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A dangerous proposal

In Nico, the first book in the Ruin & Revenge series by New York Times bestselling author Sarah Castille, Las Vegas Mafia boss, Nico Toscani, is used to getting what he wants, whether it is having the City of Sin under his rule or a beautiful woman in his bed. But when he meets his match in the gorgeous, headstrong Mia Cordano, the daughter of a rival crime lord, all bets are off. . .

Sexy computer hacker, Mia, struggles to break free of her ruthless father’s Mafia ties…but she can’t resist the powerful and seductive Nico, who will stop at nothing to possess her. With their families locked in a brutal war for control of the city, Mia and Nico enter into a forbidden game. Will they surrender to the passion that burns between them—and risk tearing apart their families? Or will Nico be forced to betray the only woman who sets his blood on fire?

366 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 6, 2016

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About the author

Sarah Castille

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

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February 10, 2017


Having never read a Sarah Castille book before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this first installment in the series, but since I’m a sucker for mafia romances I decided to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did it. Sarah Castille’s writing was fantastic, very gripping and she sucked me in in her mafia world from the very beginning. I’ve read many mafia books in the so far, so trust me when I say, this first installment in the series was everything a book with this theme should be – action packed, suspenseful, sexy and so very intriguing. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it!

"You want to be in control. Trust me, bella. Let go with me, and I'll catch you when you fall."

Nico Toscani is a Las Vegas Mafia boss who’s used to getting what he wants. He’s wild and ruthless, dark and dangerous and everyone is the Sin City knows who he is. For the past ten years, his family had been involved in a blood feud with the Cordanos, another Mafia family that had started the war when Don Cordano murdered Nico’s father. Nico wants revenge and he eventually will get it, in one way or another.

“Dio mio, you test a man to the limits.”

Mia Cordano never wanted to be a Mafia princess. Her powerful, ruthless father had tried controlling her since she was a child, but even if he never really succeeded, he seems to have some power over her, controlling her mother and her little sister. Mia managed to build a life, a business outside the Mafia world, keeping a low profile, especially since she’s a hacker/security consultant.

Mia’s life is turn upside down when she find herself in Nico’s arms. She knows Nico is dangerous, especially since he’s the enemy, but she can’t stay away from him, not when Nico seems to be as infatuated with her as she is with him.

“Tonight I’m going to fuck you like the bad girl you are. You’re gonna learn who you belong to. Your voice is going to be hoarse from screaming your pleasure. And when we’re done, you’re gonna beg me for more.”


Like I mentioned above, 'Nico' was a very well done mafia romance. The action, suspense and steam were fantastically blend together and the story line was entertaining and intriguing from start to finish. The plot was complex and well developed and I have to say the author really surprised me at some point with how the story unfolded, mainly because I expected the story to progress in a total different way. Also, I loved all the twists and turns as the story progressed. Nico and Mia’s story was fantastic, gripping, enthralling and held me at the edge of my seat until the last page.

Both Nico and Mia were fantastic, well portrayed characters I loved reading about. I loved them individually and I loved them together. Mia was such an endearing heroine. Strong, independent, sassy, but also vulnerable and loyal she was everything I love in a Mafia princess. I loved her strength and the way she stood up for herself, the way she fought for what she wanted and her determination to have a business outside the Mafia world. The way she challenged Nico was entertaining as hell and I loved the fact that she wasn’t intimidated by him.

"Undress me, Mia. I want to fuck you into oblivion."

Nico was a great anti-hero/hero. He was dangerous, yet so very sexy and charming. I loved the way he was with Mia and how possessive and protective he was at times. He was drawn to her from the beginning and watching him lose his mind around her was so entertaining.

I loved the way Nico and Mia’s relationship progressed. The slow burn relationship between them was fantastically done and I absolutely loved their passion and sexy times. They complemented each other perfectly in every way, which I really enjoyed.

“I want to own every inch of you. I want my hands in your hair, my lips on your breasts, and my cock buried inside you. I want to take you in every way a woman can be taken. I want you to come with my name on your lips.”


I have to mention the fantastic, engaging, well portrayed supporting characters I’m dying to read about in the upcoming books in the series.

All in all, 'Nico' was fantastic Mafia romance. I loved how the author portrayed the Mafia world, the dark and gritty elements, the engaging characters. If you are looking for a dark, intriguing, Mafia tale, don’t hesitate and read this first installment (standalone) in the series. You won't regret it!

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December 7, 2016


Nico Toscani is used to getting what he wants. As one the bosses of Las Vegas he rules with an iron fist. When a woman is brought to him after being caught trying to hack his casino's computer system, Nico knows he wants that delightful little package in his bed. Too bad she the daughter of a rival crime boss.

Mia Cordano doesn't want anything to do with the Mafia or her ruthless father. She is just trying to make her own way as a hacker. When she is caught testing out a casino's security system, she comes face to face with Capo Nico Toscani. Nico turns her on like no one else has. Too bad he is a TOSCANI.

With their families at war, and secrets being hidden, can these two star-crossed lovers find a HEA, or will they be torn apart by betrayal?


This book was everything I LOVE in a good Mafia romance. It was gritty. It had violence. It had despicable excuses for human beings. It had smokin hot sex scenes. It had sexual chemistry coming out the wazoo. It had a sexy as f@ck Capo hero. It had a strong and feisty heroine. It had a plethora of interesting side characters. It was well written and it had a fantastic plot.

