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Bad Blood

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Scotland is in my blood…

All sixteen-year-old Heather MacNair wants is to feel normal, to shed the intense paranoia she’s worn all year like a scratchy sweater. Ever since her compulsion to self-harm came to light, Heather was kept under her doctor’s watchful eye. Her family thinks she’s better—and there’s nothing she wants more than for that to be true. She still can’t believe she’s allowed to spend her summer vacation as she always does: at her aunt’s home in Scotland, where she has lots of happy memories. Far away from all her problems save one: she can’t stop carving the Celtic knot that haunts her dreams into her skin.

Good friends and boys with Scottish accents can cure almost anything…except nightmares. Heather can’t stop dreaming about two sisters from centuries ago, twins Prudence and Primrose, who somehow seem tied to her own life. Their presence lurks just beneath the surface of her consciousness, sending ripples through what should be a peaceful summer. The twins might hold the key to putting Heather’s soul at rest…or they could slice her future deeper than any knife.

266 pages, Hardcover

First published March 14, 2017

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About the author

Demitria Lunetta

50 books901 followers
Demitria Lunetta is the author of BAD BLOOD (Delacorte Press/Random House) and the YA Sci-fi duology, IN THE AFTER and IN THE END (HarperTeen). She is also an editor and contributing author for the YA anthology, AMONG THE SHADOWS: 13 STORIES OF DARKNESS & LIGHT.

Her next novel, THE FADE, will release from Delacorte /Random House in 2018.

IN THE AFTER is an American Booksellers Association 2013 ABC Best Books for Children and an Amazon 2013 Top Twenty Teen Book.

Find her at demitrialunetta.blogspot.com, on twitter @DemitriaLunetta and on Facebook facebook/DemitriaLunettaAuthor.

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965 reviews741 followers
Want to read
October 29, 2015
'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look what you've done
'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood

Can't resist. I'm sorry. lol
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750 reviews259 followers
June 11, 2017
you can read this review on my blog as well!

Please, please, please do not read this book if you are triggered by self harm. I cannot stress this enough.

First things first: most of the characters were boring. They absolutely had no life to them. I didn't care about the main character, her friends, or her love interest. Everything was so dull.

Second: the magic absolutely made no sense. And it didn't even feel magical. Just some bad ideas and curses and small spells.

Third: it's told in alternating points of view--present day MC, ye olden days of bloodthirsty sisters. It was annoying, confusing, and I cared about none of the sisters or whatever they were getting themselves into.

Fourth: self harm. A lot of it, told in detail. I'm not a person that's easily squeamish (save for horror movies) but this made me super uncomfortable, especially considering the fact that the main character did it often and on purpose.

Fifth: anti-climactic ending.

Overall, nope nope nope. I highly suggest not reading this. .5 stars.
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738 reviews111 followers
March 13, 2017
I went into this book expecting to love it, but unfortunately, it dissapointed me. I was intrigued by the synopsis of this book, but the execution of the plot within the book wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. The plot felt like it was dragging. I wanted there to be magic and action, but there wasn't much of that at all. The ending then felt very rushed and anti-climatic.

I knew there was going self-harm in this book, but I wasn't expecting so much of in and in great detail. It made me very uncomfortable and squeamish. I couldn't even read some of those scenes because they made my skin crawl.

I didn't really connect with any of the characters. All of the characters felt flat and sort of forced to me. I didn't hate the characters, but I didn't love them either. The romance didn't do much for me either. There were some adorable and swoony moments, but as a whole, I wasn't a huge fan of the romance.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this book was the setting. This book took place in Scotland, which added an interesting element to this book. I personally love Scotland, so I was very happy to be reading a book set in Scotland! I thought the author did a great job describing all of the beautiful places Heather and her friends went.

Overall, I thought this book had great potential, but it ended up falling flat for me.

2 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. *

MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It
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2,709 reviews701 followers
March 5, 2017
I really wanted to love this. I was intrigued by the premise and had enjoyed Demitria's other books.

