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Gold Rush

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Liza Petrov’s entire life has been about skating and winning her sport’s top prize – Olympic gold. She’s stayed sheltered inside her bubble, not daring to stray from her destined path.

Until she meets Braden Patrick.

He makes her heart flutter with possibility, and for the first time she gets a taste of a normal teenage life. She longs to have both the boy and the gold, but stepping outside her bubble comes with a price. As Liza begins to question both her future and her past, can she stay focused on the present and realize her ultimate dream?

338 pages, ebook

Published January 9, 2017

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About the author

Jennifer Comeaux

9 books594 followers
Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. When she's not writing, traveling, or calculating taxes, you can find her feeding her television addiction.

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1,259 reviews273 followers
April 29, 2018
This is a book about a girls quest to win the gold medal, seemed like she was 19 but then it seemed like she was 12, and her love affair with figure skating.

There was also a boy, some kissing, and sweet stuff that will make your teeth ache. He was perfect, as perfect as her three skates in the Olympics, natch.

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1,251 reviews308 followers
December 19, 2016
Gold Rush is such a fun and sweet book: exactly what I've come to expect from Jennifer Comeaux's writing. Her books always feature empathetic main characters who you really cheer for, and Liza is no exception.

If you've read Jennifer's past books it will be especially fun for you to read about adult Liza (she first appears as a kid in earlier novels). What's great, though, is that this definitely does work as a standalone story. You'll only have a richer background if you have read her other books, which I also recommend.

On the romance end of things, Braden is a really sweet and supportive love interest. He's the perfect first boyfriend for Liza. Not to get too spoilery, but what's really fun in this book is that you get to see Liza and Braden build a friendship over the course of the book before things go full-on romance.

Gold Rush is a clean romance featuring a kick butt female athlete. If you're a fan of figure skating you'll especially enjoy how great Jennifer is at describing the sport. Even if you're not a fan, and you simply appreciate a story about working hard for your dreams, you'll find something to enjoy in Gold Rush. Recommended.
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2,921 reviews219 followers
February 7, 2017
(4.5 Stars) I love how this series builds upon each story. Yes, the books are about different characters, but characters from other books play such important roles--I highly recommend reading them in order. In this story, we learn more about Liza (lee-zah). She's 19 and wanting to win Olympic gold in figure skating, but she also wants to live life as a normal college student. In an attempt to merge her two greatest wishes, a truly telling and touching story unfolds.

Liza meets Braden and almost immediately desires to experience things she's denied herself--dating and kissing to start with. One thing that really impressed me, is that these characters had an insta-attraction, but they make a choice that allows a deep and lasting friendship to develop, along with those romantic feelings. It's hard not to fall for such a great guy, especially with overprotective parents.

I was blown away by the writing. I love watching ice skating on the Olympics, but I've never stopped to think about what runs through a skater's mind or what exactly is expected and sacrificed to achieve a gold medal dream. I was a mess reading about Liza's thoughts, anxieties, and experiences; I was in tears several times when events happened that took me by surprise; I was angry, ecstatic, heartbroken, and jubilant throughout each and every moment of Liza's life--the emotions are definitely palpable.

When all is said and done, this emotional roller coaster is worth the investment and I'm still thinking about it.

Content: some mild language (with 1-2 moderate words); mild-moderate romance (steamy clean kissing, vague talk of hooking up, sleeping in same bed but nothing happens); underage drinking/partying in a college setting; vague talk of death (suicide, accident).

*I received a complimentary ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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1,591 reviews98 followers
December 15, 2016
Liza is at the height of her game in the world of figure skating. Boasted to be one of top skaters at the winter Olympics, if not the top one, she needs to stay focused if she wants to bring home the gold. But when she meets Braden one afternoon at a baseball game, he turns her world upside down and inside out. For the first time in forever she daydreams about a kindhearted college boy and her first kiss. She would love to be a normal teenage girl and do the things they do. No worries, no practices, no meddlesome parents. But no worries, means no gold. Liza will have to sacrifice much to reach her dreams…or will she? Can she let this boy into her world and still obtain the gold?

Wow!! Such an amazing book. I finished this a few days ago and I am still…just wow! Every book that I have read from Comeaux has made me experience all the feels. This one, probably more so. I once again remembered what it felt like to go on that first date and how it felt to fall in love for the first time. Comeaux makes her stories come alive with her words and the emotions that jump right off the pages before you. It really is a magical moment to read her books. And this one was just so darn magical. So beautifully told. So absolutely amazing in all its aspects!

I need to gush on Braden for a second. He is one of those guys that stay with you long after the book is done. In a lot of ways, he is very similar to Liza’s dad in that regard. Sergei was one of those that I have never forgotten and I love him still to this day. He oozed romance!! I can see the same in Braden and would love if he was given more time in future books. (Hint, cough, wink!)

