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The Reclamation

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Industry has been doing business their way forever. Nothing else matters to them.

People are sick and dying from the atmosphere. Government is in denial of the problems. Our world is dying.

When the School of Ancestral Guidance, an earth guardianship organization, gets a new member, mysterious possibilities unfold.

Corilan Troxler, learns of her SAG legacy, meets an extraordinary life form and makes strange choices. With no inkling of the consequences, she must succeed with her message to those that care about Earth and protect them from those opposing the choices they make.

Under attack by industry and its mercenary attackers, she fights to get the word out. ‘Life is through the passage.’ This is Earth’s last chance.

If you like fiction that blurs the boundaries and transcends to the fantastical, you’ll love The Reclamation, a new environmental science fiction-fantasy saga, the School of Ancestral Guidance.


First published July 8, 2016

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About the author

Thorn Osgood

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Thorn Osgood was born in Thomasville, Georgia, and grew up in South Florida. During her grade school years, her father read her stories that fed her imagination. Through the years, she has traveled many times to that special place in her mind to imagine fantastic yarns and what ifs and has finally started to write them down. Thorn currently lives in Crawford County, Georgia with her Standard Schnauzer, Raskoph.

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189 reviews11 followers
February 28, 2018
Not a fan. Couldn't get into the book at all. Reminded me of required reading for school.
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50 reviews1 follower
December 27, 2016
The Reclamation is a wonderful read, even if you have no interest in saving the planet or don't believe in the climate change this book is certainly still an amazing read. Osgood foreshadows where earth is headed in the next few centuries if we humans don't stop treating our planet as though it were indestructible. Smog so thick you can barely see in front of you, toxic water, and air that is poisonous to all life on earth. Osgood has created a world and characters where you actually feel as though you're their alongside Corilan fighting to save the planet.

