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Long Road Home

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Sometimes getting lost is the only way to find your way home . . .

I'm grateful for many things-my work, my apartment, my amazing friends. But after that night years ago, I'm left with an aching weight I can't escape. And it's keeping me from living and loving the way I desperately want. So when a ruggedly handsome cop pulls me over, I'm shocked by what just the sight of him does to me-stirring up feelings I didn't think were possible again.

Cayden Sinclair is undoubtedly one of the good guys. A former Marine who's so sexy I can't seem to keep my hands to myself. But there are things I'm not ready to share, things that could change everything between us. Cayden deserves to have the life he's always wanted-which means walking away from him. But I don't know if I'll ever find the strength to let him go . . .

320 pages, Paperback

Published March 7, 2017

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About the author

Marie Meyer

5 books198 followers
Marie Meyer has been a teacher for sixteen years. She spends her days in the classroom and her nights writing heartfelt romances that will leave readers clamoring for more. She is a member RWA (PAN) and a 2017 RITA® Finalist. Marie's short fiction won honorable mentions from the St. Louis Writers Guild in 2010 and 2011. She is a proud mommy and enjoys helping her oldest daughter train for the Special Olympics, making up silly stories with her youngest daughter, and bingeing on weeks of DVR'd television shows with her husband.

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Profile Image for Carole (Carole's Random Life).
1,792 reviews485 followers
February 24, 2017
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I really enjoyed this romance. I decided to read this book after learning that it was set in Missouri. There aren't too many books set in my home state so I was immediately curious. The story was what grabbed me from the very beginning. The fact that they meet when he is giving her a traffic ticket just set a great tone for the whole story. This was a really nice story that ended up leaving me with a big grin on my face.

After Cayden gives Ren a traffic ticket, it leaves a lasting memory for both parties. While Ren is performing her duties as the maid of honor at her best friends wedding, she is surprised to be asked to dance by none other than Cayden, off-duty and very interested. I liked the chemistry between this pair from the very first and it never stopped. They just fit perfectly together.

Cayden and Ren both have things going on in their lives. Cayden is a former Marine and he is feeling some guilt that his buddies are being deployed while he stays home. He has decided to stay home so that he can be there for his mother who is ill. He isn't really sure that he has time for a relationship at this point in this life. Ren is dealing with her past. She was victimized during her college years and is still working to move past it.

There were so many things that I liked about this book. I liked that it dealt with a couple of really difficult issues. Everything wasn't perfect in their world but they worked to do the best they could in the situation they were given. I liked how Cayden was able to sense when Ren wasn't comfortable and always let her be in control. I liked the fact that this story was truly romantic and they spent the whole book trying to figure out how to make things work. I fell in love with Ren and Cayden and there wasn't a boring moment in the book.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This was the first book by Marie Meyer that I have read but I definitely look forward to reading more from her in the future.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) - Forever Yours via NetGalley.

Initial Thoughts

This was a nice romance. I liked the characters a lot and felt the chemistry between them. They both had some things to deal with but were able to do so together.
Profile Image for Meredith Tate.
Author 6 books238 followers
February 16, 2017
I've read and loved all four of Marie Meyer's books so far, but this one was my favorite.

Ren Daniels is speeding to the hospital for her shift as a labor and delivery nurse when she's pulled over by a handsome police officer. When marine-turned-cop Cayden Sinclair pulls over an attractive nurse and gives her a ticket, he doesn't expect to ever see her again. But they find themselves getting acquainted at a mutual friend's wedding a few days later.

With Cayden spending all his time between working toward a promotion and caring for his dying mother, Ren is a welcomed distraction. However, after being date-raped in college, Ren is not sure she's ready for the intimate relationship Cayden wants.

There was so much to love about this book. I really connected to both characters. Ren is a geek who likes her job and hanging out with her girl friends - I enjoyed Ren's Harry Potter references / obsession! Cayden is outdoorsy and adventurous, and I loved the geocaching and camping dates he planned. There's a great message in this book about living life to the fullest and focusing on the good. We also see a brief appearance of Griffin and Jillian (Griffin being Ren's brother), the main characters from ACROSS THE DISTANCE and CAN'T GO BACK.

I'd also like to add that I usually don't like reading romances where one of the characters has been raped in the past. However, I felt like Meyer handled this tough topic sensitively and respectfully.

I really enjoyed this book and I read it over a single day. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good romance!
Profile Image for books are love.
3,131 reviews26 followers
March 7, 2017
received in exchange for a honest review.

I felt so much for Cayden. He is dealing with so many heartaches in this book. He is genuinely one of the good guys. He loves his mom and is there for her. He is honest, hard working and loyal. He doesn’t run from tough moments or decisions. I hated at the end how torn up he was and how much pain he was in but loved how Ren made him feel better and made his days brighter in even in the darkest moments.