Sweet romance and a flawless storyline that kept my attention the entire time…GOLD RUSH is a must read. 5 Beautifully Written Stars!
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242 reviews5 followers
February 8, 2017
I love watching skating it’s just so beautiful. I honestly wish that I could to do but I know I wouldn’t be able to. When I saw this book going on tour I just had to read this story. As I thought this book would be it’s a sweet story and loved reading it. 

This is actually my first book by this author and boy I am sure missing out. I am definitely going to be reading more of her books. Her writting style is just wonderful. She pulls me into the book and keeps me turning the pages. 

The characters were are enjoyable to read. I was really rooting for Liza and for her romance and her dreams. 

Definitely recommend this book to readers who love sweet romances. You will love this. 

I received a eARC to give an honest review.
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660 reviews231 followers
February 25, 2018
I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Four Reasons to Read Gold Rush by Jennifer Comeaux
I'm still lacking in my reviews, but now I'm playing with style to change things up a little. Gold Rush is the first book by Jennifer Comeaux I've read, and it's the first performance by Emily Stokes that I've listened to. Here's a list of reasons why you should consider giving Gold Rush a try.

Ice Skating! - If you're looking for a book centered around ice skating, this book is for you. I've had an interest in reading Comeaux's books since I've found out they were about ice skaters, and it was amazing to read from an ice skater's perspective. Liza is also extremely passionate about ice skating

Adorable Kids - Stokes does an amazing job depicting the voice of a kid, and she makes the two in Gold Rush all the more adorable through her performance than it would be compared to the book version.

Past Characters - Fans of Comeaux will be absolutely delighted to know some of the main characters from her previous books will be making an appearance or even a critical role in Liza's journey to an Olympic medal.

Sweetest Love Interest. Ever. - Braedon is one of the most adorable and sweetest boys in the history of fictional boy land (there's a lot of them). He's completely understanding of Liza's priorities and commitments without any ifs, ands, or buts, and it's just one of the things in literature I love reading about.

This review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
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1,878 reviews1,310 followers
April 3, 2017
Liza has one ultimate goal, she wants to win an Olympic medal, a gold one. She's a talented figure skater and has trained her entire life. She's so close to seeing all of her wishes fulfilled, but when she meets Braden she realizes there's more to life than just skating and winning medals. Braden makes Liza want to have some regular college experiences. She's just existing in her own small world and Braden shows her a whole new side of herself. That doesn't mean Liza's giving up on her dream to win the prize she's always desired. However, is it possible to be in love and skate at the highest possible level?

Gold Rush is a beautiful and interesting romantic story. Liza has always been a good girl. She went through many difficult times in her past and my heart ached for her because of everything she had to endure. She's strong, talented and determined to reach her goals. I admired her courage and persistency. She tries to learn from her mistakes and works very hard to reach her targets. She's a wonderful sweet person as well and I liked her from the start. Being carefree every now and then is something I kept wishing for her to experience and I loved that Braden shows her what it's like to have fun. He's a serious student and he's a cheerful kindhearted guy. He understands Liza and supports her career. They tell each other their biggest secrets and have a special and deep connection. I couldn't wait to find out if Liza would win the Olympics, but also thought that with Braden in her life she's already a really lucky winner.

Jennifer Comeaux writes about figure skating in an impressive way. She skillfully describes Liza's movements and I could easily picture the skating, the dancing, the state of mind Liza has to be in, the nerves she has before an important competition and her anxiety when she's in front of the judges. I loved reading about Liza's drive to be the best she can be. She's humble and she's kind to her fans, which makes her a likeable person for a large number of people. Being in the spotlight isn't always easy though and Jennifer Comeaux writes about her struggles as well as her successes in an equally empathic manner. I absolutely loved that about Gold Rush.

While Liza has worked her whole life to reach one goal, she all of a sudden knows she wants more than just a medal. She doesn't get much support when it comes to Braden, since her parents want her to focus on skating and don't trust her to make the right choices. She stands up for what she believes in and it was fantastic to watch her build her confidence because of it. Besides sports, love and friendship there are secrets of the past Liza has to look into and this detail made the story even more fascinating. Gold Rush is a fabulous romantic story with a nerve-wracking ending that brought tears to my eyes. I definitely enjoyed reading this riveting book.
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357 reviews7 followers
April 15, 2017
*3.5 Stars*

When I was looking for books to read on Netgalley, Gold Rush caught my eye with its adorable cover and synopsis, so I decided to hit request. I haven't read too much about skating, and it definitely interested me to in this book.

Even though I do have to say that this book is a tad cliché, I still enjoyed it. I absolutely loved the characters and the morals of this story!

For a brief synopsis, Gold Rush revolves around Liza, who is a competitive skater bound to compete in the Sochi Olympics. Her whole life revolves around skating with a need for lots and lots of practice if she is to be successful in any way. But then she meets a guy named Braden, and her whole life turns upside down. She finds herself falling for him in a way not necessarily possible for a skater at her level of competing. Will she be able to successfully keep track of both her skating and Braden?

