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Records of the Ohanzee, #4

Reflection: Dragon's Bane

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Not everything in the Records of the Ohanzee matches what is written in the history books.

Having learned the disturbing news that the fifth book has fallen into Casimer’s hands, Nerissa and the Ohanzee make their way to the city of Maze where the Festival of Flames is about to begin. They plan to rendezvous with Charis and retrieve a set of spirit crystals that are elements crucial to fulfilling the prophecy. But when a letter arrives in the middle of the night from an anonymous sender claiming to be the owner of the sixth book, the Ohanzee will discover there is far more going on in the city than just celebrations.

Reflection: Dragon’s Bane is Book 4 of 4 in the first story arc of the Records of the Ohanzee series, which is written in a serialized style with a story line that flows continuously between books.

201 pages, ebook

Published April 25, 2017

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About the author

Rachel R. Smith

8 books134 followers
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Rachel R. Smith lives near Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and the cutest dog in the world, Sumo. When not writing, she plots to fill the interior of their home with books and mineral specimens and to cover the exterior with roses. Stay up to date on the series and learn more about Rachel by visiting her blog at http://www.recordsoftheohanzee.com or by following Records of the Ohanzee on Facebook (RecordsOfTheOhanzee), Twitter (@RRSmithAuthor), and Instagram (@rachel_r._smith).

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6,766 reviews589 followers
May 6, 2017
Who and what do you trust when at every corner, an enemy cold be lurking or you discover that the carefully written Records of the Ohanzee clash with history books? There are still spirit crystals out there and Nerissa has learned that Casimer has gotten his vile hands on the fifth book. How can she get it from him without exposing herself or dying in the process? Is the mysterious letter true that book six is nearby?

As Charis makes plans to meet with Nerissa and the Ohanzee in the city of Maze to hand over another set of crystals, the prophecy’s fulfillment is precarious at best as goings on in the shadows become more dangerous and time is running out. Will all of Nerissa’s training be for nothing? Will it be enough to keep her alive? Will the team master their talents and their talismans or will they be at a disadvantage without all of the crystals?

As friends and allies gather to stand together with Casimer in their sights, a carefully laid, plan goes awry and now Nerissa must scramble to secure her hold on her beloved Chiyo, hold the Senca at bay and survive.

REFLECTION: DRAGON’S BANE is another of Rachel R. Smith’s intriguing entries in the Records of the Ohanzee series that turns pain, loss and betrayal into determination, bravery and a loyalty that comes straight from the heart. Feel the uncertainty, the faith in a better future and the struggles to reach beyond one’s best. With a mild touch of youthful romance, this is a saga not to be missed!

Ms. Smith gives life to her characters, true emotions and shared dialogue that feels sincere and believable.

I received an ARC edition from Rachel R. Smith in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

Series: Records of the Ohanzee - Book 4
Publication Date: April 23, 2017
Publisher: Rachel R. Smith
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 201 pages
Available from: Amazon
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591 reviews80 followers
July 10, 2017
I think I would have enjoyed this book more if it didn't continue straight after book #3 like the next chapter. I know that's the point of these books, but if that's the case, they should all be released around the same time so I won't forget what happened! I found myself caring less for the characters because I'd forgotten the majority of them. Also *minro spoiler* WHY wouldn't you include the "reveal true identity" conversation?? Why tell us about it afterwards, without any dialogue?? That makes zero sense whatsoever!!
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509 reviews49 followers
May 8, 2017
“Whatever you may do, and wherever you may go, make sure the impression you leave behind is one you’re proud to be remembered by.”

Reflection: Dragon’s Bane brings the first story arc in this intriguing series to a close. Nerissa and the Ohanzee remain hopeful for a better future and to finally earn back what is rightfully theirs.

With the Festival of Flames beginning soon, Charis and Nerissa have planned a rendezvous in order to obtain the crystals that Charis still has. Just like the previous books, this one continues where we last left our characters. The Ohanzee are still being hunted by the Senka so everyone is on high alert. And a new player is in the game as Amon takes on a bigger role in this story.

He joins Charis in Maze but has different plans than she does. We get to know Amon a lot more in this book and I love the guy! He is so much more than his charming smile. The mystery letter about the sixth book leads them to learn about a secret organization that he happens to be a part of. That’s all I’ll say about it because of spoilers, though. But I will tell you that I’m certainly looking forward to the next story arc and more Amon!

I was happy to be reunited with every single character I already love! Nerissa and Charis are still the best by continuing to be brave and fight against every obstacle. They’re everything we could ever want in strong heroines! The heart of this story is still centered around the great friendships. I did miss seeing more of our favorite twins, though. All of their stories tangle together and wrap up nicely in this book.