Heather was a decent enough MC. I don't really have anything bad or good to say about her. She wasn't annoying, but wasn't a stand out either. I really liked her friends {especially Fiona} and was mostly entertained by their antics.

Plot wise, it seemed to drag. There are alternating POVs and I didn't care for either of the sisters. I wanted magic and excitement and instead got a lot of self-harm and just a sprinkling of spells. The build up to the conflict was slow, but then it was a rushed ending.

Overall, I was expecting a bit more tension and creepiness.

**Huge thanks to Delacorte Press and NetGalley for providing the arc free of charge**
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798 reviews91 followers
January 1, 2022
**Huge thanks to the publisher for letting me read this book for free in exchange for an honest review!

Now, what do I think about this book?
I thought the concept wasn't unique.
Apparently, blood = magic.
You know what that reminds me of??? A Darker Shade of Magic.
Blood can mean different things. It could mean bloodline or blood (quite literally). In this case, it's both. That's one thing you need to know about this book.

My main problem is the personality of the characters. I don't see anything worth noticing. The characters were bland, predictable, and unremarkable. None of them were relatable (in my opinion), and after reaching the final chapters of the book, all I can say is: "that's it?!"

This is just one of those books where I wish there was more going on in the story. I felt like there's a lot of things left out in the open, especially since were going back and forth- present and the past. At least the story takes place outside of the United States. I think this alone, makes the book quite interesting!

My rating: 2.5/5
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249 reviews37 followers
May 8, 2021
I tried to like this book! The first chapter I thought this should be interesting! I am fascinated with the dark ages and 17th century and up. So when I read the first chapter and it was about a witch being burned at the stake I thought Yes!! Unfortunately it dropped off after that. It flipped back to today's time with a girl who cuts herself and she is being released from a Wellness Center. She has high hopes to go to Scotland to visit her aunt and cousins for the summer. Her parents think she is better and not "sick" anymore and allow her to go. Then blah blah blah and some more blah blah!!
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636 reviews67 followers
March 6, 2017
I basically knew three things before going into this book: it had a super pretty cover, it was about witches, and it was set in Scotland. That was all I needed to be sold on this premise, and I was innnnnn. And truthfully, I was mostly in for the book, there was one major issue that I did have with that took it down a crown.

I'm just going to put out the issue I had with it first and foremost right at the top even though I usually place the issue at the bottom of the review, because I feel like this is where perhaps the book missed its mark: no warning. This book deals with a very triggering topic of self-harm. However, I had no clue what was coming into the main character did something in the third chapter in. I also didn't really expect it to be as descriptive as it was. I've never really developed a strong stance on trigger warnings for books, and I know people have strong opinions about them. However, I do think a little warning was necessary than just two lines in the summary. I definitely glazed over that to basically get into SCOTLAND and WITCHES. How descriptive it was also bothered me as well, and truthfully, it was the reason I took down a crown because I lost the enjoyment of the book at that point. I just think people should know about the self-harm that does go on in the story to help them determine before they read further.

Okay, I just thought that needed to be said. Now, I'm moving on to the good.

This is such a fast read. I basically binge read it in two sittings. It really draws you into the world, and the author did such an wonderful job creating a spooky and beautiful atmosphere. Scotland is one of the top places that I want to visit, and Lunetta made me want to go visit it even more.

Heather, Prudence, and Primrose were all interesting narrators as well. It was so interesting to read the twins' points of view as they become darker and darker. I loved these parts of the novels, and man, I wish we had gotten to see even more of their dark story. Heather was good as well. She was the typical teen, and I liked her well enough. Some of the things she did were really stupid, and I just kept going, really? But it did make the plot more interesting so that was nice.

The romance was okay. I liked her and the love interest well enough, but it wasn't a super big part of the book and the ship never got really real for me.

Where the true heart of the story was in the plot and atmosphere. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I love me a good witch book, and this was definitely one. Things kept getting more and more interesting, and I loved the boiling point where it all tipped over. The plot definitely won me over and kept me interested.

