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Stevie Moon is famous...at least to the subscribers on her comic review vlog. At school, she’s as plain as the gray painted walls in the cafeteria. So when Blake, the hot new guy at school, shows an interest in her, she knows trouble when she sees it. Been there. And never doing it again.

As the son of the god Thor, Blake Foster's been given an important mission—to recover the Norse god Heimdall’s sacred and powerful horn before someone uses it to herald in the destruction of the entire universe. But while Blake is great in a fight, the battlefield that is a high school’s social scene is another matter.

Blake knows his only choice is to team up with the adorable Stevie, but she's not willing to give him even the time of day. He'll need to woo the girl and find the horn if he hopes to win this war. Who better to tackle Stevie's defenses than the demi-god of thunder?

221 pages, ebook

First published September 11, 2017

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Brenda Drake

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Brenda Drake, the youngest of three children, grew up an Air Force brat and the continual new kid at school. Her fondest memories growing up is of her eccentric, Irish grandmother’s animated tales, which gave her a strong love for storytelling. So it was only fitting that she would choose to write stories with a bend toward the fantastical. When Brenda’s not writing or doing the social media thing, she’s haunting libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops or reading someplace quiet and not at all exotic (much to her disappointment).

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September 3, 2017
Blake Foster is not your ordinary transfer student, he's actually the son of Thor and has been sent to recover the Norse god Heimdall’s sacred and powerful horn before someone uses it to signal the end of the universe but first Blake needs to navigate high school and our world. Since arriving Blake hasn't had much luck finding the horn but another student has captured his attention, Stevie Moon.

Stevie is one of those girls that tries her best to blend in at school and not bring attention to herself even if she is internet famous. No one knows thought that Stevie is the one that runs her comic review vlog since she always wears a costume and hides her identity. But now Stevie has noticed Blake watching her and can't figure him out, does he know her secret?

Thunderstruck by Brenda Drake is a fast paced young adult read that sort of mixes a contemporary story with fantasy by bringing in the use of Norse mythology within the story. I'm not quite as familiar with the Norse mythology but it was my favorite part of the book as I did recognize some things and enjoy when this type of book uses things I've heard about all my life such as Thor.

However, the contemporary side of this story was one that quite honestly was pushing my patience and normally the YA tropes don't bother me a much as they do some readers. This book was one that forget the love triangle, at one point we were pushing a love square on to readers with Blake liking Stevie and Stevie liking Blake but another girl entering the picture and laying claim on Blake in which Stevie is the nice girl and pushes him to her but finds herself going out with Blakes brother instead... confused? Annoyed? Yeah, me too. Not sure why all of that had to be in there as the story probably would have been a ton of fun without all of the teenage angst.

In the end after trudging through the teen relationship waters I still thought the mythology side of the story was interesting enough to think the book was an OK read but I'd warn others of the teen drama before they pick it up.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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Author 1 book142 followers
July 14, 2018
Brenda Drake's books are magical and creative. Thunderstruck is no different. It's unique, fun and in a world of its own. Book nerds eat your heart out. We have gods, cosplay and romance.

Stevie loves comic heroes. She likes to dress up and play all her favourite characters. She has a popular vlog and a secret identity of her own. She's like Clark Kent.. boring high school student by day and dazzling star by night. Her vlog is so popular she is starting to go places.

Blake is living the superhero lifestyle. He is the son of Thor and has been sent on a mission he cannot fail. He has a mystery to solve and a special item to find. He can't help but be distracted by Stevie. He is drawn to her.

Thunderstruck is an adventure book and the main character doesn't see it coming. There's something strange about the new kid but there's also something crazy going on around town. This is a fun book with a godly twist. I really enjoyed this read. It's had all the creativity to make me want to keep turning the pages and the potential for more. 4 out of 5. I like all the different angles to this story and it had no cringe-worthy moments even though Blake hadn't been totally honest with Stevie.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Shelved as 'dnf'
August 25, 2017
DNF at 40%


There's a reason why I prefer YA Urban Fantasy over Contemporary YA: less teenage angst, less high school drama and, usually, less rambling inner monologues about petty stuff... but this seems to be one of the exceptions that prove the rule. I just couldn't put up with those melodramatic teenagers' antics any more.

