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Columbus the Untold Story

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Manuel Rosa's paradigm-busting Columbus: The Untold Story , double-winner of the 2017 Independent Press Award: in World History and Historical Biography, also named as Best History Book of 2016 in the Huffington Post.

- Buy it at www.columbus-book.com - In the year 1444, near long-lost Constantinople, a Christian monarch treacherously breaks his truce with the Muslims, but Fate double crosses him. He is crushed in battle. All of his personal knights are slain, and he vanishes without a trace. Some years later, on Madeira Island, 2,500 miles to the west, a mysterious Knight of Saint Catherine of Mount Sinai marries into the Portuguese elite . . . and has a son. Astonishing as it may seem, these two impossibly remote events have been connected -- and the clouded genesis of Christopher Columbus is thereby once and forever resolved. The key to unlocking the mystery was waiting in a place where nobody had ever looked before. 25 years of research has pieced together a stunning array of artifacts and data, from one end of Europe to another, from Asia, Africa and the Americas: a chapel ruin, a ceiling mural in a private palace, DNA test results, an impressive diversity of documents, keenly analyzed . . . and a sword, unearthed by a 19th century Bulgarian peasant, that found its way to a museum in Saint Petersburg. The study and comparison of carefully censored State archives also helped explain this life -- hitherto enshrouded in the deceitful machinations of power politics, false identities, and false discoveries in the Age of Exploration. Myth has at last been separated from fact, exposing what actually transpired. Being extremely fond of writing memoirs, journals and letters, the man known as Columbus left a great deal of this overwhelming proof himself. Many other clues have been painstakingly gathered and analyzed, on heraldry, on a gravestone, via signatures and pseudonyms. What emerges is the picture of a consummate double-agent, with a bold and grandiose agenda. Enter this 500-year-old labyrinth and discover the unimaginable: a medieval conspiracy so audacious, so massive, and so well executed that it fooled the world for half a millennium. The Christopher Columbus you knew will be history.

344 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2016

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Manuel da Silva Rosa

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Profile Image for Richard.
49 reviews
June 8, 2020
This is a difficult book to read as the author drags you through EVERY document and reference, many forgeries, false leads, intentional obfuscations and secret plots. BUT if you want to discover the truth, this is what you have to do. The author also has the bad habit if repeating his conclusions time and time again; not that we don't want his conclusions, but we can live without the repetitions. I believe that the author is correct in his conclusions, barring the occasional error in some small detail. In fact the man of history, called now by most "Columbus" was never called "Columbus" in his lifetime and even the name by which he was know was not his real name (though many knew this). The truth of the name is not revealed until page 286 of the 318 page story. There is much else to discuss: King Joäo II's secrete plans, the Anti-Catholic Templars, Portugual vs. Spain, linguistic analysis, The Treaty of Torcedillas, why "India", Hapsburg interests ... I will reveal that this man was NOT Genovese, but Italy may still be pleasantly surprised. Warning, if you read this, it will change your whole perspective of history and the world.
2 reviews
July 28, 2016
I have learned so much about our history from this book that I am still amazed. I would venture to say this book is mistitled this is not just the untold story of Columbus but the untold story of Atlantic navigation and the Templar's role in the secret "discovery" of America.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and Manuel Rosa did an unbelievable job as an investigative detective matching up documents from different countries to show how the world had accepted a history as being written in stone when it was actually written on shifting sands.
The amount of new information in this book is amazing and it has convinced me that Columbus was indeed a Portuguese secret double agent and the 1492 voyage was all a big ruse against Spain..
This book will make a great cloak and dagger film. I highly recommend its reading to anyone who likes history, true conspiracy and mystery detective novels, except this one turns out to be a true story.

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Author 7 books21 followers
August 5, 2016
Fantastic book. The author methodically checks off the lies, the misinformation, the forgeries, and focuses on the aspects of Colón's life the historians have ignored or tried to explain away with ridiculous assertions. In particular, Rosa includes extensive family charts that show Colón's family was very close to the man to whom he wrote in Portuguese, calling Colón, "our special friend," King John II. It's clear in reading biographies of Columbus that the writers have never understood who Kiing John II was, or his relationship to Colón, which makes it impossible to know who Colón truly was.

I cannot wait for more information to come to light, whether it be written or DNA; more proof that the poor nobody from Genoa was not in fact the man we've come to call Columbus.
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184 reviews
July 20, 2020
This book is for someone who is REALLY into Columbus. The book deals meticulously over Columbus’s name and country of origin. I’ll say the book is painstaking in trying to determine Cristoforio’s birth and lineage through a interesting theory on why Columbus’s stuck to his discovery of ‘India.’

This book is most interesting in developing the authors theory that seems to be complicated and complex let alone over 500 years old.

Unless your into this subject deeply one would not enjoy; it’s a slow read. I gave it four stars because I do admire the authors effort and energy spent on this fine work
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1 review1 follower
July 29, 2016
I have been waiting a good many years, too many to count, in fact, for this book by Manuel Rosa. If you want a book that is well researched, complete with details and sources, then this is the tome for you. Twenty-five years of research have pieced together a stunning array of artifacts and data, complete with DNA test results; one that resulted in the deceitfulness of power, of politics, false identities and false discoveries. Herein you will be able follow the author, as he connects the dots to a medieval conspiracy, so massive, so bold, so risky, and so well executed, that it has continued to fool the world for 500 years. This book, without a doubt, is one of the best to captivate me in a very long time. Manuel Rosa makes an exceptionally strong case for those who still insist on believing otherwise.
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