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It all started with a contract signed by him, then by me, while our families watched. While my father sat silent, a man defeated, giving his daughter to the Benedetti monsters.

I obeyed. I played my part. I signed my name and gave away my life. I became their living, breathing trophy, a constant symbol of their power over us.

That was five years ago.

Then came the time for him to claim me. For Salvatore Benedetti to own me.

I had vowed vengeance. I had learned hate. And yet, nothing could have prepared me for the man who now ruled my life.

I expected a monster, one I would destroy. But nothing is ever black or white. No one is either good or evil. For all his darkness, I saw his light. For all his evil, I saw his good. As much as he made me hate him, a passion hotter than the fires of hell burned inside me.

I was his, and he was mine.

My very own monster.


I owned the DeMarco Mafia Princess. She belonged to me now. We had won, and they had lost. And what better way to teach a lesson than to take from them that which is most precious? Most beloved?

I was the boy who would be king. Next in line to rule the Benedetti Family. Lucia DeMarco was the spoils of war. Mine to do with as I pleased.

It was my duty to break her. To make her life a living hell. My soul was dark, I was hell bound. And there was no way out, not for either of us. Because the Benedetti family never lost, and in our wake, we left destruction. It’s how it had always been. How I believed it would always be.

Until Lucia.

Author’s Note: Salvatore and Lucia’s story is a steamy standalone romance. No cliffhanger and no cheating. It is intended for mature readers.

330 pages, ebook

First published July 18, 2016

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About the author

Natasha Knight

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Natasha Knight is the USA Today Bestselling author of Romantic Suspense and Dark Romance Novels. She has sold over a million books and is translated into six languages. She currently lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters and when she’s not writing, she’s walking in the woods listening to a book, sitting in a corner reading or off exploring the world as often as she can get away.

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2,417 reviews13.9k followers
August 15, 2017

★★★★! Salvatore (stand-alone book 1). Duty to family has Salvatore taking ownership of Lucia in a game of vengeance!

“The war between Benedetti and DeMarco may have been fought in our fathers’ time, but we inherit the hate, the bad blood.”

Books in Benedetti Brothers series are stand-alones, but most enjoyed if read in order:
Book 1: Salvatore
Book 2: Dominic

In Salvatore (stand-alone, book 1) two second-borns find themselves obligated to participate in a game of power and vengeance. Lucia Annalisa DeMarco is to become mobster son Salvatore Benedetti‘s property on her twenty-first birthday.

“I faced Salvatore, the man who owned me. Surely the contract we’d signed wouldn’t hold up in any court of law. But it wasn’t the contract that dictated my life. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew who would pay.”

But a tangled web of lies, deceit, greed and betrayal soon has them questioning everything. Hatred and contempt is replaced by lust and confusion... Can they unite to seek the truth or will duty to family prevail?

Six words to describe Salvatore Benedetti: private, honorable, strong, complex, loyal and confused.

Six words to describe Lucia Annalisa DeMarco: feisty, observant, courageous, dutiful, loyal and confused.

Salvatore, told from dual POVs, is a fast-paced, suspenseful mob romance. Even in the darkest of circumstances there can be goodness, forgiveness, love and happy endings.

“I’m not a monster, Lucia, but I am my father’s son. I am obligated, just as you are.”

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Sexual tension rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4 stars
Plot rating: 4 stars
Dialogue rating: 4 stars
Storytelling rating: 4.5 stars
Story ending rating: 4.5 stars
Overall rating: 4 stars

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.
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August 3, 2016
A Great "Softer" Captivity Story

When I first started to see the reviews of friends popping up on my feed for 'Salvatore', I knew it would be right up my alley. A forced contractual relationship, Mafia families and bitter rivalries...What's not to love? I couldn't wait to dive right in!

Lucia is sixteen years-old and innocent, when her life is changed forever. After suffering through a humiliating ordeal, she is forced to sign a contract to save the lives of her family members. In five years, she will become the property of Salvatore Benedetti, the son of a rival mob boss. Her imprisonment is meant to send a message and to quell any lingering resistance. Her life for theirs.

When the time comes for Salvatore to claim Lucia, she is determined to rebel in any way possible. She knows that she cannot change her fate, but she doesn't plan to make it easy for them either. Lucia has no intention of playing the role of a submissive captive.

Salvatore loathes his father, Franco, but repeatedly cowers before him. Franco rules with an iron fist and everyone who knows what's good for them falls in line. As his next-in-line, Salvatore is consistently tested.

Lucia is one such trial. Salvatore is appalled by the barbaric agreement between the two families, but he must go along with it or risk appearing weak. To further complicate matters, he is torn between his attraction to Lucia and his opposition to what the contract signifies.