Also, I have to say that throwing around names of mythical Norse gods, creatures, places and artefacts without explaining any of them does not make for good world building. At some point I just refused to keep on looking stuff up on Google only because I'm not that versed in Norse mythology.
Plus, the choppy writing and inconsistent pacing didn't work for me, which only made it harder to bear.

I'm sure that actual young adults will eat this stuff right up. Me, though... I'm with Murdock this time. Sorry.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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September 14, 2017
***3.5/5 Stars***
Thunderstruck was such a cute story. It revolved around Norse Mythology and the pages were filled with friendship, drama, first love and some mystery. I quickly read it in two sittings and I found myself smiling a lot. While it had a younger vibe and a few adorable yet cheesy moments, I enjoyed Thunderstruck and it's characters!
He wanted to get lost in her. Forget he was from another world. A world where she could never go. A world he no longer wanted to return to without her.

Blake, the son of Thor, was my favorite out of all of the characters. He was to recover a horn, and bring it back home. But Blake found himself distracted by Stevie, a girl who goes to the same school as him. And while I thought the son of a god would be charming and charismatic, it didn't always work out that way lol. He was soooooooo out of his element on Earth. He was awkward at times, used too proper of English, and he didn't understand slang (the Netflix comment was my fave rofl!). There were moments that I was laughing yet also cringing for him. But thankfully Stevie was able to see past all of that, just like I was able to.
He just didn’t seem like he belonged on this planet, which was a weird thing to think, but it kept playing in her head.
Really, Stevie. You’re not living in a comic.

Stevie was an adorable girl who had a vlog and loved cosplay. And I assumed her and Blake would easily end up together, that's not exactly how it went down. It all became convoluted when Blake wasn't sure who had the horn. And because of that, he ended up hanging around another girl a lot. Her name was Grace, and I was not a fan. So a love triangle formed. And there was definitely a lot of drama. I'm one of those that loves drama (I use to watch soaps back in the day), so I was a happy girl.
Kyle was leaning against his passenger side door. “Now, wasn’t that sweet? Kill a troll, hack up its body and dump it in the bay, then kiss a cute girl. All in one night.”
“What do you want, now?” Blake rounded the hood to the driver’s side. “Don’t you have someone else you can bother?”

Another character that helped cause a lot of drama was Kyle. He was Blake's brother and in the beginning I wasn't too sure where his loyalty resided. I kept getting annoyed at myself because Kyle came across as someone who I shouldn't necessarily like. Yet I did. He was the annoying brother who would never go away. Heaven help me for liking him lol.
“Why me?” Her words were as silent as a feather falling from a dove. When she looked back up the moonlight touched her face, her cheeks flushed and her dark eyes glistened with tears held back. And he didn’t care that he told her his feelings, because they made her look like that— beautiful.

Now underneath it all, was Norse Mythology. And maybe this is more my issue than anyone else's, but I'm clueless about Norse Mythology. So when a character's name would appear, I didn't understand who they were. It'd say if they were related, but I would have loved to have a little bit of a backstory on who was who. Thankfully I was reading on my kindle, so I would highlight the name and read more about them on the Wikipedia pop-up box. But I do wish some of that info was within the actual story so I'd know who we were meeting or who they were dressing up as.
This time he turned his back. Because he would do anything to save her, even betray her.

The creatures, characters, mystery, and action made this book such a quick, fun read! I was completely entertained, and the story went by too fast. I'm always bummed when I devour a story too quickly. Ohhh one more thing before I go, while it's a YA book, I felt like it would be a great step for those ready to leave MG and step into YA.

PS This is SO random but Trevon (Stevie's best friend's boyfriend) reminded me so much of Murray, Dionne's boyfriend, from Clueless for some reason. So I was always smiling when he was gracing the pages.

*ARC kindly provided by Entangled:Crave via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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August 25, 2017
This honestly ended up being a bit of a disappointment for me. i was super excited because I love all things mythology related, and I've only ever read one other Norse mythology books before, so I was looking forward to more. But I just couldn't connect with the story or the characters, ans I was left feeling unsatisfied with a forgettable book.

Things I Liked
I did end up enjoying all of the mythology elements in the story! Like I said above, I was excited to see Norse mythology represented in the story, and it ended up being my favorite part! I loved that there was so many different characters, creatures, and myths included. And everything was still very clear and easy to follow!

