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Evernight #2


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The vampire in me was closer to the surface...

Evernight Academy: an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all—vampires. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas—a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind. They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee the school.

Although they may be separated, Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up. She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming face-to-face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross—or deceiving the powerful vampires of Evernight. Bianca's secrets will force her to live a life of lies.

Yet Bianca isn't the only one keeping secrets. When Evernight is attacked by an evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she knew is only the beginning....

329 pages, Hardcover

First published March 24, 2009

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About the author

Claudia Gray

61 books12.8k followers
Claudia Gray is not my real name. I didn't choose a pseudonym because my real name is unpleasant (it isn't), because I'd always dreamed of calling myself this (I haven't) or even because I'm hiding from the remnants of that international diamond-smuggling cartel I smashed in 2003 (Interpol has taken care of them). In short, I took a pseudonym for no real reason whatsoever. Sometimes this is actually the best reason to do things.

I live in New Orleans. So far, in life, I've been a disc jockey, a lawyer, a journalist and an extremely bad waitress, just to name a few. I especially like to spend time traveling, hiking, reading and listening to music. More than anything else, I enjoy writing.

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976 reviews491 followers
October 20, 2018
3.5/Pues realmente me ha gustado más que el primero, y temo que es porque la trama se centra más en el internado que en la relación de Luca y Bianca. No puedo evitarlo, me llama más saber qué va a pasar con Raquel, Vic, Baltasar....
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1,062 reviews
April 30, 2015
In a word: lame.

I've been on a roll with crap YA lately, so feel free to take my gripes with a grain of salt. But guys...THIS BOOK IS LAME. I was (reluctantly) determined to give Stargazer a chance -- not because I was wow'd by Book 1, but there was just enough that piqued my interest in how future books would unfold, despite the massive quantity of dumbness in Bianca & Lucas's story.

That dumbness was not improved.
Rather, the dumbness was planted in a sunny location, watered daily, sprinkled with fertilizer pellets, & serenaded with Mozart.


(Spoilers ahead. Natch.)

Aside from Vic & Ranulf, everyone in this book was functioning at the height of ineptitude. I can't even count how many times Bianca had the opportunity to ditch Dipshit Gary Stu Lucas -- nevermind for her safety, but for the safety of those she supposedly cared about -- but did she do it? NO. What a selfish bint. I realize that the repeated references to Shakespeare were attempting to parallel Lucas & Bianca with Romeo & Juliet...but guess what? Not even Juliet was dumb enough for this:

BIANCA: Woe is me, I miss my precious Lucas! But how can we possibly meet, since he's a vampire hunter & I'm a vampire?
BALTHAZAR: I've got a Cunning Plan(TM). See, you can pretend to be my girlfriend because I'm responsible & nice & handsome, so I'll take you off school grounds & we can fake going on dates & kissing & stuff. I'm doing this because I want you & would make a suitable mate & I've tried to kill that dipshit Lucas before, but you're still in insta-lust mooncalf lurve & I hate seeing you in pain. Somehow I've convinced myself this is a win/win scenario.
BIANCA: Woohoo! Are you sure my precious Lucas won't mind?
BALTHAZAR: He'll understand because I'm bringing you to cop a feel.
BIANCA: Your Cunning Plan(TM) is awesome. My precious Lucas will be totally okay with this. We're in love. And he's got such beautiful hair.
SARAH: *headdesk*

Then there was this dumbness about Bianca's childhood:

BIANCA'S PARENTS: Yeah, so we've not told you the truth about everything that ever was.
BIANCA: Like what?
BIANCA'S PARENTS: We told you nice stories about drinking blood in order to make sure you're eager to become a vampire & avoid an unpleasant, painful fate as a wraith, because we love you & want you to be as happy as possible with your vampiric heritage.
BIANCA: Piss off, Mom & Dad. My precious Lucas was right. Vampires are evil because you made us sound like non-violent pacifists! You don't love me at all!
BIANCA'S PARENTS: Stop being such a whinger, honey. Let's talk this out like reasonable adults.
BIANCA: Shut up. I'm running away with the vampire-hunting boy I've known for, like, a year. Off & on. Occasionally. But we're totally in love, so get over it. And by the way, I'm never speaking to you again. My precious Lucas & his beautiful hair will protect me.
SARAH: *headdesk headdesk*

And then there was this dumbness about Balthazar's sister:

BIANCA: No, you're not. You just need a hug.
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: Whatever. Listen as I make mysterious, vaguely menacing comments about stuff.
BIANCA: Have you seen my precious Lucas?
DIPSHIT LUCAS: I am so fucking good at killing vampires!
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: *pushes him over*
DIPSHIT LUCAS: Black Cross will get your ass, bitch! We're so fucking good at killing vampires!
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: Blah blah blah, menacing semi-insane conversation. Whut?
BIANCA: My precious Lucas, stop trying to kill this poor scraggly blonde vampire.
DIPSHIT LUCAS: But I'm Black Cross. Hunting, tracking, & killing vampires is in my blood. Grrr, growl, hiss. Did you see I'm carrying a meat cleaver under my coat? I'm a total badass.
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: *escapes repeatedly*
BALTHAZAR: ...Have you seen my sister? She's blonde & random & spouts vaguely menacing things because she hates me right now.
BIANCA: See, my precious Lucas? Aren't you glad you didn't kill that poor scraggly vampire?
DIPSHIT LUCAS: Whatever. Let's go stargazing so I can touch your boob.
BIANCA: Your beautiful hair is so romantic.
BALTHAZAR: So...yeah. I'll go to the movies alone. But tell my sister I'm looking for her, plz?
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: I hate you. Go away. Respect my vaguely menacing conversations, dammit.
SARAH: *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

...And, finally, there was this dumbness, which would drive Blade to tears of agony:

DIPSHIT LUCAS: How on earth will we possibly find that random blond vampire? It's like she's disappeared off the face of the earth! Not even Black Cross, the baddest of badasses, can track her down, let alone defeat her scraggly blonde self.
BIANCA: Have you looked in the hospital?
BIANCA: Hospitals have bloodbanks. And I, being a vampire, can assure you that we need blood.
DIPSHIT LUCAS: You're so smart, Bianca. I'm in love with a genius! Why hasn't Black Cross, which has been hunting vampires for hundreds of years, ever thought to check hospital blood banks? It's not like we didn't know your kind needs blood all the time. For some reason we've inexplicably ignored this uber-obvious source. I love you for setting me on the easiest path to this homicide.
BIANCA: You're so romantic, my precious Lucas. I'm not a genius -- I'm just really intuitive. And your hair is beautiful.
DIPSHIT LUCAS: La la la, that's cool. Let me just kill this random vampire & we'll go make out again.
RANDOM BLONDE VAMPIRE: Zounds! You have interrupted my snack, & now I will punish you with menacing conversations.
BLACK CROSS BADASSES: Careful, Lucas! Your ultimate badass crew is en route to asskickery! Watch as we attack random vampires with super-soakers & meat cleavers, booo-yaah! Fear us!
BLACK CROSS BADASSES: Oh, snap. We've been hunting this one for months. Too bad we missed our chance. Again.
SARAH: *headdesk headdesk headdesk nosebleed headdesk*

