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Big Rock #5

Joy Ride

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From the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of FULL PACKAGE and BIG ROCK, comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy…

Let’s be honest, ladies. A good man is a lot like the perfect car. You want a hot body, an engine that purrs, and superior performance under the hood...for the best joy ride of your life.

I’m at your service. Ready to go all night long.

But then a wildly sexy brunette appears in my life and throws a wrench in all my plans. She’s fiery, she’s talented, she’s gorgeous, and I’d really like to know what makes her engine hum.

Henley also happens to be my biggest rival, and now we’re forced to work together every day on the most important custom car build of my career. The trouble is I can’t quite figure out if she wants to kick me in the lug nuts or beg me to give her a good, hard fuel injection. Until one night that question is answered on the hood of a sports car when she calls out my name three times. And we can’t seem to put on the brakes.

If sleeping with the enemy is a bad idea, how much more dangerous would it be to fall in love with her?

300 pages, ebook

First published May 1, 2017

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About the author

Lauren Blakely

215 books19.5k followers
A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

Connect with Lauren here

➜ WEBSITE: laurenblakely.com
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April 18, 2017
I’m waving the checkered flag! I surrender! I bow down to Max and Henley and all of their sweet, sexy, smartass hotness! As always, Lauren has given us a pair of sexy characters that are fiery, irresistible, full of passion and perfect for each other in their own unique way. These two were so much fun to read. The back and forth banter between them left me with a goofy smile on my face. Once they gave in to their feelings and let things happen… holy moly, talk about combustible! *fans self*

Romantic Comedy is hard people, but Lauren makes it look like a piece of cake! The humor is always on the smart and dirty side. Every plot point and detail is thoroughly thought out and placed in just the right spot for maximum impact. The grand gesture in Joy Ride is PERFECTION! I swear, Lauren maximizes her character's uniqueness throughout the entire book in such a way that it makes them come to life. Once again, I want a Max and Henley of my own to be BFF’s with!

And let's talk about that hot-as-fuck cover… holy freaking perfection, batman! The first time I saw it I just about fell out of my chair. Each and every time I see it now, it makes my girly parts swoon.

Joy Ride is the perfect package - From cover to ending, you don’t want to miss this ride with Max and Henley!
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474 reviews107 followers
March 19, 2017
Ms. Blakely's creativeness and mastery really come into play with Joy Ride. She brings us another sexy man to swoon over and a female character any woman would love but the approach she takes with Joy Ride will blow your mind. It's unique and has a whole lot of hating making this a flirty and charming story.

Max Summers is a mans man. He's a mechanic and can pimp rides like no other in town. What happens when his student becomes his rival? A whole lot of HATING!!! Henley is a strong and intelligent woman that knows exactly what she wants. She refuses to take anyone's shit and can build cars better than anyone else. Unfortunately she must now work on a car for a show with her ex mentor and biggest enemy. Max is the man that fired her years ago so she wants to prove she has what it takes to be at his level nowadays. But will they be able to handle the awkwardness, hate and spark that ignites beyond the good of the car?

Oh oh oh get ready for another PERFECT piece by the queen of RomCom's because Joy Ride is all that and more. I mean ALLLLLLLLL THAT! Max is broody yet caring, intimidating yet sexy and allllll about what's under the hood of a woman...oops I meant car. He knows exactly how to charm the ladies but what happens when the lady he wants to really work on is his rival? Competitions comes into play and he finds himself bidding some of the same jobs as Henley.

I'm rambling because how can I not? I love this story, the characters are hilarious yet so different from any other Blakely characters. Joy Stick is witty, flirty and enchanting. Enjoy the ride with Max and Henley...Don't forget to strap those seat belts for this love and hate duo! 5 hate to love stars for this thrilling ride!
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1,813 reviews594 followers
April 30, 2017
I have been completely in love with Lauren Blakely's brand of funny since she branched out in this genre, and JOY RIDE just solidifies the fact that this woman CAN DO NO WRONG! Sexy, refreshing, and just downright hilarious, Max and Henley's love story was EVERYTHING I'd hoped it would be. Laced with comedic banter and sexy innuendos, JOY RIDE quickly became one of my FAVORITES from the blooming queen of rom-coms.

"Oh God," she murmurs as she stares at my cock.

"Like what you see?"

"That's a lot of inches."

"How many?"
I shake my head and put my finger against her lip. "Don't guess. I want you to feel how many. Then see how fucking long it takes you to come again."

A most DELIGHTFUL romantic comedy that had me hooked from the very start, JOY RIDE made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to return to reality. A sexy and hilarious escape that left me with the biggest grin on my face. I couldn't have asked for anything better from the immensely talented Ms. Blakely.

joy ride teaser

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Author 215 books19.5k followers
May 1, 2017
JOY RIDE is here! It's available everywhere! I had a blast writing this book and I hope you all love Max and Henley too!!
✦Amazon US ➜ http://amzn.to/2qf0QKT
✦Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.to/2oMijtD
✦Amazon CA ➜ http://amzn.to/2owtbjj
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2,715 reviews12 followers
April 24, 2017
ARC received from author for an honest review

♫ She said hello you fool I love you, C'mon and join the joy ride ♫

I have been singing and whistling (well, trying to whistle) this song since Joy Ride turned up on my kindle.

And Joy Ride was every bit as enjoyable as I thought it would be.

If you have read the earlier books in this series, you will have met Max already - he is the brother of Chase from Full Package.

I loved everything about the growly, sometimes surly car customiser. I mean really though, what is not to love? Good with his hands? Check! No problems with getting dirty? Check? The hot cars just make him even more luscious!

And then when Henley is back in the picture - well, I just have to say I have bit of a girl crush on her. Smart, sassy, sexy and pretty much hell on wheels as far as Max is concerned. I think I fell in love with her as much as I did him!

Max and Henley are fiery, fun and completely irresistible - both to each other and the reader.

Ms Blakely really has a knack for writing in the male POV, and I hope she keep writing them well into the future.

Now I am impatiently awaiting what she gives us next.