I really liked both Liza and Braden, but for this review, I will be focusing a bit more on Liza because I have more to say about her. I adored her perseverance regarding her dreams about skating and her parents' mystery, and I can't believe how strong she was being under so much pressure all the time! I know I could never handle the commitment of being a competitive athlete, but I just loved how committed Liza was to her sport. Also, watching her grow so much by the end of the book was amazing!❤️

As for Braden, HE WAS SUCH A STUNNER OMG!! SUCH a sweet, caring guy, and he was adorable with Liza! <3

Now for the plot, as this story mostly focused on the characters, there honestly wasn't too much of one. In spite of that, though, I do think this book ended quite well with all of its loose ends tied up in a neat little bow, but it was still a bit predictable. I've got to say, though, that despite trying skating last year and being *ridiculously bad* at it, this book made me feel like getting back on skates and trying again!

Overall, Gold Rush was a cute, fun read all about chasing your dreams, and I definitely enjoyed it. I'd recommend it to those in search of a sweet romance story with sports involved, because even though the concept is not the most original, I think you'll still devour it for its morals.

*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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631 reviews61 followers
February 6, 2017
Review to come!

Update 2/5/17:

See more reviews on my blog Novels and Necklaces

This is the first book that I have read by Jennifer, and boy did she win me over! I've always had a thing for ice skating (it's always a definite much watch for me in the Olympics) so I was excited to pick up a novel dedicated entirely to ice skating with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure. I honestly was impressed by how much I enjoyed this story, and I am definitely checking out Jennifer's other books in the future!

Gold Rush is a nice, clean YA story that is fun and sweet all the way until the very end. There is so much to love about this book: the characters, the plot, the romance...I could go on and on. It's definitely a read that you will get lost in. I loved Jennifer's writing style. It was incredibly real and raw. In all the time that I've watched ice skating on TV, I never once thought about the mindset of the skater and what it actually takes to make it to the top. And Jennifer nailed it so perfectly in this novel! You feel all of Liza's anxiety, thoughts, and hopes throughout reading, and you're cheering for her during the entire book. I was with Liza through every high and every low; I was excited and heartbroken right along with her. I knew right after I started reading this book that I would fall in love purely because of the writing.

Liza is an amazing main character for this book. I didn't actually realize this was part of a series (and no, you don't need to read any of the other books in order to understand what's going on), but I'm definitely checking out the rest of the books now! I loved how dedicated Liza was to her goals. However, she also yearns to be that normal teenager that has the typical teenage experiences. Liza undergoes quite an amazing journey during this book, and I loved watching her become the person she is meant to be. She realizes that not only can she have the best of both worlds, but she deserves it. Liza deserves to be happy and Braden played a role in helping her become her best self. I loved seeing her character's development over the course of the story in that she becomes headstrong and more resilient.

When Liza meets Braden sparks fly, and I loved every single second of their romance. I could gush about Braden for days because he is seriously perfect. Liza and Braden's relationship started as a friendship and grew from there, and because of this, it felt incredibly realistic. Even though they did have a bit of insta-love going on, they actually made the decision to start things off slow and be friends first (because it was what made the most sense). That right there is what made me love this book just a bit more. I appreciated an author doing this because it's more true to life. There are many trials Braden and Liza go through as well as hills they have to climb, but they get through things together and act like adults when things get rough. And the conclusion will make your heart flutter.

Overall, this was an excellent book that I highly recommend checking out! It's a quick, clean YA story that has all the things you want in a romance story. I will most definitely be checking out Jennifer's other stories and she is an author to watch. The story will stick with you long after you finish, and it's the perfect Valentine's Day read!

Happy reading :)
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2,016 reviews230 followers
February 6, 2017
**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: https://bookbriefs.net**
Gold Rush is a standalone young adult ice skating romance set in the same world as Jennifer's Edge series and Ice series. I have read, and the loved the entire Ice series, which is Josh and Courtney's story. I still have not read the edge series, which is the story of Liza's dad, but I am so going to. I loved the Ice series to pieces, and Gold Rush gave me all the same great feels. I love the feel good romance that Jennifer Comeaux is so excellent at delivering. This was a great book for new and old fans of Jennifer's work.

Gold Rush is Liza's story, a two time world champion ice skater. Liza has been so focused on skating her whole life that she has missed out on all the boy, and dating, aspects of growing up. In fact, she has never even been on a date at 19, much less anything else with a guy. And then along comes Braden. I loved Liza and Braden from the very first moment I saw them together at the slushie stand. Their story is a real feel good romance. Sure, there are roadblocks and hurdles, and lots of skating. (and falls) but in the end it is so satisfying. That is what I love most about Jennifer's stories. They are all so satisfying.

Gold Rush is so many things wrapped up in one book. It is an awesome ice skating story. liza seriously kicks butt on ice. It is also a great friendship as well as a romance. I loved Braden. Him and Liza clearly like each other but Liza gets cold feet pretty early on. She is a people pleaser like I am, so I totally understood how her parents pressure and expectations caused her to put the brakes on. But Braden takes it all in stride, and it made me love him even more. The result makes Gold Rush an awesome instant chemistry but slow burn friendship to romance. My favorite kind.

