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Until Him/Her #4

Until Ashlyn

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Dillon Keck knew Ashlyn Mayson was drunk when she suggested they get married. He knew he should have taken her back to their hotel room and put her to bed. Instead, he did what he had been craving to do since the moment they met.

Claim her as his.

Waking up married in Vegas isn't something Ashlyn Mayson ever thought would happen to her. Having Dillon, her boss, a man she thinks is a dick, insist they stay married is absurd, but every time he touches her, she gets lost in him and wonders if maybe they are meant to be together.

But someone isn't happy for Dillon and Ashlyn and their new found romance, and they're willing to do anything to keep them apart. Even commit murder.

251 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 27, 2016

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About the author

Aurora Rose Reynolds

81 books16.6k followers

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author whose wildly popular series include Until, Until Him, Until Her, Underground Kings and Shooting Stars.

Her writing career started in an attempt to get the outrageously alpha men who resided in her head to leave her alone and has blossomed into an opportunity to share her stories with readers all over the world.

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April 12, 2022
2 WTF Stars


So this was interesting.


And by "interesting," I mean total hot fucking mess.

Seriously though, what the fuck happened with this one?

Things started off well enough.

It was a typical ARR book... ALSO KNOWN AS a mash up of OTT alpha male crazy and a whole lotta wannabe Kristen Ashley-isms.


"You're a fucking nut?"

Chin lifts?

"He tagged my hand and we walked, left, what have you?"


Getting the pattern?


Which, while unoriginal, etc, etc?

I don't actually care.

It's all A-OK with me.

I'm not here for originality or existential manuscripts.

As all my peeps know - and as I CLEARLY state on my profile - I'm not here to better myself or expand my mind.

I'm here purely for the SMUT.


And if there happens to be originality or a "thing that makes you go hmmm?"



Pure, sweet, come to mama icing on that cake, people.

However, ARR is not icing.

Nope, no frills and spills here, peeps, just plain old copy cat guilty pleasure smut.







This one though?

Good grief.

One word:


This book had so many half-assed story lines going on that the right page didn't know what left page was doing.


This story included (but was not limited to, I'm sure I am forgetting something):


-A drunken Vegas marriage
-Family fallout from said marriage (hospital trip #1)
-Ex-fiance drama
-Previous "EX" drama

*Tangent* These previous men the h dated kept being referred to as "exes," however, I don't consider two dates total to comprise the actual reality of a relationship which the term "ex" inherently implies...but whatevs! *End tangent*

-Heroine getting hit and run by a car (hospital trip #2)
-Too many side character cameos
-Side relationship story drama

Hmmmm...I feel like I'm forgetting something....

Oh, that's right.



Not only that, but it was like there were entire sections of the book itself missing.

One minute our two main characters are going to bed for the night....

And the next paragraph...

Our heroine is waking up after being drugged and kidnapped by the serial killer.

Then it cuts directly to her being safe at home.

NOTHING in between.


The kidnapping, the rescue, the fallout....?

EVERYTHING happens off page and with very little explanation.

It's like ARR realized her deadline was here and said, "Fuck, it. I'm just gonna throw it all at the wall and see what sticks."


In addition to that, ARR decided to make both the h AND the H virgins. Now, this is fine for me, I dig it. And I'm super happy for some of my GR friends whom I know will be super jazzed by this...but...


I just have a hard time believing that two supposedly REALLY, REALLY HOT grown adults, both born and raised in the US, who are both old enough to be dentists (so mid/late 20's minimum?) are BOTH virgins.


Especially in his case being that he sure seemed to be a guru in the field of Knocking Dem Boots.

The final straw for me though?


The addition of the ole long lost identical twin that - of course - nobody knew about.


Whenever I read this plot twist, I feel like someone is patting my head like a 5-year and calling me an idiot straight to my face.





Or in other words....


I mean, my GAWD.

All of this seriously bummed me out.

Because up until about the 60% mark, I was really loving this story.

It was the typical ARR KA rip-off with the OTT alpha male bullshit that I lurve and - add that to the whole Vegas marriage thing? - I was in smutty guilty pleasure heaven.

In fact, if not for that, I would have rated this even lower.

That said, if you are an ARR fan and you REALLY love the alpha crazy that she brings to the table, I would still pick this one up.

I don't regret reading it.

I just wish the ass had matched the tits on this one.
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3,916 reviews33k followers
December 22, 2016
4 stars!!!

 photo A9315772-2A90-4A67-BB27-CE7BCE63C4BE_zpssn7puxg5.jpg

Until Ashlyn is the third book in the Until Her series, which is a spin off from ARR’s original Until series. I have a special spot for Ashlyn because she is one of the children of my favorite Until couple, Lilly and Cash. Ashlyn works at a dentist office and it has been hinted that her book would be with the dentist she worked with, Dillon. Dillion and Ashlyn do not get a long and I could not wait to read about them!
Dillon is annoying, bossy, and… fine, he can be nice sometimes. Plus, he’s uber-hot, but I hate him. Okay, I don’t hate him… but I really, really want to.

I love the banter between these two. When they go to a dental conference in Vegas together, Ashlyn gets really drunk and a wedding occurs. Her wedding. To her boss. Yes- Ashlyn and Dillon get married. And Ashlyn’s first thought is crap! We need to rectify this before we leave Vegas! But Dillon… not so much. I loved his alpha nature.
“I can’t believe I’m fricking married to you.”

“Believe it,” he barks, pushing up the sleeves of his navy blue Henley up to his elbows. “We’re married, baby, and you better get use to the idea, ’cause that shit is not changing. Ever.”

Dillon was very much an in charge man and Ashlyn was a feisty heroine who didn’t let him boss her. I loved their dynamic. It was apparent they had great chemistry from the start and I loved the push and pull between them.