Things I Didn't Like
I thought the pacing was really fast. We never really got to live in the moment or take a breath - a lot of crazy stuff was happening. I would have liked to see more reactions from the characters, really be able to see their mindset.

The writing also felt a little repetitive at times, especially regarding the love triangle. There's lots of emotional drama in the love triangle, but it was rehashed repeatedly and made the writing seem a little more juvenile targeted.

This was an unfortuante miss, because I love all things mythology related, and that part didn't let me down. I like the myths and worldbuilding we got from it. But the characters and the relationships didn't connect with me.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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364 reviews124 followers
February 8, 2018
THUNDERSTRUCK is a wonderfully romantic adventure rich with Norse Mythology and captivating characters.

I found this story to be wonderfully charming and absolutely addictive. This is easily a book that you can read in one sitting, and you will definitely find yourself wanting to do just that.

I'm a huge fan of novels that incorporate actual mythology into the plot, and Drake did that brilliantly in THUNDERSTRUCK. I found the premise to be interesting and fun, and seeing classic characters from Norse mythology was a real treat. Drake's adaptations of those characters was imaginative and entertaining.

I found the romance to be sweet and swoony, and I'm glad that it played such a dominant role in the plot of the story.

I really enjoy books that get me excited to learn, and THUNDERSTRUCK certainly did that. I found myself googling some of the Norse mythology and characters as I was reading, and that made for such a fun and educational reading experience for me.

This story is very fast paced and really turns those pages for you. It's a light and refreshing read and perfect for a day spent curled up inside with a good glass of wine.
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930 reviews33 followers
August 26, 2017
Superheroes The Next Generation! AVENGERS sons of THOR. Handsome, honest, and loyal and on a mission to save the worlds. High school students make the perfect cover for these brothers on a trail to recover the horn. Young love and comic book action lead the reader on a journey made more intense by the writing skills of Brenda Drake. Fantastic teen read that will also entertain adults with a trek that battles trolls, leeches and wolves. Finished in one reading. "A copy of this book was provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read and my comments here are my honest opinion."
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1,048 reviews44 followers
October 8, 2017
Received from NetGalley

Stevie Moon is famous on internet and just ordinary girl in school. She and her friend have a comis book review vlog and she dresses up as comic book hero.

Blake is son of Thor and has come on Earth on a mission to find a Heimdall's horn, before someone use it and start Ragnarok.

He notices Stevie right away and looks at her from the distance. It takes him a long time to even talk to her. Being a great warrior doesn't mean you have great social skills. :)

Blake, his brother, Stevie and her friends form kind of a team to retrieve horn and save Stevie's life.

It's such a lovely story and really quick read. It flows really well, I liked the writing style.
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537 reviews7 followers
September 9, 2017
I have only one problem with this book: I want the sequel faster, damn it!

Stevie's the kind of geek girl I wish I'd had the confidence in high school to be. She's passionate about her geekitude, and isn't afraid to show it, albeit while hiding her identity. Not because she thinks she'll be bullied, but to keep her offline and online lives apart. Same reason I use a nickname for some of my internet stuff (like this) and my legal name for professional stuff. It's easier sometimes to keep personal and professional separated, though rather disconcerting when they then intermix.

Blake is delicious. He is trying to prove himself, and his love for Stevie clashes with his duty. Which, let's be real, is my favorite romance trope. There's something about the way wanting something you can't have without sacrificing something major pulls at my heartstrings.

(In fairness, I got an E-arc, because Brenda's awesome that way. It never influences my opinions though.)
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3,131 reviews26 followers
September 22, 2018
Received in exchange for a honest review.

I have read many of Miss Drake’s books but none have been like this one. Here we have a shy Stevie who hides behind masks to do her comic review vlog who ends up in the story of her comics itself.

Stevie is smart, kind and sassy when she wants to be. She is also ill and shows incredible strength and positivity when it comes to her illness. She meets Blake at school but he doesn’t really come off the right way. In reality Blake is sweet and kind. He is the hero that we all know comic heroes to be.

Blake is the son of Thor and on earth to find the horn before destruction can occur. He is being challenged in a way beyond what he has ever been before. He is also trying to navigate being human as well. As he is in this new world he finds Stevie to be intriguing and is attracted to her but doesn’t know how to approach her. suddenly Blake’s brother is down on earth with him and Stevie is in danger. Why? Well she is linked to the horn in unspeakable ways.