Bottom line: If you have read one of Jennifer's ice skating romances before, you will love rejoining this world to get to know a new couple. Gold Rush is an awesome addition to her other equally awesome books. And if you are new to Jennifer's stories, you need to read Gold Rush! It is a feel good ice skating romance, with great character, plenty of tense, and cute moments, awesome skating and a really satisfying story. I love all of Jennifer's books. Gold Rush was an excellent read.

This review was originally posted on Book Briefs
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111 reviews11 followers
July 30, 2017
This review is based on an ARC I received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts on this book are my own.

This book was really sweet and I appreciate the fact that Liza and Braden became friends first before jumping straight in. He respected her dream and the fact that she was focused on the dream and instead of ditching her he stood by her side and offered her all the support he could give. I’ve always enjoyed reading books or watching movies about figure skating and this one was no exception (although I must admit to looking up a couple of the moves on youtube so I would have a better sense of what was being talked about). I love that Liza doesn’t give up on her dream for some boy because it was something she had been working her whole life for and something she really wanted. I also love how just being friends with Braden helped open her up more to the idea that she can have a life outside of figure skating and still be passionate about it at the same time. With everything going on in her life, from her questioning herself about her feelings towards Braden to the mystery of her parents I know I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate if I were her but she pulled through.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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323 reviews10 followers
July 11, 2017
Note: This review contains NO spoilers

Well, I'm no stranger to stories by Jennifer Comeaux. So when I saw the opportunity to review another book by this amazing author, I signed up. Again, she has published yet another sweet Young Adult/New Adult romance in the world of ice skating. With characters that are familiar, especially if you have read titles in the Edge and/or Ice series, Gold Rush focuses on Liza Petrov's life as a skater, a young adult growing up, and a young woman learning about falling in love for the first time. Not only that, Emily Stokes, the narrator of this audiobook, does an amazing job telling this story.

Jennifer Comeaux, again, takes us into the world of competitive ice skating with these characters. Although this is a standalone novel, characters from her other series are intertwined into this new story. For fans familiar to the Edge and Ice series, much of the setting is recognizable. But this time, this world has been expanded with this new book. As for the characters, I found these simple, yet complex, characters likeable and funny. Although the dramatics throughout is subtle as the romance blossomed, it was enough realism for a young adult to relate to. Of course, there is no denying that Liza's passion for ice skating is apparent throughout even with the ups and downs of falling in love and growing up. Well, enough of that... Gold Rush is a sweet...I guess a coming-of-age... romance with a touch of a competitive edge to it that Jennifer Comeaux fans will enjoy.

Now, as for the narrator, Emily Stokes... I love how she takes the story and tells it in an animated voice. She even changes her tone and/or accents with different characters. With her animated storytelling, listening to this audiobook made it even more enjoyable. It is a great pairing, a good story and an animated narrator, that makes listening to this audiobook all worth while.

Gold Rush is a charming coming-of-age romance of a young girl with a competitive edge.
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3,001 reviews121 followers
July 24, 2017
Such a fun and sweet story!

Even though I can barely stop on skates without an assist from the wall around the rink (this is normal, yes?), for as long as I can remember (every 4 years during the Olympics, at a minimum ;)) I' ve dreamed of being an ice skater. (Also normal, yes? Everyone plans out skating routines while listening to instrumental music, right? Right??)

So the chance to read a book from the POV of a slightly socially-awkward ice skating Olympic (hopefully) superstar? Sign me up!

I loved both Liza and Braden. Whether it was the beginning, when she practically ran from his flirtiness at the baseball game, when they were going on their first dates, or when they were trying to be just friends (because of her parents and her need to give everything to her skating during the Olympic season), they were just great together. Plus, how many guys will back off immediately when the girl they like tells them they have to devote themselves to their sport instead of dating and be willing to hang out indefinitely in the friend zone in the hopes of someday? (I'm hoping that there are actual guys who will fit that description out there, and not just (darn--is he really just) fictional Braden...)

It was fun seeing the behind-the-scenes life of a top level figure skater--their day-to-day life, training, and competitions--and the fact that Liza reads and writes romantic fiction in her spare time just made me love her even more :)

I know I'll definitely have this book and its characters on my mind the next Winter Olympics...and not just those of The Cutting Edge as per usual... ;)

The audiobook version was nicely done--the narrator has a pleasant voice, and does a great job narrating the story. I'd definitely listen to something else performed by her in the future, even if no figure skating is involved.

Though, hopefully, figure skating will be involved...

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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427 reviews10 followers
February 10, 2017
Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

This story really melted my heart! It was such a delightful read that held my attention from the beginning paragraph, until the last word.

This book might not have the steamy romance scenes that you get with the adult romance books, but the sweet romance storyline in this book I think tops any steamy romance book. I think the author did a stand up job detailing the “feels” the characters had about each other and different situations in the book. The love story that takes place in the book was written incredibly well. As a reader, I felt the emotions the characters were feeling, I had anxiety during certain scenes, and I carried a smile on my face during numerous other scenes.

