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Suttonville Sentinels #1

The Bad Boy Bargain

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Baseball player Kyle Sawyer has many labels: bad boy, delinquent, ladies’ man, fearless outfielder… Only one of them is actually true. But then sweet ballet dancer Faith Gladwell asks him to help wreck her reputation, and everything goes sideways.

Faith knows a thing or two about love, and what she had with her cheating jerk of an ex wasn’t it. When he starts spreading rumors about her being an Ice Queen, Faith decides it’s time to let a little bad into her life.

Lucky for her, Kyle Sawyer—dark, dangerous, totally swoonworthy Kyle Sawyer—is landscaping her backyard over Spring Break. Shirtless. And if she can convince him to play along, “dating” Kyle will silence the rumors.

But Faith’s plan threatens to expose Sawyer’s biggest secret of all…and that’s a risk he’s not willing to take.

Disclaimer: This book contains drop-the-book-and-fan-yourself kisses...and touches. Fall in love with a bad boy at your own risk.

217 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 14, 2016

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About the author

Kendra C. Highley

23 books714 followers
Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to four self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes in everyday magic, extraordinary love stories, and the restorative powers of dark chocolate

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4,725 reviews1,277 followers
October 29, 2016
(I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley.)

“Because this didn’t feel like just messing around. This felt too big for just a quick hookup.”

This was a sweet YA contemporary romance about a bad boy and a ballerina.

I really liked Faith and I felt really sorry for her having such a mean boyfriend. The way he treated her was totally unacceptable, and I was pleased when she dumped him. Kyle was also a sweetheart, although I still don’t understand where he got his bad-boy rep from.

The storyline in this was about Faith asking Kyle to pretend to be her boyfriend to stop the rumours that he ex had spread about her being frigid, but slowly things changed and Faith and Kyle both realised that they were falling for one another. This was a really sweet contemporary romance story, and I really liked the chemistry between Faith and Kyle.

The ending to this was good, and I was satisfied with the way things ended.

8 out of 10
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1,137 reviews1,662 followers
November 21, 2016
Thank you Entangled Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Faith Gladwell is a sweet, kind girl and graceful ballerina who came from a wealthy family. She's disheartened when Cameron, her boyfriend cheated on her and started spreading rumors how uptight and cold she is. As her revenge, she made a deal with Kyle Sawyer to pretend as her boyfriend. With his bad boy reputation in school, surely it will piss off her ex-boyfriend. Days of spending time with him, it seems these rumors she heard aren't all true. Yes, he has this bad boy image but he's actually a hardworking, mysterious and closed off guy. This fake relationship they have developed their attraction to each other. Somehow, they want this to give it a real shot.

I didn't expect to enjoy this book. I like the characters and I can't help smiling on their sweet moments. I adore Faith's parents because they are supportive on Kyle for their daughter. Though they didn't know the rumors about him, they believe he's a good kid based on what they see. Usually, most fictional parents don't like bad boys (in my opinion) and give them hard time to prove them wrong. The story progressed really well, it's freaking cute and adorable! I just wish it didn't end up abruptly. I recommend this book if you're looking for a lighthearted YA contemporary romance.
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2,710 reviews701 followers
October 15, 2016
I'm a sucker for the revenge/bargain plot line and this one sounded adorable.

I loved Faith and Kyle. They're both such good people and I really enjoyed being in their heads. I loved that she was obsessed with his arms and he was obsessed with her legs. Every time it was mentioned, I couldn't stop grinning. Oh, I have to say, Faith's BFF, Violet, stole every scene she was in and I would happily read her story. Bonus points for present and positive parents.

Sure, things were a bit predictable, but I was so wrapped up in these characters, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I was a bit disappointed at the seemingly abrupt ending, but the epilogue was fairly satisfying.

Overall, it was a quick and cute read. I'll definitely be checking out future works from this author.

**Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc free of charge**
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345 reviews221 followers
May 21, 2017
I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It is very well written and a fun read! Kyle and Faith are both great characters and very sweet together!
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417 reviews589 followers
November 17, 2016

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515 reviews77 followers
March 9, 2017
Update (March 9th 2017): I've been generous with the rating, so I'm changing it to 4 stars. As I'm reading the second book of the series, I gave part one a look-see (to jog my memory), and decided that the style seems a little rushed (much like part two).