As this story progresses, it becomes clear that there are many power plays going on. Salvatore's younger brother resents his station in life. Lucia's sister and cousin have plans to seek vengeance and rescue Lucia from her captivity. Salvatore must prove his ruthlessness to his father. Everyone seems to have an agenda.

All in all, it was a great story with "darkish" themes. I enjoyed it quite a bit and found myself captivated by Lucia and Salvatore's relationship.

My only complaint is that I felt like the author never really committed to the "darkness" of this story. It was like she was too scared to take the plunge. Instead, the story takes on a "nice" captivity vibe. You know, the type of story where the captives really end up wanting every act that is "forced" upon them. It had a softer, more mainstream, feel to it than the dark, captivity story I expected.

For me, the story loses credibility when the "slave" is aroused by their captor and fighting their attraction right from the start. I just have a hard time buying it and also believing that they were as terrified as they'd have me believe. I can't reconcile the two.

Despite my gripes, I still liked this story a lot. It is a great choice if you're looking for a "softer" captivity-themed romance. Aside from one or two very brief scenes, it isn't particularly dark. It is a standalone as well, but I am hopeful that the author will give some of the other characters their own books soon.
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July 11, 2016
༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author
"Natasha Knight" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TITLE: Salvatore
AUTHOR: Natasha Knight
GENRE: Dark | Mafia Romance
CHAPTERS: 25 + Epilogues
RELEASE DATE: July 18th 2016


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SALVATORE: Salvatore and Lucia’s story is a steamy standalone romance with a happily-ever-after. No cliffhanger and no cheating. It is intended for mature readers. Spoken in 'dual perspectives'

This kick starts us off in the 'Prologue' where we're first introduced to 'Salvatore' and the signing of the official contract binding sixteen year old 'Lucia Annalisa Demarco' the DeMarco Mafia Princess, making twenty-four year old Salvatore her new owner, she was the prized sacrifice of his families triumph over hers. She was my enemy and spoils of war, putting an end to these two rival families at war with each other.

She was an innocent, her fate decided when she hadn't been more than a child.

Straight after signing the contract she was then sent away to an all girls catholic school chosen by Salvatore's father.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She'd been locked away most of her life
All of her adult life
I was the only man she'd known
a cruel trick of fate.

Five years go past, now that she's turned twenty-one time is up for Lucia, Salvatore now twenty-nine is ready to lay claim to her and he's not going to hold back.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I knew nothing about her
Only her name and face
her signature on a stupid
piece of paper.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was still the enemy's son. I was her keeper, The man who'd signed a contract, claiming ownership of her.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I went into this book with slight trepidation I thought by the synopsis I would despise Salvatore but that is far from the truth, I pretty much fell in love with his character at chapter one. He's not the monster he's made out to be, there's a vulnerable, softer side to him, he's a product of his childhood, to lead his families empire, blood on his hands, death at his door but that isn't what truly defines this man. He will fight for what he believes in, honor those he loves, and kill to protect.

For me this was no means dark as I've probably gone as dark as any reader can go, BUT it still kept me glued to my ipad, it had all the gritty mafia aspects I could ask for, I love how this author time and time again has that knack to draw me in with her words on paper every time I pick up a book of hers..

Now getting to why I loved this book, the feels, they zapped me good, the angst, the connection I had with the two main characters, the interaction between the two, I pretty much read this in one sitting, anything to do with the mafia and I can guarantee I'm there signing up for an arc..
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3,141 reviews1,895 followers
July 18, 2016
When two Mafia families are at war, there can only be one winner. And that winner was Salvatore. His prize? Lucia DeMarco. Signed over to him as if she was property, no longer a human with freedom. For years she's kept at boarding school until it's his time to take her and own her. Salvatore is nothing like his family, but Lucia doesn't know if that will save her, or destroy her.

Salvatore was a character that really surprised me. From the blurb I was thinking that he would be a hard character to like because of the roughness, but that wasn't the case at all. Almost immediately I was taken to him and started to fall for him and his quiet ways. He wasn't as rough around the edges as I thought he was, he could actually be sweet at moments. I loved getting to see the vulnerable side to him, the side that didn't want to be involved in the owning of a person. But I also loved seeing the other side to him, the side that liked being able to control Lucia. The two contradicting sides of Salvatore came together very well though, and made his character hard not to like.

Despite her circumstances, Lucia had a tough side and wouldn't let her situation break her down. I liked seeing how she fought back at times and didn't make it easy on Salvatore to handle her. It made me admire her, actually. She was the main reason I found my emotions so affected with this story, and she had me laughing, getting angry, and cheering for her to win.