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email

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32 reviews12 followers
April 21, 2017
Can I just tell you how much I absolutely adore Lauren Blakely?? As one of my all time favorite Authors, she never ceases to amaze me!

I love a good enemies to lovers story, so when I heard that Joy Ride was going to be just that, I knew I HAD to read it.

Max and Henley were a match made in heaven by the automobile Gods! They may not like each other, but when an opportunity arises to work with one another, let's just say, sparks begin to fly.

This story had everything you'd expect to see from a LB book. It had humor, heat, and heart! If you're a fan of the 3 H's, than this is a book for you!

I highly recommend it!!
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2,150 reviews1,206 followers
May 1, 2017



We already met him in the previous book. He's Doc Chase's brother - from Full Package. And also Mia's brother - she'll be the heroine of the next book Hard Wood - with Max's buddy neighbor Patrick!

Max is making his money by sprucing up super-exclusive cars for rich clients.
Five years ago he fired his apprentice Henley. The prettiest and most talented girl he ever met. And she loves cars just as much as he does. But he fired her - we don't yet know why.
But now she's back in NYC, making a name for herself. And she's gotten even more beautiful.
And now the one job he was so looking forward to ... the one where he has to built a car for a tv-show?? Yup, they want Henley and him to work together!
Let the sparkplug-flying begin!!! ☺




Another amazingly funny and adorable and sexy Lauren Blakely Male POV book!
I just love those. I want them to never end!!! I hope Lauren invents endless characters for this 'series'.

This one was just as great as the others. It's just too adorably funny when a guy is telling us his story. So different from all those girl-POV books!

Max is so ... cocky, funny, hot!
He loves cars and his family more than anything. And he loves his sisters' bath bombs....but he would never admit that out loud! ☺

And the sparks that are flying between Max and Henley - phewww!!!
They fell in love years ago, but never said anything and never did anything with it. And they didn't part in the friendliest of ways. But now it's their time and the reader has a few amazingly funny, sexy & adorable reading hours watching them fight for their private & professional Happily Ever Afters!

I so want Lauren's male POV books to become a tv-show one day!

JOY RIDE was such a beautiful story! Sexy cars, a hot guy & an adorable girl ... Perfect #RomCom! Hollywood please come and make something out of this!! Readers, please run to your nearest amazon asap for your own MAX - this one is MINE (and that includes all his cars too!) !!!


Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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2,123 reviews35 followers
April 20, 2017
God! This story! I loved it HARD!!!

“She’s five years older and twenty-five times hotter. Yes, her hotness has squared with the years.”

Max Summers and Henley Marlowe parted on bad terms, five years ago. And, now she’s back. She’s in his city, in his business, and in his life. She’s one of the most talented people he’s ever worked with, and also the most beautiful temptation of his life.

When they’re forced to work together, all the sizzling love-hate chemistry between them combusts into something fiery and undeniable. However, they find it difficult to keep business and pleasure separate, especially when they start wondering if this thing between them is just a one-time thing, or actually the REAL thing.

“That woman gets under my skin. Henley’s not just a thorn. She’s the thorniest thorn in the entire history of thorns.”

The author took off roaring with this story. Max is sexy as hell! Hot man, hot cars, hot mouth, hot everything! He fights so hard to keep things professional between Henley and him but she’s just so freakin’ irresistible, especially when she seems to find him equally irresistible. And, Henley? A womanly woman in a man’s world. She’s tough when she needs to be, but pretty darn girlie when she’s away from the garage. The unique way that the author shows us what she’s thinking was pretty charming and super cute.

“She makes me lose focus. She makes me want to be with her. She makes me f*cking feel. And that’s the problem. I feel something for her. But I want her more than I don’t want all the f*cking complications.”

I loved their connection, and their sexy scenes were scorchio! So HOT! I loved Max’s angst about their relationship, but I liked that he didn’t spend too much time in denial about his feelings, even though he didn’t always like how he felt about Henley. I loved his fierce jealousy and possessiveness over her. He just wanted her SO MUCH.

This story was full of funny, clever banter and dialogue between Max and Henley, as well as between Max and his siblings and friends.

Gah! Just ADORED it! Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend!
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Author 72 books1,268 followers
April 24, 2017
I've been dying for this book! Ever since Lauren announced she was doing a sexy gear head, grease monkey hero, I WANTED HIM! And dayum, does Max Summers deliver!

Let's start with Henley. First off, her name alone screams bad-ass heroine. And she doesn't disappoint. Not afraid to go toe-to-toe with her nemesis, Henley is fierce and won't back down. But she's also soft and wants to be treated like a woman, even though she spends her time under the hood of a car.

Now, back to Max. Holy hotness, Max is a sexy hero. The car talk alone is enough to make your panties erupt, but throw in a man who is great with his "tools", well, he thrusts himself straight to the top of the Blakely Bad Boy Club! He wants Henley, but has mastered the ability to hid his feelings until it can no longer be contained. Then WATCH OUT!

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

And no Blakely book would be complete without appearances from some of our favorite characters.
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686 reviews13.5k followers
May 20, 2017
4.5 Stars

Lauren Blakely has done it again! She's written a sassy, sizzling read that kept me glued to my Kindle. Max and Henley were the epitome of a love/hate - enemies to lovers relationship that I found absolutely enthralling. You could feel the ripple effect of their chemistry come right on through your kindle. I couldn't get enough of them, of their snippy one liners or the flirty, sexy, mischievous innuendos that had me feeling ALL THE THINGS! In fact, I think that Max and Henley should be the reigning King and Queen of innuendo's! They stole the show with them. As per usual, the banter in this book (in all of Lauren's book really) is on point. I swear, banter is Lauren's strong suit. This author thrives on smart dialogue which always manages to showcase the distinct personalities of her characters. You can't help but giggle and swoon, and fan yourself while falling in love, because not only are they relatable but they're charming and funny. The dynamic between Max and Henley is addictive, and the story line in Joy Ride was down right juicy! I can't wait for you to read it.