Be still, my heart! *swoon* The insta-lust between Bianca & Dipshit Lucas sets my romantic sensibility fluttering with anticipation of further episodes. And why not? It's a staggering adventure of angst-riddled, nonsensical wuv & the most inept, utterly non-badass group of vampire hunters that ever existed, now made complete with the introduction of wraiths & soul-writhing emotional torment surpassed only by The Bard himself. Which brings us to the ultimate question: Am I brave enough to continue this saga?

...Hell no, rather.
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680 reviews1,690 followers
May 14, 2010
Another one that scores high on my whut-meter. Seriously.

I'm guessing Bianca going on and on about The Kiss by Klimt (which I think is an ugly piece of art, but that's just my opinion) is to show that she's actually Bella Swan sophisticated and deep? Don't get me wrong, I've always loved this for example (it's totally safe guys) and I'm sure there are a lot of people who think that's a piece of crap. But I don't compare everything that happens to it, or think about it at random times. The Kiss is a painting, not a way of life.

The thing with vampires and running water... I've heard about before, it's nothing new so I didn't have any issues with it. Until it was mentioned Bianca was in the shower. Showers = running water. Why doesn't she have any problems with that? The direction of how it flows? Cause I'm pretty sure I can't tell you which way my water is going when I'm washing my hair. Yes, for most part, it goes down. But still, if she moves around in the shower, she'd be crossing running water constantly. I know I'm taking this too far, but the reason this is getting on my nerves is because they mentioned Bianca and the rest of the Black Cross gang driving through the Lincoln Tunnel to get to New York City. Driving under a huge river doesn't seem to be a problem AT ALL. Yet crossing a small stream is. I mean come on. There is no way the laws are that strict. To me it seems the author didn't really think this through, and just thought is was a good idea to bring that part of vampire lore into the story and didn't think it through.

Another part that bothered me: Bianca & Balthazar. Yes, they seek comfort in each other, both for the wrong reasons. But she keeps on telling us she's not attracted to Balthazar in a romantic way. But where did the whole 'drink my blood baby' scene come from? Not to mention "Please say yes Bianca" ?? I'm sorry, what? I'll admit that thinking about having a vampire drink your blood does give off an erotic vibe (and I do realize that the real life version is probably not romantic or erotic at all, IF it could happen I mean) But going from sitting on the bench to a full homerun with a so-called friend, while she didn't even see her own boyfriend without his shirt on yet is kinda pushing it. The scene was only there because the book needed at least one hot thing to happen, which was hard (no pun intended) because Lucas wasn't around for 95% of the book. Oh and so not the point but I like Balthazar a lot better than Lucas.

Oh and Bianca being able to hide the fact that she is a vampire? Seriously. I don't even know what to say about that.
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Author 15 books228 followers
February 13, 2009
Bianca is determined to make it through the year even though without Lucas it is going to be hard. She has made it her mission to find out why Evernight is accepting human students so Lucas can tell his superiors and his mission will be complete. Evernight is completely safe and she wants the Black Cross, a group of vampire hunters, to back off and drop their investigation.

Bianca’s vampire instincts are getting closer to the surface. She needs more and more blood to stay satisfied and her parents say it is only a matter of time before she takes the final step and kills for the first time to become a true vampire. The trouble is, Bianca doesn’t know if that is what she wants.

Things aren’t as they seem in Bianca’s life. Secrets are being kept from her at the same time she is keeping secrets from others. In order to maintain any kind of relationship with Lucas, she must rely on Balthazar for help to get on and off campus. On one of their outings, Bianca is approached by a troubled female vampire who is being hunted by the Black Cross. It turns out she is Balthazar’s sister and once he learns she is out there, he is desperate to find her and bring her back to Evernight for safety. Charity, Balthazar’s sister, isn’t cooperative though and causes trouble for everyone.

Add in some major ghostly hauntings and you have a sequel that rivals its predecessor. STARGAZER is just as engaging as EVERNIGHT. My emotions went right along with Bianca’s. You’ll feel her need for love and blood just as she does. STARGAZER doesn’t disappoint and it looks like it is only going to get better in the books that follow.

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1,047 reviews100 followers
December 27, 2021
Also, dieser Altersunterschied... Es gibt Bücher, in denen mir das auch mal nichts ausmacht, aber hier fand ich es nur noch creepy. Und alle feiern es?! Was zur Hölle 😳
Insgesamt kann ich nicht mehr sagen als zu Band 1 auch. Ich denke, wer den ersten mochte, wird hier auch nicht enttäuscht.
166 reviews1 follower
March 27, 2009
I definitely thought this book was worse than the first one. I wouldn't say it was bad. It just really wasn't that good a sequel. I'm still giving it 3 stars because, while I didn't think it was great, I didn't hate it or want to put it down. It was still the same easy-to-read story the last one was.

Bianca is back at school. She's still the same boring character she was before, but now there is no pretending she is painfully shy. She whines about Lucas more or less from the beginning. She gets a letter from him and goes to meet him in a nearby town. There she discovers a young girl vampire and she helps her get away from Black Cross. This is just the beginning of the wangst that follows for Bianca as she has to decide to give up everything she is and everyone she loves for Lucas and his ideals.

Balthazar (the only really likable character in the whole book) discovers her coming back from her meeting with Lucas. He's going to tell her parents but when Bianca tells her side of the story, we find out that the vampire girl Bianca saw was his sister Charity. He wants to help Charity so he agrees to hide all this from everyone. In fact, they set up this whole plan of pretend-dating so he can look for Charity and Bianca can meet up with Lucas.

But Bianca still has to find out why humans were admitted to Evernight after so long. She doesn't really find out so much as the information falls into her lap via Vic. After several encounters with wraiths, or ghosts, she finds out that all the human students lived in haunted houses. Mrs. Beverly has been ghost hunting. So eventually we get this whole back story about wraiths and vampires hating each other... and that they really try to stay away from each other.