The overall story wasn't very dark and I honestly wouldn't classify it as my kind of darkness. Mostly because I need some pretty messed up things to happen in order for me to say a book is dark. But I will warn that some of the scenes may make people uncomfortable if they're new to this type of book. But those scenes are also why I highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a Mafia book, and also for those that haven't read anything dark-ish before. This would be the perfect introduction to the genre and will let you slowly work your way into the dark book world.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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July 9, 2016
Salvatore was mind blowing, emotionally charged, off the charts amazing!! Salvatore and Lucia's love for each other was beyond words. I loved the fact that Lucia wasn't some type of weak women regardless of all the misfortune that happened to her.

The prologue is going to blow you away. I’m going to remain spoiler free and not ruin it for you. Just be prepared to have your heart beat out of your chest. Lucia has been owned by the Benedetti mafia Family by contract since she was sixteen years old. Her father, mob boss of the DeMarco Family was defeated by the Benedetti and they got Lucia, his daughter, as a trophy signifying power over them.

After four years in boarding school, Lucia comes back to Benedetti house owned now by Salvatore, next in line to rule the Benedetti Family. Lucia has to give her submission to him and Salvatore has to brake her and prove his dominance over her in front of his father and the other members of the Family. Salvatore has to play his father’s sick game, and by obedience training, he is rescuing her from his father's cruel intentions. We get to find out Salvatore's inner demons. We see more of the side that has him split in two. The side that wants to be everything he can be for her within his power; and the side that tears him away from her, the side in which scares him from being able to be all he knows she deserves.

 photo 00394a96dc0b1058eb8d4b308ae022d1_zps4ogrxh4b.jpg

 photo liq1yx0lifu9Q_zpsqq1ay1tj.gif

Now, while secrets come to light it opens the door for more threats to surface. We find out allies aren't who we really think they are and sometimes the best intentions and best laid plan go horribly wrong. The action is breath taking at times and the emotions are raw.

I loved Lucia. She was an incredible heroine. Her strength throughout the book was something that could match even the toughest heroines I have read in other books. Her emotions and frustrations shine through in the writing and you definitely felt everything that she went through while reading. Salvatore was a man lost. Lost in his own darkness. Lost in the life of crime that was forced on him by his father. He did the best he could to protect her under the circumstances.

Throughout the story I found myself laughing, yelling, crying, shouting and having my heart broken. This is another major hit from Ms. Knight! As you all know she's one of my faves and I wasn't in the least bit disappointed in this one. Salvatore absolutely captured my heart. The author is truly gifted in what she does. This book is an absolute 5+ read for me!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

 photo 12665771_584238145059887_1835520696_n_zps3xqoyoc0.jpg
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November 10, 2016
3.5 stars!

I didn’t find this book as dark as the premise or cover title suggests but I like Natasha Knight’s stories as there always, fast paced and enjoyable quick reads.

At sixteen, Lucia DeMarco is forced to sign a contract to become the property of Salvatore Benedetti when her father loses to his family, the rival mafia family. For the next five years, she is sent away to school until claimed by Salvatore after her father’s funeral. The story focuses mainly about the family relationship and dynamics with very little details about the Mafia background.

Lucia’s hatred for the Benedetti family causes her to foolishly express disrespect which only adds to her humiliating situation. For someone raised in a Mafia household, her actions and behavior comes across as immature and unwise with little thought of the consequences.

Salvatore is in line to take over the family business when his father steps down. He is not happy how his father handles the business but he is conflicted on whether he wants to take over. He follows his father’s orders and sometime can come across as afraid to stand up to him, but this is because he knows what his father is capable of and tries to prevent it. In contrast, his behavior towards Lucia is all dominant and forceful ensuring she follows his orders and punishes her when she doesn’t. While Salvatore puts Lucia through some humiliating situations, his actions sometimes conflict with his emotions and he feels remorseful for what he does.

I would have liked the story more if the author stayed with a darker theme instead of fluffing it up. Salvatore’s comes across as more sweet and soft instead of the evil monster he is made out to be. All in all, a good read.
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1,074 reviews348 followers
August 6, 2016

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:
Heroine (Lucia): 21yrs old – 1/5
Hero (Salvatore): 29yrs old – 1/5
Plot: 1/5
Grovel: none
Cheating: DNF
Triggers: H gets a blowjob from a skank, seriously dark with abuse

Average score: 1/5

Best Line: “What could a woman do? They would see.”

Worst Line: “I want to have a look at what I own.”

Personal Review:
I knew this was a dark read but I read it because the H appeared to be redeemable. I struggled past the 50% mark because of the degradation of the h BY THE H. Plus the h was increasingly immature in her remarks and behaviour.

