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Dirty Prince

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The prince needs a wife to keep his crown...he picked me!
You’ve read the tabloids. You've seen Liam, the jaw-dropping, gorgeous prince of Anglefell. Believe me, he’s even filthier than they say. How do I know?

I married him.

I slapped him, and he threw me in the dungeon. The only way out? Marry the arrogant bastard. He needs a wife to keep his crown, and I want my freedom. When he takes the throne he’ll let me go.

Now I have to play the part of pretty princess in this dirty fairy tale, with my hot royal husband teaching me how to behave. His instruction is very hands on…on my body. I’d like to knock the smirk from his face, until I melt under his touch and beg for more. And what's even worse? I think his smart mouth and cocky attitude might be growing on me.

This is only supposed to be a temporary, but it’s rapidly turning into a happily ever after. What if I don’t want this fairy tale to end?

270 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 27, 2016

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About the author

Vanessa Waltz

40 books1,438 followers
Vanessa Waltz is an author of Dark Bad Boy Romance and lives in Seattle with her two ill-behaved cats.

Before she settled in Seattle, she lived in Northern California where she studied English Literature at San Jose State University. She pursued a career in medicine before making an about-face to write full-time. She also pens psychological thrillers as Rachel Hargrove.

She enjoys beer tasting, live music venues, and singing her heart out at horrified bar patrons.

Vanessa is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Email: info@vanessawaltzbooks.com
Website: www.vanessawaltzbooks.com
Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2JQ4PZ9
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JQ7i5R
Newsletter: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webfor...

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2,510 reviews38 followers
April 30, 2016
Dirty Prince is listed as a romantic comedy.


Daisy enters the country of Anglefell illegally using her Canadian passport. They don't allow Americans in without a guide but she makes the decision to break the law and enters the country anyway. She's a college student majoring in journalism who is trying to get a story on Liam, the "Dirty Prince" with the bad reputation. When they discover she's an American, Daisy takes no responsibility whatsoever for her actions. She blames Liam for the fact that not only did she get caught, but that she's been arrested and sentenced to ten years of hard labor by the King. There is no remorse and no responsibility for the fact she put herself in this predicament and she alone is the person to blame. Liam however believes the punishment is too harsh and he sees something in Daisy he wants. He makes her an offer that will solve both their problems.

Obviously I'm in the minority since most of the other readers have given this book 5 stars. I really wish I felt differently but unfortunately I seriously had to force myself to finish reading this book. Daisy is one of the most annoying and b!$&hy female characters I've read in a while. She gets mad at Liam and does stupid revenge stunts all the time in an effort to get back at him. She's worse that a bunch of twelve year old girls. Some readers felt the constant push and pull between Liam and Daisy was funny. Sadly I felt it was just immature.

The story ended around 59% on my Kindle and there's another book to read - Break. Towards the end, it did get better and Daisy's character changes enough that I actually liked the ending. Liam was cocky throughout but I liked his character instantly and didn't mind his confidence. Overall it was an okay read told from dual POVs.
Profile Image for Heather andrews.
9,520 reviews149 followers
April 29, 2016