So why are wraiths attacking Evernight now? The answer is our very own super special Bianca. In order for her parents to have a baby (and why they wanted one so bad as all this is never explained), they made a deal with some wraiths. The wraiths took over her parents' bodies and made a baby. Then they decided they wanted her to be a wraith, not a vampire. So, they decided to try to kill her. There was absolutely no hint of anything like this in the first book and it seemed like the whole wraith thing was thought of after that book was written. And it seemed completely separate from the rest of the story.

So back to Charity... she's gotten in with a bad crowd and they've steered her in the wrong direction. Now the sweet little sister is killing people and liking it. She sets them up for a big showdown with Black Cross. In the end Bianca gets stuck with Black Cross just so she can be with Lucas. She's fully aware that she's becoming more like a vampire all the time and they will kill her if they find out... but it's true love or something so she's willing to risk it.

I get the first love thing in these books and usually I don't mind it at all but I don't believe Bianca and Lucas for one minute. Supposedly he confronts the fact that he "loves" her despite her being a vampire rather than loving her for who she is... but the relationship doesn't change much after this epiphany. They have nothing in common. They have opposite views. Bianca basically has to decide that she doesn't want to be a vampire ever so she can be with him. She'd even go into lockdown with vampire hunters. It really seemed like a one-sided relationship with Bianca doing all the giving. What did Lucas have to sacrifice?

What made me not hate the book was Balthazar. I liked him and I liked the time he and Bianca spent together when she wasn't whining about Lucas. I also liked the little bit of humanity the author gave to Courtney before chopping her head off.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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554 reviews8 followers
March 23, 2023
3.5⭐️ again! Well, you can't deny that these books are easy to read, but a few things bother me:
1. Why is Bianca so wet?
2. Why is Bianca so wet? Yes, I'm aware I repeated myself there, but this question needs to be asked many more times than once.
3. Balthazar is right there girl, go get him!
By now, the characters and world are well defined & this seems to be a standard for this authors work. The plot was easily predicted & Charitys character is like that mean girl at school. You only have to look at her to know she is trouble. These books are enjoyable but should come with a warning.
BE AWARE characters' life choices held within will make you angry enough at times to require a stiff drink. Dont say you haven't been told!
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Author 2 books241 followers
April 30, 2019
I started reading this saga for only one thing: ghosts. I heard that they appeared in these books and it is a subject that caught my attention, and finally that topic appeared. In the first book there is no talk of ghosts and I thought there would not be, but finally in the middle of this book they appeared.

The book remains in line with the first, at first I could not get hooked until this topic appeared that I like, I could not let go.

It is very similar to the first, in the end the same thing happens in both books, a conflict that leaves you speechless. In spite of being unexpected and shocking, I did not like it very much because it seemed like the first book besides that it became repetitive, as if the author had run out of ideas.

However, it was a book that I enjoyed and I will continue with the saga because I need to know what will happen next.

Oh, and I love Balthazar. Maybe the first book did not convince me at all, but in this I loved him. Lucas was losing points but in the end he recovered them all. I love them both.

Comencé a leer esta saga por una única cosa: fantasmas. Oí que aparecían en estos libros y es un tema que me llamaba mucho la atencion, y por fin apareció ese tema. En el primer libro no se habla de fantasmas y creía que no los habría, pero por fin a mitad de este libro aparecieron.

El libro se mantiene en la línea del primero, al principio no conseguía engancharme hasta que apareció esta temática que tanto me gusta, ahí no lo pude soltar.

Se parece mucho al primero, al final pasa lo mismo en ambos libros, un conflicto que te deja boquiabierta. A pesar de ser inesperado e impactante, no me gustó mucho porque se me pareció al primer libro además de que se me hizo repetitivo, como si la autora se hubiera quedado sin ideas.

Sin embargo, fue un libro que disfruté y continuaré con la saga porque necesito saber ya qué pasará.

Ah, y amo a Balthazar. Puede que en el primer libro no me convenciera del todo, pero en este me encantó. Lucas estaba perdiendo puntos pero al final los recuperó todos. Los amo a los dos.
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1,096 reviews28 followers
June 9, 2013
Do you know what this book is? It’s a walking, talking advertisement for abstinence. But I think we can all agree that if we had a little brat like Bianca running around, we’d be the first in line to warn potential new parents off the sad, sad consequences that come with parenthood. You know, like ungrateful little wastes of space like Bianca, who are judgmental and oblivious to their own flaws and rude and overall just nasty things to be around. The kinds of kids who don’t appreciate what they have, or what their parents went through for them, or just don’t appreciate their parents in general.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in this book is completely lost over the fact that Bianca is an unattractive life form who sucks the joy out of everything around her, complaining, whining, being pretty terrible overall and generally acting like that girl in tenth grade that I beat the crap out of behind the gym one day because I just couldn’t stand to hear her talk anymore. That girl.

But also, the book is bad, too.
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340 reviews422 followers
October 25, 2010
Okay the book is great and sort of addicting and I could not put it down blah blah blah.

But why three stars?

I've given it a not so high rating because the book is not so original and rip-offs of New Moon, Vampire Knight, Harry Potter, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Uglies, City of Bones, Graceling, Hunger Games, and Dear John (why is Dear John here? o_O)

My explanation (sort of):
1. So first off, Bianca and Lucas were sort of apart from the first chapters and then they exchange these letters wherein it was really Dear Johnish.

2. And then there's whole pretend boyfriend-girlfriend thing with Bianca and Balthazar (okay heard of Hunger Games?). And Balty reminds me of Peeta (that makes me love him more than Lucas). He's sort of the sweet, selfless, kind guy. So I'm on BiancaxBalthazar ship right now, yeah I know she would end up with Lucas anyway but I don't really care, I love Balthy more.

3. Remember in New Moon wherein how Romeo and Juliet was use, and then so Edward (vampire) was Romeo and Bella (human) was Juliet and then Jacob (the best friend) was Paris. So it was pretty much the same here, the author copy paste the whole thingy so: Lucas (vampire hunter) = Romeo, Bianca (vampire) = Juliet and Balthazar (vampire friend) = Paris.

4. Ms. Bethany reminds me of Neferet from House of Night.

5. Vampires can have a glimpse of emotions and feelings of someone when they drink of their blood. (I’ve already seen that on Vampire Knight).

