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The Beauty & The Thief #0.5

Christmas in the City II

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Eleven newly written stories by Authors in the City authors.
This anthology will benefit Caring Community Foundation, located in Raleigh, NC where the 2017 Authors in the City book signing will be held.
Authors in the City is hosted by:
Stephanie's Book Reports

Christmas Once Again - Samantha Chase
Like Christmas - Ashlee Taylor
Ugly sweater - Elizabeth Hayes
A change of heart - Shari J. Ryan
Christmas break - Misha Elliott
Joyful Temptations - Janine Infante Bosco
Dancing Snowflakes - Madison Street
The Lovers of Vale - CS Patra
Christmas Interference - Jennifer L. Allen
Rewrite - Stephanie Rose
All I Want for Christmas - Savanna Grey

558 pages, Paperback

First published November 1, 2016

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About the author

Samantha Chase

123 books2,061 followers
Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance that’s hotter than sweet, sweeter than hot. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than seventy titles under her belt – including THE CHRISTMAS COTTAGE which was a Hallmark Christmas movie in 2017! She’s a Disney enthusiast who still happily listens to 80’s rock. When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 30 years and their two sons in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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Author 22 books1,092 followers
September 26, 2016
I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. I am so happy that the author will eventually be giving us more, as alluded to with her sneaky "The End...for now" because I absolutely adored this couple. In fact, this just might be my favorite couple Stephanie has brought to the page.

Josh is to die for and the angsty push and pull between Brianna and her long time crush are so heartwarming. Stephanie had me rooting for these two from page one of their past all the way up until 12 years later when he's back to claim his unavailable best friend. This is the perfect short story to keep you snug and swooning during those cold, holiday nights by the fire.
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57 reviews12 followers
October 7, 2016
Received an ARC for an honest review.
Dancing Snowflakes is novella from Madison Street's Second Chances series and is Rob's story. Rob has always been there for his friends throughout the Second Chances series and I always hoped that he would get an HEA. I was so excited to hear he would get his chance and Madison did not disappoint! Rob and Bridgette have a chance meeting and were never looking to have a relationship of any kind, let alone a long distance friendship. It's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder and Rob and Bridgette realize that there is more to their friendship. But, can they make it work through miles of distance between them and an unexpected job promotion? If you are a fan of the Second Chances series, Dancing Snowflakes is a quick must read! Fans will also love seeing cameos from Taylor and Harley. Kudos to Madison!❤️
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961 reviews30 followers
December 6, 2016
Rewrite - 4.5 stars!!!

I'm so glad that I found Stephanie's work. I loved her other books, so when I found out she was part of a novella, I couldn't wait to read it. With Rewrite, we have a second chance love story, which are one of my favorites.

From the beginning my heart broke for Josh and Brianna. They were best friends since they were little and Josh was her protector. She was so in love with him when they got older, but things happened and he told her to move on and forget him. She's devastated and fast forward 10 years and Josh is back! Will they have their second chance at love? These two were putting me through it. Thingd with Brianna were different, but do you ever forget your first love? Will Josh get his chance and get the girl he let go? You have to read to find out :)

Can't wait to see what's next for these two.

ARC provided for a honest review

*** Updated: Dec 4, 2o16***

Savanna Grey

All I Want For Christmas - 4 Stars

This is the first time I read this author and it won't be the last. This was a cute novella with Noah and his assistant Mia. She was worked for him for years and is actually the only one to put up with him. He's all work and no play. He doesn't have time for anything else or letting anyone in for that matter. While there is an attraction between the two, they both have no idea..or do they?

Mia takes him to a couple of places to make he see the rest of the world outside of work and to experience something different. Those scenes were touching and we start to see that Noah isn't a tyrant after all. Will he and Mia have a chance? Will she get him to see her the way she sees him?You'll have to read to find out :) I hope we get more of these two in the future. :)
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2,268 reviews161 followers
October 31, 2016

Rewrite by Stephanie Rose is a terrific little Christmas story of childhood friends who finally get their chance at love. Josh and Brianna have been best friends forever but never more than that, much to Brianna’s dismay. Her heart broke when Josh left to join the military, with barely a good-bye. It’s years later and Josh has returned home, set on winning Brianna’s heart- the same heart he left battered and bruised all those year before.

Oh how I adored Josh. He’s all kinds of alpha, as he stakes his claim on Brianna…not letting anything, or anyone, stand in his way. He knows he has a lot to make up for and does everything he can to work his way back into Brianna’s good graces, her life, and most importantly- her heart.

