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This is Devin Jones

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Beverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones has a problem – no, it’s not the dead body that turned up on the lawn of a washed up drunk Hollywood legend, and it’s not even that she’s been having an affair with the biggest actresses in the world who’s now marrying her male co-star, it’s that Devin has been set up on a blind date to the glamorous Hollywood Screen Awards - and not only is her date a dud, but when Devin comes back from a bathroom break during the show, the theater is eerily empty and a madman has taken 25 of the world’s biggest movie and TV stars hostage. Suddenly Hollywood’s biggest night becomes Hollywood’s biggest nightmare. Alone and unarmed, Devin Jones has to get them out. Or die trying.

306 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 14, 2016

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About the author

Kristen Conrad

2 books21 followers
Kristen Conrad is the pen name of Jane Ford - a TV and film writer who has created, written and Executive Produced five series for network television, including NBC.

Also, an actor and playwright - Jane's plays "Paul and Linda Plan a Threesome," "The Four" and "Lovestruck" have been produced at various theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.
Official Website writerjaneford.com

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Profile Image for Diane Wallace.
1,132 reviews56 followers
December 10, 2018
Wow! My first time reading this author and i was truly impress -- good writing and editing,lots of action,very intense,well developed characters,good plot twists and also an interesting storyline. Recommended read!
Profile Image for Lexxi Kitty.
1,992 reviews428 followers
August 6, 2016
Wow, this one had it all. Humor, action, thrills, suspense, romance, did I mention humor? Oh, and a few scenes of graphic sex here and there.

Keeping the lesbian and gay part (Devin's best friend is a gay man), this would make one great movie. Removing that part and this still would make a great film, though it would lose a little something if it did do that, strip that part out - the LGBT part.

So, this really was a female Die Hard; a lesbian Die Hard. A cop in a terrorist situation, in a building, with explosives all over the place, and people randomly being shot. And vague mix of competent and incompetent outside helpers.

One damn good book, this be.

August 5 2016
Profile Image for Stephanie.
352 reviews36 followers
December 24, 2016
Really good action packed story. This is definitely an action story. A police kind of narrative. Very fast paced. There is some romance,unbelievably even some sex. It's smart, funny and very well written. I read in one sitting because I couldn't bring myself to stop! Different from most other books out there! Devin is bad ass! Loved it!
Profile Image for Starsandsun18.
258 reviews1 follower
November 3, 2016
Impressive! Couldn't stop reading and I didn't even know the book was coming to an end until the last few pages. The plot is really clever.
Wow! This is the author's first book, looking forward to her next already.
Please make this a series. :)

Okay, I've rooted for the wrong couple although I already know they're not going to end up together but I just can't help it. They have so much history, maybe that's why I've connected with them more and they also have more scenes together.
Everette is selfish and goes by the wants of her publicist but somewhere in the book I know she loved Devin, but just not enough to fight for her.
And also who would have sex on that situation?
That's just so off.

Devin Jones is really a bad ass Detective.
A fashionista, She's a former Model/Actress and she's also one of the nicest Detective that I've read.

I wanted to read more about Caitlin too.
And for me I think It's a bit odd that Devin wants her suddenly just before the book ends.
They didn't have much time together.

4.5 but closer to 4 than 5 because I like romance and it's not the main story here but nevertheless it's pretty good.
Highly recommended if you like Action/Crime books.
Profile Image for CLo.
717 reviews68 followers
March 1, 2017
Surprisingly Fun Action Packed Read 4.5stars

Can I start by saying I love kindle Unlimited. Allows me to give books and author's a chance I probably wouldn't. That being said, this book was fun to read. Suspend reality a bit and just enjoy this rollercoaster ride of Diehard mixed with another movie I can't think of right now. Devin Jones is a badass cop who finds herself in a situation with a crazy man and about 25 hostage celebrities. Now, not everything is fully answered and the ending is a bit abrupt but it's a fun read that keeps you, at least it kept me, reading to want to find out what happens. Give it a read...It's free with kindle Unlimited.
Profile Image for Laz the Sailor.
1,478 reviews75 followers
May 28, 2018
This is a quirky story that was recommended to me by a quirky GR friend. It takes place during a Hollywood awards show (a la Oscars), where a bunch of A-listers are held hostage by some bad guys. If it sounds like a made-for-TV movie, that's because it's written by a TV screenwriter. But it's actually a lot of fun. Our intrepid heroine is a police detective who is recovering from bad relationships and bad police partners, all of whom end up involved in the proceedings. There are a few lucky breaks and some "the bad guy is behind me" moments, which are a little campy, but the core story remains on course. There are some introspective moments intended to add even more tension to the situation. There are some wacky secondary characters, and the bad guy is truly unhinged. But Devlin conquers all - in a LBD and heels.