Really not a whole lot more I can say about this one other then I LOVED EVERY FRIGGIN MINUTE of it. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your TO READ list TODAY.


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December 8, 2016

I’m not afraid of girls with guns, bella. They either don’t know how to shoot or they don’t have what it takes to pull the trigger.”
“Then you’ve never met a woman like me.” Her hoarse, throaty voice betrayed her desire.
He leaned forward, whispered in her ear, his voice dangerously seductive. “No, but I’m looking forward to our acquaintance.”

So I have a confession...mafia romance happens to be my catnip. Well, I guess it's not much of a confession when it's not exactly a secret, huh? If you follow my reviews, you also then happen to know that I'm picky when it comes to them. Like super picky. Good mafia romance are hard to find. Either they lack the research, the development, the engaging characters or the believable romance at the center of it all. But this book? This happened to have all of it. In delicious spades.

Running his considerable empire in Sin City Nico is the Toscani family's highest ranking capo. A fair but lethal man, he knows how to get things done with a combination of lethal and cunning focus. For the past ten years all he's been working for are his vendetta for the brutal hit of his father and finally getting his seat at the top of the Toscani family that's been denied to him so far. He's as close as he has ever been, but all his plans take a screeching halt when a beautiful hacker turns out to me more than a sexy distraction.
Dio mio, you test a man to the limits.”

As a mafia princess, Mia never wanted the life. Daughter to a cold and ruthless mafia don, she never wanted the life. She's done everything to get as far away from the mob and build her life. But then a job gone wrong lands her at the feet of a man that shouldn't tempt her...but does. A man that's a deadly rival of her family and one she should steer clear of...but just may be the answer to her unknown prayers.
Tonight I’m going to fuck you like the bad girl you are. You’re gonna learn who you belong to. Your voice is going to be hoarse from screaming your pleasure. And when we’re done, you’re gonna beg me for more.”

Admittedly, it took me a bit to wrap my head around all the players. Each character gets a description right away with their own respective backstories, and it's a lot to keep track of at first. But then the story begins to flow and all of sudden everything begins to click. It didn't take long before I was fully invested in not only the main characters but all the secondary characters that were introduced. The author manages to add a few additional POVs without taking away from the story and hook the reader even further.

Mia was such a great heroine; a fantastic combination of vulnerability and strength. The woman has survived hell at the hands of her father, but she continues to persevere. I loved her inner core of strength and the way she stands up for herself not only to her father but to Nico or anyone else that underestimates her. Nico was sex on a stick. He's everything I love about a good anti-hero; dark but with a lighter shade of redeemable. There was no insta love to be found here and I appreciated that immensely. Mia and Nico's romance was well paced and balanced. It was the perfect slow burn with delicious sexual tension.

Castille delivers a sizzling tale of revenge and romance. A story rooted in the dark and violent underbelly of the Vegas mob with well developed and multilayered characters that you can't help but root for. It's a well paced and highly addicting start to a series that I already know I need more of.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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November 13, 2016
"Good people do bad things and bad people do good things, and whether they are right or wrong depends on your point of view."


Nico is the first book in the Ruin and Revenge Series. This Mafia blockbuster set in the infamous Sin City is full of non-stop action, smoking hot steam, and a twisted plot that will leave you desperate for more!

"You want to be in control. Trust me, bella. Let go with me, and I'll catch you when you fall."
Mia Cordano has spent her entire life trying to break away from her Mafia Family. Her mob boss father has brutalized her for years. At an early age, she learned that the only way to escape her ruthless father was to become a woman who can stand on her own two feet. Now that she has a thriving business as a professional hacker it seems as if her family will leave her alone. But when Mia finds herself on the job and in the arms of Nico Toscani she is thrown back in the spotlight of the MOB MADNESS once again.

"He had fucked her hard, loved her soft, and held her all night long wondering if it was possible to have it all."
Nico Toscani is a ruthless mobster who strives to run a clean business. Waiting to stake his claim over the family, he has only one desire. He only wants to seek revenge for his father's death. When Mia Cordano, the daughter of his enemy, stumbles into his casino they both are thrown into a storm of destruction. As they battle to overcome the demons of their past they fall deeper into throws of lust and passion. Can Nico possibly find a future with Mia? Can Mia come to terms with falling in love with a man who represents everything she has grown to hate?

"Before she could catch her breath, his hand fisted her hair, and his mouth was on hers, ravaging her with a kiss that turned her body liquid. Fierce and hard, he took everything she gave him, and demanded more."
Told in mostly dual POV, Nico is a stunning display of Mafia goodness. The complex plot is well constructed and expertly unfolds as each moment passes. The many twists and turns only enhanced the desperation I felt for Nico and Mia to find their happy ever after together. Both main characters are strong, independent, and willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Additionally, the secondary characters offered intrigue as the elements of loyalty and what is right and wrong are constantly battling against each other. And of course, the passion and intimacy between Nico and Mia is explosive! Although I would love to address another element of the plot that held me captive it is a bit of a surprise that every reader should experience and enjoy for themselves. Let me just say that the writing is brilliant with natural flowing dialogue, expert pacing, and heart-stopping action.

"Undress me, Mia. I want to fuck you into oblivion."
As a huge fan of Sarah Castille's Sinner's Tribe MC Series it was a no-brainer that I would want to check out her new Mafia Series. Nico certainly did not disappoint. If you are looking for a new Mafia series, you need to pre-order this NOW!!! I am 100% convinced that this is one Mafia Romance you will want on your shelf. I cannot wait for more greatness from Ms. Castille. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for the next book in the series LUCA! Until then, my Kindle and I will be waiting!