Good God Liam has no damn finesse, "he gives me an incredulous look. “I’m asking you to the castle for a dirty romp in the sheets, love.” Liam's words of wisdom, really aren't filled with wisdom, “fishing is a huge part of Anglefell culture. Just hold the rod and look pretty. You do just fine with mine.” I really liked this book, Liam grew on me.
Profile Image for Lynn Thinking out loud .
1,435 reviews58 followers
April 30, 2016
I just got done reading Dirty Prince and although it is quite different from what Vanessa usually writes, I loved it. I'm so glad Liam and Daisy found their happily ever after. If anyone deserved it, it was them two.
Profile Image for Amy Sheets.
247 reviews22 followers
April 29, 2016
Prince Liam and California Girl Daisy!
Imagine you are traveling to a small country where you have to have a tour guide with you at all times. And with what you want to do you don't really need that kind of attention, for all you want to do is tour the country and get a picture shot of the "dirty prince'.
While your trying to get a picture of him he turns and looks at you and whispers that he wants you to come to the castle later so he can do some naughty things to you, and then you slap him because well, he's being arrogant and the next thing you know is his voice booming around saying "SEIZE HER" Yup. your getting arrested by Prince Liams guards because well you hit a member of the 'Royal Family' and that is punishable by law.
So thats how Liam and Daisy gets introduced together. What happens after she's arrested?! Well you're going to have to read the book and find out. But know this, its hilarious, its funny, and honestly at some point it gets a little sappy. Yup i had tears in my eyes toward the end of the book, maybe im getting faint hearted, i dunno. But seriously its a REALLY GOOD BOOK!
Daisy is a college student who is on summer break and is wanting to do a travel essay on this country. Shes fell in love once, but well that story is a story itself [you get to learn it in this book] and now after she gets arrested, the only thing she wants to do is go back to America, and forget all about her troubles and trespassing in a country who doesn't want her. Prince Liam is a sex crazed 'dirty' prince who can get just about anybody he wants, except the girl he truly wants. So Will Daisy finally give in and give the prince a chance, or will other fate come together and things just work out for the best for both of them.
So do i recommend this book?! Its VANESSA WALTZ.... Of course i recommend her book. This book is amazing. and i love it. I love a good 'Badboy Prince' book and well Vanessa delivers it!
Would i reread this book?! Absolutely. It sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you there. It makes you laugh and well, things gets a little 'spicy'
I received a copy of this book for my honest review !
Profile Image for Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥ .
719 reviews179 followers
May 30, 2016
3.5 Campy Goodness Stars

Campy, funny, OTT goodness with a Cinderella fairytale theme. If you are looking for something spicy that doesn't take itself too seriously, this is the book for you. The perfect palate cleanser for after reading something heavy and/or dark.

FYI: This book contains two novels, which is why the page count is high. The first book, Dirty Prince, ends at 59%. The bonus book, Break!, starts immediately after and is about a wealthy man's marriage of convenience. (I didn't read the bonus book.)
Profile Image for Cheryl   Graham-Petit.
4,052 reviews21 followers
April 28, 2016
I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and quite honestly, Vanessa Waltz has given her readers yet another beautifully written love story. If you're looking for a fantastic read with a great mix of humor, betray, kidnapping, romance, steamy love scenes, love, and a HEA, then Dirty Prince is the book for you.
Profile Image for ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★.
876 reviews245 followers
May 2, 2016
Hilarious and Over-the-Top

This book was seriously entertaining and fun to read. It's a book that you have to read and not take anything too seriously. If you take it too seriously then it'll suck all of the fun out of it. So I would totally recommend this if you're wanting to read something humorous, light, fun and completely OTT.
Profile Image for Michelle.
605 reviews3 followers
May 4, 2016
A quirky, rompy fairy tale read that was almost juvenile yet had too much sex to be considered that. The writing was good, I actually preferred Liam over Daisy. The author did a much better job selling his feelings of falling in love than hers. I found daisy to be a little bitter and bitchy. Didn't care for her much at all and the cover is awful. 2.5 stars.
Profile Image for Tessa.
504 reviews39 followers
May 28, 2016
I liked Dirty Prince, though some parts were predictable. That one was a three and a half star book. Light and fun. The second story included was just meh. I honestly don't know if I should include the second story's rating in here, but it was included, so... The second was definitely a two star. Too many issues that were addressed in a ridiculous fashion. So, together, three stars.
Profile Image for Jenny Harris.
3,624 reviews25 followers
May 1, 2016
I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Liam and Daisy. Liam has been dubbed by the press as a the dirty prince due to all the picture of him with various women. Daisy gets a fake passport saying she is from Canada instead of the U.S. because she knows she is not allowed into the country without an escort. What she really wants is a story on the country and the dirty prince himself. However when she slaps the prince for a comment she is immediately jailed and they figure out she is really from America. The king is a cruel ruler and sentences her to 10 years of hard labor in the camps. Daisy doesn't know what this means but one night on this cinder-block they call a bed is all she needs to determine this is not for her. The prince comes to her with a proposal but can she go along with it. Does she trust the dirty prince enough to be his princess?