I love a good friends-to-lovers romance that tugs at my heartstrings and Rewrite did just that. Josh and Brianna have such a special history together, you can’t help wanting these two to work through their issues and finally find their happiness together. I loved that this story ends on such a happy note, but with a hint that there’s more to come for them!


This is a great collection of sweet and sexy Christmas stories- there's a little something here for everyone. I'm now ready to don my ugly sweater, curl up under a blanket and wait for the snow to start falling!
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5,049 reviews37 followers
October 31, 2016
An amazing collection of 11 stories from various authors. Some where old favorites of mine and some were new to me but all of them entertained me with stories that touched my heart and filled me with the hopeful nature of the season. Just a few of my favorites -

Christmas Once Again by Samantha Chase - a great second chance story. When high school loves Hunter Ashton and Lexi Hayes are reunited after eight year at a party being hosted by Hunter's mother. Hunter of course is the expected attendant and Lexi is a server. Somethings haven't changed in all this time. The spark between them hasn't changed either. Will their differences still be to much to overcome?

Like Christmas by Ashlee Taylor - a quick introduction to some of the characters of the A Beauty & The Thief books. It has a snarky but can't help but love heroine and a very mysterious hero. It will definitely leave you wanting more!!

Ugly Sweaters by Elizabeth Hayes - a fun quick story of two women who have recently suffered a breakup but have decided it's time to get out there and have fun again. In the spirit of the season they are going to an Ugly Sweaters party and hope to find a couple of cute guys to have fun with. What they actually find turns out to be so much more!
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186 reviews5 followers
November 1, 2016
Oh, my. Can I have a Josh for Christmas??
So, I had the lovely opportunity to read Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. First, I have to disclose that if you were to ask me if I liked short stories, my first instinct would be to tell you NO. I generally feel that they are too short and that you can't get enough out of them. Basically, I am always left wanting.
BUT I think that there are definite exceptions. And Rewrite is one of those (so is Always Us... but I digress). I loved this story. I loved Josh. I loved Stephanie's words and the feelings she gives you. I loved that it was a best friends to lovers story all rolled up with second chances. If this is the level of awesomeness that the entire anthology is at, I can't wait to read the entire thing!
P.s. Stephanie, GIVE ME MORE JOSH!!! Please and thank you. :)
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146 reviews1 follower
October 8, 2016
I was given the opportunity to receive an early copy of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street for an honest review . This is Robs story! Rob the bachelor who can charm the pants off any chick.... finds himself on the streets of NY with a stranger. A stranger whom he gets to know in one night...... he has that magnetic pull and knows she's what he has been missing! They part ways and live in different time zones. Will fate bring Bridgette and Rob together? Can they rekindle one night .. one kiss..and make it into something more! As always Madison does not disappoint! AND We were able to get a glimpse of Taylor and Harley too! (Fist pump) This is an amazing Novella from the Second Chances series! This series is AMAZING so if you haven't already..... go get it......otherwise you are missing out ❤️
97 reviews1 follower
October 11, 2016
I received this ARC for a Honest review.

My Review is for Rewrite by Stephanie Rose

I love Brianna and Josh's story, they have known each other since kindergarden, and have been best friends ever since. Sometimes you have to move on with your life, but never really forget your first love, and when they come back to town it tends to stir up all kinds of emotions, that's when you have to decide whether you listen to your heart, or you stay in the relationship your in. Hard to forget about the boy you grew up with, who always protected you, and cared about you, life sometimes can be so complicated.

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2,892 reviews27 followers
October 11, 2016
I had the pleasure to read a early copy of Rewrite by Stephanie Rose and let me tell you. I loved it. It was amazing. Josh oh my Josh. He's swoon worthy.

Such a great book. I love Stephanie's books. She's awesome

I also got the privilege to read a early copy of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street. I loved it. It was amazing
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2,047 reviews35 followers
November 2, 2016
This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland

As with other anotholgies here are some short reviews for all the novellas!

Christmas Once Again by Samantha Chase - ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Can I just say that I love this author? She always writes such fun, cute reads that I pretty much always enjoy. This story was no different. I was in a serious book funk when I started this one. I had just finished a really long, really boring book so I was a bit meh on reading. But I thought this would be a quick read so why not? Well I am glad I picked this up because the author pulled me right out of my funk. This is the story of two people who fell in love in high school, but circumstances prevented them from being together. Only now, at Christmastime eight years later, they run into each other again. He is a wealthy businessman and she is working as the staff. Can she trust him after what he did all those years ago? Is he in it for real this time? Oh, this was a fun read. I loved all the characters, and even though it was short it felt like a complete story. Loved it! Plus it got me out of my book funk! Hooray!