***Ruin and Revenge***
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah CastilleLuca by Sarah Castille

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!

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May 17, 2017

I really enjoyed this book I loved both Nico and Mia plus most of the supporting characters, it really worked for me and I don't say that often enough.
The Mafia life is not easy for any child, boys are moulded into killers before they're even out of childhood and girls are only worth the value of their arranged marriage, trained from birth to become the perfect little Mafia wife, never getting involved in business and overlooking the inevitable goomah-mistress.
Nico Toscani may be a hot, gorgeous, intelligent man (despite the fact that he holds some very antiquated views on women) but he's weighed down by his past.
His uncle, Santo, now Don Toscani, became boss after Nico’s father’s death. By rights, Nico, as the first son of the first son, was heir to head the family, but when he came of age and made his claim, Santo had refused to step down and now it looks like Santos wants it to pass directly to his son Tony.
Why doesn't Nico have a clear claim?
His father may have been Don but his mother was his goomah which means Nico is the bastard son.
Having his father die in his arms when he was just eighteen has consumed Nico with revenge and he's determined to get the man responsible, Don Cordano.
Mia Cordano is an incredibly strong woman she broke away from a life of abuse leaving with a broken arm and bruises and created a life for herself. She paid her way with scholarships, loans and by working two jobs while going to school.
She's her own woman dressing as she likes and living how she wants but unfortunately the Mafia life is never far away and her father views her current life as a inconvenience.
Mia meets Nico through work both seem familiar to the other but it takes a while to realise where from.
Nico fuelled by revenge is planning to honour the agreement made by his father when he was just six years old. He plans to marry Rosa Scozzari the marriage/alliance would legitimize Nico’s status as heir to head the family, and give him the power to overthrow his uncle.
While their families may be enemies Nico and Mia feel an incredible attraction towards each other but Mia has fought long and hard to escape the mob and has no intention of marrying into it and Nico couldn't bring himself to marry the daughter of the man who killed his father plus there's the fact that he's already engaged.
They both have many reasons why they won't work but can they ignore the attraction that burns between them.
I very rarely give 5* but this came close, very close and there's not much for me to moan about (I know this makes a change) I had one slight, very slight thing I didn't like, the traitor was obvious very early on and I like more of a challenge but this is a very minor thing in an otherwise entertaining and hot read.

ARC was provided by the author via NetGalley
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2,101 reviews1,254 followers
December 8, 2016
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo Untitled_zps4zetlccf.png

A gritty, cunning, duplicitous game of power, control, and revenge. Sarah Castille brought in the big guns as she delivers a deliciously sexy and raw mafia romance in Nico.

 photo 5a423524243db7933d0ea1b6820432_zps8j4rpoxw.gif He was the most dangerous of predators. Beautiful on the outside. Deadly within.”

Mia Cordano is the daughter of the ruthless Don Cordano. Mia is no mafia princess as she wants nothing more than to leave that part of her life behind. Her father is cruel, abusive, and has no remorse for his actions. And so when Mia left her controlling father, she started her own IT specialist company. The mafia life should be behind her that is until one job lands her in a bit of predicament.

Nico Toscani is not only a casino owner but he is also Las Vegas Mafia Boss. Nico is the son of Don Toscani but when his father died, his uncle stole Nico’s rightful heir. And so when Nico runs into Mia, it starts a whole new family feud to ignite as the Cordano and Toscani family has been at war ever since Mia’s father put the hit on Nico’s father. But what happens when a series of unfortunate events puts Nico and Mia to work together. What started off as a game of control power, and revenge soon leads to romance? A deadly romance? Or the happily ever after kind?

 photo 5a423524243db7933d0ea1b6820432_zps8j4rpoxw.gif This was what she fantasized about at night, alone in her bed. A man who knew what he wanted. A man who could take control. A man who feared nothing and would never yield. A man who would never hurt her.”

Nico is a highly entertaining gritty mafia romance from Sarah Castille. I will admit that it took quite awhile to get into the story as there were so many characters introduced but once Sarah did her introductions, the story began to get interesting and readers could feel the pulse of danger and romance blooming between Mia and Nico. The chemistry was explosive and hot. So if you are looking for a mafia romance that was gritty, steamy, sexy, and dangerously wicked then this book is for you.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Sarah Castille

 photo goodreads_zpsu8g2x8fs.png  photo facebook_zpsv8cvg80q.png  photo twitter_zpsni5xgrny.png  photo instagram_zpswxkdrpqv.png  photo networked-blogs_zpszjk0ghy4.png
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2,164 reviews7,602 followers
December 6, 2016
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NICO: This is the first in the (Ruin & Revenge, #1) series, which is Mia & Nico's story.

She's hired to do one job, go in, get out, what she doesn't know is that she's stepping right into the lions den..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She'd traded her Mafia princess life for the poverty of independence and the chance to carve her own little niche in the world, however small..

What Mia thought would be a routine simple job of inserting a USB stick, hacking into the casino and high tailing it out of there, is what was mean't to happen, but what wasn't mean't to happen was getting caught.

And then finding out who owns the casino may very well get her killed.

Nothing much fazes Nico Toscani, or ruffles his feathers but when he learns who Mia's father is he's not taking any chances. Many years these two rival families have been involved in a blood feud, Don Cordano was responsible for the death of Nico's father whom he killed in cold blood, right before Nico's very eyes when he was a child.

