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The Xenith Trilogy #1

Amid Stars and Darkness

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Delaney’s entire world is thrown into chaos after she is mistaken for Lissa Olena, an alien princess hiding out on Earth in order to escape an arranged marriage.

Kidnapped by the princess’s head bodyguard, Ruckus, and imprisoned in an alien palace, Delaney is forced to impersonate the princess until Olena can be found. If she fails, it will lead to an alien war and the eventual enslavement of the entire human race.

No pressure or anything.

Factor in Trystan, the princess’s terrifying betrothed who is intent on unraveling all her secrets, and her own growing feelings for Ruckus, and Delaney is in way over her head.

Get lost Amid Stars and Darkness, in this YA sci-fi romance from debut author Chani Lynn Feener.

368 pages, Hardcover

First published July 18, 2017

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About the author

Chani Lynn Feener

39 books440 followers
Chani majored in Creative Writing at Johnson State College in Vermont. To pay her bills, she has worked many odd jobs, including, but not limited to, telemarketing, order picking in a warehouse, and filling ink cartridges. When she isn’t writing, she’s binging TV shows, drawing, or frequenting zoos/aquariums. She is the author of the Xenith trilogy, and the teen paranormal series, The Underworld Saga, originally written under the penname Tempest C. Avery. She currently resides in Connecticut.

Have a question? Check her blog! https://chanilynnfeener.wixsite.com/a...

Find her on Instagram @TempestChani

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739 reviews955 followers
July 6, 2017
Now, this was more than I was expecting! The synopsis of this book definitely intrigued me and I was lucky enough to read this early! But I will say this totally exceeded my expectations! YAY!

This story is about aliens. Yes, aliens. Not the kind you’re thinking of though. Aliens have been living among us and then some time ago they came out. There are those like them here and those who don’t. Delany is one who doesn’t really care for them. Not interested in knowing about them or anything. So when her best friend drags her to a club so she can finally meet this hot alien bartender she’s been chatting with online, Delany isn’t thrilled. But for the love of friendship she goes, after bumping into a girl she decides to leave and is kidnapped.

Delany tries to get away but when her attacker keeps calling her by the name of Lissa Olena she quickly tries to tell him that he’s got the wrong person and that he needs to let her go. Sadly it isn’t until she is taken to another planet that it becomes apparent to the kidnapper who is Ander Rukus that he indeed has the wrong person!

Here’s the thing, Delany looks exactly like the princess Lissa Olena and she was supposed to return home to marry another alien to form an alliance and if she isn’t there to fulfill her end of the deal then it’s major war between these two alien nations. No bueno. Now let’s get this clear these “aliens” look EXACTLY like humans they just come from other planets. Alright, cool.

What I liked about this story is, I felt the author did a fantastic job of coming up with different name platforms just a “Zane” for “Prince” or “Ander” for something equivalent to “Major” or “Sergeant.” The world building was great and I liked how they aren’t human but they look human so nothing too sci-fi which is appreciated for me although there are a few physical differences.

I really enjoyed Zane Trystan. He is the fiance, he’s cold, brooding, extremely perceptive and smart. There is history behind the Lissa and the Zane and no love what-so-ever between them so when the Zane thinks Delany is the actual Lissa so there is A LOT of hate. But I can’t tell you how much I LOOOOOOVE Zane and the more you read of him and the extremely slow progress with his character the more you’ll like him.

Ander Rukus, by all means, is a very GOOD guy but for me, he was just that. Good, nothing really special about him but I do appreciate that he is overall good.

There is an ever so slight possibility of a love triangle which I’m okay with because I am SO TEAM ZANE TRYSTAN! And all I can say is, IT BETTER BE TRYSTAN! He isn’t a good guy BUT he isn’t totally bad either. Read the book you’ll know what I mean.

Overall I was very much afraid I was going to be totally disappointed in this book, but indeed I WAS NOT! This is a book I would totally own!!!!

Sexual Content: mild
Language: mild
Drugs/Alcohol: mild
Violence: moderate

*Thank you, Macmillan and Swoon Reads, for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
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Author 15 books12.3k followers
March 3, 2021
Alien romance. That’s what this book is. The dialogue is delightful, and the character dynamics are so delicious. Very much a light-hearted read. It was just what I needed. I’m reading book 2 in the hopes that my ship will sail.
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1,069 reviews837 followers
October 5, 2017
Nope nope nope.

***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Amid Darkness and Stars by Chani Lynn Feener
Book One of the Xenith trilogy
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: July 18, 2017
Rating: 2 stars
Source: ARC sent by the publisher

Summary (from Goodreads):

Delaney’s entire world is thrown into chaos after she is mistaken for Lissa Olena, an alien princess hiding out on Earth in order to escape an arranged marriage.

Kidnapped by the princess’s head bodyguard, Ruckus, and imprisoned in an alien palace, Delaney is forced to impersonate the princess until Olena can be found. If she fails, it will lead to an alien war and the eventual enslavement of the entire human race.

No pressure or anything.

