards Lark. He came off controlling and pressuring. It seemed almost too intense and almost an ‘instant love’ (IE: Romeo and Juliet.) I did enjoy the Epilogue.

Though not really for me, I would say give Me and Me a read and see what you think of it!

Thank you KCP Loft for my copy!
Profile Image for Nicolette (FallingOverBooks).
974 reviews2,099 followers
April 15, 2017
ARC received thanks to publisher.

video review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dylB...

I was lucky enough to have requested and received my first physical arc! Thanks again to HCCFrenzy for sending me a copy, I really appreciate it!!

I’ve read 3 other books by Alice Kuipers and enjoyed them all. Me and Me is no different. This book had such an interesting premise, it captivating me from the beginning. 3/5 stars! I was a little confused at the first two chapters but then I understood how each chapter is a different choice that she made and the outcome. Very easy and simple read. I enjoyed the characters however I found a lot of them to be flat and not well fleshed out. I think my main problem with this book is that, it was difficult to connect to the characters because the story starts right at the drowning. I found it hard to have sympathy for the characters because I didn’t know much about them. Also the insta-love was kinda annoying. Literally 20 pages in and Lark says that Alec is her soulmate and they’re barely dating. I personally just needed more character development and growth. But other than that it was an interesting story, definitely an entertaining read!
Profile Image for Teresa.
8 reviews
March 2, 2019
Rating: 2.5
Rounding up to 3 stars
It was a decent book, but only just decent.
The side characters didn't get enough development, the point of view was a little confusing at times (especially near the end), and reading all the song lyrics without music was annoying. Lark even states in the book that song lyrics aren't the same when just read on paper, which makes it even more nonsensical that there would be song lyrics included, as the author literally acknowledges this.
It probably isn't the worst book that I've ever read, but it undoubtedly isn't the best.

Lark was by far the most developed character, and it was intriguing to see her in 2 different lives, which is definitely some food for thought on what you could be like in another life.

I likely wouldn't recommend this to a friend, unless they're really into the parallel universe things.
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Author 2 books76 followers
September 28, 2018
Check out this, other reviews, and more fun bookish things on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings!

I want to start out by saying that I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Me and Me. I hadn't read anything by this author prior to going into this book, but once I started reading it, I felt a need to finish it. It's rare that I have time to finish an entire book in one day lately, but this one I made an exception for, because it really pulled me into the story, into the characters, and into the setting.

I really like the cover of Me and Me, and I think it really reflects the story well. It has such a pretty image on it, and it stands out among other books on my shelf. I like the faded lettering in the title, because it really goes along with what is happening in the book.

Me and Me begins with the main character, Lark, out on a date with Alec, a boy from school whom she has a crush on. He takes her canoeing at the lake, and while there, she runs into a little girl she babysits - Annabelle - and her mother. They promise to meet Lark and Alec out on the water, so they take the canoe and head out onto the lake, where they can have their date until Annabelle and her mother stop to say hello.

Only that doesn't happen - instead, Lark and Alec hear screams across the lake, where Annabelle is struggling in the water after having fallen out of the boat. Lark and Alec both jump in to save them, only Alec gets hurt, and Lark is left with an impossible decision - whether she should go save Annabelle, or instead turn and save Alec.

"'Parallel you
Parallel me
Just the way it needs to be
You, me, if only ...'"

That's when things start to get weird for Lark. At that split moment, Lark's life splits off into two - in one world she saves Alec, but in the second, she saves Annabelle.

In both timelines, Lark is left to deal with the consequences of her actions, and because of that, they both shape her quite differently - she's almost a completely different person. It seems that how Lark is dealing with issues in one timeline is just about the opposite of how she is dealing with them in another timeline - one where she has fallen in love with Alec and Annabelle is in a coma, and one where Alec is in a coma, and Annabelle is safe.