-----‘Kay Im too lazy to add other things up but I just can’t help the feeling that I’ve read something like that before and with that my always next step is to compare. Like for example the ending of this book SPOILER ALERT was a battle between vampire and vampire hunters in where I can’t help but compare to battle of Hogwarts (Harry Potter) or the battle between Strigois and DhampirxMorois (Vampire Academy) wherein I find that the Stargazer pales in comparison. The battle was ended abruptly and it was not fully described (everything was sort of a mess and we don’t know what happen to others). No fighting on Bianca’s part so it was just telling a bunch of things happening around here (which was really lame). So yeah, that’s pretty much it (too lazy to elaborate).

PS: Cool I used “sort of” 5x. Teehee ^____^
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149 reviews257 followers
April 24, 2012
I have to say I didn't really enjoy Evernight when I read it in 2010. The characters were lacking, the story took a strange turn that felt fake and I didn't enjoy the plot until about halfway through the book. I was glad to see that I had none of those problems while reading Stargazer.

Stargazer does a great job helping the reader remember what happened in the first book. I read it two years ago, and I didn't feel like I missed out on anything when picking this book up because the recap was amazing.

While Stargazer still followed a lot of the typical YA rules, I feel like it improved a lot from the first book. Bianca was so much less annoying for some reason, maybe because she wasn't obsessing over Lucas the whole time, and it really improved the story. I also felt that the chemistry between Bianca and Lucas was really improved so it made me actually be able to sort of root for them. That being said, however, I am totally team Balthazar. He was my favorite character in Evernight and that didn't change with Stargazer.

I'm glad I kept going in this series, because Stargazer was much less of a pain to get through. Although, I still recommend getting Evernight from your library and seeing if it is for you, and if you're intrigued by the ending like I was, I feel like you'll like this book as much as I did.

"Frost began to creep up the walls."

Plot: 15/20
Characters: 15/20
Writing: 15/20
Creativity: 13/20
The 'It' Factor:7/10
=73/100, C

This book contains the following:
Mild Sexual Content
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89 reviews3 followers
August 1, 2020
I don't ship Bianca and Lucas. At all. Their relationship was just too much for me... There was way too much kissing, way too much flirting and WAY too much quarrels that it makes me so annoyed. Sorry to Evernight fans but I. Do. Not. Like. This. Pair. At. All. It's rare for me to dislike books and you might want to take this as a hint.
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7,088 reviews181 followers
September 13, 2019
Bianca, Lucas and Balthazar return in this compulsively readable follow-up to Claudia Gray's Evernight , the most enjoyable vampire novel I have read since L.J. Smith - creator of the Night World series - took a hiatus from writing in the late 1990s. Separated by seemingly insurmountable differences, Bianca and Lucas are still very much in love, and determined to find a way to be together. When Balthazar catches Bianca returning to Evernight from a secret meeting with Lucas, he strikes a bargain with her: he'll help the star-crossed lovers meet, if they'll help him track down his estranged sister Charity, who has fallen in with a dangerous vampire tribe. But none of them - not Bianca and Lucas, not Balthazar - could have foreseen the chain of events this bargain would set in motion, or the consequences for both human and vampire...

I'm always a little cautious in approaching the sequel to a book I have thoroughly enjoyed, as it can be such a disappointment to find that it does not fulfill the promise of its predecessor. Fortunately, Stargazer is a worthy second chapter in the Evernight series - entertaining, emotionally involving, and thoughtful. As both Bianca and Lucas struggle with the knowledge that their world is more complex than they had ever imagined, that the conflict between vampire and human is not so clear-cut, Balthazar's unexpected depths and tragic history emerge. I enjoyed watching the characters learn and grow, and although I was able to predict certain narrative developments, I remained riveted until the very end. Now... if only the third installment were already available!
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2,928 reviews1,168 followers
March 27, 2013
I must confess, I failed to locate Evernight, book 1 of Miss Claudia Gray's vampire YA series, so I have to make do with reading Stargazer, book 2 of the series first. *plot spoiler warning* I also learned that the true identity of Evernight Academy's students as vampires is supposed to be a major plot twist for us, but too bad I found out who they really are by simply looking at the book introduction on the back cover of Hourglass, book 3 of the series.*end of spoiler

So to me, the major plot twist isn't such a big surprise at all.

Each book of the Evernight series has pretty cover art, and judging from the introduction at the back cover, it seems to also have an interesting story to tell.I think Stargazer is far from being a Twilight rip-off, nor does it focus entirely on the romance between the leading characters. The author addressed issues such as how the undeads deal with the change of time, how they struggled to fit into the modern society, the conflict between vampires and vampire hunters, etc. There're some nice writing, descent plots, tension and fight scenes to back the story up. The concept of Bianca being a 'born' vampire instead being turned is also a refreshing one (though it's not an unique idea, I must point out) Plus the vampires actually drink blood and attack humans instead of being a bunch of goody-two-shoes.

Though, as a whole Stargazer needs more explaining and world building to make the story shin. still I found the book being a bit dim. I also failed to find anything unique in the book: most of the settings and plots had already been done before. I don't hate the characters but I'm not interested in them. For most of time those characters look like they were there so the story can go forward, and nothing more.

The female lead, Bianca is also a dim character, from start to end I still can't grip how she is as a person. She was being described as a fan of astrology, but I can't see how can this detail help us to understand her better. We are also told that Bianca loves Lucas, a teenage vampire hunter, who was exiled from Evernight after his cover as a mere human student was blown. Still I don't care about their romance much, said romance gives me nothing other than some uninteresting teenage dramas and "I love you, but I can't be with you! It's so tragic!" mumbo jumbo.

Of course, there's another boy who is interested in Bianca, a vampire boy whose name I fail to remember--- he is not so bad as a character but there's hardly anything worth memorizing about this vampire boy anyway. Bianca's parents wanted their daughter to date that vampire boy but of course the girl loved Lucas and went on meeting the latter in secret anyway...*sighs* everything is just so typical.

At the beginning of the story, Bianca tried breaking into the school's principal home in order to help Lucas finding out why Evernight was taking human students in. We are told that Bianca is a first timer in breaking and entering, but I found despite of the fist person viewpoint, Bianca barely seems to even feel nervous when she was trying to break into the supposedly cold, scary, badass principal's house. There's no cold-sweat, no rapid heartbeat, no nothing. Bianca went on like she's just having a picnic. It looks really unrealistic to me.