The beginning of the story is a little slow but halfway through everything starts building up to an intense ending! Nerissa and Raysel continue to find strength through the crystals while Rian is working on his swordsmanship. Speaking of Rian, there isn’t too much romance in this book but when it’s present, it’s adorable. He is still just as swoony as ever!

There are so many twists and revelations as the story comes to a close! It was foreshadowed (a bit) but I was left completely shocked after one reveal. I’m sure that’s all thanks to Rachel R. Smith’s fantastic writing. Her descriptions are so vivid. And her writing has truly grown since I first picked up any of her books! I felt wrapped inside of this world which made me happy to see such a beautiful ending!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The magic, action, and tender moments were all paced well. There is so much to love about this series but my favorite aspect is the characters. Their friendships and how Nerissa is able to find a home within the Ohanzee make this series special. If you’re a fan of fantasy then check it out!

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397 reviews59 followers
June 8, 2017
Book 4 of the Ohanzee series, this was such an exciting read! To refresh my memory on the first 3 books I loved THE PROPHECY at the end of this book. Rachel R. Smith is yet to disappoint with her individual, original ideas.
After book 3 where the hidden books revealed the spreading sickness can only be cured by natural remedies, the Ohanzee is in luck. Unlike the Senka who use modern medicine, whereas the Ohanzee still use natural remedies and resources. Nerissa and the Ohanzee continue to track down the books with crystals but one has fallen into King Casimer's hands. There is still that romantic tension in the air between Nerissa and Rian but they stay focused on the job they have set out for and the need to return to Maze. But there is still the sixth book to locate and that will be the biggest surprise of all.
I would have liked more of Cole and Eloc, they have always been my favorite characters.
Overall all 4 books of the Ohanzee have been such an impressive and electrifying read!
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335 reviews11 followers
November 15, 2017
Rating 5

The journey and story of Nerissa finally comes to an end as I sigh and close my eyes allowing so many mixed emotions and thoughts of “what if” to flit through my brain. I was drawn into this enthralling story that it was with some reluctance that I reread the last few pages, savoring every word before finally closing the book.
Yes, the masks may have finally been removed BUT not all is as it appears. Nerissa soon discovers that not everything in the Records of the Ohanze matches the history books. Danger is still lurking in the darkness for Nerissa. There are a few loose threads that are left dangling...unattached. I know that loose unattached threads can be dangerous. The author has left a door slightly ajar. I know it will only be a matter of time before I will find myself wandering into this magical world once again.
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55 reviews28 followers
October 22, 2017
Rating: 4/5
This book was given to me by the author Rachel R. Smith for an honest review. This review is not affected by anything, it containts my true feelings.
Each and every book is special in its own way. Also, Learning more about the prophecy and the crystels mde me turn the pages faster and faster.
The last book probably ended in the best way for this unique story.
All I can say is that Reflection series is dazzling.

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28 reviews2 followers
March 14, 2018
I'll be straight to the point. This book didn't meet my expectations. I am disappointed. After what the Ohanzee have been through, I didn't expect killing King Casimer is just so easy like that. I looked forward to a bloody battle between the Senka Operatives and the Ohanzee. I mean.. like a total chaos and the people of Niamh will gonna involve and witness how Nerissa fight for her crown or something like their plan didn't work out because something came up so the results will be a big trouble.

The author made Amon so brilliant to the point it ruins the spice of the story because he and the Ohanzee group figured out the solution right away. I even made myself ready for the coming twist but it didn't come. I hate it when the book said, Rian already knew about Caeneus true identity and I am like, "So, where is there conversation?"

I love how the author gave life and characters in every crystal so I'm expecting that they have a big part and contribution in retrieving the throne to its heiress not to mention they even study it to discover each ability. One more thing, after the death of Casimer, Nerissa is ready to take over the Niamh and I'm like, "Whaaat?! That's it? What about Echidna? Where's the Senka?" So I was left dumbfounded especially the queen made a strong personality to me so I'm expecting that she will react wildly upon hearing her husband's death. She's already in my imagination that she will gonna be furious as a tiger and ballistic with anger and will come up with the idea to avenge her spouse. Sadly, it was ended right there without mentioning any single word about her and Ladon and about the contagious disease that keeps on spreading on the whole places. I just wish the author include a part where she will show Echidna's antagonistic power so that it gives the readers the excitement for the upcoming fifth book.

Despite all my disappointments, my favorite part of this book is the middle section where they're in the city of Maze to attend the festival. I am looking forward to book 5 about the rise of the Phoenix and more information after King Casimer's death. I hope the author will be able to fill all the spaces in this story.

