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A ruddy sun has set on the gauntlet that nearly killed Jake, Cole, and Skeeter in San Francisco. Storm clouds loom on the horizon, promising the inevitability of an airship battle with the nefarious Colonel Szilágyi.
Blood Curse, the second book in the Blood War Chronicles, drops Jake and is friends into the middle of a war between the Free Territories and the Empire of Texas. In the shadow of warships, mechanized infantry, and spies, he discovers a world he couldn’t possibly have imagined and begins to understand what fate has in store for him.
Jake doesn’t want that destiny, but his growing feelings for the Lady Corina Dănești lead him down a path of death and destruction on a scale that could encompass worlds.


Published June 21, 2016

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Quincy J. Allen

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June 11, 2016
Science Fiction and fantasy has exploded into a multi -dimensional universe with offerings as vast, deep and varied as any star system. I love all the different genres and sub genres as long as they tell a good, well, written story. Reading is my Passion and my Prozac. It keeps me sane; it is a cleansing catharsis; a crucible from with I emerge a better person. I love quirky and different and creative blending of styles. So when I discovered Quincy Allen’s Chemical Burn and actually had the privilege to meet the author at Dragon Con, I was in awe! Then I was invited to pre-read Blood Ties, the first book in his Steam Punk/Alternative History /Western, The Blood War Chronicles series. I was mesmerized (see review on Amazon and Goodreads for Blood Ties). If you enjoy a cast of interesting, well developed, quirky characters, fast pace non-stop action, new lands that offer hope (Roswell , New Mexico )evil villains worthy of annihilation, heroes slightly flawed,
​anti-heroes with a noble purpose, airships, gadgets and magic (did I mention dragons and alternating worlds?) The Blood War Chronicles will keep you up late reading. The Second Book of the series, Blood Curse, starts with a full throttle graphic flashback to when Jake is in the army hospital waking up to consciousness to confront his horrific injuries that led to him becoming antiquity’s steam driven version of the “six million dollar man”. .. “Jake turned his face toward the ceiling clamped his eye shut and let the tears flow. He could feel them running down the right side of his face as he let reality soak in. He’d believed that fate stood behind all men, waiting to inflict herself upon them. It was just his turn to feel her wrath”… (The vivid imagery is a grindhouse of blood, gore and horror). The steam driven surgical machines are efficient but brutal. "Then he remembered the steel blades…the crunching bone…the sound of his leg hitting the floor like the piece of meat it had become…” After confronting his injuries Jake makes peace with his maker and asks for a second chance, but first he must confront Colonel Forsythe who he silently accuses. “He wanted to curse at the man, dress him down for playing politics and kowtowing to Cromwell” … The interaction between Jake and Forsythe in the opening flashback is a nice touch that gives important background information that deepens the reader’s understanding of Jake and Forsythe who appears later in the novel in a most interesting circumstance. It also reveals how Jake became the Wild West’s version of the steam driven, gear crunching, rune protected “​Punisher” of Evil…and this is just the first chapter! The story then returns to the airship the Jezebel , under the command of Captain Wordsworth’s and his air crew headed for Denver where the first book left Jake and his crew which now includes Ghiss. Ghiss had informed Jake that, “They’re not just after what is in the reliquary—although I use that term loosely. Szilagyi is keenly interested in taking possession of the woman herself, and for reasons that a man of your upbringing would find uncomfortable, perhaps even unbelievable”. When Jake wakes up from his nightmare, which contained the opening chapter’s flashback, he opens the note handed to him by Emperor Norton, which reveals intriguing information regarding Jake’s past of which he must decide the validity of the new information. Catch your breath; because, the action accelerates from this point onward like a Tsunami. Blindsiding plot twists, creative adaptation of mysterious places, ongoing character development for Skeeter , intriguing vessels like the Pandora Celtica, characters out of myth given new twists, Roswell like you never imagined and destiny and romance for Jake which might prove a deadly combo! My prediction is just like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (all hail to the mighty god of urban fantasy…Butcher is one of the best!!!) The Blood War Chronicles will continue to get better, deeper and more complex as the series develops and continues until you do not want it to end because it’s like losing a part of yourself!
The world, characters and magic system that Allen has developed is ripe with potential and possibility. The first two books are an adrenaline fueled ride that lay the ground work for a great new series.

