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Endangered #2

Dead and Damaged

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Book Two of The Endangered Series picks up with Lori attempting to track down the source of stealth technology rogue vampires are using to hunt humans. Her pursuit leads her into the arms of a government agency with similar objectives. A temporary alliance is formed in an effort to stop the corporation responsible for putting the technology in malignant hands. Their mission goes awry, however, and leaves Lori with more enemies than friends.

Her situation worsens when Marcus learns that the corporation has also been working with vampires to develop daylight suits and synthetic blood. He convinces his clan that this organization and its infinite resources will be a valuable asset in the evolution of their kind. They begin questioning Lori’s motives and Marcus takes the opportunity to capitalize on their distrust. Consequently, Lori soon finds herself on the run from her former clan and turns to Vega for help exposing the truth behind Marcus and his new deceitful allies.

314 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 9, 2016

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S.L. Eaves

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6 reviews
July 12, 2016
The second book takes a look at post-war life for the clan established in the first book. Lori has struck out on her own, presumably b/c the death of a certain character and the war ending leaves her hunting for a new distraction. And man does she find one. Without giving away too much of the plot, the main story explores how humans coexist with vampires in a very grounded setting, with governments and corporations trying to control them and use them for their own gains. Lori is all too eager to find a new enemy to chase and gets mixed up with a group of humans with questionable motives as a result. Despite mostly honorable intentions, her new allegiance ends up pissing off members of her old clan. This gives Marcus, whose been scheming to gain more power and devising a way to eliminate Lori, the excuse he needs to go after her. It's highly-enjoyable to follow the chaos generated from Lori's downward spiral. The fast-paced story flows smoothly with a good balance between exposition and action. My only critique is that there's not much character development. The author assumes you're already familiar with the characters from the first book so if you haven't read it you might be confused by some of the character's relationships. That aside, it's a very entertaining read.
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Author 1 book27 followers
August 2, 2016
Not disappointed at all. This book is full of action and suspense. In case you were wondering, you might find much of romance in this book. The characters are one of the things I love about Dead & Damaged. They are written very well and have many unique personalities that draw you in. The action and growth are in perfect harmony. There is mystery, love and betrayal. The world building is extremely well imagined by the author, and this one absolutely did not disappoint. Everything from the back story: mythology, vampires, werewolves and other creatures are explored. None of what the reader learns feels like an info dump, as the author seamlessly weaves the information the reader needs into the actual story. It’s hard to imagine that a story could be as good or even better. I am so upset that I am finished. I would read the next book since this really interested me.
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Author 57 books328 followers
January 3, 2017
Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

I really loved Eaves fresh take on Vanpires and Werewolves in 'Endangered', a look at how these two sentient apex predators would compete for the same niche. The prize? The hapless and delicious humans caught in the middle of course! In fact the first book did this so well that I wondered what direction book two could possibly go in. Book twos are epically hard to write and even harder to keep on course so they don't fall flat. Happy to say there is no middle book syndrome here - it's even better than 'Endangered'.

Lori, the dynamic and occasionally belligerent MC, is on the run. It quickly becomes clear that she's as much on the run from her own internal emotional struggles as from external events. You might even be forgiven for thinking she's looking for trouble... She is such a fabulous character, full of agency, you xan't help rooting for her. The war is over but the aftermath is birthing something sinister and it's not in Lori's nature to just leave things alone.