Max and Henley have history! A history where Max fired her 5 years prior. She messed up on a job that cost Max money and time, and if there is one thing that Max does not play with it's his business. As the King of custom car building in New York City, Max has busted his ass to get to where he is and no one, not even someone as hot and delicious as Henley Marlowe, is going to get in his way. It's been five years since Max gave Henley her pink slip and they've both gone their separate way. And since then, he hasn't heard a word about where she went or what she's doing. Until ... she happens to sashay up to him at a car show, still hotter than the sun, still sassy and feisty, and all things he can't take his eyes off, with a gleam of disdain in her eyes and a spirited remark on her tongue.

Max and Henley have a love\hate thing that sets you on FIRE. You literally cannot get enough. I'm telling you, I don't know why I am so into this trope, but I am. There's just something decadent about two people being complete assholes to each other, because they secretly want to screw the others brains out, that is so hot. Hahahahahahaha! And that's exactly what we have here. These two characters are FIERCELY attracted to each other and when they eventually can't handle that burn and finally combust it's MAGICAL.

I've gotta say... This has got to be one of Lauren's HOTTEST books yet. I feel as though I say that every single time I read her. But her sexy scenes just keep getting BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER, and maybe it's more than the sex but the feels that are connected them! When Max and Henley get together, I felt it ALL! Their sizzle and need and want and yearning and all those yummy things! They got me deep. And I just LOVED it.

Overall, this is another hit from an author I already adored. One I could read forever. I absolutely LOVED every minute of reading Joy Ride. It's smart, sassy, sinful RomCom at it's best! A guaranteed winner from one of the best writers around! You can't go wrong picking it up.
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2,163 reviews359 followers
April 15, 2017

Lauren Blakely is one of my top favorite authors, and I’ve loved every book of hers that I’ve read. But it’s her male point-of-view romantic comedies that are my absolute favorites. It’s the way that Blakely gets into the heads of her heroes and communicates the story through their thoughts, reactions and emotions to her readers. It feels authentic, it’s well executed, and it’s wholly addictive. I’d even go so far as to say that they’re one of my guilty pleasures. So, when one of her books lands on my Kindle, especially one of these, it is a drop-everything and read-it-now moment, and that’s exactly what I did when Joy Ride made its appearance.

“This woman is going to be a thorn in my side.”

I love an enemies-to-lovers story, and Max and Henley’s is a doozy. There’s a fine line between love and hate, but that line becomes even more obscure when it’s blurry to begin with. Hooked deep right from the start, I was drawn into this story and held captive by the magnetic chemistry pulsating between Max and Henley. I cruised through this book faster than any hot rod either one of them could build, and I enjoyed every second of the ride.

“Yes, Henley?”
“I don’t want to kiss you.”
“Good. I don’t want to kiss you either.”

King of the custom car world, Max Summers is focused, driven, ambitious and living his dream. He’s worked hard to get to here, though, and his reputation is stellar with customers lining up for one of his carefully crafted cars. He’s gorgeous, sexy and charming, and while his professional reputation is squeaky clean, he’s been known to get downright dirty while indulging in his favorite guilty pleasure: the one night stand. He’s a great guy, he treats his mechanics well, sharing the wealth of his knowledge and experience with them, and he gives back to the community by offering a helping hand to kids with car building dreams.

“…she’s all my guilty pleasures now, but I never feel an ounce of remorse…”

Henley Marlowe knew from a young age that building cars was her life’s passion, and she was a woman with a plan when she set out to pursue a career in this male-dominated industry. She went after it by earning an engineering degree and then landing a coveted apprenticeship with the one and only, Max Summers. Fierce, fiery and feisty, she was, then and now, the car-building, brunette bombshell of his dreams—even if he refuses to admit it. Max and Henley have a history marred by a mistake that they both handled poorly, so when Henley saunters back into his world five years later, there is enough current zapping between the two of them to fire a spark plug.

“I’m in love with you, tiger. I’m madly in love with you.”

Joy Ride hit on everything I love about an enemies-turned-lovers story: sharp and witty back-and-forth banter between the hero and heroine, lust disguised as loathing slowly morphing into love, bouts of anger punctuated with toe-curling passion. Max and Henley’s happily ever after was feverish and furious and chapter upon chapter of fantastically fulfilling fun. Lauren Blakely’s Joy Ride was positively unputdownable! Five smooches from me.
~ Danielle Palumbo
April 23, 2017
Trish's Review List

- OMGAWD make sure everyone knows how unbelievably awesome this book is. How it is packed with so many FEELS it will have them laughing, snorting & sighing their way from cover to cover. Give huge, HUGE credit to the mighty talented Lauren Blakely for delivering yet another amazing set of characters whose personalities shone so bright independently but literally exploded like fireworks on the Fourth of July when they game together.

- Talk about how effin hot, smart, funny, charming & smooth Max Summers is. Make sure everyone can picture this man god of a specimen, with his body made for sinful sex. To balance the shallow scales that eye porn creates though (feel free to linger longer at the eye porn mind) make sure to mention that this dude is ooooh so funny, sharp on the wit & is so terribly cute when trying to figure out a woman's thought process - never mind his own. Actually really do need to add here that all of this is only possible because Lauren seriously is the Queen at writing the BEST male POV I've ever experienced & this dude has it alllllllll going on.

- Girl crush. Do discuss how much Henley rocked her role in a male centric industry & how much she stole the show with her sassiness, smart mouth & big beautiful heart. Anddddd her banter with Max - God it was so snort worthy & totally on point. I really do love her.

- Sexploits - recommended cold showers, clean knickers & maybe even google images for what can be done on a sports car. Now I feel I need head back to google & expand my *cough* secret album.

- Maybe add a PUBLIC SPACE ANNOUNCEMENT. People need to know they are either going to laugh way to loud for Starbucks, snort in the most unladylike fashion while trying to sip their latte & even worse, pant, lick their lips & shuffle in their seat when the temperature is turnt up & Max & Henley get down nd dirty.. Well I've warned them now.. At your own risk ladies!!