Factor in Trystan, the princess’s terrifying betrothed who is intent on unraveling all her secrets, and her own growing feelings for Ruckus, and Delaney is in way over her head.

Get lost Amid Stars and Darkness, in this YA sci-fi romance from debut author Chani Lynn Feener.

What I Liked:

Dear Lord, please grant me the patience to deal with the Swoon Reads novels I keep subjecting myself to. Don't get me wrong, there are a few that I've really enjoyed (namely, Cindy Anstey's books). But so many of Swoon Reads' publications have been terrible (for me).

In this story, Delaney is mistaken for an alien princess and she is dragged onto a ship and flown across the galaxy to another planet. On the way, the bodyguard who kidnapped her realizes that she's isn't Lissa Olena. But the damage is done, because Lissa Olena has been expected back at the home planet for quite some time - rumor has it that Olena has been running from her politically arranged betrothal. Delaney will have to play the role of Olena, convincing everyone including her terrifying fiance Trystan that she is a conceited, selfish princess who cares about no one. If she doesn't, she risks the alliance being called off by the Rex (Trystan's father), and war breaking out between the Vakars and the Kints.

Okay. I don't have a ton of things that I actually liked, but there are a few. I didn't really care for any of the characters except Ruckus, who is a sweetheart. He is the commander of security and Olena's personal bodyguard, and he takes his duty very seriously. Everyone hated Olena and couldn't stand to be around her, but he did his job. Ruckus is an smart, loyal, protective alpha male who is also kind and attentive. And he has a charming side. I liked him a lot and was really on board with him being the love interest.

For the most part, I wasn't bored or disinterested in the story. The plot moved at a good pace and I wasn't in danger of setting this book aside. I read this one fairly quickly and was interested in finding out what would happen at the end. So I have to give the author points for that.

What else... I suppose the world-building is well-written. This book is set on a different planet, and there is a love of technological advancement on the Vakar planet. Also, everyone except Delaney is an alien, which is cool. There are a lot of neat scientific inventions and advancements in this book, though I would have loved to see more science behind them.

Aaaand we're moving on to dislikes.

What I Did Not Like:

I'm going to go a little out of order and all over the place with my dislikes. I'll start with the ones that bother me the most.

The romance is a tricky thing and overall I think it bothered me too much for me to love it. The good thing: Ruckus knows that Delaney is not Olena from early on. They fall for each other, and I believe Ruckus's feelings are genuinely for Delaney, because he was never in love or attracted to Olena. I'm all for Ruckus and Delaney and really shipped them. My problem is the fiance, Trystan. It was clear in the beginning that Olena and Trystan hated each other, and Delaney quickly grows to hate Trystan. And she falls in love with Ruckus. BUT. Towards the end, Trystan's feelings change. He takes a bullet for Delaney. He loses some of his cruel attitudes. He definitely feels... something for Delaney. And I definitely could see, in future books in this series, Delaney falling for him and this turning into a stupid, ridiculous love triangle. Never mind that Olena comes back into the picture in this book. Never mind that she and Ruckus take their relationship to high levels. Given some lines at the end of this book, I could definitely see the author having Delaney fall for Trystan, which makes me want to retch. Also, the acknowledgements of the book. "Team Trystan"? Stop. Please stop. He organized an assassination attempt to kill Delaney ("Olena"). He grabbed her and frightened her. None of this is forgivable (nor should it be).

Oh and I hated the ending. It involves Trystan and it makes my blood boil. The ending would have been perfect, minus a few paragraphs. In some ways, I want to know what happens next because I hate being so angry about the ending. On the other hand, I think it's better for my sanity if I try and forget I ever read this book and avoid talk of the next two books.

I didn't really feel invested in any of the characters, except maybe Ruckus. All of the characters seemed a little one-dimensional? Like cardboard cutouts? I didn't connect with Delaney, though I felt bad for her situation. I feel like she didn't put up enough of a fight to get back home, initially and throughout the story. The war that would break out if it was discovered that Olena had fled? It would be between aliens... and entirely NOT Delaney's fault, or problem. Any logical human being would have found a way to escape. Stolen a ship, bribed someone (since she is now a princess), etc. There are ALWAYS options, and the author took the unrealistic one. If Delaney were half as brazen as she tried to act, she would have been sneaking around, trying to find a way out, in addition to playing princess. That seems logical to me.

I hated Trystan. Who sets up an assassination attempt on you and then you forgive him? Well, I hope Delaney doesn't forgive him. She doesn't, in this, but since I'm convinced the author wants to make Trystan a legitimate love interest, I'm sure Delaney will forgive him in future books. Ewwwww, love triangles.

Can I go on a mini rant? Why are so many Swoon Reads books full of love triangles? I understand the workings of the Swoon Reads community - it's very different from the contracted work that you see announced on Publishers Weekly - but why is it that so many of the manuscripts spit out love triangles? Especially with so many readers not interested? This book is getting a low rating from me mostly because of the love triangle (though not entirely so). Do better, Swoon Reads!