Liam knows his father is cruel and he knows the country needs a new leader so he is bidding his time until his father dies and he becomes ruler. That doesn't mean that he isn't irritating him at every turn with all of those photos. However when the American girl comes into the picture she is like a breath of fresh air for him. She doesn't take his back talk and doesn't fall at his feet. So when his father tells him he has 30 days to choose a bride he knows the perfect one and if it pisses off his father all the better. The only thing now is can he get her to agree to be his princess?

This is a great story about love, duty, and never losing your fun side through out it all. In this book we see good fighting evil in many forms. This is one of those story where you may root for the heroin through most of the book but chance to the hero at other times. This book will make you laugh, make you want to hit someone, and hope that it all doesn't end. I would highly recommend this book it will have you hooked from the first word to the very end.
Profile Image for Courtney.
237 reviews
December 22, 2016
The ending was what I anticipated it to be, but that does not mean I did not enjoy the book any less.
The writing was very good grammar wise. But I love a happy ending (pun intended!) and this book definitely had it.
I would have liked an epilogue so i can find out if there were any little royals running around and the relationship with her family now that she is a queen!
Profile Image for Roanne Germaine.
863 reviews19 followers
April 30, 2016
Daisy was a journalism student who sought adventure by illegally traveling to Anglefell, which has hostile relations with the US. Upon discovery of her treachery, the King ordered severe punishment to her which might as well have been equivalent to death. Prince Liam saved her from such ordeal by proposing marriage to her.

Prince Liam was intrigued about this feisty little American who doesn't seem to have a care that he was a royal, the immediate successor to the throne. She was really beautiful but she was American who illegally entered his kingdom . But when his prick of a father, the King, tried to dictate his life again by ordering him to marry soon , he rebelled against him by marrying Daisy.

Their attraction for each other was scorching hot. But their cultural differences were also glaring, as well as the reception Daisy initially got from the people of Anglefell. Also, they both agreed to end their marriage as soon as the ailing king passed away. Daisy wanted to return home and just be her regular self again . Liam wanted her to stay for good. However, when she was forced to leave the kingdom, that was already growing on her, and without knowledge of her husband, she realized that her home was now with the Dirty Prince.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dirty Prince. This book was so vibrant, funny and super sexy it will melt your Kindle, no kidding. Prince Liam really fit the title of this phenomenal book ! This one is a definite winner!

I received an advanced copy for a fair and honest feedback and review.
Profile Image for Lisa Mandina.
1,869 reviews418 followers
February 24, 2017
Okay, this book, this book was a HOLY COW kind of read. I had finished Royally Screwed by Emma Chase about a week before this, and had really enjoyed it as well. It gave me the go ahead to try this one, even though as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'd never really enjoyed, or thought that I enjoyed, this kind of story. And honestly, at the beginning of this one, especially the first scene where Daisy actually sees Prince Liam in person and meets him, I did not like him at all. He was an ass. But once we got the chapters from his side of the story as well, I began to like him better. The sex was really hot in this one, even the one scene that I don't know is something I ever want to try had a quality to it that definitely left me a bit flushed. And just when the book seemed as if the big drama had happened and it was time for the HEA, there was a HUGE twist! I love when an author does that in a story. The only thing I'd have to say that I didn't like about this, is a very shallow thing. While the guy on the cover is definitely attractive, he really doesn't fit the dirty, cocky, snarky type of guy that Prince Liam is portrayed as. Other than that small thing, I highly recommend this one, and hope to read more like it from this author in the future.
1,296 reviews15 followers
April 30, 2016
I received an arc in exchange for a honest review. This book is very different to the usual books Vanessa Waltz writes.
I really enjoyed reading this tale of raunchy Prince Liam and the lovable Daisy.
This book has a little bit of everything you could possibly want from a 5 star read.
One minute you will be laughing your head off at all the stuff Liam and Daisy get up to together and the next your kindle will be sizzling white hot.
Prince Liam is next in line to the throne of Anglefell and Daisy Walker is a student from California.He's a total player and has women falling for his arrogant grin and she's mending a broken heart,basically the two couldn't be more different if they tried yet somehow it just works.
You need to read this fantastic book as you won't be disappointed.