- Time.. Must stress that although you may think you can read a few chapters then put it down.. HELL NO is that happening. The dynamics of this hot as hell, enemies to lovers will keep those pages turning.. The angst will keep you wanting more.. The character development will have you swooning sooooo much, you will want to beg for another slice of dirty deliciousness & the one liners - well the more you read, the more you laugh, the more you desperately need the next one!! Laughing is good for the soul. God that was long winded.. maybe should just say, plan enough time to read in 1 go!

- Max.. Did I mention I'd have his babies?? Maybe go back & add that.

- Ooooh need to give it my 5 Star Review stamp.. who wouldn't want this beauty on their kindle, or on their bookshelf..
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427 reviews4 followers
April 22, 2017
Oh THIS ONE!!! This one!!!! I always say I am looking forward to a Lauren Blakely , but this one!
I am on the floor as I am overcome with swoon and meltiness right now!

I am all about the Joy of his Ride!!!

To say I have been looking forward to this one since I heard the title would be an understatement! I have been waiting for him not ever so patiently. I am delighted that Lauren wrote the nuts out of this!

Henley and Max are a match made in heaven, she is back in town as a competitor, last seeing Max when she left his garage on a sour note. Time has not healed the wounds and with pride, hurt and no trust in the equation, it may take more than being forced to work on a project and some seriously hot cars to weld a friendship back together here.

Hot cars, made even hotter by what goes on, on top of them, swoon worthy moments, I tell you, Max is my perfect man. I am done. He made my perfect car, he does the most swoon worthy, sexy things and is just, well look at it!!
Profile Image for MoodyJess.
410 reviews31 followers
April 30, 2017
As a long standing Blakey fan and a lover of all of her amazing male leads, I have to admit, and I apologize to all the other hotties in this group, but I have to say Max is by far my favourite of the Lauren Blakely boys. JOY RIDE was all I wanted it to be-and more.

At some points during my read, I would have to remind myself to breathe. I was so utterly consumed with what I was reading, with the compelling chemistry between Henley and Max, that I would start going blue! I was so drawn in by the fantastic character pairing I was losing air! The S. E. X. Was. Soooooo HOTT. I'd argue it was Blakely's best writing by far. It's as if she took every review ever written about all of her books, and gave us all what we wanted and she did such an amazing job at delivering it.

Max, a master in his field-custom car making, and Henley his apprentice from years ago are going head to head in a car making mash up. She's become as amazing as he thought she would be all those years ago. And not only is he proud of her, he can't stand her, is attracted to her and wants to sleep with her. A bad combination if you ask me. What he doesn't know is, if the feeling is mutual. Old feelings flare up and the professionalism Max is known for is at a stand still when he can't get a certain brunette car detailer out of his mind. Henley is a force to be reckoned with, within the car business and being a woman is not always easy, but she's making a name for herself. Having had the best mentor in Max years ago has moulded her into the mechanic she is today.

I'm hugely impressed with this little slice of awesome. I smiled, swooned, laughed and pretty much blushed for the whole book. Both characters did a lot of growing through the read and the revelations regarding their roles in the car industry was so well thought out and well detailed.

The best part? This books primary focus was Max and Henley. Yes, we did see some of the old gang (which I always love) but I loved that JOY RIDE was primarily focused on these two Vibrant characters-and that kept me wanting more and more.

Another hit for Blakely-quite possible her best yet! Max met his match. The one he subconsciously knew it was all along.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog
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474 reviews107 followers
March 19, 2017
Ms. Blakely's creativeness and mastery really come into play with Joy Ride. She brings us another sexy man to swoon over and a female character any woman would love but the approach she takes with Joy Ride will blow your mind. It's unique and has a whole lot of hating making this a flirty and charming story.

Max Summers is a mans man. He's a mechanic and can pimp rides like no other in town. What happens when his student becomes his rival? A whole lot of HATING!!! Henley is a strong and intelligent woman that knows exactly what she wants. She refuses to take anyone's shit and can build cars better than anyone else. Unfortunately she must now work on a car for a show with her ex mentor and biggest enemy. Max is the man that fired her years ago so she wants to prove she has what it takes to be at his level nowadays. But will they be able to handle the awkwardness, hate and spark that ignites beyond the good of the car?

Oh oh oh get ready for another PERFECT piece by the queen of RomCom's because Joy Ride is all that and more. I mean ALLLLLLLLL THAT! Max is broody yet caring, intimidating yet sexy and allllll about what's under the hood of a woman...oops I meant car. He knows exactly how to charm the ladies but what happens when the lady he wants to really work on is his rival? Competitions comes into play and he finds himself bidding some of the same jobs as Henley.

I'm rambling because how can I not? I love this story, the characters are hilarious yet so different from any other Blakely characters. Joy Stick is witty, flirty and enchanting. Enjoy the ride with Max and Henley...Don't forget to strap those seat belts for this love and hate duo! 5 hate to love stars for this thrilling ride!
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529 reviews29 followers
April 17, 2017
Cars is a competitive business...
Especially when both are talented mechanics.
There's a lot of heat behind a bitter past. There's animosity as well as admiration.
There's respect, mutually, under the hood. There's roughness under the sheets.

If you were curious about who Max was when you met him in Full Package , let tell you, he's so worth the wait. He's all business and when it comes to cars, the man does not cut corners. But he's also a man who has learned from experiences, Henley is one of those. His former apprentice that he fired has become his rival. I mean, she learned from the best. Doesn't the student eventually become better than the teacher? In this case, you don't know who teaches who here.

There's no doubt that Max Summers will provide a sexy Joy Ride. So grab your shades and hold on.... things are about to get interesting.
Profile Image for Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri .
1,208 reviews1,030 followers
May 2, 2017
Are you ready for a ride? You might hit a few bumps in the road with a grease monkey, a real monkey, a sharpie pen and find yourself craving cinnamon rolls. Let’s not forget this ride contains some hot sex on the hood of a classic car. Buckle up and get ready to take a sexy and fun Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely.