Typical Mafia style there's a lot of gun action, blood and gore, guts, and innocent lives taken, and this book is no exception.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A slow burn romance, a taboo relationship between two opposing families at war together.

The only gripe I had with this book was in the beginning it felt like we'd missed certain scenes even though this states it's book#1. Like her boyfriend was killed in front of her, this is where everything started from , with the two families going head to head, Nico and Mia had met that night, they were part of the destruction, because it kind of made it for a confusing read, unless this was a carry on from the other series. All in all though I'll definitely be seeking out the next book and it was a great start to a mafia series by this author, can't wait to read more.

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611 reviews204 followers
December 18, 2016
Sarah Castille continues to amaze me with her work. The last two books were five star reads and Nico ahhhh man ole man wasn't any different. Action, violence, bullets flying and affair with the enemy? Yeah the steamy hot dangerous scenes are enough to scorch the sheets and leave you panting for more! Recommend to all mafia romance lovers. Happy reading enjoy!
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2,213 reviews651 followers
April 7, 2017

going in...

And that s exactly how i feel right now, after reading this book...

Kinda silly...cause i have never skimmed a mafia book before in my life...and i did here...*gasps*

I dont know what to say next...
At times I loved it, at times I felt betrayed, i can't really pin point "why" it felt "off" at times...
I just couldn't get into the story, I liked the characters, but i somehow missed the deeper connection...
It all felt detached to me...like I am being outside my body looking out on everything and not really participating...
I feel horrible, cause I believe that this is a very possible case of a "book funk" and i need to shake it off right now....

So, sod off, book funk!!!

And forgive me, mafia world, i will humbly recuperate and reset my judgement...while waiting for a better mood swing.

This is totaly on me! :(

3.5 stars

*deep fuckin sigh*

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1,051 reviews2,414 followers
December 7, 2016
This perfectly sums up my thoughts after finishing Nico.

 photo giphy.gif

What I liked: One word – Nico.

I enjoyed everything about this character. The description, character development, and overall execution of writing this character was sheer perfection for me. He strong, sexy, dangerous, feared, and respected. Utter perfection! Like Mia, I was immediately drawn to him.

"God, was he gorgeous. Movie star handsome, he was sleek and rugged at the same time. His ice blue eyes were a startling contrast to the dark hair that curled at this temples..."

 photo gr_nico.jpg

Although Nico is my new love, Mia was no slouch either. She’s a feisty, cool, chick who totally rocks! I enjoyed her character immensely. She’s hardworking and makes a point to uplift women and young girl…totally kickass!

The writing is superb. The sexual chemistry is off the charts, but there are also other interesting storylines at play as well. This book is full of action, intrigue, and suspense. That’s all capped off with the smoking hot romance between the MCs. Ms. Castille expertly manages all those elements to create an entertaining and engaging read. I was totally pulled into her world and only left it kicking and screaming. I went all in! This is a true page turner.

What didn’t work for me: I had some issues with the violence against women and their overall treatment. I understand the necessity for it (to add to the authentic feel), but it was hard to read at times. Other than that, this was perfection.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. Nico has ruined me for other potential book boyfriends! He owns me heart and soul! Sarah Castille is amazing! If all her books are this great, I have some catching up to do! Now the wait is on for Luca!

* ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
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2,669 reviews629 followers
December 4, 2016
4.5 Stars!

This is what I would call a true Mafia romance. It isn't a pretty package and our heroine suffers some major injustices, some from the Hero. I spent a lot of this book wanting to rage for Mia. No matter what she did, she just couldn't win. She was a true Mafia princess with a fire no one could put out. I admired Mia from beginning to end. If you can admire a mob boss, Nico earned it. He was a true Mafia man but with honor. He wasn't clean but he wasn't dirty, walking a fine line in between. The author did a great job of drawing the reader into this world, leaving us wanting more. I look forward to Luca's story next. ARC provided by NetGalley.
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691 reviews91 followers
November 9, 2016
Release Date, December 6th, 2016.

Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heroine Rating ~ 5 SASSY PUNKER STARS!
Heat Level ~ 3.75 SIZZLING STARS!
Ending ~ 4.5 STARS!
Overall Rating ~ 5, I WANT FOREVER STARS!

I have grown to LOVE Sarah Castille’s romances so when I saw Nico the first book in the new Ruin & Revenge series by Sarah Castille, I just had to have it!

Nico was a mafia romance about two family’s, the Toscani’s and the Cordano’s who are both fighting over control of power in Las Vegas. Nico Toscani has been wanting revenge for the murder/death of his father for over 10 years. He knows that the Cordano family is to blame and he plans to seek his vengeance.

Mia Cordano is the daughter of a ruthless mob boss. She wants nothing to do with the mafia and the ways the woman are treated. She’s definitely NOT a mafia princes with her punk rocker style and her independent ways.

Mia owns a cyber security firm and was hired to see if she could penetrate into the Casino Italia computer system. She ends up getting caught because one of the men working there pinched her ass and she stuck him in the leg with a knife. She is then taken to the boss, Nico who has no idea that Vito Bottaro, his casino’s manager hired her to check out their security systems.

Right from the moment their eyes met, the sexual tension was full on. Nico never met a woman like Mia before, so self-assured and so unafraid to meet him head on.

Mia’s father finds out that Mia was at Casino Italia with his most hated enemy Nico. When Mia shows up for dinner at home, she is told that they are meeting Nico’s uncle and his uncles son for dinner, that he has made plans that she will marry Tony, Nico’s cousin in order for a truce to end the war between the two families.