Stevie is thrust into a story for her comics. Blake is trying to protect her while finding out who is behind the mask that he found intriguing the night the wolves came to earth to help find the horn for the bad guys. Meanwhile, Blake’s brother is trying to find the horn for his mother and him and Blake are beginning a different kind of relationship. They begin to understand and respect one another. Blake shows him why he is to be a good leader in the end and it is wonderful to see.

While everyone is looking for the horn, we see that it is right where no one expects it to be. We see Blake be respectful of Stevie and show how amazing a guy he is and how much he values her with the homecoming incident. Even though these two obviously like each other they are in a situation that has them apart and Stevie trying to do what she thinks is right because of it. That is until they both see the truth and it may be too late. Stevie is in danger, Blake is trying to save her and he does sacrifice a lot for her while keeping her safe and doing the task set out in front of him.

So many tough decisions are put in front of them and they handle them with grace and strength. The story is entertaining and exciting. The writing is wonderful ad the characters you fall in love with those you should and growl at the bad guys as you root for the good ones to win.
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487 reviews33 followers
January 15, 2018
This weekend I dove into Thunderstruck by Brenda Drake, a YA novel that effortlessly combines Norse mythology, action-adventure, and sweet romance.

As a kid, my mom introduced me early to Greek mythology because it was one of her passions. And I fell in love with those stories. Now as an adult, I've discovered the Norse myths and they hold me equally entranced. I enjoyed reading Thunderstruck a lot. I had zero preconceptions regarding the story and it's my first time reading Brenda Drake — so glad I picked up this book!

Quick synopsis:

Blake Foster is not your average high school kid. He's actually Einar, the son of Norse god Thor. He's been sent to retrieve the powerful horn of Heimdall before all the worlds fall into chaos and destruction. Stevie Moon is your average high school kid, well mostly. She does have a heart condition and a secret identity as well. She's not a Norse god but she is Comic Cam, a vlog celebrity who unknowingly has ties to Asgard. Blake and Stevie, along with Blake's brother Kyle/Lajos will work together to prevent Ragnarok and save both Midgard/Earth and Asgard.

Overall, Thunderstruck had a nice balance between the mythology and modern world. I loved watching Blake learn about being a Midgard teen and the distinct contrasts between him and Kyle. There were several little moments throughout the book that made me chuckle and smile. I loved some of Blake/Einar's observations and thoughts about Midgard.

I also enjoyed Stevie's character. She's not a damsel in distress — she's smart, funny, and a good friend. Her parents were slightly absent, but their absence was plausible and offset by the presence of Dr. May Hompluem, a veterinarian who has firsthand knowledge of Norse gods and Asgard.

Thunderstruck is a stand-alone read, not super long, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys engaging characters, a fast-paced plot, and a bit of romance while battling trolls and evil Norse gods.
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2,699 reviews160 followers
August 3, 2020
I struggled with this one. I love a good YA story but this was just not good. The pacing was off, the drama was unnecessary, the characters were shallow, the world was not properly developed, and the plot was confusing.

This was a modern day story with Old Norse myths thrown in. I was intrigued by the premise but it was not executed well at all. The pace was too fast and as a result, nothing was properly explained. I felt as if I missed something that was covered but in fact it was not covered. It wasn't talked about, only skimmed over, if at all. Plus, the lightning fast speed at which this story was told meant I was never given a chance to connect with any character. I wanted to DNF so many times but kept telling myself it would get better. (HINT: It didn't)

I really cannot recommend this to anyone. Even if I had nothing else to read, I would not read this again.
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Author 16 books92 followers
September 19, 2017
Thunderstruck is an intense YA fantasy that combines mythology with a contemporary love story. Stevie is a high schooler with a heart issue. Blake is the son of the Norse god Thor. Blake has feelings for Stevie and those feelings are returned...until Stevie learns Grace has feelings for her, too. Grace is not the most likable person, but Stevie feels an obligation toward her and, because of that, she pushes Blake toward Grace. The love triangle is compelling, but even more compelling is Blake's race to complete his mission...and the danger it puts Stevie in. If you love fantasies based on mythology, you have to read this book!
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Author 1 book110 followers
July 13, 2018
I got sent this book in exchange for a honest review, all my opinions are my own and thank you so much to the publishers for sending me this book!

