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Katrin Saali Sauli uus raamat on kauaoodatud praktiline teejuht peredele, kus vanemate paarisuhe on lõppenud, kuid endisi armastajaid ja tänaseid ekspartnereid seovad ühised lapsed.
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oled alustamas uut suhet ja tahad oma eelmisest suhtest pärit last uude perekonda integreerida nii, et see lapsele võimalikult valutult kulgeks;
oled lapsevanem ja vajad teejuhti, et ehitada oma ekspartneriga üles toimiv koostöösuhe teie lapse õnneliku tuleviku nimel;
oled uueks partneriks inimesele, kel on eelmisest suhtest laps.

Põhjalik, inspireeriv ja hästi struktureeritud käsiraamat, mille väärtust tõstavad Eesti inimeste lood, kes on läinud uuele suhteringile või kes on oma nahal kogenud oma vanemate lahutust ja uue suhte moodustamist.

248 pages, Paperback

Published January 1, 2016

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About the author

Katrin Saali Saul

4 books13 followers
With over twenty years as a psychological counsellor I still yearn for listening stories of people, their relationships and helping them in therapy sessions, lectures and - recently - books. I really love my work as a psychotherapist – it is an extraordinary privilege to explore the depths of the inner gardens of another person. Sometimes the therapist is just somebody to talk yourself out to. At other times the therapist is an experienced guide who helps you to see another angle of the situation you are facing. The new perspective may lead to a change in thinking, behaviour and relationship patterns, or get closer to understanding someone important in your life. And often yourself.

I was born in the winter of 1970. I have lived through a few relationships with their pains, break-ups, disappointments. Experienced loneliness, vulnerability, fears and sadness. But also deep joy, love beyond measure, hope, joyful self-discovery and peaceful happiness. I have given birth to four children with different fate and nature – sons have already grown up, one daughter is still little, the other has been an angel in the heavens for years.

Recently I have started to write on the problems I often encounter in my therapist role. It is also said that one explores mostly the areas where she has the biggest room for improvement. Go figure.

"The Art of Being a Woman. Discover Your Feminine Power through the Magic of Archetypes" was first published in Estonian in 2015. It became a bestseller, so it is now translated to English. The book explores healthy inner world of women through the lenses of archetypes. Powerful woman is the most beautiful divine creation. How can you live your life so that the divine source in you wouldn’t dry up? So that the spark wouldn’t dim and you would grow your power with age? So that this power would feed your self-esteem and relations? How you can live your life to masterpiece? It is a real art for me and evergreen theme also after completion of the book.

“Healthy Stepfamily Handbook” was completed in 2016. In today's world, individual search of happiness often leads to “second round” relationships – nearly half of all marriages break up. This is just a fact of life and as such neither good nor bad (although many of those relationships could have been saved with the right relationship hygiene). What is bad – utterly bad – is the situation I see too often as a family therapist where one of the parents is pushed out of child’s life on the request of the other or where one parent chose to marginalize oneself in the child’s life. Or when children find themselves in the middle of the battleground of their parents' war. As the result child’s self-image and self-esteem will get damaged – as well as secure childhood all children deserve. Thankfully things do not get that bad in most situations and there are ways to smoothen effects of parents’ relationship break-up to children. And to the related adults. The handbook consists of recommendations for civilized break-up and forming a healthy stepfamily with stories inspired by real life cases - viewed from the angles of the main participants in this complicated and delicate period of life.

I would be happy about your feedback about my books. Please contact me:
Email: katrinsaali@gmail.com
Web: katrinsaalisaul.com

PS. The ratings I have given here in Goodreads average to 5.0. This does not mean that I am not critical about the books I read. I am. But I consider the list here as my pile of recommendations. So only the books I can recommend end up here. And naturally they deserve the highest mark.

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204 reviews5 followers
June 14, 2019
Minu jaoks väga asjalik. Olen ka kärjes. Sain uut perspektiivi, kuidas võib end tunda eks, kuidas käesolev kaasa. Mida erivevas vanuses lapsed asjast arvavad. Hulganisti kasulikke vihjeid, mida tasub tähele panna ning mida mitte tähele panna. Eks veidi pikk ja paks ning hirmutav oli alguses kätte võtta. Ei kahetse. Meeldisid väga ka sisse pikitud erinevate inimeste lood, mis jutustasid kuidas keegi konkreetses oma nurga alt asja nägi ning mida tundis.

Ostsin juba mitu raamatut juurde, et jagada.
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