Overall, this was a quick, fast read that I pretty much enjoyed. I loved the plot, and the rest of the elements were good enough. However, I wasn't prepared for some aspects of the novel, and the graphicness wasn't really needed nor properly discussed prior. That was what really took down a crown for me. Otherwise, it was a decently good read! 3.5 - 4 crowns and Merida's here because SCOTLAND!
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228 reviews123 followers
November 30, 2019
Heather MacNair travels to Scotland every summer to stay with her aunt in Edinburgh. This year, she has a secret she doesn’t want her friends to know: she just got out of a wellness center after her mom caught her cutting. But this visit to Edinburgh isn’t the same as the other summers. Her grandmother’s dementia reveals a magical family history, and night terrors of twins in the sixteen hundreds haunt her. Despite what she has assured her parents and doctor, the urge to cut designs into her skin remains strong. Does her family’s past hold the key to her compulsion?

This books had some really good ideas. A family history that comes to haunt the women down the line. Flashbacks to the witch hunting era of the 1600s. But I feel like the focus was somewhere else. The book was mostly Heather just being a teenager with a lot of self-harm and a few nightmares. She hangs out with her friends, deals with her aunt having cancer, and visits her grandmother in a nursing home. What the grandmother has to say is probably the most exciting part (besides the flashbacks), but it happens so rarely. The entirety of the book felt like it was written as a summary with so little delving into what was going on. The whole climax sequence took maybe five pages. It was a quick read, otherwise I probably would’ve been too bored to finish it. Two stars. The plot was disappointing and so was the writing.
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449 reviews91 followers
February 10, 2017
As much as I want to love this this I just can't. I've been sitting here for about 10 minutes trying to figure out my thoughts and they all just lead me to I didn't like it.

The story was so intriguing and there were parts I truly loved. Heather, our main character, has been cutting herself and having just returned from a stay at a Wellness Clinic she travels across the sea to visit her Aunt Abbie in Scotland. Her parents aren't thrilled, but she swears she's better and convinces them to let her go. She goes every summer so she already has a group of friends waiting for her. Sounds more like a contemporary novel right...well what we don't know from the beginning is that there is a reason for Heather cutting herself and what she cuts into her skin has a far deeper meaning than Heather thought.

Okay so my description isn't really spooky, but the author does a great job at filling in the spooky and I liked it. The story flips back and forth from Heather's POV to two sisters Primrose and Prudence who lived in the 1600's. Their story is filled with witchcraft and it isn't a pretty one because during that time witches were executed and the two sisters didn't exactly get along so there was tension even in their house. I liked this part and I wanted so much more, but the author didn't really get down to the whole witch storyline until to late in the story. There was so much build up and at 90% in the story I knew the author was going to rush and she did. It really killed the whole story for me. I wish she would have given herself an extra 100 pages because I think the story could have been fantastic with those extra pages. She could have spent so much more time with Heather's grandma and the whole coven plot line. As it stands though once the meat of the story finally happens it's all over in the blink of an eye.

And the ending was very problematic for me. I won't spoil anything, but in a certain scene I could feel the author going "hmm only have 10 pages left, better wrap this up quickly". It was such a disappointment and not believable in the slightest. I know it's witches and that's not believable ( well for some it is so please don't take offense) much either, but the ending was just ridiculous and too nice. I expected more wickedness from all parties involved.

I also hated the romance. I've been trying to lighten up my thinking on romances lately because I know I can be pretty harsh and they usually aren't my cup of tea, but this one was just horrible. Heather has been in love with Allistair, Robby's brother forever and never even looked at Robby. Well the first summer that Allistair is gone she all of a sudden sees what I great guy Robby is and wants to date him. Oh and Robby has grown up and gotten cuter, that helped her decision too. What a bunch of bull! Robby we know has been in love with Heather forever, but knew she pined for his brother so kept his feelings to himself. Well like I said the brother is at college with his girlfriend so Robby decides to finally speak up. Now them getting together wouldn't have bothered me if they had a conversation about her liking his brother and what her feelings were at this moment and if she had always thought he was somewhat cute. It really bugs me that they just left so much unsaid and that made their whole relationship feel false and strained. I didn't like it and I didn't buy it. I would have preferred there to be no romance or maybe she could have gravitated towards Fiona, her single friend. That would have been so much better.

