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Sons of Tallav #1

Shane: Marshal of Tallav

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Shane Tiernan, the Beast of Tallavan aristocratic society, needs relief from the matriarchal rules that are destroying his life. His hope lies in a female submissive, newly graduated from a top sex school. From her resume, she seems perfect. But profile and real life collide when he arrives to collect her. He’s stunned when he spots her vaulting over a bar and snatching up an ice chipper to defend herself against the giant who is chasing her. Her combination of warrior spirit and long-limbed curves fires his Dom imagination and the desire to bind her in his rope and have her under his complete control.

Adrianna Pacquin is sexually submissive, but don’t cross her outside the bedroom. She escaped the crime lord who plans to marry her once before. When it becomes clear he’s still after her, she doesn’t intend to get caught. A fortuitous decision to accept the contract of Tallavan Marshal Shane Tiernan promises safety until an attempt to murder him sets the pair on an investigation that will require complete trust in one another. With danger stalking their every step, the secrets they both hide could implode their blooming relationship and leave them exposed to their relentless foe.

279 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 31, 2016

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About the author

Cailin Briste

19 books123 followers
Cailin Briste, a USA TODAY bestselling author, writes science fiction suspense romance. Her first series is set in the Tallavan sector of the Federation where the men of Tallav are the marshals that provide protection and justice to the planets in this far off the beaten path are of space. While fighting crime, they also must come to terms with matriarchal system of their home planet, Tallav. Tricky because each is heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle. Book one is her Dom, book two is her male submissive, and book three is her sexual sadist.

Her second series, A Thief in Love Suspense Romance series, began with a cat burglar who puts together a team to steal priceless art and antiquities from other thieves. Sebastian is a Robin Hood character whose Maid Marion is his equal on the rooftops of their futuristic city. The second in the series is the love story of two others on his team, Cade and Bassinae. Once again the team are breaking into someone's home to take back something that rightfully belongs to someone else, but this time they are also trying to stop a murder.

She has just published A Prince of Her Own in the Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale boxed set. This book will be the first in the Guardians of the Vale, fantasy romance series.

More books in each series are coming as is a new series about a pair of dragon shifters hatched from the same egg and the man they love, bounty hunter Brody Simmons.

Visit http://cailinbriste.com to learn more about Cailin and her work. Subscribe to her newsletter at http://wp.me/p46KU8-7A for information about her latest releases, exclusive giveaways and special prices.

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48.5k reviews4 followers
Want to read
July 26, 2020
🎁 FREE on Amazon & on iBooks today (7/26/2020)! 🎁
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387 reviews40 followers
August 14, 2018
Although I enjoyed reading this, there were some quirks that threw me off. I really liked the BDSM aspect of it but it was a lot more tame than I was expecting it to be. The different worlds and their dynamics were pretty interesting to read about.
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194 reviews17 followers
July 23, 2016
Shane is a marshal with need that the women of the tallav will never do they are a matriarch society and Shane is a dominate no women from his society will ever bow down to a man he is forced to try and have a daughter with one of the women and can't get her pregnant so a friend suggested that he get a submissive he will only get one on contract one with no strings attached but when he sees a women running from a man and vault over a counter and grab an ice pick to defense herself he's instincts kick in and he must protect her
Adrianna is a submissive and she us also an empty she has just graduating from the most prestigious academy that trains submissive women when she goes to meet the man she is co reacted to some men try to take her so she runs to the bar where she is supposed to meet her new master Shane when Shane announces that he's a marshal the guy leaves and Shane takes her to his hotel to find out what's going on he finds out that her mother died and that her father was killed and Adrianna thinks it the benefactor of the academy who wanted to marry her who did it because neither she or her father wanted her to marry him someone gas been trying to take her before the life of a marshal is dangerous and he must be sure she can handle his life I loved this book it was great it's a good read 4 gold stars

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715 reviews179 followers
August 5, 2020
1.5 Stars

I'm not sure why this book is listed as book one in the series. The events in this book take place after book two, Maon: Marshal of Tallav, and the couple from book two, their family, and a little of their history, are covered in this book. I read book two first, thankfully, and it was better than this one.

In Shane: Marshal of Tallav, the heroine graduates from a school of pleasure and is under contract to Shane as a sexual submissive, while also doubling as his assistant. She goes by four different names: Ms. Pacquin=Assistant, Adrianna=submissive for hire, Dria=friend/personal address, and Pet=undercover alias. If you are reading this as a first in the series, you probably won't understand why she needs to be other than a submissive for hire (thankfully, I read book two first). Still, it felt convoluted and redundant to the plot.

