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The Dark Artifices #2

Lord of Shadows

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Would you trade your soul mate for your soul?

A Shadowhunter’s life is bound by duty. Constrained by honor. The word of a Shadowhunter is a solemn pledge, and no vow is more sacred than the vow that binds parabatai, warrior partners—sworn to fight together, die together, but never to fall in love.

Emma Carstairs has learned that the love she shares with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn, isn’t just forbidden—it could destroy them both. She knows she should run from Julian. But how can she when the Blackthorns are threatened by enemies on all sides?

Their only hope is the Black Volume of the Dead, a spell book of terrible power. Everyone wants it. Only the Blackthorns can find it. Spurred on by a dark bargain with the Seelie Queen, Emma; her best friend, Cristina; and Mark and Julian Blackthorn journey into the Courts of Faerie, where glittering revels hide bloody danger and no promise can be trusted. Meanwhile, rising tension between Shadowhunters and Downworlders has produced the Cohort, an extremist group of Shadowhunters dedicated to registering Downworlders and “unsuitable” Nephilim. They’ll do anything in their power to expose Julian’s secrets and take the Los Angeles Institute for their own.

When Downworlders turn against the Clave, a new threat rises in the form of the Lord of Shadows—the Unseelie King, who sends his greatest warriors to slaughter those with Blackthorn blood and seize the Black Volume. As dangers close in, Julian devises a risky scheme that depends on the cooperation of an unpredictable enemy. But success may come with a price he and Emma cannot even imagine, one that will bring with it a reckoning of blood that could have repercussions for everyone and everything they hold dear.

699 pages, Hardcover

First published May 23, 2017

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Cassandra Clare

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"Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books. Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction. She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller. Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts."

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November 30, 2018
I said it before and I will say it again, The Dark Artifices is Cassandra Clare's most sophisticated work yet.

(Heads up: my Goodreads review is spoiler free but hopefully later this week I'll be posting my spoiler-filled and probably way too long video review to my YouTube channel: youtube.com/emmmabooks)

Lord of Shadows is the sequel we've all been waiting for. It has the same amount of high-intensity, beautifully constructed, and deep, yet comedic content we love to see from The Shadowhunter Chronicles . Lord of Shadows delves deeper into the Shadowhunter World than we've ever seen before. From the repercussions of the Cold Peace, the rising tensions between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, to the nuclear bombs waiting to detonate between character relationships, everything about this series expands into a bigger and better tale than I could have anticipated. I had so many theories going into this book and while some were confirmed, some were *basically* correct, others were thoroughly off but the execution was much greater than anything I could have imagined. Anything I could have asked for was either delivered as I wanted, or something I didn't even know I wanted until it was given to me.

I loved that we were able to get more perspective from a variety of other characters (Kit, Ty, Livvy, Dru, & Diana). While I feel every character in this series has grown from book one to two, it really was a pleasure to learn more about this specific set of characters and get to know them better. We do also get four cameos from TMI characters which I was TOTALLY satisfied with and happy to see. But I do specifically feel that Emma, Julian, Mark, and Cristina have done more maturing than most. I just feel that with all the burdens each of them carry, they begin to face them head-on, which made me very proud. I think any reader who loves the TDA characters will be impressed with the character development in the sequel!

As per usual, the plot of the next installment of The Shadowhunter Chronicles is insane. I love how effortlessly the stories of TMI, TID, even a bit of TLH, and somethings I can allude to for TWP are implemented into the present series. I loved all of the different journeys our protagonists went on; From London, to Cornwall, to Faerieland, to Idris, there's so much adventure and excitement to love. Of course, within that comes all of the devastation which no one is prepared for, but still flawlessly written, nonetheless.

As always, I have to applaud Cassie for continuing to grow and improve her craft. I truly believe every single book in The Shadowhunter Chronicles gets better and better as the story deepens. I'm particularly impressed because I saw risks with Lord of Shadows that weren't always taken in past books and I stand by all decisions made (yes, even each of the deaths!) I'm satisfied, elated, heart-broken, and blown away all in one.

Of course, I'd highly recommend reading Lord of Shadows. I cannot wait for you all to experience this story!

I received a copy of this book from the Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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May 23, 2017
Don't talk to me for like a week.
In other news, I broke my promise again of not reading the book the day it comes out and in one sitting.

Why I always do this to myself?
I always read the book the day they come out and in one sitting and I don't think about the consequences like how I have to wait another whole f*cking year again.
This book is going to make me suffer. I know it. Like Clockwork Prince.
I think I better wait until the last book comes out to read the whole series completely without suffering cliffhangers for a year again.
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328 reviews66.3k followers
December 31, 2018
Unfortunately, this wasn't as good as the first time I read it - probably because I already knew the ending. It was still an enjoyable read overall, but I was bored at times.

Original 5-Star Review
Excuse me, but WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
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655 reviews3,850 followers
November 1, 2018

➙ I would definitely die for Emma. A queen. We stan.
➙ I still adore Julian with all my heart but he scares me EVEN MORE
➙ Ty's letter makes me CRY jhgkjdfhkjfgkdfjghdfk
➙ "my dream is that we all get to go back to the institute together and be a family" Cassandra that was cruel
➙ Ok ..... I kinda hate Kieran less? Still aint a fave tho :/
➙ Alec Lightwood remains iconic, that roast was off this charts good

original review

yes, five months later my official review is here. I've finished screaming. I'm ready to talk

Continue on for 25% memes, 50% why I love this book, 25% more screaming

(there may be mild spoilers untagged like new character names but everything major will be tagged)

“Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don't wish you didn't fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn't feel anything.”

by Oblivion's Dream on tumblr I ADORE this Emma art!

I ..... I am shocked to be saying this but, THIS is my favourite Cassandra Clare series. I'm sorry Infernal Devices, IM SORRY. (but also not really this series is so good) Like, if you tear out the final pages of this book it's nearly perfect and Lady Midnight IS perfect.


I don't think I loved lord of shadows as much as I loved Lady Midnight but I still really really enjoyed it. I absolutely adore the characters in this series, especially Emma, Julian, Cristina, Livvy, Kit and Ty so having them all back in Lord of Shadows was of course a highlight.

I just love how COMPLEX these characters are. Every single one has so many dichotomies and intricacies that make them fascinating. I think in Julian, especially, that is showcased, but also in Mark, Cristina and Emma too.

The way the plot moved from location to location, featuring the Faerie Realms, London, Alicante and LA was fun for me, I liked how the story moved around more then it did in Lady Midnight.

There was also so many moments that left me genuinely shocked and I read this entire book at maximum speed because so much of it left me having to know what happens IMMEDIATELY. I know heaps of people find Cassandra Clare boring, but I personally find her books really addictive, and I want to know what happens straight away. You know the old 'take a peek at the end of the chapter because what the fuck is happening' trick? me in every chapter of her books.

“Kit thought about Emma with her sword, Emma saving his life, Emma hugging Cristina and looking at Julian like he hung the moon”

Lord of Shadows feels much more mature then Lady Midnight and I think that is a real strength of this book. Lord of Shadows definitely critically examined the world we live in today through the lens of the shadow world, and much of the discussion and plot point was very on-point for current events. That did show a maturity in Cassandra Clare's writing, and I do definitely think this is her most political and developed book (and series).

Representation was also fairly good for a Cassandra Clare book. Mark and Kieran are bisexual, Diana is a black transwoman, Cristina, Jaimie and Diego are all Mexican. Ty is autistic and heavily implied to be gay, and Kit is heavily implied to be bisexual. Dru is fat.
Aline (gay, chinese), Helen (bisexual) and Jem (chinese), Alec (gay) and Magnus (biracial and bisexual) also appear but are only in it for a very short time.


I didn't like Lord of Shadows as much as Lady Midnight because of some of the characters and the plot points and I'll get into that below. But it's still such a fucking solid book I really loved reading it.


EMMA: Honestly, y'all who hate Emma can get off my fucking lawn I love her SO MUCH. She's brave, smart, loyal, loving, protective, caring. She cares so much about the Blackthorns and her parents and she wants to be loved back so much in return, and I just really need her to be happy and okay. I love her strength and resilience so much. She's definitely my favourite character I love her.

JULIAN: HE SCARES ME BUT I LOVE HIM. He's so soft with the kids even though he's NOT SOFT IN GENERAL and his character is really interesting because there is this dichotomy between the soft, loving parent he is for the kids, and then the hard, callous shadowhunter he has the potential to be and often exhibits. I'm really, really excited to see where his character arc is taken in Queen of Air and Darkness because the ending of LOS has left him in a position to swing in an extreme direction. JULIAN JUST LOVES THOSE KIDS SO MUCH AND HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR THEM AND LOVES THEM SO MUCH AND IT MAKES ME EMO. !!!!

MARK: I have to admit... I don't love Mark as much as everyone else but he's okay. I was really wanting to see some good character growth from him but ... I'm a little iffy on him. This I'm gonna get into.

CRISTINA: Cristina is such a GREAT CHARACTER. I love her relationship with Emma and her growth as a character and how she's become part of the family. I liked the exploration of her past with Jaimie and Diego. BUT, I found her plotline with Mark/Kieran really annoying.

KIT, TY AND LIVVY: I absolutely loved this trio. They definitely added a new dynamic that wasn't there in Lady Midnight. Each is such a fun character, though Kit was my favourite because I loved his humour, and how his mundane culture clashed with the shadowhunter culture in both positive and negative ways.

DRU: Dru is a character I really want to like, and can really see myself liking in the future, but I found her arc a little awkward and boring. I did like her arc concerning her self-image and her role amongst the blackthorns, and I'm excited to see more from her in The Wicked Powers



Right, the main issue I had with Lord of Shadows was the oversaturation of romance and make out scenes. WE GET IT, EVERYONE IS SUPER HOT.

Lets start with Kieran .......

His relationship with Mark is Unhealthy And Needs To Be Discontinued Immediately

- forgetting what you did doesn't excuse what you did
- sending ...... someone ...... dreams ................... it wasn't .... cute
- remember when he manipulated Mark many many times
- like not... spill the tea. but.... people need to shot shipping them just because they're two hot guys because Kierat really isn't a NICE GUY
- im salty

The drama with Kieran/Mark/Cristina was ANNOYING, it was annoying. And literally all the "I looked at him and immediately had to make out with him" IM EXHAUSTED. No one has this much sexual chemistry and tension in real life nO ONE

Emma and Jules are NOT free of this because they were also bad, though I don't think they are AS BAD but fgfj still STOP KISSING AND START SOLVING YOUR MANY ABUNDANT ISSUES.

There was so many make out steamy scenes I actually got bored of steamy make out scenes.

Kitty and Kitliv is excused from this mess they are all Pure.

by Oblivion's Dream on tumblr


I found the first 100 pages kind of underwhelming not gonna lie. But after that it got way way better. Enjoyed the Mark/Emma dynamic, and their genuine friendship that came from it. Really liked the trip into Faerie, and what we saw from Julian and Emma there.

LOVED the scenes in London, and all the references to the TID characters, as well as the appearance of tmi/tid characters. Was super cool to see Magnus and Alec as dads.


“Sometimes the most ruthless heart speaks the most truth”

Lord of Shadows is an absolute monster of a book, and there is so much to talk about. This small review barely even covers the surface of my feelings about this book. I truly adore all the characters so much, I have so much genuine concern over their happiness.

The plot really picked up and I am DYING for Queen of Air and Darkness. I can't believe we have to wait until 2019.

There is so much going on in these books, and so many little arcs that accompany the larger one, but the books are so fun and definitely Cassandra's strongest works character, plot and writing wise. I have always been willing to criticise her work, but I do think she worked on some of those criticisms in this series. Its much, much stronger then tmi AND tid in my opinion.

I AM NOT OKAY WITH THE ENDING. I don't think it's possible to be okay with that ending.