Copy received through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review

Entangled Crush continuously delivers great YA romance reads. And The Bad Boy Bargain is my new favorite.
The chemistry set between the characters was amazing, it's what made the story so much better. The story kicked ass on it's own by the way, there wasn't an aspect of it that wasn't done well. The text was paced to my liking, and the voice that the narrator was given was so engaging.
It's an amazing fluffy read that left me giddy - I wanted more. As soon as I possibly can I'm reading the rest of Mrs. Highley's works.
I recommend it. (5 stars)
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2,016 reviews230 followers
March 15, 2017
**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: https://bookbriefs.net**
The Bad Boy Bargain is a young adult contemporary standalone romance by author Kendra C. Highley. This book is chock full of cuteness. That is the best way to describe it. It is like a smile in a box. I thoroughly enjoyed The Bad Boy Bargain. Lately I have been finding myself gravitating more towards New Adult for my contemporary romances, and young adult for my fantasies. Oftentimes I am finding young adult contemporaries just a bit too immature in the characters. But the big exception to this seems to be the Entangled Crush line. I really enjoy their YA romances for the most part. (And I don't think that just because a book is young adult that the characters get a free pass on being immature- not all young adults are immature, and I expect that to follow through in YA books too!)

The main characters in The Bad Boy Bargain were a breath of fresh air in this regard. And yes, even though the book had a "revenge" theme, I thought Faith and Kyle were great. I thought they were age appropriate and still mature. Kyle really won me over. I wish more book characters were like him. I found it hilarious how he was trying to hold on to his (completely fake) bad boy/player reputation so hard. It couldn't be further from the truth, and I have no idea how he fooled his friends for as long as he did. Faith's mom was the only one that seemed to see through his ridiculous act that didn't match any of his actions. He is a sweetheart and a big ole softie. Plus, when he would get awkward around Faith, it melted my heart. He is just too darn adorkable. Every time she danced in front of him, my mouth hurt because I was grinning so big. He is just too darn cute.

Faith and Kyle are so good together, and not because she is a good girl and he is a bad boy. No, these two are not opposites at all. They are both good, and I loved seeing the good guy get the good girl. It made this book feel super sweet and it gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies. Bottom line: if you are looking for a quick young adult romance that is super cute and has characters you will love (who are not at all annoying) check out The Bad Boy Bargain. I loved the mature, yet still age appropriate, characters featured in this extra cute romance.

This review was originally posted on Book Briefs
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750 reviews134 followers
February 16, 2017
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I hate baseball, but books in which the hero is a baseball player (and more in the case of Kyle Sawyer) are awesome. I never thought I'd find a Kendra C. Highley hero I loved more than Ben Franklin from Finding Perfect, but wow...Kyle Sawyer really gave him a run for his money...and then some.

Kyle is the handsome bad boy, who may not be as bad as we initially thought, who is one of the star outfielders on the Suttonville High team, and an amazing gardener with his own business. But more than all that, he's real to readers, even when he's hiding behind a fake persona used to protect himself from bullies.

Add in the great female lead, Faith, her amazing friend Violet, Kyle's amazing and so not stereotypical friend Cade, and a book that has present and amazing parents and grandparents, and I can't ask for anything more. Except maybe for Kyle and Faith to do the lift from Dirty Dancing....
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1,080 reviews119 followers
November 14, 2016
This was a cutesy YA/NA romance that uses the age old trope of a good girl and a bad boy, a high school revenge plot and a nice dose of sexual heat. It has a nice twist to it and it left me smiling.

When Faith's ex-boyfriend spreads rumors about her, after she caught him cheating on her, she thinks that the only way to save her pride is by showing him and everyone else that she wasn't the problem. And what better way than to have the resident bad boy of Suttonville High play the part of her spring break fling?

Kyle has worked hard to cultivate his bad boy image but there's something about Faith that has him risking his biggest secret for the chance to help her get back at her ex. No one knows that under the bad boy facade he's perfected over the years, lies a hard working, genuinely nice guy. A guy marked by his own insecurities and self doubts.

What starts off as a ruse to fool everyone, suddenly becomes all to real. But when the truth comes out, will Faith still find Kyle as captivating as she thought? Or will Kyle let his own fears keep him from going after what he really wants?

This was a good read, loved that both the H and h were virgins :) There was ex drama but very low key. Kyle pretends to be this bad boy to protect himself, but he is really the complete opposite of that so when Faith starts to show a real interest in him, he panics. He's not sure she would understand his reason for lying and misleading people. This does lead to some pushing away but it doesn't take him long before he's overcoming his own demons to claim the girl that's stolen his heart.