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Author 23 books26 followers
June 24, 2016
Quincy J Allen's brilliant sequel to "Blood Ties" picks up immediately where we last left off, with a dirigible full of heroes, and an enemy assassin on board, heading into a storm and certain conflict with the dreaded, evil Emperor Norton's minions off in the dark clouds, flying in cloaked zeppelins.

The action is almost immediate, and the lead flies fast and heavy in this most-worthy sequel.
Allen's grasp of action, coupled with brilliantly conceived characters and an undercurrent of pure delight, has leapfrogged mightily between "Blood Ties" and this latest in the series, "Blood Curse."

He wields the written word like a scalpel, cutting you to the bone one moment, teasing you the next, and dragging you through an improbable world peppered with steampunky trappings and unforgettable moments.

If you liked "Blood Ties," you will be singularly impressed at the even-better sequel, "Blood Curse."
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5 reviews
January 22, 2018
Spanning the genres of the wild west, steam punk, and urban fantasy, Quincy Allen's universe draws you in with the first paragraph, and leads you to the end of every page wanting to know more about the journey of Jacob Joshua Lasater, Skeeter, Cole, and (most importantly to Jake), Lady Corina Danesti. You can easily say in a few sentences that it involves a war between the state of Texas and the free territories, with cloaked zeppelins flying above warring factions using gatling guns and set it in a desert scene, but Quincy has a way with words that brings you in to the action, relying on his skill to answer your questions, and give you a thrill ride at the same time.

It moves quickly, with just enough down time for you to experience the building romance between Jake and Lady Danesti without bringing you in to the bedroom. You experience the level of trust the characters have in each other in otherwise unknown and dangerous situations. Through the skilled vision that only Quincy can deliver in the unsuspecting way that only he can, you actually feel the tension and relief, such as when all seems lost and there is the “last minute save” in an action story.

This novel is part of a series, but it can “stand alone”. Although it leads to the next novel, you will also feel a resolution without feeling left empty handed. It is a must read if you like fast paced adventures, and like to identify with the characters set before you. And, like Quincy, it is unique.
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561 reviews2 followers
June 1, 2017
Quincy Allen doesn't need me to tell you he's great. I'm going to do it anyway. This is the story of a Civil War hero who lost his legs, left arm, and left eye to a fatalistic charge up a hill. Rebuilt with steam and magic powered limbs, and a eyepiece that let's him control the amount of light that reaches his permanently dilated left eye, he rides for justice with a former Buffalo Soldier from the Free Territories, and a genius 16 year-old girl who understands principles of science that didn't exist for another 50-odd years in our reality and can fix anything.
Without spoiling the plot entirely I am pleased to tell you that this is a story of love, loss, airship battles, and shootouts the envy of anything the traditional Wild West has to offer. The fact that it's also a genre-defying mix of science and fantasy is just icing on the cake.
The only weak point to this novel is that there are some definite random. and extra throughout the story. That said, I have no doubt this will be fixed in future editions and I'll be happy some day that I have Mr. Allen's signature on the rushed to press 1st edition.
If you like fast-paced adventure stories, steampunk, or urban fantasy - hurry up and read this so we can talk about it.
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1,837 reviews
October 3, 2017
Picking up right where we left off in Blood Ties, the author dives right into more breakneck action. In this volume we get into a lot of paranormal with magic and creatures coming out of the woodwork. The battles are incredibly plotted and fast paced but manage to develop the characters as well. We get a lot more of all the characters' backstory and it's great stuff. A romance blooms between Jake and the Countess but it's very mild (no sex) and slow burn. There is still plenty of unique steampunk facets to the story to keep the biggest fan riveted. The world building is so inventive and captivating. Picking out pieces of real history and refitting them into something weird and unique is a real talent of the author. Where readers were left hanging at the end of the last book, this book takes us to a great stopping point. While things are settled, it's obvious that there's room for more story. When I bought the books and spoke to the author at Supercon 2017 he said that the series was going to be written as a six book series of three duologies. I am dying for the next chapter to Jake's incredible story.
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195 reviews
July 9, 2023
Enjoyable second book in the series. It is clear now that this series is meant to be read in its entirety. Each book has a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, and the books don't quite stand alone. While this book does give small hints that remind the reader a bit of what happened in the first one, I found myself struggling sometimes to remember details. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story and the characters. In this one, we see the continuation of the job Jake and his companions accepted in the first book, to transport Lady Corina's reliquary. Along the way, they meet with a variety of mishaps and learn more about Lady Corina and why she commisioned this task. We also learn more about Jake's history, much of which he tells to mercenary Ghiss. There is clearly a long arc to a bigger story I am eager to read.
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2,099 reviews11 followers
March 8, 2018
I enjoyed this streampunk novel and was hoping that the next was available already. It's not, but I am looking forward to it when it becomes available. Intriguing characters, good storylines, and streamline all make for a satisfying read.
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Author 6 books
June 21, 2016
Unlikely Allies. Daring Foes. Airship Battles. Magical Spells. And More. Ok, so we are now at the second book in the Blood War Chronicles, aptly titled Blood Curse. If you have not read the first book, go buy Blood Ties and start there. Where Book One has the tale set in Denver, San Francisco and aboard a great dirigible, there is a major turn (and more than a few twists) taken for this part of the tale.