Ren took on a job she was passionate about even though it was hard on her. she has a past that is so sad to read but seeing how she overcomes it and becomes stronger is awesome. Her meeting Cayden wasn’t under the best circumstances but the continuation of it was so entertaining. I loved how wary she was at first at the wedding but soon learned to trust herself and her instincts to see that Cayden wouldn’t hurt her or take advantage of her.

Ren and Cayden helped one another as they fell in love. For ren, cayden helped her overcome her fears and see that there are some guys out there that are kind and caring. that you can trust and that won’t harm you. She found safety and love in his arms. Their first date geocaching was so sweet. I love how he put the location of their kiss in his gps so romantic. Seeing her with his mom so precious. That woman was a gem and her and Cayden together was tender and special.

For Cayden, Ren was a balm in his choppy waters. He took away the bad moments and made him feel calm and happy. She helped him deal with the pain and sorrow of the moments happening around him. I understood how he needed to process after Ren told him her health complication but felt for Ren. She took it the wrong way. Sometimes in order to process we must take stock of our life and step away to gain perspective. It doesn’t mean we don’t love that person or am leaving just needing perspective and time to let it sink in. Especially with all that Cayden had gone through in a short time he did in that time to figure things out. His romantic gesture at the end swoon city.

This is a tender, endearing story of two people. Two people who you will fall in love with and who go through so much. The story of Cayden and Ren and how they find their way to each other and to a special and amazing love for one another.
Profile Image for Maura.
196 reviews
March 21, 2017
I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked it, even though it didn't totally work for me.

My biggest problem with the book is that I feel like we were told about Ren and Cayden's relationship rather than shown their love story. The whole thing left me feeling a little disconnected from the characters. It kind of felt like terms of endearment, and over-the-top sappy inner-monoluge was used in place of actually showing us their interactions and what made them fall in love with each other.

It also felt like Ren and Cayden fell for each other far too quickly. Given Ren's history, I kind of felt like a little more hesitation on her part might have been a little more believable. It's almost like the whole thing was a little too easy.

One thing I did appreciate was the fact there was no contrived drama keeping Ren and Cayden apart at the end of the book. So many authors use these ridiculous scenarios to create drama for the sake of drama. That definitely wasn't the case with this book. While there was some conflict at the end of the book, it was normal and realistic. It was also easily resolved.

So while I had issues with this book, I definitely enjoyed it. Once I got about halfway through, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. To me, that's enough to recommend it to other readers.
Profile Image for Johnaka- Amity Book Blog.
1,163 reviews14 followers
April 26, 2017
Long Road Home by Marie Meyer
“Finding your North star, 5 stars”

Long Road Home is a reminder, a reminder to love completely, a reminder that your time isn’t garenteed. That sometimes you need to slow down and stop saying you dont have time. Most importantly to stop and smell the roses or in this case see the good in front of you.
Cayden was first hit with the loss of his father, then his mother gets sick, causing him to leave his guys right before they deploy. Cayden was military all the way, the way Meyer described his feelings on getting out were on point. My husband is military and his thought process is the same everytime the topic of getting out comes up. Cayden is so career oriented even now after joining the police force that he thinks he doesnt have time or room for a woman. Until he pulls Ren over.
Ren is slowly healing after a bad experience three years ago. She has great friends and a job she loves. Only thing missing is a man and the family she's always dreamed of, but the family idea may not be a reality. A series of events lead her to realizing what she's missing in life, until she meets Cayden.
Cayden and Ren fall deep and fast. The relationship is as true as the North star. But is that enough? When Ren’s secret comes to light will Cayden be able to handle it on top of everything else life is throwing at him? Sometimes you have to take the Long Road Home to end up where you need to be.
I loved this story and definitely recommend one-clicking. Here are a couple quotes that hit me just right from Long Road Home;
“I never want to be the reason for your tears, but I want to be the one to catch them when they fall.”
“Hold tight to the treasures you have. Find peace in them, because they are your life.”
“The magnificence steals my words, and all I can do is marvel. So much beautifully organized chaos.”
“When I’m not touching her, I’m Odysseus, lost at sea, fighting to get back to his fair Penelope.”
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

**SBR reviews**
Profile Image for Natalie .
407 reviews178 followers
July 22, 2017
Ren is living a lonely life. She has good friends; a loving family and a rewarding job as a nurse but a tragic event in her past is holding her back from finding love.

Cayden a former Marine, is now home and working as a police officer as he cares for his mother. With a busy schedule of protecting and supporting those around him, he doesn’t think he has time for love.

