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Murder Most Unladylike #5

Mistletoe and Murder

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Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are spending the Christmas hols in snowy Cambridge. Hazel has high hopes of its beautiful spires, cosy libraries and inviting tea-rooms - but there is danger lurking in the dark stairwells of ancient Maudlin College.

Two days before Christmas, there is a terrible accident. At least, it appears to be an accident - until the Detective Society look a little closer, and realise a murder has taken place. Faced with several irritating grown-ups and fierce competition from a rival agency, they must use all their cunning and courage to find the killer (in time for Christmas Day, of course).

The fabulously festive fifth mystery from the bestselling, award-winning author of Murder Most Unladylike.

354 pages, Paperback

First published October 20, 2016

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About the author

Robin Stevens

55 books2,167 followers
Robin's books are: Murder Most Unladylike (Murder is Bad Manners in the USA), Arsenic for Tea (Poison is Not Polite in the USA), First Class Murder, Jolly Foul Play, Mistletoe and Murder, Cream Buns and Crime, A Spoonful of Murder, Death in the Spotlight and Top Marks for Murder. She is also the author of The Guggenheim Mystery, the sequel to Siobhan Dowd's The London Eye Mystery.

Robin was born in California and grew up in an Oxford college, across the road from the house where Alice in Wonderland lived. She has been making up stories all her life.

When she was twelve, her father handed her a copy of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and she realised that she wanted to be either Hercule Poirot or Agatha Christie when she grew up. When it occurred to her that she was never going to be able to grow her own spectacular walrus moustache, she decided that Agatha Christie was the more achieveable option.

She spent her teenage years at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, reading a lot of murder mysteries and hoping that she’d get the chance to do some detecting herself (she didn’t). She then went to university, where she studied crime fiction, and then worked at a children's publisher.

Robin lives in England with her husband and her pet bearded dragon, Watson.

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673 reviews6,121 followers
August 15, 2021
You can watch my interview with author Robin Stevens on my YouTube channel here, where we talk spoiler-free about the series: https://youtu.be/NZBWsJBsgRs

There's nothing like a little murder to get you in the mood for Christmas! I always love a seasonal read, especially when it's in a series like Murder Most Unladylike. I loved the atmosphere of this one and it really did feel like winter through the writing style, and then add in the murder element (which was surprising), and we have ourselves a winner. Robin Stevens is still managing to keep this series fresh 5 books in!
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557 reviews1,150 followers
April 30, 2018
Yes, I read this book completely out of season, but did that take away from a fun murder? No.
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1,727 reviews865 followers
December 14, 2022
#1) Murder Most Unladylike ★★★☆☆
#2) Arsenic for Tea ★★★★☆
#3) First Class Murder ★★★★☆
#4) Jolly Foul Play ★★★★☆
#6) A Spoonful of Murder ★★★★☆
#7) Death in the Spotlight ★★★★★
#8) Top Marks for Murder ★★★★★
#9) Death Sets Sail ★★★★★

Trigger warnings for .

Representation: Hazel (mc) is Chinese; Daisy (mc) is a lesbian.

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August 10, 2021
I loved this series. The books are fun and enjoyable. And English vocabulary aren't difficult for non-English speakers. Scribd.com English text, and translation for Portuguese + audio in English from Google Translate.

Synopsys: "Hazel and Daisy trade mistletoe for a murder investigation and set out to save the day (Christmas Day that is!) in this fabulously festive fifth novel of the Wells & Wong Mystery series.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are spending the Christmas holidays in snowy Cambridge. Hazel is looking forward to a calm vacation among the beautiful spires, cozy libraries, and inviting tea-rooms.

But there is danger lurking in the dark stairwells of ancient Maudlin College and two days before Christmas, there is a terrible accident. At least, it appears to be an accident—until the Detective Society looks a little closer, and realizes a murder has taken place. Faced with several irritating grown-ups and fierce competition from a rival agency, they must use all their cunning and courage if they’re going to find the killer before Christmas dinner."
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1,449 reviews100 followers
December 23, 2018
4.5 Sterne für den neuen Krimi mit den ganz speziellen Mädchen Hazel und Daisy, die dieses mal vor der winterlichen Kulisse von Cambridge ermitteln.