Who knew car parts could sound so hot? Not me. I’m still laughing thinking about Max and Henley’s banter and all of the car-related double entendres. Lauren Blakely’s signature flirty and fun writing style shines in Joy Ride.

She manages to create these characters that you can't help but fall for in every single book. Henley was sassy, classy and a little “bad-assy.” Max was also great. He was hot and a bit clueless about relationships (but not lady or car parts). He was the Full Package, Well Hung and ready to give Henley a Mister O or a Big Rock on a once in lifetime romance ride. Sorry, I couldn’t help but have fun with LB’s titles. I love this interconnected series of standalones. They will make your heart race, steam up your e-reader screen and laugh at the incredibly fun dialogue. One-click worthy. Kindle Crack Book Reviews approved! Get ready to see if Patrick’s wood is any good in Hard Wood on November 1st.

This review appears on www.kindlecrack.net, www.facebook.com/kindlecrack, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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April 16, 2017
An enemies-to-lovers romance by Lauren Blakely? This author some pret-ty steamy books so can you just imagine the sexual tension?! Well, now you don't have to because you can meet Max and Henley for yourself in Joy Ride. The two custom car builders liven up the pages with their fierce rivalry. These two are just as likely to exchange heated words as they are to rip each other's clothes off. If I could, I'd read a Lauren Blakely rom-com every day of the week because they're just that good. Who else could take an enemies-to-lovers story, throw in some car-related innuendo, and come up with a pair of characters who will keep you on your toes and a storyline that’ll keep you glued to your Kindle? Sexy, funny, and just plain entertaining, Joy Ride is an unputdownable, guilt-free pleasure of a read.

When rival bigwigs in the custom car building business, Max Summers and Henley Marlowe, are forced to work together on a project, sparks fly, barbs are lobbed back and forth, and the lines between business and pleasure are blurred. There���s bad blood between them but there’s also an undeniable attraction that draws them together even when their past and self-preservation warns them away. It’s their rivalry that defines their relationship at the book’s start, bringing out both Max’s competitive side and Harley’s feisty confidence. They squabble and clash, with each attempting to outdo the other, one blush-inducing sexual innuendo at a time. Their banter is like verbal foreplay, hostile at times and flirtatious at others. Their dynamic is part teasing, and taunting schoolyard crush, part undisguised, uncontrollable lust. I honestly don’t know what I enjoyed more, the “enemies” or the “lovers” component of the story.

When it comes to cars, Max and Henley are determined, fiery, and passionate, although the same could be said when it comes to their romantic relationship. You know that sexual tension I predicted? It builds and builds between them, deliciously and agonizingly so, until they come together like a clap of thunder. Their chemistry is incendiary. Their sheer need for each other all-consuming. They have this stark awareness of each other that evokes this feverish, frenetic feel. It’s as if they can't get enough of each other, so much so that, even when they’re together, they’re already anticipating their next meeting. With a romance that’s the perfect blend of erotic and swoon-worthy, Joy Ride had me smiling widely, fanning my cheeks, and mooning over a (regrettably) fictional character.

What I love about Joy Ride is that, even though it’s all-male-POV, Lauren Blakely finds a way to give readers a glimpse into Henley's thoughts. This book is a romance, but it’s also an empowering story about a woman succeeding in a predominantly male workplace. Henley is just as capable, just as driven, and just as badass as Max, which makes them pretty perfect together. With a captivating storyline, biting humor, just enough angst to tug on your heartstrings, and plenty of romance to keep your engine purring (if you know what I mean...), Joy Ride is my idea of a must-read rom-com.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review
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May 1, 2017
To-Do List:

1. Figure out HOW Lauren Blakely continues to write her alpha males with the perfect mix of cockiness, manliness, and filthiness.

2. Determine HOW Blakely can so easily provide her readers with the male point of view – one that masterfully displays her hero’s personality and realistically gives insights into his honest perspective on all aspects of life.

3. Revel in the witty banter and electric chemistry between Max Summers, the King of Manhattan’s Custom Car Business, and Henley Rose Marlowe, the soon-to-be Queen of the custom car business.

4. Immerse myself into this amazingly written enemies-to-lovers story and understand that the only real reason Max and Henley dislike each other is because of the insane attraction they have to one another – a dangerous temptation that can take both of them off their game, becoming more of a distraction than anything else and putting them both in a position that pits rival businesses against one another as well as the disastrous mixing of business and pleasure.

5. Wait impatiently for Blakely’s next romantic comedy, anticipating the ride she plans to take readers on and the type of hero who’ll be telling his own story.

Lauren Blakely couldn’t have thought of a more fitting name than the one she did for Max and Henley’s story. The King of Pleasure has taken quite a few joy rides with the opposite sex, but the one he’s about to take with Henley is a journey he might not survive because his fiery, headstrong, brilliant-minded ex-apprentice is about to test his maneuvering skills, proving that he finally has some strong competition when it comes to customizing cars and also indicating that his indulgences of one-night stands might be heading to the chop shop because once he gives into his need to get Henley underneath more than just a car, he’s going to realize that there’s no going back to somewhat high-end cars when he’s had a perfectly built, top-of-the line car that blows him away with all of her finer assets.