When Cayden pulls Ren over for speeding there is an instant attraction. After a second chance encounter at a friends wedding the relationship between the two takes off. Love blooms despite the obstacles they each have.

There was a lot about this book that I enjoyed. It was sweet and heartfelt, with some very lovely moments between the characters. I adored the close relationship between Cayden and his mother. I also loved Cayden and Rens fist date! It was so unique and fun. The author did a great job carrying the sentiment from that first date through the entire book.

Despite all of the good, though, I also felt that the story moved a bit slow. I typically appreciate when authors don't toss in unnecessary or overly dramatic subplots but in the case of Long Road Home, I felt the story needed a bit more drama. Something that would capture my attention and keep me turning the pages. I did a fair bit of skimming. I also didn’t fully connect with the characters and felt the writing did too much telling and not enough showing.

Overall, a sweet, easy read that many will love.
Profile Image for Misty (Reds Romance Reviews).
3,024 reviews6 followers
March 6, 2017
The moment Cayden Sinclair taps on Ren Daniels car window he can't help but be attracted to her, she is a very beautiful woman, but he's not on a social call, so he keeps things professional, even issues her a speeding ticket. Fully believing that he would never see her again, but to his surprise he runs into her again at a friends wedding, and this time his badge is at home, so there is nothing holding him back. He has never had these kind of instant sparks with someone, and as unnerving as it maybe he can't help but gravitate in her direction...

While in a rush to make it to work on time Ren Daniels lets her lead foot get the best of her and she finds herself being pulled over by a cop... a very sexy cop that stirs up some long buried butterflies in her belly. It's been a long time since someone has had that kind of an effect on her, and one side of her has her wanting to run from it, and the other wants her to embrace it. Her past has left her a wounded soul, and everyday she struggles to overcome all that she endured, so maybe, just maybe this new change in her life means she is moving in the right direction. And she'd really like to moving in the same direction of a certain sexy police officer...

This was my first time reading a book by Ms. Meyer, and I have to say her moving story made a very memorable first impression, it is definitely one of the best books that I have settled down with this year! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this emotionally charged book, I went from moments of having my heart in my throat and blinking back tears, to blushing and smiling from ear to ear. I connected to characters in this story almost immediately, I'm quite certain that they will be lingering with me for a while! I highly recommend you give this one a chance, it is one of those books that will take you on a emotional roller coaster, so my advice is just hold on and enjoy!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
March 10, 2017
New Adult Romance isn’t usually a genre I read. However, something about this book spoke to me and I just had to read it. Told in alternating first person viewpoints, Long Road Home by Marie Meyer tells the story of two twenty-five-year-olds who are only living a shell of the life they can and should be living.

Ren Daniels is a maternity nurse who loves her job. She loves her family and friends. She’s come a long way from being assaulted, but she’s afraid of what her future holds. Deep down, she’s afraid that love and true happiness won’t find her.

Cayden Sinclair is a hero through and through. He’s dedicated his life to helping people. First, as a Marine and now as a police officer. Since his father’s death, he’s been looking after his mom. He’s so focused on his career and his mother that he doesn’t think he has time for a woman in his life. But when he pulls over a speeding motorist, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind. As fate would have it, he ends up seeing Ren again at their friends’ wedding. This time he decides to not let this chance encounter pass him by.

Cayden and Ren were both characters I liked immediately. Ren is fun, caring, and compassionate. Cayden is all of those things as well. He’s one of those guys who says the right things that just leaves your heart melting. Over the course of the story, Ren let's Cayden into a part of her life that very few people know about. He responds with his caring and supporting nature. “I never want to be the reason for your tears, but I want to be the one to catch them when they fall.” But he only knows half of the story. Ren’s secret can and will change the way he views the future he’s always wanted.

In the midst of their budding relationship, these two are hit with a tragedy. Instead of pushing them apart, it brings them close together. But it also shows the cracks in their budding relationship.

I loved Long Road Home for the flirty playfulness of the characters and the emotional strings it pulled. These two have a passionate relationship that’s built on trust. I loved the message that you can overcome the dark times in your life and be a stronger person. I loved the message of taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. That family isn't those people who share our blood, but those people we choose to share our lives with.

Marie Meyer has written a wonderful story. Be prepared to laugh and cry and fall in love as you root for these two to find the strength, courage, and determination to go after what they want and fall in love.

**Received a copy from the publisher and reviewed voluntarily.**
Profile Image for Emma bramley.
2,541 reviews25 followers
March 18, 2017

This story will pull you in from the first page, keeping you hooked till the very last page. This story has laughs, secrets and heart break. This story is told from both characters view points, so you get both sides of the story. You will fall in love with the characters from the first page. I can't wait to read more from this author in the future.
Highly recommended
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Profile Image for Renee Entress.
5,151 reviews72 followers
March 7, 2017
4 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story flowed well and I was kept interested in this story. The story has laughs, secrets, and heartbreak.

