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Sexy Flirty Dirty #2

Spectacular Rascal

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When you’ve been screwed over by Mr. Wrong, let a Spectacular Rascal show you how good it feels to be bad.

You know the smooth, successful New York businessman type? Well, I'm the other guy—the one you don’t bring home to mama. The tattooed, rough-around-the-edges, 100% primal badass.

As the resident bad boy of Magnificent Bastard Consulting, I’ve got what it takes to make sure your dangerous dick of an ex thinks twice before he knocks on your door again.

Or I thought I did, until I meet my latest client…

Now my wild, sexy, one-that-got-away is looking up at me with her big green eyes, daring me to take on an ex as dick-ish and dangerous as hers. But all I want to do is take her—again and again.

Soon Cat and I are setting sex marathon records and medaling in the orgasm Olympics, all while staying one step ahead of her former Mr. Wrong. Everything is golden, except for the fact that I’m falling hard for this woman and all she wants is more of Curved for her Pleasure (trust me, the nickname fits).

Now I have to prove to Cat that I’m nothing like the dangerous man she’s left behind, and do it all before our time runs out. Considering her ex is with the mob, if we’re not careful, that could be sooner than either one of us thinks…

Warning: SPECTACULAR RASCAL is a sexy, standalone romantic comedy told from the hero’s point of view. No cliffhanger. Lots of dirty talk.


First published July 24, 2016

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About the author

Lili Valente

143 books3,767 followers
Visit Lili at www.lilivalente.com

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She can't resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. She lives in Vermont with her two big-hearted boy children and a dog named Pippa Jane.

*Lili rarely visits this site as it is a site intended for readers, not authors. If you have questions, the best way to reach Lili is through her website contact form. Happy reading!

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662 reviews2,414 followers
February 11, 2017

➦If you have read Magnificent Bastard then you should know that this is a spin off but can be read as a standalone. Review to Magnificent Bastard ishere.

➦The hero of this novel is a part of a Magnificent Bastard Consulting duo. They help the ladies. They are nice like that. Be it making someone jealous or telling and ex to piss off - they are your guys for the job.

➦Aidan here is a funny guy. I mean, I don't think I'll ever get the image of him running naked through the park out of my head. It's burned in my mind. But Aidan is also super nice.

➦He disrobes and makes a run for it to distract a cop from his friends making sexy times in public. The visual is funny indeed. Albeit a bit ott. But I don't mind ott humor so if you don't either then you will probably enjoy this romcom just fine.

➦Ok, long story short, Aidan meets a client and boy is he surprised to find out that it's his friend from a long time ago. A girl. Well, a woman. They used to be pretty close. But then shit happened. You can read the book to find out! It's interesting how I'm enticing you to read the book when in reality I can't remember what the heck actually happened. #memoryfail

➦So Aidan and Cat team up to rid her of her douchebag of an ex, who's also part of the mob and doesn't understand the meaning of a word no.

➦I recommend this book to those who enjoy romantic comedies with some steamy scenes, male only POVs and friends to lovers tropes.

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1,481 reviews341 followers
September 14, 2021
Estuvo bored as fuck

Me había gustado mucho el libro anterior de hecho me gusta el estilo de la autora pero este libro fue aburrido, no pasada nada, la historia es simple ni porque tiene ese toque de Friends to lovers y tal vez por eso menos me gustó porque soy muy picky con mi cliché favorito.

Lo único que me gustó fue el epílogo narrado por Fifi la perrita de ellos fue muy original, divertido y tierno me encantó.

Aaaah se me olvidaba también me gustaron los mensajes que se enviaban con Bash y Penny hasta ganas de volver a leer su libro me dan.
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2,131 reviews54 followers
May 28, 2017

Spectacular Rascal es el segundo libro de la serie Sexy Flirty Dirty de Lili Valente y narra la historia de Aiden, personaje secundario en el primer libro y Cat.

Despues de que iniciara la lectura de Magnificent Bastard y me llevara una sorpresa tan agradable no esperaba que esta segunda parte fuera tan sosa, este es un claro ejemplo del dicho que dice que segundas partes no son buenas, Spectacular Rascal se me hizo demasiado largo, en ocasiones aburrida y con algunas partes demasiado inverosimiles, lo peor es que la trama tenia mucho potencial pero la autora no supo sacarle todo el jugo y ademas no ayudo al crear una pareja protagonista que por separado estaba bien pero que cada vez que estaban juntos salia a la luz la falta de chispa y quimica entre ellos, sobre todo al compararla con la formada por Penny y Bash.