"Julian! Julian! Carry me .... "

by Oblivion's Dream on tumblr


my lord of shadows playlist is literally all thats getting me through these emotions

4.5* bumped to 5

hey @cassandraclare I will literally give u anything you want for queen of air and darkness
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December 12, 2022
When it comes to Lord of Shadows I really don't even know where to start! I loved the book! I loved it so much I found myself rereading certain passages just because I couldn't help myself but had to experience them again and again. =)

Cassie has always been one of my favourite authors and the more I read from her, the more I get captured in her world. It’s not just the world of the Shadowhunters though, it’s the entire package Cassandra Clare is giving to us. There were so many details and things I loved about this book and even though I will never have the time to list them all, I’m still going to try to write a proper review.

First of all I have to say that I love the world Cassandra Clare has built and even though it sometimes seems to be more than just cruel (“Sed lex dura lex”) it never fails to captivate me. Well, truth be told most of the time it’s even this kind of harshness that makes it so interesting, the obstacles and problems every single one of the Blackthorns has to overcome making the entire story line even more intoxicating and exciting. Thinking about it in retrospective the plot isn’t even that amazing and if I had to pinpoint why I still loved every line of the book, I would say that it’s the details and the love I found in every single word.

If you don’t like spoilers you should stop to read now, if you’re a sucker for spoilers: please feel free to continue! ;-P

Love, I think that’s actually the word that sums it up. There is love everywhere and all of the characters have plenty of it to give. There are Julian and Emma who try to fight their feelings, there are Ty and Kit who slowly but steadily seem to fall in love and there is the love triangle between Mark, Kieran and Cristina that left me almost breathless and broken. God I can’t even say how much I loved all of those relationships! I had to laugh, I had to cry, I wanted to tear the book apart and throw it against a wall. The ending literally killed me and even though I finished the book about a month ago I’m still far from being over it. Cassie how dare you to make such an ending!?!? I can’t wait to read the next book and the mere thought to wait two years is already enough to leave me in anguish! How could you do this to your follow readers?!?!?!

Well, enough of the ranting and back to the good stuff! Relationships are definitely something Cassandra Clare truly excels at and the more I read from her, the better her books seem to become. It’s obvious that she put a lot of effort into her characters and their world and the little hints at some of the other books never cease to amuse me.

“There were valuable first editions of books in the enormous library, most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H.”

Just to mention one of them. ;-P

So yes, since I liked the love relationships the most I’m going to get into detail now:

Emma & Julian:

I adore Julian, I really do! He has the soul of an artist and he’s so complex that I can’t help but have to love him for it. I never met another character that was so driven by his love for his family, the fact he would do everything in order to protect his loved ones something that sometimes even gave me the chills. He is neither black nor white and his love for Emma only seems to emphasise his inner conflict. The tension between those two is almost tangible in the air and whenever I read about them I was reduced to a squealing fan girl. I really hope that they manage to find a way to break their parabatai bond and I don’t even want to think about what will happen now that Livvy died…

“Why all these paintings of you? Because I'm an artist, Emma. These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.” – Julian Blackthorn

Ty and Kit:

I love, love, love and love those two!! Every time they interacted I had a smile on my face and felt oddly peaceful. Ty is such a gentle boy and Kit understands him so well. It’s so obvious that the two of them care about each other deeply and even though Cassie is careful never to give us a palpable proof of their love, I was still able to read it in every single line. I liked all the parts that were from Kit’s POV and since he’s a Herondale I automatically loved him! *lol* I really hope there is going to be more of those two in the next book and I can’t even say how much I ship them! =)

“He let the shirt fall and grabbed a Tupperware container of cookies out of the fridge. Maybe he could frustrate the Shadowhunters by refusing to work out and sitting around eating carbs. I defy you, Shadowhunters, he thought, thumbing the top off the container and popping a cookie in his mouth. I mock you with my sugar cravings.” – Kit Herondale

“He grinned, and the grin changed his face completely. Ty when he was still and expressionless had an intensity that fascinated Kit; when he was smiling, he was extraordinary.” Kit about Ty

Mark/Cristina and Kieran:

Oh my god! I don’t even know how I should put their love triangle into words! I guess first of all I have to say that I’m usually no fan of love triangles and don’t like them because they always seem to be so cheesy and tedious. This time however I wanted them to be together so badly that it almost hurt! XD I can understand why Christina is kind of falling for both of them and even though I initially shipped Mark and Kieran in LM I have to admit that I’m all on the new ship right now! Of all the three of them I somehow loved Kieran the most and therefore truly hope that Mark will be able to forgive him for what he’s done. Since Kieran was taken to the Scholomance at the end of the book I don’t know how their love triangle is going to work out, I certainly hope that I will read a lot of them in the next book though!!! XD

“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

I probably could go on and on about all the other awesome couples and their relationships! Dru’s friendship with Jaime, Diana and Gwyn (I loved how Gwyn reacted to her outing!!!), Jace and Clary, Alec and Magnus, they all were so awesome! For the sake of the poor person that actually decided to read through this review I’m going to end it now though! ;-P

All told I relished and loved every single moment of this book and I really, really, really would appreciate it if Cassandra Clare would write just a little bit faster! *LOL*
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May 26, 2017
My reaction after finishing Lady Midnight



My reaction after finishing Lord of Shadows


I've had it with love triangles! I'm usually up for them as long as my ship prevails in the end ;) but man did Cassie complicate things for every possible pairing in this book.

Emma/Julian/Mark - I thought this triangle wasn't so bad after I was done with Lady Midnight cause I knew Emma and Julian couldn't be romantically involved but Cassie effed things up with E&J always finding ways to hold each other and kiss. It was like saying you hate your ex and then getting back together the next day.

Kieran/Mark/Christina/Diego - this triangle was the weirdest of them all cause I had a feeling like they wouldn't mind a 3way (minus Diego who's cancelled)

Livvy/Kit/Ty - erm... Is Cassie setting up Kit and Ty for a parabatai bond? Or are they going to date? I'm still not sure. I'm very much looking forward to witnessing the parabatai ceremony since I have no idea how that actually happens. Note: I've only read the first 4 TMI books, not the full series. I actually found out in LoS Clary and Simon are parabatai. Now I'm like 0_o


Triangle drama overshadowed everything else and I ended up disappointed cause Clare went for cheap tricks and chaos. Tsk, tsk! And to think this book is over 700 pages long.
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October 4, 2018
“Break my heart. Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

I don't recall giving my permission though. I don't recall allowing Cassandra Clare to wreck havoc on my soul and stomp on its pieces before scattering them to the wind. But she did it anyway.

“A dark time is coming for Shadowhunters. A terrible time. Their power will be crushed, their might thrown down into the dirt, and their blood will run like water through the riverbeds of the world.”

Blood, ashes and despair. That's the perfect way to describe Lord of Shadows, with its somber ambience and the unease that keeps creeping up from the pages and sinking into your pores. A war is coming. A war more devastating than ever, since the numbers of the Shadowhunters are alarmingly low and they're torn by inner disputes. There is a rising faction that wishes to strip Downworlders of their rights. To treat them like animals. There is a dangerous book of dark, unholy magic that can unravel the world of the Angel's descendants. There is the Unseelie King who wishes to unite the fairie and destroy everything that stands in his way. A girl raised from the dead, with betrayal in her heart and huge distrust towards the people she can call family. The Blackthorns. It all leads back to them and their allies. Relationships are tested. Unlikely friendships blossom. And two parabatai who love each other more than they should, with a love that threatens to tear their family apart. Can some sacred bonds be broken?
“There is truth in stories,” said Arthur. “There is truth in one of your paintings, boy or in a sunset or a couplet from Homer. Fiction is truth, even if it is not a fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.”

There is always something mystical in the way Cassandra Clare writes. While her writing skills keep improving, the essence of her novels remains the same. In Lord of Shadows, she weaves a story of yearning, passion, bitterness, anger and desire. Desire painted with fevered touches and swollen lips and cheekbones illuminated by moonlight and hearts clenching with unspoken feelings. Her descriptions are lavish, her battle scenes intense, and her characters gloriously flawed. From the land of Fairie and unhallowed churches to Idris and the London Institute that sparked a strong pang of nostalgia she whispered stories of cursed love, of injustice and bloodshed and fanatism. And she triumphantly proved that Arthur Blackthorn could not be wiser: despite the pain and the hopelessness, without fiction our hearts would be dead.
“Those who cannot love do not understand it.”

When it comes to Emma Carstairs, Lord of Shadows could easily be renamed into Lady of Bad Decisions. Yes I do admire her fierceness and her strong spirit, her compassion and her sassiness, but by the Angel I lost count of the times she hurt Julian "for his own good", when she thought she was self-sacrificing and noble but then mourned her relationship with him when she was the one who broke it. Who broke him. And don't get me started on all those moments when she acted before thinking and ended up endangering everyone close to her. And Julian, well, he also troubled me, especially because he scared me. He was ruthless and cunning for the sake of his family, I can't blame him for that (in fact I love him for that) but if he proceeds with his plan to do you-know-what, I will never forgive him. All this scheming ended up bringing sorrow and huge, fat tears that have not dried yet.
“There were valuable first editions of books in the enormous library, most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H.”

All those references to Will and the Infernal Devices (scones! Jessamine! the Lightwood mansion - I was almost certain the Demon Pox song would make an appearance) were a sweet torture, tiny daggers piercing my heart but also mending it because I somehow felt closer to Will, my favorite character of the Shadowhunters universe. Kit, Livvy, Ty, I loved their scenes and crime-solving attempts, they were such an endearing and bizarre threesome! And speaking of bizarre threesomes, I don't know what to make of the Mark/Cristina/Kieran situation. So many tangled emotions that felt right, despite their oddity, I'm still not certain what I want for them, only more scenes, with unexpected tenderness and craving.
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

The wound the ending inflicted though will not be easy to heal, nor does it feel like a source of light. More likely a source of infinite pain. It was cruel, unfair, and absolutely devastating. No dates slaying frost giants, not even Raziel himself dancing salsa will be able to make amends, my dear Cassandra. I'm off to deal with everything the only way I know.

You can find this review and more at BookNest.eu!
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June 3, 2017
"I thought you loved me. I don't know how I got that so wrong."

- Julian @ Emma
but also
- ↋Me @ Cassandra Clare after that ending

crying photo: awful crying cry.gif

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296 reviews823 followers
May 25, 2017
Someone :) just :) kill :) me :) and :) end :) my :) pain :)

I can't deal with this hell I'm living in right now. Someone hold me. Then kill me. Please.

SERIOUSLY CASSIE CLARE, SERIOUSLY? Stabbing me in the heart would've hurt less. How dare you. How. dare. you. I want to punch you. But you're also my queen??? BUT I WANT TO PUNCH YOU SO HARD FOR DOING THIS TO ME.

And now, I have to :) wait :) two :) years :) for :) the :) final :) book :)

5/19/2017: Not long now till this beauty is released!!!!

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1,156 reviews97.9k followers
December 8, 2018

1.) City of Bones ★★★
2.) City of Ashes ★★
3.) City of Glass ★★★
1.) Clockwork Angel ★★★
4.) City of Fallen Angels
2.) Clockwork Prince ★★★★
5.) City of Lost Souls ★★★★
3.) Clockwork Princess ★★★★★
6.) City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★
*.) The Bane Chronicles ★★★
*.) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy ★★★
1.) Lady Midnight ★★★★★

“Fiction is truth, even if it is not a fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.”

First and foremost, I am so thankful for Julian Blackthorn and I would do anything in the world to ensure that boy’s life is filled with nothing but all the happiness in the entire galaxy. I won’t lie, I didn’t enjoy LoS as much as LM. I honestly just loved LM with my entire heart and soul and I think the hype for the LoS ending just left this book off on a sour note for me, but I’ll talk more about that in my spoiler section at the end of this review! But holy moly, friends, I did it, I read thirteen Cassie Clare books in the last six months and I can finally read Queen of Air and Darkness with you all!

