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Burning Prey

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When the magical triad known as the Seekers returns, they must use their newfound abilities and find a way to “arrange” for Evangeline DeMarco and Slate Warton to meet. As the sparks fly between the new shifter couple, a past tragedy that befell Evie continues to haunt her. Will she be able to face the demons of her past and bask in the glow of Slate’s love, or will a threatening psychotic evil drag her and her new man into the fires of hell?

*This third edition has been expanded by 500+ words and re-edited.

64 pages, ebook

First published February 18, 2014

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About the author

Harper Jewel

16 books60 followers
Harper Jewel, a loyal LGBTQ+ ally and proud Mama Bear to her 24-year-old daughter, lives in northeast New Jersey with her loving husband. She has four cats, enjoys reading, and playing time-management games on her tablet, and watching Hulu or Netflix.

With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create believable and memorable plots and characters.

Although she began writing male/female Romance/erotica, she has found her niche in Gay Romance. She enjoys every one of her male characters when they speak to her with loud voices while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

Visit www.harperjewel.com to find out more.

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27 reviews3 followers
February 25, 2014
A Seekers Story Book 2
Written By: Harper Jewel

Reviewed By R.L. Bailey

​4 out of 5 wings.

“I’m not usually in this much of a hurry, Evie, but you seem to have put some sort of a spell over me. My body is burning for a taste of you. I can’t fight it or slow down.”

​Burning Prey is the second in the Seekers Series, written by the talented Harper Jewel. It tells the story of Evie and Slate, humans who don’t know that they carry, within them the ability to shift into birds. The two live different lives completely. He is a rich builder, she is a small time Interior designer who supplements her income working at a bar, which is where the two lovers meet.

​Now in the interest of fairness I should say that as a rule I don’t like shifter stories very much. It’s usually much of the same, wolves, bears, and lions, whatever. I don’t go out of my way to read them; however, I will say this. Burning Prey is an extremely well written story with a carefully thought out plot. The characters Harper writes about are believable, sympathetic and with the exception of Don, who needs serious help, they are all very likable.

​Evie’s not perfect of body, she’s got the scars of long ago on her arm and like any woman, is self-conscience about them. For Slate, those same scars are a total non issue, which is why the reader can find even more to love about him.

“Like the goddamn Fourth of July, baby. You blow me away.”

​The sex scenes were good, although personally I would have liked them dirtier. Too many big words between them.

​It was heartbreaking when Evie found out, that she wasn’t exactly like her love, and to tell you more would spoil what is a heartbreaking scene to read. Only when her life is threatened by a true mad man does our heroine make the last leap into her powers.

​It was wonderful reading about the trio from Virgin Prey, Avi, Bertrand and Andor. Their new life as seekers makes the pairing of Evie and Slate possible.If you enjoy shifter stories, then you will
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385 reviews34 followers
February 28, 2014
Harper Jewel is back with a new story in the Seekers series. I had been waiting for this story and I was not disappointed. Aviana, Andor, and Bertrand are enjoying their newfound match making responsibilities. When they recognize the mate auras of Slate and Evangeline they figure out a way to bring the two together and then let nature take its course.

I immediately liked Slate and Evie’s characters and thought they were a great match. Evie is a strong woman who has faced many tragedies in her life but despite being alone she has built a successful life for herself. Slate is tired of the fake plastic women that always seem to flock to him and his money. When the two meet each other for the first time it’s apparent to them both that there is a spark that they both want to explore further. Little do they know that Avi, Andor, and Bertrand are watching and waiting for the perfect time to spring the news on the happy couple that they are not only destined mates, but also bird shifters. I felt horrible for the struggle that Evie had when she shifted and the fact that Slate stood by her and helped her through it all made me love him even more.

You don’t find a lot of bird shifters in fiction and especially not stories that are this hot! Harper Jewel has me hooked on The Seekers series. She manages to put so much depth to her characters in such a way you forget that you’re reading a 65 page book and feel as if you had a full length novel to get to know them. Whether it’s the happy couple or the crazy stalker you have a clear picture of the people you are reading about. Burning Prey may have been a short novel, but it was never rushed and it had a very clear ending with a HEA that we all crave. I believe you’d have no problem reading Burning Prey as a standalone, but would suggest reading from the beginning because Avi, Andor, and Bertrand’s story was fantastic. I was so happy to read that there will be more Seekers stories coming in the future. I can’t wait to see who Avi, Andor, and Bertrand play matchmaker with next.
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280 reviews56 followers
August 26, 2016
When the Seekers, a mating of three Raptor shifters, find their next targets to match make who knew that the sparks would fly so high? The Seekers, Aviana, Andor, and Bertrand were first introduced in the first Seeker book, but the prologue is full enough that reading the first book isn't necessary unless you really need to see their love story (I think I need to read their love story :)) The watch for others like themselves who don't realize that they are part of the nest and might never find their soulmate if it wasn't for these seekers. When they match Slate and Evie, they must fight not only the past haunts but an unknown present haunt to find their future.

I liked it...it was short and sweet and perfect for a lazy kind of day. That being the said, the sex was crazy hot. The language in some spots seemed a little forced (do people really talk that way for example?) but it didn't stop me from getting into the story. It's a nice change from the usual shifter stories of weres. I would like to know more about the various raptors the characters change into. I know I have heard of some of these but know nothing about their actual habits and characteristics.
I was able to get into the characters head, which for a short story is sometimes a hard feat to accomplish in limited pages. The storyline kept me interested and wanting to know more. It was nice to know that more shifter stories are coming and hopefully we keep the previous characters we have come to love in the future books to find out what they are up to as well!
If you like your sex hot and love a HEA and love a great shifter story too...well...pick this up. You won't be disappointed.
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447 reviews14 followers
June 3, 2014
free book for honest review. juliesbookreview.blogspot.com

Aviana, Andor, and Bertrand return as they use their newfound Seeker abilities to match Evangeline DeMarco and Slate Warton. When the trio “arrange” for the two to meet, they just sit back and watch the sparks fly. But when a tragedy that befell Evie at the tender age of ten comes back to haunt the petite shifter, will the Seekers be able to help their newest raptor overcome her heartbreak and misfortune? Will Slate’s love for Evangeline be enough to overcome the direction fate has tossed them in? When the unthinkable happens and a psychotic evil threatens the new pair, will their love be able to overcome it or will they both be dragged into the fires of hell?

Review: I have never read a bird of prey shifter book but this was a darn good story. I had a great time reading about these characters. I love, love, love Slate and Evie and the Seekers helping to bring them together. Slate and Evie have such a sweet, HOT and steamy story to entertain us. I recommend this book to all

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1,198 reviews12 followers
February 24, 2014
This was the second story in the exciting Seekers Story. This installment was between Evie and Slate. This was a fantastic storyline with unforgettable characters. What an incredible shifter world. To be normal one day and flying the next. These books have such a unique back storyline that it is unbelievable. It is such a fantasy. This story was filled with mystery, intrigue and very hot, sexy scenes. This was a terrific story. A must have in the Seekers Story Series. I recommend this book!
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3,146 reviews42 followers
September 19, 2014
The Seeker trio brings Evangeline and Slate together but evil threatens their newfound happiness in this mesmerizing birds of prey shifter romance. The short story is full of passion and entertainment and the world the author has created has some fascinating and different elements that intrigue readers but I really think the story could have benefited from being a little longer. Still the story is charming and alluring and I was glad that the author’s prologue was so thorough because I haven’t read the first book in the series, although I will be taking care of that and waiting to read the next one.

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