Tambien eche en falta los momentos comicos, esperaba que esta lectura me hiciera pasar un buen rato ( como el primer libro ) pero lo cierto es que las partes " comicas " me parecieron muy flojas, ni siquiera los mensajes entre los protagonistas cuando eran jovenes consiguieron sacarme una sonrisa.

La razon principal de que le ponga tres estrellas en vez de dos es porque los ultimos capitulos mejoraron ligeramente y el epilogo me parecio original y dulce, sino se hubiera llevado un suspenso.

Espero que el tercer libro vuelva a recuperar la " magia " que encontre en Magnificent Bastard, cruzo los dedos.

3 Estrellas!
Profile Image for Viri.
1,129 reviews398 followers
October 3, 2018

Simplemente no fue como esperaba. Le faltó chispa a la historia, no fue tan divertida como el primer libro y mucho menos con personajes tan adorables como aquellos. No estuvo mal pero tampoco es la gran cosa.

Sentí que fue muy largo o quizás fue más aburrido que largo, el caso es que yo la verdad si me pasé hojas hahahaha para qué negarlo?

Profile Image for Adriana Locke.
Author 60 books13.5k followers
August 12, 2016
What a perfect summer read!
Spectacular Rascal is a sexy romp with a bastard of a man. Does it get any better? (Answer: No, no it does not.)
Hysterical, sexy, and a little drama to give you a touch of anxiety in all the right places, this was one I couldn't put down. Two of my favorite characters of summer!
Profile Image for Felicia.
598 reviews
March 5, 2019
I'm so happy that I decided to jump back into this series with some of my girls for a buddy read! I mean really, what could be better than a book where females can pay money to have a hot guy help them get rid of a slimy ex? AND the book is filled with hot as sin smut?!

This is the story of Aidan and Cat. Who were super close friends in college. They were a part of some group in college and just grew closer and closer over the years while in school. Until one night when Cat trys to get Aidan to take her virginity. He decides he can't do that to her; he can't hurt her. So he leaves to Asia to apprentice under some big name tattoo artist. Because that is what Aidan wanted to be.

Now it's 11 years later. They're both adults. Aidan owns a tattoo shop and works for Bash at Magnificent Bastard Consulting. The same company Cat has contacted to help get rid of her ex, Nico. He a crazy pants type of guy and she just wants to shake him. Well, Aidan takes on her case after seeing how absolutely terrified of Nico Cat actually is.

One thing leads to another while Aidan is helping Cat out and keeping her safe and he realizes that all along he has never stopped caring for this girl since she was his spitfire best friend from college.

Oh, and the smut was fan-freaking-tastic! A+++++ ;P
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3,749 reviews442 followers
July 25, 2016
Move over Magnificent Bastard, Spectacular Rascal is in town and he is downright swoon-worthy! I love a good second-chance romance and this one was so good!

We pick up with Aidan right where we left off, with him being a fantastic friend to Bash and Penny in the park. We learn that he is a tatted-up, muscle bound sweetheart and that he owns a tattoo studio while working for Bash on the side.

“Aren’t we supposed to respect the sanctity of the hole? It’s right there in the rulebook: all Dasher communications outside of running hours shall be conducted via notes stuffed in the Union Soldier statue’s secret hold. Respect the hole.”

And then we meet Cat, aka Red aka Panties. The one who got away eleven years ago. Even if he didn’t know it then…

Cat is amazing and I absolutely loved her! She is feisty, sassy, and snarky. She had me laughing so hard, especially in Chapter Thirty-Three.

And the two of them together were electric. I could feel the sparks from my kindle.

“I’ll fuck you anywhere, anytime. Dirty or clean, sweet or kinky, anyway you want it, as long as I get to feel you come on my cock.”

It was hot as hell!

But this story was so much more too. I have come to love stories from the male point-of-view and this one was no different. Sexy, sweet, and hilarious, plus some intrigue and danger thrown in. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for more from Lili Valente! ~ Tiffany, 5 stars


Oh, what a SPECTACULAR Spectacular Rascal Aidan was!! Seriously, this book—and these characters—were funny, sexy and oh, so charming. I loved every minute of Curve and Panties' story, and I seriously can't wait for more to come in this series from Lili Valente.