DNF’d at this:

“What the hell was I doing? He’d whipped me, humiliated me, then fucked me. I’d come. I’d begged him to fuck me harder. I hated myself.”

Yeah, he whipped her (in anger NOT lust) to the point that she bled and then he proceeded to fuck her

Random Ramblings:
•I liked how the h stood up for herself in the beginning…especially her sarcastic comments
•The number of times she told him she hated him started to become annoying
•Oh my god…the ‘piss’ scene
•I can’t be the only one who believes there’s a line between BDSM and rape?!

Overall Feeling:

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99 reviews1 follower
January 30, 2022
This was so freaking confusing 🤦‍♀️ i wasn't sure whether i was reading mafia or high school drama.

Every character (except the kids) in this book is just bizarre 👀

● is a kind person but can't help himself peeking as a 16 years old girl loose her dignity.

●Has a great heart but can't help himself taking his rage out on an innocent and get hard.

●Is soft but doesn't having any issue beating the shit out of an innocent woman infront of houseful of people.

●Violent when harm comes to his family but 'its okay' when one of his minor family member is kidnapped.

●"I want to make 🖤 to you" .... 3 second later, "i want to fuck your ass hard" 😬😬

I mean WT literal F 🤣. This character was the mother of misdirection.

●😡 i want revenge.
●please make me 💦
●please 😭😭😭😭
●Nipples tightening 🥵
●Nipples tightening 🥵
●Nipples tightening 🥵

●"He’s a puppet to our father. A weak little windup toy who does as he’s told. Who humiliated you. What in hell do you see in him?"

Our Dom has more character than this bunch of hormonal 💩heads.

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272 reviews148 followers
August 10, 2016
This is a hot dark Mafia romance story. I love the cover of this book. With this image in my head my reading experience was very pleasant. The storyline was well written. The characters were well developed. The Authors writing skills are excellent. The sex scenes were hot off the pages! The female lead character is very sassy and strong. I loved how Salvatore took care of his woman. I will definitely one-click her future books.
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573 reviews332 followers
June 16, 2017
***** 4 'Good girls get rewarded' Stars *****

Natasha Knight has done it again! Salvatore is a dark erotic story that will keep you hooked. Get ready for some incredible steamy scenes!


The beginning of the story starts with a contract. Lucia ends up as the spoils of a mafia war. A human trophy. After she finishes school, she is promised to the enemy. Salvatore.

Salvatore will be the next boss in the mafia. He's demanding, controlling, and enjoys giving out certain punishments. He wants Lucia in a different level.

There's definitely a lot of love & hate between the characters. Lucia notices the real Salvatore, but then later realizes he and his family members are all monsters.

I loved the story. There is some BDSM involved, but it's nothing heavy. Just some brief scenes. I can't wait to see what Natasha Knight comes up with next.

description description description

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3,314 reviews429 followers
July 20, 2016

A Light Mafia Romance


Through absolutely no fault of her own Lucia finds herself the property of one Salvatore Benedetti. She was just sixteen years of age when her father signs her over as property, the spoils of war.
She's sent away for 5 years, educated with nuns but now she's back and moving in with her owner.
Salvatore hates what his father has done but better she's with him than his father or brother at least he'll be kinder.
There's a lot here to like and enough story to keep it going, there's love and sex, betrayal and surprises but....
This is going to sound like a total contradiction because I love romance especially when the guy falls head over heels and will do anything for her, I love when she grows to love him and I positively need the HEA and this book gives me all that so why didn't I like this more?
I expected a darker read and Salvatore was so sweet even when he wasn't we knew he really was it was just because he had to treat her like that and while I like sweet I also like alpha and for most of the book he seemed afraid of his father and I wanted him to be stronger.
I accept it could be just my expectations more than the book itself.
Lucia, I struggled with Lucia, at times she seems so grown up almost old before her time and yet childish and silly at others and even taking into account her unusual life and the isolation she suffered the more she said "I hate you" the more I cringed.
And again I tried to excuse how selfish she seemed and put it down to her past but when Salvatore was trying to explain something to her and everything came back to her and he said
"Why don't you try listening for a change and remember not everything is about you, Lucia"
I almost cheered.
This is a good entertaining read it's just lighter than I expected.
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943 reviews224 followers
February 7, 2017
4 Stars
Hot! Hot! Hot! Up in this book! lol I really did enjoy this one. I love a mafia enemies to lovers with a feisty h and Lucia was very feisty! When Lucia was 16 she was made to sign a contract saying that she was to be owned by her biggest enemy. Her father stood by and let this happen to save his own life. When Lucia is 21 her biggest enemy was ready to own her! I loved Salvatore! He was super duper sexy! I loved that he was badass but also had a heart. Toward the end it kind of fell apart for me so that's why I dropped a star.
I'm anxious to read the next book about Dominic which is Salvatore's brother:))
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1,072 reviews119 followers
January 29, 2020
For a dark romance it was pretty vanilla. I liked Salvatore, I didn't feel that he was too beta, in the situation he was in I thought he played his cards right. What I couldn't stand was the weepy heroine, she was so clueless and all over the place when it came to her emotions, her thoughts and her actions. Half the time I couldn't stand her.