Our primary characters (Jake, Skeeter and Cole) have traveled from Denver back to San Francisco and engage in a fantastic battle in Chinatown. They are aided by the leader of the "good" Tong and a wee bit of magic. Jake has been commissioned to transport a "package" from SFO to Denver. While it contains quite some interesting items, it also attracts quite some all-out bad guys.

Our heroes make their way back from Chinatown to the dirigible docked in SFO, meet and greet the captain, take off and, after some hours, are, once again, attacked. Taking heavy damage the airship heads to ground and our crew take off for another destination (spoiler to tell you exactly where, you'll love it). Suffice it to say that this locale becomes the scene for an epic battle where members of the Free Territories engage the Republic of Texas. While magic and spells still assist our team on their quest, enter another unique player, Pandora Celtica. Yes, you must read the book to discover this character's talents.

There are a lot of battles throughout this book, so be prepared for a corresponding amount of mayhem and destruction and death. But, also be prepared for great characters, whether good or bad. Highly recommended. Steampunk at its best. Can't wait for book three.
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10 reviews2 followers
June 25, 2016
I first met Jake Lasater in the short story “Lasater’s Lucky Left” which was included in the anthology “The Best of Penny Dread Tales”. I immediately liked Lasater as a character and was intrigued to know more of his story and to read more of his adventures in this Wild West meets Steampunk setting created by author Quincy Allen.

Allen delivered well in his first book of the Blood War Chronicles, “Blood Ties”, but also alluded, both through the title and through the character development and action, that there is more than just steampunk and western themes at work here, perhaps something more mysterious.

In book two, “Blood Curse”, Allen takes us closer to the heart of the matter. Not only do we get to know Lasater more deeply in this book with the sharing of his military history, how he became the partially mechanical being that he is and why his sleep is forever filled with nightmares. We also get to experience a bit more of the supernatural unfolding, magic, unknown creatures, and (gasp!) vampires, as well.

Allen moves the story along with exciting action scenes and intimate conversations and situations, revealing much, but teasing the reader as to surprises yet to come in the next installment of the series. I await with great anticipation more such wild adventures with Jake Lasater, not only as the Blood War Chronicles continues (or concludes), but perhaps in more short stories from Jake’s past, present, or future!
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518 reviews10 followers
April 19, 2018
This is the second book in the series, and it takes up where the first book left off. it's a great steampunk novel, filled with dirigibles, clockwork arms and legs, magic and mysteries.

Jake has been hired to escort Lady Dănești to Denver, along with his companions Cole and Skeeter. Also along for the ride is a mechanical mercenary named Ghliss, who is a stone cold killer. Wanting to stop her is the evil Colonel Szilágyi and "President" Cromwell of Texas.

It turns out I picked up on what the Lady really was in book 1, and book 2 confirms that she is in fact, a vampire, but she's also cursed. Linked to a book that allows the possessor to create an army of the undead controlled by demons, the Lady is trying to find somewhere she can safely hide from those after her. If the book is destroyed, her evil, undead husband will return to life as a Master vampire, and she will die. if someone else gets the book, they can control her and the undead army.