This book very much felt like the original Aurora Rose Reynolds books, and I loved that about it. She has a great formula for these books that just works! The BOOM, fantastic alpha males, and great heroines make for great reads that I can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for a short, sweet and sexy read with just enough angst and drama to keep things interesting, look no further! After reading this, and that ending… Until Sage can’t come out soon enough!

 photo F4C5D4A7-AD00-46DD-9F7D-0FC53559C25F_zpscbtfunrg.jpg
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1,260 reviews10k followers
December 28, 2016
*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”I want all of you. Your mind, your soul, and most importantly your heart. I want every breath you take to be for me. I want to imprint myself into your skin so you’ll crave me like a drug and never want to be without me.”

 photo until ashlyn teaser_zpsbjvrvjfl.jpg

Fans of Aurora Rose Reynolds are in for a treat with this one. I found ”UNTIL ASHLYN” to be incredibly steamy and highly entertaining. I have a weakness for super hot alpha males in my stories and Dillon Keck embodies that description completely. He’s like a category five hurricane!! He barrels into the heroine’s life and there seems to be no limit to his possessive and dominant behavior! I loved him!!

Dillon Keck made an exceptional first impression on Ashlyn when their paths first crossed on line at a local coffee shop. It was his second and all subsequent impressions later that ended up rubbing her the wrong way. The man is undeniably gorgeous but he had always come off a bit snarky and abrasive towards Ashlyn. Dillon ends up buying the dental practice that Ashlyn has been working as a dental hygienist at for a few years and their relationship has never been light or easy. She ends up attending a Dental convention in Vegas with him and that is where their relationship takes a drastic turn. Ashlyn ends up having to share a room with Dillon due to a mix-up with the hotel reservation and when she wakes up the next morning, she finds herself naked and also with a wedding band on her ring finger. She was well and toasted the night before and during her drunken night on the town, she ended up marrying Dillon. Ashlyn is horrified while Dillon seems to be utterly content and a total alpha male on steroids!

 photo until ashlyn_zpsbeh4bwon.jpg

When they return home, Ashlyn is fighting to slow things down a bit while Dillon stubbornly sticks to his guns and does a pretty damn good job at convincing her that they are meant to be. Their sudden and surprise marriage will be quite a shock for Ashlyn’s family but Dillon isn’t the least bit worried that everyone will come to see that their union was a foregone conclusion from the start.

While the two struggle with their new relationship and living arrangements there is an element of mystery and suspense panning out as one of the secondary storylines and at one point it left me feeling a little dizzy while I tried to piece together what the heck was going on. Not really sure that added twist was needed.

UNTIL ASHLYN is currently available. Make sure you give this a one-click.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2gJpIql
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2gJmTpn
iBooks: http://apple.co/2gywmiO
Nook: http://bit.ly/2gLa2lj
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2gyqHt0

 photo IMG_6317_zpstoxbkese.jpg
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1,361 reviews770 followers
February 10, 2017

Until now. Now, she’s mine. It’s my ring sitting on her finger. It’s me who she’s in love with, and it’s my cock that makes her breath catch every time I enter her. Men can look and fantasize all they want, but none of them will ever experience firsthand what it feels like to have her. None of them will ever know what it feels like to have her love, because every part of her is mine.


Wow, just wow, where do I start with this review!?
I really have no idea.
Maybe I should start with the main characters.

Firstly, the hero Dillon was just one of most amazing hero AAR has ever written. He is a dentist and he is working along side the heroine. He is extremely attractive and attracted to the heroine.
In fact, he is CRAZY IN LOVE WITH HER.
He wants his Ashlyn and he makes no excuses for it. He will use any means, fair or foul, to claim his love.
He thinks,
"I know I took advantage of her, but I regret nothing. I wanted her to admit there was something between us, and I got my way in the end."

In short, Dillon is a hottie with a body that will not quit and it's working overtime on our dear heroine, Ashley.


Now Ashlyn, I loved as well and that really surprised me given her history with her father and mother's story. She has had a lot of hard knocks as a child, and as an adult, her story doesn't let up.
Our poor Ash has been put through HELL.

I was hoping for a nice love story, and at first it was like that with the wedding in Vegas and all that drama, but then I was confronted with the most evil other woman since UNTIL LILY.
And our poor Ash has had to deal with both of these evil vile bitches.
It's just nuts I tell you.
If you remember in Until Lily, the evil bitch, and mother to her half-brother Jax, tried to sell her. And now in this book, it's a profile placement that leads to stalking, kidnapping, and almost death.

If I was her, I would take out some heavy duty life insurance and/or hire a 24 hours bodyguard, just in case.
Kudos to Daddy for enrolling his daughter in martial arts, as she has had to kick her way out of trouble for herself. She is one badass chick.
But she is the definition of a Drama magnet!


I am really trying not to give too much of the story away, but it's really hard. As a couple these two just worked. It's like they have been together for years and not months. It's just a comfortable passionate relationship. They talk about their issues and make decisions together while still expressing their needs and thoughts.
They really worked for me as a couple.


These are all reasons why I rated it so high. But for me it was not perfect as I did not like that the hero's POV was so restricted. I needed way more of his thoughts. The reader was always aware of the feelings of the heroine but the hero he got only a few chapters. And this was a full length book.
I wanted more and I desperately needed more!


This was my one small complaint about this book.
The whole book was safe with both of them being virgins and the OM/OW drama being pushed on them.

Sidebar here, I always try to give a book a chance and I know a lot of people have had issues with the content of her other books and I'm including myself in this statement. I still maintain, there are some subjects you just don't want to read about, and some situations you know will not work for you personally. That being said, I am glad I read this book and I gave it a completely fair and impartial reading and review. I know this book might not work for everyone, but I think the whole point of a personal review is to say how you felt about it.
And this is how I honestly felt.
As always, happy reading. ❤️
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3,463 reviews2,358 followers
December 25, 2016


Accompanying her boss Dillon Keck to Vegas for a dental convention isn't on Ashlyn Mayson's list of fun things to do. He may be hot but he is also a total dick. Not to mention engaged.

So when she wakes up the next morning hungover and married to "the dick" Ashlyn plans on running to the nearest lawyer for a divorce. Too bad Dillion has other ideas and they don't include signing any papers...


I LOVED this addition to the "UNTIL" series. It was super sweet. It was low in relationship angst. It had smokin hot sex scenes. It had a likable hero/heroine. We get a lot of cameos of couples and characters from the other books.

Really not a whole lot more for me to say about this one. This is classic ARR at her best.