While I understood Shane and connected a bit with him, I wasn't crazy about either him or Adrianna and didn't feel any chemistry between the characters. The sex felt rather superficial, and the reason given for the "undercover" public play scenes didn't make much sense at all in the grand scheme of the plot. In the end, it all added up to a book that didn't work for me.
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1,047 reviews17 followers
July 26, 2016
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

This author creates new worlds in this book. Shane is Marshal from the world of Tallav, where the women rule with an iron fist. Men have few options when it comes to careers, its the Marshals, be a stay at home father, or live off world. Marriages must be sanctioned by the matriarch and only female heirs can inherit.

Shane has chosen the Marshals, content to be the second son of a strong willed and influential mother. He's had adventures and has learned and explored the erotic pleasures of BDSM. His friend, Maon has encouraged him to seek out an assistant from the Opio Institute, where people are trained to embrace either their dominant or submissive sides.

Adrianna fled her home world after the death of parents and away from the powerful Benefactor that rules her planet. Seeking solace at the Opio Institute, she found herself, her true self and the power of being submissive gives her.

Through the book we are treated to wonderful vistas of new worlds and their cultures and how both Adrianna and Shane must make sacrifices if either want to be happy. The true depth of Shane's attachment to Adrianna becomes apparent late in the book and he's forced to make a choice.

~~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~
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798 reviews149 followers
August 2, 2016
I wrote a long review for this which Goodreads decided not to save. Very frustrating.

In short, this was super enjoyable. I really liked Shane and Adrianna as a couple and the world seemed pretty cool if not very fleshed out.

Shane was the strong alpha type while still being caring, definite points there. Adrianna was sweet yet smart. Together their dynamic was really enjoyable to read.

3.5 stars

*I received a review copy of this book through the BDSM group here on Goodreads*
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3,710 reviews98 followers
March 10, 2018
Space🚀 is a Lonely Place💫

Alpha Male🐺🍆🌋👋 sci-fi romance, with crime and BDSM👋 elements.

Shane🐺🍆🌋👋 is a bad boy dominant, which is deeply frowned😡 upon in his society. He's also a space Marshall, and an aristocrat. Let's Face it, he's an adrenaline junky!
He is supposed to marry Ceana, a Tallavan woman from his home planet🌍, just to have a child, an heir, but he can't stand her. It's to be a contract. He has to pay 💰 her, but it will get his family off his back.

Space💫 is a Lonely Place, and on the side, he has contracted for Adrianna💋💃, a trained submissive from the Opio Institute to join him as his bed partner and his assistant on his ship🚀.

Adrianna💃💋 is so happy her year long first contract is to Shane🐺🍆🌋👋. He's tall, handsome, ripped💪, possessive and protective! She's a tall, beautiful, submissive, and he's a big baaaad naaasssty Dom🐺🍆🌋👋! What's not to like?! Adrianna💃💋 just hopes he will extend their contract!
Shane🐺🍆🌋👋 takes his time with Adrianna💃💋, she's a virgin, also, and he wants everything to be perfect between them, because, it's just the two of them, and a year is a long time. It's also his first time with a contracted submissive.

Adrianna💃💋 has a secret weapon, she's also an empath! Her trainer tells her to use her gift once in a while, if absolutely necessary, but to keep it a secret from everyone, even Shane🐺🍆🌋👋.
Shane🐺🍆🌋👋 is a Deluxe Spankmeister👋👋, and a binder, he loves to tie Adrianna up!
YEHAW! Ride em Bareback🍆, Cowgirl!🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
ARC Received from HG for a Voluntary and Honest Review.
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1,209 reviews16 followers
July 1, 2017
Uncaged Book Reviews:

Considering I don’t normally read erotica due to the flimsy plots and sex scenes which have no real purpose other than to titillate the reader, these books are totally different. They have a great plot and the scenes are woven into the plot showing who the men and women are. They may be titillating but are part of the characters. Cailin Briste, the author, transports you to a different world with different values while you get wrapped up in the cases the marshals are working and their love lives.