Things did not go as planned at the restaurant. What happens? I’m not telling!

What I will say is the story line was fast paced and kept me totally glued to the pages, there was NEVER a dull moment. I LOVED both Mia and Nico, they were FANTASTIC characters that I grew to care about while reading this book. There was also some really good secondary characters added in that added a lot to the story. This IS a mafia romance so you should expect some violence added in but nothing too gory. There was also some good heat added in, Nico and Mia had great chemistry together so when they hit the sheets I definitely felt their heat. All in all this was an EXCELLENT read for me and I can hardly wait for book two LUCA to be released, it will be a MUST read for me!

*I received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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756 reviews32 followers
December 11, 2016
4.5 "Tiger Lily" Stars!

This book was excellent. A dark and fast-paced ride into the Mafia underworld, it has all the qualities of a captivating read, with non-stop action, suspense and a story of true love.

Mia Cordano grew up in a Mafia family, the daughter of a Cosa Nostra boss. She can’t be seen as a Mafia princess, though, her father despised and emotionally abused her. But she has fought him all her life. Mia is independent, strong-willed and refuses to be ordered around. The submissive role of Mafia wife is definitely not for her. She has built a business specialized in security checks and is a gifted white-hat hacker. However, hacking the computer system of Nico Toscani’s Las Vegas casino was not a good move. As the highest-ranking capo of a rival crime family, he isn’t a friend of hers. For years, the Cordano and the Toscani families have been involved in a war to avenge Nico’s father's murder.

Nico is a respected Mafia boss, with a growing business empire, partly legitimate. Under a veneer of civility, he is a dangerous, cold and ruthless mobster and is not a good man. However, he refuses to participate in drug dealings, human trafficking or prostitution. With Mia, he finds himself in unknown territory. She is head-strong, sassy, determined and defies him. He is drawn to her generous and passionate personality. Mia isn’t interested in getting involved with a mobster, she finds Nico arrogant, misogynist and overbearing. But she can’t resist their undeniable chemistry. Their game of seduction was intense and even fun at times. Nico has a difficult choice to make, torn between his loyalty to his family and his love for Mia.

Sarah Castille is a gifted storyteller and her version of the Mafia bad boy is irresistible! I loved that Mia was a sassy, quirky and badass heroine! Nico is the first book in the author’s new series “Ruin and Revenge”, but it can be read as a standalone. I definitely recommend this riveting book if you enjoy fast-paced, suspenseful mafia stories.

An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher, via NetGalley.
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1,200 reviews527 followers
April 15, 2020
**4.5 stars**

This mafia romance kicked ass! Nico and Mia were awesome and Sarah Castile’s writing captured me from page 1. What really made me enjoy Nico was how the author portrayed Nico and Mia and this mafia world. These two people who knows how the mafia world operates because they both exist in it because of their families. Nico is the capo of his family and Mia wants nothing to do with hers and tries to separate herself from it but her abusive and controlling father and mafia Boss has other plans for his daughter. It’s dark, uncomfortable and gritty. Just like I expected the mafia world to be.
Nico and Mia has an incredible chemistry. Instantly attracted to one another and also fascinated. They both accept each other for who they are. Nico can be ruthless but only when it’s warranted. Towards Mia he’s gentle but also dominating. The perfect balance. Mia is a fierce and strong woman. Protects her little sister from their father and doesn’t want to be labeled. She believes in free will and a woman can amount to anything they set their mind to. My kind of heroine.
Nico is my first book from this author and now I need to read more from her. I’m impressed and now a fan.

4.5 Mr Mob Boss Stars
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2,417 reviews69 followers
October 22, 2016
ARC received for review

4.5 stars

The start of another great series by Ms. Castille.

Nico and Mia meet years ago very briefly from across a room. Years later she hired to try to hack into his casino computer system. This time there are sparks, but long awaited revenge stands in the way. Nico and Mia are great together. There's no insta-love or insta-lust. It's more of a slow burn with hot sex later. Mia's father is a piece of work, and really needs to be taken out. Lots of mafia drama.

Love all of Nico's people and Mia's BFFs and sister. I hope they all get their own HEAs maybe with a little intermingling.
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October 15, 2020
This story was well developed, well written and completely engrossing. The narrator, Aiden Snow, nailed the voices of the main characters with an authentic Italian accent. His voice was a perfect complement to the entertaining writing of Sarah Castille.

Mia Cordano is a mafia princess but she wants nothing to do with the life. Mia’s father is obsessed with power and he has lined up a marriage for his daughter that will gain him an alliance with more power. Mia attempts to rebel against her father’s decree and begins making a life as a hacker. When it’s clear that Mia can’t escape her father’s arranged marriage, Mia find a champion in Nico Toscano. Nico is a Capo who wants revenge against his Uncle and all those who had a hand in the murder of his parents. Marrying Mia will create an alliance between the Toscano and the Cordano family. When Mia and Nico sneak off and marry subverting Don Cordano’s plan, the Cordanos vow revenge. Now Nico and Mia have to navigate the treacherous mafia world while fighting a growing attraction to each other. In the end, will love win over family loyalty and revenge?

I really enjoyed Mia as a heroine because she did not relish the role of being a mafia princess nor did she glamorize it in her head. She had a good grasp on what she wanted out of life as well as a husband even though she was forced to marry Nico Toscano to escape a worse fate.
The evolution of Mia and Nico’s relationship was gratifying to witness. She had a good sense of herself and so did Nico, who was looking for his place in the mob world. I like that Nico and Mia’s relationship wasn’t instantaneous, instead the author slowly developed their relationship. It added authenticity to the love they eventually found.