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3,385 reviews1,991 followers
November 2, 2021
Dillon is Ashlyn's boss and if you've read the previous books in this series than you've heard her complain about him. When they head to Vegas for a Dental convention, though, her feelings of hate change to something more and by the end of the trip she wakes up married to him. Which is a simple fix, right? Ashlyn thinks they should just get it annulled and act like it never happened. But Dillon finally has Ashlyn as his and he isn't willing to let her go that easily.

This review is a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. When I started this book I had flashbacks of the classic ARR and it was like re-reading my favorites from her. But as it went on I started to lose that feeling and by the end I was just left feeling meh. I liked the overall story but I can't say I ever truly felt a connection between these characters.

I felt like there were things that didn't get enough attention and it made me question a lot. It was like we were thrown into this book in the middle and the relationship between Dillon and Ashlyn was already established. It didn't take more than a chapter or two for them to go from nothing more than boss/employee to happily in love married couple. I love ARR for her Alpha as hell Heroes and all of her books have relationships that move super fast. But in this one it was too fast for me and I just didn't feel it.

The ending was the biggest confusion for me and the main reason for my 2 star rating. It made no sense to me why there wasn't more detailed scenes to explain what happened and instead we had a very important scene become fade to black. I'm not talking about a sex scene here, but an actual "oh-shit" moment that was quickly over with little to no explanation. It honestly made me so mad and I really wish that the entire plot device to add suspense didn't even happen if we weren't going to actually get any suspense from it

Bottom line, it was an okay book but definitely not my favorite from this author. I am still a huge fan of her and I can't wait to see what she comes up for the rest of these character. I'm already dying for the next book so hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for that.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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1,353 reviews1,283 followers
December 31, 2016
"She changed everything."

Nothing makes me more excited than reading another great Aurora Rose Reynolds creation! Until Ashlyn is the third book in the Until Her Series which is a spin-off of the Until Series. When I first became acquainted with this author's work through Until November, I recognized the winning formula in her writing. Her characters are sincere, loyal, possessive, and deliciously sexy! Until Ashlyn was exactly as I expected! It is light, fun, endearing, and oh so sexy! Although it can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading any and all books in both the Until and Until Her series! If you find that you connect with the characters and their quest to find their "boom", you will be hooked forever and never look back!

"I want all of you."
Ashlyn has been working for her cocky boss Dylan diligently without complaint. Despite her attraction to the man, he is engaged to another woman, conceited, and wealthy! When Dylan takes Ashlyn with him on a business trip to Vegas, business takes a back seat, and both characters find themselves together in a very non-business way!

"And just so we're clear and you understand completely, you sealed your fate. You're mine. That brain of yours is mine. Your body is mine. And that pussy only I've had is fucking mine. You've been mine for a long fucking time, baby. You just didn't know it."
Although Ashlyn is beyond happy with Dylan, she fears her family may be reluctant to accept her new relationship, and she has to overcome her doubts about his previous relationship! Dylan must prove to Ashlyn that she is meant to be his. She was always meant to be his. In addition to his wealth, charm, and god-like body, Dylan will need to prove his love to her!

"I'm once again lost in everything that is him."
Told in dual POV, Until Ashlyn is another delightful addition to the Until World! The relationships between the characters are sincere and thoroughly explored! There is no fear that Ashlyn and Dylan won't be together, but instead, the journey is about the growth they make together! The family connections are strong, and every woman that reads this series will want an Until man for their husband, boyfriend, brother, and father! The men in this series are simply the best! The women are strong independent and full of spunk. I find reading an Aurora Rose Reynolds book to be like coming home! Comfortable and unforgettable!


Overall, I highly recommend Until Ashlyn to all of my reading buddies who enjoy a light-hearted sexy romance with great characters and strong family relationships! The Until Her Series is simply the best!

*ARC graciously provided via TRSOR in exchange for an honest review!

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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725 reviews
Shelved as 'hell-fucking-no'
December 27, 2016
1. Heroine believes he has a fiancé and still pines after him *rolls eyes*. [This was addressed in the previous book so before the author or her fans try to claim I'm lying go read the book]. I would have considered reading it after finding out but I won't read anything she writes again. See #2.

2. Will never read another book by this author after the fiasco over"Wide Open Spaces".
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424 reviews155 followers
February 6, 2017
"3,5 Alpha Male Syndrome stars"

She's become my addiction.

I enjoyed Ashlyn and Dillon's story!

I was like a crazy person when the blurb got out.


I wanted Ashlyn's book since I read "Until Jax"! I wanted some enemies to lovers book and I thought that would be perfect, that's why I couldn't contain my happiness....


"And just so we're clear and you understand completely, you sealed your fate. You're mine. That brain of yours is mine. Your body is mine. And that pussy only I've had is fucking mine. You've been mine for a long fucking time, baby. You just didn't know it."


This book had some ups and downs...There were parts that I loved and parts that it didn't match with the rest of the book. Those parts had me questioning if I skipped some pages and didn't even notice it, so I checked it a couple of times and guess what...? I didn't skip shit...After some point I just stopped checking and went with the flow...

"I want all of you. Your mind, your soul, and most importantly your heart. I want every breath you take to be for me. I want to imprint myself into your skin so you'll crave me like a drug and never want to be without me."

I thought this book would be delicious with an enemies to lovers couple and virgins too...That was a recipe for a great book in my opinion....


But unfortunately I had some issues...that kept me from loving this book as much as I wanted.



I know guys, what the hell is wrong with me since I love this author and her possessive alpha males! This one had all the things that I love in a book but they weren't developed as good as I would like them to be. I wanted for them to start as enemies and fight and piss each other off, and develop some feeling so we can connect better with them, before they go to Vegas and seal the deal...and try to convince us that they are in fact crazy about each other... And the things that happened to Ashlyn, would have been better if we got a warning or something before everything went down so abruptly...

"First, I'm going to clean you up with my mouth. Then, I'm going to fuck you on your hands and knees until you come."

Aside from my issues with the book I can't not mention the hot scenes Dillon and Ashlyn had together...they were ARR"s classical couple with hot and sexy moments that burned the house down from the hotness...And Dillon was a possessive motherfucker with his woman!