I adored Magnificent Bastard, and waited with bated breath and an impatient heart for this follow-up. And it was worth the wait. No doubt. We picked up right where book one ended, with Aidan on a nudie run (as my kids would call it), trying to distract the police from the…errr, sexy re-joining of his two friends, Penny and Bash. And from there? It’s nothing but heat and humor and swoons and all the good book things. Oh, a little suspense thrown in for good measure.

I love the way Ms. Valente writes. It’s like being a part of something magical; something that feels special while you’re reading and long after it’s ended. And Spectacular Rascal was no different. Because Cat and Aidan were completely endearing with their shared history of college-aged shenanigans, and the need to stay safe from the danger Cat’s recent past presents. It was easy to like and love both of these characters, although I will say that, at times, Cat was a little frustrating to me (and to Aidan, no doubt). A couple of comments here and there were… well, they made me kinda mad on behalf of that spectacular, rascally man who won my heart in the first book, and held it from start to finish in this one, too.

A playful and fun story, with crazy Dasher traditions, some edge-of-your-seat suspense, a lot of damn HOT sexy-times, and some AMAZING spins in different (albeit, brief) POVs, Spectacular Rascal is another SPECTACULAR book from an author who is fast becoming a favorite of mine! ~ Beth, 5 stars
Profile Image for Nicole P.
784 reviews
October 18, 2017
This was the strangest but very entertaining book I've read this year. The prologue starts off with some scary statistic about domestic abuse and I was slightly confused because I was expecting some light and fun. But then you start the book and it's entertaining as hell! Aidan is known as the Spectacular Rascal at Magnificent Bastard Consulting. He is the resident bad boy and brings the muscle to the equation. The story picks up from the end of Bash and Penny's story in Magnificent Bastard, and Bash has got a new job helping out a client whose ex can't seem to understand the word 'no'.

That client just happens to be his close friend from college, Cat, aka Polka Dot Panties. The book follows a past and present format, primarily told from Aidan's POV, with the past being shown through texts and letters between the two. As the story progresses you come to learn why things didn't work out for them before, and how they've changed but stayed the same in eleven years. Underlying this all is them trying to deal with Cat's psychotic ex.

One of the weird aspects for me was the present timeframe. Everything happened within two days. Literally. But I guess in second chance romance books two days are acceptable since the characters have a past.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading Shane's story. She sounds like a hoot!
Profile Image for Katerina.
782 reviews257 followers
June 10, 2017
I dislike the way the author writes her male point of view. I find myself disconnected because they don't actually have a stand out personal quality, but rather are annoyingly obnoxious, and unlikeable. I skipped the interlude note archives between Aidan and Cat finding it disconcerting because it broke the flow of the writing. And you have to admit a book isn't good enough when you want the heroine to end up with another man, Nico - the anti-hero - who reminded me a little of Julian from Twist Me. He was way sexier - so I guess I preferred an obsessed criminal to a b-grade hero.
Profile Image for Tracy  C.
537 reviews37 followers
July 7, 2019
What a quick and fun beach read. Cat and Aidan's story is funny as well as super hot.
Profile Image for Aly.
2,614 reviews
March 12, 2019
This was definitely a fun read. I liked it better than the 1st because Cat wasn't helpless at all. In fact she with kind of a badass. She got in a bad situation with an ex boyfriend who was stalking her and went to Aidan for help. Their back-and-forth banter was very cute and the story definitely had some good romantic scenes. We even got a couple different point of views towards the end so that was fun. Looking forward to book 3
Profile Image for Kelly.
393 reviews13 followers
October 7, 2019
I really like this author but I could not get into this book. I really didn’t like Cat. It was really hard to get to know Cats character.

801 reviews13 followers
November 3, 2019
4.5 stars. This was a cute rom-com. I like this fun series. This isn’t one of those books that gives you a big hangover, but it’s very entertaining. A great second chance romance.
Profile Image for Géraldine.
124 reviews2 followers
June 25, 2017
divertido y caliente... quedó bastante a la altura para ser el segundo... seguiré con la serie a ver que más sorpresas me encuentro
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Author 1 book27 followers
July 17, 2016
My introduction to Lili Valente was "Magnificent Bastard," the first book in this series. And what an introduction it was! The premise of the series is clever, and the dynamic and dialogue between the characters was witty and original, so I couldn’t wait to see what was in store with book two: "Spectacular Rascal."