Then strange things begin to happen to Lark, and she doesn't know what is going on - strange messages pop up on her cell phone and there is no sender number or address. Soon she starts to get videos of herself from the other timeline, and not only is she terrified, no one around her seems to believe her, and they are all worried for her (in both timelines).

"'A parallel life is one that happens at the same time as the life you're currently living. Life as it could have been.'"

When Lark figures out what is going on, she has to race the clock to fix the issue in both timelines, to set things right. Only, it's difficult to do when she feels like she will have to be doing it alone.

I loved the way this book was set up. Each chapter is an alternating view between one timeline and another, so you get to see exactly how each version of Lark is handling the tragedy at the same times. It's really cool to have written the book this way. I was a tad confused at first with the jumping around, but once I understood how the author had written it, I had no issues. Had I known the writing style going in, it wouldn't have been a problem, so that's really not the book's fault or anything.

Lark's character - both versions of her - were just wonderfully written. I loved her passion for music in one timeline, and her complete and utter devotion to Alec and her father in another. I really think that the author wrote her character really well.

Alec's character, on the other hand, was a bit weird. Toward the end I didn't care for him much at all, but even in the beginning he seemed a little strange. I don't know, I just didn't really connect with him at all, nor did I see what Lark saw in him, I guess.

The fact that Lark is dealing with all this, her father's health problems, and the aftermath of the tragedy, all while missing her mother, who had died a few years ago, is heartbreaking. We really get a good look inside Lark's mind and there are moments in this book that are incredibly emotional.

I don't want to spoil anything by talking about the plot too much, because it's better to unravel it yourself, but I have to say that this is one of the most interesting and original books I've read in 2018. I don't really read a lot of books that deal with alternate timelines, so I can't compare it to others or anything, but this book had a stellar plot that was executed in an interesting way. After reading this, I definitely want to seek out other novels by this author, because she has a true gift for telling a story!

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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28 reviews
March 16, 2018
I wish I could give half stars. This was a 2.5 for me.
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155 reviews1 follower
January 7, 2019
This was really not great. I disliked the main character, the plot was muddled, and the ending was a complete disaster.
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Author 6 books28 followers
April 16, 2019
Read this as part of my book club. It was challenging to finish. Some nice language but I can't recommend it. Having sat beside someone in a coma makes me shudder at how this author handles it.
Profile Image for Melanie McGrade Davidson.
401 reviews47 followers
September 30, 2018
Though it was somewhat confusing at times, I enjoyed Me and Me. The plot and idea behind it are very unique and interesting, and I was intrigued to see how it would all enfold. I found that the characters were realistic and I felt emotions right along with Lark and some of the others. The lyrics were good and I can definitely see them being incorporated into songs!
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111 reviews109 followers
May 25, 2020
Actual rating: 4.5 stars.

Content Warnings for the book: domestic violence, child abuse, and addiction.

Me (and) Me by Alice Kuipers is an intense YA thriller delving into the idea of parallel lives and the split-second decisions that change them, for better or worse. Readers will immediately relate to the pressures of having to make life-changing choices as young adults, placed on them by the adults in their lives. A canoeing accident on the lake puts Lark in a terrible position – save the life of her friend, Alec, who hit his head on a rock and fainted, or the little girl, Annabelle, who is face down in the water. Me (and) Me deals with the tough issues many young adults experience but are sometimes powerless to stop.

At first I thought this would be two stories in one and remain two different timelines. In one scenario, Lark chooses Alec, in the other she chooses Annabelle. There are different consequences to both but they don’t remain entirely separate. The chapters alternate between each scenario and as the novel progresses, the reader learns both Larks’ are actually connected. I loved this because it made the book so much more dark and intense. Both stories are intertwined, just like the lives of both Larks’. The format of Me (and) Me never stopped surprising or drawing me in; it made this novel fresh and original.