"You will always be mine."

Sage and Kim are next in the "Until Him" series!

Enjoy! xxx
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1,476 reviews459 followers
February 10, 2017
4.5 stars. Let me start by saying that I was utterly hooked by this story. It was the first time I'd read the author and the OTT, possessive, sexy, dirty talking Dillon did it for me. I'm usually a little apprehensive about Vegas wedding stories, feeling that they are overdone lately. In this case, Vegas isn't so much the center premise as it is a brief starting/setup point. I liked the couple's exchanges from the beginning because though there was an attraction, it was tempered by animosity until the other was afforded the opportunity to prove themselves. They challenged one another in ways that seemed to strengthen their individual characterization. They were absolutely scorching together. The plot was good and the story written well. Safety: There were some significant issues with another woman causing drama. To clarify

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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159 reviews250 followers
February 10, 2017
I just didnt care at all.


So i really dont know what to write here. I feel like im being the exception again, because i though that it was just really bad. Like "im thinking about DNF all the time while reading this" bad. Or my GR friends got some other version of this book. I would like to read that version too.

Because i totally felt that way after i finished.

I consider myself as someone who really thinks about rating and i dont think this book deserves more than 3 stars (i think 2 stars fit this book just okay).
I gave this book try even though i knew that this author is just getting worse lazy with every book in my opinion. (I had hope) Dont take me wrong, i enjoyed some of her books - I love Until Nico and Until July but its always the same.

If you read ARR book before you know what to expect
- some evil OW drama (which is something i would say this author absolutely loves, like what would be romance without OW?)
- "Babe" - we all know what im talking about, there is no other way about it with ARR books
- heroine is kidnapped again, is it so hard to make up some other story line? i dont think so
i just knew she is going to be kidnapped at the end when i started this book and when it really happened i just had to stop reading and laugh
- possesive OTT Hero
- and pathetic heroine who forgets everything the moment hero touches her

There is lot of plot holes. We are thrown just into the middle of their story, so i couldnt connect with the main characters at all, the beginning (and by beginning i mean only the prologue) looked promising, like we are going to know what their relationship is, what backstory they have, but no. We dont know fucking anything, i didnt even understand what the heroines job is. We dont know how Dillon treated her in work and outside the work, we dont know their age - like wtf? We dont even know how long they know each other...

This book needs at least 100 more pages to be good.

Lot of my GR friends were afraid of OW drama, which was just so ridiculous. Because can someone please nicely explain me what was that with Isla? Did i missed some pages or something? Because if i read it right, Dillon told Ashlyn that they were in fake relationship because Isla is a gay. And then when Dillon talks with his brother about Isla, he said that he knew she was in love with him...

And its not explained anymore. So? Anyone, please?

Another issue - characters. Which was probably my biggest problem, because when you dont like MC and think that they are just stupid, how can you enjoy the book than? You cant.
Ashlyn - My Gawd.. she was just soo annoying! Always complaining about something, pushing Hero away, than throwing herself at him, and ignorant - why she didnt want to know about Isla and everytime Dillon brought it up she just pretended to be deaf. I just... huh, just no. TSTL alert.
Dillon would be okay if he didnt lie Ashlyn about Isla and if he didnt pull out that "I wont tell you anything for your own safety" crap. I just hate when heroines (and females generally) are consider as someone who is too weak to handle the truth. Thats bullshit. (And this is not just this book, its almost in every romance).

I admit that when i got to 70% i skimmed. I skimmed a lot because it was just so boring. It couldnt hold my attention at all since i knew whats going to happen next almost everytime.
It was also very fast due to the missing explonations and detailes. Ending was abrupt but i didnt care at this point anymore...

Im not going to talk about the editing since a lot of reviews mentioned it already, but ARR should think about changing her editor. Seriously.

The only thing i liked about this book is probably the cover and the idea of book. Yep, thats pretty much it, but still have hope for the next book... maybe.

344 reviews200 followers
December 31, 2016
3.5-4 Stars!

I really enjoyed this story. I think there is a common consensus that this is an original ARR story with an amazing OTT alpha male. I have been waiting for this book to come out since Dillon was introduced in Until Jax. This obviously led to some pretty high expectations...

The whole kidnapping situation seemed really out of the blue. And might I add this is the second time in Ashlyn's life that she has been abducted! She was taken by Jules in Until Lilly so it just seemed a bit too unrealistic of a twist for her to be taken twice in her life.

Although for the most part I was not let down, I liked Dillon and Ashlyn and their chemistry was off the charts smokin. Maybe its just that everything seemed too perfect? I can't really put into words why exactly this didn't leave a lasting impression. Everything with the characters and plot was just too perfect, it fit the formula to the dot. I feel like I'm just complaining but I can't explain why I didn't love it!! :(

Anyways I still love this series and author and cannot wait for the rest of the books in this series :)

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1,915 reviews416 followers
December 29, 2016
So, this is one of those "it's me" books because my GR friends are loving this one. Me ..... not so much.

I was going to DNF this after the halfway mark but decided to finish it. What a let down - the first third was really great and I thought I was on to a winner here but then ..... I got a whole lot of waffle and filler and confusion over Isla. There were so many gaping plot holes regarding her I really don't know why she was even brought into the story! She was dropped in, mentioned a couple of times - pulled an awful stunt, OFF PAGE I might add, which we only get to read about in like a sentence in the epilogue. The second half of the book seemed to be thrown together and called done with an ending so rushed I blinked and blam - The End. WTH??

Dillon was the typical ARR possessive and OTT alpha male but him being a virgin yet banged like a pro was not believable at all and really was just another plot line that seemed to be thrown in there for effect.
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1,360 reviews1,429 followers
December 27, 2016
4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

 photo CCCC8580-487C-4206-8A1A-57A6E1D34097_zps1fptq4te.jpg

Ashlyn Mayson comes from a huge, close, loving family in Tennessee. She works at a dental office & her life is thrown into a bit of chaos when a gorgeous man named Dillon Heck takes over the practice. He's bossy, annoying & a total jerk who changes everything & seems to make it his mission to give her a hard time.

 photo 5555C030-DE31-480C-85B8-6F129C4F9120_zps0feuufpk.jpg

Ashlyn & Dillon head to Las Vegas for a dental convention to build connections for the practice. Ashlyn is stunned when she learns they will be sharing a room, but reluctantly agrees since Dillon has always been extremely professional with her, & never shown any interest on a personal level.