After their zepplin gets shot down, they head for the "Free Territories" where a utopia of magic and steampunk technologies is hidden by a magic shield. Everyone lives in harmony there, and they all will defend the place if attacked. Cromwell considers them an affront to his Christian fundamentalism, and wants to destroy them all.

It's up to Jake, Cole and Skeeter, along with Ghliss to save the Lady, the city, and the day!
2 reviews
June 29, 2016
This is the second book of the Blood War Chronicles. I read the last book after having it described to me and I wondered how on Earth Quincy was planning to include everything I was told in just one book. He not only accomplished it, but did so in a way that left me completely hooked and wanting to know what in the world was going to happen to the characters in the next book. My only complaint was that book 2 wasn't already out when I finished book 1!

This series was one of my first forays into steampunk and I was not disappointed. It literally has something for everyone. As some other reviewers have mentioned, there's magic, steampunk, war, monsters, romance, friendship, ninjas, robots, airships, and pretty much anything else you can imagine all wrapped up in a western theme. Most impressively, none of it seems remotely out of place in this fun adventure. The core characters are well developed, and a joy to follow as they attempt to maneuver through the various messes and adventures in which they find themselves. Be prepared to get attached to both the characters and stories in this series.

My advice? If you've read Blood Ties (the first book in the series), you hardly need me to tell you to pick up the next one. If you haven't, go ahead and pick up both books. You won't want to wait to dive into Blood Curse after you finish the first novel.
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Author 1 book13 followers
June 19, 2016
BLOOD CURSE is book 2 in Quincy J. Allen's Blood War Chronicles.

BLOOD CURSE starts out after Jake Lasater, Cole McJunkins, Jake's ward Skeeter, and the mysterious Lady Danesti have left San Francisco following a pitched battle with the evil forces under the command of Colonel Szilagyi.

Jake and company are badly outnumbered and outgunned and are soon shot down over New Mexico while trying to return to Denver. However, knowing that the Colonel will stop at nothing to capture (and possibly kill) the Lady, Jake and Cole realize that the best course of action is to actually head toward Roswell, NM.

There Jake sees people, creatures, and ... things ... that he had never imagined, much less expected to see in the real world. But soon discovers that the residents of Roswell may very well be the only way he can get his crew, the Lady, and her precious cargo back to Denver in one piece.

Quincy Allen's Steampunk adventure continues but always leaves you wondering what will happen next.... On the next page, in the next chapter, and in the next book.

I definitely recommend this if you love adventure, mystery, and excitement.
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Author 22 books92 followers
June 23, 2016
This book starts out running and doesn't let up. Jake, Cole, and the crew are running for their lives with the nefarious COL Szilagyi after them. After nearly losing everything, they shelter in a small town that borders on another, far beyond what Jake could have imagined to exist in the world. Their time there is short-lived, however, as the war they are fighting keeps following them no matter where they go.

I highly enjoyed this book. It has adventure, fun characters, an interesting mix of technology and magic, and a good bit of Wild West swashbuckling, besides. There was a good mix of characters as well, from the mysterious to the roguish, and they were all well-developed, which helped as the plot barreled along.

There were a few places where I felt the author could have slowed down a bit and let the reader catch a breath, but that is a small complaint in an otherwise entertaining novel. I enjoyed Blood Ties, I enjoyed Blood Curse, and I'm looking forward to the sequel! If you're a fan of steampunk action adventure, I highly recommend this series.
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34 reviews
June 18, 2016
What a thrill ride! Jake, Lumpy and the gang have a hair-raising adventure. From the moment the book starts, you get right into the action. The only down time is when Jake finds love, she just happens to be a vampire. There is even a twist within a truce that was formed in the heat of battle. All I can truly say is that I love this book.
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Author 9 books10 followers
October 12, 2016
I loved "Blood Ties" and couldn't wait for the sequel to come out. I wasn't disappointed. Airship battles, magic, intrigue and creatures of the fae, all in one book. Amazing. I hope there are more stories to come from this world.
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729 reviews23 followers
August 29, 2019
This book was so good. It picked up directly where the last one left off and didn't miss a beat of action. It was fast paced and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Definitely looking forward to number three.
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