Would I Recommend It:

I do not recommend this book to anyone, even if you don't mind love triangles. It's not the most impressive space-y science fiction novel in YA lit out there, and it's not an impressive debut. I want to say that I expect better from Swoon Reads but then, I really don't. Skip this book and save yourself the frustration. Especially since this book is part of a trilogy, and we all know how YA authors love to do stupid things with romances in trilogies!

If you want to read a space-y science fiction YA book, try the Starbound trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, or the Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis, or The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid, or the Alienated trilogy by Melissa Landers, or the Starflight duology by Melissa Landers. Literally so many better YA science fiction books out there!


1.5 stars -> rounded up to 2 stars. Maybe I should round down? I think I'm being generous for no reason. Well, there are a few reasons above. This book wasn't all bad, but I won't be remembering it fondly. Heck, I won't be remembering it at all. Hopefully.

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2,694 reviews702 followers
July 24, 2017
I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but it was pretty interesting.

I loved Delaney. She's sassy and strong and smart. She stands up for herself and knows how to defend herself and I was really entertained by reading her go through this. Ruckus and Trystan are both interesting characters in their own ways.

Plot wise, it's pretty fast paced. It's starts off with a bang and doesn't quite let go. There are explosions and gun fights and swoons and sweetness and banter for days. My only real complaint is that the ending is a horrible cliffhanger. If I would have known that, I probably would have waited to read it.

Overall, this was an intriguing read with characters I really liked. I can't wait to read the next one.

**Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge**
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295 reviews262 followers
July 5, 2017

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125 reviews45 followers
June 2, 2019
Amid Stars and Darkness is an enthralling, engaging, and exciting piece of work by Chani Lynn Feener.

The story was all about Delaney being kidnapped and mistaken as Olena, the alien princess. She was taken to their planet. Now, she has to pretend as the Princess or else there will be war, and it might also lead to human enslavement. But, pretending was not easy because aside from assassination attempts, she also needs to be careful around Prince Trystan, and she needs to control her feelings for Ruckus.

I am not fond of aliens story, but after reading this book, I am already thinking of reading the other books with the same theme. This novel let me see how aliens can live and co-exist with humans, and I could say that it’s exciting to see it happens in reality.

The story-line is incredible, especially how the author has written this book. Her writing style engrossed me and I know, when I read one, that her other books will also engage and entertain me. I like how her work can pull me into the story she had created and how I feel like I’m there, watching how it all played in front of my eyes as if I’m just watching a great show.

The characters really entertained me. I am still not sure whom I like for Delaney to end up with. I like Ruckus for her, but I also like Trystan. Well, I’m more of shipping Trystan and Delaney, but I can’t deny that Delaney also has this chemistry with Ruckus. I hate how the author gave her two amazing guys! And no, I won’t ship Trystan and Delaney anymore. I want her to end up with Ruckus, and then Trystan would be mine. Just kidding haha! Seriously, both of the guys have great chemistry with her. For me, the chemistry between Delaney and Trystan is much greater than with Ruckus.

Talking about Delaney, she was somehow rebellious, and it was because of her parents. She liked pulling some annoying acts just to irritate her father. She was also smart and tough. Pretending to be a princess was really hard, especially when her personality with the real Olena differed. Yes, they both liked displeasing their parents, but their ways were somehow different.

Now, Ruckus is the kind of guy you will like to be around you all the time though some parts/scenes turned me off of him. He was the savior/hero-kind-of-guy, and he was also sweet and caring. He protected Delaney from any harm even if she was not the real princess.

For Trystan, I had viewed him as an evil prince on the first few pages, but I took it back after noticing how his character changed and developed throughout the story. He was able to act differently from what he usually does, and that includes sacrificing his life for the Lissa (Delaney).

The ending was unexpected! I am in SO MUCH excitement to have the next book in my hands. I am so eager to read it and end this agony I’m feeling right now.

I am just hoping to see more improvements on the world-building. I’m also interested to know some side story about Delaney’s best friend, Marina.

Overall, this is a great read. I am really recommending this book to everyone who likes to delve in a world full of aliens. If you are also interested in reading a book that involves aliens, then I suggest you try this novel.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours and NetGalley.

BLOG POST LINK: https://wp.me/p7AwHZ-4qg
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5,126 reviews458 followers
October 1, 2017
*Source* Library
*Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction
*Rating* 3.5-4


Chani Lynn Feener's Amid Stars and Darkness is the first installment in the authors The Xenith Trilogy. Hello universe! My name is Delaney Grace, and I'm a recent High School Graduate now sharing an apartment with my best friend Mariana. During a night out for a bit of fun, & dancing, I was taken away by an alien named Ander Ruckus and ended up in a life or death adventure on Xenith. Aliens? Are you high? Oh wait! I forgot that part. Sorry! You see, 3 years ago, aliens visiting and living on Earth revealed themselves to the humans. 

*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews


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164 reviews165 followers
June 19, 2017
Even though it was a huge downer for me for more than the first half, things turned out pretty well - especially the characters. I'll still definitely read the next installment.