I also didn't like Aunt Abbie. Heather had issues and nobody knew these issues tied into witchcraft so Heather should have been watched more. I get giving a teenager space, but she just got back from a hospital and you are going to let her run around unsupervised?? Oh and lie to her parents! Talk about being a complete waste of a character. And her whole story line bothered me. I again would have preferred a different set of actions. Maybe Heather could have went to Scotland for school? That would have at least given her reasons for not being supervised. All Aunt Abbie did was give Heather room to cut herself and get her friend almost killed.

So these were my main problems with the book. I had a few other ones, but these were my main gripes and as you can see they were pretty big areas of the book that I had problems with. The story could have been so good and with the market lacking in witches these this really could have been a hit. As it stands though this is a very forgettable book filled with way too many plot problems for me.
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March 31, 2017
I was not comfortable with the way self harm (and mental illness in general) were handled in this book. There should definitely be a more prominent trigger warning.

ALSO - and this is a stupid niggle. We didn't burn witches alive. In Scotland the execution was strangling at the stake followed by burning the corpse. And in England the sentence for witchcraft was hanging (the sentence for heresy WAS burning and the two often went together though). So the whole prologue with Primrose is incredibly unlikely. But thats just me being REALLY REALLY fussy. Sorry.
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2,274 reviews546 followers
June 25, 2017
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: A dark paranormal mystery set in Scotland with a centuries-old family curse, excellent female friendships, and an adorable romance.

Opening Sentence: Black smoke scalds my lungs.

The Review:

When I first read the summary of this book, I was incredibly intrigued. The combination of witchcraft, a family curse, and Scotland meant that this one immediately made its way to the top of my to-read list. However, the execution of the plot wasn’t quite what I expected and the book dealt with mental health very poorly.

Bad Blood begins with Heather, the main character, about to be released from the hospital her parents sent her to after discovering that she has been carving symbols onto her skin. There are then very detailed scenes where she sneaks away to refresh the symbols. Throughout the book, Heather never acknowledges that her compulsion to carve is a problem. I was underwhelmed by the way the author dealt with mental health. Additionally, I also found it incredibly unbelievable that her parents would send her to a foreign country to live with an aunt who has health problems of her own.

One of the best parts of the book was the setting. The author manages to bring Edinburgh and rural Scotland alive for the reader. I loved finding out more about the Scottish culture and history. One of my favorite scenes in the novel was the ceilidh. The addition of Primrose and Prudence’s story allowed the author to explore another time period while adding a bit of mystery to the book. Their story did seem somewhat overly dramatic but I understood what the author was building toward.

The plot had such potential but the pacing was off. Most of the book was slow, exploring Heather’s day-to-day life with her friends. I did enjoy getting to see what life was like for them. However, the last 10% of the book was incredibly rushed, as if the author was running out of space and had to fit everything in. Had that bit been more developed and the magical aspects deepened, I think the ending would have been much more satisfying.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the romance because it seemed somewhat shallow and happened very quickly. If there had been even a mention of a hint of mutual attraction between the two of them before this summer, I would have believed it more. As is, Heather becomes attracted to her childhood friend not for his personality but because of his sudden good looks. I did like Heather’s relationship with her aunt because there was a unique dynamic between the two of them. Since her aunt and most of her friends had been born without powers, there wasn’t a lot of magic in the novel except for a few short scenes.

Bad Blood had a lot of potential but couldn’t find the right balance between the stories the author was telling. The modern-day mystery lacked tension and a sense of urgency while the flashbacks were creepy and horrifying but not long enough to allow the reader to form an emotional attachment to the characters.

Notable Scene:

“You were talking about witches,” I say, studying her.

“Witch … what a dreadful word. No’ at all accurate. The women in our family have always healed with herbs, called upon nature to help us out a time or two. No’ exactly the evils of witchcraft, if you ask me.”

Gram just means our ancestors were midwives and medicine women, often accused of being witches back when people were ignorant and quick to hate a woman who was even a little different. I place the cup back down on the table.