Aiden Knight is best friend to Sebastian (Bash) Prince, aka Magnificent Bastard. MB Consulting is dedicated to axiom “don’t get mad, get even.” Bash convinces his tattoo artist friend Aiden that joining MBC is not only a great way to help him raise the funds to open his second studio, but it’s also good for the soul.

Armed with the moniker Spectacular Rascal, Aiden accepts the latest MBC client, Beth Jones, a woman whose “ex” doesn’t seem to understand that no means no. It seems like it’s going to require not only Aiden’s brains and good looks, but his tatted-up bad boy brawn as well to convince her mobster get-a-clue-ex that it’s time to move along. The plan is in place, but the stakes ramp up when Aiden realizes that Beth Jones is really Catherine (Cat) Jones, the woman he walked away from after college eleven years ago. Gone, but never forgotten.

I’m giving nothing away here. You HAVE to experience Curved and Panties (Aiden and Cat) for yourself. Their banter is facetious and witty, clever and sharp. I loved every sarcastic, sensitive, sexy minute of it. But "Spectacular Rascal" goes beyond just a romantic comedy. The characters have depth. There’s something touching and compelling about their connection, and I found my chuckles accompanied by a sniffle or two more than once.

A spectacular summer escape. Grab your e-reader and head to the pool, but don’t forget the lemonade. You’re gonna need something to cool you off from all the dirty talk. Aiden really is a rascal. Honesly, I'm going to miss these guys. Maybe the author can be convinced to give us a follow-up story just for fun...

Five sexy, funny stars!
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1,332 reviews76 followers
March 22, 2020
French & English reviews

Un deuxième tome sympa qui m'a bien fait rire (les messages entre les deux personnages principaux ><) mais j'ai moins accroché que le précédent livre (un peu trop similaire au précédent livre ?? des trucs pas trop réalistes comme la relation entre une avocate et un mafieux ... Comment elle ne pouvait pas savoir qui il était ??)
Ça reste une romance légère et sympa à lire mais sans plus ...


A second book nice that made me laugh (the messages between the two main characters ><) but I liked it less than the previous book (a little too similar to the previous book ?? not too realistic stuff like the relationship between a lawyer and a mobster ... How could she not know who he was ??)
It remains a light and fun romance to read but nothing more ...
Profile Image for Melissa Mendoza.
2,551 reviews47 followers
July 20, 2016
Title: Spectacular Rascal
Author: Lili Valente
Publisher: Self Taught Ninja
Release Date: July 26, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 325
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

When you’ve been screwed over by Mr. Wrong, let a Spectacular Rascal show you how good it feels to be bad.

You know the smooth, successful New York businessman type? Well, I'm the other guy—the one you don’t bring home to mama. The tattooed, rough-around-the-edges, 100% primal badass.

As the resident bad boy of Magnificent Bastard Consulting, I’ve got what it takes to make sure your dangerous dick of an ex thinks twice before he knocks on your door again.

Or I thought I did, until I meet my latest client…

Now my wild, sexy, one-that-got-away is looking up at me with her big green eyes, daring me to take on an ex as dick-ish and dangerous as hers. But all I want to do is take her—again and again.

Soon Cat and I are setting sex marathon records and medaling in the orgasm Olympics, all while staying one step ahead of her former Mr. Wrong. Everything is golden, except for the fact that I’m falling hard for this woman and all she wants is more of Curved for her Pleasure (trust me, the nickname fits).

Now I have to prove to Cat that I’m nothing like the dangerous man she’s left behind, and do it all before our time runs out. Considering her ex is with the mob, if we’re not careful, that could be sooner than either one of us thinks…

“She loves the smell of me and confessed that I’m the best she’s ever had. What more can a man expect from an old friend he hasn’t seen in years and has only been back in contact with for one very strange, very stressful day? Nothing.”