There is one hot sex scene, but otherwise the story is fairly tame.

I'm not sure whether I'll read another by this author, as the blurbs sound somewhat similar. But I really enjoyed this romp.
Profile Image for E.
1 review
August 4, 2016
If an action packed blockbuster movie staring a lesbian character were ever made, this could be the book it was based on.
"This is Devin Jones" has all the traits  an action movie usually has, the good and the bad.
Starting with its premise, a cop that gets accidentally caught in the middle of a hostage situation and needs to take down the big group of kidnappers on her own (which makes one automatically reminiscent of "Die Hard") and save more than 30 movie superstars, while the security forces on the outside are unhelpful (either because of unwillingness or stupidity).
The lead is and manages to remain looking super hot while shooting people, wiring and crashing vehicles, trying to stop impending explosions and running from armed crazy kidnappers all while wearing a Prada dress and Dolce and Gabbana pair of sandals. Equally as hot are the Ex and the second love interest. Refreshingly enough the hotness factor on occasions serves the plot other than for the sole purpose of picturing two hot women together (even if it is to justify some others characters' actions with how they react to this higher than usual level of hotness). 
The hostage situation takes place in the middle of a wordly televised movie award show which I thought was a neat idea for two reasons. First, it gives the situation a helpful sense of urgency and importance. Second, it helps the reader to support the belief that a lot of the important characters are hot, while also giving the writer the chance to use easily identifiable "pre-molded" characters that require less explanation (rom-com star, adolescent teen idol, male action super star and so on).
As the good action story that it is, the pase is achieved in a way where it does not give you the time to second guess situations and stop suspending disbelief. The characters are developed and described well enough that you can visualize them perfectly and understand their motivations and subsequent actions.
The downside of it, as in almost every action movie (in this case book), is that characters tend to lack a bigger depth. They serve a purpose and can not grow outside of it. There's the damsel in distress, the comic relief, the best friend, the girl next door, the incompetent cop with an attitude, the crazy bad guy and of course the kickass hero. There are all there. But in this book, the closure is rather abrupt with some of them while rather non existent with others. Do I wish there was? Sure. Was it absolutely necessary? Not really, I just prefer it when all the characters have a neatly (or not so neatly) wrapped up conclusion. There is also that lucky moment where the lead character finds something no one in real life would have been so lucky to find (literary magic?) but again the chapters and situations are organized in a way where you can just go with it if you allow yourself.
All in all, I believe this is a well written book within the action genre and as long as one understands what the offer is I don't think will be disappointed with the choice.
Profile Image for Tinything.
245 reviews
October 2, 2017
Oh man, this is such a great story. The thrilling, actions, humors, and romance. I was eeally hooked and couldnt stop until it finished. still i really enjoyed this book. Thank you very much for a great storyz
July 27, 2016
Great story!!

First time reading this author, story was full of action and suspense. Can't wait to read more books by this author.
Profile Image for Francis Franklin.
Author 13 books55 followers
May 25, 2018
This has many parallels with Die Hard, the plot centering on a hostage scenario where an out-of-jurisdiction cop must take out the bad guys and save the day. There's even an exploding rooftop.

Here, however, the setting is a Hollywood awards ceremony and the hostages are world-famous actors, one of whom is the drop dead gorgeous ex of our hero - our hero being a super-hot cop in designer dress and heels, as capable with her gun as with her kick-ass self-defence.

Which is all perhaps a little clichéd and derivative, but it's also good fun and there's a dash of lesbian romance to sweeten it.

The need to change and make up names is a little distracting, and there are one or two minor continuity errors. Also, it's a little too easy in the end; Bruce Willis had to run barefoot across glass, after all.
Profile Image for J H.
435 reviews6 followers
July 27, 2022
Die Hard, but with a sapphic cop and at the live SAG awards

SAPPHIC BOOK BINGO: not a romance, out of your comfort zone, character with a disability, favorite trope; UNICORN: more than 2 POVs (possibly other categories)

An ex-model/actress witnessed the murder of her roommate, quit her career, and then joined the police force. At times, it was over the top, but I don't know if that was intended or not. Nearly all of the males were misogynistic, and it sometimes felt like a man had written it. There were several internal conflicts (quietly sneaking around and running in a building in high heels?) that either made it campy, or just poorly written. But, no matter how bad it got, I couldn't stop reading it. It was compelling and thrilling, even though I couldn't suspend my disbelief for it.
1,143 reviews13 followers
August 7, 2016
Enjoyed this book.