I loved the way music was connected to the plot! Lark is a singer/songwriter and part of a band with her friends, Nifty, Reid, and Iona. She starts to receive these weird messages on her phone that only she can see, resembling lyrics. I loved that these lyrics and the music Lark creates become the key to figuring out her parallel life. The accident is the only thing that can inspire or interest Lark at this point in time, so it was really interesting to see that in her own songs. Music was never my thing in high school, but Lark’s musical side really came through to me.

Kuipers writes about several serious topics in Me (and) Me and does it in such an eloquent way. Lark struggles with grief and guilt over her choices in both lives’, even though it wasn’t her fault. In one life, Lark is drawing away from friends and family. In the other, she’s become addicted to shoplifting. Both Larks’ become fixated on parallel lives, and rewriting your life becomes one of the few things they have in common. As well, some of the other characters mention or experience domestic violence, child abuse, and addiction. These issues are all connected, one way or another, so the reader is never

I have mixed feelings on Alec and his toxic behaviour. I liked that what happened to Lark was acknowledged but there wasn’t a lot of room to discuss it, which made it feel more like a plot device. I know there will be readers who have experienced what Lark has, so I definitely feel it was important to include. I just don’t know if this was the right way to write it in.

Me (and) Me by Alice Kuipers is an extraordinary YA novel exploring some of the real issues teens go through everyday. I loved the way Kuipers dealt with parallel lives and it made for an intriguing novel. I don’t think anyone has read the synopsis and not thought about who you would save. I thought I knew going in who I would choose. This book hijacks that thought and makes you realize there are good and bad sides to both scenarios. One of the things you can take from this book: instead of being stuck in a decision you may or may not regret, you should just live your life. Whatever you choose, there will be good and bad.

I received an advance reading copy and it has in no way altered my honest opinion of the book.
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11 reviews2 followers
June 28, 2018
This review may contain some spoilers with the characters and plot line. I write my reviews as I read the book for the full effect of how I feel throughout the novel. 

Alright... harsh critic here. The first thing I thought that popped up in my mind over and over while reading this book was Wattpad. While I think the premise was pretty interesting, I had a lot of trouble getting into this book. The accident that the novel centers around happens in the prologue, before we even get a chance to like Annabelle or Alec. I had no pull as to who Lark should save because I didn't know anything about Alec, who she wasn't even dating yet, besides the fact that he said some cheesy lines. We knew that Lark had babysat Annabelle before, but we only got once sentence from her. So, my first issue was that I didn't love either of the characters that Lark was choosing between. I didn't know them at all. I'd rather the accident have happened a chapter or two into the novel, where we already get the chance to know more about the characters, and it would have made more sense for her to have stronger connections to both of the characters (a boy she had a crush on but was hanging out with for the first time or a girl she babysat like, once?). I understand that a life or death situation moves very quickly, but I didn't feel a sense of urgency and excitement because there wasn't detail. 

Anyways, the story moved quick. The day after the accident, Lark's basically dating Alec now and they're super close and lovey and saying cheesy lines that no one really says to someone they barely know, so I just didn't find it realistic. While she feels bad that Annabelle is injured, she's back at school already and enjoying her new boyfriend, making out in parking lots. Lets be honest. If Alec almost died the day before and she chose so save him over a drowning little girl, they have some serious issues if they're suddenly dating and getting hot-and-heavy the very next day. 

Just being realistic here. 

And then it only gets more confusing. We see alternate views on what happened, like if she chose a different scenario. And honestly, it's a bit of a cop out for me. We replay the same days we already saw in the opposite scenario, and I skimmed through most of it because I wasn't interested. I understand what the author wanted to do with the story, but I don't think it was played out in a way that made a lot of sense. The novel switches like this over and over and I found it hard to follow more than anything. 

The big twist is cool. But I don't think it was played out well and it wasn't a good book for me from the beginning. I didn't get the character building and detail that I enjoy when I read a new YA novel.
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172 reviews3 followers
May 22, 2021
Imagine an awesome premise in which the protagonist is faced with a tough choice. She has to save either the boy from school she really likes and is just getting to know or the young girl she used to babysit from drowning. Her life is essentially split in two and she’s living two different lives, in which one character is in a coma while the other is fine. Which life is real?