They have dinner & a few drinks and Ashlyn is horrified the next morning when she wakes up in bed & married to her delicious, controlling boss. Dillon acts totally calm & insists they stay married. He's secretly wanted Ashlyn for a long time & now that he's claimed her, he has no plans of ever letting her go.

 photo 45DFD191-031E-49CE-9C45-C916BC0243D7_zpsdysrwnvw.jpg

-"I've always considered you mine."

-"Tell me you want me."

-"Tell me you want me as badly as I want you."

-"Tell me that you haven't been feeling this pull between us."

-As soon as our lips touch, I'm once again lost in everything that is him.

 photo 125A5E5A-5053-476C-A68F-C13AD50CF5CC_zpsdpmdd8zp.jpg

Ashlyn can't deny the chemistry and connection they share. Every time Dillon touches her she just wants more. The pleasure this man brings her is incredible. She falls under his spell & is completely consumed by this intense, sexy, alpha man. Real feelings grow & soon she can't imagine her life without him in it.

I loved this man so hard! He's all kinds of intense, but he has such a huge heart & adores Ashlyn. I loved how crazy alpha he is, & the way he loves her is just beautiful! This was my first book in this series & now I need to find the time to binge read the rest of this series. We meet a lot of Ashlyn's family in this book & omg ALL these men are fine as hell! I need more!!! Bring on Sage! :))

 photo FFB44873-CCE0-4880-B689-F93D9DEA7977_zpsrby9ztvu.jpg

-"You're so damn beautiful."

-"Far too perfect to be real. I thought that since the moment I first saw you."

-She's become my addiction.

-I love that this is only mine; every moan, every whimper, every time her breath catches, it's only for me.

-Every part of her is mine.

-Wherever he is, that's where I want to be.

 photo C2234043-9A2B-4A60-A95F-B931A708C56C_zps7prrr49d.jpg
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February 10, 2017

***I tried to spoiler tag any spoils but proceed with caution***

It feels like I have waited forever for this book to come out. ...the anticipation was killing me.  Let me say, the wait was well worth it.  This series has won my heart over.   From Asher and November all the way down to Ashlyn and Dillon.  Aurora Rose Reynolds can bring the #boom....and then some.  This felt like "classic" ARR to me and it felt like visiting family that you've been missing.

I have read so many negative and flat out untruthful comments about this book, I'll  say this  -you know what they say about assuming.  I encourage people to think for themselves and decide on a book because YOU do/don't want to read it. If you choose to not read it because SOMEONE ELSE had problems with people who may or may not have been associated with the author, then you may miss out on some good books.

HERO~ Dillon Keck, that sexy beast. He wanted Ashlyn and when an opportunity to make her his came up, he did what he had to do.  He was alpha, sexy and very successful.   He adored Ashlyn to no end and was very close with his brother, Parker. He was just an all around good guy.  Now, I'm sure there will be the naysayers that will say - why did he marry her if they were both drinking.  I would say to them - it's a storyline and it's fiction.  He wanted her, saw the opportunity and took it. That alpha caveman mentality took over.

“Glad you’re starting to understand.” He leans forward, and I brace myself. “And just so we’re clear and you understand completely, you sealed your fate. You’re mine. That brain of yours is mine. Your body is mine. And,” he growls, leaning closer, “that pussy only I’ve had is fucking mine. You’ve been mine for a long fucking time, baby. You just didn’t know it.”

HEROINE~Ashlyn - I have adored this sweet girl since she was a little girl just meeting her daddy for the first time.  She won my heart then and she reiterate my adoration again in this story.  She was silly,  sassy (not a bitch) and independent.  I have read that she had been wanting Dillon when he was engaged to another woman and that wasn't true.  Did she find him attractive, yes.  I'm married and I can be honest and say I find a man attractive.   Doesn't mean I'm going to act on it of course. (Unless David Gandy happened up and then....no no I would be faithful but I'd still look - if you say you wouldn't,  you lie like a rug)  This is what she said on the matter - 

 “Do not do that. Do not even say that. Never in a billion fricking years would I ever approach a man who I knew was married, engaged, or had a girlfriend.” I pull him forward, hissing, “Never. Even if I was attracted to you, I would never ever go there. Not ever.” I let him go then move quickly off his lap. “I’m not a slut, a whore, or a home-wrecker.” I hold his stare. “And until you,” I point at his chest, “I had never even been with a man, so put that in your pipe and fucking smoke it!” I yell, dropping to the seat behind me,

So, contrary to what you may have heard, she wasn't after Dillon nor did she ever make a play for him.


OM DRAMA ~ No real other man drama at all.  Two guys that she had dated approached them on separate occasions once to say hi and another when he was a Dr in the hospital she was at.  Nothing ever came of either.


SECONDARY CHARACTERS I loved seeing some of the couples from previous books (Cash and Lilly- Jax and Ellie - June and Evan) as well as the kids of my favorite couples.  I am so looking forward to their stories

ENDING~ Good epilogue one year and then five years out.  I was a happy camper. 

We also got the prologue for Sage and Kim's book, which I am really looking forward to. Again people made assumptions about Sage -
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December 28, 2016
WOW!!! Or should I say, BOOM??!! Talk about falling in love with an author all over again!!!

Until Ashlyn is utter PERFECTION!!! It totally took me to the classic and undeniable addictive early books of Aurora Rose Reynolds, and that made her one of my all favorite authors. And you know what they say of the classics, and here it proves it, because we have that, but taken with a whole new level of appetizingly delicious sexiness by the name of Dillon! Holy crap, was this man P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!!

“I want all of you. Your mind, your soul, and most importantly your heart. I want every breath you take to be for me. I want to imprint myself into your skin so you’ll crave me like a drug and never want to be without me.”

