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Virgin Prey

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Nestled within plain sight of humanity, a race of bird-of-prey shifters dwell. Deeply rooted in their species’ heritage and rituals, Aviana Byrde comes of age and a mate’s selected in the way dictated by those very traditions.
Outshining the rest, Andor Malar craves to bond with Aviana. When that secret desire comes true, he cannot get enough of the little shifter.
After a night full of carnal abandon and newly awakened desires, Aviana’s tossed in a harsh direction—one she never imagined. Will she meet her death before she’s able to appreciate the depths of true love? Will Andor’s fevered search for his new life mate prevail?
Enter Corbin Lark, a kind-hearted falconer with a family history he knows nothing about. Will he be able to accept the seemingly far-fetched story he’s told when the beautiful vision he’s only dreamed about suddenly enters his life for real?
After a shocking twist of fate intervenes, will the unsuspecting trio be able to withstand the upheaval as their world rocks on its axis, or will the shifter species simply fade into extinction?

*This previously published third edition has been expanded by 3,000+ words and differs from the first two editions.

55 pages, ebook

First published March 31, 2013

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About the author

Harper Jewel

14 books60 followers
Harper Jewel, a loyal LGBTQ+ ally and proud Mama Bear to her 24-year-old daughter, lives in northeast New Jersey with her loving husband. She has four cats, enjoys reading, and playing time-management games on her tablet, and watching Hulu or Netflix.

With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create believable and memorable plots and characters.

Although she began writing male/female Romance/erotica, she has found her niche in Gay Romance. She enjoys every one of her male characters when they speak to her with loud voices while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

Visit www.harperjewel.com to find out more.

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June 7, 2013
Aviana has just turned 18 and is looking forward to standing in front of the family and friends in her nest to find out who her life mate is. As a bird of prey shifter she knows that her mate will have a glow about him that only she can see and her heart is praying that it will be Andor. Their happily ever after looks to come true for both of them, but when Avi is taken by a hunter in her bird form, things change forever. Saved from a horrible existence by another hunter, Betrand, Avi is shocked to find that this hunter isn’t quite what he seems, but is afraid of what he might mean for her future with Andor.
Harper Jewel has given us the start to what is surely going to be a great series. As a regular reader of both shifter and erotica books I wasn’t too sure about a book about bird shifters but the author pulled it off and then some. I really liked that all the characters were different species of bird of prey, even within the same family. The shifter part of the book didn’t play a huge part as the focus was mostly on the characters themselves. The storyline was very well developed as were the characters and while the sex scenes were smoking hot, especially one m/f/m scene, they didn’t take over the book. In my opinion, it’s not a good erotica book unless you can take out all the sex and still have a great story. Virgin Prey fits that description! Although, I have to admit, the sex does make it even better.
If you’re a fan of shifter stories, erotica or not, you will enjoy this book. This is quick 50 page read, but you won’t be left feeling short changed. My only wish is that we would’ve gotten more time with Bertrand and Andor, or given a little insight as to what may come next. I look forward to what Harper Jewel brings next in the Seekers series as there is so much more to learn about this wonderful world of shifters.
~~~Rhonda V.

Aviana comes from a line of shifters that are birds of prey. The youngest in her family and just eighteen it is the time for the tradition of seeking out her mate. She is hoping that one particular male, Andor, is her destined. Her wish comes true, but there are some unforeseen circumstances that could affect this happy mating.
Andor is thrilled to discover that Aviana is his mate. It is apparent they have harbored feelings for one another for quite some time. Andor is determined to take the virginal Aviana to their marriage bed for a night she won’t soon forget. After a night of passion, her happiness can’t be contained so she decides to take flight and soar in her shifter form. This is when the story really takes off.
Although the story has a paranormal twist, it is purely erotica. Harper Jewel manages to turn up the heat in this short story with passionate sex and throws in a hot ménage for good measure. I wish the book would have been longer with a more developed story so I could really get to know the characters, because I found to the concept of the birds of prey shifters very fascinating! On the other hand, this novella raises the blood pressure like any good erotic story should.
~~~Teresa D.

**Reviewed by Rhonda Valverde and Teresa D. for ThatsErotica.com**
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April 15, 2013
I was given and e-copy in exchange for my honest review.

I am not one that reads Erotica on a regular. Most that I read/review are by request. I have read/reviewed for this author before and enjoyed the book so agreed to do so again.

Avi comes from a line of bird of prey shifters. At the coming of age, she is to find her life mate. This is not done by choosing for ones self, fate chooses it for them. Luckily, fate matches Avi up with her choice. Little did Avi know that fate had more in store for her.

I like the plot, storyline, the paranormal twists, and the characters. I do wish there would have been more to the story, which seems to be the case with most erotica, they give you enough background to get to the sex. I can say that this book does give more background than most. It gave me just enough to get me hooked on the paranormal side of the book. With that said, I will be reading more of this series with hopes that I can find out more of the story. For those that love hot Paranormal/Erotica, this is a must read.

Originally posted on The Mystical World of Book Reviews
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1,176 reviews11 followers
June 30, 2013
What a truly unique and wonderous story. I've read shifter books before but none quite like this one. I loved the mystery of this book but there was no mention of future stories. I wish it wouldn't have ended so quickly but I thought it was great anyway. I hope this is just the beginning.
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