This is Ren and Cayden’s story. Ren meets Cayden when he pulls her over. She is on her way to work. She is a nurse in the labor and delivery field. They meet again at her best friend’s wedding. He asks her to dance and the sparks fly. These two both have baggage. She has trouble trusting people and he his guilt issues. When they are together he is great with her. He helps her through her issues with getting close and trusting. But can she help him? Will he be able to convince her he is the one for her and she can trust him? Or will the closer they get the more she tries to pull away?

I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read. This story deals with real life issues and could cause triggers for people as it pertains to rape.

I recommend this book.
Profile Image for Kelly.
436 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2017
Sweet long sad happy true north story...
Profile Image for K. Lincoln.
Author 16 books95 followers
July 8, 2017
Ren is a maternity nurse with a rape in her past, Cayden is a police officer/marine whose mother is dying of cancer.

There's a lot of angst in the this book.

Two broken people coming together and healing each other is one of my favorite romance tropes, and this story, told in alternating POV that reveals just how romantic and emotional Cayden is, was deliciously easy to drop into. The story blatantly deals with only the juicy bits; first dates on a geocaching trip, getting through Ren's fear of bugs in a nightime skinny-dip, Cayden visiting a friend in the hospital and coincidentally seeing Ren for some break-room nookie.

Two niggling things kept this from 5 star status for me (although I did devour the book in like two sittings. Excellent beach read!); Ren's super-easy "healing" from her rape trauma PTSD and Cayden's somewhat over-melodramatic framing of normal, inescapable events as his own failures. I understand his overwhelming need not to let his father or anyone else down, but when he says he failed because of not being able to protect his mom from cancer...that was a tad too much at times.

Dealing with rape is not an easy issue, and it has so many sticky layers of places to go wrong in the romantic context, although alot of potential for some excellent, heart-depth breaking open and healing as well. Ren had to struggle a bit at the start of the relationship, but I felt like she never had to deal with it afterwards (she has another secret she struggled with instead) in terms of physical relationship with Cayden. So...your mileage may vary. That's a very personalized issue and probably something that won't bother a lot of other people.

And like I said, I did devour this in two sittings and enjoyed the side characters as well. (who, I see many have their own book so yay). The steam level is hot, but not outside the bounds of conventional positions.
Profile Image for Meri .
474 reviews36 followers
May 27, 2017
"Don't lose yourself in work, Cayd. One day, you'll look up and you'll be all alone. Life isn't just about moving up the workforce ladder. Some things are more important, like family.

"While I was overseas, it seems all of my old friends decided it was time to get married and start families. Where did the time go? I feel very out of touch with the people I grew up with. I've always wanted to find a woman that would put up with me, marry her, and have a bunch of kids - I never liked being an only child - but, I thought that would all come later, when I was older .. more grown up. When did getting married and having children happen at twenty-something? When did that become the "grown-up" age?"

"You can learn a lot about someone by the scars they bear. But, in my opinion, it's the traumas that don't leave physical reminders that are the most scarring."
Profile Image for Shannon.
262 reviews78 followers
July 11, 2017
Liked Ren & Cayden. They had great chemistry but wanted their backstories more fleshed out. Cayden's military services wasn't really explored or Ren's past. I definitely enjoyed the first half of the book more than the rest. It kind of fizzled at the end.
Profile Image for Crystal.
Author 73 books425 followers
March 15, 2017
A woman with a heart-breaking past, and a man who wants to be her future. So good, and sweet, and sexy, and just a great read!
Profile Image for Annie Rains.
Author 34 books1,179 followers
March 3, 2017
I really enjoyed reading this book from Marie Meyer! LONG ROAD HOME follows two wounded characters who find healing in each other. Ren Daniels was date raped in college and is still dealing with the repercussions. She hasn’t been with a man since that time, but when she meets Cayden, she feels drawn to him and can’t resist. Cayden Sinclair lost his father when he was young and now he’s dealing with his mother’s cancer. Cayden has the weight of the world on his shoulders and, while he’s strong and handling it in his own way, he finds comfort in Ren’s presence. These two come into each other’s life at the exact right time, and it was amazing to read the romance that unfolded between them!

This story was moving, compelling, and a real treat to read! Marie Meyers has a way of shining light in the darkest corners of life and filling them with hope and healing. I can’t wait for Marie’s next book, and then the book after that! Keep your tissues handy! You’ll cry happy and sad tears!
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