The huge mafia family of baddies was not at all what I was expecting. It was all just very un-dark (?)

Not sure I'll be checking out Dominic's story, I'm just not sure how I feel with this especially since he seemed a bit hung up on Isabella and they share a child together. . . I think this was just not a good fit for me. So on to the next one.
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514 reviews
July 19, 2016
3 would've been 4, if there weren't any major NO NO's for me.

Okay, the blurb is pretty self-explanatory. Lucia is given to Salvatore in order to save her family, once her mafia family loses a war against Salvatore's.

Salvatore definitely begins as an anti-hero. But what differentiates him from other heroes, is that he does FEEL remorse. You have his POV and hear his inner-thoughts and know that what he's showing on the outside isn't who he is. But regardless, he's a dick sometimes, but not all the time. He has both a sweet side and his anti-hero side. His mean side only comes out when she doesn't "oblige" to what he says to her.

Through time, you see them falling for each other, but it is NOT an easy road. They argue.. A LOT and it's sexy most of the time ;) Seriously, this book is CRAZY hot.

What I didn't like?

There's this trend of actions authors are using nowadays, where the hero can do something COMPLETELY HORRIBLE and two minutes later, when he's trying to have sex with the heroine, she can't help it and completely gives in. In this case These kinds of actions I feel are used by authors to instigate the steam factor in their books, but all it results for me, is that I lose the connection to the heroine, I no longer relate to her as much and instead, I roll my eyes thinking that this is a device to just make it sexier, and so it loses substance for me. And I don't even have a problem with him beating her ( I enjoy dark book reads), but only when reactions are AUTHENTIC and real. I read captive in the dark, and let me tell you, IT'S HOT AS HELL, but also the hero does HORRIBLE THINGS. But man, I related to her actions 100%. When he beat her, she didn't want him to touch her at all. Anyways, I also think that this issue was solved WAY TOO EASILY and that Lucia should've pushed Salvatore away for a bit, not accepting him back to casually. What I didn't like again, is that her reactions to some things were WAY too casual and unrealistic about some things Salvatore did.

That being said, this book isn't as dark as it appears for those of you who think it may be too much.

Also, I've read reviews of some of the author's other books, and I think she does this thing in others where the line of what's consensual is blurred? I believe there was a time where he's trying to make her orgasm, but she says "no not here" I think twice, but he continues. At the same time, she's saying no "half-heartedly" and all. But it still left me uncomfortable, as well as other scenes where he was spanking her and she CLEARLY did not want to be spanked (but this was all punishment when he was in anti-hero mode). There are "humiliation" sex scenes, where he spanks her etc to get her to say the truth or whatever, and I've read humiliation sex scenes before... it's just.. in this book it REALLY looked like she didn't enjoy it and that left me uncomfortable (but this could be the case only with me).
But again, her reactions were too casual for my liking. Dude, the guy beat you with a belt, GIVE HIM HELL.

Because at that point, she knew he was affected by her. She could've resisted more. I was actually so surprised to see the scene so casually blown over and moving on in the next chapter and they're casually happy again.

I think that stuff is what I didn't like ^. I guess in SO many of the anti-hero books today, asshole actions by heroes are overblown by sex... But man, some actions would 100% cause different reactions. And it's not that I'm picky, but I like realistic books where I can RELATE to characters, where I understand why they're doing what they're doing, and that their actions are realistic. Consider these are small moments which might not affect everyone, but for me, it does.

What I did like?

I liked Lucia that (not regarding sexual situations), she spoke back to Salvatore

"You've got another thing coming, Salvatore. If obedience was what you wanted, you chose the wrong woman to fuck with."

And I actually also liked Salvatore for the most part. Even through his asshole actions, you could always tell he cared for Lucia. He's definitely Alpha, and some of his actions made me swoon. I loved how he'd carry her everywhere... just cause. I liked that I could see his heart behind all the alpha-ness.

I like that he wasn't too scared to tell her he loves her, or push her away. I loved the suspense, I really wanted to know what was going on. I LOVED when Lucia finally stood up to his father and lead the way.

It was super hot ;) and had its sweet moments as well!

