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Myriad Lands #1

Myriad Lands: Volume 1: Around the World

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Beyond the familiar tropes of kings and castles, elves and dragons, there is a whole world of possibilities for fantasy literature. This anthology collects fantasy stories whose inspiration lies beyond the traditional medieval European basis. It brings exciting new stories and overlooked voices into the fantasy genre.

This volume contains stories based on real cultures (or their magical analogues) from all over our world. Stories by: Tade Thompson, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Lyn McConchie, Daniel Heath Justice, Dilman Dila, Daniel Ausema, and more.

- A Chinese ex-soldier is confronted by the ghost of a young man he killed in battle.

- African gods roam modern Britain following an immigrant family.

- A blind Japanese girl journeys through the woods to tend her grandparents' grave and encounters a nefarious fox spirit.

- How does an Indian noble girl learn to cope after becoming untouchable?

- A Nigerian boy catches a magical fish the local magicians would love to eat. But is it worth more to him alive?

- A girl from the Caucasus mountains is set to marry a young man from the valley, when an invasion of Cyclopses interrupts the wedding.

Enjoy nineteen stories of fantasy, adventure, and magic from around the world.

320 pages, Paperback

First published June 29, 2016

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1,388 reviews29 followers
August 18, 2018
I found this collection of fantasy short stories at a convention, and was intrigued at its premise of a diverse set of authors telling stories not necessarily inspired by traditional Western history, and not limited to the traditional faux-medieval setting. The book had a high hit rate for me, and with Firestarter a story that really felt like it could be expanded into a full novel - I want to know more about both these characters and the world they inhabit. Other stories that really clicked with me are Ascension about a monk's journey to enlightenment; The Music Maker about a young woman whose attempt to leave a mark doesn't turn out as she'd hoped; The Pride of Kutush, telling of a young hunter sent to retrieve a stolen god; and The Beauty of the Dance in which music and magic are tightly intertwined.

There were some that I didn't really get and some that were good but a bit dark for my tastes, but in all I've got to congratulate the editor on the choice and range of stories in the volume.
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Author 7 books24 followers
July 29, 2019
Like pretty much all anthologies, this was a mixed bunch for me. Some excellent stories, and some I didn't care for. My favourite stories, in the order they appear in the antho:

- "Household Gods" by Tade Thompson
- "Keeper of the Bones" by Daniel Heath Justice
- "The Beauty of the Dance" by Kirstie Olley
- "A Pebble in the Mountains" by Ariel Bolton
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Author 13 books19 followers
August 7, 2017
In the spirit of full disclosure my story 'The Beauty Of The Dance' is contained within these pages, however this review is based on my thoughts and feelings on the other stories not letting my inclusion affect the review.

The theme of Myriad Lands v1 is fantasy set in wolds where the background is not a carbon copy of medieval Europe. In this first volume of the Myriad Lands series the worlds are based on other historic countries from ancient Anatolia, India, Africa, and Japan to some more contemporary settings like a current day London and New Zealand. If variety is your jam you won't be disappointed.

Along with the variety of worlds comes a good dose interesting new magic systems and, of course, cultures.

I feel proud to be part of this collection, the other stories are strong and have such an amazing range to them. With any collection this size there were a couple I wasn't quite as enthused by, but I could tell that was more of a 'just not my cup of tea' feeling rather than a 'this story is flawed' problem.

Starting the collection off with a kitsune story was a perfect way to hook a Japanophile like myself, and the book also features several stories of characters with disabilities who aren't 'one factor' characters. All the LGBTQ characters are also about more than just that label.

In particular I dug 'Pride of Kutush' by Sarah Rodriguez, 'Ascension' by David Hand, and 'A Pebble In The Mountains' by Ariel Bolton, but there were a lot of really great stories, I just didn't want to write twelve+ favourites ;p

A great anthology of fantasy stories I recommend to readers looking for stories with non-traditional medieval European settings.
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262 reviews
September 2, 2019
3.5 As always with story collections, some I can connect to more than others, but here I enjoyed most of them and there were several I really liked. Some of my favorites were "Through the Woods", "Keeper of the Bones", "Rite of Passage", and "A Pebble in the Mountains."
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Author 8 books2 followers
September 2, 2017
A collection of well-written fantasy short stories, set in various exotic cultural settings from around the world. Recommended, especially if you want a change from the medieval-Europe stereotype.
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