This had Norse mythology in it so of course I was gonna ask for an arc but I ended up having mixed feelings on this.
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679 reviews27 followers
September 6, 2017
What a fast read full of twists and norse mythology with gods and goddesses. The plot was highly original and full of one surprise after another. I wish it would have included more interaction between Bake and Stevie but I am looking forward to the next addition. Thank you NetGalley and Brenda Drake for allowing me to read this book in advance and write a honest review.
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1,059 reviews5 followers
August 26, 2017
I love Thor, and mythology, so this was a good book for me :) Blake is one of Thor's sons tasked to find a missing Asgardian item list on Earth before it falls I to the wrong hands. Blake is great. He's hot like his dad but without the cockiness. Stevie is great too- she has a secret life as a famous cool vlogger/ cosplayer, which no one knows about because at school she's quiet and blends in a crowd. I really liked Blake and Stevie's chemistry. Kyle was a surprising character, I didn't expect the character growth so that was a pleasant surprise. I recommend this book if you like modern takes on myths, or want a light YA action/ romance.
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Author 2 books80 followers
September 23, 2017
So fun! This was a great, entertaining read with cute boys, romance, and a whole lot of scary mythological creatures. I gobbled it up. All the references to Norse mythology (and all the characters who pop up) are really fun. Stevie is such a great character, and I loved her love of comics and cosplay. This is the kind of book to take on a plane or to the beach when you want light, engrossing fun!
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10 reviews
December 29, 2017
Loved this twist on another tale. Fun read, well written, very very few editing errors, if I hadn’t been interrupted a million times I would have read it straight through.
Thank you Brenda Drake loved the story!
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47 reviews
September 2, 2017
Thank you Netgalley for this arc for an honest and fair review!

I'm not going to lie i did look at other reviews before reading this - looking a the star rating most importantly so I did go into the book hoping I would be pleasantly surprised and that I was.

I found that I enjoyed reading this book, it captured my attention from the first sentence, the characters and the language used by Brenda Drake had me hooked and kept me pushing through the some more cliche romance and pining scenes.

I am into anything mythological so it was refreshing for me to see something that is based on Norse mythology compared to the usual Greek or Roman. Aside from any Marvel.
I felt that having the main character as a comic book fan helped her seem more believable and gave me connect with her more (and i love a book more when I connect better with the protagonist.)

I felt that the action scenes were very good, the descriptive language had me reading quicker just so I could see what happened. They had me gripped though some did move a little too quickly at times, the first major battle scene I felt happened very suddenly and was over in a flash however the rest of the action scenes definitely made up for it.

The relationships between the characters I felt were very well depicted and very believable. I especially loved the brotherly love and rivalry between Blake and Kyle, it was incredibly believable and you could feel the awe and love they had for each other just coming off the page.
I also love the friendship between Stevie and Amira, the helping each other while pushing each other to extend their comfort zones always makes the best, best friend relationships.
My only fault with the relationships I would have to say was the relationship between Amira and her boyfriend, while only a background story many of their interactions would distract and honestly, annoy me at times.

Having them go to an event like comic con and own their geekery and nerd is something that I found totally awesome, it is not often you get a book character that owns up to being a geek and would go to a comic con or event similar and this makes the characters so much more believable for me. ( It helps that I am an avid marvek and comic nerd myself).

I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of the book, it was different and I felt it rounded the story off reall well and made up for any of the little nitpicks I had through out the book.

I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy, Norse mytholog, Thor or any form of Marvel. I feel they would thoroughly love this amazing novel.
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Author 6 books791 followers
August 27, 2017
Thunderstruck is a fun, fast ride with twists and turns and plenty for teens to love. Young readers will enjoy the plot, quest, and mythical beings. I craved even more information about the physical link between the mythical/fictional Norse god-ruled Asgard and Milgard (earth.)

The half-brotherly relationship between Blake and Kyle is banter-filled, and just prickly enough to be quite interesting. I enjoyed the way they play off one another and work together. Blake trying to navigate high school lingo and ways is funny and charming. Kyle dons the role of stereotypical “player” and “jock” and does it well! Many cute moments and laughs here.