Without giving too much away, because you really NEED to read this book, I was so incredibly and pleasantly surprised by this man (considering his interaction in the previous books of the series), whom unveiled being a true ARR’s Alpha, I still loved every word and moment these two lived and every sassy moment from Ashlyn in true Aurora’s fashion, as did every single snippet I got from our much beloved characters from the Mason family circle, but I may have been too busy drooling for Dillon, so really, you can’t miss this!!! Aurora Rose Reynolds gave us the perfect closure to this reading year, making it really end up with a BOOM!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Until now. Now, she’s mine. It’s my ring sitting on her finger. It’s me who she’s in love with, and it’s my cock that makes her breath catch every time I enter her. Men can look and fantasize all they want, but none of them will ever experience firsthand what it feels like to have her. None of them will ever know what it feels like to have her love, because every part of her is mine.

ARC kindly provided by the author via TRSoR Promotions in exchange for an honest review
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1,074 reviews2,463 followers
December 29, 2016
Wow! This was so good! It's all about the BOOM!

This book is funny as hell, sexy as sin, and entertaining as all get out!
(Note to self: WTH is "all get out?")
(Note to reader: I'm southern, please just roll with my sayings LOL)

I really loved this one hard. It's classic A.R.R! Mini spoiler ahead: Here's the breakdown in case you don't know.
Alpha male hero meets sassy heroine. He's bossy and she throws major attitude his way. Wackiness, sexy times, and dangerous situations occur. The sexy times were quite steamy!

 photo until ashlyn.jpg

Splash in some awesome secondary characters and family goodness to heighten your reading enjoyment. That's it in a nutshells. Sounds good to you? If yes, 1-click this beauty as soon as possible. I definitely recommend it.

So, here's what I absolutely loved about this one. The alpha male hot head and his totally crazy and sassy love interest. Dillon and Ashlyn were a real treat. I enjoyed seeing there relationship develop.

 photo until ashlyn teaser 3.jpg

At one point in the book when Dillon explains to his brother how he and Ashlyn finally got together, I thought I'd pass out from laughing. His possessive streak and bossy nature is super cute. Ashlyn is totally crazy and super fun to read. Also, the secondary characters and family dynamic is sweet and at times sad, but altogether, very well done.

The drama and conflict in this one was very intriguing, but felt a tad bit rushed to me. Regardless, it still left me waiting breathless for the next book! And so the countdown begins.

I rate it 4.5 Stars

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
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May 5, 2017
Warning: spoilers abound.

More lazy, mediocre writing—check.

Until Ashlyn was not good. Not good at all. In fact, it underwhelmed me on every level. It read like it was partially thought-out, or, more to the point, a very rough first draft. The author tried to emulate Kristen Ashley a bit too much, and was unsuccessful in this attempt. The writing was unremarkable at best. The characters weren’t fleshed out, there was very little backstory, and plot holes and inconsistencies ran rampant. I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, but I was still underwhelmed with the quality. The book was chock-full of editing issues, and that, coupled with the one-dimensional characters, shoddy plot, and wonky timeline, made for a confusing read at times.

That being said, Aurora Rose Reynolds should fire her editor. I don’t know if the person she hired is a friend, relative, someone offering their service at a discounted price, or what have you, but whoever it is should reevaluate his or her profession. I mean, come on. It seems like whoever edited this got lazy as the book wore on—though that certainly doesn’t explain the numerous errors in just the prologue alone.

There were grammatical issues, spelling and punctuation errors, and missing commas and run-on sentences galore. It was distracting, to say the least, because I kept correcting the sentences as I was reading. Of course, one could try to argue that this is no fault of the author’s. Except it is—especially when you consider the fact that she has more than a dozen books under her belt, all of which are poorly edited. Even doing something as simple as spell check would have helped to improve the overall quality of this book. Those blue and red lines aren’t there for decoration.

Also, continuity errors and the author’s inattention to detail certainly didn’t help matters. For instance, there was one spot where Dillon’s driver brings their bags inside, only for Dillon to rush outside to collect the very same bags that had already been brought inside.

All right, moving on, then.

Until Ashlyn opens with a promising prologue—the first meeting between the two main characters, Ashlyn Mayson and Dillon Keck. Unfortunately, by the next chapter, everything goes downhill. Ashlyn and Dillon already have what seems like a complicated history, but the author doesn’t bother to fill in the missing gaps. Ashlyn wakes up in her hotel room, naked, and in bed with an equally naked Dillon. Not only is she naked, but there’s a gold band affixed to her all-important ring finger, a ring that wasn’t there the day before.

Where is the backstory here? There was no lead-up to this all-important scene. In fact, most of the integral scenes happened off-page, or took place before the story even began. Each book in this series is a standalone, but it’s as if the author is writing these stories with the assumption that everyone has read the previous books, and therefore should automatically know the characters, without bothering so much as to flesh them out or expand upon their story. Things would just sort of happen, but so little attention was giving during these scenes that it was more than a little confusing when trying to keep up.

How much time has passed from their initial first meeting until now? We know Dillon is Ashlyn’s boss, but how long has she been working for him? As mentioned later on in the story, Ashlyn is a recent graduate, but what is her actual degree? She works in a dental office, yes, but what is her job title? Is she a dental assistant or a dental hygienist? Perhaps she’s the receptionist? I ask because, once again, details aren’t given. She wears pencil skirts and heels to work, for crying out loud, so you can see the conundrum I have here.

How old are these characters? I don’t think Ashlyn's old enough to have earned her DDS, and quite frankly, she doesn’t seem all that bright. Yet there’s talk about her wanting to open her own clinic one day.

I guess any special snowflake can just open a clinic of some kind. You know, like how July has her own pet clinic.

Anyway, once Ashlyn realizes she’s now a married woman, she freaks out. She wants a divorce, or better yet, an annulment. Dillon is having none of it, puts his foot down, and insists they’re staying married.

Once back in Tennessee, they carry on as if they’ve been in a relationship this entire time, which they haven’t. Ashlyn is still under the impression that Dillon has a fiancé—or had, until he married her. Dillon is more than willing to divulge the details of his relationship with Isla, his so-called fiancé, but Ashlyn would rather bury her head in the sand. Way to be an adult there, girl.