I absolutely loved Joy Ride! Max is a perfectly flawed hero who learns the errors of his ways the more he interacts with Henley and understands exactly why he did what he did five years ago. Henley is a kickass heroine who holds her own in a male dominated field and while someone of her beauty and curves would be the perfect model to pose with the custom cars, she prefers to work underneath them, saving the times she sits on them for the private times with Max;)

4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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April 18, 2017
Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely
There are not enough descriptive words to express my love of this book. I am a classic car girl (not as much as Henley) who loves the thrill of the hunt when restoring a classic car. What happens when you put together a ruggedly handsome car guy with a fiery tiger who has the need to make it in a man’s world? You get four stroke internal combustion!!!
That’s right this book is full of sexual innuendos, as only Lauren can provide, that are all car related and let me clue you in, being able to shift Max’s joystick was top on my list.
Meet Henley Rose Marlowe, aka Tiger. She is a fiery sparkplug trying to make her way in a car world predominantly male dominated world (aren’t we all ladies). She is intelligent, independent, goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are getting everything they want. Her need to be treated like one of the guys is a theme we here throughout this book. She doesn’t want special treatment and wants to make her own stamp in the car world.
Now for Max Summers, top car builder in New York. Built to handle the toughest cars while being able to deliver the best fuel injections, stick shifts and combustion known to any woman, oops I mean customer. He is the owner of his own shop and fights to stay on top……..
Henley was Max’s apprentice 5 years ago when she shows up at a car show where she runs into Max. These two have explosive chemistry from the moment they met. The sexual banter back and forth had this reader needing to keep her fan on high to keep from overheating. Honestly if I could reach into the pages I would have b**ch slapped them both. They spent more time trying keep their emotions in check and not getting involved.
Anyway, I’m not going to give anymore away. Hot cars, sexy as sin man and one fiery brunette is what you are going to get in this book. This is a love story through and through. I highly recommend this book it was fun, witty with some secrets. There isn’t a lot of drama which was refreshing and allowed me to just read and enjoy. I didn’t need my brain to work through all the scenarios.
PLEASE READ!!!! This is one of my favorites.
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September 6, 2020
5 Vroom-Vroom, All Hot and Bothered Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free
Blakey Makes Me Happy when I read her. This particular group of Stand Alone/Interconnected books works on so many levels. There is the consistent friendship of all of the past characters... through business, relationships, or as a family to add to the main story each time. Like there is a grounding...And each book is unique to the characters she has created. It would be so easy to fall into a repeat situation... But for me, each time Blakely comes at the development of love and the specific hurdles differently...

Blakely gives us everything we have come to expect...Smart, sexy men who are confident and accomplished. They each, though, have something that needs to be addressed when it involves relationships. They become entangled one way or another with a woman who confounds them...All of the women are complete. They each are strong in their own way...they have businesses or talents which drive them and everyone has a sense of humor and basically a positive attitude.

With this entry we have Max...Hot Car Builder in NYC. He is the best of the best and has been on his own for a while. It is a very competitive business. When dealing in these circles and with these types of vehicles, the completion is extremely cutthroat.

But Max is not an Asshat; no, he is one of the good guys out there. He has mentored many a mechanic and given them their start to go on to other things. He takes pride in the fact he is successful enough to sponsor scholarships for future car builders. His shop is top of the line and his crew loves working with him...Overall he has been fair and supported by all who have worked with him...

Well, sort of...

You see he may have lost it 5 years ago with an apprentice when a paint job was the wrong color and he was going to have to re-do it.

He may have come down hard on Henley... But he was also trying not to be an Asshat...
You see Henley was the smartest, most capable apprentice he had ever had... She was self-taught, had all the right instincts and true passion for the cars. She learned quickly and made the cars sing...

She also was a spitfire, sexy, and drove Max crazy...Because Max was trying to do right by Henley... Treat her like one of the guys...Not hit on her or make her feel harassed. Being a woman in a Man's industry is hard.

But as time wore on, Max was having a Harder and Harder time of it...If you get my Drift...

So when she messed up with a mustang, instead of walking her through all of it and then both of them fixing it...He went off on her. Henley called him out on not promoting her because she was a woman ... she threw in some inappropriate names and the next thing you know...

Bam! She was gone...out the door and Max wasn't able to fix things...

Henley over the past 5 years has worked hard, stayed out of any romantic complications, and is back in NYC working for the competition. She sees Max at a trade show and right away the tension is thick with barbs and attacks. Max doesn't want to be interested and tries all the mind games he can think of but his body is not playing along...

These two have so much chemistry it is impossible not to notice; even when they are trading cuts...they are laced with sexual current...and it is sooooo good.

This book brings these two back together and they end up working on a project. It is while this happens...the Hate/Love blooms.

I do not need to tell you Blakely is in her element. The banter is off the charts, the playfulness is just the right tone... the sexy times are so well done you might want to send this tome to your partner for ideas of how to work the hood of a Challenger...Just sayin'

So as you can tell, I gobbled this up and enjoyed it all. Every suggestive car/tool/stroke moment...
Extremely hot. They both were suited perfectly for each other in every friggin' way.

And if you thought Blakely must be running out of ideas...Don't...
There is another one coming later this year...

These can be read in any order although this was how they were published:

Big Rock (Big Rock, #1) by Lauren Blakely Big Rock (Big Rock, #1)
Mister O (Big Rock, #2) by Lauren Blakely Mister O (Big Rock, #2)
Well Hung (Big Rock, #3) by Lauren Blakely Well Hung (Big Rock, #3)
Full Package (Big Rock #4) by Lauren Blakely Full Package (Big Rock, #4)
Joy Ride (Big Rock #5) by Lauren Blakely Joy Ride (Big Rock, #5)
Hard Wood (Big Rock #6) by Lauren Blakely Hard Wood (Big Rock, #6)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Plush Leather...
Sexy Sports Cars...
Strong Forearms attached to a Man who knows how to flex them...
And a Woman who not only can hold her own under the hood of any car...
But one who makes this Man wish she was under him...

Ya... This is gonna be HOT!
October 26, 2016
Ok, there is only one author I know who can get away with this quote in the blurb and not have me rolling on the floor screaming Are You Kidding Me...

"I’m at your service. Come and ride on my Joy Stick…

And do you want to know why Lauren Blakey can get away with it...
It is due to her string of Witty, Fun, Smart and Uber Sexy books....
Highlighting men who love women and the way they fall hard for that special one.

This up and coming entry seems to have it all....
A man who knows how to work with his hands...
Ability to shape and customize everything he touches...
And that is not just the cars he creates...

What he doesn't have... is the systematic to the one woman who has captured his attention...
I cannot wait to see if he gets under the hood and discovers he may have to attempt something he has never done before...He will have to do things differently...