“Oh, but that Blood Magic, that’s another story. Unnatural, that.”

“Blood Magic?” I repeat. “What’s that?”

“Some nastiness you need no’ concern yourself with. Just know that sometimes the women in our family go … wrong. It doesn’t happen often, though. Either type. I mean, look at Abbie. I love that girl, but there isn’t an ounce of magic in her.”

FTC Advisory: Delacorte Press/Penguin Random House provided me with a copy of Bad Blood. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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700 reviews39 followers
October 25, 2018
Once again, a book I almost didn't read because of seeing a negative review has proven to be BOMB!!

This review is probably going to be marginally sucky, but that's kind of a good thing! because I was too invested in the story to put the book down to take notes. (When I'm feeling ranty and hate a book I will stop and take note every time something annoys me. (See: my review of This Is Our Story))

Bad Blood definitely isn't spectacular, but it was thoroughly enjoyable and full of intrigue, Scots, voice, ghosts, and witches. I really loved the chapters in Primrose and Prudence's POVs, I really liked the mc Heather, and I loved the dynamic created between Heather, her friends, and her family. All of the characters in this novel are believable and real.

I can't actually pinpoint anything that I didn't like about the book. I really enjoyed reading Bad Blood, it just wasn't enough to be a favorite. I just didn't get that feeling, you know? I will say that the climax and finale had me gripped. I even read during last night's new AHS episode, that's how into the book I was, and I don't let anything interrupt my AHS time!

I'll stop now, but yeah. Really good, really eerie, evil twins, Scotland, Blood Witches; totally riveting.

Also, note to self (and everyone else, really): quit judging books that seem interesting by random bad reviews!! Read it for yourself and see what you think! OMG how many times will I have to tell myself this??!

Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge: A book with song lyrics in the title (Bad Blood - Taylor Swift)
Shelved as 'didn-t-finish'
February 25, 2017
Ok, this one is a no-go for me, at least for right now. I couldn't get past the main character's issues with self-harm. Just too much for me. I may revisit at a later date as I love Scottish settings, but as for right now, I am putting this aside.
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1,846 reviews
February 9, 2017
(I gave this four stars in the March edition of Romantic Times Book Reviews: https://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-re...)

Lunetta creates a believable, likable heroine in Heather, who wavers between fear and bravery, choosing to fight for her own future and that of the people she loves. Heather’s struggle to control her behavior and her life, as well as her desire for independence from her parents, will be familiar to many teen readers. Fans of Stephanie Hemphill’s Wicked Girls and Julie Hearn’s The Minister’s Daughter will appreciate the emotional flashbacks detailing the terrifying experiences of Heather’s ancestors in 17th century Scotland.

Heather MacNair can’t help the urge to cut herself, and her time at the Wellness Center, mostly for her parents’ benefit, has done nothing to stop her desire to bleed. All she wants is to feel normal, and summer at her aunt’s home in Scotland with childhood friends might be just the place to make a full recovery. Once there, her family’s dark history, involving witchcraft and treachery, pulls Heather into a supernatural grudge battle, revealing her self-harming tendencies as a greater power she must fight to control.
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672 reviews42 followers
April 25, 2017
It’s taken me a while to write this review because I still tilt my head and squint at this book. It’s not at all what I expected. It feels like a bunch of ideas mashed up together and flattened to make a solid picture, but really it’s a Monet close up. Good grief, I’m rambling. Simply, a whole slew of story arcs and ideas are strewn together and they don’t quite fit. It feels messy and random. I honestly have no idea how it went from something so serious and heartbreaking like self-mutilation/harm to compulsive blood magic but alright. I’m perplexed. Not to say that this wasn’t an enjoyable read. It absolutely was.

Read more here:

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Author 52 books558 followers
September 13, 2016
I was lucky enough to read an ARC of BAD BLOOD. The wonderful Scottish setting and characters transported me to another place (and time - thanks to some well-placed flashbacks). There was just the right amount of magic and creepy mysteries to keep the pages turning, but not so much that I was afraid to turn my lights off at night. Best of all there was just a bit of romance, which was very well done and something I always enjoy. All in all a great read and one I highly recommend.
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24 reviews1 follower
April 25, 2019
This is a short one. Nothing special but I enjoyed it a bit.