Like Christmas - Ashlee Taylor - ★ ★

This story was not for me. Really it read like it should be in a Halloween compilation. I didn't quite understand how the guy wasn't just super creepy. Maybe I am missing something. That and it wasn't a complete story, it just seems to stop right in the middle of things so you have to get a different book to see what happens next. The main character was a bit all over the place for me, and as I said the guy was creepy, always there in the shadows, so it would have made for a great scary story, not a holiday romance. Oh well.

Ugly Sweater - Elizabeth Hayes - ★ ★

I don't usually read a lot of novellas because I find they usually try to tell too much story in too few pages. Kind of like this one. Two recntly-ish single bff's go to an ugly sweater singles party hoping to meet some hot guys. And they do, but I never really saw the connection. Things moved crazy quick and it just didn't work for me. Maybe with more pages, a longer story, I would have enjoyed it. I don't know, the writing otherwise was alright. This story just suffered from novella-itous for me and made me wonder what a full length story from this author would be like.

A Change of Heart - Shari J. Ryan - ★

I really did not enjoy this one. It started off and I thought oh, this will be a sweet, heartbreaking read. After all two friends who could die anytime and the one wants to give the other her heart when she will probably die soon? Yeah. That was so touching. The first two chapters. But then it got to be too much for me. Can I just say that hearts don't have thoughts or feelings or wishes. They don't. Nope. I couldn't deal with this one. The way the girl was for the whole rest of the story just made me angry. I hated how she couldn't do anything, couldn't do what she wanted, because it was not her heart to give out and all that nonsense. Nope. Not for me.

Christmas Break - Misha Elliott

I don't really know how to rate this one. It was a little bit of a story of Sophie and Alex, characters who I don't know already and so I didn't really know what they were referring to most of the time. I would say this is not one you could just pick up and have a nice story to read. It felt like just some chapters from the middle of a book so...it wasn't for me. If you know the authors other works and know these characters you may enjoy it, but if you are like me...there isn't much here. I even forgot that I had read this one already when I went back to write this review.

Joyful Temptations - Janine Infante Bosco - ★ ★ ★ ★

I haven't read anything else by this author, didn't know these characters or storyline, but unlike the last one this one worked. I instantly loved Blackie and Lacey, knew what they were all about, knew how much they cared for each other and wanted them to live happily ever after. Right from the first page. That was great. I am sure if I had read their story before this one I would have loved this even more. There was a lot going on in this novella, some ups and downs, but it never felt rush. Plus it felt like a complete story. Just Blackie and Lacey dealing with some things and figuring out their next steps. Sure you can read the next book to see what happens after, but you don't need to. I like that a lot.

Dancing Snowflakes - Madison Street - ★ ★ ★1/2

This was a cute read. Two people meet near Christmastime in New York City, but only one lives there. The other is heading back home to Chicago the next day. They both feel the connection, but what can they do when they live in two different places? Will they be able to figure out a way to be together eventually or are they destined to only see each other that once? A cute, fun holiday read.

The Lovers of Vale - CS Patra - ★

This felt like the first couple chapters of a longer book. It just ends and...I know they mention it is Christmastime and they have presents for everyone, but it didn't feel Christmasy at all. Now as for the story? I didn't care for it. Partly because it felt like you are not actually experiencing anything that is happening somehow. The conversations were a bit stilted for me, not realistic, and it was all just off. That and it repeated a lot. I would look away for a minute then come back and think I accidentally clicked back a few pages (it happens sometimes when I am carrying my Kindle around with me), but I hadn't. I was just being told basically the same information again for some reason. This story wasn't for me.

Christmas Interference - Jennifer L. Allen - ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

This story was wonderful. This is what I want in a holiday novella. A cute, fun story that left me wanting more. Brenna and Aaron are so cute together! She is a girl who has sworn off men after her last disaster of a boyfriend and he is the new guy on the local minor league hockey team. The same team that her brother plays for. Oh, this story was so much fun! Brenna thinks Aaron is hot, but she is not sure she wants to try dating again. Aaron liked her right from the start. There is just a spark between them. When they end up spending Christmas together what will happen? Loved it. I didn't want it to end. In fact I immediately went to see if there was another book about them so I could read more. Wonderful!