JoyRide- June 1st 2017

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1,023 reviews21 followers
April 26, 2017
Joy Ride is a laugh out loud and revving your engine hot read…. you might just blow a piston! Lauren Blakely always does this for me. She just knows how to write a man so that he is a real man!
Max Summers doesn’t do relationships, just epic one-night stands. Max is full of Ego and has all the tools to prove it; in and out of bed. He likes fast cars and his woman the same. The only girl to get under his skin... he fired!
Henley Rose Marlow is in the authors beautiful words "The Wile E. Coyote to his Road Runner"! This girl turns him on whether she is under the hood or just in his presence, but she is now his competition. What would you expect from the girl he fired….
These two light up the garage with their sexy innuendo’s and chemistry! Let just say… with a new Tattoo and a pet monkey the spark plugs ignite!
Joy Ride
Lauren Blakely
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April 20, 2017
Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely

Let me preface this review by pointing out that when I reviewed Full Package and we got a teensy peek at Joy Ride, I was very clear in claiming Max as my own. That hasn't changed! In fact, I'm even more determined to assert this statement to one and all! He's everything I expected him to be. Everything! He's the King of the Manhattan custom car business and the self-touted King of Pleasure. He makes engines purr and women scream: he is just. that. good.

Blakely is an author who, without fail, knocks out some of my absolute favorite friend to lovers RomComs. Sadly, Joy Ride isn't one of those. Oh no, Joy Ride is an enemies to lovers! Why are they enemies? I hear you ask. Well let me tell you. Henley Rose (and what an absolute kick-ass name for a kick-ass woman!) apprenticed under Max a few years ago until one mistake cost her a promotion and her tempter cost her her position. She went on to become one of the best in the business and works for Max's competitor. When they meet again, sparks and barbs fly until they're forced to work together on a special project.

This book and these characters were everything I wanted them to be. Henley is, as mentioned, a kick-ass girl. She works in a male-dominated field and knows that professionalism is key in earning respect. She's not afraid to speak her mind but at the same time, has a vulnerable side she allows only a few to see. Max, my God, Max. He's sexy, dirty, rough, and he knows his way around an engine. Sigh. I freaking loved him. I loved the relationship development between the two: they didn't miraculously fall in love after meeting again. Blakely had them work for it and with the witty dialogue and sexy innuendos it was a clear winner for me. Adored and absolutely recommend.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.
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880 reviews
April 1, 2017
A Review of Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely

Definitely my kind of guilty pleasure - 5+++++ stars

If you've read any of Ms. Blakely's other books, you will see several characters from other books, which I just LOVE. Max is the older brother of Chase, from Chase and Josie's story and they have a sister, Mia. Chase alluded to 'the one that got away' from Max so I was really happy to see him finally get his own story so we could learn more about him and his lady. As this book opens, Max is at a car show with one of his clients when a possible new client approaches him about his work. Henley happens to pop up in the middle of their conversation and Max learns that she is back in New York working for his major competitor.

She worked as an apprentice for Max five years ago, but a mistake led to a reprimand, which led to an unfair accusation, which led to Max firing her. Can they finally admit to themselves that there was something between them back then? Henley wants to be respected in their field, which is mostly male oriented. She got her degree and has worked her butt off to make it to the top of her field. I thoroughly enjoyed their story and all the wonderful 'feels' that Ms. Blakely brings out in her characters. I'd love to have my own grease monkey if he looked like that! Can hardly wait to see who the next character to get a story will be. There are still plenty of possiblities.

**Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**
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May 1, 2017
5 Stars

I love a good enemies to lovers romance story and this one definitely didn't disappoint! This book was told in Max's POV throughout but there are a few times we get little notes from Henley!

Max and Henley have a tumultuous relationship, after firing Henley as his apprentice five years earlier she saunters back into his life as if nothing ever happened. When he realises they are going to have to compete for work he isn’t too impressed with her reappearance in his life. Throw in the fact that he cant tame his attraction to her and this is a recipe for a scorching hot book that will leave you desperately wanting more.

I have really enjoyed Lauren’s all male POV books, they are always very funny and Lauren has a way of really capturing the way a man thinks and talks as well as their mannerisms.

Who knew sleeping with the enemy would be so much fun? Certainly not Max Summers or Henley Monrowe!! This couple are definitely one of my favourites of Lauren’s. Their personalities while clashed at times also brought out the best in each other at others. Their banter at times had me laughing out loud along with their fighting.

Lauren Blakely knows just the right mix between scorching hot, romance and humour to bring us another brilliant Romantic comedy, it had just the right balance for me. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us with Patrick and Mia’s book!!
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1,059 reviews36 followers
April 18, 2017
*** I received an advanced copy and chose to reveiw it ***
** 100% Spoiler-Free Review **

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Lauren Blakely fan. I mean H-U-G-E! Anything this woman writes, I jump at the chance to read. Her heroes are swoon-worthy, her heroines are adorable and the stories are always sexy and beautiful. I've been addicted to her most recent rom-coms because they have just the right combination of heat and swoon alongside perfectly balanced, laugh-out-loud moments that are thoroughly entertaining. Joy Ride, Blakely's newest standalone within her male POV series gives readers everything they expect and then some. Max Summers is sexy, successful, great with his hands, has a rockin' body and has a filthy, filthy mouth. In other words, he is completely delectable and one hot, perfect male specimen! Then there's Henley Rose Marlowe, aka "Tiger". She is most definitely the yin to his yang. She's sexy, beautiful, funny, great with her hands, successful, quirky and isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with Max. Their witty banter is thoroughly entertaining and will leave readers in stitches. What happens when these former co-workers and enemies are forced to work together again? Fireworks.....an intensely glorious display of fireworks that, once ignited, is unstoppable! These two are hotter than Hades when they finally get together! Get your fans ready ladies because these two could spark an inferno!