I give these books five stars for great writing, good editing and stories you want to read again to make sure you didn’t miss some subtle clue along the way to solving the case each marshal is involved in during their pursuit of their women. Reviewed by Barbara

Full review at UncagedBooks.com
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1,377 reviews26 followers
March 4, 2018
I received a copy from Hidden Gems; this is my honest review.
-Loved the growing chemistry between Adrianna and Shane. Even though it was a business contract, you could feel there was something there.
-Sex scenes are generally good except one of the last ones where I thought it was too long for nothing.
-Loved the description of almost anything around: clothing, emotions, buildings, space, etc.
-For me, it felt mostly as an erotic romantic suspense. The suspense started early on and kept you on your toes until the surprising end.
-Definitely needs another editing pass. Missing words all over the place; very distracting.
710 reviews6 followers
November 14, 2020
Great Book! Explore the relationship between the sheriff and Adrianna, she "paid" assistant for work and play. She is under contract to him for 2 years and needs the money to pay off the loans for her training. She was running from an evil man who wanted to force her to marry her for some reason. She has no family except a grandmother that she has never met. Shane has no intentions of falling for her because marriage to her is forbidden on his planet. When she is in danger, the attraction is too much for either to ignore any longer!
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2,773 reviews4 followers
March 8, 2018
This is the first book by this author I have read and I am very pleased. The story-line and "world" building are wonderful. The combination of sci-fi and BDSM is great. Adrianna and Shane were both terrific characters. If this book is any indication of what I can expect from this author, I will be looking for other stories.

*I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book from Hidden Gems which I am voluntarily reviewing*
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1,257 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2018
Adrianna is a submissive and is contracted out to pay off debts.
Shane is a Marshal and a Dom who Adrianna goes to and becomes his assistant / sex slave.
Then there’s the Benefactor who wants Adrianna so that he can get to her grandmother on another planet.
There’s sex , plenty of trouble ,loved the characters and storyline a very enjoyable entertaining read.
Voluntarily reviewed this advance copy
58 reviews
December 11, 2020
This is a science fiction story without aliens, which is rare these days. In this book the reader will find planets (worlds) with different social and cultural societies, e.g. one where men absolute dominate and one where women are in absolute control. Shane is a "dom" and expert at tying up his "subs". Dria is a "sub" but also a women with a very strong character and integrity. I actually read this book twice.
Profile Image for The Mysterious Reader.
3,581 reviews55 followers
March 8, 2018
This is a wildly imaginative book. The works building is incredible, creating a working matriarchal society that feels viable. Add in a plot that is just wonderful l, well crafted lead and supporting characters and strong writing. The result is a truly enjoyable book that I’m happy to recommend.
Profile Image for Tammy.
8,900 reviews35 followers
March 8, 2018
Loved this sexy sci-fi read! The story is fast-paced with loads of drama and suspense. Shane and Adrianna have great chemistry and the story really draws you in. Looking forward to reading more in the series.
77 reviews
August 18, 2020
Veeeerry Interesting!!!!

I gave this book five stars a. it kept my mind engaged
b. I wasn't sure how the two main characters would land with a happy ever after.
c. This book and new writer for me surprised me.
So I do not like giving an over view, sharing little tidbits or my opinion as to why the reader should take my opinion to heart
I enjoyed my time in space. Hope you will too.
Profile Image for Sassy Angel.
2,158 reviews
March 20, 2018
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really loved this book.This is the first book that I have read by this author and I am looking forward to reading more from her. She has spun some gender roles in an interesting way. I am looking forward to other books in this world.