So, LoS picks up two weeks after the events of LM, and everything feels like it is in chaos mode. We have fake relationships, we have people thinking they might die, there are mini wars brewing all over, things are honestly wild. But the scariest thing is the gang being unable to locate a particular dead body.

Throughout the book we get to see not only the Los Angeles Institute, but also the London institute, and be still my TID loving heart. And we get to see another Shadow Market that has been making me more interested in the activities that go on at these locations! But a lot of very dark things are going on in the Shadowhunter world. (I’m trying so hard to be spoiler-free, friends!)

This book really highlights how generations of hate, bigotry, and fascist thinking easily gets passed down. I feel like a constant issue in this entire overarching series has been many Shadowhunters feeling like they are superior to the Fae, the Vampires, the Werewolves, and the Warlocks. I mean, they even call them Downworlders. But LoS really shows the hatred, and there are a group of people that actually even want the other paranormal beings to register just for being what they are. And this book talks about how fear mongering and hate speech can quickly turn into something so very ugly, and something so very hard to stop. I for sure think Cassie Clare pulls a lot of inspiration from history, but also current day, and some of the things in this book are really hard to read, because I know that there are actual human beings in our world that feel this way about other human beings. So, please use caution. And content and trigger warnings for talk of cancer, loss of a loved one, bigoted comments, hate speak, death of a child, death in general, torture, PTSD depiction, graphic blood depiction, sacrificial ritual, slavery, trafficking, captivity, battle scenes, and war themes.

I do want to take a minute to talk about how Cassie Clare and this world really are getting more and more inclusionary and this book honestly impressed me. Not only did we get the actual word “autistic” on page for Ty, we also got a trans character who now owns my entire heart. I feel like Cassie does a good job giving us with characters from all different races, even though there is always room to be more inclusive. And I think she’s getting a better at body rep and disability rep, too. But, Alec is still gay, Magnus is still bi, and they are prospering like the bright shining light that they are. Mark is still bi, I’m praying to every God and angel that Kieran will be pan (but he could be bi, too), and I even feel like we are going to get another queer relationship brewing on our hands. And I truly believe that Cassie Clare is going to give us the polyamorous relationship of my dreams, too. The blessings, friends, the blessings.

I will say that I’m side eyeing a bit because we are going to get two main m/m relationships and (so far) have only seen a m/m relationship, that better turn into a f/m/m relationship. So, that’s three m/m relationships, when the f/f relationships we get is literally exiled and just mentioned in the background every once in a while. Feels bad, man, feels really bad. Give me a sapphic main relationships that isn’t hidden in the background, you cowards. I don’t ask for much, okay? And you all know I’m always here for queer rep, and I honestly do love all the men in these m/m relationships, but when a cis woman is writing them, and not giving us f/f in the spotlight too, it feels a little like fetishizing.

Overall, it is really hard to talk about non-spoiler things in this section! But I really did love this book, even if I didn’t love it as much as LM. I just truly think that Cassie Clare is getting more and more talented as an author, and I expect she is going to give us the entire world with QoAaD. Like, I am so hyped that I predict it will make my top five of 2018. And again, I just want to thank every person, Shadowhunter fan or not, who has had to listen to me scream and gush over these books for the last six months. It was such an experience, but one that I’m truly so thankful that I was able to have. And it was such a bright shining light in my 2018.

Please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and all the series leading up to this book! And as always, I’m going to do a little mini character breakdown on my thoughts and feelings on all the main characters in this book. Spoilers ahead!

(Art by Haunted Duck Princess!)

Emma Carstairs - My hero, my savior, my everything, my Mortal Sword slaying queen. Damn. And the fact that she decided to be honest with Julian this book, proving again how she is one of the best character in all of literature? The blessings. I would die for this girl.

Julian Blackthorn - No words, only tears. And the one-liners that Cassandra Clare gave him? Breathtaking, so damn breathtaking. Also, Julian proves over and over how much I love soft main characters, and that you can be soft and still be brave and strong. Ahhh, I honestly can’t even coherently talk about this boy.

“Because if you threw me away and everything we had, it had better be for something that meant more to you”

Mark Blackthorn - I better get…

Cristina Rosales - …my polyamorous relationship…

Kieran - …or I will riot.

Jessamine Lovelace - I am still screaming. Ahhh! What damn character development this girl has gone through. I was showing heart-eyes at every mention, but when Kit was finally able to see and interact with her? Pure joy. Love, love, love.

Kit Rook / Christopher Herondale - Okay, he’s growing on me. I feel like that’s the real Herondale curse, it takes a couple of books for me to fall in love with them. But when he snapped on Zara about Magnus with Alec? That added five years to my life, I swear.

Tiberius Blackthorn - Oh my poor, sweet boy. He is going to blame himself so hard because of the letter he wrote to Annabel and it is going to gut me.

Livvy Blackthorn - No words that I’m going to string together are going to be good enough, but it breaks my heart that this poor child has only known a life of war, loss, and destruction. Has never really been around other kids, had other friendships, has never known love but the love of her family, and now she never will. Honestly, it breaks my heart.

Dru Blackthorn - I just love Dru so much and I think she is such an important character, because she’s really the first character to not only be plus-sized, but to talk about body image and relationships with food, especially how she feels people perceive her with food. I can’t wait to see more of Dru, and I’d only love a spin-off from her point of view. Also, that teleport? That fae boy? I’m thinking the worst, and the best, about whose love child that is.

Octavian Blackthorn - I feel like we didn’t get to see Tavvy as much in this book, but my heart still always bleeds for this boy who has really only known a life of war.

Magnus Bane - Um, this man better be okay and quick, because his death would be the one that would undo me.

Alec Lightwood - When Alec put Zara in her place, and told her how lucky he would be to have Magnus love him forever, I was crying. So perfect, and it meant so much coming from everything that happened in TMI. But my heart is also mending and rebreaking, because he is building this amazing family with Magnus and living the life he wants, but he just keeps losing people. Him yelling for his dad. More tears, friends, all the tears.

Zara Dearborn - This bitch and her entire hateful family and friends, like, no words. Trying to register Downworlders? Disgusting. I hate her more than any other Shadowhunter villain, I swear to God.

Diego Rosales - I don’t even care about the heirloom. But if he hurts Kiren…. Boy, bye!

Jaime Rosales - This storyline was so sus. Boy, what?

“I had never realized before how much you can take from someone by not allowing them the words they need to describe themselves.”

Diana Wrayburn - God is a woman, and her name is Diana Wrayburn. I completely acknowledge that Cassie Clare is a cis woman, but Diana coming out to Gwyn as trans was one of the most beautiful things I’ve read all year. I was crying the happiest and the saddest tears at the same time, but it really made Diana one of my favorite characters in the entire Shadowhunter universe. And that quote above? That’s the best sentence that Cassie Clare has ever written. Ever.

Gwyn - And when Daddy Gwyn got down on his kness and told Diana that she was the strongest woman to ever walk on this Earth? Lord, I’m still swooning and will be forever. Perfection. And talk about a fucking OTP. The blessings.

Catarina Loss - Talk about the most underrated character in this entire series. Like, what a damn gem to the Shadowhunters. From saving babies, to making people not feel alone, to being a good friend, this woman is a gift from the actual angels. And I’m so scared because I know she is at Scholomance, but I am ready to protect her with my entire life.

Arthur Blackthorn - Okay, I feel so horrible for saying this, but I was so happy that he sacrificed himself so none of the Blackthorns would be killed… at that moment. Shit, now I’m crying again.

Jon Cartwright - Legit cannot believe I read all of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy for this dude to just get decapitated and it never talked about again.

Malcolm Fade - I cannot believe this dude just got shanked after the resurrection. I honestly spit water. I still cannot believe it. But no body = no death is proven again. But I wasn’t expecting the demon murloc version.

Annabel - Give me all those morally grey villains. Like, I know I shouldn’t like her, but I’m honestly living for her. I know I also shouldn’t lust for revenge, but good lord do I want to see this girl get some peace, rest, and happiness.

The Unseelie King - I honestly like him as a villain a lot, too. I mean, he is obviously more chaotic evil than Annabel, but I can’t wait for the full story to come out with him and Malcom and the Black Volume of the Dead. Actually, I just can’t wait to learn more about the Black Volume of the Dead anyway.

The Seelie Queen - You know this bitch isn’t up to anything good. And if the weapon that Sebastian Morgenstern “left behind” is a baby with the Seelie Queen, I’m going to scream forever.

Clary Fairchild - Are we just going to act like she didn’t tell Emma that she thinks she is going to die? Like, my heart. I can fucking not deal with this information still. And honestly? I don’t want to see Jace in a world where Clary dies, because it is not going to be pretty.

Robert Lightwood - Okay, but what are Emma and Julian going to do now? *prays forever*

Like, for real, what in the world are Emma and Julian going to do now, since Robert was their only hope really. I mean, are all parabatai bonds going to be broken now? I kind of think they are going to, and that’s really going to change the game, and put a lot of warriors are disadvantages. Again, the Clave is so wild for letting kids make life altering choices at twelve, because look at this mess.

Okay, I know I touched upon it a bit above in the breakdowns, but let’s talk about the ending of this book. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it. With the reactions that the end of this book gets, I really thought it was going to be either Clary, Julian, or Emma dying. Or even Julian and Emma spiraling into darkness because of the parabatai curse. But, no, Cassie Clare does what every single YA author does to evoke emotion from their readers, while still protecting the core cast that everyone loves. Like, they will never kill the main characters, just characters close to them, so we can be sad for them. Am I sad that Robert died? No. Am I sad that Alec has already lost so many and so much and now has to lose his father too? Yeah, extremely. Am I sad that Livvy died? Eh. Am I said that Ty is going to feel responsible and going to hate himself for it? And that Julian feels like he failed while refusing to let go of the corpse of his baby sister? Yeah, fuck yeah. So, I just have mixed feelings on the ending if I’m being really honest. And everyone else is all like, “YES QUEEN! SO BRAVE!” but I’m over here just side-eyeing and really not impressed. And I don’t even want to talk about the possibility of Livvy dying so that “kitty” can prosper. Friends, I’m tired. But when that clock chimed after her death, (in my eyes) to signify her going to Heaven? Okay, maybe I’m weeping.

Plus, these grown adults that are running the Clave and this meeting and just going to let fascist teens be outspoken with their hate speech? Like, Jia Penhallow should have been shutting that shit down and throwing people out, not warning them. And I’m not entirely sure if Zara isn’t able to hold the Mortal Sword, because I’m not sure if people that attended Scholomance and became Centurions are considered Shadowhunters, but if so I can’t believe that people were taking her obvious lies as facts and not making her hold the sword. But instead they make an obviously emotional, resurrected girl, who is showing signs of PTSD, to forcefully hold a weapon of immense power. No words, friends. But the ending of this book was a shitshow and I honestly wasn’t impressed.

And where the hell are Clary and Jace (besides taking a nap in a field Bella and Edward style, apparently) or Simon and Izzy? Why aren’t they are this Clave meeting? I am scared, friends. What are these kids up to? I need answers.

But let’s also talk about how Cortana has just been absorbing the power of all these things that it is cutting through. And now that bitch just cut through the Mortal Sword. That shock that Emma felt run up her arm? I’m more scared, friends. I can’t deal with this information. I really need answers.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

So, what’s up with Magnus and the warlocks getting sick? Hold me, I’m scared. I know we are probably going to find out in Ghosts of the Shadow Market, but still, my heart is hurting already.

Okay, let’s talk about happier things. You know, things that had me screaming and living my best life. Malcom’s abandoned cottage. You all, I was whispering “risk it all” to my book as a mantra. I really believe that Julian and Emma have made it into my top five OTPs of all time, and I have no idea how this happened. But from Julian writing “I-A-M-R-U-I-N-E-D” to him giving Emma permission to break his heart, I was hollering like a banshee. I feel like I died and was resurrected myself in that cabin and I am already craving to reread those scenes. I’m a mess, friends. And if they don’t get a happy ending, I will riot. Also, pan culture is loving both Emma and Julian. Facts only here.