Rewrite - Stephanie Rose - ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

This was another really cute holiday read. Brianna and Josh were wonderful to read. They have known each other since kindergarten, been best friends since then, and both love the other. Only they never say that. Josh because he is definitely not good enough for Brianna, he is always getting into trouble, but no matter what he does he doesn't scare her away. When he finally does something that forces him to leave she is heartbroken. Especially because he told her to forget about him. He wanted her to live a happy life, a better life, without him. Now it is 12 years later and Josh is back, but Brianna is not single anymore. Will they figure out a way to make this work, or did Josh push her away for good? Yes, Brianna was a bit...annoying at times with her what do I do?!? When it is obvious and not fair to some people how she is acting, but I still loved this story. And again went to see if there was more I could read somewhere.

All I Want for Christmas - Savanna Grey - ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

All I Want for Christmas was a great end to this holiday anthology. I loved this story. I love the demanding workaholic boss and the assistant whom he would be lost without fall in love story. Plus it all happens at Christmastime with some nice Christmas magic and this story is a winner. Noah and Mia were so cute together. Really a great read.
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1,440 reviews12 followers
November 2, 2016
This is a great collection of wonderful holiday romances written by eleven different authors to raise money for a deserving charity. If you like contemporary romances of any type, you'll find something to enjoy in this collection. They are quick to read & tug at your heart & your emotions. I'll be going back & rereading several time & time again.
19 reviews1 follower
October 16, 2016
I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street. It is a short, quick, enjoyable read. How do you have a long distance relationship with a virtual stranger? And then how do you survive a promotion and even longer distance? This book is very nicely paced and covers a years time. See how strangers grow into friends and more....A sweet love story!
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76 reviews
October 5, 2016
Dancing Snowflakes
This is the beautiful story of Rob and Bridgette. Neither Rob or Bridgette were looking for love but after a chance meeting they couldn't deny the pull they had towards each other. They might try to deny whats between them but love usually wins in the end. This was such a sweet love story. These two will make you smile and make you want to cry. I loved this novella of these two. Another beautiful love story from an amazing author!
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961 reviews8 followers
September 25, 2016
I haven't read the entire compilation yet, but have finished Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. Usually I am not a big fan of short stories or novellas that introduce new characters- I do love them when we catch up on characters from other stories- but these characters are easy to love! The story begins by introducing Brianna and Josh while in high school, but flashes forward 12 years to when they meet again and continues with them getting reacquainted.

I fell in love in with both characters and hope there is more to come of them in the future!!

I can't wait to read the other stories in this when it's released!!
Profile Image for Liz.
130 reviews
September 28, 2016
I was fortunate enough to read Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. This book is a first for me. I'm new to the author and absolutely loved this short story. I love that I think there will be more to this wonderful story. I love the characters and her writing style. You too will fall in love with this story. There is a push and pull with their relationship. With they finally be together after 12 years?
Profile Image for kgagnon.
1,744 reviews1 follower
October 18, 2016
I was fortunate enough to be able to read Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. This novella was everything you want/need in a short story. It had two very like-able, genuine characters with the perfect amount of backstory, angst, heat, and heart! It begins with Brianna's best friend Josh leaving for boot camp because of some trouble. She was heartbroken when he told her to forget him and move on. Josh was her protector and best friend since kindergarten. How could she move on from the love of her life? They did keep in touch by writing letters and she was always so excited on the day a letter would arrive. Brianna continued living her life believing she would never see Josh again. Brianna met Scott in college and they have been dating for years. Now after twelve long years, Josh is back to start a new life and to claim what should have always been his. I loved Brianna so much, she was strong, loyal and caring. She could see past the beautiful troubled boy to see who Josh truly was. Josh is so sexy, witty and determined. They were great together and their chemistry was so hot. I loved everything about this story except for the length, I wasn't ready for it to end! That said, this quick, sexy, heartwarming story was totally satisfying.
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1,621 reviews21 followers
November 6, 2016
I always enjoy a good anthology and one that goes to a good cause- even better. Christmas in the City II was just the ticket to get me in the holiday spirit and I can't wait to get through the rest of the stories- especially if they're as good as Rewrite by Stephanie Rose (this is my review for that part of the set).