5 Curve and Panties stars!! Hilariously funny and dirty hot!!

Aidan works for Magnificent Bastard Consulting, which women use to get their exes jealous or show them they can do better. Aidan has just started working there, but is requested by a woman who needs his services. Aidan agrees and when he steps into the meeting, he realizes he knows the woman. Cat and Aidan went to college together and they have a past that neither can deny. She begs Aidan to help her prove to her mob, ex-boyfriend that she has moved on to bigger and better things…. The problem?? Aidan isn’t the scary guy he appears to be…. So not only are they trying to evade her boyfriend, they are trying to figure out where they went wrong in college and try to make it work…

This book is funny and sexy as you know what!! I fell in love with Aidan as soon as the book started… trust me you’ll understand why when you start reading! His and Cat’s past is so funny and their letters back and forth will be enough to make you pee your pants!! And when you aren’t doing that you’re fanning yourself from the pure heat that comes from these two!!

me alphabookclub
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club description
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2,163 reviews359 followers
October 6, 2016
Welcome back to Magnificent B*****d Consulting…but this time there’s a new advisor helping out; Aidan. And he is the rough, bad boy, who wants to keep your ex from coming back and screwing you over but also isn’t exactly a saint himself. And then the wild, feisty, sexy, gorgeous Cat comes rushing back into his life, looking for help and Aidan is falling fast- but will be able to convince her that he is nothing like her former dangerous ex?

“F*ck being good. When you’ve been screwed over by Mr. Wrong, let a Spectacular Rascal show you how good it feels to be bad.”

After really loving Magnificent B*****d I could wait to dive into this one and to get more of resident bad boy Aidan. These books are just so funny and entertaining and give me such a lovely feel good feeling and this didn’t disappoint!

“Together, we’re going to convince your dangerous d**k of an ex that you’ve got a new man, a bigger, tougher, meaner man, who f**ks you so often and so well that you don’t have any energy left to worry about D*****bag’s threats.”

Cat was one feisty woman and I loved it. Giving as good as she got, her banter and the laughter she gave really made me love her! She stays strong throughout all the situations she manages to get herself into and she was the prefect match for Aidan.

“I am not cute or adorable, but it’s cute and adorable that you think I am. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that beneath your tough, take-no-prisoners façade you’re basically composed of raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and old lady face lotion.”

Aidan was our delicious and sexy bad boy- a reputation well deserved in some aspects! He is just as funny as Cat- matching the banter word for word – he was cheeky, confident, cocky and has the ability to make you feel naughty even when he was the one talking dirty!

“I’m going to kiss you until your mouth knows who it belongs to, Red. And then I’m going to repeat the process until every inch of your body knows that tonight you’re mine.”

As we had with the previous book, we have the huge amount of laughter, honestly this author has a talent for making two characters who clearly love each other also be hilarious with each other- making you jealous of their relationship and wanting what they have. But we also have the danger and drama- with Cat’s ex being part of the mob. Aidan will do all he can to keep her safe but this isn’t a normal Magnificent B*****d Consulting situation and things are not going to go smoothly- in fact things are going to get down right dangerous. Will they both come out the other side? And will they come out together?

Profile Image for A little birdie told me....
627 reviews29 followers
August 30, 2016
I love a really cute friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance. It really is my favorite type of romance novel. But there were a couple of things that slightly bugged me.

First... not a fan of directly addressing the reader. Thankfully, it was only done on a few pages and not the entire novel. The author took a risk, and for that, I won't complain. But it was a rather risky risk, and for me, it missed.

Second, please, for the love of all things important to all authors, learn how to use objective cases of personal pronouns. Just because it sounds fancy doesn't make it right. After a preposition, it doesn't matter if there is another character listed, the correct pronoun is "me" and not "I," every time. You wouldn't say, "with I," would you? So why say, "with Cat and I?" It shouldn't ruin a whole book for the couple or three instances I read this faux pas, but it almost did; that was before I did some deep yoga breathing, ate some chocolate, and reminded myself that the story was too good to stop reading it after the first mistake. Ugh. Why aren't editors catching this stuff? (So maybe I was more than slightly bugged by this one, but I can't apologize for my grammar goddesses!)

I really loved Cat and Aiden. The flashbacks revealed a cute friendship and a sweet story. I just might read the first book in the series soon.
Profile Image for Stacy.
1,013 reviews19 followers
July 19, 2016
I filippin love Lili Valente!!!

The stories she comes up with have me rolling. This book was hilarious from the get go.

This book starts off where Magnificent Bastard ends but don’t worry you don’t have to read MB to understand what is going on in SR.

This is Aiden’s story, and I will admit I was a bit apprehensive to read about him. He has the lumbersexual (hairy hairy man) look going on, and I am not a fan of hairy men (I just threw up in my mouth thinking about hairy men). Aiden fell in love with a girl in college, but boys being boys, they don’t know their head from there ass and he let the best thing get away from him.