Kyle was a super sweet character, I really liked him. Loved Faith too, she was a perfect match for Kyle and they were adorable together.

***ARC provided for an honest review ***
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1,878 reviews1,310 followers
December 20, 2016
Faith's boyfriend Cameron is pressuring her and wants her to do things she isn't ready for, especially not with him. When he cheats on her she knows it was the right decision to hold out, but even after that Cameron isn't done hurting her. He tries to ruin Faith's reputation to save face. Faith needs someone to help her get out of this mess and the perfect solution presents itself when she finds Kyle in her backyard. Kyle is a landscape specialist and even though he's still in high school he already has his own company. He's supposed to be a bad boy, but Faith thinks he's pretty nice.

Kyle agrees to help Faith to get back at her ex. The plan is a success, but maybe it works a little too well. Kyle is about to lose the reputation he carefully built for years because of one girl. Does he like Faith enough to give up everything for her or has he been pretending for so long that he doesn't know how to be himself anymore?

Faith and Kyle are both sweethearts with gentle and caring personalities. I loved them from the start, they're adorable. I liked that they have so much in common and that they're incredibly talented. Faith is an exceptional dancer and singer and Kyle can do anything with plants and he's great at baseball. They're serious about their futures, they're kind to the people who raise them and they're determined to chase their dreams. They approach love with the same intensity, which makes them a fascinating couple to read about. Faith and Kyle are perfect for each other.

Kendra C. Highley's writing is vivid and imaginative. I especially loved the way she describes movement, it makes her story come to life really well. Faith and Kyle's personalities don't only shine because of the descriptions of their characters, but also because of how they work with what they have and the way they present themselves. I found that absolutely wonderful.

The Bad Boy Bargain is a story about peer pressure, daring to be yourself and true teenage love. All of these things are terribly scary and Kendra C. Highley writes about them in an empathic and insightful way. She gives her story many interesting layers and the emotions feel real. There are some scenes about bullying that brought tears to my eyes. There's a good balance between light and dark though. The romance put a smile on my face. I enjoyed reading about Faith and Kyle very much, they're a truly special couple.
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1,145 reviews100 followers
November 11, 2016
3.5 Stars
Initial Reaction:
great cute & fluffy!

Quite different from what I initially expected. The bad boy is totally swoon worthy but so not at all what I thought he would be like.
The sweet girl is ...sweet but not as sweet as even she would like to think

The Bad Boy Bargain basically starts with a twist. Because right off the reader gets insight to who the MCs really are.
The rest of the story is quite classic cute & fluffy. But never the less, extremely enjoyable.

This isn't the first novel I read by Highley. I enjoy her brand light-hearted swoony, with a splash of serious. I like her easy writing style and her cute dialogues. But mostly I love how she always shows, that everyone has more than ones side to them and the character building of her MCs.

Just like in all the books I've read, I fell in love with the resident bad boy, immediately. Highly writes cool boys, IMO. Kyle is an awesome male lead, one with problems but also one who is interesting and is carving his own path. I loved his relationship with his family.
Faith, at first glance a goody sweet girl, is just as interesting and passionate. I loved her passion for dance. And again, great family dynamics
The support cast features interesting adults & some great friends. Wouldn't mind some spin-off for the besties..just saying.

My only little issue was the bully thing. I mean, I think the actual situation and what happened around it, is sadly true. But somehow Cam and co were too much. I mean every cliche one expects a movie badie to pull: Cam pulled each and everyone with the line that goes with it.

Lighthearted, sweet, swoony and very very enjoyable.
A MUST read cute & fluffy.

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964 reviews163 followers
December 11, 2016
“The Bad Boy Bargain” is a cute and easy read. It can be read in a sitting or two and won’t require a lot of effort on the part of the reader. I wish there were half stars, because I could give it a 3 1/2, but not a four. Good choice for those who enjoy light and fluffy romances.

This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
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514 reviews77 followers
May 23, 2017
4-4.25 stars. Absolutely adorable clean YA romance! Biggest complaint - no epilogue with a look further into their future.

Thank you Cyndi for bringing this book to my attention!
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738 reviews111 followers
November 14, 2016
I loved Finding Perfect by Kendra, so I was very excited to read another YA romance by her. I was not disappointed with this book! The Bad Boy Bargain was another sweet and fun romance that I enjoyed immensely. I think I can officially that Kendra knows how to make me swoon.