Protagonist Stevie is a lovely, endearing character. I wish we’d gotten an even deeper glimpse into her motivations and how she became Comic Cam. What we do get of Stevie shows a girl who is authentic and selfless. This really comes out toward the midpoint of the novel. Her friendship with Amira is positive and supportive––a great look for teen friendships. Stevie’s character blossoms at the book’s climax and she finds courage and strength of “heart” despite her physical heart weakening.

This book hits its stride in the final third of the story. I found myself turning pages to see what was going to happen next.

Although Thunderstruck will appeal to many teens, there is a clear sweet-spot readership for this novel: readers who are just beginning to move from middle grade books into young adult. Drake does a fantastic job setting up and describing battle scenes and interludes with mythical creatures. The level of peril and tension is exciting, but it’s not as intense as we see in many YA fantasy or science fiction offerings. If your teen reader isn’t ready for more emotionally intense portrayals, Thunderstuck is a perfect choice.

This is also true of the narrative. The author keeps the pace quick, the interactions light, and the emotions real and sweet, but not too heavy or tension-filled. Descriptions are simple, clean, and easy to digest––again, perfect for the reader new to young adult.
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley. All comments are my honest opinion.
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580 reviews19 followers
September 11, 2017
Myths are crazy popular right now in case you’ve been hiding in a cave and missed hearing about Rick Riordan, Neil Gaiman, or practically anything by Marvel and DC. Riordan has a whole new Norse Mythology series going on, Gaiman just published his definitive edition recently and Marvel has made Thor so famous any teen can probably tell you who Chris Hemsworth is before they could the VP of the US.

Drake has jumped on the bandwagon and provide us her take on the sexy (because you know Hemsworth pops into your head when you hear this name) Thor lineage. Granted her story is more focused on his son but I bet now you’re thinking what a high school version of Hemsworth might look like.

Thunderstruck is a typical YA novel, most assuredly not written for the older end of that crowd who likes to read these whether they publicly admit that or not. You get a modern day take on an Old Norse myth written with a very easy style so you could blow through quite a few chapters before realizing how far you actually read. At the same time that’d be a negative because it is SO fast paced she didn’t slow down enough to really let us connect and enjoy the characters or story. It felt rushed at moments like she had a deadline to meet and left so much to the last minute she was just trying to hit a page count without worrying about what was going on the pages.

You do get quite a bit of cliché, almost cringe worthy, romantic angles so depending on how much of that irritates you versus you just love reading about love be prepared. I thought that part was kind of disappointing because the mythology she tapped into and how she used it was so interesting and fun I would’ve preferred the author fleshing that out more and cutting back on who loves who, wants to be together but can’t, should be together but won’t, drama.

It’s worth checking out if you have time, don’t have anything else on your to read list or you are need a fix until Thor comes out in November. Unfortunately it’s not a novel that will hold a place in your mind’s catalogue of memories so as soon as Chris Hemsworth hits the big screen you’ll be going “Thunderstruck what?”
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639 reviews144 followers
September 8, 2017
Normally, I probably would never have read this. I tend to gravitate away from contemporary due to the cheesiness and angst I tend to find in them. However, I greatly admire Brenda Drake for the things she's done for the writing community with Pitch Wars and #PitMad. The least I could do was read her newest book.
This was an easy, flowing read that I finished in a few days. I'll tell you now, it was as cheesy and angst filled as I expected. These books never quite match up with how MY high school experience was, no matter how different or ordinary the main character turns out to be. There were a few times I had to cringe with the two main characters' interactions, but it wasn't enough to make me stop reading.
I'm a sucker for books with mythology and it was nice to read one that wasn't Greek. It introduced me to a lot of mythical creatures and stories I'd never heard of before, which was a real treat. It was also interesting that Drake didn't use Thor, but rather his sons to complete the quest. And might I add Thor is apparently one heck of a dirty dog, getting around just about everywhere with two sons born within a day of each other from two separate women. However, there were a few times when the myth used for the story seemed to border on a knockoff of the Thor films. It's silly, I know, especially since the comics take from the myth too, so there is bound to be several close parallels.
The pacing was quick and sharp, moving from day to day, event to event with ease. Now, I've never read Drake before, so I don't know if that's just her style or it was just for this book, but at times I found the pacing to be a bit too fast. This was a book where I wouldn't have minded if it were on the longer side, just to flesh things out a bit more, in the beginning particularly.
Overall, it was a decent read. I don't know if I would read it again, but I might recommend it to others for sure. 3/5
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1,017 reviews48 followers
September 12, 2017
Thunderstruck is heavy with Norse Mythology, but having full knowledge in such things is certainly not needed to enjoy this fast-paced story.