- Pacing is good. I didn't feel like the story dragged at any point.
- Characters are not annoying. Considering they are all teenagers, this is quite an accomplishment.

- The ending is very anti-climatic. Everything was resolved quickly so it felt too neat.
- The side romance was not necessary and added nothing to the main story.
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670 reviews16 followers
March 13, 2017
I received a copy from Netgalley.

I pre ordered this ages before I requested a review copy from Netgalley. I must admit I pre ordered based on cover and the fact that the title is Taylor Swift song. I probably read the blurb at some point and forgot what it was about.

And to my immense surprise my Netgalley request was actually approved.

Possible trigger warnings for self-harm.

This was a fun book about a girl who’s visiting relatives in Scotland while at the same time having strange dreams about twin girls in the time of the Scottish Witch Trials. (I usually don’t like books where the characters have the same name as myself, but thankfully this was a first person novel so it didn’t grate on me too much). The main character Heather has some disturbing compulsions that make her carve intricate designs into her skin, which make her bleed.

At the start of the novel she’s been caught by her parents and been sent to a Wellness Centre for recovery. Which at least seems to be working, she’s taking meds, talking to a therapist and come home, and been allowed to go on to her annual vacation to visit her Aunt Abbie in Scotland. With check ins with her parents and on line Skye sessions with her therapist.

Only the need to carve the weird designs into her skin haven’t really gone away. She’s got it under control enough to fool the grownups into thinking she’s okay when she’s really not. To be fair though, she knows she’s doing something wrong, there is something unexplainable about the way the sudden compulsion over comes her. But she can’t cope or do anything until the design is carved into her skin. It’s a weird intricate knot type design.

There’s a historical element to the novel telling the story of twin sisters Prudence and Primrose who lived in the 1700s. Their story starts with one of them being burned as witch. Their history is revealed to Heather in the modern day through her dreams. Once loving sisters learning the healing craft of their ancestors with the mother, things turn sour turning the twins into bitter rivals going deeper into magic they should not be messing with.

All this is having a big effect on Heather in the modern day. In Edinburgh with her aunt Abbie, Heather gets some bad news about her aunt, and also has to deal with the fact that her grandmother has dementia and has been put into a home. Not fun on top of increasingly frightening nightmares starring Prudence and Primrose.

Having been to Scotland every summer for years and years Heather has made some really good friends with some of the other teens in town. She gets to see them in the summer. They’re all quite excited to be together again, though initially Heather is a little disappointed the older boy she likes isn’t there that summer, just his brother Robby who she’s known forever is. They’re good friends, but there’s a definite spark between them that everyone but Heather seems to see.

As the dreams get worse and worse, and a few visits to grandma reveal some surprising information, talk of witches in the family, something bad involving using blood for spells, Heather does some digging. And discovers some home truths she never knew.

It’s a good story with a great historical and some really good mystical elements. Some good teen angst added in and with an inevitable romance. My only real issue with this which is why it was a four star rather than a five star read was I found most of the characters very two dimensional. They were all likeable, but I didn’t get much of a sense of personality from any of them really.

The novel was exceptionally well written, so it didn’t really matter that the characters were a little flat, the history and mythology worked well, and the magic elements were well done and quite unique. There’s also a really good sense of place, the Scottish setting is brilliantly done. I really enjoyed the descriptions of Edinburgh and the Scottish countryside. Both modern day and historical it felt really authentic, beautifully written and easy to picture.

Despite a few flaws, it was a really good read and definitely something I would read again.