“Break my heart. Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

(Art by Cassandra Jean!)

Also, I was loving every second that Mark, Cristina, Emma, and Jules spent in Faerie; both Unseelie and Seelie courts. Seeing glimpses of Faerie in TMI was always a highlight for me, but being fully emerged and on an adventure with these four? So much happiness. From Emma getting picked champion, to them each being told a secret, to magical bonds, to hidden visions, I loved it all. And I hope we get to see a lot more of Faerie in QoAaD! And like, did the Unseelie King teleport Annabel to Faerie at the end because of the half crown symbol? I highkey hope so.

Lastly, we finally got to see my favorites, Aline and Helen, and they better be such a big part of QoAaD now that they are finally back. I read thirteen huge books by Cassie Clare in the last six months, I deserve not only a sapphic relationship in the forefront, but seeing an Asian girl get the Fae girl of her dreams. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

(Art by Rikki the Artist!)

Okay, friends, I’m off to read the first eight stories in Ghosts of the Shadow Market, while waiting for Queen of Air and Darkness, because I am so in love with this series that I need everything. I don’t know how you all waited over a year after this book, but you all are the bravest souls on this Earth.

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February 15, 2019
Madre mía.

Este libro ha tenido sus idas y venidas. Lo comencé y abandoné en un par de ocasiones, hasta que avancé más y llegué a la mitad. Ahí volví a parar, y desde hace unos días he devorado todo lo que me quedaba. (Unas buenas 400 páginas, vaya.)

No es culpa del libro, obviamente. Mi vida dio un cambio y tenía mil cosas que hacer y no leía, pero vamos... Me arrepiento totalmente.

El señor de las sombras es una obra completísima. Cassandra nos lanza a una historia que tiene tintes de géneros que antes no había tocado apenas, como el high fantasy. Supongo que lo hizo para abrir boca a Sword Catcher, y que sus fans sintieran atracción por ese subgénero de la fantasía.

Esto que comento se da en la aventura de nuestros protagonistas en Feéra, llena de criaturas y magia de hadas. Todos esos capítulos me atraparon por completo, porque es la primera vez que conocemos más de Feéra, y es una tierra llena de misterios.

Respecto a personajes, de nuevo, creo que se ha superado. El duo Emma-Julian me ha fascinado, aunque he de admitir que en situaciones se me vio algo forzado el tira y afloja con el tema parabatai. Sin embargo, sí que me gustó cómo desemboca ese tema al final de la novela.

Lo más interesante a nivel de personajes ha sido su evolución, sobre todo la de Kit. O sea. KIT. Qué maravilla de arco, de luchas consigo mismo... Me ha encantado además su relación con Livvy y sobre todo, con Ty. Qué bonitos son.

Vemos además lugares que ya conocíamos de otras sagas de Cazadores de Sombras, así como otros personajes, que incluso al final de la novela tienen sus propios giros y tramas de peso para la continuación. Así me gusta, Cassie, que me des lo que quiero.

A nivel trama creo que es también interesantes, pues tenemos una parte central que se va desarrollando y a la que le van apareciendo diferentes problemas, y las escenas de acción son breves y dilatadas en el tiempo. No sigue el esquema de llegar al final, haya una super batalla y listo. Como hay tantos personajes y tramas secundarias, es un libro muy ameno de leer, y que considero que a nivel estructura supera también al resto de Cassandra.

Ahora mismo leeré algunos de los relatos publicados online de Ghosts of the Shadowmarket, antes de meterme en Queen of Air and Darkness. Debo saber todos los datos para disfrutar del todo de la última entrega de esta espectacular saga.

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May 31, 2017
Unpopular opinion time! Meaning I liked it, didn't love it like everyone else in the world! Damn it all!

I was pretty excited for this book to come out. The love triangles in the books get on my nerves so I wasn't drop everything and lets read it now. I just wanted to get through it at one point.

I love Kit's character. I think he's funny and coming into his own at being a Shadowhunter.

I loved that Jace and Clary made another appearance, but I'm worried at one of the things that was told in confidence about a death. It just about broke my heart and I'm wondering if that will come up in the next book a million years from now.

There is something dreadful that happened at the end of the book and I don't even know what to say. It's sad, okay?

I just wish that Emma and Mark could be together. That's who I WANT! I'm tired of reading about Kieran, Mark and Christina. I love all three characters but I want to see Kieran with Christina because the times they were together there seemed to be something there. Something almost sexy and hidden.

Emma and Julian, I just don't. I love Julian for all he does for the family but I just don't find him as a person that stokes my fire. <-- yeah, I said that.

I love the things that Kit, Ty and Livvy got up to together with the exception of the bad things.

I hated that Centurion, Zara, with a passion. I wanted to drop kick her off the roof. The Centurion's had a plan set up and it wasn't a good plan. Not all wanted to go along with it so there's that.

Arthur is still nuts but he did some cool things and you just have to love him no matter what.

Diana was awesome and stepped up and put that Zara in her place and did whatever she could to save the kids.

Magnus and Alec made an appearance as well. I always love Magnus so he can make an appearance at all times =)

There's a little bit of fighting and things that need to be taken care of and some evilness, but I felt like it was more about all of these people and their triangles. I just don't know. Maybe I will read both books over again when the other one comes out in a million years from now.

I'm still really sad about that ending. I thought it was going to be a different sad ending but it wasn't and it took me by surprise and it's not a good thing =(

and we have a


Sigh. . .

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February 9, 2023
He told me of your journey, and I guessed your mission. I knew you would not survive the Lord of Shadows' tricks without aid."

Lord of Shadows you get ALL of the stars!

Spoiler free review, although I do mention bits that I like that don't give away the storyline. If you haven't read Lady Midnight I'd suggest you don't read this :)

I have eagerly anticipated this book since I finished Lady Midnight and it honestly didn't let me down what so ever. I had the best two girls to buddy Read with Sailor and Fathima Thank you both for putting up with me! I don't think I could of done this alone!

Just a pre-warning, I absolutely love anything Shadowhunter related, they're my favourite type of books and Cassandra Clare is my favourite author, so I will more than likely be gushing away. I don't know what it is, but the characters are SO detailed, and charming it's hard not to love them.

I'm going to have to include my favourite quote from the book here, it's too beautiful not to include:
"Do you know why I'm sure? Because when this universe was born, when it blasted into existence in fire and glory, everything that would ever exist was created. Our souls are made of that fire and glory, everything that would ever exist was created. Our souls are made of that fire and glory, of the atoms of it, the fragments of stars. Everyone's are, but I believe ours, yours and mine, are made from the dust of the same star. That's why we've been drawn to each other like magnets, all our lives. All the pieces of us belong together." - Julian Blackthorn

Coming into this, I'd kind of prepared myself for my heart to just break over and over, what I didn't expect was to cry so much at the teeny tiny little things! My heart broke for Julian and Emma, the whole family, Christina and Kieran. These characters are just so close to my heart! The character development in this book was just outstanding.

"They stood in a line: the Shadowhunters, the warlock and the faerie prince."

"The way I love you is fundamental to me, Emma. It's who I am. No matter how far we are from each other." - Julian Blackthorn

Where do I even begin with Emma and Julian? During my buddy reads, this was brought up so much! Do you know when you want a pair to be together so much, but it jus doesn't look like it's ever going to happen? Here we have it! We'll always be parabatai, Emma. It's for life. - Julian Blackthorn What makes them special is that they're both quite strong characters, but for completely different reasons. All I want to do is gush about how lovable Julian is. I mean come on, this guy will do anything, literally anything to protect his family. Even in his darkest times he always puts others before himself. What really moves me about Julian is that even though he is hurting he wants to put others happiness before his own. My heart hasn't broken this much over a character since my love Will Herondale. Emma on the other hand, at times I just wanted to shake her and to confess all to not only Julian but to Mark as well! I understand where she is coming from, but you know! Anyway other than that, I'm looking forward to her character development for The Queen of Air and Darkness. I mean come on, for those who have read this, we know!

"In Faerie, I would challenge Rosales to a duel for this, he broke his promise, and a love-promise at that. He would meet me in combat if Cristina consented to let me be her champion." - Mark Blackthorn

Even now I'm still very very confused with Mark, Cristina and Kieran. Now don't get me wrong, I love them all, but what on earth is happening?! Do they all like each other, is it going to be just two of them together in the end? I DON'T KNOW! What I do know is that I actually really, really, really enjoyed all three of these characters throughout. What I like so much, is that they all contrast from each other and it's all very odd, but so good! We have Cristina who is just a nice girl trying to do what's right. What I really liked is that we got to see her inner child, especially when it comes to Faeries. Something Cristina said was so beautiful I had to include it, so here it is: "Love is as strong as death. I believe that." Mark who is such a lovable odd person you can't ever be mad at him. I mean come on! Just the things he says, and how he acts, but doesn't understand why they may be odd to others. Then we have Kieran, the Faerie who gives off the impression he is superior to all, but really just wants to be loved and accepted. It's hard to keep up with these three but they all brought something different. My highlight for Kieran was 100% him bowing and winking when he was called a traitor, it was glorious. I think the dancing scene was so special, and so unique I was just sat there like is this really happening? It was just so perfect! I can't wait to read more!

There's nobody else I'd rather be like than you, I Want you to be proud of me." - Livvy Blackthorn

Livvy, Sherlock and Watson Ty and Kit once again, I have no idea what so ever what is going on with this trio. I just loved the friendship/relationship which was built between these. I think in this book in particularly you could see them developing into their shadowhunting roles and I honestly found it so enjoyable. (Did anyone notice that when Kit held the Serpah blade, it seemed to glow brighter and brighter, or is this just me). I am beyond curious to find out what is going on with Ty and Kit, are they just very close friends orrrrr?! I love how they're all so close, and if one's in danger the others come to each others aid to help each other out. Seriously though, the standout for me was definitely the promising friendship of Ty and Kit AKA, Watson and Sherlock! Kit is just so understanding, can I put him in my pocket please?

But he knew he could reassure her. He wasn't leaving the Shadowhunters. He wasn't going anywhere. Because where the Blackthorns were, was his home now.

Diana and Gwyn. I think I may have a slight soft spot for Gwyn. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you, but I do! This pair are SO good together, I mean they help each other out, they respect one another. Gwyn is so understanding and doesn't even seem to bat an eye. I really really loved Diana opening up to Gwyn, and that made me respect these two so much more. I LOVE THEM OKAY!

They wanted their revenge, The Council. They didn't see how revenge begets more revenge. "For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind"" - Magnus Bane

We got more of Magnus and Alec wooooo! Most people love Magnus, and I'm no exception. I was so happy how involved these two were in the book, I liked the glimpses we got into their life now, how they've developed and the children are so damn cute!

Finally, I'm hoping we see more of Dru, you know who and Tavvy in the final series of the book, we get glimpses into them, but I really want more...

I have conflicting views about The Centurions, lets be honest Zara is a complete bitch, as his her following. But I think that there's going to be more to it with the others. I'm intrigued to find out more and find out more about Perfect Diego

This part was going into the bits I liked but I think it needs a special mention. Can I just say how HAPPY I am that there were so many connections to previous books, and a lot of that was for The Infernal Devices! When I say this, I mean it. I literally cried of happiness. We got so many beautiful moments.There were valuable first editions of books in the enormous library, most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H. Photographs of them all together, Jessamine popping up. I-A-M-R-U-I-N-E-D. Not only that but we had Bridget as well! I was hoping for her morbid tunes, instead we got a hilarious line: "The Herondales have always been famous for their good looks, but if you ask me, the Lightwoods are the more sexually charismatic of the bunch."