This was a great book. It does push just to the limit of believable. But you have a beautiful, smart, resourceful heroine. So what else do you need.
Profile Image for F..
311 reviews10 followers
August 14, 2018
I thought this would be Die Hard, but with a lesbian cop in the lead. It’s entirely possible that it is... it’s been a while since I’ve seen Die Hard and my memory of it is a bit sketchy....
The fun premise is let down a bit by the characters lacking in any form of subtlety. The awful ones are just horrid (and if your best friend set you up on a blind date like that, you seriously need better friends...), and the famous rich people are all awful but the dog walker is lovely. And seeing someone walking dogs/ drinking coffee on the porch is enough to fall in love and care really deeply... I’m quite happy with mindless fun, but there has to be enough fun to not care about some of the bumps. And for me that wasn’t there.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Mack Lane.
1 review2 followers
January 22, 2017
Amazon probably recommended it because I’ve read 10 books (so far) by Skye Knizley. I typically avoid books where the viewpoint switches often like in this book. Still, something intrigued me about this book. Since it was on Kindle Unlimited, I downloaded a copy of Devin Jones and eventually got around to reading it. I enjoyed the characters, the writing style and the fast pace of the narrative. If you like this book, check out the Shadlowland books by Knizley or her urban fantasy series The Storm Chronicles.
Profile Image for Angela.
236 reviews
June 5, 2017
While I liked the premise, it was just not a believable story.
A model turned cop gets a date to a Hollywood award show, where -out of revenge- a big attack on the stars is orchistrated.
Too many coincidences, too many handy finds, and one sex scene in the middle of the trying to rescue everybody operation, because the ex is really too hard to resist.
Well written, and a page turner but overall it's just too. But fans of McGyver and the A team, who also like hot lesbians, will love this story.
Profile Image for Simon Wood.
Author 3 books12 followers
September 24, 2017
Read this because from the sample I downloaded, while it was obviously gonna be light stuff, it seemed like it had good characters, and believable and often funny/clever dialogue.

Once things get going though its 'lightness' truly shines through. The plot and action are both paper thin, with our lead doing things like happening to stumble onto the bad guys secret escape hatch, and descriptions of action like: Devin skillfully shot the man twice.

Profile Image for L E.
492 reviews1 follower
November 21, 2020
Wow! Action packed from beginning to end, I think this is one of the best books I've read this year (yes, I've like a few but his is one of the top ones) I really think the readers will enjoy this very much. I usually comment on the characters and what I liked or thing could have been a bit different/better in my opinion but honestly, on this one ... I think it's best if the reader just read it for them selfs and enjoy it as much as I did.
Profile Image for Curfeh.
1 review
December 24, 2017
Loved it!

This novel was so entertaining that I just couldn't stop reading. I loved everything about it, although, I would've liked to know what happened to good ol' Lori, and what was Bennet's plan in the end. I was expecting him to try and ruin Devin's exit.
Is there a sequel? Because that would be amazing!
Profile Image for Netgyrl (Laura).
507 reviews95 followers
February 16, 2020
I would say this book stated at a strong 3-stars but ended at barely 2-stars because YMMV.
Profile Image for Carrie Carr.
Author 17 books87 followers
May 28, 2018
Edge of your seat!

Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. Laughing one moment and holding my breath the next, I cheered Devin Jones on as she struggled to save the day. Whew!
5 reviews
May 29, 2018
This book was so great, so funny and so fun to read. I felt like I was watching a fast paced action Movie but with fun lesbian character. I wish there was a second part so I could see more of Devin’s and Caitlin’s Relationship. Loved it
Profile Image for Jo.
295 reviews4 followers
December 15, 2021
Gritty, hard-hitting prose, non-stop action and a thoroughly fun read!

Devin is a well-developed and likable protagonist. Like me, you might just find yourself fist pumping as she takes down the villains.
Profile Image for Michelle.
309 reviews3 followers
May 20, 2017
Great action

Everything I wanted in a book. Wonderful story. Lovely characters. This was a feel good book. Devin Jones needs her own series.
Profile Image for Luci Fest.
6 reviews
April 5, 2018
Love this book.

She kicked in alot of doors. A LOT of doors.
Except one door, but someone helped. Oops I meant to say spoilers.

Fun book by the way.
49 reviews1 follower
May 16, 2018

This was an interesting story. Not too far for an all time favorite action movie in book form. It's about time to see a female lead in a full action thrilling story.
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