Thank you Netgalley and Random House Children’s for approving my request to view this title
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159 reviews6 followers
June 6, 2017
First, I want to say that I really liked the setting in this book. Scotland plus witches? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, that's really the most praise I can give for this book. The pacing was very slow, and it took a long time to develop why Primrose and Prudence's chapters were relating to Heather. Rereading the synopsis, I realize that it says they are dreams, but I forgot about that going in and was a little confused about the flashbacks. For most of the book it was about Heather spending her time in Scotland with her aunt and friends, and occasionally having a huge urge to cut herself. Every time she always wonders why she has to and why can't she be normal, but she never does anything to change the impulses. The idea of witches pops up every now and then during Heather's normal day to day life, and it wasn't until about 80% in that it really becomes relevant or start to connect with why Heather.

I felt as if all of the characters were very one dimensional and very cliche. We don't really get a sense of who they are, and I never felt like I could connect to any of the characters as well while reading. For the most part, I kept thinking why was I still reading this book when I don't even care about the characters?

By around the 80% mark though I started to become a little bit more invested and wanted to know how the whole story would play out. When the big showdown happened though, I was a little disappointed that what Heather did was all it took for everything to stop. I felt after all that (slow) buildup there should have been a bigger showdown between Heather and the twins.

Overall, it's a decent book to read in between series or if you just need a book to read while waiting at the doctors office or something. It's a slow build up, but at least the writing style was very nicely done. I definitely found myself reading in a Scottish accent whenever anyone talked, and Heather had a very distinct American one. Would probably make for a very good audiobook.
17 reviews
May 15, 2019
16-year-old Heather MacNair has had to spend 6 weeks at the Great Lakes Wellness Center pretending to get better when her mom sends her there after finding Heather cutting patterns into her skin. Her parents allow her to go to Aunt Abbie's house in Scotland for the summer, as she always does, and Heather has them under the pretense that she's stopped cutting those patterns into her skin. Heather loves these visits; old friends and cute Scottish boys can fix anything . . . except for the plague of nightmares of twin sisters Primrose and Prudence from the 1600s. They have a story darker than Heather could ever dream of and somehow, Heather is stuck in the middle of it. Will it help her get rid of her own darkness or plunge her into a hole so dark that she may never be able to get out?

Honestly, I think that this was a pretty well-written book. The flashbacks from the sisters' POVs were my favorite parts of the book. I liked how they would alternate from each sisters's view to the others; the briefness of each one were short built up more suspense and drama in each one as you would learn their story bit by bit. Heather's own story-line was also integrated really well with the twins's and made sure you were conscious of how they were playing a big part in her story without actually having much "screen time".
I think the reason that I just didn't quite like this book was that the description of the self-harm was just so in depth; it was uncomfortable. I enjoyed the eerie atmosphere that was consistent throughout the plot, but that kind of ambiance doesn't really click with me unless I just really, really enjoy it.
Overall, I would definitely still recommend this book to people who enjoy an eerie, ethereal type of horror, and especially if you're into Scotland and witches. If you have problems or trauma with self-harm, however, I would definitely not read this book; it gets very descriptive within that area.
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September 23, 2019
I had this book as an eARC and I ended up giving it two stars and DNFing it. Then I found it at the library and decided to give it another try. And I am so glad I did because this book was amazing! I do have to say that the cutting thing that is in this book was one of the things that turned me off of it the first time I tried it. But now that I have read it all the way through I understand why it was there. So although it should be listed as a trigger please know that there is a good reason why it's there.

This story is for the reader who loves mystery and witchy magical things. Overcoming Evil as well as those who want a story about family and first love. This book has it all. It was a very fast read and I read it in 3 and a half hours. And I couldn't put it down. The author did a wonderful job with the flow and giving us little bits and pieces of the story as it unfolded. The POVs of Heather, Primrose, and Prudence was ingenious and it made the story more interesting. The setting of Scotland was beyond magical and I do hope one day to visit. And no that's not just because I'm addicted to all thing Outlander..........😳ok yes that does have something to do with it.

The characters in this one are rich and alive. I couldn't help but feel for Heather and I would love to see another story set in another POV from the side characters. I think that it would be amazing to explore the other families histories.

This is one that I won't soon forget and I think others will enjoy it as well!