Imagine such a cool premise like that, only to be ruined by this author.

This book was SO shitty, I’m glad I got it from the library. The whole story lacked any kind of depth. It was like viewing the top of a glacier but never seeing beneath the surface. Lark, our lame-ass protagonist, had absolutely no chemistry with her love interest, Alec, or any of her stupid friends. Instead of telling us that Lark and Alec talked about so many things, why not show us? Then we could actually see this chemistry and believe that they are a couple/in love.

The majority of the dialogue felt completely unrealistic. Some characters spoke in the way you’d write out non-dialogue. There were many times in which transitions from one scene to the next were so abrupt and didn’t flow well together AT ALL.

Did I mention it was boring AF? Cuz yeah. And what the hell even happened in the end? How was any of this parallel world/two lives thing possible? Seems it could’ve been “genetic” (Lark’s mom seems to have experienced parallel lives before and nothing much came from that), but nothing felt resolved. It seemed that in the end, Lark got a second chance to make things right, but how?? It was so confusing and there wasn’t much merit to anything. It was like the author sprinkled a ghost of a somewhat supernatural element throughout the story (barely) and then half-assed the ending.

So, yeah, this book sucked ass.
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January 5, 2018
I'm an Indigo Employee, and I received an advanced reading copy of this book, from Indigo Books & Music, in exchange for my honest feedback.

For a short book, this one kind of felt like it went on forever… Alec is a terrible boyfriend, and the relationship seems super toxic (at least after a little while) – whenever Lark tries to lean on him for support, he says he “didn’t sign up for this” – and ugh, maybe it’s just Alec I hated? Overall, this book was kind of boring, and I felt myself skimming and skipping parts (I didn’t even include this in my Goodreads ‘read’ list, because I felt like it didn’t count). Insta-love is one of my least favourite tropes, and it felt so weird and sudden that the book had barely started, they had barely started dating, and suddenly – it’s TRU LUV. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I’d taken a step back from my feelings about Alec, and their relationship, but unfortunately, I couldn’t really do that. The writing felt a little young – and so did the narration – I read a lot of YA, and this doesn’t happen often, but it just made me acutely aware that I couldn’t relate to so much of what Lark thought and felt. It weirdly read a lot like a debut, even though it wasn’t. This was a really cool story idea though, and a really interesting, really smart concept (with the split stories)- but the book just fell flat for me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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April 30, 2018
Alice is enjoying her date with Alex in a canoe on the lake when she hears someone scream nearby. Annabelle, a little girl who Alice used to babysit, has fallen in the water and is struggling to stay above water. Alice and Alex jump into the water but Alex hits his head on a rock. With both of them in trouble Alice can only choose one to save. Who does she save? This book follows Alice as she seems to be living this parallel type life, one where she saves Annabelle and one where she picks Alex to rescue. But what is real life and what is just maybe all in Alice's head?

The idea of having to make a choice of who to save and then reading about the consequences of the split second decision is what made me want to pick up the book. Unfortunately, after reading I just felt like it was full of promise that never materialized. The back and forth between the two scenarios never seemed to flow together and felt disjointed. I thought the character development was lacking and because of that it was hard to buy into some of the character's actions. I think this might be a "love it or hate it" type book because while others might have connected with it, I was just glad to be done with it.

I won a free copy in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review. All views expressed are my honest opinion.
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July 31, 2018
I really enjoyed Alice Kuipers' Life on the Refrigerator Door when I first read it as a teenager, for its inventiveness more than anything else. When I saw that she had a new book, entitled Me and Me coming out, I was intrigued, if a little sceptical of its unlikely plot. May I just point out that I actually didn't get very far with my reading of this novel; I did not even reach the incredibly ridiculous accident which is recounted in the blurb. The writing was dull, and the dialogue so wooden that I was unable to take any of the characters seriously. Not for me at all.
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