The main female character, Faith, was such a sweetheart. I really liked being inside her head and seeing how thoughtful she was. I was pleasantly surprised with how sassy she could be! I loved how her attitude would come out and create hilarious banter with Kyle. Kyle, oh Kyle, he was precious. I think I feel in love with him within the first chapter. He came off as a bad boy, but he really was just a snuggly teddy bear. I found myself smiling ear to ear while reading his chapters. He was simply adorable.

The romance between Faith and Kyle was predictable yet so wonderful. I really enjoyed watching their romance develop as they slowly fell for each other. I thought the author did a great job at creating believable chemistry between Faith and Kyle. They were so sweet and precious together. I couldn't help but swoon at their romance moments and steamy touches.

I thought the plot of this book was very fun! I love reading stories about couples who fall in love through fake relationships, and this book was the perfect example of those type stories. I found some of the drama to be a bit unnecessary, which made some of the book a little slow for me. However, the book's pacing was good as a whole.

Overall, I thought this was a fun and delightful read. There were some slow and predictable parts of this story, but it was still extremely enjoyable. I am hoping Kendra continues to write YA romances because I know they will be great!

4 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. *

MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It
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1,375 reviews206 followers
April 28, 2017

3.5 Stars

Kyle Sawyer could be the sweetest bad boy on record! This boy and book will steal your heart.

Faith, who was just dumped by her cheating boyfriend, is out for revenge! She’s searching for a way to get back at her ex and stop the horrible rumors and whispers about her. Her solution and shirtless, bad boy hero drops right into her lap—well her backyard actually. Kyle is hired to landscape Faith’s backyard, but she has another job in mind for him. *eyebrow waggle* The two forge a path of revenge involving pretend hookups, kissing, and gossip. Faith knows that “dating” the school’s bad boy with a major ladies’ man rep will end the frigid talk about her. What she doesn’t know is that Kyle isn’t as “bad” as the rumors say. Will the truth ever come out? Can Faith and Kyle stand up to the pressure and rumors and just be themselves?

I loved Kyle and Faith. Both characters are so well drawn and alive. Their passions are rare to find in young adult fiction too—gardening and ballet. The way both Kyle and Faith could get lost in their art was inspiring and just beautiful to see. Kyle’s love of growing things and spring time shines in his work ethic, words, and smile. When he enters the nursery and takes a deep breath, inhaling the deep, earthy scents—I knew the boy was for real. :) He charmed me! Faith’s passion for dance and singing comes through in her dedication and nerves about her future and the upcoming school musical. I could just see their goodness in everything they did. Like Kyle doing a little musical homework with his Grandpa…Haha…or creating the BEST first date ever. *sigh* So sweet! But these two have a few truths and obstacles to overcome if they want a real connection between them. Maybe with a little courage and support, Faith and Kyle can face the truth and their growing feelings for each other.

Ms. Highley weaves in a full cast of characters into the fun too. Violet, Faith’s best friend and Kyle’s Grandpa are standouts. A couple of my favorite scenes involved Kyle and his Grandpa actually—those two showed huge heart in every scene they shared. Advice, beer, and fast cars laced with love and support. I loved it! All the characters thumped to life with heart except for….Cade. Sadly I didn’t feel the history or friendship between Kyle and Cade at all. So Cade’s help and advice didn’t sit well with me. I mean I know Faith and Kyle are trying to trick everyone into thinking they’re having sex to end rumors of Faith being an unattainable tease, but somehow Cade added a layer of sliminess to the plot. But overall the cast shined bright.

A cute read filled with sweetness, muscles, and musicals! A read that urges readers to be themselves.

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191 reviews18 followers
November 5, 2016
Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review

OMGOMGOMGOGMGOMGOMGMOG!!!!! I freaking love this!!!! This is why I love chick lit they make me feel like I can fall in love with life and these stories are the epitome of life . With these kind of books they help me to get out of reading slumps and make me fall in love with reading again *sighs*

Kyle and Faith are both for made for each other it is so noticeable in the first meeting, why did it take them so long with realising their love for each other??? This is one of those times where I wish it was love at first sight, wait I take that back.

Kyle's bad boy image makes me swoon, and fall in love with him all over again. Underneath all that hypocritical delinquent behaviour is a sweet, loyal, caring and most of all hardworking gardener ( I could get used to having a gardener like that!). Isn't that so random? And I love it! Kyle is a lot wealthy than he chooses to show (that is what I think anyways, he has a charger (car) which is expensive?), he does't need to work yet he does so because his father has instilled in him the trait of being a hard worker, I like really this a lot, like a lot a lot (too many a lot's). Faith is a typical prominent character, she is sweet, loyal, caring and in relationship where she is unhappy. She has plans to break it off, however, Cam (who is a real douche bag) has his suspicions, goes and ends up cheating on her. In the process, he ruins Faith's reputation and spreads malicious rumours about her. In return, Violet (Faith's bff, who I love) and Faith devise a revenge on him with the help of Kyle.