Shane is a Marshal from Tallav which is a planet where women are in control. Shane is different than most other men because he doesn't want to get married and become the caregiver of his children. He likes to be in charge especially in the bedroom. This makes him an outsider. Adrianna Pacquin is a sexual submissive and Shane has bought her contract from her school. Shane and Adrianna work really well in the bedroom as well as outside. Adrianna is running from a crime lord who wants to marry her. Can Shane and Adrianna overcome this and find their way to their happy ever after?
Profile Image for BEATRICE VEGAS.
113 reviews3 followers
January 31, 2017
A sci-fi erotic western romance set in a Federation planet scenario. Each has its own unique characteristics, which unfold during the narrative. One of them Tallav is exclusively matriarchal. Tho' not dommes the women are alpha and as such take on alpha roles and their men are expected to be househusbands and are groomed as such. Their main purpose is to provide heirs. Um…interesting and such a novel idea for starters. However, what if the sons of these matriarchal societies turn out to be alpha. After all life is not perfect, not even in matriarchal, Tallavan society. lol Problems for the Tallavan matriarchs big time of course. But also for the alpha male. He is effectively a pariah in his own society. Shane finds himself in this dilemma among others. To divulge would be a spoiler. Is there a solution and could it work? Adrianna on the other hand is an orphaned true sexual submissive. There's no doubt of the chemistry between the pair but could this blossom into a true relationship. Shane an experienced Dom yet has never encountered anything like Adrianna. More curveballs in this story arc. Both have their secrets and they interfere with their relationship, as all secrets will do. Yup yet another curveball Briste hurls at her readers and adeptly mixes it with the erotic BDSM trope for an additional dash of spice. Novels of this genre aim to be steamy, panty meltingly hot with the readers and the heroine swooning, drooling, and panting over their heroes' a.k.a book boyfriends. One is fortunate to have a storyline to it but the plot is minimalist at best overtly leaning exclusively towards sex and BDSM. Briste does achieve this as the novel is filled with plenty of erotica. Bondage fans prepare to be thrilled as this is Shane's speciality. However, one is pleasantly surprised to find that not only had she a good storyline but she also focused on more than plot, curveballs, and dark sex. One is transported to the places in her mind, unforgettable worlds filled with potent desires. The characters were realistic as was the plot. This is Shane and Adrianna's journey of passion, sensuality and discovering love. As the tapestry of their life unfolds one is drawn into their world experiencing everyday emotions like fear, anguish, grief, uncertainty, helplessness, awakening and with it acceptance . Not that much different from the rest of the world bar their kink, I guess. Is this another subtle message from Briste? It soon strikes one that Briste is using the plot, storyline, curveballs in fact every writer's trope to deliver subtle messages. Thought provoking and unusual for a novel of this genre imparting it more depth than the usual fare found in this category. For some this might be exciting or at the very least interesting. Others though might just find it irksome. Briste's craftsmanship however makes it a worthwhile read. This novel is unputdownable and even prompted one to reach out for the sequel immediately. Certainly not a book to be missed so readers, time to shed the irksome and enjoy.
Profile Image for Dana.
220 reviews
February 1, 2017
Certain elements of this story really stood out to me. I really enjoyed every phase of Shane and Adrianna’s relationship from their cute meeting to the sweet ending, and not to mention those sizzling sex scenes. I also loved the other characters in the story. I will be starting Maon’s story next, which I am very excited for after experiencing a little of his personality in this story. The Benefactor and Ceana were very high on my favorite book villains list. Maybe I have a little sadist in me who knows, but the scenes featuring both of those characters had me glued to my kindle and enjoying every second of it. I look forward to continuing the series and hope for more fabulous villains and enjoyable characters as well as those steamy erotic scenes.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:

"This is serious tonight, Adrianna. Keep your eyes on me. No one else. I am your world, your focus. React only to me. No thoughts but for me. Burn with fire for me. No one else. I will display you, and they will covet you. But you are mine. Mine alone. Do not offer them even a glance. Do you understand?"

"I can see that your inner purity is unsullied. You've been blemished on the outside, but it is a small crack that that can be repaired. I will restore you to your former self. A surgeon shall once again make you an untouched beauty. It will be as though you are sixteen once again. You will be my treasure as I've always planned."

I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
578 reviews2 followers
August 17, 2016
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreads.

The detail and descriptors in this book take you into the fantasy and draw you into the storyline. The characters were well developed and the storyline kept you enticed. The fantasy was so detailed that you could imagine yourself aboard the ship and flying through space.

The relationship between the two characters was in depth without unbelievability.

Very nice read, look forward to more from this author.
Profile Image for Eva.
553 reviews3 followers
August 12, 2018
Je ne suis pas certaine des intentions de l'auteure... Elle a inventé une planète fondée par des femmes qui y ont instauré un matriarcat plutôt rigide. J'ai d'abord cru qu'elle voulait indirectement montrer les failles du patriarcat et que, mises dans la même position de pouvoir, les femmes risqueraient bien de faire le même type d'erreurs que les hommes. Mais certaines remarques de Shane me font douter, surtout celle où il se fait la remarque, voyant Dria à genoux, que la place d'une femme est dans cette position. J'ai vraiment sursauté!
Et c'est difficile de croire que la moitié de la population de Tallav - la moitié masculine - ne fasse pas la révolution, sachant que sur d'autres planètes, les droits des hommes sont nettement plus respectés que sur la leur. Enfin.
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