Go Into This One Knowing
Self Harm, Triple POV, Time Jumps
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June 15, 2017

In a story of dark history, family ties and the blood that binds them, Bad Blood blends everything together in a perfect Celtic knot. Set in Scotland, this book whisks readers into a beautiful land deeply rooted with history, magic, witches, and folklore. Filled with facts, stories, and language, words like, “dinnae and cannae,” that could only come from someone who has lived there, helps sets the authentic mood, opening the storyline for a deeper historical tale.

Author Demitria Lunetta, spins a new twist on a sensitive topic, treating it with uniqueness and respect. While some readers might shy away due to the sensitive topic discussed in this book, they should be reassured that the author highlights the issue in a manner that the readers can understand the character’s reasoning, as well as the magical side behind it. By not using self-harm as the premise behind the entire story, Demitria Lunetta is able to capture her reading audience with a mysterious story of witches, while opening the door to realistic feelings behind cutting. Her ability to capture the inner thoughts and feelings of her characters lends readers a deeper and richer connection behind the trigger issue. Unique and refreshing, Bad Blood is a standalone read worth diving into.

You can find the rest of my reviews and giveaways in my weekly newspaper column: For the Love of Books-Dixon's Independent Voice
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March 20, 2017
I was really hoping to like this one because I love witch-y type stories, but unfortunately it was a major disappointment. It was so boring that I can't even remember the MC's name. Oh yes, I think it was Heather? It's about a girl who cuts herself and makes odd symbols with out knowing why. I didn't think they would go into that much detail, but it was bad. She could not stop no matter how hard she tried. The story later goes into detail as to why she does cut herself, but I feel it could have been dealt with differently. If you're not comfortable with self-harming, then do not read this book at all! Also, the book went really no where until the end of the book. Most of the book just shows how Heather goes to Scotland to visit her Aunt and Grandmother, and goes visiting her friends. No plot whatsoever. By the time I got to the end it felt lackluster and underwhelming. If this is a series I will not be continuing it.
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March 10, 2017
I have met Demitria Lunetta before and she is truly a delight. She is a writer who creates characters that make you think long after you have read about them. This particular book is about a favorite topic of mine - witches and magic powers. Heather is a girl plagued with a desire to cut. When she finally arrives at the truth as to why she does this behavior, she understands her entire family and all of their eccentricities. I love the supporting characters in this as much as the main characters as they are just as vibrant and interesting as the others. I cannot wait to read more from this author as she holds a spark that a lot of writers are missing.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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March 25, 2017
Phenomenally Exciting

I have always loved the paranormal, witches, etc. And have as long as I can remember loved Scotland.

The story of Heather with her ancestors Prudence and Primrose is truly an engaging and mystical tale. Set in Scotland Heather comes across information that leads to her ancestors and the reasons for her cutting.

An adventure with her friends uncover that her distant ancestors may have been witches and one a Blood Witch. Heathers life will change forever and everyones involved.

What will come of her Aunt? Will Heather survive Prudences and Primroses angry revenge? Who can she trust? Read to find out. You won't want to put it down.
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68 reviews
July 3, 2018
Okay, not exactly the vibe I thought it would have when diving in.

This book embodies Scottish culture and witchery in the best possible way. There were definitely some scary parts where I had to stop reading (especially when it was nighttime lol) but this was such an educating experience that provided some history lessons, as well as an insight to Scotland’s witch trials. I liked it so I’m giving it three stars! If you’re interested in these type of books then definitely check this one out!!!
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June 2, 2017
This was an interesting book. It took a long time for the story to get steam. But I still enjoyed it. Easy to read even when going back and forth through time. I feel there could have been more depth to the characters. It was interesting to see the main character run through her thought process how hard she fought to hide her secrets from her friends and parents. I found myself rooting for her to succeed not just against the threat in front of her but to conquer her own demons.
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October 23, 2017
Probably not a book to read if you have any issues with self harm. Let's just put that right up front.

That aside, I enjoyed this one with a few quibbles in regards to historical accuracy but I tried to ignore that. It was quick and (without looking too deeply into it) it was entertaining. Another one that I flew right through in one sitting. Not too shabby for something I just randomly grabbed off the library display rack.
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