I was so caught up in the story, I didn't realise when I finished the book in one sitting. I loved every aspect of this book, the writing style, the themes explored, setting. EVERYTHING!!!! The romance and the characters were what won me over, I loved that it was from both POV, it gave me insight in their heads (even with all the yelling I did it was no use really. I got a sore throat for no reason :'(). Too short for my liking. I wanted more. I needed more.

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Author 75 books1,361 followers
October 21, 2016
This book pulled me in from the very first page and I read it one sitting.

Kyle Sawyer has the whole bad boy thing down. Guys stay away from him, girls try to get his attention. Most of all, he wants to be left alone. There are so many rumors flying around about him, it's hard to keep track of them all. What most don't know is that he loves landscaping. When he lands a new job fixing up a backyard, he doesn't expect to see a beautiful girl emerge with an offer he can't refuse.

Faith Gladwell has rumors spreading about her that aren't true. She needs to rectify the situation and what better way to do that than with the help of the shirtless guy currently tearing apart her backyard. When Kyle agrees to help her out, she's surprised to find out there's more to this bad boy than meets the eye.

Lies, fear, trust, and love all come together in this great read. What will happen with Kyle starts to feel something for Faith? Will she want to know everything about him, or is this truly just a game of revenge?

I have a love of YA. I could read the genre every single day. This book does not disappoint. The characters are well developed and the story plays out perfectly. I couldn't help but fall for Kyle and be sympathetic to all he and Faith were going through. Great story!

Book received in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha.
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1,478 reviews218 followers
June 7, 2017
Meh. There were some cute parts, but everything felt contrived. Kyle was kind of a drama queen when it came to revealing the "truth" about himself. All his confessions were things a girl would love to hear.

"Well...I'm secretly Batman and I drive a...um...batmobile and live in a huge mansion. Also, I haven't actually slept with a bunch of older women. So, I totally understand if you don't want me anymore because my secrets are so abominable."

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Author 117 books8,060 followers
November 7, 2016
This sweet, adorable romance ticked all the boxes for me. It was a quick, entertaining read that left me with so many good feels. I'll definitely be checking out more of this author's work in future.

Faith has been trying to work up the courage to finish with her bf of six months, Cameron, but she's a nice girl and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. When the cat is out of the bag, Cameron shows no such concern for her when he runs off with another girl straightaway and then starts spreading malicious rumors about her around school.

Faith needs to put a stop to it and the solution magically appears in her backyard. Kyle has lived behind his manufactured rep for years and the strain of keeping up a facade is really getting to him. When Faith enters his world, for the very first time he's forced to confront the reality of his situation and he doesn't like the corner he's boxed himself into.

As he grows closer to Faith, he begins to question everything about himself and the path he has chosen. Faith starts to fall for the sweet boy who is nothing like she expected. She quickly realizes something is amiss but it takes a bit of toing and froing before Kyle can summon up the courage to tell her who he really is.

Gosh, I just loved this story in its entirety! Not only is it an entertaining well-written story with great characters and the appropriate amount of emotional depth but it is packed full of so many positive messages for teens. I loved how the author explored teen identity vs societal perception and how powerful the message was about being true to yourself. I also really adored Kyle's personality and how thoughtful he was when it came to winning Faith's heart. He was so respectful of her and he took the time to get to know her and find out the things she liked and took a real genuine interest in same. Not because he wanted to get her into bed but because he truly liked her and wanted to understand and support her. It was a different take on the hot bad-boy type and I really found that refreshing.

The writing is great and the pacing is perfect. I genuinely can't find any fault with this book. I loved it so much I'm planning on purchasing a paperback copy for my 16-year-old son because I think it will be a great read for him.

This review will appear on my blog on 22nd Nov - http://myyanabookobsession.com

Thanks to Entangled Teen for providing an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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714 reviews88 followers
November 14, 2016
*This review will also appear on A Leisure Moment*

**I received an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

There Kendra Highley goes, making a bigger fan out of me more than I already am. It’s no secret that I love, emphasis on the L-O-V-E, Ben Fisher Franklin from Finding Perfect. He’s dreamy and nerdy and all levels of “I want one!” This story felt as effortless as Faith on pointe, and I fell head-over-heels in love with this not-so-bad boy. Better watch out, Ben!