Osgood is easily one of my favorite authors and The Reclamation is a great read!
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Author 2 books2 followers
December 13, 2016
book tells the future of Earth. Our world’s environment is fast deteriorating. There are two groups of people that are in constant struggle to control of the Ephemeral Passage. That who does care what is happening to Earth and who does not care that they are polluting and killing the Earth. This book also tells that the United States federal government have sided with large corporations to dictate policy to control the portal gateways and silence those who try to voice out the damage to the Earth done by these industrialists. There are a lot of emotions and conflicts between those who want to protect Earth and those who do not want to protect Earth. Lumenian helps Corilan to spread the word that the Earth has only seven years before devastation. She uses her abilities to help fellow SAG alumnus and allegiants to fight back those who try to stop them in their mission to save Earth. This book is for fans of alien species, futuristic environmental event, apocalyptic of Earth and Science Fiction. Here is synopsis of the book:
“Those people are the casualties of environmental negligence. Their infirmities are the result of poisonous pollutants that have ravaged their weakened bodies so quickly that identification and prevention were not possible.” A voice said.
Suddenly, a fast-moving spacecraft – some larger than anything she had seen on Earth, and smaller ones comparable to the size of space shuttles – were tracking toward the largest of the three planets. Her view seemed to zoom closer, as if she were inside one of the spacecraft. When it appeared that the spacecraft were close enough to enter the planet’s atmosphere, it discharged something that made a blinding flash, seconds later, from a distance away in space, a visual of the planet lit up with white, blue and red fire flashes. When the flashes dulled, multiple balls of fire fiercely glowed in the place of the planet. “Those balls of fire are the final pieces of Zarnoth, our largest planet.” The voice interjected.
The ability of the new voice to give her dreams and visions are worrisome was he really a being from another planet now living on Earth?
Corilan thought of her own long hours on the job. In her role as a software engineer, it was not uncommon for her to work after hours on software applications from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon with breaks only for physical needs. Once she becomes a project manager, she received project specifications, kept track of status and worked risk management meticulously outside of her job.
“My ancestral guide, MAG for short, is a voice inside that imparts direction or assistance to me when I ask. It is not my consciousness. An ancestral guide is the culmination of one’s ancestors’ wisdom passed down to the current resultant having awareness of one’s ancestral guide imbues that individual with an opportunity to sustain positive living in harmony with the planet assuming the resultant follows their ancestral guide’s advice. Do you understand?”
On browsing the “About” tab, she found their purpose: to serve as guardians for planet Earth and to ensure Earth inhabitants have ability to live healthy lives on top of that, SAG was an international organization and could be found on every continent and in most countries. A smile spread across her face and she beamed with satisfaction.
“During my Trans-Luminescence cycle, I will be in physical form and will come to you and infuse my life essence with you. That will create a permanent link to me, making me your ancestral guide and establishing the basis for abilities you will discover.”
“What exactly would happen to InnerMe?”
“In your case, InnerMe’s purpose was to be your guide from childhood to adulthood. He was to bring you to this connection with the original natives of Earth. His job is done. As an intangible part of you, he will be absorbed as a part of the infusion for a higher level of communication with a direct original native of Earth.”
“You can communicate with me because I have remained in proximity of you since the meeting with your father. I reach you through InnerMe’s essence, but that only happens if I can determine if you are trying to reach me. This method will not provide you with the abilities you need, nor give you instantaneous connection with me.”
“Okay so you want to help me by connecting through an infusion that will enhance my abilities too but why me?”
“As the current resultant of your heritage, you have been selected to be the liaison for the citizens of earth who choose to join up with SAG in preservation of the environment. You have grown up as a citizen of the world, empowered with the wisdom and insight of the need for that critical push to pull planet Earth from the brink. When you join SAG it will be a symbolic unification with Earth’s guardians and the people of Earth at large.”
It was more than seven feet, and appeared neither male nor female - no sexual organs were visible and mammary glands were not protruding. She gazed in awe. There was no hair on its body and it had strange opening where humans had ears.
“On the back of your neck and spinal are my lumenian life essence infused with your Earth’s organic molecules, which have mutated you to a level with abilities beyond humans and likely lumenian as well- not that you have a higher status. You are just different. It purified you, healed, and left no mark.”
Her eyes were clearer – colors were more distinct, her vision stronger – her hair was shinier, and her golden tan skin was as soft and supple as a baby’s.
“It is the restoration of the earth to its natural state. Your role is to make this known and give everyone that cares the opportunity to be guardians of the earth.”
“I want our world to return to an ecologically balanced state for the safety and well being of mankind. Is that what you mean?”
Gerald Swain is board chairman of SAG Alumni Organization
“The EFL is a group of SAG members who are cutting-edge inventors and have established ecological products for building complete communities that are one hundred percent naturally imbalance with the Earth’s environment. Nolan Troxler founded this group and he is the point of contact.”
“The ERS is a tool through which Sag has access to the public, allowing us to spread our message on living green and using eco-friendly products. In the presentation portion of the meeting, I spoke of a refuge – location where individuals on Earth now would be able to reside during its ruin and later return to a rejuvenated Earth. Hence, the seminar training received by citizen who commit to being guardians for Earth will be usable.”
“What I found most disturbing was that after Mom’s parent died, you did not come for me. I know you knew, because their attorney told me you had been notified. I was in the dormitory during the school year, but what about the summer? I could have been sleeping on the streets and you would have never known.
Frank twisted sideways, reached back, and retrieved the digital, a.k.a. “medusa” by the users, an ugly four by six inch black box given to each of them by their employer for use as a field computer. It also contained defence weaponry: a stun gun, a laser, and a mini missile were part of the package.
Arley Hackett kidnapped Nolan and wanted a ransom of 500 thousand dollars.
SAG had been under surveillance by industrial corporations for a very long time.
“Swit literary means ‘Stare with intense scrutiny.’ Swits are lumenian resources that observe all major events and actions that damage Earth naturally and man-made. They also perform special tasks when directed to do so-for example, protecting the archives.”
“Life extinction is close. Join us in following the path that will lead to a rejuvenated earth. The choice is yours. How many of you would like to sign a commitment and become allegiants, guardians of Earth?”
Sensing that he was still alive, she quickly took his hands and infused healing.
“Our recommendation to anyone listening: If you are not a vegetarian, it is time to become one. Pass the word along. Poll syndrome is harmful and meat should no longer be consumed. As far as we are aware, wild animals already have became extinct, except for boars and pigs. Their anatomy excretes toxins from abrasions and allows than greater tolerance. However, their numbers are dwindling due to environmental pollution clogging these natural draining areas, which causes toxic overload. Also, they are killed by hunters and others desperate for affordable meat. “The reporter finished.
DOJ will bring charges against management-level individuals of ERS does not have FDA approval to use com-links and injection devices.
“Working for ASINC is the problem. You’ve tortured people, and you’ve recently killed someone. People like you will never be contacted.”
By direction of the United States President, effective immediately:
1. Anyone who is determined to be a SAG alumnus, has an ERS-injected device or related paraphernalia, is found with ERS or SAG literature, or aids and abets allegiants or SAG alumni will be incarcerated by justice investigators without bail and will be considered an enemy of the United States.
2. All waterways will be patrolled and will be off-limits until further notice anyone found within six feet of a waterline will be shot.
3. Martial law will be exercised throughout the United States to ensure these directives are carried out until the United States President issues a statement for these actions to cease.
The Environmental Protection Agency has investigated your prediction that life on Earth will cease within seven years and found forecast to be valid. You appear to have found a path around this devastation, a destination called Ephemeral Passage, which is being used by your organization and those who have aligned themselves with your mission. In doing this, treasonous acts have been committed by your organizations, which by law require punishment, with the dilemma of Earth being so dire; we would be willing to render amnesty to everyone in your organizations if you will accept the following proposition:
The SAG President and the ERS keynote speaker will resign and withdraw from any responsibility or prior agreement relating to the portal gateways and the Ephemeral Passage immediately. Any additional information or documentation regarding these geographic locations will be turned over to the United States federal government.
No recourse shall be attempted to recover or re-establish the SAG or the ERS organizations, which will cease to exist upon agreement with this proposal.
You will accept and yield to the United States federal government as the official owners and controllers of the portal gateways and the Ephemeral Passage.
If this proposition is not accepted in full within twenty-four hours, the actions below will be executed.
- The military will take charge of the portals and the passage or destroy them.
- Remaining members of your organization along with the allegiants will be arrested and punished for treason.
191 reviews2 followers
September 1, 2016
Whether or not you are ecologically minded, you should read this book. It is a picture of earth in the very near future – only twenty five years hence – and shows the earth to be a very bleak place to live. We do all seem to be living in a state of wilful ignorance, ignoring the forecasts of researchers into the effects of pollution on the earth and this tory shows us what could happen if we continue to neglect our environment. I found it all too credible that big business should dictate government policy as industrialists look towards short term profits and ignore the long term effects of their actions. The image of dog owners having to clothe their pets in protective garments, paw guards and air filter masks just to take them out for a walk will stay with me.

There is hope and this comes from a surprising quarter. Read this book for yourself to find out more!
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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