Full RTC.
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2,556 reviews396 followers
May 31, 2018
Christmas gift from Michelle!

2.5 stars
This book exceeded my - admittedly low - expectations. The main character, Delaney, shows courage and resourcefulness in the face of a lot of extreme situations, but it all comes across as realistic. The story reveals enough of her backstory to make it believable without overwhelming the "present day." The plot and world building is pretty clever.
However, I found the shadowy/bad guy villain fairly weak and had higher hopes for a better climax and twist. The writing also never wowed me, though it was light and easy enough.
Overall, this book would have garnered a fairly high rating from me (for YA) if it weren't for the romance. I get that this is a Swoon Read. I came in expecting, well, swoon-worthy men. Instead, I got Ruckus.
First off, what kind of a name is Ruckus.
Second off, I didn't mind him much, but then he got all Alpha-male and that pissed me off. He's always crowding Delaney into corners and interfering with her person space. We're supposed to oppose Trystan when he gets all up in her business, but somehow it is okay with Ruckus because she is attracted to him? Meh.
Third, their relationship got physical too fast. I blame Ruckus. (Mostly because I can.)
Now, here is the thing that bothers me but also sort of redeemed this book for me. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually have at tiny soft spot for Trystan. Sure, he is a sociopathic, murderous jerk with daddy-issues, but the full on hate turned attraction he has for Delaney and her responding hate (and sassy attitude) makes for a lot more interesting story than her and the ever-faithful-and-boring Ruckus.
If the author gives their relationship center stage, I'll probably hate it too. But for now, it just underscores how annoyingly bland Ruckus was.

So here is the thing: add a better twist and give the main dude some more character traits than Loyal & Hot and you have quite a decent story going. But minus that...just sort of pleasantly meh.
My lovely roommate did, however, lend me her ARC of the sequel, so I will read that and see if anything improves.
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809 reviews109 followers
July 21, 2018
You can find this review and others on my blog shades of paper

“One definite good thing about having such a large bed: There were more than enough blankets and pillows to help muffle her sobs.”

Okay, I was super excited to read this book because I’ve heard nothing but amazing and positive things about it, and since the sequel was about to come out this month, I decided to pick it up and see if it was as good as everyone’s been saying, and though I had some issues here and there, I must admit it was a very addicting and fun read, and I cannot wait to read the sequel after that cliffhanger at the end!

I guess one of the main issues I had was that I was expecting a very sci-fi focused story, with lots of world building and a very complex plot, and this book wasn’t that at all. I would say it’s more of a love story with lots of drama but set in space, and the world building was pretty much lacking. It was more a character driven type of novel, and my main complain was that I wish I knew more about the world, because though we get a small picture of it throughout the story and about the alien’s society, there wasn’t much.

However, it was a very action packed and fast paced story, and if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining read maybe this one will be perfect for you, because though those elements I’ve mentioned before weren’t as developed, I had such a good time reading it, and it was a super addicting read. I couldn’t stop reading, and yes, there were some revelations that were a bit predictable, but I was having a good time, so I didn’t really mind that.

“I don’t care that I don’t know what you really look like, don’t you get that? It’s not the package that I’m interested in here. It’s you. The girl who fought off three tellers with nothing but her smarts.”

The characters were okay, though I wasn’t super impressed by them. I would say they are your typical YA romance main character and love interest, but I’d say the protagonist had a nice development throughout the story, and despite being quite annoying at times and not making the best decisions (does it ring a bell?), I enjoyed reading from her perspective and getting to know everything that was happening to her.

The romance didn’t blow my mind. I guess I was expecting something different, and though it took its time to happen (I cannot remember if it was insta love-y, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as hardcore as other books I’ve read), there was something about the relationship between those characters that made me feel I’ve read that before.

But I have to admit that Amid Stars and Darkness had a very interesting antagonist. At the beginning I wasn’t the biggest fan of him, but as I continued reading the story, I started to find him more and more interesting and mysterious, and after the ending I would really like to see how he’s going to be in the sequel.

Overall, though the plot and the world building were pretty simple and it was more a character driven type of story, it was a very fun and entertaining book and I really enjoyed the ending, so of course, despite not being in love with this first installment, I’ll be picking up the next one!

Actual rating: 3.5⭐️
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95 reviews12 followers
June 21, 2018
This book was a quick read simply because I COULD NOT put it down. At no point did I lose interest. The ending is a cliff-hanger, but in a good way. It made me excited for what comes next.

It's a space romance, and thankfully doesn't get bogged down with world-building details. There's enough to give you an idea of how the world works, but the focus is on the character development. Essentially, in this alternate world, there is earth and two alien kingdoms. Delaney, our very human protagonist, in a case of mistaken identity gets abducted into space as an alien princess. Ruckus is her love interest and guard. Trystan is her fiancé, the prince from the other alien kingdom. If she doesn't successfully pose as the princess and fool her fiancé, then war will be the result, and earth will be destroyed.