Panties has always loved Curve (the only names they knew each other by in college). Even now several years later she still feels for him. And she has just hired him to help her get rid of her stalker ex-boyfriend.

The plot through this book kept me on my toes, and Lili always seemed to be one step ahead of me in that department. This was not your usual second chance love story. There was some suspense and a whole lot of smut involved.

I was also happy to get a sneak peek into Shane’s story. I am already on the edge of my seat to see what is in store for her. She cracked me up during her brief encounters with Aiden and Cat.
Profile Image for Shannon Stuckey.
707 reviews13 followers
April 25, 2017
Great second chance romance!

Spectacular Rascal was a funny and sexy second chance romance. The banter between Aidan and Cat had me laughing out loud and the chemistry was smoking hot.
Profile Image for Taz.
1,359 reviews43 followers
August 24, 2019
Open scene of the book grabbed me and I never wanted to put the book down. Witty banter and a hilarious man friendship texting.
Profile Image for D.G..
1,363 reviews343 followers
April 27, 2019
The banter between these leads was fantastic! I love books where there such a big chemistry between the MCs!

Aidan works part time for a "consulting firm" whose mission is to help women to deal with their exes. Then he meets his latest client and finds out she was a woman from his past. He never dated her but they had been really close once upon a time. Now she needs his help dealing with a dangerous ex.

The chemistry between Aidan and Cat was off the charts. They were obviously attracted to each other but more than anything, they were really good friends. Rarely do I read about a couple when you feel such a strong connection from the beginning.

The whole plot with the ex was really weak - considering that he was a criminal and Aidan is not trained to handle those sort of issues - but the relationship between the leads made up for everything. Oh and the doggy epilogue was so weird!

Still, totally recommend this!
Profile Image for Lynsey Austin-Goddard ❤.
299 reviews63 followers
July 26, 2016
Noteworthy experiences whilst reading this book (best parts, worst parts, quotes etc, personal opinions):

Having first had a snippet of Aidan as a supporting character in Lili's previous novel Magnificent Bastard, I knew he was the resident bad boy of MBC and that he'd help his friends out no matter what, and that 'no matter what' starts the book off in a spectacular way! Usually our red hot alpha's throw out insults that make you quiver in fear and lust, but "Let's give that sack of amputated goat anuses a show he won't forget" is one that will live on in the memory bank.

Much like Magnificent Bastard, the book is set in the present, but dips in and out of the past using letters and text messages, these are hilarious, I found myself laughing big belly laughs much to my husbands annoyance, they really gave the story depth and brought it to life. It's these letter that made me full in love with the feisty Cat, she was a riot of wit and banter, she gave as good as she got in any given situation, and she found herself in a few, which is how the 2 characters came together.

I love Lili's writing style, it's packed full of fun, spectacular sex and a little drama along the way. A real feel good read, and the epilogue is probably the best I've read ;)

Rate on a scale of 1-10 (10 being exceptional)
Quality of Writing: 10
Pace: 10
Plot Development:9
Characters: 9
Enjoyability: 10
Insightfulness: 8
Ease of Reading: 10

Out of 5 stars how would you rate this book overall? 4 it's the perfect sit back and relax book

Would you recommend this books to friends/family YES/NO? Absolutely

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review**

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
Profile Image for Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers).
1,641 reviews142 followers
June 24, 2016
Lili Valente has quickly become the Queen of the rom com. Her writing is brilliant and it just flows around you and tickles your skin and tastes delicious. She uses the perfect blend of humor, heat, suspense, foreplay, lust and friendship. I’m a sucker for second chance romances and this one is perfect!
Spectacular Rascal is a standalone novel, but has characters from Magnificent Bastard. Aidan works part time as the Spectacular Rascal. If you need a dangerous man to scare off your ex, he's your guy. Want a tatted up, bearded muscle man to show people you like your men bad? Aidan is the one for you! When his new client turns out to be his running partner from college and the one girl he never forgot, things could get sticky. That rule about only kissing your client? Going out the window. Cat, or Panties as he called her in college, needs the ultimate bad boy to get rid of her dangerous, scary ex. Aidan may have a tough, furry exterior, but he has a warm gooey center. But, he's taking her case and he's going to protect her. In between taking her in the shower, against the wall, in the bed. In a tree? Maybe. It doesn't take long for Aidan to realize there's more going on than just incredible sex. Thoughts of younger Panties and older Cat are swimming around in his brain and his heart. Is it possible to fall this hard this fast? Or did he fall all those years ago? Aidan is sexy, sweet, funny, hot, did I say sexy? Cat is smart, funny, strong and crazy pants and I love her! Aidan and Cat are one of my favorite couples of the year! And I loved seeing Bash and Penny again! This groups of friends is freaking hilarious!

