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More Time to Love

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When given a diagnosis of ALS, most victims make peace with a 2-3 year death sentence. Joe Wions, an energetic and positve management consultant with two children, a wonderful wife, and a community he loved, decided instead that he would live.

In More Time to Love, Joe takes readers on a journey from nightmares to miracles. Feeling betrayed by Western medicine, which offers no cure, he sets out on a quest for alternatives, and makes some mind-blowing discoveries. From a German doctor who heals with electromagnetic wave machines to a Chinese doctor who gives brain injections, he details options for detoxification and rejuvenation treatments in cheerful email updates to his friends. Over the first five years, he slows the disease but can't stop it, sharing every aspect from the emotional loss that accompanies each new physical limitation, to harrowing chases to stay ahead of his decline.

Determined to find a cure, Joe takes some alarming risks with new diets and therapies, and finally turns a corner when he unlocks the keys to his mind. Joe shares his findings from the kaleidoscope of treatments that helped him live more powerfully and happily in the most helpless of situations. This beautiful and well-paced story of gratitude is helpful for all those who face chronic illness of any kind.

A glossary of 30+ little-known terms and treatments will inform reader on every healing adventure.

290 pages, ebook

Published January 28, 2017

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February 15, 2017
A great tribute to a man that I can tell was not just loved, but liked by his family and friends. As a former student of Mrs. Wions, this prompted me to remember that teachers are real people with joys and sorrows outside of the classroom.
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February 14, 2018
As an early career clinical psychologist, I have observed that what we know of a patient’s personality is a pretty poor predictor of how that patient would cope with dying. Generous people could become selfish, and brave people could become frightened. Angry people could become gentle, and controlling people could become very Zen-like. The way I see it, dying, in other words, like any other life transformative event, doesn’t always reveal or intensify aspects of our character;
rather, it often coaxes out new ones.

For a long time, the writer Joe Wions, felt like he “was pretty well on track with [his] life plan.” That thought process changed around his 50th birthday, when weakness in his legs and arms was diagnosed as early symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease with no known cure.

Mr. Wions’s post traumatic growth exhibited through the passage of time in the book is an invaluable example to other patients with ALS. Growth isn’t something that can be “preached” to a patient before they’re ready; rather, it’s something that comes when they begin to express some positive reaction to the event (or in in this case, illness). Mr. Wions provides a warm and detailed foray into his own journey to developing positive reactions to his illness and how that guided him into a new way of living for the remainder of his life. It is an incredible example of how someone
with ALS might find meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life even in the context of a terminal illness.

The book is a man’s attempt to “pay it forward for the many gifts of support with which [he] has been deeply blessed.” It is a compelling read for anyone with chronic illness, and especially those struggling with ALS. It also represents a beautiful piece of the husband, father, and friend that remains even after his physical presence has departed.
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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