The heroine is easy to root for. She's strong, but she's also realistic. She's human, and behaves like we'd expect her to, but through her challenges grows to be more sure-footed.

The real draw though is the possibility of a love triangle. Ruckus is an easy choice. He's gorgeous and protective, and so sweet. He's her foundation in unfamiliar territory. It's easy to see why she falls for him. Buuuut I'm not a huge fan of easy.

Which leads me to Trystan. *fans herself* Our protagonist hasn't fallen for him. Not even close. They're enemies, and argue constantly. He's dangerous and volatile, but saves her repeatedly even though he doesn't want to marry her. Despite her appearance as the princess, Lissa Olena, he can still see past her disguise for who she is, though he doesn't understand what he sees. He's not a white knight character, but he's not a villain either. He's got some edge to his goodness, but that makes him all the more appealing. I'm totally rooting for this character!

I'm so curious to see how the story unfolds in the next book. Lissa Olena is definitely not fit to lead her kingdom, and Delaney can't just go back to living the boring life of a human, can she?

Overall, this book was AMAZING and left me wanting to dive straight into the next!
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73 reviews398 followers
July 25, 2017
This book is candy. Very entertaining. If you enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles you'd probably like this.
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1,027 reviews184 followers
November 23, 2021
In Delaneys Welt weiß man seit ein paar Jahren um die Existenz von Außerirdischen: die Vakar und die Kint, die miteinander verfeindet sind. Um den zerbrechlichen Frieden zwischen den beiden Völkern zu wahren, sollen die Prinzessin von Vakar und der Prinz der Kints heiraten, doch die Prinzessin hat da keine Lust drauf. Darum benutzt sie eine besondere außerirdische Technologie, um die irdische Delaney in ihr Abbild zu verwandeln. Als die Vakar ihre Prinzessin dann abholen möchten, landet Delaney nicht nur auf einem anderen Planeten, sondern gerät auch zwischen die Fronten.

Die flüchtige Prinzessin ist eine desinteressierte, egoistische Zicke und oft scheint es schon fast besser, dass Delaney ihren Platz einnehmen musste, weil sie netter, schlauer und mutiger ist. Einerseits hilft es ihr dabei, sich zu verstellen und irgendwie zu überleben, aber gleichzeitig fällt auch vielen auf, wie sehr sich die "Prinzessin" verändert hat - wenn auch auf eine positive Art und Weise.

Ihr Bodyguard Ruckus unterstützt und beschützt die falsche Prinzessin so gut er kann, bewundert ihre Ehrlichkeit, Entschlossenheit und Stärke und kommt ihr während dieser Täuschung immer näher. Und dann ist da der unheimliche Prinz Trystan, der gar nicht begeistert ist, die Prinzessin heiraten zu müssen und sie gerne loswerden würde, aber als er nun die verkleidete Delaney trifft, will er plötzlich doch nicht mehr, dass sie stirbt. Das Liebesdreieck war schon ganz nach meinem Geschmack und dafür hätte ich auch gern weitergelesen.

Es ist zwar ein Buch mit Aliens, aber in der Hinsicht konnte mich das Buch nicht wirklich überzeugen. Es gibt nur ein paar Technologien (wie die einmalige Verwandlung von Delaney), die Planeten sehen ein bisschen anders aus und es gibt zwei Königsfamilien, Völker und deren Probleme miteinander. Delaneys Verkleidung und die Romanze stehen hier auf jeden Fall mehr im Mittelpunkt und die Außerirdischen bieten nur eine hübsche Kulisse.

"Inmitten von Sternen und Dunkelheit" bietet eine mutige Protagonistin, die in einer verzweifelten Situation nicht den Kopf verliert, eine spannende Liebesgeschichte und außerirdische Probleme.
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338 reviews40 followers
November 16, 2017
After reread:
After finally reading the final copy, I'm still in love with this book. Absolutely must have my hands on the next one!

Originally posted on: acrossthebookiverse.blogspot.com


This book is officially on my favourites list. It was epic, it was romantic, it was overall fantastic and everyone needs to read it.

For starters, ALIENS. Everyone loves a good alien story, but when it's a story where aliens are widely known, it's not one you hear a lot. When you add to it that the main character is captured by a hunky alien soldier, it doubles my interest. When you add on the fact that people are constantly trying to murder her because she looks exactly like the princess that could fix a war, it triples my interest. But when you include the hunky alien soldier being heroic, the female protagonist not being a complete push over, and a heartbreaking cliffhanger, I'm sold for life.

I got through this entire book in one sitting, because I could not bring myself to put it down knowing that there was more to read. And to think, I was originally going to put this to the side for a while and read something else before even reading the first page. Sure, the first chapter had a slight rocky start and a few errors, but once I got into it, it was good. Almost too good. Witchcraft!