Faith Gladwell was an experienced ballerina and so over her boyfriend, Cameron. I didn’t like him at all, but I also felt sorry for him—a tiny bit. Not enough so that I wanted her to go back to him, but I did say an inward “awe” when she mentioned the look on his face. Nevertheless, I was wholeheartedly on Faith’s side. She was the good girl that didn't want to come off as glacial when it came to relationships, and I got her. No one wants to be perceived as heartless, and I understood her desire to prove Cameron wrong, even if it might have been a rash decision on her part. But what a good decision it was!

Kyle Sawyer…boy, you’re seriously giving Ben Fisher Franklin a run for his money! Bad boy romances are addictive. They have a fairytale-like quality, while staying clear of reality. Translation: bad boys with hearts of gold are good in theory, but their actual existence is questionable. Kyle put up the façade of being a bad boy, but he wasn’t. He acted the part only when he needed it to keep the walls around him to make it through high school. I liked the real Kyle so much. I swooned at his shyness, his gentlemanly behavior, and when he called Faith lovely…I can’t even. I wish I could articulate just how much I adored Kyle, but I’m not sure it’s possible for one review.

Their romance was adorable. Faith didn’t know what to expect out of Kyle, since she had only heard rumors of his delinquent behavior. He flummoxed her, kept her guessing. I’m glad this book was told in dual perspectives because he would have had me just as confused. Everything she had known about Kyle was thrown away with the dreadful plants their last landscaper had planted, and her new opinions and infatuation was allowed to flourish with the Azaleas he planted in her backyard. This is a romance that you want to last for all of eternity it was so precious and pure. Each kiss and glance, every unsure word and hesitant compliment made me fall more in love with their love.

I continue to love all of Kendra C. Highley’s contemporary YA more and more. I didn’t think it was possible to not love a story more than the next and still make room in my heart for these characters. The Bad Boy Bargain glides across the page and is as effortless as breathing. I can’t wait to pick up more of Highley’s work because I need it in my life.

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Author 36 books432 followers
November 4, 2016
I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

5 Delicious Stars.

Young Adult age-range: 14+ due to sexual situations (fade-to-black & kissing)

Entangled Crush books always put me in a good mood, and The Bad Boy Bargain most definitely lived up to its publisher. Nothing like an injection of feel-good innocence to make this pessimistic, grown woman believe in the warmth of budding young love.

The very first thing I want to address is the fact that I could feel how much Faith and Kyle took over Kendra C. Highley. The characters chose their story vs the author using the plot to herd them where she wanted them to go. Evolving organically, it was obvious by the pure chemistry pouring from the pages how much the author was writing the story the characters demanded to tell.

Young Adult or Adult, it's impossible not to blush and smile at how Faith and Kyle were feeling one another all throughout the book. It wasn't insta-love/lust, just appreciation that grew into friendship, and eventually grew into love.

Banter. Flirting. Their true personalities glowed when they were together out of mutual respect and trust.

Faith is a good girl- a good student, a good daughter, a good friend, and a determined dancer/singer. She believes in true love and not bending to a boyfriend who just wants something from her. She doesn't cave, but she has a boyfriend with octopus hands and a disappointed expression- a boyfriend she's determined to drop.

After an event that feels like a kick in the teeth, then spirals into something even more disgusting, Faith's current boyfriend becomes her ex. She seeks not vengeance but justice.

Kyle has a bad boy image- untouchable, doesn't date high school girls, has a bad rep, maybe even a rap-sheet. But all that is just a facade hiding the real Kyle beneath. A bullied kid who uses his rep as a shield against the very guy who is tarnishing Faith's good girl image.

Together, the perceived bad boy and the good girl join forces to put their mutual bully/ex in his place- sparks fly and real emotions are felt.

Proof the reader doesn't need a bunch of bells and whistles (shock-value) to elicit emotions within the reader while providing a burst of angst... Kyle was an amazing character who knew what he wanted to do and loved every minute of it, as did Faith- truly good people who I'm so happy found what they were looking for.

Besides that, the side characters offered just as much entertainment value. Faith's friend, Violet, I'd love to beg Highley to write us a novel featuring her as a narrator, perhaps with Kyle's buddy (pretty please?!?)