Since I was a little girl, I remember watching the skating during the Olympics. I am always astounded watching the skaters do jumps and moves while on the ice. I felt like I was watching the Olympics myself as a little girl while reading the book. The author really detailed the scenes very well and described them incredibly well. I think it really helped make parts of the story more exciting and really made you want to keep reading the story. It would have been easy to close my eyes and visualize exactly what was going on during any part of the story.

I really am sad that the book had to end. While the story line was written well and any good story must end, I really didn’t want it to. I could have read a lot longer about these characters. Would I recommend this book to you? Absolutely. You’re missing out on a truly incredible story if you don’t read this.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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1,831 reviews
April 16, 2020
This is a companion novel to both Edge and Ice series. The main characters in those books make appearances in this book. It was nice to see where everyone was at and what they were doing now. This story focuses on Liza, the daughter of one of the main characters in the Edge books. She's grown up a lot since then. The story covers the summer of 2013 through the winter of 2014; it ends shortly after the Olympics. The focus is on romance and ice skating, and there is plenty of drama involving both and some dealing with her past.
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435 reviews41 followers
May 24, 2017
This book was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I knew I would love this book the moment I requested it on Netgalley. It had my type of cover, my type of plot... I love ice skating stories. And it turned out this book was pretty much what I wanted to expect out of it.

I loved the whole friendship to romance part of the book. Sometimes the best romance is always the ones that start out as friends, and that quote was true for this book. This book also reminded me of The Ice Princess, even though the storylines are different. I still had the soundtrack of that movie playing in my head the whole time. The book does get intense with some drama, but I thought it was handled realistically.

This was my first book I've read by this author, but I actually felt like I could relate to her characters well. I liked the fact that the girl character read YA, and she also had an e-reader... and I liked the fact that she was a writer herself. I even kind of wanted to read the stories the character was writing!

This was definitely a five star read because it was a cute, sweet, ice skating type story that I love, and everything just fell smoothly into place. It was one of those books that I wanted to get to the ending quickly, but I also wanted to take my time reading. Very well done! I'll be checking out more of this author's work in the future.
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1,141 reviews68 followers
November 28, 2016
Genre:This one is a mixture of genres. It's got a coming of age feel like YA though the protagonist is around 19 I think. It's got sports and the drama of the competition. It's also got some romance.
Standalone/series: This stands alone just fine but there are characters from this author's other books that appear.
Cursing?: Mild (if any- I can't remember for sure)
Descriptive Sex?:No, clean without sex
Descriptive Sex Between H/h With OW/OM?: No
Contains Cheating?: No
Overall Chemistry: Good
Overall Couple's Rootablity: Good
Pacing good, nice and riveting
HEA/HFN/etc Ending:
Character(s)POV Spoken: Just one, the heroine

Any Triggers/Warnings:No

Overall Rating: Rounding up to 5
Would You Read More Books By This Author: Definitely yes is you are looking for sweet romances that take place in a skating world
Safety Gang approved? Yes


Liza has led a sheltered life due to her commitment to the sport of Ice Skating and her pursuit of an Olympic gold. It's been assumed for years that the next olympic's gold has her name written all over it for the Woman's single skating division. There is a lot of pressure and expectations that comes with this. Liza has given up a lot that most girls take for granted, a social life and romantic relationships included. So when she meets a cute boy at an outing and the chemistry is mutual she has to decide if juggling him and her aspirations make sense.

Like I mentioned above, this book is a bit of a mix of genres. This story is less focused on a romance than some of her prior books where the romance was more front and center. Here it is more of a slow burn type that lurks constantly in the background when other aspects are taking center stage. It's partly a coming of age story for Liza who is juggling more than a cute boy and skating pressures. There's also coming to peace with an accident that took the lives of her adoptive parents and also her taking control of her career from her parents who are used to calling and dictating the shots for her. I think different people will connect with different elements of this book, but there is something for many people's tastes.

I think what makes Jennifer Comeaux really stand out is the way she writes her skating scenes and elements from that world. I've read other skating books but none has made me feel like I'm on the ice with the characters like this author has. It's my favorite aspect of her writing. She writes these scenes vividly and with what feels like a lot of accuracy. She seems to capture the feel as well as the emotions.

Her romances are all of the sweet variety. You won't find bad boy manwhores or cheaters anywhere amongst her heroes (Thank goodness). There is angst but it isn't of the typical New Adult variety. If you're looking for a typical New Adult book look elsewhere. There are no sex scenes in this book and I don't really remember any swearing but if there was it was mild. There is some talk of underage college drinking and one scene that contains it.

This book contained a little more of a coming of age feel than some of her prior books. Liza is starting to contemplate taking more control in her skating career from her parents. There is also another side story dealing with the death of her adoptive parents when she was younger. It was a little more than I was looking for just because I was looking for easy breezy and when someone is still dealing with a long ago death it looses that easiness. But I think most people won't find it too much.