Thunderstruck is enjoyable and fun, with just enough plot twists to keep the reader engaged and turning the page to find out what happens next. Geared toward teens and maybe young adults, Thunderstruck has all the teen angst elements as most teen/young adult books but with a mythological twist. Gods living among us as teenagers? Well, that’s interesting.

The overall story is quite refreshing and modern, and Brenda Drake does a decent job weaving in the mythological characters without bogging down the plot. As an added bonus, Thunderstruck just may encourage the reader to run off and discover more about Norse Mythology.

As the main character, Stevie Moon certainly has some interesting flaws and issues that lend an air of believability to an otherwise fantastical story. For instance, she has a weak heart, and I’m not just talking about her feelings for Blake (aka Einar, the god posing as a teenage boy who has no clue how to actually behave as a teenager, making him quite endearing). Without providing spoilers, I will only say that Stevie is personally connected to this mythical world, and she finds herself embroiled in a real-live version of the comic heroes, heroines, villains, and other creatures that she loves so much. Kyle (aka Lajos, who is Einar’s brother) is my favorite. His character starts off completely annoying, but he definitely goes through some cracking good developments.

The ending chapters are almost too exciting, with action coming at you from all directions. I received an advanced copy from NetGalley.


"You don't look back unless you regret leaving."
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July 1, 2018
"Thunderstruck" was a cute read that follows Einar/Blake and Stevie. All the myths around Thor are true, and Thor's son Einar, likely next in line for the crown, is on Earth in search of the horn. The last signals were around the high school, where he is posing as a student from Norway named Blake. Blake/Einar is searching, but he also finds himself drawn to the kind Stevie- she's quiet but he's noticed how generous and giving she can be.

Stevie has long had heart problems and will be coming up on another major surgery soon. She is also Comic Cam, who wears a mask and posts a vlog to review comic books. She uses the alter-ego to raise money for charities. As someone had saved her family's home by raising money for her last big surgery anonymously, Stevie has tried to pay it forward through her vlog. Stevie also finds herself drawn to Blake, but feels like he is too handsome to like her- and also, Grace is interested in him, and Grace is, kind of, a friend. Stevie also inherited a necklace in an ornate box from her aunt, which came with a mysterious note...

The book is absolutely engaging and page-turning, mixing a lot of Norse mythology with the modern day in a delightful YA fantasy/romance. Stevie and Blake/Einar were both easy to like, and it was interesting to watch their feelings develop (and be held off out of misplaced loyalty). It was a fun action/adventure with some cute main characters (though side characters were all pretty one-dimensional). A lot of Norse gods pop up during the book, and it was interesting to see how they were portrayed herein.

Overall, it was a fun read, and I would love to see it continued in a series (we can hope!). Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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September 11, 2017
I don't really know what else I expected with a book blurb that sounded it would be focused on romance, but I imagined the mythology plot would also have a good part in the plot. On that front, I was a bit disappointed with the book - there was so much potential in a story about two of Thor's sons coming to Midgard, seeing what Thor comics is here versus their own life, and the threat of Ragnarok, but half of this book is taken up by a weird love quadrangle plot, with a lot of high school drama (the latter I get, because this IS set in high school, but in a cage match between high school drama and the fate of the nine worlds, I think Ragnarok wins).

Parts of the novel were interesting, like Blake and Kyle having to fend off creatures to protect the carrier of the horn, Stevie being a vlogger who does it for charitable purposes, the subversion of the expected sibling rivalry to fall into the pattern of Thor-Loki dynamic, but a lot of it was overshadowed by the will-they-won't-they plot of romance going on. Blake trying to navigate a mortal high school would have been interesting if his only interaction wasn't just with the other main characters, and Stevie's almost-psychic doubts about him were unreal. Character motivations and relationship developments were also all over the place, not giving them much depth. There is also a weird timeline where things skip days in the next chapter, but they don't connect well to the previous and it all feels very disjointed.