Then Bianca met Charity, a girl whom she identified as a vampire, who looked outwardly like a 14 years old fragile, lost little girl. Instantly Bianca took pity on Charity and believed she's as innocent, harmless and confused as she appeared to be. WHAT? Is Bianca stupid or something? Such amount of trusting is so over the top.

In the middle of the mess, Bianca started to see ghosts appearing in the school, it's later revealed that those ghosts were in fact wraiths, who had some bad blood with the vampires, what did those wraiths want? The introduction of the wraiths is a nice part of the story, though I was a bit disappointed when their reason for attacking the school is revealed. The revealing of this mystery leaves me quite underwhelmed. Plus I found it really strange when everyone in Evernight Academy, including the human students, talked about ghosts openly and matter-of-factly like it's just business as usual. No one freaked out, no one was in denial, hardly anyone even try to avoid talking about ghosts, that's really strange.

(Okay, I know there's a reason why the students act like this, but I won't mention it here because it'll be a plot spoiler, still......I want to point out it doesn't look natural for people to handle ghosts like those characters did in the book)

Bianca also met with Lucas's vampire hunting family, who believed Bianca was a victimized human girl being forced to live with vampires, instead of a fledgling vampire. Bianca's interaction with Lucas's family and some of those vampire hunters are interesting to read about. I'll look forward to see more of them.

It's mentioned that Evernight Academy is set up as a sanctuary and place of learning for the immortals, including those who were a few hundreds or thousands years old. The idea that 1000 years old vampires still going to highschool sends a wave of desperation across my being. So even if you were an immortal and had lived for centuries/millenniums you can't still freaking escape highschool. Fxxk it, just fxxk it!

Who figured out this brilliant idea of trapping a bunch of immortals in a private school so they can learn things about the modern age and society!? Goodness! Highschool is a perfect place to learn how low humanity can sink into and how utterly stupid, embarrassing and immature teenage humans can act. It's not a good place to seriously learn new knowledge. It's not a good place to learn how to deal with the society and with your life. If you want to put young-looking immortals to study, why don't put them into college!? At least they can take different causes and learn something useful and meaningful, also they can meet a much larger group of people, for crying out loud!

It's obvious that Miss Gray has some interesting ideas with her, but as a whole Stargazer looks really juvenile to me, especially the love triangle and the characters' behaviors, plus the concept of immortals going to highschool annoys me greatly. Although the book addresses issues such as family bond, love and loyalty, immortality and the prices of being an undead; all of these topics do have a lot of potential still Miss Gray failed to give us much insight. If you are looking for some quick read and entertainment, Stargazer will work for you, but if you are looking for something more meaningful and insightful, you may look elsewhere.
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October 5, 2022
I had basically forgotten the first book, but by chapter two I think it gives you enough for a successful memory jog.
Bianca's back at vampire boarding school, with no way to contact Lucas until Vic hands her a letter, which begins a year of clandestine meetings.
This book travels at relatively the same slow pace as the last one with lots of time jumps but has less of the gothic vibes.
But does the ghost rape really need to be in here? That was freaking terrifying and soul damaging and said as an offhand comment. And no one tries to do anything about it or freaking help the poor girl that’s been a victim every damn night. And then Bianca is all horrified when her parents talk about a consensual trade that might have hypothetically involved sex. (It didn't)
Also, the boyfriend that’s hundreds of years older. For a four-hundred-year-old vampire that’s okay, but a sixteen-year-old… it’s just gross. I don't get why these sorts or things are romanticised. Try again when you're 18. Or 118.
There's also a weird scene in an observatory. I very much sided with Lucas in that argument.
So yeah... there's some oddities (not really fun kooky, just weird) but it's still somewhat entertaining and I'm going to continue with the series.

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July 28, 2011
Stargazer, you had me in doubt. You had me wondering if I'd ever finish you. You made me dreading having to finish the rest of the series let alone the actual book but, fear no more! For, I indeed have finished you.

Stargazer by Claudia Gray was a lot better than the first book. The book starts out with a new year in Evernight. We go through the same seasons and days like the last book (You know, unlike other books where the whole entire book takes place only in the summer. . . .). It is a well-known fact that Lucas works for the Black Cross, a group that hunts vampires. Now that his secret is out, he has fled from Evernight and (Well, we don't need a whole recap of the last book but they escape together, Bianca meets Black Cross, they get caught, Bianca has to leave Lucas, yada yada yada) is away from Bianca.

Our story begins with Bianca trying to figure out why Mrs. Bethany is letting humans into the school. She sneaks into Mrs. Bethany's apartment to find anything regarding why. Bianca only finds a few letters. Some that are rejecting human students and some that are accepting human students into Evernight. But what makes one human different from the other if both are academically inclined? This is what Bianca is trying to figure out for her dear Lucas.

While sneaking back into the school she starts to notice weird things happening. . . . Frost? Icy spots in the air? Faces?

As the year goes on, Bianca convinces her parents that she's camping out outside to watch a meteorshower when in reality, she's going to see Lucas for the first time in ages. While waiting for him, a girl comes up to her asking for help. She notices that Bianca is a vampire and tells her that someone is following her.

When Lucas finally arrives, the girl tells Bianca to run, telling her that this is the guy that has been stalking her. The girl runs into a morgue and the Black Cross goes after her. The girl escapes. When Bianca returns to the school, Balthazar catches her and Bianca has to spill the beans.

While describing the girl to Balthazar, he comes to the startling conclution that the girl the Black Cross is after is Charity, his sister. He agrees that if Bianca helps him find his sister, he'll help her get off campus to meet up with Lucas if her and Balthazar act like a couple to fool Bianca's parents.

As the year goes on and on and on, more creepy things happen. Bianca starts coming face to face with ghosts. But, in the mean time, Vic has been talking to other people and realizing that almost every human (Well, everyone in his case) has had a ghostly encounters in their houses.

So what do the ghosts have to do with the humans at Evernight? Why do they keep coming to Bianca? Will Balthazar find Charity? If so, how will she react? Will Bianca and Lucas' love stay intact?

This book cleared up a lot of the plot holes that were in the last one, which I had hoped. The story added more supernatural elements and I absolutely loved Balthazar in all of this. I mean, mmm mmm mmmmmmm, he's smokin'! Speaking of smoking, the only thing that bothered me in this book was that Bianca acts a little, hmm, not her age? Sometimes I feel like she's acting waaaay entirely too mature but then in retrospect, I realize she's a lot older than I think she is. Which is another problem! How old does my brain think she is? 14? 15? Sometimes she sure as hell acts 14. I know she's almost seventeen, but some of the scenes in this book are a little too hot for me!