What I liked ahm loved
- Mark wanting to be Cristinas champion, I was crying with laughter. I don't know why, it honestly really made me laugh.
- I really enjoyed that we got to see something from Arthurs point of view, I think he's such an interesting character and was quite surprised we got a glance of something from him. P.S -
"Tell Julian thank you" - Arthur Blackthorn MY HEART! Not only that, but when he protected Ty and Livvy, it was such a proud moment.
- Chapter 11 was very very veryyyyyy good
- The development of Kit and him coming to terms he's a Shadowhunter, not just a Shadowhunter but a Herondale. When he took up the Serpah for first time I was like YASSSS! Then an Iratze YASSSSS AGAIN!
- The trades the four make to get into the Courts, I liked the fact they each gave something, and they were also told something in return. Each one of these were so perfect!
- All of the secrets. There's so many questions I want answering.
- Ty in the Shadow Market gave me life! I was cheering him on!
- The way in which something is told is so heartbreaking, I don't want to go into too much detail because of spoilers... but I just think it was handled very well.
- THE RIDERS! I'm intrigued okay...
- THAT LETTER! I was in tears, it was so special and so beautiful. Broke me.

What didn't I like?
- The only thing that I don't like is the length of the chapters (for anyone that noticed and read my updates) I can't stop part way through a chapter, and these are sooooooo long!
- Out of 29 chapters, there was only (for me personally) one chapter that seemed to be nonsense and not a lot really happened.
- I really wanted more Jem and Tessa!

WHO IS ASH?! Me and Sailor think he's "the weapon" for The Queen of Air and Darkness The excitement is real!

Why do we have to wait TWO years! That ending ripped my heart out and just was like, see you in two years!

"After all, when you are dying of thirst, it was the sip of water you dreamed about, not the whole reservoir."

P.S - I don't think I'll ever be okay with that ending. Heartbroken.
"I never thought what we had could break so easily." - Julian Blackthorn

Second read thoughts
I still love this, probably more the second time around, out of the trilogy this is hands down my favourite!

Pre thoughts below


The excitement is real!

The teasing is real.
"I want to be parabatai again," she said "The way we were before"


These teasers are too much...
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Lord of Shadows - 5 Stars
Queen of Air and Darkness - 5 Stars
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May 14, 2018
this is one of those rare times where i am at a loss for words. i don't know how to describe what i went through while reading this book, i don't know how to express my love for all of these beautiful characters and i don't know how to say anything else then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa in regards to that heart crushing ending.

i think it's official to say that i now feel very differently about cassandra clare's books than i did a few months ago.


i just.......... don't know how to put my feelings into words. if you want to take a look inside my current state of mind: §"%§%"(/=§)$=§?$?$??$)/=§$(IUED§HUOGKWUDZ
there you go. that's my brain.

there's one thing i want to say though, and this is coming from a self-proclaimed (former) hater of cassandra clare: her books are so full of positive representation of all kind and i'm so, so happy about that. so much diversity in a fantasy series. i am in awe.

//might add a few words once my brain has regained it's normal functionality

[4.5 stars]
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February 11, 2019
“When a decision is made by the government it emboldens those who are already prejudiced to speak their deepest thoughts of hate. They assume they are simply brave enough to say what everyone really thinks.”

This book did not come to play. (Also I'm boosting this back up to a five because I don't give a shit)
➽E M M A A N D J U L I A N

I will actually admit that, sadly, I did not like Emma and Julian’s dynamic… quite as much in this book. I think the tension between them read,, just a little dragged out in the wrong ways? I think this tension actually would have felt more interesting had Emma come close to confessing her feelings in book one, but not actually done so. Here, I just felt like the arc of their dynamic from book one was simply being repeated.

I’m really into three-act structure, so here’s my recommendation: some kind of release of tension for them at the end of the first act (in the actual book, this would be when they’re in faerie); they actually get together for the first time at the end of the second act (this does occur in the actual book, but their motivations up until then feel, idk, muddied?) And the entire decision Julian and Emma make about the Clave just seems… I don’t know.

But ah well. I mean, it's fine. I like them both too much as characters to have any reaction but ://////// sadness :///////

➽K I E R A N, M A R K, C H R I S T I N A

This is still my favorite dynamic of this series and I’m actually incredibly happy it got so much pagetime and uhhhhh buildup we'll go with that. I cried again because I'm me and this makes me so so fucking sad. The Reveals And The Explanations As To A Certain Character's Motivations Had Such Energy And Power I Am Shook. The only (well) love triangle I’ve ever supported or stanned and I would really really like my wishes & hopes & dreams to be validated when they all get together in book three !!!!!!!!

➽A L L T H E O T H E R C H A R A C T E R S

FUCK DUDE I LOVE KIT AND TY TOO MUCH they're so pure and good and honestly the only thing in this book that didn't make me sad. We love two disasters!!!!!!!!!

💓 💖💕💞
💞 OH 💘💖💝
💕💖 💘 Sorry guys 💘💖
💕 💝 I’m dropping my love💗for Diana Wrayburn 💕💖
💘💖 all over the 💘💞
💕💖 💕💞💖💘
💘place 💖
💘💗 💞💝

uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah I think that's my point made i mean. i only full-on cried inconsolable tears once while reading this book and it was at a thing she said.

oh and I really just wanted to input my absolute favorite post because I think it's important now:
thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Kit is my favorite character and I would die for him

➽K E Y S M A S H I N G

**this is not spoiler free, you have now exited the spoiler free section, i swear to god you do not want to read this if you don't want spoilers

→can i just say, i am a full member of the Clave hate team? yes? thanks
→Christina thinking that it’s Diego’s fault for cheating, not Zara’s fault for existing, like the true feminist icon she is
→Zara Dearborn being the most accurate Trump allegory I’ve ever read
→“cool” -Kit, with a combination of sarcasm and lack of giving a shit
→Ty telling Kit he needs him specifically to start a detective agency in possibly the funniest & sweetest scene I’ve ever read
→“I’m not going to be anyone’s Watson” -Kit, five minutes before becoming Ty’s Watson
“you want to pencil it into your day planner under never going to happen?” -Emma being way too iconic
→the drawing-letters-on-back thing that Julian and Emma have is too intimate I hate it
“we’ll forget-” “will we?”
→“Kieran of your heart”
“if he could’ve saved Kieran he would have. but he would not risk his brother.” -Julian being too soft
→Julian beefing with Zara was honestly so good every single time someone dragged her I had 40 years added to my life
“like her opinions are facts”
“stupid hot people won’t let me go home and get my stuff”
→“maybe you'll meet a hot fairy guy” “maybe i will” -Emma and Christina, approximately ten minutes before Christina develops a crush on her other crush’s ex. foreshadowing at its finest
→“they don’t seem to understand what autism is” -Kit spilling the TRUE TEA of this series
→“please i need”
“so is this a chest bump situation or an oh my god what are we going to do situation”
“you could not have chosen a better face to wear” -Kieran, thinking that he’s about to die, and Mark is a literal angel taking him away,,,
→all of Kieran’s dialogue in this book was too sad i absolutely hate everything
“i killed my own father. you think i won’t kill your son?” -Julian being an absolutely terrifying morally grey asshole who I would probably hide from
“why did the universe hate him?” -Julian when his crush looks pretty. the duality of man
→“no stealing covers” “i would never”
“most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H”
→the fact that Zara pulled out the phrase “silent majority” because she’s a bitch like that
→“i’m sure many people find you hilarious” “they DO”
“binding is not love. he should love me freely.”
→that thing Emma said where she was like “I thought I’d be okay… because you’d be okay, and if I was sad forever it’d be all right” I have never been more sad in my life
→Magnus walking in on everyone: the motif is my favorite in-joke of this series and I would like it never to die
→okay gonna be real with you guys I did not cry during this book much. but there was a scene in here that got me SO BAD and you know what it was? THAT SCENE WHERE DIANA WAS TALKING ABOUT CHOOSING HER OWN NAME I WAS... CRYING MY FUCKING ASS OFF. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YALL READ THAT AND DIDN’T CRY
“I never realized how much you can take from someone by not allowing them the words they need to describe themselves. How can you know that there are other people like you when you’ve never had a name to call yourself?”
→on that note, no more discourse allowed, Gwyn and Diana are the true unproblematic pairing of this series, and I would give my actual life for them
“I knew that you were the bravest woman to set foot on this earth. I regret only that such a fearless soul as you was ever hurt by the ignorance and fear of others.”
→can I just reiterate, Clave hate team
→“she is easy to love” -Kieran. please stop. please stop being like this. why are you all like this
“even in his choice of lovers my son gravitates to the enemies of his people. what does that say about him?” “that he knows better than you who his people are?” -i know this verbal wrecking thing is cliche but i don’t give one single shit about it this was. iconic
→that moment where Kieran remembers everything is,,,,,,,,, THE worst I want to die I want to die I want to die. the second time I teared up in this book
→and…… I would miss you -Kit, yet another chaotic bisexual Herondale trying his hardest
→you would? -Ty, a young gay also trying his hardest
→why is he blushing? -Kit’s internal monologue. help him
→“he really did have a thing for dark hair” -Mark. Mark seriously. shut up. why are you all like this part two
→“hot fairy threesome” -a thing Emma actually says, and a thing Christina does a really terrible job shooting down. why are you all like this, part three
“I thought you had come to save me because you love me” “I do love you. but it is a complicated love.” -we LOVE calling out durress and odd dynamics in relationships
→That Bit Where Julian Finally Finds Out His Siblings Appreciate And Adore Him And Just Didn’t Think He Ever Doubted How Much He Was Loved. Wow Do I Enjoy Crying
→i know i’ve said this Julian is such a terrifying morally grey manipulative little shit I love him
→Julian understanding Anabelle through art made me emotional
→WHEN HELEN AND ALINE SHOW UP WITH DIANA….. the THIRD time i teared up also the three of them walking in together? invented queer girl solidarity. you can’t change my mind because I’m right
→on a side note I actually did get unnaturally happy every time the terminology “her wife” was used within this book. my sapphic ass was blessed
→and then there’s this next chapter, which i basically just had me like this for twenty minutes straight

→“you’ve got talent, real talent” “you think so?” “god no. go sit with Zara”
→that awful awful awful thing Zara said to Alec and Alec’s response being so fantastically fucking terrifying I WAS
“this is what i want and what i have chosen. how dare you tell me it’s a tragedy. magnus never pretended. he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy. choosing magnus is one of the easiest things i’ve ever done. i expect you meant to be rude and cruel, but i doubt you wanted to sound stupid as well.”
“what makes you so sure?”
“because he’s 300 times the human being you’ll ever be.”

→*turn down for what playing in the background*
→and then i thought it was over and then THIS SHIT
“you have to force it on the rest of us.” “really? you all have to sleep with Magnus Bane? how exciting for you” -this was literally the FUNNIEST LINE i went back and played it like eight times i was laughing so hard
→…………...I got spoiled for the ending but also i REALLY don’t want to talk about it

my dark artifices reviews: book one | book two | book three

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January 4, 2021

What? How? What? WHY?!

This book was absolutely phenomenal...

...Until the last two chapters. Now, I’m an emotional mess. Absolutely distraught. How could this happen?!!! I’m actually crying right now. I hate everyone who told me to read this.

Jemma is one of my all time favourite ships. Kitty has definitely grown on me. I can’t believe that I actually enjoy the “hot faerie threesome” now? I stand by the opinion that Jem-Will-Tessa would’ve been a threesome if Cassie had written the Infernal Devices today. I feel GIPPED! Also, Gwyn and Diana are absolutely adorable.


Poor Julian. Poor Emma. Poor Mark. Poor Ty. Poor Drusilla. Poor Tavvy. Poor Christina. Poor Magnus. Poor Alec. Poor Isabelle. Poor Simon. Poor Max. Poor Rafe. Poor Maryse. Poor Clary. Poor Jace. POOR EVERYONE!


Needless to say, I’ll be picking up Queen of Air and Darkness ASAP!
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May 24, 2017
BUDDY READING with my Julian aka Caitlin

I want to die. Everything hurts. I can't breathe. The world is over and I have to wait two years. My soul burns. I honestly didn't expect this. This book is a blessing and my hell. Someone save me.