This book is one of the best written mafia romances I’ve read in a long time. The characters and the plot were commendably developed and the entire listening experience was so enjoyable. There was action, suspense, sex, love and drama. The only thing missing for me was a little more emotional angst given the environment the main characters existed in. Still, I found this book to be in the top echelon of mafia romances and I am anticipating an awesome series.

I received this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review.
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December 19, 2016
4.5 stars

Nico was such a good read.
The storyline and characters captured my interest from the start, I found myself turning the pages and staying up all night as I couldn't put it down.

I loved Nico and Mia, they were passionate and complex characters that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and leave you happy to have gone on this journey with them.


If you're into mafia/rival family storylines then you'll love Nico by Sarah Castille.

What a great start to the Ruin & Revenge series, looking forward to Luca's book next Luca coming out May 2nd 2017.

Purchase Links ~
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2b2Nrn7
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1Ve6B8f
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2dPvd8c
iBooks: http://apple.co/2egG4IN
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2doIEZ7
IndieBound: http://bit.ly/1RJsfyO
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2h1U8a1
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/2haSJKP

*A big thank you to the publisher for the advance copy*

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July 23, 2017
~~~4 "love me as I am" stars~~~

I've been dying to read a good Mafia book for a while now. At least 10 mafia books were dropped this month after I hit 20% so I didn't have high hopes for this one.

And you know what?

I really enjoyed it. This book had everything I love in a mafia trope.

-> Fiercely protective, possessive, dirty talking, arrogant, violent alpha with a romantic streak. Boy oh boy, did I love him. Vieni qua...

-> Badass, independent, smart and strong heroine, who I adored.

-> Family, loyalty and honor.

-> Mafia action and Italian language.

-> Steamy sex scenes.

-> No OM/OW drama, cheating or love triangle was a huge bonus.

This was my first book by this author, but won't be the last.
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December 31, 2020
Re-read 5/19/2018

4.5 ~ 'I dare you to love me.' ~ Stars

Sarah Castille knows how to write anti-H alphas. Nico was the prefect blend of cold blooded and romantic at heart. This was a roller coaster ride with action, suspense, humor and love. But it also had dark undertones (see: violence and murder.)

A man who knew what he wanted. A man who could take control. A man who feared nothing and would never yield.

Holy cow! Nico!!! I loved him, straight up, no lie. He was such a contradiction, a riddle that kept changing. He was a modern knight in tarnished armor. I'm always wary of the crime/mafia tropes out there because the H usually exhibits traits I don't find appealing. Nico stands out as an H who was dangerous and capable of things expected of a mafia boss but also a man who was faithful, loyal and worthy of his h's love. In his world, he did what was needed to survive but he didn't lose his soul or sacrifice his heart in the process. *sigh* If only mafia kings were really this sexy, alpha and lovable IRL.

"You've never met a man like me, a man who can challenge and respect you, a man worthy of a woman like you."

As for Mia, she was a pretty kick butt mafia princess. I loved her independence and that steel core that never let her back down from a fight. She fought hard for herself but also for her family and friends - she didn't back down from her crazy father, her spineless brother or Nico (that scene at the restaurant! Lol, loved how we saw him act his typical bossy self, and than when Mia calls him out for it, he backs down, because of her. It was very swoon worthy!) In Nico she finds her perfect warrior counterpart.

She could see herself with him - a man who was not threatened by who she was or what she did. A man who could be in control but not control her. A man who could keep her safe.

I love characters that stand out, that slowly peel away their many layers until you find what really lies vulnerable and real beneath the surface. Nico and Mia both were characters that didn't fall so easily into the common role of a hero or heroine. They walked firmly in the gray and they surprised me at every turn.

For the safety gang, this is 100% safe! Yes, he's a mafia boss, so he grew up with a certain mentality, so you can guess he isn't a virgin, but once he feels that undeniable pull for Mia, Nico never ever strays from her. I loved that about him, that he didn't fall into the mold of turning to other women as so many "Hs" do. Not by thought or action did he ever care for anyone like he does Mia and that right there, made me a shiny eyed mushy fan girl for Nico.

Memorable Line:
She wanted the beast as well as the man.

Can't wait to see what Sarah Castille has up her sleeve for us in the future. So far, I'm loving everything I've read by her!!

*** ARC provided for an honest review ***
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October 16, 2016
'Nico' by Sarah Castille is book one in the "Ruin & Revenge" series. This is the story of Nico and Mia. This is a very exciting story with some heated romance for sure. Nico father died when he was about 18 years old at the hands of Mia's father. It was when they had went to confront Mia who was about 16 years at the time with a boy she was in loved with. There things turned ugly and Nico tried to protect Mia who inadvertently set off this chain of action. Nico father was trying to protect Nico when he was killed. They had not seen each other since and of course had set off a war of sorts between the family. Now in the present day Mia is a trying to get her computer security company off the ground when she was hired by one of Nico men to have her test their system. This put them back in contact with each other. They both are trying to fight the attraction they are feeling knowing that they are enemies. Mia was being force to go with her father to meet Tony who her father was making her marry. Mia was found out to be in the area of Nico by her family and now they have agreed to try and make peace by marring her to Tony who is Nico cousin. But Nico didn't learn of this until a few days before the meeting and Mia didn't know until the day of the meeting. But things go completely wrong at the restaurant as it did years ago. Someone cuts the lights off and starts shooting. Who will make it out and what will now happen with Nico and Mia? Such and exiting read that you don't want to put down.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