In general I recommend this book if you like strong heroines who skate and want to read about them in that competitive world. I also recommend if you like slow burn, sweet romances that take most of the book to develop and resolve, as well as coming of age stories.

I received an advance review copy of this book but my opinion is my own.
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1,396 reviews35 followers
February 7, 2017
In the tradition of the Ice and Edge series, author Jennifer Comeaux brings the reader back to Cape Cod with Gold Rush, the delightful new / young adult ice skating romance story featuring Sergei and Elena's nineteen year old competitive ice skating daughter Liza Petrov, as she prepares for the Olympics in Sochi, and finds unexpected friendship and romance with nineteen year old U Mass student Braden Patrick.

Author Jennifer Comeaux once again calls upon her passion for competitive ice skating to weave an emotionally dramatic tale of friendship, love, family drama, and competitive dreams that will steal your breath away. If you are a fan of ice skating and all the drama that goes on behind the scenes, then this book is a must read. If you are a hopeless romantic who loves the dramatic challenges and trials and tribulations that Liza and Braden face as they try to balance friendship and romance while Liza prepares to achieve Olympic gold ice skating dreams, then you are in for a treat with this sweet romantic story.

Author Jennifer Comeaux once again takes the reader on an exhilarating and emotional roller coaster ride as Liza and Braden's love story blossoms with trials and tribulations to overcome, but with a heartwarming and sigh worthy climatic conclusion that will leave you with a satisfying warm fuzzy feeling. There are not enough words to express how much I loved following Liza's journey, especially as she struggled to balance ice skating with friendship and romance, and the unfolding of her traumatic childhood past kept me captivated from beginning to end. There is just something so exciting about reading a romance story that has a wonderful mixture of romance, family drama, and the sport of competitive ice skating, it simply draws you in and leaves you breathless. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I loved catching up with all the characters from the Ice and Edge series, and being introduced to Braden and his college crew. Braden stole my heart with his wonderful disposition, and his caring and supportive ways, he is a modern day knight in shining armor, and Liza is truly one lucky girl!

With an intriguing cast of recurring and new characters; engaging dialogue and dramatic interactions; a richly detailed description of the scenic Cape Cod and Sochi settings, the world of Olympic competitive ice skating; and a riveting storyline full of drama, angst, suspense and romance; Gold Rush is an amazing lighthearted romantic story that will leave you believing in the power of friendship and love, sighing and smiling, and hoping that the author would make this delightful book into a brand new series (sigh).

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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January 9, 2017
Oh my goodness I absolutely love Jennifer Comeaux and Gold Rush was everything that I hoped it would be! After reading the Ice Series last year I fell for her characters and her story telling. I am a fan of figure skating and I love how she incorporates it into her writing!

After meeting Liza in the Gold Rush series I have been eagerly anticipating her story! I loved getting to know her in this book! She was so young and full of life and passion! I really liked her a lot. I thought that Comeaux did an excellent job of relaying the pressures of skating and competing for Gold and also her struggle to be a normal teenager.

Then there is Braden... *swoons* he was so dreamy! Yes I used the word dreamy because he was!! Sweet, kind, smart and so thoughtful and understanding... he was just totally swoon worthy! Jennifer Comeaux really does write the most adorable and romantic "good guys." It is one of the things I love most about her writing!

There was an excellent give and take between the skating and the romance! I know from her social media that Jennifer loves skating and attends a lot of events and knows all of the ins and outs of the sport. That is so evident in her writing and her passion comes through her characters and their love for the sport. I loved the atmosphere she created during the competitions and especially the Olympics!

Gold Rush was SO awesome! I loved every second! This book brought on the feels, the swoons, the cheesy rom-com giggles and the tears of joy during the happy moments! Jennifer writes characters that you really end up loving! I highly recommend her books and I hope that I can inspire more people to read them!

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February 9, 2017
Gold Rush in Three Words: Passionate. Endearing. Friendship.

Gold Rush was the perfect getaway read after a really long week of reading nonfiction texts for grad school. It charmed me from the very first page.

Liza's life is all about figure skating. She wants nothing more than to win Olympic gold. It's too bad she meets Braden, a sweet and hot guy that she has an immediate connection with. Life starts to get tricky, and she has to figure out a way to balance it all. I adored Liza and I enjoyed reading about her passion for skating. I know little about the sport, but had no trouble visualizing the amazing jumps and footwork Liza does. I also loved reading every scene staring Braden. These two kids were too cute for words. I felt like their actions and story could happen in real life and I loved that.

I smiled the entire time I was reading Gold Rush. Liza's passion and watching her figure out what she wants out of life gave me all the feels. I was so engrossed in her story that I sat down and read this book in one sitting. Gold Rush is filled with nail biting figure skating scenes, a little family drama, friendship, fun times, and some swoon-worthy moments.