Cassandra Clare is my queen and has quite literally ripped my heart out of my body and stomped all over it.

My lactose intolerance doesn't agree with this book either; I ate two blocks of chocolate stressing out and now I'm banning myself from buying chocolate because boy do I want to cry some more.

It's been like nine hours and I'm still crying. H E L P. This was truly better than Lady Midnight and I never thought I'd say that. Now someone hold me for the next two years.


EDIT: so many people are salty about this cover but guys anything trumps the original TMI covers - especially the first where it's just a chest. So, we've come a long way.



However, one question:

Why is the London bridge in it?!



I am literal trash for the Shadowhunter series.
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June 14, 2017
throne of GLASS - city of GLASS (#TMI3)
crown of MIDNIGHT - lady MIDNIGHT (#TDA1)
heir of FIRE - city of heavenly FIRE (#TMI6)
queen of SHADOWS - prince of SHADOWS(#TDA2)

someone has some explaining to do here AHAHAHHAHAH

*edit*: guys I just wanted to make it clear that I absolutely love both series. I didn't mean to accuse or criticize either of the authors- I just found it pretty cool that they had some similar themes running through their titles. Happy reading to you all <3 !
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June 2, 2017
“He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his bare chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way through his sternum. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.””

The hardest part of reading this book is you have to put up with an emotional influx, from what Clare always tangles the love of the main characters like Jace and Clary, or Jem and Tessa and Will, I am certain that Julian and Emma will break you even more like no one can. Lord of Shadows represents a continuation after what happened in Lady Midnight. The plot was developed. The characters grow up. The villains show theirs other sides appealing for our sympathy, yet Cassandra Clare put this together impeccably.

“Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don't wish you didn't fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn't feel anything.”

Julian is my beloved character since City of Heavenly Fire. I could see that his heart was so pure then, and his love for Emma is larger than life. My heart literally and figuratively broke for him when he longs for something he's not supposed to have. Emma, on the other hand, is a great and strong female character. She complements the good sides of Julian, while he gradually unravels his dark side to us in this book. The contrast is surreal and makes this book more intriguing than I thought.

“Emma. I need you, always, always think about you, I was wishing you were with me in that goddamned attic and then I turned around and you were there, like you heard me, like you're always there when I need you ...”

The main plot is moving forward with the slow pace. To be honest, it took me almost a week to finish this book for some parts were boring and some were not. Not like Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows doesn't have the mysterious atmosphere or thrilling investigation that I fell in love with. I really missed that excitement when I first read Lady Midnight while reading this book, and I hoped that the ending would save it all, but um, I thought I was wrong.

The ending was so cruel and left a major impact on me, though. How could you, Clare ? How could you do this to me ? I'd prepared for anything, ANYTHING. But this ? This is too much. Shockingly I had to stop reading for a while since it hurt me so much to continue even though there were just two or three pages left.

“There's never going to be anyone else for me. That's just how it is.”

Well, I kinda like how the author wrote about Bangkok institute and transgender. In Bangkok, transgender or ladyboys are very famous, and when I saw this, I was so surprised because yeah ! this is my country and she detailed it pretty good. However, this series has the variety of sexuality from straight, gay, bi to pansexual. And this makes me love Clare even more. I love LGBTQ in novels. They should be paid attention to both in books and real life.

About Ty and Kit, I think I saw something passing between them.

I am so afraid to read this. Not because someone I love might die, but the next and the last book will be released in 2019.

“Sometimes the most ruthless heart speaks the most truth”

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June 19, 2017
5 stars

*UPDATE 6/18/17 - NEW added song suggestions at the bottom of review


I have no words right now ... I am in shock

Currently questioning my life and what to do with it for the next two years while I wait for Book 3?

Also can someone come pick up the broken pieces of my soul for me?

*Major Cliffhanger warning!* Quite possibly the worse cliffhanger I have ever read. Clare ends this book at the height of major action without having resolved any of the storyline yet ... and now I have to wait till 2019 for the conclusion. I'm a little irked by this actually!

Nevertheless ... I'll add this book to the list of books that now own my soul.


The following is a chronicle of events that place as soon as that package hits my front door:

Fangirl HARD✓

Hug package✓

Open package✓

Fangirl SO HARD✓

Hug book✓

Sniff book✓

Remove book cover to check for hidden imprint?✓ (No imprint but there is a poster runes under the cover!)

Dance around the house✓

Cry uncontrollably ✓

Set up elaborate Instagram photo-shoot with book -LATER

hug and Sniff book again ✓

Post Instagram photo -LATER


Lock myself in a corner and watch my emotions get destroyed -✓

Question my life and what I will do until book 3 is released - CURRENT SITUATION



MUSIC SUGGESTIONS *Warming ... added feels possible*

Eyes Half Closed by Crywolf aka Julian's heartbreak song

Whisper by Crywolf

Angels by Crywolf

Fortress by Illenium

Coattalis by Broods

Rush Over Me by Seven Lions

Anachronism by Crywolf
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November 30, 2019
I heard this is the best of the series
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December 24, 2018
Can someone actually kill me? The more I think about this book the more I want to curl up in a bawl and die. I also highkey just want to punch Cassie for doing this to us. How dare she 😭



I feel nothing. I am dead inside. Fuck you Cassie Clare. Fuck this book. Fuck my feelings. What the hell. I just. Can't.

Only 4.5 stars because it dragged a bit and I felt nothing was happening for a while but I don't know how to feel oh my god.

WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME CASSIE?! Why did you do this to our characters?! Why the fuck is everything going wrong?! Why can't we just all be happy

Everyone I hated before I no longer hate! Mainly Mark and Kit. I couldn't stand them in Lady Midnight but now they're great. I am shook.

Guys I don't know how to write a review?? I will definitely be coming back in the next few days with my updated feels but right now I'm just upset. I don't know how to feel anything other than broken and I can't believe we have to wait two years for the next book.


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April 22, 2018

imagine being so cruel that you end a book LIKE THAT AND HAVE NO REGARD FOR YOUR READER'S PAIN NO O NE TOUCH ME

ms. clare you better fix this mess you made of my soul ily but i need book 3 nOW


julian blackthorn marry me please and thanks

Buddy read with my little leek
February 23, 2019
”Sometimes the most ruthless heart speaks the most truth”.

¿Por qué pensé en algún momento que Cassandra Clare no me iba a hacer sufrir tanto en Lord of Shadows y que todo el mundo estaba exagerando? Creo que este libro fue quinientas veces más intenso que Lady Midnight, pues ya no sólo es el drama de Julian y de Emma el que está allí, sino que todo lo que está sucediendo en todos los frentes es tremendamente trágico.

Me gusta muchísimo que cada vez se involucre más en la trama el mundo de las hadas, sus conspiraciones, guerras, divisiones y definiciones retorcidas de la verdad y el amor. Es imposible que me aburra leyendo algo en lo que está metida la Reina de la Corte Seelie, el Rey de la Corte no Seelie, la Cacería, los Jinetes, Kieran, Mark… ay, todo es maravillosamente retorcido con ellos.

En cuanto a la trama con Annabel Blackthorn… wow. Pensé que ya algunos hitos de la historia se habían cerrado en el libro pasado, pero estaba completamente engañada. Sigue intrigándome muchísimo esa pobre mujer, aunque creo que es más peligrosa de lo que muchos piensan.

Evidentemente voy a fangirlear y hablar más de todas las parejas en la sección de spoilers, pero por lo pronto puedo decirles por aquí que a) Cassandra Clare es tremendamente cruel y todo lo de la maldición de los parabatai y la solución es más de lo que mi corazón puede soportar, b) tengo muchas teorías con respecto a dos personajes y los amo y ojalá estén juntos, c) hay una revelación tremenda sobre un personaje y Cassie es una reina de la representación y d) quiero que cierto triángulo amoroso no se resuelva y se quede siendo un trío poliamoroso (?).

Dicho todo esto, voy a empezar a comentar momentos del libro, así que… ¡alerta spoilers!


1. Perdón, pero no puedo empezar con otra cosa diferente a la aparición de Clary y Jace. ¡Ahhhhhh! Los amo tanto. Amé todas las conversaciones que tuvieron con Emma, Julian e incluso Kit. Eso sí, eso de que Clary le confiese a Emma que le ha dicho a Jace que no se quiere casar con él porque ha tenido un sueño en el que muere es como… ¡NO, NO, NO, NO! Ellos ya sufrieron demasiado, Cassie, déjalos en paz.

2. OMG, y hablemos del flashback de Emma y Mark al momento en el que ella le pide que finja salir con ella y él le dice que no hay necesidad de fingir. Y TODO EL RECUERDO ES DE CÓMO SE BESARON Y, POR EL ÁNGEL, ASDHFGDKHFS. Pero luego todo es horrible porque Mark le dice que sabe a sal… y es que Emma está llorando. Entonces a partir de ahí no vuelven a hacer nada más pero se vuelven muy amigos, awww.

3. Al principio del libro Kit me parte el corazón. Acaba de perder a su padre y, además, ha descubierto que es un Herondale, un cazador de sombras, y todo su mundo está cambiando. Pero es hermoso ver cómo se va acercando a Ty y a Livvy y empieza a sentir que de verdad puede pertenecer a un lugar.

4. Uf, otra conversación durísima es cuando Kit le dice a Julian que Ty es autista… y Julian se queda en shock porque no está familiarizado con los términos de la medicina y las enfermedades mundanas.

5. Esto es una pequeña tontería, pero cuando Kit va al Mercado de las Sombras a ver si puede conseguir medicina para Arthur, la gente allí ya no lo ve como antes, lo odian por estar con los cazadores de sombras. Así que, cuando se van, Kit golpea un letrero y queda herido, pero no deja que nadie le ponga un iratze. PERO cuando Ty lo ve herido en el Instituto, se ofrece a ponerle la runa y Kit acepta sólo porque es Ty. Y LOS AMO.

6. Ugh, ¿es demasiado cliché decir que odia a los Centuriones? Incluso a Diego. ¡PUES LOS ODIO! Manada de creídos, insolentes e idiotas. Me caen fatal. ¿Y la Zara esa? Que se la den a los demonios, por favor. ¿Y lo de que Diego está comprometido con Zara aún cuando estaba intentando arreglar las cosas con Cristina? Pues mira, mejor, yo a Cristina la quiero con Mark, Kieran o ambos, jejeje.


8. Casi me muero cuando Julian y Emma se encuentran una noche y salen del Instituto y él le dice que nunca debió haberla tocado, que está todo mal, pero que el no estar con ella lo está matando. Julian se siente destrozado y se lo dice dibujándole las letras en la piel Y SE BESAN Y AY, MIS NIÑOS, POR QUÉ TODO TIENEN QUE SER TAN DIFÍCIL CON USTEDES DOS. Joder, joder, joder… y justo cuando la cosa está a punto de ponerse más steamy Emma recuerda todo lo de la maldición y dice el nombre de Mark en voz alta. Y Julian se para en seco. POBRECITOOOOOOO.

9. Ehhh, ¿podemos hablar del momento en el que Gwyn, el líder de la Cacería, llega a decirles que Kieran va a morir y que Mark debe salvarlo? ¿Y del hecho de que antes de irse le deja una bellota especial a Diana? NO HA PASADO NADA PERO LOS SHIPPEO.

10. A pesar de que Mark dijo que no iba a ir a Feéra a rescatar a Kieran, sí que se escapa para ir. Pero Cristina, Julian y Emma se dan cuenta y lo encuentran justo antes de que cruce hacia allí. Pero para cruzar deben hablar con un ser que les cobra un peaje y, a la vez, les dice algo que están buscando con todo su corazón y que lo encontrarán allí. A Emma le dice que va a volver a alguien que ama y está muerto. Damn…

11. ¿HOLA A NINGÚN TIPO DE MAGIA SHADOWHUNTER FUNCIONANDO EN FEÉRA? Ni piedras de luz, ni runas, ni cuchillos serafines… Joder.