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June 16, 2017
***** 4 Stars *****

Mia is a tough hacker, trying to break the mold. She refuses to be an ornament or a punching bag. But she also understands that as a mafia princess, the mafia life will always be connected with her. Mia will never be able to runaway, so she does what she needs to do in order to survive.

When she runs into Nico, she instantly notices that he's not the same young man that she met years ago. He's stronger and colder, but he still treats all the women in his life with respect.

The attraction between them is instant. Although their relationship is forbidden since they are from different families in the mafia, they have no control when it comes to each other.

I really enjoyed this story. The suspenseful moments kept me on my toes. The only thing that annoyed me was Mia always calling him 'Mr. Mob Boss.'

description description description

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December 9, 2016
Mia Cordano thought that she had distanced herself enough from her father's mafia ties, but when her latest assignment to break in to a casino puts her in the path of a rival mafia family and Nico Toscani it puts her back on the radar. Nico has been waiting for revenge for his fathers death and when a twist of fate lands in his lap he takes it. Little does he realize that Mia has become his game changer in more ways than one.

This was quite a bit different than Sarah Castille's other books. I liked this a lot, it gave a full picture into mafia life and had a gritty edge to it. Mia is completely different than you would expect, she is a hacker with a definite flair for originality. Nico oozes alpha male from he very beginning and you can't wait to get to know him more. Excellent read.
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August 1, 2017
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary
Nico Toscani, is part of the Toscani mob boss family. He rules in Las Vegas, and no one crosses him. He is good to those that are loyal to him and those that disobey suffer the consequences. He meets his match and daughter of his sworn enemy Mia Cordano. Mia has worked hard to separate herself as much as possible from the crime family she was born into. She is a legalized hacker, and when she is called in to do a job for a gambling hotel in Las Vegas she is more than eager, especially with the funds and the reputation it will give her. But after finishing the job, a guard pinches her ass and she slices him with her knife. Yeah a mob daughter you don't want to cross. But she is brought to Nico to pay the consequences for her actions. But Mia isn't afraid of Nico, and is bold and daring and Nico is captivated by this woman who was once a girl he fell hard for but could never be his. And even though he has other obligations, he can't resist the urge to protect and love this woman who heats his blood and makes him feel again...
The Hero
Nico Toscani, lost his mother when he was just a boy and wanted to be just like his father. To defend their family and protect and follow his ways which weren't the most desired among crime families. One that held honor and loyalty. But when his father was murdered, his uncle took over and refuses to give the title over to Nico even though he rightly deserves it. He wants to take it back but he must handle it very delicately or he could lose. Nico was one sexy hero and boy I loved the alpha in him. Definitely will give you shivers. He is total bad ass but not creepy and scary at all. I loved the way he treats those that work for him and the way he is with his buddies. His reactions were just fabulous to see unravel and I did like the way his character is so bold and dominates the room.
The Heroine
Mia grew up in the Cordano crime family, but she has worked hard to distance herself as much as possible. She wears outlandish clothes, is a hacker and got a college degree. She stands up to her father and has a temper. And boy I loved her. Despite the way her father treats her, I liked that she doesn't back down when its something she believes in. She has goals and dreams and isn't afraid to go after them. You have to admire that. I did enjoy seeing the way she handles our hero Nico. Even though there may be a part of her that fears him because she doesn't know him, she doesn't let it show. She has this wild untamed personality that is crazy and fun and I got a kick out of her character. She is protective of her younger sister especially. I enjoyed the way she handles problems and seeks solutions.
Plot and Story Line
In Nico, the first book in the latest series by Castille. We get an introduction to a Crime Boss romance. Now this has a  Romeo and Juliet type of feel only you get a HEA. Both are from rival crime families and so tension is pretty high in this book. But you don't really realize how forbidden their relationship is until later in the book. Their first meeting is sexy as sin and will give you shivers down the spine. I loved both of these characters. Their personalities are so opposite from each other in many ways. Nico is domineering and commanding and doesn't take no for an answer. And Mia, well she is crazy and fun and is unconventional. Not your typical future mob boss wife. But they just fit for each other in the ways that really matter. They get each other and they get the life they were born into. The emotional intimacy they build in this book is what really drew me in.
You love it. You've never met a man like me, a man who can challenge and respect you, a man worthy of a woman like you

The sexual tension is high but you see so much development in the emotional side to their bond that you just get drawn in. I honestly couldn't put this book down and didn't want to. Their story was engaging and highly addicting and I can't wait to see what see brings us in Luca.
The Cover
Just a gorgeous cover we have here right? I just LOVE it!! I love the abs with the random placed tats.
Overall View
Nico is a forbidden romance that will leave you curling your toes in delight!! TALENT TO ADMIRE!
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January 19, 2018
I love me a good mafia romance and this is definitely one of the better ones. Filled with suspense, twists and turns, an uber hot and bossy alpha male and a strong heroine that didn't pull any TSTL moves and tight writing.

I'll definitely be reading the rest of the series.
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November 12, 2016
"A dangerously delicious, sexy, handsome mob boss."