But, let's not leave out the best part and that is that you can read this book right now over on SwoonReads.com, read it, review it, and maybe help it get published, because it certainly deserves it! Have fun with the cliff hanger *prays for a book 2*

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485 reviews5 followers
August 2, 2017
OMG that ending!!! I need more
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Author 3 books6 followers
August 18, 2017
This book sucked me in from the beginning! Chani is an amazing author, and she has a way of picking and choosing the correct words. Her characters and world seemed so real to me, and I was emotionally invested the whole time. The plot was well done, and I found it to be different from other books like it that I've read. It has a certain uniqueness to it. Also, the romance was so well written and not cheesy, even if it was a tad bit fast. All in all, I need the next book asap!
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1,057 reviews16 followers
February 25, 2018
DNF'd after 28 pages. Not sure if that's not enough to write a review but it didn't hold my interest and from what I read the pacing seemed extremely rushed. Pretty cover though, despite the obvious photoshopped person.
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Author 19 books28 followers
October 2, 2017
This is the first book in the Xenith Trilogy and follows Earthling Delaney Grace as she is mistaken for the princess of Xenith and taken from Earth, along with the inevitable fallout.

I really enjoyed this book! It was light-hearted with great banter, but then also had an action-filled plot (let's just say not everyone is a fan of the princess). I kept turning pages needing to know what happened. The quasi-villain Trystan has major Darkling vibes, but I'm definitely a fan of the main love interest, Ander (Commander) Ruckus. That's actually how I came across this book... Chani contacted my candle shop for a custom order of Ruckus and Trystan candles. Naturally, after hearing the two hotties are aliens, and knowing what they smelled like, I had to read the book! And I'm very happy I did because it was a fun read. Full disclosure, the epilogue ends on a cliffhanger so if you're like me and normally wait for all the books to come out because of this, you've been warned. This book is a solid 4 stars for me (to give context my five stars are reserved for books that alter my very existence) and I need the next book in this series like yesterday. 
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October 25, 2017
I love love loved this book! It was a fast paced, fun plot with a swoon worthy love interest and a kick ass female lead. If you like Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series this one’s for you!
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December 1, 2017
his book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

There’s a popular term being bandied about more and more lately... Space Opera. I mean, it seems a bit self-explanatory but at the same time I’m like, “What does that even mean”? It’s not a new term, popular movies like The Fifth Element or the Star Wars franchise are squarely inside the Space Opera genre. And I've read multiple books in the past couple years that claim the label but it's been awhile since I've found one that captured me so thoroughly from the get-go as did AMID STARS AND DARKNESS.

This book is addicting. I love storylines that take a somewhat clueless earthbound human and thrust them into the thick of alien madness. I think, in a way, it's being able to relate to the main character more easily that sucks me in so quickly. Learning a new sci-fi or fantasy world just makes more sense when you're learning it right along with the main character...in this case Delaney. I loved the author's choices.

Royalty, romance, and intergalactic relations... what more could you want from a space opera?! How about kidnapping and assassination? ... Intrigued, right?! Like I said, it's addicting from the very beginning. I was so pleasantly surprised, not many books in this genre get me hooked that fast. The pace was incredible, quick and then slow, in all the right places. Action-packed and full of interesting relationships. The author keeps you entertained and guessing in equal measure.

Let's talk about that romance and the drama. Once you read it you'll understand that this entire book feels like an amazing build-up to something even better but you don't know what that better is yet...because the romance in this one is pretty darn good all it's own. BUT there's more coming and I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say any more on the subject.

It's not a perfect book (although I obviously enjoyed the heck out of it). There were some sections that I thought were a little sparse. Some world and culture building that I thought needed more detail and attention. But really, the strength of the relationships and action sequences that the author built let me easily overlook the bits I thought needed touch more.

Cliffhanger. You have been warned. This cliffhanger is decent sized and left me anxious for more. I can't wait for book 2! ...won't you join me in the waiting, because I highly recommend AMID STARS AND DARKNESS.
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November 1, 2021
Delaney is at the wrong place when she runs into Lissa at a bar. Lissa is an alien princess on the run, and she zaps Delaney with a device that makes Delaney look like Lissa.

When Lisa’s bodyguard Ruckus finds Delaney, he doesn’t believe her pleas that she’s not Lissa and takes her back to their home planet.

They quickly realize they have the wrong girl, but since Lissa is missing and they have a perfect body double, Delaney has to pretend to be the princess until they can find the real one. Which also means tricking Alissa’s clever betrothed Trystan, or else the peace treaty will be broken and Earth will be invaded.

No pressure.

So you might think this a typical YA romance with a love triangle. But this book has excellent world building. Delaney is a great character. She’s smart, much more clever than Lissa, and she’s selfless.

It’s more of a space fantasy than Sci-Fi. I really enjoyed it.
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February 1, 2020
3.75 stars!

So somehow I missed the fact that this is a trilogy and I ended up rushing through the last 25% of this book and boy do I regret that bc it would've been much more enjoyable if I'd taken my time. Halfway through I found myself becoming enraptured with Trystan who, btw, is the most interesting character in the book. I was almost certain that I was half right, and again, since I didn't know (or remember) this was a trilogy, I had no clue how the author was going to resolve this in a satisfying manner in less than 25% left.