12. Momento súper random en el que Ty, Livvy y Kit están en la playa y, cuando Ty está lejos, Livvy le pide a Kit que la bese. Y LA BESA. SAY WHATTTTTTT?

13. Ayyyyy, ¡y empieza el salseo! En medio de la noche de Feéra, Cristina se despierta y sigue el sonido de la música, pero Mark la ve y le pide que no vaya, pues las fiestas de hadas son peligrosas, pero ella no le hace caso. Así que terminan yendo, bebiendo vino, bailando y, cuando Cristina piensa que está bajo el efecto del vino de las hadas… BESA A MARK Y AHHHHHHHH, TODO ES MUY INTENSO Y STEAMY. Pero luego Mark la aleja porque se da cuenta de que Cristina pensaba que el vino estaba manipulado y sólo lo estaba besando por eso. ¡PERO EN EL FONDO LOS DOS SABEN QUE SE GUSTAN Y NO FUE SÓLO POR EL VINO!

14. Casi se me parte el corazón cuando Cristina se despierta y ve a Julian y Emma que, a pesar de que se quedaron dormidos separados, se cogieron de la mano mientras dormían. Ay, perdón, se me metió algo en el ojo.

15. Maldita cosa horrorosa es el hada que tomó la apariencia de Emma para que Julian pensara que era ella y la besara. Y resulta que era un hada asquerosa que se bebe la sangre de los hombres y QUÉ SOBERANO ASCOOO. Y lo peor es que Emma los ve de lejos y piensa que por fin Julian la ha olvidado y es como JSLAKFJADSKLDJASD.

16. Uf, cuando por fin encuentran al Rey No Seelie y a Kieran como prisionero y Julian pide que haya un juicio por combate. ¡Y Emma es la campeona de Kieran! Pero, claro, como los poderes shadowhunters no funcionan allí es una batalla tremenda. Al final Emma gana, pero cuando va a ejecutar al hada y le quita el casco, ve que es su padre y se derrumba. PERO OBVIO ES UN TRUCO DE LAS HADAS, LAS ODIO.

17. ¿Y qué tal el momento en el que aparece Malcolm en el Instituto de nuevo y está medio vivo y medio muerto y sigue exigiendo sangre Blackthorn? WTF?! Y resulta que Diana se lleva a todos sus niños al Instituto de Londres mientras Arthur se queda para defenderlo todo. PERO PARA ÉL DEFENDERLO TODO SIGNIFICA SACRIFICARSE, ENTONCES SE ENTREGA A MALCOLM Y OBVIO LO MATA Y USA SU SANGRE PARA REVIVIR A ANNABEL. Pobre tío Arthur. Pero… plot twist, lo primero que hace Annabel cuando ve que Malcolm la ha revivido es MATARLO. JAJAJAJAJAJA, sorry, pero eso es lo que te mereces, motherf*cker.

18. Cuando por fin rescatan a Kieran y terminan todos durmiendo en la casa de la tía hada de Mark, Emma y Julian terminan en la misma habitación… Y LA TENSIÓN ES MUY REAL PORQUE LA ROPA QUE LE DAN LAS HADAS A EMMA ES MEDIO TRANSPARENTE Y, POR EL ÁNGEL, POBRE JULIAN. Pero luego ella le dice que quiere seguir con si relación de parabatai y eso es como friendzone más grande y mentiroso que se ha visto jamás.

19. En serio, este libro y todas sus parejas me iban volviendo loca. Amo cuando Mark y Cristina están juntos, pero tampoco puedo evitar fangirlear cuando Mark y Kieran se besan porque todo en ellos es tan libre, salvaje e intenso que… me muero, akjfbalkfas.

20. ¿Me explican por qué Julian termina negociando con la Reina Seelie? ¡NADA NUNCA SALE BIEN CON LOS TRATOS DE LAS HADAS! Pero, claro, como le dice que sabe la manera de acabar con el vínculo parabatai… Ay, madre. Y es que pide poco, ¿eh? Nada más y nada menos que el Libro Negro para recuperar algo que le quitó el Rey No Seelie. Y todo es súper enredado, pero Julian convence a todos de que es lo mejor, sin revelar lo de los parabatai y al final Kieran termina siendo el enviado de la Reina ante los Cazadores de Sombras. Y para serlo, debe jurarle lealtad a alguien… Y KEIRAN ESCOGE A CRISTINA. AHHHH.

21. Okay, tengo que volver a fangirlear aquí porque cuando todos vuelven de la Corte Seelie junto con la Cacería, Gwyn ve a Diana y le dice que quiere cortejarla. AHHHHHHH. ES TAN ANTIGUO Y TAN PODEROSO Y SON TAN TONTITOS JUNTOS.

22. ¡Ahhhhhhhhhh! ¡Momento épico en el que Julian y Emma están tonteando y ella le dice que la dibuje como a una de sus francesas! ¡NO PODÍA DE LA EMOCIÓN CON ESTA REFERENCIA A TITANIC!

23. Ufffff, ¿qué tal cuando Kieran se da cuenta del hechizo de unión que le pusieron las hadas a Mark y a Cristina durante la fiesta y no les cree que fue accidental y, entonces, dice que la única manera de comprobarlo es besando a Mark? Y LO BESA ENFRENTE DE CRISTINA… Y ELLA TAMPOCO APARTA LA MIRADA Y LO MEDIO DISFRUTA. Ay, madre, este trío que se está formando aquí me perturba y me encanta a partes iguales, jajajajaja. Sorry not sorry.

24. El momento en el que Ty le dibuja a Kit su primera runa permanente <3.


26. ¿Podemos hablar de lo hermosos que son Magnus y Alec con Rafe y Max, sus hijos? #GOALS

27. Uf, y me partió el corazón ver a Ty tan triste y afectado por ver a Livvy herida y a punto de morir.

28. Joder, cada escena que Cassandra Clare escribe de Julian y Emma abrazándose sin querer mientras duermen y luego uno de los dos despertándose y viendo eso es TAN CRUEL. De verdad, cada que leía todo lo que Julian sentía cuando veía a Emma pegada a él o cuando Emma veía que había abrazado a Julian por la noche es demasiado para mi pobre e inexistente corazón.

29. ¿HOLA A LA CITA/PICNIC DE GWYN CON DIANA? Me encantan, de verdad. Y cuando finalmente Diana se abre y le cuenta toda la verdad sobre quién es a Gwyn es todo tan intenso. ¡Pues resulta que le tiene miedo a la Espada Mortal porque la va a obligar a decir su nombre real! ¡Y SU NOMBRE REAL ES DAVID! Ella nació siendo hombre, pero siempre se sintió una chica y, obvio en el mundo de los Cazadores de Sombras, eso estaba fatal. Así que, eventualmente, se fue al mundo mundano y Catarina Loss la ayudó a pasar por la operación de cambio de sexo… volviéndose Diana definitivamente. Lo mejor de todo esto es que Gwyn la acepta sin ningún tipo de juicio Y POR ESO DEBEN SER FELICES POR SIEMPRE JAMÁS.

30. Ehmm… Lo de Dru escondiendo al hermano de Diego en el Instituto no me da buena espina. Sigo sin confiar en ese Jaime.

31. OMGGGGG, ¿qué tal el sex dream que le envía Kieran a Mark cuando se quedó dormido investigando? SOOOO. DAMN. HOT.

32. ¿No les digo que lo de Cristina, Mark y Kieran me va a matar? Hay un momento en el que Cristina y Mark bajan al salón de baile del Instituto de Londres y, en broma, empiezan a bailar juntos y, en parte por el hechizo de unión y en parte por su atracción, se besan y todo es hermoso… PERO LUEGO APARECE KIERAN. Y le dice a Mark que así no se baila, entonces coge a Cristina y baila con ella enseñándole todo lo salvaje que puede ser la sangre de las hadas. Y TODO ES COMO, DIOSES, NO SÉ QUÉ SUCEDE ENTRE ESOS TRES PERO ME MATA.

33. Voy a tratar de ser coherente y no fangirlear mucho pero… gracias al poder de la maldición parabatai, Emma y Julian logran quemar con runas una iglesia de piedra. DE PIEDRA. Y, cuando llegan a la casa de Cornwall, ella le dice que sabe que aún la ama. Y empiezan a discutir porque ninguno entiende todo lo que el otro ha sacrificado por no incumplir la Ley. Y Julian termina gritándole que ojalá entendiera qué es obsesionarse con algo todos los minutos de cada día como lo hace él con ella. AHHHHHHH. Y Allí Emma sale corriendo y se va.

34. Pero cuando está afuera se encuentra con algunos de los Guerreros de Mannan, hadas que nunca han sido derrotadas y a las que nadie nunca ha podido matar. Y se empieza a enfrentar a ellas con Cortana y es una lucha tremenda. Y eventualmente llega Julian y uno de esos Guerreros está a punto de matarlo y Emma se lanza enfrente de él y acaba de un sablazo al guerrero… al guerrero inmortal. Al guerrero que se supone que nadie puede derrotar. Y ella lo MATÓ.


36. Después de todo esto Emma le cuenta sobre la maldición de los parabatai y Julian le confiesa que la Reina Seelie sabe cómo deshacer el vínculo… pero que necesitan el Libro Negro y que el hechizo no sólo desharía su vínculo parabatai sino el de todos los parabatai del mundo. Y mientras están en shock y siguen abrazaditos… ENTRA MAGNUS Y LOS VE ASÍ, LOL.

37. Adoro cuando Ty le dice a Kit que ya no quiere ir al Escolamántico porque todos los Centuriones son capullos y Kit le dice que nunca quiso que fuera porque lo extrañaría demasiado. Ay, mis niños.


39. Uf, ¿qué tal cuando vuelven los Jinetes de Mannan al Instituto y todos se están enfrentando a ellos y perdiendo y luego aparece Annabel y los asusta a todos diciendo que sabe el nombre real del Rey No Seelie? ¡Y luego aparece Magnus y termina de salvarlos a todos!


41. Ayyyyyy, otro momentazo en el que Julian le está diciendo a Emma que todo va a salir bien porque sus almas están hechas del mismo polvo de estrellas y que, sin importar cómo, siempre van a encontrar la manera de estar juntas. Y SE ABRAZAN EN LA CAMA Y SE BESAN Y SE TOCAN Y AJFALKJDFALSJF. ¿Cómo esa clase de sentimientos pueden estar prohibidos? ¡Odio el día en el que se les ocurrió volverse parabatai, adhgasd.

42. Y aquí es cuando todo se empieza a ir al demonio porque, claramente, esa reunión de la Clave en la que Annnabel tiene que testificar contra Zara con la Espada Mortal no puede salir bien. Porque Magnus, que le había prometido estar a su lado durante todo el proceso, CAE ENFERMO Y PORBECITO MI BRUJO FAVORITO Y POBRECITO ALEC. Y, claro, todo el mundo se empieza a volver loco, los Cazadores de Sombras radicales gritan, Annabel se desespera y, como está medio loca y todavía tiene la Espada Mortal en la mano, termina matando a Robert Lightwood que estaba intentando calmarla. Y Emma salta para luchar con ella con Cortana y terminan partiendo la Espada Mortal… Y como Annabel sigue loca y la persona que está más cerca a ella es Livvy, pues también la mata con el pedazo de Espada que le queda en la mano.

43. A ver, digamos que las muertes de Robert y Livvy no me importan en sí mismas, pero lo que sí me parte el corazón es las personas a las que afectan directamente: Alec y Julian :(.

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September 3, 2020
this review was originally posted on twirling pages

Lord of Shadows left me feeling deceased.