I'm a big fan of Sarah Castille. I've enjoyed her bikers and her fighters, and now I'm digging her #MafiaManCandy. I'm thrilled that Nico is the just the beginning. She introduced me to some key players in the City of Sin and I can guarantee there is lots more dangerously delicious bad boys to look forward to as the series progresses.

Nico is a contradiction of bad and good. He can do both very well. It has been his burning anger and quest for revenge that has fueled his rise as a force to be reckoned with in his mafia family. Unfortunately, there are road blocks keeping him from what he has always felt was his destiny. As he continues to push for what he wants, he has the support of some loyal members, and a target on his back. In the Mafia world, there's always someone waiting to be in control and to remove anyone and anything standing in their way. He's been focused and effective in his pursuit, letting nothing distract him from his goal. Until her. Mia is the ultimate distraction. She's not the typical Mafia Princess by any stretch of the imagination. She rewrote the handbook and filled it with sass and smarts. She doesn't play by any of the rules that he's familiar with and he can't help but be intrigued by her. She's a geek, a hacker. She doesn't fit into any box that he can find. And he doesn't want her to. He bosses her around, telling her to submit, while knowing full well that she won't. He's drawn to her fire, and he wants to get burned. But he knows he can't have her. Their families are at war with each other. But that doesn't stop him from wanting her. Will it stop him from taking her?

Mia is a Mafia Princess by birth, but not by choice. She wants no part of her crime family dealings. She's separated herself from her family and chosen a different career path for herself. When she takes on a job for a local casino to test their computer security, she had not idea it was owned by Nico Toscani. She hadn't seen him since she was a teenager, but when faced with his angry stare, she remembered. "He was the most dangerous of predators. Beautiful on the outside. Deadly within." When he realizes who she is, will she have to pay for the crimes of her ruthless family?

They both felt the pull. The instant chemistry. The heat between them, scorching and tempting, dangerous and deadly. They knew there was no future for them. They fought each other and themselves as they tried to resist the forbidden fire burning between them. They were so mesmerized by each other they didn't notice me over here fanning the flames, encouraging the explosion I knew was just waiting to be fueled. What can I say, I like it H-O-T! And it was...

What an exciting beginning to a new series. I can't wait for more. I have my eyes on a few characters that I want to spend some more time with and of course I'm anxious to check in on Nico and Mia again. Did I mention that Nico is a dirty-talker, and that he speaks Italian? *fanning self*
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November 30, 2016
Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4.5 stars

Sarah Castille has a unique way of bringing a story to life. I always enjoy reading and reviewing her novels and Nico, with a few exceptions, met all my expectations. It was crisp and fresh, portrayed the mafia world as we have come to believe it, and had two characters that were either going to kill each other or love until the end of time.

Mia was a strong, unstoppable woman who thought she really knew what she wanted. She was set in her ways and hellbent on making a life away from the “family”. Unfortunately, her father had other plans for her and set out to make sure she did what she was told … finally. Too bad for him that she had her own plans. She also had a secret that could tear her whole world apart.

Nico was exactly what we would picture a Mafia Boss to be. Cold, ruthless and cruel. But, only when he needs to be. There is a side to him to that no one ever sees. But, for some reason, he lets Mia see the part of him that he’s hidden for 10 years. Letting her in could either make him stronger or bring him to his demise. He can’t stop wanting his punk-rocker, computer hacking Mafia Princess. He also can’t stop wanting the vendetta he has against her father to be finished with. Until he finds out the secret. Then, he’s not sure what he really wants.

Tearing himself away from the family, starting his own faction with Mia by his side, the faida over … his life, as he knew it, is over and the rest of his life is laid out in front of him. He found the one thing that he thought would always allude him … love.

So, Mr. Mob Boss and Ms. Punk find a happily ever after in an unusual way. On the way to that HEA, Sarah Castille wrote a very compelling and interesting love story. One that brought out the best and the worst in her characters. She wrote two alpha characters, threw in some compassion, gave us minor characters what were just as interesting and then topped it all off with a Mafia Boss on his knees proposing to the woman of his dreams and the daughter of his enemy. I only had one drawback … the use of the word “misogynistic” … I was starting to feel that was the only word Mia could use to describe Nico and men like him. Other than that, I was totally enthralled with the man, the myth and the storyline. The only thing missing was a horse head in the bed.

Welcome back to the old Las Vegas … when the Italians ruled the strip, when Frank, Dean and Sammy sang their songs, when you knew the bad guys from the good and when a good Italian meal always ended with Cannoli.

ARC provided with no expectations.
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September 17, 2017
If you're in to mafia books this is ok. To me they can be an entertaining read. Sometimes the hero can be over the top alpha, but, it's the trope. What can you do? 🤷‍♀️Fuggettaboutit?
Anyway, it was an ok book, but what held it back for me from being great was sacrificing too much of the plot for gratuitous sex scenes.
I mean I like a good sex scene as much as any other middle aged housewife, but don't let it take over the plot.
There were a few really good scenes, though. The Vegas wedding with the Elvis impersonator? Genius! If I ever convince the hubby to renew our vows, that's my goal! 🤣👰
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January 7, 2019
I´ll give this one closer to 3.5 stars then 4, but I mark it in the 4 star category because it´s more than a 3 star book. (Sometimes I really need Goodreads to offer a 1/2 star!)
So...back to the book...
I like mafia related books. With a bit of this "bad boy, mafia boss, I don´t give a shit about anyone and if you don´t shut up, betray me or piss me off I´ll shoot you" feeling (The Sopranos and The Godfather).
The story was good, I liked the characters but I would have wanted more of some suspence and action (with guns and all that glory!).
But a good story overall.
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