As it turns out, Isla and Dillon were childhood friends. Her parents took in Dillon and his brother when their parents died. Somewhere along the line, Isla developed feelings for Dillon and decided to tell him she was gay, lest she drive him away, as he didn’t feel that way about her. Or so we're told. And for some asinine reason, Dillon went along with the ruse, assuming that Isla wasn’t ready to come out to her parents. At least, this is the explanation he gives to Ashlyn.

The only reason Dillon told Ashlyn that Isla was gay was because Ashlyn, fed up with Isla’s games, wanted to clue her husband in on the fact that Isla was in love with him. He adamantly denied this, of course, brushing off Ashlyn’s hurt feelings by saying that he only went along with it so as not to hurt Isla’s parents—the same people he bad-mouths later on in the story, as if they mean nothing to him. According to Dillon, moving to Tennessee afforded him an opportunity to put an end to the farce of his engagement. Except for the pesky little detail that Isla apparently moved with him. She stayed in another room, mind you, but still. Yet, interestingly enough, when Dillon’s brother comes to town for a visit, Dillon has no problem admitting to him that he knew Isla was in love with him the whole time.

How long were they fake-engaged? How long was Isla still living in Tennessee, pretending to be Dillon’s fiancé, after he met Ashlyn? Isla’s parents, who lived out of state, were apparently all for Isla and Dillon’s relationship. They were none too pleased to learn that Dillon had married someone other than their daughter. Of course, the particulars surrounding Dillon and Isla’s relationship, and their subsequent breakup, happened off-page, forcing us to fill in the blanks.

Despite all of the crazy antics, the book, as a whole, was pretty lackluster. Plot points weren’t developed or explored, and major events were glossed over. Like, say, when Ashlyn got kidnapped toward the end of the book. She went to sleep curled up next to her husband, only to wake up tied to a chair in an unfamiliar place. A few paragraphs later, she escaped and woke up in the hospital, where the story picked up from Dillon’s point of view.

This is the epitome of lazy writing, people. Seriously. Show me, don’t tell me.

Overall, Until Ashlyn was choppy, disjointed, and very threadbare, as evidenced by all the gratuitous sex scenes that were used to fill the pages. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the hero was supposedly a virgin, a fact that didn’t seem consistent with the other aspects of his over-the-top, alpha male persona. The book was boring, predictable, and the so-called suspense was so unsatisfying as to not even be worth mentioning. Needless to say, I wasn’t all that impressed with this one.
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December 30, 2016

Mixed feelings on this.

I loved 'Until November' and read and mostly enjoyed the original Until series, as always I liked some more than others but none came close to November.
I debated with myself before starting 'Until July' mainly because the reviews were so bad and these reviews were from fans of the series and while it wasn't the DNF it had been for so many others it was a 2.5-3* and I'd more or less decided I'd finished with this series, it seemed to have started and peaked with November so I was done but then I noticed really great reviews coming through for 'Ashlyn' followed by not so great reviews and I was curious.
This author has always had a bit of a weird timeline thingy running through her books and again some are worse than others Trevor's book for example nearly made me dizzy and initially I assumed the missing chunks here were a result of that but now I think I missed the relationship build-up (the very best part for me) because I'd skipped over 'June' and therefore I ended up feeling kind of cheated.
I can see why people both liked and disliked this book, I'm coming out somewhere in the middle. I liked Ashlyn and I loved that Dillon was so besotted with her, not sure I actually bought the whole Dillon reveal, but still.
I wasn't sure about the whole Isla thing either, I know it was explained away but I just didn't get it he's a grown man, an incredibly handsome sexy man and despite the past I couldn't see (and didn't like) that he'd go through with that especially when it came out about what a bitch she'd been to Cara and I didn't like that he'd been dragged along, it didn't exactly scream "alpha male" to me and I battled with this throughout the book and rightly or wrongly it affected my perception of him and made him less.
In fact the whole Isla thing didn't work for me but again I'm assuming it's because I skipped 'June' and she featured more prominently there.
I both liked and disliked this book, it's reminded me just how much I love the Maysons and I'm thinking of going back and reading 'June' since I'm both curious about Evan and desperately wanting Ashlyn and Dillon's build-up plus the background on the whole Isla situation because at the moment I feel like I'm missing something like why was she even there.
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December 28, 2016
This is one of my favorite ARR books. I absolutely loved both Dillon and Ashlyn. I loved their relationship and how anything that came their way only made them stronger as a couple. Dillon was hot, hot, hot and even better than I expected. Every time I read a book in the Until series, it's like catching up with old friends. I can not wait to read about Kim and Sage. Their book is going to be amazing. Write fast please ARR ;)
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December 28, 2016
I have waited for this book FOREVER and I'm very happy to say that is was AMAZING!!!! ARR is one of my most favorite authors! I absolutely love her heroes. Until November was actually the book that got me hooked on reading and I have been obsessed ever since. Dillon was amazing he was alpha and head over heels for Ashlyn. Ashlyn was amazing as well! Now I will say I was a little nervous because I'm previous books we found out Ashlyn's boss was engaged and when I found out he was going to be the hero I was scared but ARR pulled it through and it was COMPLETELY safe!!! If you love ARR and her alpha heroes you will love this!
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January 4, 2017
After reading some reviews on this book,I decided to take the plunge and dive straight in.No triggers here for me and it had some tropes that I enjoy in my reading adventures.Some books by this author,I truly enjoyed,some I didnt.Her hero's are possessive and are all into their women.As a matter of fact,one of her heros turned me on to the tattooed bad boy persona.I also enjoy their dirty talk,yes,that is the kinda girl I am!As to this dirty talker,well Dillion is a dirty talking dentist with a tattoo no less.As a character,I loved him,he surpasses all this author's hero's for me and now reigns as numero uno.I liked this heroine she came off as a "quirky",sassy type of gal,and the two together were the perfect match.The sexual chemistry was electric with frequent romps between these two.
To sum the story up in a few words.....They are coworkers who go to a dental convention in Las Vegas ,share a room,go out to dinner,next morning find themselves Mr and Mrs,head back home and fun begins.Cameo appreances abound by past characters,evil bitch ow who is up to no good,hit and run towards the heroine,kiddnapping of the heroine by evil serial killer,and an absolutely romantic wedding,and not to mention,an epic epilogue.
The 1/2 star is towards the end when heroine was kiddnapped,thought I had lost a chapter and had to reread before I got back into the story.
Glad I took the chance and read this one,looking forward to Sage and Kim's book.
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December 15, 2016
This was like coming home to old school ARR!! I loved it <3

Review to come!
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December 30, 2016
Until Ashlyn was a good read but not my favorite of the series and not even close to my fave by this author.