Shortly, great concept but messy execution.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Entangled: Crave , via Netgalley.
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August 30, 2017
Thank you netgalley for an arc for an honest and fair review

The book was overall enjoyable, though some moments made me want to give up on it. The descriptive language used and characters kept me going though.

The action scenes were good, although sometimes cringey at times. The whole section where we first meet Saga is just so fast its really unbelievable. Each different mythological being they had to fight was exciting, especially when it was involving something I'd never heard of before.

The ending was perfect. It made me happy. The action was very climatic and had me hooked praying everyone would make it out okay. Still have a few questions though I'd love answered but maybe a sequel will be cool?

I liked the characters in the book. Especially Kyle who, not going to lie, I disliked at the begining. The character development was brilliant in his case. Blake was adorable trying to understand the modern world, this brought me to laughter a few time.

Romance wise it was so cliche it hurt. It was full of stereotypical romance between teenagers that made me want to puke. Like seriously the pace of their romance was so fast it was like really!? Good looking boy falls in love with ill girl but she pushes him away to another girl and then they're together again it's just barf.

Besides that though it was pretty enjoyable. I'm a fan of anything mythological so it was my cup of tea when it wasn't too busy focusing on romance (which it was more often than not).
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September 4, 2017
My first book from the author whose books I was dying to read as Touching Fate and Thief of lies did get an amazing response and was excited to read this when publishers accepted my request on Netgalley.
Though my experience was not that great.

Even though I love retelling and Thor being one of my fav superhero, I was disappointed. There are quite a few plot holes and are easily found. You don't have to look deep to see them, they're openly surfaced as in asking to find them.

Things are way to fast for my liking, like they meet, felt the spark and out of nowhere were together like there is no valid explanation for that. One time hero is thinking of how to destroy the evidence of the monster attack and the next thing I read is of him thinking of some girl at the college. I was like, 'What the hell! Did I miss something?'

The things that I really liked was the fighting scenes and Kyle. I just loved his character. He was life of the book even though being a supporting character.

As I always, don't bother with me. You might like it. :)
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September 3, 2017
I had to DNF. It's a thing that happened.

See, the problem with a lot of Marvel fanfiction is that they tend to write Thor as a total muppet. You know, a lot of big over the top action and awkward dialogue and just... awful. (The only time it's acceptable is when he's trolling the rest of the Avengers. That's it. But that's not the point.)

All the characters in Thunderstruck felt more than a little bit like Muppet Thor. I had no real sense of who they were. Well, there was the comic book loving geek who had a heart problem that may or may not have been operated one and reminded mini Muppet Thor of the human he once loved, but I learned this by being told this, not being shown it. Ergo, no idea who they really were.

And then at 28% I realized I didn't actually care. The prose was poorly constructed, and I'm just too old to waste time with this nonsense.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review via Netgalley.
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September 16, 2017
Since I love anything related to mythology, I was excited to buy this book the moment it came out. And I’m happy to report it fully delivered. The mythology world building is complex but well-fleshed out, and the story is just plain fun.

This cute YA novel has something for everyone: first love, teenage angst, friendship, lots of action, and a well-done love triangle. The characters jump off the page. Stevie is sweet and highly sympathetic (poor thing has had heart surgery and needs more). She’s funny, someone I wanted to follow through the story just to see her get her happy ending. Blake is swoony (new book BF alert!), yet caring. He’s a Norse god’s son, but you can see that sometimes, he just wants to be a normal boy. Their chemistry together leaped off the page. I couldn’t wait to see them end up together.

A quick read, this book can be finished in a weekend. I can’t wait to see what this writer comes up with next.
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September 26, 2017
Let me say I loved this one and if not for some issues it would have been a five for me. The issues were mainly with the transition from scene to scene in the first part of the book. I even reread to see if I missed something a few times. Also, and this is a minor issue, one part said Jules died in a boating accident and then the second part said it was her heart/frost. Now on to what I loved. I loved the overall feel of the book. A little bit Thor with a Teen Wolf feel character and dialogue wise. I was very happy with Kyle and how he wasn't a bad guy but just not like Blake. He had attitude to spare but came through when needed. Blake and Stevie were good together and I always had to laugh at Trevon. Hope to see more from the Thor boys. I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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