Alas, there are two more books. I'm excited to read them and get more of the character I've grown obsessed with. You know how I love me a bad boy. This has the mark of Rhys and Warner alllllll over it.
January 30, 2016
Wow! A thrilling high-stakes read. From the very beginning I was sucked in and pulled along this intense journey filled with danger at every turn. The story was paced well and really pulled me along.
The characters were fantastic. I love the main character, Delaney. She was a strong, take no crap woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I loved how she wasn't some whiny damsel in distress.
Ruckus was an alpha protector who saw through her and sought to protect and help her. Not to mention he was devilishly handsome.
The story played out flawlessly. There was suspense and mystery keeping you guessing till the very end. I definitely hope with the ending that there's a sequel coming out and soon!
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February 7, 2017
3.5 stars

With superficial world-building, a predictable plot with kickass action, and a sweet romance that I never really got invested in, Amid Stars and Darkness was a fun, light adventure in space. However, "light" is all it really was, and I found myself taking quick breaks while reading just because it never really offered anything other than cute antics with the very likable and down-to-earth heroine and the situation she gets caught up in.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this to readers ready for a quick adventure without too much thinking. Other interspacial (hah see what I did there) romance fans with aliens like the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout and Alienated by Melissa Landers will also enjoy this one.

Full review to come!
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March 26, 2022
DAMNNNNNNNNN Not only was this book CRAZY GOOD it was CRAZY GOOD!!!!!!! Seriously I'm surprised this book has really wow just wow. With fantasy and romance, what more could you ask for? It has been cleverly written making each page enjoyable. I loved the characters with all my heart and with all my soul. Amen.
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April 14, 2019
4/5 Sterne
Inmitten von Sternen und Dunkelheit (Xenith)
von Chani Lynn Feener
HarperCollins Germany
„Delaney weiß nicht recht, wie ihr geschieht. Der umwerfende Bodyguard Ruckus entführt sie auf seinen Heimatplaneten, da er sie mit der Prinzessin von Xenith verwechselt. Als ihr Kidnapper seinen Fehler bemerkt, bittet er Delaney inständig, in die Rolle der Thronfolgerin zu schlüpfen, bis er die abtrünnige Adlige gefunden hat. Nur so lässt sich ein intergalaktischer Krieg verhindern. Delaney ist entschlossen, ihr Geheimnis zu hüten – doch dafür darf sie sich nicht in den Intrigen von Xenith verstricken, sondern muss auch den Verlobten der Prinzessin täuschen. Und ihre Gefühle für Ruckus könnten alles gefährden …
»Ein raffiniertes, knisterndes Abenteuer mit mitreißenden Charakteren.« VOYA“
Ich bedanke mich bei Netgalley und dem HarperCollins Germany Verlag für das Rezensionsexemplar des Buches.
Dies ist der erste Teil einer Science Fiction Reihe.
Was geschieht, wenn man von Aliens entführt wird, weil diese einen mit ihrer entlaufenen Prinzessin verwechseln? Das Mädchen hatte nämlich so gar keine Lust auf eine Ehe mit dem Prinzen eines verfeindeten Planeten und hat lieber das Weite gesucht. Delany wird daher gezwungen sich als die Prinzessin auszugeben, ihr Volk und den Verlobten zu täuschen um den zerbrechlichen Frieden und geschlossenen Pakt zu besiegeln und zu festigen. Nur einer steht ihr in dieser schrecklichen Zeit zur Seite und ihn kann sie sich verlassen, ihren Bodyguard Ruckus, das dieser auch noch gut aussehend ist, nun ja das ist noch ein Pluspunkt.
Die Protagonistin erzählt in diesem Buch nicht selbst, sondern es wurde in der Person eines Erzählers verfasst, der sich aber auf das Mädchen konzentriert und den Leser somit auch in ihre tiefen Gedanken und Gefühle blicken läßt. Durch die Geschehnisse ist sie natürlich tief geprägt, verunsichert und verängstigt. Vollkommen nachvollziehbar und verständlich und macht Delany sehr sympathisch. Nachdem sie sich arrangiert hat mit der Situation wirkt sie stärker und nimmt die Herausforderung an. Man bekommt keine wehleidige und in Selbstmitleid ertrunkene Prota serviert, sondern einen starke Person mit einer eigenen Meinung und einem eigenen Kopf, die sich auf von Aliens nicht unbedingt rumkommandieren lassen will. Die Geschichte bestickt dadurch, dass sie nicht zu abgespaced ist und die Geschehnisse schnell passieren, so dass man eigentlich von einer Sache in die andere schlittert, was hin und wieder etwas abgehackt wirkt. Durch die Schnelligkeit der Ereignisse hat man kaum Zeit zwischendurch Luft zu holen, denn schon passiert wieder etwas. Immer wieder kommen sehr detailreiche Beschreibungen von Gebräuchen, Orten, Gegenständen und Pflanzen im Text vor, welche sehr bildreich gestaltet sind. Romantik kommt ebenfalls nicht zu kurz. Was mir gefehlt hatte, war eine Erklärung warum die Aliens schon immer auf der Erde waren, was sie dort machten und warum und wieso sie sich nun auf einmal offenbarten. Man hungert nach dieser Information aber leider bekommt man sie nicht. Vielleicht ja in einem weiteren Buch, es wäre wirklich wünschenswert. Ebenso wäre ein Glossar hilfreich gewesen, denn die Vielzahl an Namen und Bezeichnungen von Titeln und Ämtern kann einen sehr verwirren und eine nähere Übersicht wäre durchaus hilfreich gewesen. Denn man braucht durchaus Zeit um sich einigermaßen zurecht zu finden dabei. Die Paarbeziehung zwischen Delaney und Ruckus ist schön, auch wenn Ruckus hin und wieder ein wenig langweilig wirkt und man sich von ihm mehr Action wünschen würde. Wer eine Dreiecksromanze erwartet wird enttäauscht werden, denn der Prinze spielt dabei keine Rolle. Da aber noch 2 weitere Bücher erscheinen werden, darf man sicher gespannt sein. Leider sind noch nicht einmal die englischen Titel veröffentlicht, so dass einige Wartezeit eingerechnet werden muss bevor es weitergeht. Das Ende des Buches ist mehr als überraschend und schließt mit einem enormen Cliffhanger ab, der umso fieser ist, da man nicht weiß wann es endlich weitergehen wird.
Ich kann dem Buch sehr gute 4/5 Sterne geben, da es leider hin und wieder hackte in der Handlung werden es leider nicht mehr. Wenn man den Plot hier noch etwas ausgereifter gestalten würde und Abrunden, sind absolut 5 Sterne drin.
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July 24, 2017
Same Review Also Posted In My Blog: Dreamy Addictions