Profile Image for Stephanie.
Author 23 books429 followers
August 25, 2016
This was a quick, easy read. It was fun, a little silly and ridiculous at times, but enjoyable and plenty hot. I didn't really connect with the characters or feel their story as much as I would have liked to. I didn't really feel them falling in love, so that was a drawback for me. There was plenty of fire between the two of them when they would rile each other up, and that was great. For me it just didn't translate into love, but the story was good for what it was.
Profile Image for Kimme.
690 reviews2 followers
June 4, 2016
I was ready for this to be a brain numbing stupid book. Instead I got a book that was entertaining with characters that I liked. Some of the references to social media were kind of out there but not to the point of asinine. Quick easy read with likeable characters.
Profile Image for Linda.
3,031 reviews2 followers
June 29, 2017
I freely chose to review this ARC as I am a fan of this author. I didn't expect a fairy tale book as it's not really what she writes, but I fell in love with Daisy Walker from the time she was introduced to me with her tiny height and bull dogginess. I didn't like Prince Liam at first with his "entitle" status and womanizer ways, but I'm glad that Daisy broadened his education by introducing him to the good old American way when they but tried to up the other with sexy games and I laughed so hard when Daisy got him back by holding the palace tea wearing a tee shirt, jeans and FLIP FLOPS! Be sure to have plenty of ice as this pair goes at it at the drop of a pin but what do you expect from a dirty prince willing to show his jewels around the world?
2,887 reviews22 followers
July 29, 2017
Whoa. Okay, so the prince is really dirty and really horny.

Prince Liam meets Daisy after she sneaks into his country (which has no relationship with the US - weird and it's only mentioned briefly near the end as to why) and he pulls her into a public lineup with other women and he picks her to come back to the palace to netflix and chills (kiddingnotkidding).

Completely and utterly sexist and degrading. This monarch which claims they are nothing like the British but are entirely like the British also think feminism doesn't exist. Ugh.

Two stars for the sexiness, but the crazy kingdom and his brother were too much for me. I also didn't buy Daisy's evolution. She goes from adventurous Berkeley journalism major to submissive princess. It didn't add up to me.
Profile Image for Meetta.
198 reviews3 followers
May 22, 2018
This story was an add on bonus to The Mechanic. I did enjoy reading the scenes between Liam and Olivia. They definitely had a sexual connection, but I felt there wasn't much more to their relationship after that, so that part of the story was kind of rushed at the end (in my opinion). The sex scenes were pretty steamy. It did have some humor in it (especially the limo scene, soccer, etc). The longer Liam was with Olivia, you start to see another side of him, but as I stated above, I felt the story was definitely focused more on the sexual relationship between the two characters than a getting to know you and falling for you relationship. Despite that, it was still an entertaining read for me.
Profile Image for Carmen Fonseca.
345 reviews
March 25, 2023
Enjoyed the laughs!!!!

Prince Liam was pompous a** when he started criticizing the womens body, Daisy tried to defend them and slapped him, but the women's turned on her so fast, calling her names and saying to behead her.... Prince Liam had no choice but to arrest her so they wouldn't attack her then they find out she sneak into their country without a passport and that she is an American.... The king ends up giving her ten years of labor in the quarry... Prince Liam hates his father but his father tells him he has to marry to take his place or he will give it to his brother that is a year younger than him.... To spite his father he decided to marry the American.... There was so much tension between Daisy and Prince Liam.... I loved Prince Liam personality....
1,948 reviews41 followers
December 23, 2016
If I am ever imprisoned in a foreign country for trespassing, I hope that a sexy prince like Liam offers to marry me instead of having to serve ten years of hard labor! The sizzle between Liam and Daisy was hot! I liked the rivalry between Liam and his brother, and felt that added more to the obstacle that broke Liam/Daisy apart moreso than the typical contrived misunderstanding that you typically see in this genre of romance books. I was glad to see this couple get their HEA! I received an ARC for an honest review.
Profile Image for Karin.
2,147 reviews
December 21, 2016
This is a funny and extremely over the top read. I'm a big fan of Vanessa Waltz books cause they rarely disappoint.

Daisy gets arrested after entering into Anglefell illegally and gets a punishment that's extremely harsh only to be freed by the Prince Liam as long as she goes along with his plan.

Even though Daisy was extremely annoying she grew on me in the end. I found Liam very funny and even with all his antics I liked him.