The opening just crushed me and I wanted to wrap Briana up and knock some sense into Josh!
Life happened to these two best friends, like it tends to do, and when they were put back into each others orbit, it was as if the clouds parted, the sun came out and the birds sang. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. There were other players involved now. Couple that with years of longing and hurt, throw in a few secret dreams and broody men and it was a recipe for a major showdown. And there was one....Not going to give away all the goods, you're just going to have to see for yourself!
There is so much potential for an awesome story for these two. From their childhood friendship, to the years spent apart to the promise of the future that they always longed for. My fingers are crossed to see Briana and Josh again somewhere down the line.
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1,674 reviews
October 6, 2016
I got the pleasure of receiving an early copy of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street! She's one of my favorite "go to" authors and her part in this book was amazing!!

Rob was born and raised in NYC and loves living there as an adult. He's a twenty-seven year old attorney and enjoys his "flavor of the month" as far as women go. He's having the time of his life and in no rush for a relationship. But, he's sure when the right girl comes along he'll know it. He heads out to a bar with friends to pick up his latest conquest. After he picked Samantha, he goes outside to wait for her when he sees a woman looking frantic and almost in tears. He decides to see if she's okay and that's how our story begins!!

Such a sweet story! I loved Rob and Bridgette! Both characters were very "real" and that makes for a great, charming book!! I'm glad this was a novella because once I started, I wasn't putting it down until I was done! A great book that makes you say "AWWW" during the majority of it!!
Profile Image for Charlene.
668 reviews
October 11, 2016
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street...

Rob, who is the forever self-proclaimed bachelor, finally meets his match in this sweet, fun, and quick holiday story. Bridgette is nothing like the girls he normally finds himself attracted to, and that's probably a good thing. The only problem is he lives in New York, she lives in Chicago. They meet by chance in New York, spend a fun evening together, parting ways for almost a year before Rob needs to make a trip to Chicago. Another evening together and then they part, but their connection remains across the miles and through their time apart. Rob needs to make a decision and fight for what he knows he wants!

I wondered about the title, and it finally clicked with this line..."The way they move in the globe. It’s like their swaying to the beat of the one another; like a dance. Each flake completely dependent on the other, like a perfectly matched pair.” I love how Madison compared a couple falling in love to two snowflakes dancing...really beautiful.
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989 reviews3 followers
October 16, 2016
*I received a copy of this anthology in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Carla's Five Star Review

Joyful Temptations is awesome! This is a novella for Blackie and Lacey. It is Christmas, and all the members of the Satan's Knights MC are looking forward to the holidays. As always, things happen, and Lacey's "maker" makes an unwanted appearance. However, she soon gets some news that gives her hope for a better day. She and Blackie may just finally get their happily ever after!

Carla's Five Star Review

A Change of Heart is a novella for the amazing Heart of Time by Shari J Ryan. This novella gives you the history shared between Hunter, Ellie, and Ari. As always with Shari, the writing in this novella is incredible! And the characters? They are very well developed and so easy to relate to and fall in love with! I promise that after reading this quick introduction, you will want to one click Heart of Time asap in order to read the complete story!
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49 reviews2 followers
October 2, 2016
I was given the opportunity to read Stephanie Rose's Rewrite early. I absolutely loved it. I can relate to Bri. My best friend in high school was a guy. We just clicked and I was absolutely head over heels in love with him. I treasured our friendship so I hid my feelings. Sometimes the looks between us or the interactions we shared made me think he felt the same way but I was too scared to say anything. If I wasn't dating someone he was but our significant others weren't happy about our friendship but neither of us cared. As I was reading Rewrite all I could think about was my best friend, the one I will love unconditionally until my last breath. I felt for Bri, loving someone but being in love with someone else.

Rewrite brought that part of my life back with a punch to the gut but its ok, it brought happy memories back to the surface.

I would really love more Bri and Josh. I want to read their happily ever after.
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1,514 reviews3 followers
November 4, 2016
I had the opportunity to read Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street.

I felt the love and the happiness between Rob and Bridget. I smiled a lot reading their story. Bridget is in New York for a job and is meeting her co-workers but is lost. Rob is a lawyer and a Playboy and loves New York City. Rob sees Bridget lost and helps her. They get along and become great friends. Bridget lives in Chicago and Rob lives in New York. They are both stubborn about their feelings towards one another. Will living in different states and their jobs keep them apart? Can Rob and Bridget remain just friends?

Looking forward to reading the other offers work.

