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Fragments of Life's Heart

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They say Love is the oldest story on Earth, but we don’t have to tell it the same way every time. How many ways are there to explore our feelings that we may have never even considered? Countless fragments of different worlds, all held together by the greatest force of all.

Join us as we explore the many different forms of love—family love, forbidden love, love that embraces what society always taught was wrong. Seasoned veterans and brand new talents bring you seventeen anthropomorphic stories with all different forms of sexuality and relationships, in a journey across genres, worlds, and time.

Love can bloom, thrive, and end. Love can heal, mesh, and blend. We’re all Fragments trying to stick together.


Tending the Fires - Jess E Owen
Transitions - Mog Moogle
The Mistress of Tidwell Manor - Renee Carter Hall
Yet Time and Distance - Kris Carver
Polynomials - Fever Low
Raise Your Voice - Stefano "Mando" Zocchi
Going Out - T C Powell
Harvest Home - Altivo Overo
The Foreigner - Dwale
Trade All the Stars - Watts Martin
Draw to the Heart - Ocean Tigrox
Paint the Square-Cut Sky - Slip-Wolf
Hearth Soup - Laura "Munchkin" Lewis
Brass Candy Girl - M C A Hogarth
Footsteps - Televassi
Rain Check - Field T Mouse
The Soul of Wit - Daniel Lowd

402 pages, Paperback

Published July 1, 2016

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About the author

Laura “Munchkin” Lewis

5 books23 followers
Author of "Tech Flesh" from Furtual Horizons, "The Cat Thief" from ROAR Volume 6, and "Home At Last" from Will of the Alpha 3. Editor-in-chief of Civilized Beasts, a non-for-profit poetry collection for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

An aspiring writer who tends to drive herself crazy worrying over the most pointless details, her perfectionism might be her worst enemy. Indeed, it's enough to make typing out simple biographical blurbs a form of torture.

A geek of all trades dungeon master of none, she knows a little about most things and a whole lot of nothing. Her hobbies include spending time with her oldest and closest friend who she just so happens to be married to, poking at Eurogames, and cave exploring - the latter only as often as it doesn't harm the cave bats.

When you see her nickname, you might think of a cute little anime girl. While she is indeed quite adorable, 'Munchkin' extends beyond that. Laura has a form of dwarfism that keeps her just shy of five feet even, and it's something she had tried to hide when she could and ignore when she couldn't for most of her life. In recent years though, with the help of her loving husband, she has learned to not only accept her 'shortcomings', but to embrace them as something truly beautiful. She is the Munchkin, and proud of it.

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Author 136 books47 followers
October 16, 2016
I feel at a bit of a loss to review this collection of stories. There are some lovely pieces in here, but my overwhelming sensation while reading most of this collection was... impatience. All of these stories focus heavily on character and emotion. By and large, they feel more like a series of vignettes than full stories, and I found myself craving more action and motion.

My personal favorites in this collection were the haunting stories "The Mistress of Tidwell Manor" and "Paint the Square-Cut Sky." Not coincidentally, I think those were two of the stories where it mattered most that the characters were furry. Generally, I'm happier reading about furry characters, even if their animal nature isn't strictly necessary, but through much of this collection, I found myself actually wondering whether various stories would be improved by not being furry.

If you're interested in reading a series of vignettes, pondering the different natures of love, then this book is probably for you.
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