Just kidding. Seriously. I'm not a pansy.

But, since my brain is telling me she's 14 and she's really 17. . . . All of the almost-sex-scenes, were a bit weird to me. Kind of like, "Oh God, she shouldn't be doing that. This is a young adult book, right? She's only fourteen -- OOOOH! That's right. She's not. I'm wrong. Seventeen. Still creepy. Fourteen year old in my head but, that's just me." That was everything I thought in my head for both scenes all summed up.

To the real and honest point with no sugar added: This book was good. It was entertaining but quite slow in the beginning and a little annoying with some scenes. All of the cat fights with Raquel and Lucas were childish and pointless. I was also a little upset with how close Claudia Gray made Balthazar become to the reader. Didn't make sense? I fell in love with Balthazar, I don't know who didn't. But this isn't Twilight. We all know who Bianca takes and we know there isn't a chance that Balthazar will get his shot with her. It was disappointing. The end was suspenseful and didn't end too quickly or slowly. I knew it would end with a cliff hanger. But a cliff hanger that was manageable. Maybe it's because I already own the next book? Who knows but, I do know that after reading this book, I'm not doubting the series as much as I was before. Truthfully, it's pretty good. Let's just hope the vampire-teenie-bopper-I-love-Edward-Cullen-More stuff ends and we can move onto more interesting supernatural shenanigans.

In the mean time, I shall move onto the 3rd book in this series.
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January 17, 2011
I know some people will think I’m being cynical, but I’m tired of reading books for young girls that promote the idea that love is something that should be valued above all other things: family, friends, honesty, hopes and dreams. These authors make the characters one dimensional by promoting such blind indifference to the rest of their lives.

In the books, Bianca lies continuously to everyone around her so she can be with Lucas. Yet, she never wonders if that dishonesty might be a sign that she and Lucas aren’t meant to be together.

Why? Because Gray, much like Stephanie Meyer, made the idea of them not being meant to be together completely implausible. Of course Lucas and Bianca are meant to be together. They’re teenagers who’ve only spent a short time together. He’s possessive and she’s self-conscious. He’s only controlling because he wants to “protect” her. How could they be anything besides “soul mates” or “mates for life” or any of the equally ridiculous “we’ll love each other forever” euphemism writers like to use?

I can’t help but feel like we’re doing a huge disservice to our daughters by teaching them that everything will be okay if you get a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if you have to lie or steal or abandon you’re family, so long as he promises to stay with you forever everything will be okay in the end. These books are no better then the white horse fairy tales that have ruined relationships for women everywhere.

It’s just so silly. Bianca is so angry that her parents lied to her (in Stargazer) without any regard to her own lies. Her parents lie isn’t even that bad (at least in the world of vampires). Instead, it should have made Miranda guilty for being so sanctimonious when they proved, once again, how much they love her and would have done anything to have her.

But we can’t have that now can we?

So instead, the lie is used as the reason Bianca won’t ever become a vampire. Pretty convenient. It also seems unlikely when Bianca is already drinking more blood and even killed a mouse without realizing.

I also felt that Stargazer ended poorly. After the huge fire and the possible death of most of the people she knows, including her parents, Bianca doesn’t question leaving Lucas even for a second. Of course not. Instead she decides to join a group of vampire killers without any thought to how she’s going to survive without blood or how she’ll handle being inside churches. Not to mention how hard it’s gonna be to hide a hazy reflection when she’s not getting blood regularly.

Or the fact they might have just killed her family. (But who needs family when you have “hope?” Family schmamily. It’s just another hurdle in the way of true love right?)

And just because Bianca and Lucas are together, doesn’t mean the book has been wrapped up. What about the wraiths? What about her parents? Why was Mrs. Bethany hunting ghosts? What will happen to the humans around her when the wraiths find her? How will she get blood? What will she do when her parents track her down (which seems very likely if they survived)? What about Balthazar? What will the humans do when they find out the truth?

Stargazer ultimately felt like the middle book. There were too many lose ends and not enough character development (even thought the relationships did become more complex). I understand that series books don’t answer all the questions in each book, but there could have been much more closure in this book (at least a chapter with Bianca actually questioning throwing her life away with the Black Cross). A writer’s imagination and talent should be what makes me want to pick up the next book. Not a ton of cliff hangers.

I also thought the climax was a bit…well anti-climatic.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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October 17, 2016
This review can also be found at http://fortheloveofbooksreviews.blogs...

In the sequel to Evernight, Bianca has spent some time without Lucas, the boy she loves, but she is able to communicate with him through letters. However, they have to be careful not to get caught, because Bianca is a vampire and Lucas is a vampire hunter. With everybody standing in their way of being together, things seem grim for their relationship, but they've decided not to give up on each other.

Meanwhile, Bianca finds herself the target of a ghost at Evernight. With her friend Balthazar, she hopes to find out why she is being targeted and to prevent the spirit from endangering the students at the academy. However, this haunting brings secrets forward, secrets that will change everything.

I enjoyed Evernight a lot, so while I was excited to pick up the sequel I was worried that it wouldn't live up to the first novel. Thankfully, it exceeded my expectations and kept me reading late into the night. Returning to the setting of Evernight Academy and Bianca's relationship issues made for an enjoyable read, and I'm sure that I will continue reading this series.

I'm a fan of love triangles, if they're done well. The author achieves this in Stargazer, with a love triangle between Lucas, Bianca, and Balthazar. I found myself torn over which love interest I prefer and want Bianca to end up with, which I find to be a good quality within stories featuring love triangles. The romance wasn't cheesy, the tension wasn't overdone and I like how the love triangle wasn't 'aggressive' or Bianca's most important worry.

Of course, the characters within this novel were just as interesting and enjoyable to read about as they were in the first book. I really love the cast of characters in this series, especially Balthazar! There's just something about him that seems unique and I hope that he's featured within the next books of the Evernight saga. Lucas can be a bit stereotypical-YA-boy-love-interest at times, but it's not overwhelming and I find him quite likeable. Bianca, the main character, is full of personality and a great protagonist, and I think that her identity as a vampire adds to her struggles in a way that makes readers care about her issues and root for her for the entirety of the first two books. I hope this continues on throughout the series.

I think that the use of the ghost or spirit within the story made this book suspenseful and added originality to the author's interpretation of vampires. The connection to Bianca was unexpected and I never would've guessed it! It adds a new level to Bianca's troubles.