The good. Plenty of drama, action and likable characters. This one gave us a great teaser to the next book in the series Until Sage which I've been dying for since Until Jax!!

I always like a story with a fast pace, action and some drama. This had a bit of everything.

The bad. OTT drama created by odd characters (Isla, Trent) which made the whole thing seem a bit forced. I think it would have worked better if it had been a more explored storyline earlier on. Or maybe I just found the whole mystery/crime drama totally out of left field and unbelievable.

Oh speaking of unbelievable and totally unrealistic in the unicorn kinda way. What the eff is up with the whole virgin H storyline?

I gotta say....This smells like a case of "author got so much flag for her manwhoring Hs she went in the complete opposite direction and gave us a virgin H who f@cks like a pornstar and gets the h off like a freaking volcano on his first try". Sigh... *cue eye roll* It must be so hard for an author to try and cater to everyone's wants and needs, and that's why they shouldn't! It's impossible to please everyone, and this is also an instance where the saying "damned if you and damned if you don't" is very much applicable. I never minded if the H was a manwhore as long as it was in the past. I kinda enjoy when his past flings are thrown in the h's face because it gives the H a chance to prove his devotion and love (of course I throw a fit if he doesn't manage to do that!). But a very grown, god-like looking hottie virgin who is a freaking sex and orgasm inducing god is too far fetched IMO! However, I am willing to overlook it because it wasn't made to be a big deal. It is merely mentioned briefly.

For those who prefer safe reads, I'd say this is the definition of safe. For the angstwhores, such as myself, it was an enjoyable read although slightly low on the angst while high on the OTT drama.

As much as I enjoyed this, I gotta admit I mainly read this in the hopes of learning more about Sage and Kim. I got some juicy teasers and I can't wait for 2017!
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February 6, 2017
★★Somewhere between a 2.5 to a 2.75 Stars★★

Not interested in this story....Not at all interested in the characters.
The hero or heroine could have literally died in the end and I STILL wouldn't care...AT ALL.

The ending was supposed to be thrilling,given the circumstance in which the climax takes place.But instead,it turned out to be a lame hyped up jumble of mess that gets over in a giffy.

In fact,this whole story was a jumble of mess.Unrelated characters should up from no where and then re-appeared when it made Absolutely NO sense!!

Also? THERE IS NO CLIMAX ! Except for ONE SCENE,the rest is told in bloody flashback.
And then THAT'S IT ! THE END ! Finir !

So much of wasted potential and wasted reading time over this one.*tsk* *tsk*
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December 30, 2016
There is just something about the "boom" that I just get so addicted to. I love this series so much! I am aware there is insta-love and over the top males, but this series is perfect to escape into.

Until Ashlyn is over the top boom and one of my favorite plot lines. We first meet Ashlyn and learn how she loves her job, but hates the new dentist, her boss. I immediately loved the idea of this forbidden relationship, but I never expected what came next.

Dillon, the new dentist and Ashlyn's boss, has a plan in place when he and Ashlyn go to Vegas for a dental convention. That's how Ashlyn wakes up naked married to Dillon. Here comes the best part, Dillon is dead series and isn't looking for a divorce. Maybe he didn't plan for things to go this far, but that won't stop him from taking advantage of the opportunity that was given to him.

Dillon and Ashlyn together are magnetic and I was so eager and excited to turn the page. YES, this is over the top and out there, but it's also why I love this series. I love the idea of the boom, that one-second changes everything and the couple never looks back because of this amazing connection. That's exactly how Dillon is about Ashlyn and seeing their relationship evolve to the point her feelings match was my favorite part.

If you love the "boom" then you know this is a must read, if you have never picked up one of these books what are you waiting on!!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

February 6, 2017
I thought this book was cute! Typical ARR I mean with quotes like these how can you not swoon!

“For the rest of our lives, I will work at making you happy. In sickness, I will nurse you back to health. In health, I will encourage you to follow your dreams. In sadness, I will find a way to make you happy. And in happiness, I will be there to share your joy. There will never come a time when you are alone, because for the rest of our days, I will be by your side as your anchor, your strength, and the carrier of your heart, like you are the keeper of mine,”

So because of this super cute relationship and the fact that it's ARR I'm giving it a 4 star. But!! it's not really a solid 4 because as you may have read in other reviews the ending is questionable.

The abundance of side characters was a tad much. Like seriously who the hell are all these people?? Did I miss something? I felt so lost at times.

And the unfinished drama with Ashlyn. I'm not sure what happened, how it happened or if it did. Like someone died and I wasn't sure if I should be crying, gasping with shock or high fiving someone cause did I hate her?

I totally recommend the book, but I will warn you, the story can get frustrating especially right at the end and it's been done before. It's been done with her until series, like she pulled story lines from her past books and mashed them together but I don't care because I love this series and I know I'll be back to read the next.
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1,074 reviews351 followers
March 23, 2017

Beware of Spoilers!

Star Ratings:
Heroine (Ashlyn): 25yrs old?
Hero (Dillon): 30yrs old?
Plot: 3.5/5
Grovel: none
Cheating: none – both were virgins
HEA: yes with baby
Triggers: none

Average score: 3.5/5

Best Line: H: “You were my first.”

Worst Line: “I just found out the woman I’m in love with isn’t in love with me”

Personal Review:
A good (fast-paced) romance between a dentist and a receptionist.

Random Ramblings
•Long hair on a dude is so not my thing
•I want to read Kim’s story
•All that fuss for four bloody stitches…

•Loved his parent’s story
•This dude goes from 0 to 100 and just expects the h to understand and I’m like…

•I think they were both delusional for thinking their family shouldn’t be angry with them
•The ending was rushed

Overall Feeling:

Their relationship…

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