Still, this is a mind-blowing series and I will find time to reread these again.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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98 reviews37 followers
May 12, 2017
First of all, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Rachel Smith, for writing this series and sending me review copies. I absolutely love those books and this universe. These books are really underrated, and you should definitely check them out.

The second book was my favourite in the series so far, but now, I think I liked this one even more. I gave it five stars without thinking, it just made sense from beginning to end.

Yes, these books are not perfect, but they are just my cup of tea. I just love this universe, with its bits of magic and well used science, and just enough disguise. We have a badass heroine, an adorable romance that is not overshadowing the main intrigue, and a group of awesome side-characters. What else could one wish for? That is certainly enough for me.

Throughout the series, the characters evolve, grow stronger, show more and more understanding towards one another and it was incredibly satisfying to read. We also gets bits and pieces of the story from the point of view of the “enemy” and that makes it even more entertaining. I also love the fact that the author kept some mind blowing surprises concerning certain characters (I won’t say more) until the end of this book – I really didn’t expect that, and it made me realise once again how much I loved those books and those characters.

Reading those books was an incredible journey, and I definitely recommend them if you like YA and fantasy. This series also seems sometimes dystopia-like. If you like books like Red Queen I think you would like this one, it feels like the same kind of magical/futuristic universe, with wars and royals and weird science progress to some extent…

Anyway, if you have read this series, I would love to discuss it with you in the comments. If you haven’t, then I definitely recommend it.

Full review: https://clemisbookishworld.wordpress....
8 reviews
April 13, 2019
In general these books are short and seem to stop before there’s a conclusion. Time flow is sometimes awkward. I was curious to see how the story concluded and thought this was the last book... until it just stopped with an unsatisfying ending. A trip to the author’s page shows another book in the works. I feel like the saga could have been concluded in this novel and that adding another stand alone book is just stretching the story unnecessarily. But I’ll probably read it when it comes out just to have closure with these characters.
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88 reviews3 followers
April 10, 2018
I love this series! I have read the entire series back to back. I am truly hoping that the author (Rachel R. Smith) keeps the story alive for a while longer. I want to know, what happens next!?
I would definitely recommend this series, I am shocked more people have not reviewed the books as they are highly engaging and creative. For this reason I took the time to write this as "sharing is caring!"
Happy reading!
July 6, 2018
Great Series

Very interesting, adventurous, and I like the characters. With how it ended, I am wondering what is to come. I thought this was the last book and near the end I thought, "That was it??" But, no. The last part of the prophecy needs to be fulfilled, so on to book 5. The end may make you go, "What!?" I don't want to share too much. You have to read it yourself.
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192 reviews2 followers
May 1, 2020

They just keep getting better and better! I love watching the dynamics of the characters broaden. There was plenty of adventure, and I have to say I chuckled quote a few times! I definitely recommend!
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273 reviews
June 7, 2018
Well done!

Very well written and just a perfect ending to this series. I’m sure she will write more books in relation to this series, and I’m sure they will be just as good.
1,996 reviews6 followers
December 15, 2019
What a incredibly great series!

Each new book is better than the last! Really enjoyed this story and can't wait for more! Clean without sex scenes or cussing just a great storyline!
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Author 1 book35 followers
April 1, 2019
This is review for Records of the Ohanzee 1-4.

Honestly when I first saw this Book 1 Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror, I thought this is a beautiful cover. It reminder me of The Winner’s curse, The Jewel or even the Selections series. While I enjoyed those reading they all lacked the depths in which you’ll find in the Records of Ohanzee. Masterfully sculpted the words in this book bring to you Chiyo and its demise brought onto to it by King Casimer. But from the ashes rises none other than the Heir Nerissa thought to have been brought down with her parents in the epic journey of not revenge but restoration of what rightfully is her kingdom.

Rachel S. Smith has a vivid imagination that she successfully translated into word for your enjoyment. She is able to set the scene with the utmost important details to be told but yet leaving room for your imagination to expand on the image. The dialogue is intriguing, witty, thoughtful and with the help of Eloc and Cole it can be very comedic.

While traveling to try to find the 6 books that exposes the prophecy that will restore Nerissa her thrown, you watch a girl grow into the strong woman she was meant to be.

This book is more than what meets the eye. Yes….They are beautiful covers that draw you in, but the content inside will keep you wanting to stay in that realm. As I stated before the author does a commendable job with this describing the setting, but what I find the most intriguing that the story does not just follow the point of view of one or two characters. Rachel S. Smith takes the character whose viewpoint adds the most depth to the story and continuously flow through the book in such a fashion. So while one chapter maybe from Nerissa POV the next could be from Desta of Charis. (Note the author so kindly denotes whom viewpoint you reading from at the beginning of each chapter).
To read the full review ---->https://shealwaysreads.com/2017/09/14...
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