Proving not all young adult novels have ghosts/'ought to lose their children to CPS' for parents, Faith's parents were awesome, understanding, and all-around great people. Kyle's family was unique, being raised by his granddad and dad, both of which were equally different. Granddad was a hoot!

With refreshingly realistic characters, a good foundation and moral to the story, I highly recommend The Bad Boy Bargain to young adults and adults who want to remember the first stirrings of a crush.
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October 28, 2016
2.5 stars.

Pues no sé si es que hace mucho tiempo que no leo este género o si es que ya estoy mayor para él, pero esperaba algo bonito, tierno y con el drama típico de la adolescencia (¡qué edad más mala!) y sólo he encontrado el drama anteriormente dicho y demasiadas insinuaciones sobre sexo. Para ser sincera a veces se leía más como NA que YA, con todas esas referencias a bíceps, abdominales, torsos desnudos y pantalones muuuuuy bajos de cadera… * insert roll eye*

La descripción del libro no deja lugar a dudas: chica perfecta busca “falso noviazgo” con chico malo para poner en su sitio al infiel ex.

Sonaba bien y empezó bien pero me ha parecido que los personajes se han quedado en lo mínimo. Muy planos cuando con todo el bagaje que tenían era muy interesante para haberlo explorado y sacarle partido. No me han parecido reales. Ni tampoco los secundarios. Sus padres y amigos hacen lo que se suponen que deben hacer pero esas relaciones también se han dejado sin explorar. Y el amigo que lo psicoanaliza ha sido demasiado… algunas veces los personajes actuaban como si tuviesen 18 años y otras como adultos de 40… muy inconsistente.

Lo recomendaría sólo a los amantes incondicionales de este género.

ARC provided by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley.

2.5 stars.

Well, I do not know if it has been a long time since I last read this genre or if I am already old for it, but I was expecting something cute, nice and with the expected (talk about an agonizing time!) teenager´s angst but have only found the angst and too many innuendos about sex. To be honest sometimes it read more like NA than YA, with all those references to biceps, abs, naked torsos and trousers riding soooo low ... * insert roll eye *

The blurb is honest to a fault: perfect girl looking for a "false" relationship with a bad boy to put in his place her cheater ex.

It sounded good and started well but I found the characters have lacked development. They were shallow when they had a lot going on in their lives to make them interestedly layered. They didn´t seem real to me. Neither the secondary characters. Parents and friends do what they are supposed to do (thanks for this!)but those relationships have also been left unexplored. And the friend who psychoanalyzes the hero has been too much ... sometimes the characters acted as if they had 18 years old and others as adults over 40 ... it has been inconsistent.

I would only recommend it to hardcore fans of this genre.
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February 15, 2017
This was absolutely adorable. It was perfect for a valentine read....<3

I just love cutesy romance that warms your heart and that's exactly what this story was.

It was so adorable....and every moment is just so cuteeeee >.<

I really liked Kyle. He was so sweet and innocent despite his outside bad boy appearance. Guys like that are GOALS <3

Faith was so cute as well and I appreciate a girl who can flirt confidently and not act shy and shit. She was amazing.

The entire story played out so well. There was a good combination of them liking each other and the pretend relationship, though there barely was a pretend at all because they liked each other from the beginning and it was cute AF! <3 I also loved how they flirted so much and it wasn't one of those YA that literally takes forever for the relationship to develop and all this shyness and shit. Sometimes, you just have to kiss the girl... ;p

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!! <3 <3 <3 (Valentines 2017)
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December 4, 2016

4.5 stars -- I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

OMG, this one sucked me in so much at the beginning! I was reading and just grinning from ear to ear! Kyle is SOOOO my kind of book boy -- a beautiful beta boy!! AAHHHH!!! I honestly didn't know how his story was going to play out, but I really felt for him and all the background we got to see how his reputation was shaped, and why he let it happen. It was so sad though b/c he really ended up being a loner, with only his Dad and Grandpa to rely on for love and guidance. It was really a heartbreaking tale, and yet one I could so easily imagine happening to a sensitive guy like him. Seriously though, SWOON! Give me a shy nervous guy any day of the week, and I will be swooning. And a gentleman to boot!!

Faith was a seriously solid heroine too! I loved that she was kind of hard to pinpoint -- she had so many strong points, and she was such a hard worker and so focused on her dreams, but she was also really vulnerable. And I didn't blame her one bit for being so confused with Kyle's hot and cold moments. I'm not sure what I would have done with the conflicting signals he was giving off.

It actually went in a bit of a different direction than I was expecting after Spring break ended. I still really enjoyed it though, and it had a very satisfying "big moment".