***Updated 11/04/16***
I was able to read the other Authors work and I loved it.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and reading these stories made it even more enjoyable. Tis the season and what a great cause its for. I found new authors and I can't wait to read more of their work.
1,364 reviews3 followers
December 8, 2016
This review is only for Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street.

We have womanizer Rob's story from the Second Chances series. Rob enjoys women and prides himself in picking out one any night of the week to play with. As he is waiting on his choice for the night he finds himself helping a lost woman trying to meet up with her friends. He finds himself enjoying her company and not wanting the night to end much less say goodbye to her.

Bridgett is in New York on business from Chicago. She runs into a lawyer who makes her laugh and enjoys talking to him. Problem is going home the next day and knows any kind of relationship especially long distance is impossible.

The bond these two create without even realizing it is heartwarming. You can’t help but want them to figure out how to be together.

Dancing Snowflakes is perfect for the Christmas season and gives us hope for love regardless of distance.
Profile Image for Three Chicks.
2,592 reviews417 followers
October 18, 2016
Review by Lisa Kane

Loved Stephanie Rose's Rewrite. Cute story about two childhood friends separated when Josh left Brianna and joined the service. Ten years later and Josh has returned to town. They have kept in touch by writing letters but have always avoided getting too personal. When he sees Brianna for the first time in a decade, he's thrilled, until he meets Scott her boyfriend.

Scott and Brianna have been together for years. He's just started his own accounting business and he's busy, too busy. But he's not too busy to know when another man has feelings for his woman! Brianna thought she had her life figured out..but then Josh came back to town.

Sweet story about true love and second chances.
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1,252 reviews9 followers
October 15, 2016
So far I've read two of the novellas in this anthology.
Christmas Once Again by Samantha Chase: 5 STARS! A sweet holiday tale about Lexi, who struggles to make ends meet with two jobs, and Hunter, the guy who broke her heart in high school. As Hunter struggles to break free from his controlling mother, Lexi fights to keep her heart intact.
All I Want for Christmas by Savanna Grey: 4 STARS! A sweet story about finding meaning of love during the Christmas season. Mia was Noah's assistant, who helped him not only run his business, but also break out of the work shell to spread love throughout his community.
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912 reviews19 followers
September 27, 2016
This review is for Rewrite by Stephanie Rose. Christmas time and Stephanie's beautiful characters, what more could I ask for?!? Brianna and Josh grew up together and it's years later and Brianna has never once given up on Josh. There is no more admirable quality in a person than that. She's the sweetest! And Josh, don't even get me started on him! He's one of my favorite book boyfriends ever!!! Together these two will be unstoppable just given the chance! Stephanie just has a way of making these characters seem so real, and I love it!
255 reviews
September 29, 2016
Ahh, Rewrite by the wonderful Stephanie Rose was a hugely satisfying slice of a best friend's to lovers romance! and I loved every second of it. I was afraid to blink for the chance that it would be over. you have no idea how happy I was to see the For Now when it came to this short. These are probably two of my favorite characters from Stephanie and I hope we'll get more from these two!! because Josh and Bri were awesomesauce! Totally cute and totally rocommended!!
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Author 9 books62 followers
October 1, 2016
I had the pleasure of reading Stephanie Rose's Rewrite contribution to this collaboration, and it was ah-mazing! I fell in love with these characters from the first scene. I see a lot of myself in Bri, who is a very relatable character. Oh, and who doesn't love a hunky lead bad-boy-turned-good-to-deserve-the-girl? I cannot wait to see more of these characters.

And, if you love this short story and Josh, check out Stephanie's other men: Lucas, Evan, and Owen....Evan is mine, though!
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1,568 reviews23 followers
October 6, 2016
My review is just for Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street
**ARC copy provided by the author**

Rob has been known as a lady's man. He's young not committed to anything and just living life in New York as an attorney. What he didn't know was that he was missing something and it wasn't until he met a stranger on the streets of New York for him to realize it.

This short story has great flow, great storyline and a wonderful ending.

Madison Street has done it again. Highly recommended.
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October 8, 2016
Rob, our sweet lovable attorney, gets his story! I was given a copy of Dancing Snowflakes by Madison Street and wanted to leave my review. She wrote a wonderful series about a group of friends surviving tragedies or misfortune and finding true love but poor Rob was always the supportive friend. A random conversation on the sidewalk leads to much flirtation and serious Facebook texting with his new "friend." This was a fun flirty addition to the series but can be enjoyed alone.
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