Like him better than the man I’ve been lately, a man who has mastered excusing his own bullshit and running away while standing perfectly still.

“Say yes, Cat. Say yes and I will give you everything you want. Everything you need.”
Her breath rushes out as her eyes flutter closed. “Damn you, Aidan.”
“Say yes,” I whisper, inches from her lips. “Say yes and I’ll kiss you the way you’ve always wanted to be kissed.”
“Yeah? How have I always wanted to be kissed?”
“Like you belong to someone,”

I want her gasps and her sighs and her moans. I want her husky voice in my ear begging me to take her, screaming that I’m the best she’s ever had.
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July 14, 2016
A Review of Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente

Be still my heart - 5+++++ stars

I knew from the previous book in this series that I was going to like Aidan's story. I really appreciated that his story picked up where we last saw him — doing the streak through Prospect Park to get the cops off of Bash and Penny, so they could get away.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the friendship that Bash and Aidan have, going back to elementary school. I also got a huge kick out of the nicknames Aidan and Cat had when they were part of the Dashers club in college. I do find it kinda funny that they never knew each others real names for over two years, but it's not completely unbelievable.

There were lots of twists and turns in the story, enough to keep me on the edge of my seat at times and a few times that brought me to tears, but this is one of those stories that you will want to read over and over again, just for the feelings it invokes.

I certainly hope this is not the last we hear from The Magnificent Bastard Consulting crew. I absolutely love the style of these books and how the author is telling these stories.

**Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**
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July 27, 2016
**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a follow on book from Magnificent Bastard where we first meet Aiden as Bash's best friend and the buddy that helps Bash get back together with Penny.

Aiden is one dirty talking alpha and although he doesn't quite realise it at first he has been in love with Cat from the very begins all those years ago.

The relationship is explosive from the begging and the chemistry is off the pages hot. Both are a little naughty and nice and both a strong characters in their own right who each have their own slight issues, but who doesn't.

I really loved this book and can't wait to read the next book which involves a lady called Shane who we were introduced to as one of Car's good friends.

This series keeps getting better and better.
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January 9, 2017
3.me faltó algo...
La verdad es que el primer libro lo disfruté completito. No que este no. Pero la verdad me dejó esperando más. Sí, fue divertido y todo, pero como que le perdía mucho el hilo de repente.
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June 16, 2017
Another really cute story in this series. Aidan is a big, tatted up dude who moonlights for Magnificent Bastards to raise money for a second tattoo shop. As is their standard arrangement, there is no sex between guy and client, though there is usually kissing to sell that a real relationship is happening. Aidan is usually requested when a woman sort of wants her ex-boyfriend intimidated. Aidan is a huge softie in real life, but he knows his size and look work to make guys lay off their ex-girlfriends.

This story is about Aidan and Cat. Cat's ex is a powerful mafia guy, though she didn't know that about him at first. Once he revealed his true, controlling colors, she wanted out, but he wasn't having it. Enter Magnificent Bastards. And when Cat saw Aidan's picture, she requested him because (a) she needs a tough guy to make the other tough guy stand down, and (b) she was close friends with him years ago, even though they never knew each other's real names. Sounds weird, yes, but as with the first book, we get a peek into their former relationship as the book progresses. So at first, Aidan wants nothing to do with this, because he knows Cat and he feels like she misrepresented herself. He leaves their meeting spot, but turns around to talk to her again, only to find that she's being followed and she knows it. So he instigates a bit of a PDA to try to get mafia guy to back down, but it's clear he's not going to. It's also clear they still have massive chemistry. They decide to act on that, though he makes it clear that part has nothing to do with what she's paying him for... he is *not* a gigilo. And circumstances make them take a short vacation together which brings them even closer.

Their trip was cute, the end of their trip was maybe a little predictable but still cute, and overall it was a very enjoyable story. We got to meet Shane, one of Cat's closest friends, and she is the focus of the next one. She's a bit quirky, so this should be interesting.
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