One of the things that really added to the story was both friends, Violet and Cade. I wouldn't mind a story for each of them!! And the parents were actually pretty great too -- I love it when the families aren't completely buggered up, you know? Like Faith's parents were pretty solid, and I loved their reactions to Kyle. And while Kyle's Dad was pretty absent, Kyle's Grandpa was a great influence for Kyle, even if he didn't always get it exactly right.

All in all LOVED this one! It was just what my heart needed!!
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November 14, 2016
Words that describes this book: Cute, Adorable, Fast-read, Twist and Cliche

So we have this "bad boy" and good girl romance, that's incredible sweet. It's a fast read with a little bit of a twist but still a cliche. I love to read this kind of stories in those days where I just need something light, nothing big with a complicated plot, nothing to extravagant.

Kyle our bad boy it's not so bad after all, he's the opposite. Faith is a good girl, that asks for Kyle's help after her ex-cheating boyfriend tries to ruin her reputation. At the end we have a HEA, which I love.

The book is not perfect, I had some eye-rolling, want-to-shake-you-and-make-you-react moments, at sometime I felt like the plot was dragging a little bit, BUT overall it was a good book.

Unless you're looking for a fast, sweet, and with a HEA book, don't pick up this book because you probably won't like it. If you are looking for those things give this book a try.

****I reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Entangled Teen Publishing via NetGalley. This in no way affect my review, my thoughts are completely mine***
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October 18, 2016
*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

This was a good book with quite an original idea although the plot did seem to drag on a bit in places. The characters themselves were interesting and the idea that how people may perceive us is different to our true selves was quite accurate. This could indeed be a metaphor for most teenagers especially during high school when everyone is trying to get in with the 'cool kids' and avoid being picked on. Overall, this was an enjoyable read if slow at times.
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August 6, 2017
Cute, YA romance. 4.5 stars.

Wow, this one took my by surprise. I was going through my to-read books and found the third of this series on there. Not wanting to start with the third I looked up the first. I was very reluctant because I don't like bad boy/good girl romances. In general I'm just not a fan of bad boys. I got a sample skeptically but willing to give it a chance and then downloaded the book immediately once the sample was through. This was the type of book I've been looking to read with all of the heavy stuff going on this summer (it's been an especially emotionally exhausting summer).

I don't consider this a spoiler since it's out in the first chapter but Kyle is not actually a bad boy. He's pretty much as far from it as you can be. But he hides behind the persona and you'll have to read to learn why. While he was a reluctant hero, and that does bother some people. I thought he was mostly just sweet, scared and really, really confused. I'm not sure I buy that people would believe his persona but as an escapist quick, fun read it worked.

Faith was great. I liked that she had good friends and family (and actually, Kyle had family who loved him too). That's always nice in YA, Faith was an easy heroine to get behind. I'm really glad I started the series with this book because I'm hoping these two will pop up in later books.

Of note, there is cursing and sexual situations/references. Keep that in mind if that sort of thing bothers you
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July 14, 2020
Cute concept, but not flushed out enough. I think I would have liked it more if it had been longer. Kyle was a sweetheart, but I didn’t really care for Faith. I loved her parents, though, and how involved they were in her life.

Having Cade (who wasn’t really in the story at all) randomly appear at the end and psychoanalyze Kyle didn’t seem realistic.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 11, 2018

Favorite Quote:

Hope—an angry, hard, shining thing—crashed around her chest.

This one was a quick, cute read. Bad boy meets popular girl, kisses ensue and they go from fake relationship to real relationship.

Except…..Kyle isn’t really a bad boy. He was shy, and super awkward when it came to females. And while he did excel in the sports department he was also an excellent businessman. In short, he was a normal teenager. He just had really good acting skills that he employed to keep everyone from knowing him. And I dug that. Everyone pretends to be someone they are not in high school so I could totally relate to him in that aspect. You could tell he thought about the things that Faith told him and he wasn’t just interested in her for her looks. Shocking for a hormonal teenager I know. Just another thing that I liked about him.

Faith was a bit of an conundrum for me. She wasn’t at all what I expected either. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I felt she may have been a bit too shallow for me. She cared a bit too much about what people thought of her. Then again, I never grew up in the digital age so I’m not familiar with having so many people have instant access to me all the time. But I still felt she was trying a bit too hard for my tastes.

I don’t know if I’ll read anymore in this series just yet cause this is a series I have to be in the mood for.
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