I was gifted a copy of this book for a honest review
Profile Image for Joyffree.
2,957 reviews49 followers
December 30, 2016
This was just plain a fun read! This story is not realistic, let's get that right out there, this is a fun romantic read that is just enjoyable. Our hero (rolling my eyes ) Liam has no brain to mouth appropriate filter, heck I don't believe he has any filters what so ever. And our lovely heroine - yeah her filter is also lacking ,but she speaks as she sees it . A must read for any romantic comedy lover.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration *
8 reviews
May 24, 2021
Funnier than I thought it would be

This book has some great punch lines! Definitely dirty- in multiple ways and a great read. Only dislike was lack of detail around the other family members.
Profile Image for Michelle Lee.
524 reviews1 follower
April 26, 2019
Oh my gosh! This book is crazy and over the top. Super funny and a bit dirty. Fun read.
Profile Image for Glynis Reads.
633 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2021
Really hot

I really liked all the risky ways Prince Liam showed Daisy his love. This was a fun read and am looking firward to the next!
Profile Image for April Symes.
4,999 reviews405 followers
May 3, 2016
This was seriously a laugh out of loud romantic read. I loved the characters and the heat level of passion in this story.
Daisy secretly enters the country of Anglefell illegally using her Canadian passport to obtain information so she could write a tell all story/book about the "Dirty Prince" Liam. Unfortunately for her, she is found out and arrested. She is found guilty and her sentence is ten years of hard labor and that was given to her by the King of the country. Well, in the meantime, Liam has taken interest in her and doesn’t like what has happened to her. He feels that the sentence is too extreme so he tries to help out but doesn’t work. Also, there is serious tension between him and his father.
Daisy is beyond angry that this is happening and blames Liam for all of her troubles-Liam tries to reason with her but she cannot see anything except this is all of his fault. All while the sparks are bouncing off of them like mad. Liam needs something from Daisy and she needs something from him –So he offers her a deal- and oh what a deal it was- the fun and games really get going after that.
Daisy is a sassy, independent, funny lass who thinks she knows it all but when she meets Liam, well everything changes. Liam is a cynical, hard, passionate, manwhore who really deep down hides a sensitive side. Something about Daisy brings the protective side out and he gets all alpha and protective for her.
Oh and there are villains in this story—I loved how Liam took them on and how Daisy helped. The twists and turns took the story places I never dreamed it would go—oh “Badboy Prince” was such a naughty boy and I loved it. He wanted the one girl who was afraid to give him her heart and it was great to see him work for her love. The passion and attraction literally leap off the pages which I loved and the laughs were fantastic. I love a romance book where the laughs and romance keep the book flowing along with action and adventure. This is one book you do not want to pass up.

My rating: 4.7 stars *****
**I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review***
Profile Image for Shari.
871 reviews75 followers
June 3, 2016

This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader

Dirty Prince was a spur of the moment decision to read and once again I am disappointed in my Kindle Unlimited choice. Liam is the prince of a nation with no diplomatic ties to about everyone. Anglefell is ruled by a monarchy with a dying king, but Liam is the obnoxious oldest who is known for all his dirty deeds. Daisy is a journalism undergraduate from America looking for an exclusive story on the prince only to get chosen for the prince to bang, slap the prince and get thrown into the dungeons....only to be sentenced to hard labor in the quarry.

Prince Liam doesn't like his father, and wants more for his country, but I felt this was very surface level feelings rather than deep commitment to the country. He really wants to do the American, but also piss of his father so he offers marriage to Daisy in return for not sending her to the quarry. Lots of nonsense arguments and she finally agrees.

Daisy was once engaged, but her intended was killed in a car accident. She wants no one else, but I think she doth protest too much. She finally gives in and marries the prince where the the sex gets pretty raunchy for raunchy shock. I mean some couples may have sex and talk like this, but it felt over the top and quite silly in the end.

Never once do we meet any of Daisy's friends or family. She is totally cut off even after she becomes a princess. She does email with them, but that is about it. Liam just expects things to fall in place and when they don't he gets all huffy and irritating. In fact, both of the characters struck me as having a few screws loose.

So I can't recommend this unless you want a good laugh at times or to read some of the raunchiest of sex scenes. Just not my cup of tea.

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This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader

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