Lord of Shadows was one of my most-anticipated releases of 2017 and i was worried. aside from the obvious fact of PAIN and WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY FAVES, i was afraid this installment would disappoint me. the more i read and review novels, the more critical and cynical i get. i rarely enjoy books for the sake of it unless there are low expectations. but with Lord of Shadows, i couldn’t help but have high expectations. thankfully, cassandra clare left me feeling happily horrible. it had all the emotional pain and frustration i expected – and more! buuuut there were a few things i was feeling :// about.

this bible-sized novel was slower than anticipated. i remember flying through Lady Midnight despite its size; i can't say the same for LoS. i'm not saying i couldn't bring myself to finish, but there were parts when i thought CAN WE MOVE ON. there were also parts when i anticipated things before it happened. i'm not sure if clare intentionally made things somewhat predictable orrrr if i'm getting better at guessing things. either way, i was kinda sad/frustrated about that.

“Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don't wish you didn't fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn't feel anything.”

aside from these two tiny things, LORD OF SHADOWS WAS AMAZING. it left me feeling wrecked and emotionally unstable. i know some may hesitate on picking this up due to its size, but it's worth every page. i'd highly highly recommend to anyone who likes reading. as someone who wasn't a fan of cassandra clare from the start, i must admit: her work continues to improve and grow beyond my expectations. GO READ IT.

SPOILER-FILLED DISCUSSION BEGINNING. don't say i didn't warn you... *side eye* if you haven't read this book, please please stop here. you DON'T want to be spoiled.

characters & relationships

let's talk about these characters and such first, shall we? ten pages into the book and MARK AND EMMA ARE A THING. i'm feeling every kind of betrayal. i'm screaming my head off. however, it becomes quickly clear that those two are not going to work out (romantically) and the world is right again. (yes, i'm gonna be THAT petty about them.) we all knew they weren't going to get anything more than a platonic relationship. meanwhile, my poor jules is SUFFERING i'm mostly just glad jules and emma are back together-ish?? the truth is out and that's all that matters. sorta.

moving onto the new unholy trinity: ty, livvy, and kit. these three!! are so gold!!! kit starts off as someone who is NOT having it and tries to deny everything about being a shadowhunter. ty and livvy eventually grow on him and he becomes part of their crew™. THEY ARE MY FAVES. FAVES. FAVES. i kinda ship ty and kit very much and i find it hilarious that livvy kissed kit. the love between these three are so wonderful. until livvy.... I HAVE WORDS ON THIS LATER

the mark/cristina/kieran triangle thing is strange. (diego is not part of this because it DOES NOT EVEN COUNT.) this triangle can go three ways but i'm ultimately rooting for mark and cristina as a romantic relationship. i'm surprised by how much i love cristina and kieran as friends. I JUST LOVE CRISTINA.

now for the other relationships: gwyn and diana? LOVE THEM. they are hilarious and adorable. gwyn was so unexpected and I LOVE HIM. also i LOVE how we found out more on diana’s past and who she really is! i was sososososo surprised the thing leading up to her secret was that she’s transgender. (more on this later) dru and jamie have this thing going on and i don't know how to feel about it. :/ in general, the blackthorns are my favorite family and everyone is wonderful. i love the way their family mends together.


can we have an in-depth rant about zara and her bigotry gang? they need to GET OUT. as if we don't get enough of this in real life (at least in america right now), it's going on in the shadowhunter world too. WHICH MAKES IT ALL THE MORE RELEVANT. it all started when her annoying ass barged into the LA Institute with her stupid pin, asking the blackthorns to do her laundry. she started off as someone who was simply ANNOYING but eventually became a larger threat. i feel like that's such a strong metaphor for trump's america. it made me realize how politics in the shadowhunter world are very similar to the united states right now. i see downworlders/shadowhunters/faeries/etc as a metaphor for race. the dearborns and the rest of the gang are basically petitioning for extermination and containment of downworlders (aka POC in the real world). i don’t know about you but doesn’t that sound a little familiar???????? people of the lgbtq+ community aren’t entirely accepted in the shadowhunter world, even though there are many who do support them. unfortunately, i think the same could be said for the world right now. it’s weird how i saw these things more clearly after reading LoS – a story set in a fictional world. even though it’s not “real” and the issues are more exaggerated, i think it’s more prominent because I FEEL SO MUCH FOR THESE CHARACTERS. it’s a personal attack on them, which makes it a personal attack on me. it feels real to me – even more so than the “real world.” (i think that shows how UTTERLY BIZARRE american politics are right not because it feels like a poorly written fictional story than Real Things!)

anyway, enough of that. i'm just going to get more upset if i think about it. MOVING ON. i was super wary during their trip to the unseelie and seelie courts because FAERIES AND THEIR TRICKERY. it was a hot mess, but i expected worse so *whew.* the part that had me screaming in frustration was when emma was unable to kill the faerie because he looked like her dad. :((( the one good thing that came out of that trip was julian finding out how to break the parabatai bond.

SO. the parabatai bond. it can be broken but it’ll also break all parabatai bonds. this was another ASDJGYFHKLJH,K;WHAT moment. (and also robert is dead so someone HELP)

i didn’t realize the strength of cortana and how important it was when emma killed one of the riders of mannanan. it happened and i was like, “oh, okay, moving on.” BUT THEN, turns out it’s a big deal and now the riders are probably going after emma in the future. i’m curious (and scared but also not because it’s EMMA) to see how that’ll come to play in the next book.

annabel blackthorn is a nutcase and should be dead. AGAIN. even though malcom died, i had a theory he’d be back – and he did come back, only to die on by the hand of his lover. (go annabel!) after julian talked to her, i was a little more trusting. maybe she wasn’t that insane. BUT THEN. she goes ham and kills robert lightwood and livvy blackthorn. in her defense, she might’ve been triggered by the mortal sword and gone to a bad place. BUT STILL. i’ll never forgive her or trust her again.


that being said, LIVVY. yeah, robert’s death was sad but more importantly… LIVVY. i kid you not, i read the sentence – “... she was truly beautiful, a Shadowhunter in full flowering glory, just before she landed lightly on the wooden floor dias’s edge and drove her jagged, broken half blade into Livvy’s heart.” – and shut the book. i let out the longest gasp and could not believe it because this is not happening this is not happening thisisnothappening.

the stages of grief are true. it started with pure and utter shock, turned to despair (crying for a good 30 min), and now i’m at denial. even though the last sentence confirms it because the clock chimed and livvy was just talking about that clock. BUT. but. robert lightwood also died and i’m hoping it was chiming for robert. (the cliffhanger of LM was a misunderstanding so this could be too???) (nope, cassandra clare is just cruel sometimes)

what are your thoughts on Lord of Shadows? release your FEELZ in the comments~
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March 7, 2023
im sorry who the hell ends a book like that?? stomps on my heart makes me cry and then RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHIT STORM just ENDS.

did cassandra clare not attend kindergarten?? everyone knows that to write a story you need a beginning, middle and end- a rising action, climax and resolution. SO WHERE WAS THE FUCKING RESOLUTION??? somebody please direct me on where to find the ten missing chapters at the end of this book.

and the rest of the book?? fuckedy fuck fuck fuckedy fuck fuck over the cliff i gooooo like COME ON. it was something after something going wrong. there was no rest in this book. no relax period. just a constant state of anxiety. like i was balancing at the end of a cliff, teetering over the edge so close to falling. and the last chapter? cassie really just fucking SHOVED me off the cliff. free falling into the dark abyss. i will not recover from this book.

anyway, in conclusion, i obviously loved it.
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July 12, 2017

❝Emma, everyone's afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don't wish you didn't fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn't feel anything.❞

I DID IT. After months of avoiding, slumping, and adulting... I FINALLY FINISHED. I spent weeks contemplating how I was going to rate Lord of Shadows and I've come to the decision that this sequel was probably a solid 3.5 STARS for me. It pains my heart to give any book in this trilogy anything close to three stars because it's my second favorite Shadowhunter series behind The Infernal Devices (sadly, The Mortal Instruments is not on my list of Shadowhunter faves. 😅)

Although, Lord of Shadows was enjoyable for the most part, I did feel as though it was painfully slow (and boring 🙊) in some parts, and in some others, I did feel as though they could've been omitted completely. That being said, long story short, Lord of Shadows was unnecessarily too long. I'm a bookworm. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO LONG WHEN IT COMES TO A BOOK. Sometimes. 😉 In this case, it might've been about 100-200 pages TOO long. 😂 It suffered a case of something similar to what I had to endure while reading TMI, and after reading so many Shadowhunter books, I finally figured out what exactly that case was. It was the case of "TOO MANY POVS I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT" syndrome.

I don't have a problem with multiple POVs. Just with boring ones. And there was a lot of it going on in Lord of Shadows. We were constantly switching over from the main storyline to side storylines and POVs that I really couldn't care less about which caused a lot of things to happen all at once and feel as though the book was all over the place. Plus, some characters kept getting sidetracked with the most pointless things such as the bond between Mark and Cristina. POINTLESS. 🙄

Which also brings me to another thing I hated about this book. It brought too much focus on Mark, Cristina, and Kieran. Individually, I wouldn't mind because I love these three characters but... It's a hard pass for me. There was too much romantic focus, specifically between Mark and Cristina. And that's coming from someone who loves romance books! At one point, I was beginning to wonder if Emma/Julian/the Blackthorns were even the main characters in this trilogy anymore because we spent so much time with the love triangle (square if you count Perfect Diego) between Mark/Cristina/Kieran. It seriously felt like Cassandra Clare kept shoving Mark and Cristina down our throats and I just couldn't stand it anymore. 😭 I wouldn't be complaining so much if it was Mark and Kieran or even Cristina and Kieran, but for Pete's sake, stop trying to make Mark and Cristina happen. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Lol Mean Girls. 💀💕 But in all seriousness though, Mark and Cristina felt too forced to me and I didn't feel any of their chemistry. Kieran and Cristina had more chemistry and for all we know, that ship is nonexistent before it even gets a chance to start. I would gladly give up majority of the pages dedicated for Mark and Cristina to get more of Jules and Emma time because LoS was lacking in that area.

Other things I hated that I want to mention but they don't deserve my time and explanation: ZARA and the Cohort. Need I say more?

Okay. Enough Petty Mikee. Let's get to the positive stuff. 🤗

I love the bond and friendship between Ty, Livvy, and Kit. At first, they fell under the category of "POVs I don't care about" but they quickly grew onto me and I began to appreciate the role they had for each other. ❤️

Emma and Julian. My babies. There wasn't enough of it. Period.

Diana and Gwyn. Y'all. I'm 100 PERCENT on board with this. Give me MORE.

The Blackthorns. They're all just too precious for this freakin world. I love them all so much. I've seen people talking down on Julian and his ruthlessness to do whatever it takes to protect his family, but those are his babies. He raised those kids while he was child himself. How can anyone not understand the lengths and sacrifices he would go to to protect each and every one of the Blackthorns and Emma? 😓 He may be ruthless to some eyes but the way I see it, his heart is filled with SO much love for his family but to a certain fault.

Now. There's the ENDING. Sadly, I was spoiled with the ending for Lord of Shadows so it's really quite unfortunate to say that it didn't impact me as much as it would have if I was able to experience it without it being ruined for me. My heart still broke seeing it unfold, but I can only imagine the bigger impact it would've had on me if I found out for myself as it happened. But once things get spoiled, you get robbed of that one-time experience unfortunately. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was still heartbreaking nonetheless, and...

Lord of Shadows didn't really come close to the bar of expectations that Lady Midnight set but it left a lot to anticipate for the conclusion to The Dark Artifices. The book suffered a bit of second book syndrome and more but it is evident that Cassandra Clare has so much in store for us in the finale and I'm confident that it would not disappoint. A lot of death is bound to happen so the only thing we can do is prepare ourselves to the havoc that Cassie is itching to wreck. 👀
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June 26, 2017
is this what death feels like

(Being overly-dramatic) BUT STILL, this was one crazy ride and THAT ENDING. HOW. WHAT. WHY. WHYYYY. Two years is too long a wait for the conclusion. The Last Hours better be worth it.
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