Safety? No OW / OM
No cheating
Descriptive scene with OW / OM: They sign the contract when Lucia is 16 year old, Salvatore is 24? then I think. But anyways, it's not SO descriptive but he gets a BJ from a girl (at this point, Lucia and Salvatore wouldn't meet for 5 years until she's graduated college so I did find it realistic). It's a very short part and he's thinking of Lucia.
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2,230 reviews
April 25, 2018
Reread: April 24-25th, 2018

Still remains a favorite in my love of Mafia books. There is still a thin line between love and hate with Salvator and Lucia but in the Mafia lifestyle, family deals are made for a reason and you did what the leaders told you to do to keep the peace! I loved Salvatore's rough nature and his love for all things LUCIA BENEDETTI !

What a dark but fantastic read! Salvatore Benedetti was EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

War is never a good thing and so is the cast of Salvatore: A Dark Mafia Romance by Natasha Knight. The story started with the dreaded contract: a 16 year old Lucia to 24 year Salvatore and in five years he is to claim Lucia as his own. Boy what a way to start a relationship!

So, what's the best way of teaching a lesson when you've won? To Salvatore Benedetti, it was done by taking something, well someone away from what she loved or cherished most: her home and family. What he takes it Lucia Marco, the rival Mafia Princess as his own. Because Lucia was the spoils of war at 21 years of age!

Early on in the story Lucia viewed Salvatore as a beast or monster but when it came to what mattered like his Mafia family he was firm but fair but as far as Lucia was concerned he was a gentle giant and I loved that!

Enough spoilers so for the rest of this smexy, dramaless story just read. it. yourself! I highly recommend it!

5 stars for S A L V A T O R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1,453 reviews409 followers
July 16, 2016
☆ I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

4.5 stars!!

Salvatore was a breath of fresh air. It had a good story, intriguing characters, solid pacing, and was not drama-lama over the top. Mafia reads sometimes worry me as I find them pushing the border between awesome and down right too much that it does not feel possible nor realistic, and this one played out the love, the grit, the mafia tensions and violence with a colorful balance that kept me enraptured and on my toes.

Yes, this book does start off with a contract that bind our characters together and as one would guess, they don’t like it one bit. BUT NO, the main guy does not act like a complete manwhore, type of asshole to the girl; and the main girl does not behave like an entitled, spoiled princess at all.

Salvatore, has his faults, and is hardened around the edges but he does have a soft side to him as well. He reverently cares about his family, ponders about his own place and future in the Benedetti Mafia, and takes his newfound property, Lucia, with a grain of salt. He may be the nice in line to the throne, but this prince has a heart of gold and will do everything in his power to make sure that Lucia and everyone that he cares for are well protected and taken cared of. Even if it means, giving up everything he has.

As for Lucia—I could understand why she hated Salvatore at first. Being given as the prize consolidation to your enemy and thus tearing apart your own family—not to mention, being your sworn enemy’s own plaything-- has its burdens and downsides. Can you really blame her for hating Salvatore and his family? I liked her because she wasn’t a complete doormat and yet she wasn’t your annoying overpowering female lead that grated at your last nerves. She was a strong female lead in a subtle manner that I enjoyed her coming into her own and seeing her grow and develop while seeing that what she’s always perceived to be, including Salvatore, isn’t so black and white as she’s always thought.

I do hope that author Natasha Knight does expand with these characters and make a potential series out of this as I am dying for Dominic, the dark horse, of the bunch to get his own story—as well as Luke and Isabella to get their own as well!! They all sound like they would have very interesting stories!! So please, do consider!! Especially Dominic! I found him such a tragic and yet very layered and versatile character.

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2,196 reviews640 followers
August 16, 2016

4.25 stars

Two mafia families in eternal war, a feud that was sealed with a contract that signed the fate of Lucia Annalisa DeMarco into the hands of the enemy, Salvatore Benedetti.
...I was a peace offering, in a way. An olive branch. The white flag of surrender to keep everyone else safe...It was the deal: no bloodshed. We surrender. You own us.

Two people that don't know each other, two strangers that know of each other and the hatred their names bring, have to learn to cope with the imposed life while they struggle with undeniable attraction...
A woman like Lucia Demarco didn't simply give her submission. A man would have to earn it. Or break her to take it.

As wrong as it is, I want you.