The Verdict: Gold Rush is an adorable must read. I will be reading this author's other works.
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March 31, 2017
As a fan of the Ice books, I was pretty excited to see that Liza was getting her own story. In the previous books, Liza was a rising star. In Gold Rush, she is the darling of American skating, and trying to navigate her post high school life. She is chasing her "golden destiny" with laser focus, and is reluctant to let anything distract her from her goals. That is, until she meets Braden. For the first time in her life, there is a possibility of romance for Liza, but will it derail her dreams?
"You Googled me?"
"What kind of twenty-first century guy would I be if I didn't?"

If I had to pick one category for this book, I would classify it as a sports romance. As always, Comeaux dazzles us with her skating world knowledge. From the commentary to the description of the skating sequences, it is apparent she is well versed in this world. I especially loved the competition sequences, as I felt like I was there watching it all unfold.

Comeaux also gives us a beautiful and sweet romance. I was shipping this couple from their first meeting, and found myself frustrated over and over again with the various roadblocks that kept popping up. It was hard to sit by, but the relationship between Braden and Liza was never totally dormant. It was growing and changing as Liza grew and changed.
"'No one could ever steal me from you. This is all yours.' He patted his heart."

And that brings me to my next point. I would quickly classify this book as a sports romance, but there was a lot more to it. One aspect of the story I really loved, was how Liza was sort of coming-of-age. She had been very sheltered. She didn't have many friends, went to an all girls school, had never been kissed, and spent most of her time skating. In this book, she grew so much. She had a multitude of new experiences, but most importantly, she was starting to take a controlling interest in her life. She hesitated at times, and she doubted herself, but in the end she blossomed.
"You embraced my dream with your whole heart."

And, seriously, I dare someone not to fall in love with Braden. He is just the sweetest, most considerate guy out there. His patience was tested time and time again, and he passed with flying colors. Actually, I loved him and his family. I sort of wanted them to adopt me.
"You know what you are? You're my personal sunshine."

I was really in the mood for a sweet, adorbs read, and Comeaux gave me exactly what I was looking for.

This gif pretty much sums up my feelings about this book.

Overall: A charming romance filled with exhilarating sports sequences, family, friends, and fun.

**I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy

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April 29, 2017
*I received a free copy of this ebook through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Gold Rush was cute and light hearted, but sometimes it dragged a bit.

I think the book took on too much. Liza (18/19--slightly older than Braden) is training for the Olympics and going through the various competitions leading up to it. Add in Braden (18/19), the cute boy she meets at a baseball game. Her parents don't want her becoming distracted by a boy, so of course he is a source of conflict. Add in "the other girl." Also add in trouble with Kathy, one of Liza's coaches. And then add in Liza's tragic past and her untimely obsession with finding out more details about the car accident that killed her adoptive parents/her mom's cousins.

Only two of those, I felt, were resolved in a natural-feeling, somewhat realistic way: her skating career and the conflict with Kathy. The other troubles just kind of dissolved. They were problems, and then they weren't. Well, maybe the deaths of her adoptive parents did, too. Though I really took issue with all of the assumptions Liza made about Dominic (the driver of the other car) and how obsessed she was with him. She basically turned into a stalker. And she accused him of homicide when what happened was clearly manslaughter; it's not as if he sought out and intended to kill her parents.

Overall I liked the characters, though sometimes I couldn't stop myself from figuratively rolling my eyes and asking, "Really?" Examples:
- Braden takes Liza to a college party, where they drink irresponsibly. They both know she's pretty new to alcohol but go ahead with lots of drinks even though her good friend had advised her not to.
- Miscommunication. Obvious miscommunication that I have difficulty believing would occur in real life. Plus friends who are useless in helping to point out said miscommunications but rather perpetuate it.

I'll be honest, my eyelids are heavy right now, so I'm afraid if I continue, this review could get weird. Suffice it to say that this was not my favorite book, but it was not bad.

How it ends:

Note: Some swearing. Lack of consequences for underage drinking and Liza lying to her parents. Editing mistakes that were hopefully corrected for the final copy.
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July 22, 2017
This story really melted my heart! It was such a delightful read that held my attention from the beginning paragraph, until the last word.
This book might not have the steamy romance scenes that you get with the adult romance books, but the sweet romance storyline in this book I think tops any steamy romance book. I think the author did a stand up job detailing the “feels” the characters had about each other and different situations in the book. The love story that takes place in the book was written incredibly well. As a reader, I felt the emotions the characters were feeling, I had anxiety during certain scenes, and I carried a smile on my face during numerous other scenes.
Since I was a little girl, I remember watching the skating during the Olympics. I am always astounded watching the skaters do jumps and moves while on the ice. I felt like I was watching the Olympics myself as a little girl while reading the book. The author really detailed the scenes very well and described them incredibly well. I think it really helped make parts of the story more exciting and really made you want to keep reading the story. It would have been easy to close my eyes and visualize exactly what was going on during any part of the story.
I really am sad that the book had to end. While the story line was written well and any good story must end, I really didn’t want it to. I could have read a lot longer about these characters. Would I recommend this book to you? Absolutely. You’re missing out on a truly incredible story if you don’t read this.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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September 11, 2017
Gold Rush is a cutesy PG young adult romance. The story centres around
olympic ice skating hopeful, Liza. She has dedicated her entire life to ice skating and has led a sheltered life because of the strict training schedules.
Until she meets Braden and begins to experience what being a normal teenager is like.
This is my first Jennifer Comeaux book so I wasn’t sure what to expect writing style wise and I have to admit I was completely charmed by the story.
Both main characters were really likeable from the start. They seemed to be polar opposites but complimented each other nicely, Braden’s strengths were Liza’s weaknesses and vice versa. I liked the speed of the relationship between the two characters, they actually form a friendship before any romance and it’s a nice touch, makes you more invested in them because it’s not instant, forever and always love from the very first moment.
I didn’t know much about figure skating before reading this book but it seems like it has been very well researched, I feel like I actually understand the sport now.
The overall message of the book is great - especially for it’s intended age group - hard work and determination pays off in life. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more books by this author.
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February 15, 2017
I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I really liked the romance in this book. It was sweet and had a well-developed love interest. I thought Liza was a kick-butt athlete that poured her heart and soul into her skating and was more than dedicated to it. She didn't let outside distractions get in the way of her love for ice skating and that included Braden. I thought he was a very sweet and supportive character and their chemistry was undeniable from the get-go. I also really liked the other characters and thought they all played important roles in the book and never seemed to fade away into the background.

I also loved that even though this was a romance book, the romance wasn't the only focus in the book. Liza has been struggling to mourn her dead adoptive parents for the past few years and didn't seem to have the closure she wanted. She struggled to accept the way they died and had so many unanswered questions that made it difficult for Liza to move on. Throughout the book, she struggles to balance her home life, figure skating, training, grief, and trying to have a slice of a normal teenage life all while preparing for a cut-throat skating competition that could lead her to the Olympics. It was interesting to see Liza handle all of this and I think it created really great character development for her.

I think if you're interested in figure skating or even passionate about it, I would highly recommend this book. It's a clean romance, a great emotional journey and all about achieving the dreams you want more than anything. I was really impressed by this novel and it was exactly what I was in the mood for. It's a fluffy and sweet romance that also might make you tear up every now and then. I really liked reading it and I'm sure you would like the author's other novels as well as they are all themed around figure skating and have amazing reviews!
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October 27, 2017
I was sent this audiobook to review for a blog tour. I was drawn in by the cover, and actually seen this in an earlier blog promotion and was interested in finding out what it was about. So, when I was given the chance for review it, I jumped on it.

I feel the writing was a little choppy at times, which made the audiobook choppy. You could also hear the narrator move around (or papers moving) in the background. It was a little distracting. Otherwise, I enjoyed the narrator.

You will love this if you are a fan of figure skating. There is lots of skating scenes and information about moves being completed. I actually enjoyed learning more about skating and seeing the stress and struggles Liza was facing during her track to the gold.

This is not your typical romance where the characters get together easily or right away. This deals more with Liza finding herself as an Olympic athlete and a normal adult (college aged). She has never really loved anyone, and is dealing with her feelings for Braden while juggling her crazy skating schedule. I liked how Braden and Liza were friends and built on their relationship. The romance was cute and sweet.

I actually happy cried in this as you will find yourself routing for Liza.

Overall, I recommend this if you are looking for a quick and fun read.

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July 17, 2017
his read is so much fun and I loved the dynamic between not only Liza and Braden but all the side characters as well. It was extremely fun and easy to read. I would recommend this as a summer fun read for a road trip. It also is very clean the only thing really is underage drinking (which does place at a couple college party scenes) but overall would be ok for a 13 year old to read. The only think I do wish though was there was some extra features (even on the webpage) for us to see in Braden's head. I would love just a short glimpse into his mind. Also just for it to be a little less cliche this is fun read but just everything working the same as 3000 other stories.

I received this audio book in exchange for an honest review.
Please see full review on my blog
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April 11, 2017
Braden and Liza belong to two different worlds, he's a UMass student, she's a professional figure skater going for gold at Sochi Olympics. With her packed schedule and overprotective parents dating is a no mean feat and her skating career is everything. But even tough their lives seem so different, there's something that they have in common- grief and the feeling of loss. There's one more thing- they can't be anything more than friends, not until the Olympics are over. Will they survive time apart? Will they cope with grief? It's for you to find out! I recommend it to all ice skating fans!
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July 10, 2017
DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook for honest review.

O-M-Goodness! Such a great book. I love the fact that this book spins off Jennifer Comeaux's Ice series (which I read and adore). We get to meet new characters, see a little bit into the past of the coaches and Liza's career in figure skating.

The narrator, Emily Stokes, did a great job portraying Liza's character and her emotions as she tries to remain firm in her Olympic skating dream, but also wanting to be with Braden. I stayed up so late to put in listening time. I did not read the book, so listening to the audio version brought a great first impression of the story and characters.
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