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. It was more than I was expecting and I loved it. Even though I had no very high expectations on it, I was quite excited to read this book because the premise totally intrigued me and that beautiful cover made it even more irresistible so I knew I had to read this. I've already read the author's Beguiling Trickery which is my first book from her but sadly, it didn't worked out for me. I'm so glad this one turned out to be so entertaining and amazing. I loved every aspect of this book! I loved the characters, the plot and the swoony romance.

Delaney is a normal human girl who is having fun with her friend Mariana at a club but suddenly her life turns into a chaos when she gets kidnapped by an alien bodyguard Ruckus who mistaken's her for  Lissa Olena, alien princess of  Vakar who is hiding on earth to escape from an arranged marriage with the prince of their enemy planet Kint. After realizing their mistake, Ruckus has no choice but to force Delaney to impersonate Lissa until they found the real princess for the sake of saving both of their planets. Now Delaney has to act like the spoiled princess Lissa who seems quite opposite to her personality but the real surprise comes in the form of her betrothed prince Trystan of Kint who looks alluring but he's terrifying as hell. They totally hate each other but they both agreed to this marriage to keep the peace between their planets. When Trystan meets her, he gets pretty surprised by her sudden change of behavior and is intent on finding out all her secrets that she's hiding. With her developing feelings towards Ruckus, Delaney needs to convince Trystan that she's princess Lissa until they find the real princess and get her back.

    I loved Delaney! She's pretty great in this book and I totally loved her personality. She's smart, funny, stubborn, witty and brave. Despite being thrown into such a difficult situation, she always stood strong and acted smart. She's never afraid to speak her mind and never gives up without a fight. Ander Ruckus is totally swoon worthy character. He is loyal, fun, protective and handsome. He feels sorry for kidnapping Delaney from her home and later forcing her to act as an alien princess but with the dangerous situation they're in with the Kints he got no choice. I loved the slow burn romance between Delaney and Ruckus. It was sweet, fun and swoon worthy. Trystan is quite an intriguing character. He acts like a Jerk but I still think he's not such a bad guy and I can't wait to know more about him. Despite I enjoyed every interaction between Trystan and Delaney, I'm still rooting for Ruckus. The secondary characters are also good but they're not fleshed out well enough to know much about them. I liked Mariana, Gibus and Pettus. Mariana who is best friend of Delaney is a fiesty and fun character.  I hope we get to see more of her in the next book because this book needs more girl friendship.  

The plot is entertaining and engaging! Even though it was a bit predictable, it was well executed and I enjoyed it till the end. It's a fast paced story filled with action, sweet romance, drama and intrigue. I was hooked to the plot from the first page and It never left me bored. The writing style of the author is pretty good and easy to understand. The whole book is told in third person POV.  I liked the world the author created but sadly, there isn't much world building in this book because most of the story is set inside the castle of Vakar. I hope the next book has more world building because I really want to explore more of this world. The aliens in this book looks just like humans except for their height and eyes. I liked the unique culture of Vakar and their tandem games. 

Overall, It was a great read! The book finally concludes with a huge cliffhanger which I already saw it coming but it still left me dying for the next book. I can't wait to read the next book. I hope the author releases it as soon as possible. 
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