The attraction mixed with carnal desire, defiance, hatred filled with intrigues from family ties, secrets and ploys, only fortify the bonding Lucia and Salvatore find while trying to acknowledge that the chemistry has grown into the feelings towards each other while they also try to end the war once and for all.
Life was both crazy and beautiful, and out of the ugliness and hate, we'd made love.

and that very last quote, says it all...it describes what It lacked in the story for me to be a total win-win...it started as dark, had enough amount love-hate angsty sexy moments to last you a lifetime, then it suddenly became mushy and a bit of a sweet romance...revealing Salvatore to be only the dark beast in the bedroom...

and I needed more...something edgy and a bit darker *shrugs*

ah...there's always something...

but in spite of that little tidbit, I would actually re-read the angsty stemy sexy parts again...several times...*wink*

for more info and reviews visit
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337 reviews68 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
July 7, 2017
DNF @ 50%

This book is neither dark nor mafia, IMO. I waited till 50% for something to happen. You know, a bloodshed, some Italian language (Sicilians mafia, hello?!?), action; guns blazing, knife stabbing, beatings, suspense, the dark stuff, etc.

Did I get any of that?

What I got was erotica/BDSM, annoying, crying heroine and Dom hero.

TBH, I'm confused. Do people equal BDSM with dark themed books!? Does whipping one's ass and bondage categorize as dark genre? I don't think so!

This is a me not you situation, again. I was bored with the nonexistent plot and characters' development. I couldn't connect with the MC's or the story. I expect certain things when reading mafia as I mentioned above and this book didn't deliver. I don't mind erotica, at all, but the book must have a decent plot and MCs to keep me interested.

I enjoyed two things: dirty talk and no cheating.

It didn't work for me, but it might for you.

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1,146 reviews57 followers
July 27, 2016
This started off well, but Lucia ruined it for me. The woman had no survival instincts at all, constantly poking the bear (Salvatore's dad - mafia boss) every chance she got. I mean really??!!

She ran, he caught her, they had sex, she whined. Rinse and repeat.

I gave it two stars because I did actually like Salvatore, but God love him, he had his work cut out with Lucia. I'd say he got the raw end of the deal more so than her! Lol!

Marita A. Hansen's 'My Masters' Nightmare' is dark mafia. This is not.
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1,695 reviews325 followers
January 9, 2019
This was intense. If you like mafia romance, with a heroine who is not keen on the hero, then you need to read this one! The heroine is “owned” by the hero under contract. They aren’t exactly married, but they live like they are after a certain event. I don’t know. It’s just a good read. A hero you feel like you should probably hate, and a heroine who sticks up for herself but is also stubborn and attracted to the hero.

All in all a good mafia romance read. With a forced relationship!
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312 reviews39 followers
July 8, 2016
5***** Dark & Suspenseful stars from me!!

A girl who sacrifices herself for the good of her family, a man who didn't want to own this burden but there is no option, a contract who binds them together..

A dark, beautiful, suspenseful and full of secrets & twists novel. Lucia stopped owning her life since the day she put her signature in the contract and gave herself to Salvatore the son of Franco Benedetti the mafia leader, the thing is.. he is nothing like his father but his options are limited he does what he must and when the contract takes hold and sees Lucia after years something beyond belonging will born inside him..that is.. instant attraction..

Lucia hates his family and what represents, humiliated, locked up, alone and disappointed by her own family she vows to take revenge but when she meets Salvatore her plans will change because even if she doesn't want to she is attracted to him. She is a rebel, a wild girl and it was very enjoyable seeing Salvatore taming her..their chemistry, their passion and the hot scenes made the story even more explosive.

The secrets and the twists created this dark/mystery vibe, the author succeeded to draw me in the story and feel everything was happening..so thumps up for this one. I don't wanna spoil anything it's best if you read it, it has some wow moments which will blow your mind away. The plot develops steadily creating more suspense as what will come next, besides the very lovable main characters the rest and each of them played their part successfully and making the storyline even more intense and interesting.

I'm looking forward to read more from the author and i hope that there will be a book about Dominic his character was a great mystery and he may seemed the bad boy "i want all the power for myself" but as we saw things are more complicated for him..so yeah i'd love to read his story!

July 22, 2016

Yes I know is a dark romance but DAMN!!! He whipped her with his belt gave her 30 lashes she was screaming he got hard abusing her because to me that's abuse then he fu** her and she got off so to me she's a masochist and he's a abuser.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 17 books147 followers
December 12, 2016
2.5 Stars

This was underwhelming for me. Mainly because I did not like the main characters at all. AT ALL. The sex was hot, at times, and the plot was good. Lucia was basically the trophy her family gave for losing the mafia war. I liked Lucia's sister, Isabella, until the end when she wimped up and got all "Oh, woe is me, I just can't take the violence anymore". Effie, Isabella's daughter, was adorable (and the drama over who her father's identity was interesting). The drama between the families was good, but sometimes confusing, to me. Now back to these main characters. Lucia and Salvatore were perfect for each other because they were both lacking the same body part.... a freaking SPINE!!! Salvatore was too busy kissing his dad's butt most of the story to be any type of man in my eyes. This greatly diminished the romance for me because he humiliated Lucia again and again at his father's behest and I had zero respect for him and his 'dominance' was just a joke to me. Lucia was just a pushover, so ehh.
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416 reviews280 followers
July 13, 2016

I owned Lucia DeMarco, but the thought only made me sick. She was the token, the living, breathing trophy of my family’s triumph over hers.