I completely recommend this sequel to Evernight! If you've read the first book and you're unsure of whether or not you should continue the series, I think that it would be wise because Claudia Gray's writing, characters and ideas remain just as captivating and exciting as they did in the first book.
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June 2, 2010
This is the second book in the Evernight series. There are supposed to be four books in the series. This book was much like the first book for me. If you liked the first book you will like this one. It is beautifully written, the first part is kind of boring and nothing happens, and then the last few chapters are so packed with action it's amazing.

Bianca is returning to school after a grueling summer separated from Lucas. Upon returning to school she finds out that she is being haunted by wraiths. Much of the story deals with Bianca trying to get away from campus to secretly meet with Lucas. Balthazar is also in the story a lot.

The pacing of this book matched the first book. It is pretty darn boring for the first two thirds. A lot of teenage angsting going on as Bianca feels sorry for herself because she can't be with Lucas. The wraith hauntings happen at wide intervals and are the only interesting thing in the beginning of the book. The end of the book however is packed with so many revelations and action scenes that it leaves you dizzy.

This whole series has been much more well-written than the House of the Night series by PC and Kirsten Cast. Unfortunately the pacing is such that I find these books to be pretty dull. I don't really think Bianca is the most inspriing character either.

The end of the book is fantastic and almost makes up for the slow beginning. The end was enough to make me want to know what happens in the next book. This book was definitely a transition novel that builds to the next book. This book is definitely not a stand alone; you need to read Evernight first. Also this book doesn't resolve much at all; so for any resolution you'll have to hang around for the next book "Hourglass".
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724 reviews120 followers
June 7, 2022
Relectura en junio de 2022
En la actualidad, le daría un 3/5 o un 3,5/5, pero prefiero respetar la puntuación que le otorgué en mi primera lectura. Lo mejor ha sido que me ha vuelto a resultar muy ameno y que realmente me ha enganchado. Si lo pienso, coincido bastante con lo que opiné cuando lo leí por primera vez, lo que pasa es que, al ser relectura, la historia ha perdido el factor sorpresa. Ha sido inevitable que recordara muchos detalles y eso ha hecho que no devorara el libro igual que en el pasado.

Reseña realizada cuando leí el libro en 2016

"Este libro es casi lo que su título dice, una "adicción" que no te deja parar de leer. Con más intriga que el primero, la trama te mantiene enganchado en todo momento. Además, el nuevo factor sobrenatural que entra en juego sorprende y se complementa bien con el tema de los vampiros. Y por si esto fuera poco, aquí conoceremos mejor a muchos de los personajes, aunque la parte romántica entre Lucas y Bianca creo que sigue siendo poco creíble".

Reseña completa: https://entrelalecturayelcine.blogspo...

** En la reseña he añadido comentarios para dejar constancia de algunas de mis impresiones durante la relectura realizada en 2022 **
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March 23, 2009
I really liked Evernight. I mean I really really liked it! Loved it even! And as much as I loved Evernight– Stargazer is even better!

I don’t want to go into the plot too much and really go into what happens because a lot happens! And you’re really going to want to discover it all for yourself!

In my review of Evernight, I mentioned that I would like to learn more about Balthazar, and I was happy to see happen in this novel. The plot becomes even more complicated if you can believe that. Gray threw some huge twists in there, that I DID NOT see coming.

The character relationships became more complex as well, adding to the overall allure of the novel. It was interesting to see how some things tied together completely. One of the most important things to me as a reader is good characterization and Stargazer has that. As well as impressive writing on Gray’s part. I love Bianca and Lucas’s story!

The only thing bad about this novel is that ended! I’m dying to know what happens next! I really don’t know if I can wait! A must read for vampire fans!
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May 5, 2010
It's hard for me to give it right amount of starts, I liked it and I badly wanted to know how it goes on. But I was so angry at Bianca all the times that I have to take away one star and give it 3 instead of 4. I really like Balthasar a lot, more than Lucas and this makes me hard to follow what happens in the book. One scene though was amazing!!

What I like is how Claudia Gray mixes in some hot and erotic scenes but still be suitable for Teens, she has a way to get the right amount. Although, sure for me it could be more ;)

4 stars minus one for being annoyed with Bianca. I really didn't like how she treated her parents, although I understand why she did it, but still....

Now, I go and read Hourglass ...
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July 14, 2020
Nervosismo puro!!
La storia diventa un tantino più accattivante ma stranamente mi ha reso solo molto più nervosa sui risvolti futuri. C'è qualcosa che non riesco ad accettare e condividere.
Non credo la semplicità della narrazione o il cataclisma in movimento di tutti gli eventi passati e futuri ma c'è qualcosa che mi disturba e mi crea manie omicida verso Bianca.
Non c'entra nulla qualche possibile riferimento a Bella Swarn o come cavolo è lei ma la disillusione di Romeo e Giulietta che mi aveva inizialmente spinto a leggere questa quadrilogia è totalmente andata altrove e penso proprio di parcheggiarla li senza continuare o altro.
Peccato perché forse una rivisitazione più concreta o meno baldanzosa l'avrei apprezzata ma è tutto molto poco piacevole quando certezze, coinvolgimento e altro ti spingono a non avere interesse nel proseguire la lettura. Stop!!!
Ci darei tre stelle e mezzo ma solo perché qualcosa si è mosso qua e la nella trama ma rimane una sufficienza spietata per me.
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330 reviews9 followers
June 2, 2022
Ugh Bianca girl you get under my SKIN!! Yes it’s your fault, its always your fault! Goodness her character bothers me so much but I can’t get enough of this series. I’m rooting for the underdog here. Still giving much Twilight vibes but I’m here for it. The “twist” was seen about a mile away but it was still a good kink in her
you’re-becoming-a-full-vampire life story. Going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds with how this book ended. On to the next.
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1,089 reviews30 followers
April 17, 2018
Stargazer is book 2 in the Evernight series.

I thought this book was good but found Bianca to be very whiny. I didn't expect what happens at the end. Hopefully I'll enjoy the next book as much as I did the first.
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54 reviews17 followers
December 5, 2022
3,5⭐. Me ha encantado. Sí que ha sido algo más flojo que el primero, pero es que ese plot twist es insuperable. He amado cómo el libro se ha centrado más en Bianca y Balthazar (adoro a este personaje), aunque tengo que decir que el "final" que se les ha dado no me ha gustado mucho. El tercer libro promete.
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231 reviews13 followers
August 24, 2009
** Spoiler's contained**

Finished this on Friday and waited a few days before writing the review - wanted to let the ending sink in.

