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A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 4

The mystery of the existence and continuation of the Georgian Jewry for more than 2600 years in exile is part of the greatest ambiguities in the history of mankind. The studying of the Torah and the Talmud by the House of Judah, were the values and traditions which expressed the essence of the lives of Georgian Jews throughout the centuries of exile, even to the present day.

Some of the Ten Tribers stayed in the Covenant together with Judah under the umbrella of "Jewry", while others moved away from the principles of Judaism and were absorbed into other religions.

The first Christian believers were Jews; history is firmly documented concerning this fact. These Jewish Christians then converted the local pagans into Christianity. The nation of Georgia today is rooted deep in Christianity.

These Hebrew descendants came to the location of "Arsareth", in a geographical area where nobody dwelled before. To this day little has been done to promote the study of the heritage of the Hebrews (Iberians) and their culture in Iberia (Georgia) and it is incumbent on the scientific and research institutions of the State of Israel to initiate special programs on these subjects. This research initiative will hopefully help intensify public awareness and enhance knowledge of this unique and ancient community in the beautiful country of Georgia.

This part of the research gives us a holistic overview of the three groups that settled in Iberia: Hebrews, Israelites and the Jews, as well as the other two main areas the Ten Tribers were dispersed to: a) Daphne of Antioch and b) the Sambatyon River.

The areas researched in this part are:

1) The First Believers in Georgia.
2) Georgian Christians’ Sheer Respect for Jews.
3) The Being of the Early Georgian Jews.
4) Fundamental Reason Georgian Christians Respect Jews.
5) The Prophetic Utterance: Settled as a Peaceable Multitude.
6) The Ten Tribe Exiles Were Divided Into Three Areas at Their Dispersion.
7) Area 1: The Sambatyon River – Bosporus Straight.
8) Area 2: Daphne of Antioch – South-east Turkey.
9) Area 3: The Cloud Which Covered Them – Caucasus Mountain Area.
10) Conclusion

50 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 9, 2016

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About the author

W.A. Liebenberg

157 books3 followers
William Adriaan Liebenberg is a research professor and specializes in Ancient Hebraic Studies and various religious topics. He has traveled extensively, conducted field research through expeditions, and worked closely with leading Rabbis in Israel. He serves on the Board of the Commonwealth of Israel as well as the Hebraic Teaching Group and head the research divisions of both institutions.

Author of over a hundred books and research papers covering fundamental topics in Judaism, Christianity and the Ten Tribes of Israel, his work is endorsed by universities and Jewish establishments, and he is followed by many globally.

Snr Professor at two academic institutions with five PhDs in various fields behind his name. Passionate about Biblical research, Jewish history, eschatology, touring, and mentoring students in the writing of academic research dissertations. He is also a mechanic engineer with a GCC and assisted in the successful design and production of the first workable airless air-cooled tyre...

He writes on unique topics where mysteries are unraveled.

For questions: prof@htg.za.com

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