Holy crap this book!!! Just like any other dark story, I am really rooting for this one. I waited patiently/impatiently for "SALVATORE" to hit my reader the moment I finish signing up for an ARC. Hell who wouldn't??? When you read the blurb, it doesn't just caught your interest, you'll be drawn to it to the point of creepiness because you'll just keep on stalking the author for updates of the book. Hell!! I did that. So the moment it arrived, I haven't put the book down. I was hooked right there and then.That prologue though, I was so damn sold out and just then realized I just had my new addiction... Salvatore!!!

How would you feel like being a payment to your family's debt to the point of being humiliated? Freedom stolen from you? To be an enemies posession?To live like a trophy over someone's victory to your family? To be owned by a MONSTER or to FALL IN LOVE with the MONSTER?

Gah! Salvatore and Lucia's story is one that will make you feel so much. Rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement. For instance, it started grim but along the way as the story progresses, you'll experience a different shift of emotions. I really can't explain it!!Hell I haven't even at 10% mark but I was so damn turned on I was squirming in my bed and it was just a start and from the fact that before that I feel like I  wanna scream so loud. Was it even wrong to feel that way? Fuck! I don't care! it's how reading this book feels like. So now go figure how much more when you reached several chapters after?

I can go on giving you details of the book but I wont so I will not ruin anything or spoil you  anything. Writing wise, it was flawless. The author's narration will pull you right into the story making you feel lost with it. You'll instantly feel a connection with the characters. Their chemistry plus your interest to them as a reader is just a perfect blend that reading is not pure effort but just flowed flawlessly.  I love the heroine's character. She is strong despite what she went through. And Salvatore... my oh my...this sex as sin alpha man that can really do you... Hawt!!! I love him as much. What they both went through is partly heart wrenchingand mind numbing. Several scenes made me chuckle and snort but I couldn't deny the level of angst of the story...the flutter of butterfly in my tummy in anticipation for the next scene and the leap of my heart, the gasps and the adrenaline rush for every twists and turns of the events. And those sex scenes.. *fanning..It was so raw...so intense..seriously, forget your knickers you'll just ruin it!

It may be stated dark mafia romance but it was not to the highest point of a dark story. The Mafia storyline was not that expounded and elaborated fully so maybe that was what I was looking for. The blend of a DARK and MAFIA world. The interactions...the dirty world..the actions that comes with it.However though, I could say that what the author would want to reach to her readers were fully covered and that's what is more important.

To sum up? I like this book. I highly recommend it.  And did I mention it's my first Natasha Knight book? Oh well, it wont be my last.

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*
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Author 8 books909 followers
July 28, 2016

Wow, I read this book in record time. This was an addicting book and if you aren't sure if you like a dark read then this is the book for you. It's only really "dark" in the beginning of the book, in my opinion.

The DeMarco and Benedetti Family hated each other and during a mafia war the Benedetti's won and claimed their prize - Lucia DeMarco. When she turned 21 she was handed over to Salvatore Benedetti - the next in line to run the family business.

So many emotions for me in this book. I HATED Salvatore's father. He's such a bastard. But call me crazy I wanted Lucia and Salvatore to work out. They had incredible chemistry - even though there were two scenes that I thought wasn't entirely believable but still overall the book was awesome.

If you love mafia books then you'll love this. Lucia isn't a weak character and gets herself into a lot of trouble because of it but for me that really hooked me to the story. I hate weak women in books and I loved how she stood up for herself and defended her family.

Salvatore wasn't meant to be next in line to rule the family but after his brother was killed he was next in line. He had his moments in this book where he wasn't very likable but overall he wants so badly to be good, to be kind to Lucia and getting his side of things really helped in making him likable to me.

Worth the read for sure!
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March 23, 2017
It was burning a hole in my kobo for a while now. But this time I was in the mood for it. I made my mind if the rating is low, I'm going to enjoy it very much. And I sure did!

In the beginning something happened that I hated
It wasn't exactly what I expected, but what is? Salvatore was a sweet H, but not a wimp or how you call it. It bothered me a bit in the beginning that he let his father push him and had a lot to say about him. And from time to time I couldn't make up my mind myself.

I truly enjoyed it, I just love this kind of stories. It doesn't bother me if the H is a bit on the sweet side.

There was a first chapter of Dominic at the end of another book and I decided I didn't want to read it. But then I read this one and I was so curious about Dominic that I bought that as well.
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