The writing was good. Although I struggle a little with Bianca's relationship with her parents. I think the writer is trying to go for something other then a "normal" teenager/parent relationship, because the relationship is sooo one-sided. Bianca caves to everything her parents want, and barely even argues with them over it.

I liked getting to see more Balty. He is a loveable character. And his motivation for keeping Bianca's secret just shows how loveable he is. I hope he ends up happy by the end of the saga - he deserves it. And I enjoyed seeing more Ranulf - he didn't get enough visibility - especially as Vic's influence began to rub off on him. It was great how Vic had figured out the connection and Bianca didn't even think to talk to him about it earlier - and Vic was so casual about the whole idea of ghosts - it was so true to his character.

I liked seeing more of Raquel too. Although she seems to be a tragic character up to this point. Will we see more of why her home life was so terrible? I wonder if it will be important later since we really don't know all that much. Finding out about her malevolent ghost was pretty creepy though. Made me feel really sorry for her. And made her decision at the end make total sense. I think I am going to like seeing more of her. And it will be interesting to see how she plays into the plot of the final 2 books. Do I see a potential love triangle coming? Might make things interesting - given her humanity. And I would totally be ok with her and Lucas together - freeing up Bianca for Balty. But, we'll just have to wait and see.

So, I was a little disappointed with the lack of evil coming from the headmistress. She has such potential and it has yet to really be tapped. I can only hope that the fact that she is "collecting" the wraiths plays a bigger part in the next books and we get to see a really good villian out of her.

Overall, I liked the additional character development. I liked the clandestine meetings between Bianca and Lucas. I was even one of the folks who was ok with the fact that Bianca joins Lucas in the end. But, there could have been so much more meat to the story. I mean the truth about Bianca's birth, while interesting, was NOT the "OMG" twist some folks thought it was (I didn't guess it, but I wasn't exactly surprised be it either). And unless you totally weren't paying attention, it was evident that the wraiths are playing a large part of the plot here. The battle/fire at the end - well, with Charity's comments and Bianca's dreams earlier, it was no surprise either. But, to me, the battle was a big disappointment. Not a whole lot of action for what was this completely pivotal point (given Bianca's having to choose to join Lucas and Black Cross) in the overall story arc.

The one surprise was really how intimate the scene between Balthazar and Bianca in the Modern Tech room was. That scene rivals some of the scenes in the romance novels I read. It was probably the best part of the book - because it was the one time I really felt like 2 characters were connecting. As much as I love the idea of Lucas and Bianca, I haven't felt the connection between them the way I have felt it in other books of this genre. I know they aren't spending as much time together as couples in those other books- but that's why I think I feel so deprived - because I don't feel that connection. If I did, it wouldn't surprise me that they love each other so much and they can spend all that time apart and still pick right up from where they saw each other last time. But here - much of that connection is missing, so the relationship between Lucas and Bianca seems kind of lacking or empty. I was not a "Team Jacob" person - but here, I think I have totally become a "Team Balty" person because of that lack of depth to the relationship between Lucas and Bianca. I don't know... maybe I am just one of those folks who likes it better when the guy is the vamp...

Overall, I will get and read the next in this saga. But, I probably won't run out the day it's released. In fact, I will probably wait for the paperback because spending the extra money on a hardcover - that is relatively short - isn't what I want to do when I thought the predecessors were just "ok".
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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412 reviews177 followers
August 26, 2016
Ojo: las estrellas pueden ser engañosas. Al libro anterior le puse también dos, pero esto es un 1.5. Y no lo reduje a 1 porque otra vez sentí que son los personajes secundarios los que llaman la atención y no la historia en sí misma.

Nunca en mi vida tuve la experiencia de toparme con un libro que fuera predecible en su totalidad. Es normal que uno arme hipótesis a partir de una pista que el autor deja en algunas situaciones, pero creo que adivinar el libro entero es una mala señal. Adicción empieza con un prólogo innecesario que revela la introducción de un nuevo ser sobrenatural a la trama y, además, es una repetición. Sigue con una escena bastante patética en donde Bianca trata de buscar una respuesta que la haría quedar bien frente a todos los amigos de Lucas, ese galán al que le encanta levantar la voz y pegarle a lo primero que se le cruza. De ahí en más, todo tiene una estructura esquemática. No la ordené, pero más o menos sería así: clases, cita, problemas, expedición, problemas. Y vuelve a comenzar.

Los cliché aumentaron considerablemente (hay noviazgos fingidos, escenas de celos, confrontaciones “novio” versus “tercero en discordia”) y la escritura en sí tuvo un retroceso marcado. No entiendo cuál es el sentido de que Bianca explique las frases que dicen otros personajes como si no confiara en nuestra interpretación. Tampoco sé si es un error de traducción, pero encontrar dos veces la misma palabra en una sola página me exaspera.

El poco puntaje no se lo lleva el giro de la historia, sino el personaje nuevo (bastante retorcido, por cierto), Balthazar (sufre más que Bianca y Lucas), Raquel (está más “rara” que antes) y los momentos en donde de verdad creí estar leyendo una saga paranormal. Y si el final no hubiera sido similar al anterior, tal vez de verdad me habría quedado con ganas de leer el siguiente libro. Porque ese cambio en Bianca no me basta e, incluso, me pareció improvisado. Todo apuntaba a que el lector le diera la razón a X (no escribo el nombre porque sería spoiler) y se inclinara por él. No, gracias, Gray. Prefiero el otro lado.
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1,092 reviews159 followers
January 4, 2010
This was so much better then Evernight!

Stargazer continues the story of Bianca who as to find a way to survive at Evernight without Lucas. Though she's apart from him, there love is still very much alive and soon enough she plots ways to be with him again. Bianca isn't that shy, unknowing girl we read in Evernight, she's finally embracing who she is and the friendship between her and fellow Vampire, Balthazar, has made feel less alone.
Eventually the two come together and devise a plan to help each other with there own agenda's. And, so the fun begins!

In Stargazer everything is finally coming together!
The plot thickens with mysteries reveled. A past promise has come back to haunt the school and clam Bianca as there own. An already-doomed-from-the-start romance is challenged. And now Bianca must face an ugly truth.
What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie?

The storyline holds so much tragedy but it's amazingly intriguing with all the different twists we learned from this book!
I love both Lucas and Balthazar, both so different, but equally fascinating characters! And I have to say, that all this jealousy is to adorable for words!

I'm so glad I didn't give up on this series! This is a fun and wonderfully entertaining series that I'm glad I picked up!

Can't wait for Hourglass!
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