Sexiness aside (Is that even possible? No? Yeah I didn't think so either....) Joy Ride is hilariously fun and adorably cute. The characters, the storyline---everything about it is perfect! Blakely certainly has the magic touch when it comes to rom-com stories! You most definitely do not want to miss out on this book. So, be sure to grab this 5-star read and hang on for a wild ride (natch)!!
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1,885 reviews46 followers
April 15, 2017
Queen Feelgood has struck again. Yes, that is my name for Lauren Blakely and she has once again given me the definition of happiness in a book. Joy Ride is exactly that. Pure joy. Pure love. Smart humor combined with scorching heat. A heroine in Henley Marlowe who I have a serious girl crush on. Who exemplifies the perfect combination of sexy siren and expert grease monkey. I mean, the woman loves tools, while also loving the color pink. And she gives Max Summers, both the man of her dreams and of a real life mistake, a run for his money each and every time they are together. You can't help but fall hard for a well-written love story like this one. It's simply impossible!

As with the other books in her vast library, the author gives us a thoughtfully researched story with Joy Ride. Watching as two of THE best car designers in NYC go head to head, rattling off terms only a true car afficionado would know, I found myself completely immersed in Henley and Max's world right from the get go. They make talking about specs erotic. Perhaps it's their inflection or maybe it's the knowledge that both would do just about anything to work on the car of their dreams. But either way I loved every minute. The chemistry between them could melt steel. Their back and forth flirting that always started as a declaration of what they didn't want to happen, was insanely clever. Being told entirely in Max's POV (as are the other books in this series) was once again right on the money. And with every other chapter one of Henley's to-do lists, we get just enough to know what might be on her mind, with the sexy beast that is Max Summers at the very top, no matter how frustrated or mad at him she might just be at the time. A truly refreshing way to give a little notion without taking anything away from this being Max's story to tell.

Of course, we get well-timed glimpses of beloved characters from prior books. Note to new readers of Lauren Blakely's: everyone is either related or is a best friend or colleague. A family tree like no other, you'll soon get caught up in it like I did and never want to let go.

Yup, another huge 5 stars for a book that only the author can deliver. Joy Ride is as witty as it is touching and for that I am extremely grateful.
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337 reviews996 followers
May 2, 2017
4.5 stars!

Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway at Of Pens and Pages.

If anyone can write an amazing and convincing story told in the hero’s perspective, it’s Lauren Blakely. Honestly, I love all of her books, but the male POV stories have a special place in my heart!

Boss-apprentice turned rivals Max Summers and Henley Marlowe battle in becoming the best car builder in New York. When Max fired Henley five years ago, neither expects to work against each other, let alone together again for a project they just can’t turn down. But that’s what they do, and the attraction they both felt five years ago is alive and burning more than ever. Working under cars is dirty, but working on each other’s body over the hood of a sexy car?

Expect sexual tension, humor, amazing banter, and hot hot HOT sex. And you know what else to expect? Some of my favorite people in Lauren Blakely’s fictional universe. It was like a school reunion, but they’re all people I want to see.

Max owns my heart and body. He’s great with his tools, isn’t afraid to admit a woman bested him, and has a sense of humor. There’s just something with an amazing guy and an amazing car that gets me hot. What I love about Max the most is that he’s strong and manly, but he doesn’t come off as a total douchecanoe. No trace of douchery here. Just pure man.

Henley takes the crown as my favorite LB heroine. She’s a badass. She works in an industry dominated by men, but she doesn’t shrink and let them step over her. Beauty, Brains, and Brawn, all in one package.

Joy Ride is a standalone novel is a standalone novel told in the male’s POV. Fans of funny and sexy romance stories with sexy, dirty talking heroes and kickass heroines will love this! Hot cars, hotter banter, and even hotter sex—you’re definitely in for a ride.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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516 reviews3 followers
April 25, 2017
HOLY SNAP-ON TOOLS!!!....Hmmmmm, that does sound vaguely dirty, but I SWEAR it wasn't intended to!! ;) What I mean is, Lauren Blakely is THE QUEEN of the male POV! NOBODY does it better (cue Carly Simon :D ) What I also mean is, Max is my newest BBF and I WON'T let him go....unless Lauren MAKES me!

This book is a hilarious, sexy-as-H-EEE-DOUBLE-ELL romp that somehow warms the Cock(les) of your heart! It's totally sweet and I adore BOTH Max and Henley...sworn enemies, former boss-and-employee and their chemistry is just COMPLETELY Panty-incinerating! Once I started reading, I didn't want to be separated from it! Much like a brand-new, scorching hot relationship!

I have not read a LOT of books from Lauren, but so far, I have to say that THIS one is my FAVE...I can't tell you how highly I recommend this LOL funny, seriously sexy read! You definitely will NOT be disappointed!
April 25, 2017
 photo ARC REVIEW_zpsxzwrevez.jpg Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely – 5 stars
Irresistible, Passionate Love Comedy!

This is Lauren Blakely’s playground and she rules these stories like no other!
You are welcome to join and play if you can take all the hotness, naughtiness and loveliness!

I will start by saying how happy I am to have this author in my life and how much her books always make my heart swoon and my soul smile.

With her it’s a very clear moto, Satisfaction guaranteed each and single time.
The writing is flawless as one is used to and her characters are simply made to come to life with her words. From every teaser to each chapter and epilogues at the end it’s amazing how all of them fit perfectly together and create a lovely, perfect romance love story.
She creates the BEST male POV and I can’t wait to listen to this come to life on audio!!

Max is yet another swooning book boyfriend that I have claimed and plan to put on my shelf so I can pet him when necessary *wink wink*
I mean who would want to jump on that joy ride? ;)

Henley is every guys dream girl!
Smart, beautiful and fierce girl that can pimp your ride, and ride it all the way to Sunday.
Yes please, the boys are standing in line for a girl like her but sadly for them Max is the one who gets her blood boil in more ways than one.
I enjoyed and loved this story so much I want to climb Mount Everest or something else and shout my lungs off *laughing*.
This book has everything you need to rock you world, heat up for body and mind, make you laugh like an insane person and leave you craving for more.

Lauren Blakely pulled this off once again and rocked my world with her magical ways with words that make me want to run away from reality and dive into her world and stay there forever!
Be sure to get your copy and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Recommended beyond 100 %!!!!
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