As with the first book, the world building is superb. I love the tech-savvy vampires - ig just seems such a likely area for those guys to go into. This is a page turning thriller of the first order. Less about scares and far more about fast paced mystery. Brilliant stuff. Highly recommend for everyone who loves dynamic heroines and vampire stories with a difference.
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Author 20 books45 followers
October 15, 2016
If you’re looking for a non-traditional vampire story that doesn’t bother to whitewash its protagonist as anything other than someone who wants to live and understand her place in the world, check out Dead and Damaged. It’s got action, intrigue, secrets, and all the great things that make for a good story. To be brutally honest, I loved it because it’s exactly the kind of story I’d write. Lori has her snarky moments and her serious moments. There are scary things, but it’s not a horror novel. There are governments and contractors doing sketchy things, but it’s not a traditional thriller. It’s vampires in a very realistic world, magical realism and gun fights and high-tech all rolled into a delicious sushi burrito.
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1,845 reviews56 followers
September 11, 2016
Wow, this book has lots of action in it! All I wanted to do on this book was just keep reading. It was great! I can't say enough great things about it. I enjoyed the characters and the story and everything else, too. This book has vampires, werewolves, and humans in a great cast of a whirlwind of a book. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*
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Author 4 books15 followers
February 2, 2017
Action packed from the very beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. And I love Lori.
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1,490 reviews22 followers
November 23, 2017

My review ......

Oh My God !!!! I didn’t think the second book could get any better than the first one ..... boy was I wrong.
A few twists and turns and I’m on the edge of my seat.
In this second installment of The Endangered trilogy, we find Lori struggling to find her place in the vampire world. (She was a human until turned by a vampire called Catch)
Lori decides to side the with humans in a government agency, they want to help destroy the werewolf plan of domination, (they designed a virus to turn humans into werewolves) but this doesn’t help Lori, in fact, she becomes suspect in the vampire world. (Lies and mistrust doesn’t help Lori’s cause) and then has to outrun both her old vampire family and the werewolves.
Lori has grown since the last book, and her finding her vampire feet, has made for great reading..... from taking bullets (which don’t kill vampires) to falling six stories from a building (she lands on all fours like a cat). She still has her doubts and would swap being a vampire to a human in a heartbeat, but she knows there is no going back, so will do her best to rid the world of werewolves.
The cast of secondary characters are just as strong as the first book. And the antagonist exchanges between Lori and Brixton. And the loyal friendship of Quinn make great reading.

I would recommend you read “The Endangered” first, which will make “Dead and Damaged” more sense.
I will be eagerly awaiting the next and last instalment.

Julie 🦋
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2,044 reviews10 followers
October 7, 2019
With Catch’s death Lori goes on a one-woman-vampire revenge quest. Lori is bound and determined to find out who is behind the recently uncovered amazing technology along with the recent killings, both human and vampire. Clan leader Marcus is up to his undead eyeballs in the conspiracy together with industrialist Brixton. Lori joins forces with the DIA, a stealthy government agency, which only increases mistrust of Lori by her peers. Lori certainly has her talons full, and it is questionable whether she will succeed with her investigations. With manufactured evidence building, and former friends turned enemy, Lori may have to go on the run for her own safety. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
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3,389 reviews55 followers
September 3, 2017
Dead and Damaged (The Endangered Series Book 2) by S L Eaves for me is a five star read

Absolutely incredible and the story gets better with each addition. Cannot wait to see what the next one has in store for us. This author will always leave you wanting more every time.

I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series and will be one clicking the pre order button the second it becomes available. I am so addicted to this series.

Will definitely recommend to everyone I know
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3 reviews
June 15, 2017
Book Review of Dead and Damaged by S. L. Eaves

In this second installment of The Endangered trilogy, we again find Lori, a “turned” human and flawed heroine, struggling to find her place in the vampire world. Lori’s character continues to be developed through her sometimes humorous and at other times emotionally wrought observations about herself and those around her, both human and vampire. As in “The Endangered”, there are no lulls in the action, from the opening paragraph to the satisfying, though violent, ending. The author is very skilled in building suspense and intrigue. She imaginatively describes fascinating new technologies, weapons and even genetically engineered vampires and werewolves. In this book, Lori allies herself with humans in a government agency, who share her worthy goal of destroying an evil enterprise, but this is to her own detriment, as she becomes suspect in the vampire world. What I enjoyed most is the author’s use of strong, prominently featured, female characters. Lori, her loyal friend Quinn and even Lori’s brilliant and manipulative antagonist, Brixton, are well drawn, something which is sorely lacking in books today, especially in this genre. I highly recommend reading The Endangered first, which will put Dead and Damaged in better context. You will not be able to put them down and like me, will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.
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