Dieses Mal gilt es, einen Mord nicht aufzuklären sondern zu verhindern - doch ob Hazel und Daisy das schaffen, indem sie in einen detektivischen Wettbewerb mit Alexander und George antreten? Es war wieder sehr spannend auch wenn der Mord erst später geschieht und die vielen Fährten in die Irre zu scheinen führen - dazu kamen kleine Sticheleien unter Freunden, ein Eintauchen in ein verschneites Cambridge in früherer Zeit und viele Rätsel, die es aufzuklären gilt!
Hazel ist wieder bezaubernd in ihrer feinfühligen Art und den ersten Schmetterlingen im Bauch, während Daisy in typischer "Holmes" Manier vor jeglichem Gefühl gefeit und trotzdem eine gute Freundin ist. Und auch die Freundschaft zu Alexander und George entwickelt sich überraschend ...
Wieder sehr gelungen!
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Author 2 books170 followers
October 23, 2016
Long term readers of my reviews will know that I adore what Robin Stevens writes. The Wells and Wong series are that delightful thing: a series which continues to get better with every book published. And that's not easy; series are hard works. As are colons. And semi-colons. I am incoherent. These books make me scatty, because I love them and I can't write coherently about love, I don't think, not when it's like this. Not when it's so perfectly formed and delivered and utterly good.

To be precise: the fifth book in the series sees Daisy and Hazel visit Cambridge over Christmas. Shenanigans occur and, naturally, the girls become involved. But this time they're not alone; a rival detective agency is on the scene and challenging Wells and Wong's competence. Will they solve the case? Will their rivals take the glory? Will there be buns? (Of COURSE there will be buns).

The more I read of this series, the more I realise that we are privileged readers today. We get to witness series like this where the titles get better each and every time. And to say that involves a caveat that these were not poor books to begin with. There is not one of this series that I have not been prostrate with love for, that I have not rated five stars. But better is always possible, and Stevens is doing it. She's doing it so well and I am jealous of her skill and I love it and I adore it. Mistletoe and Murder has a complexity to it that both speaks back to the books which have been, but also looks forward to the books which are yet to come. Relationships, same-sex, mixed-sex; racism, conscious, unconscious; gender-bias, sexism; give these books to people who question the relevance of children's literature in contemporary society. Give them two copies because once they've read it, they will want to share it with the next person they've come across and realise that they can't let their copy go.

There's not much else to say here other than this series is wonderful and Mistletoe and Murder sparks with a delicious and beautiful complexity and I love it, I love what these books are, I love that they exist, that they are.

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Author 42 books96 followers
August 24, 2020
With Christmas fast approaching, the first Christmas advertisement spotted on television over a week ago and one of my neighbours having put up her large Christmas tree last weekend, I thought it time to dip into my store of Christmas books to read.

I chose 'Mistletoe and Murder' because I had read the first in the 'Murder Most Unladylike Mystery' series and had thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately this one was not quite up to the standard of 'Murder Most Unladylike' as it wandered along with a wishy-washy plot and insipid characters supporting Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong of The Detective Society. And with the action taking place on 23, 24 and 25 December I expected it to be a little more Christmassy. Even one of the main characters says, late in the book, 'It doesn't seem like Christmas.'

The two girls are spending Christmas in Cambridge with Daisy's great-aunt Eustacia, who is one of the dons at St Lucy's College. A series of accidents that look as though they might not be what they appear to be are what start The Detective Society investigating. But they have rivals in the boys of another amateur sleuthing society, The Junior Pinkertons, who also want the glory of sorting out what is going on.

The accidents happen to the younger of two brothers, Charles 'Chummy' Melling, whose older brother, Donald, is due to inherit a large sum of money on his coming of age on Christmas Day. And there is a certain amount of friction between the two brothers, so that seems to be one possible motive for inflicting injury, or worse, on his sibling.

But there are other suspects and Daisy and Hazel make a number of lists about who, how and why any number of people resident at Maudlin and St John's Colleges could have been involved - the lists are repeated a number of times and do become somewhat repetitive. There is much toing and froing between all the parties involved and plenty of chat but not much action, apart from the climbing of buildings that goes on in the background. It all seems to be going nowhere until Daisy and Hazel, having beaten The Junior Pinkerton's to the punch, discover exactly what has happened.

It is an okay read but the rather drawn out plot and the lack of excitement brings it down somewhat.
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588 reviews47 followers
January 9, 2022
Wenn es draußen unerträglich heiß ist, gibt es doch nichts Besseres als einen weihnachtlichen Ausflug ins verschneite Cambridge. Da stört auch der ein oder andere Mord nicht ;-) Zumal wenn er wieder mit so viel Köpfchen von den beiden charmanten Detektivinnen gelöst wird. Diesmal in Zusammenarbeit mit einer anderen Detektei, die auch nochmal eine nette Abwechslung reinbringt. Eine wunderbare Wohlfühlreihe mit sympathischen Charakteren, interessanten Fällen und schönem Englandflair. Immer wieder ein Vergnügen!

Beim zweiten Lesedurchgang kurz vor Weihnachten entfaltet es nochmal eine ganz andere Atmosphäre. Sehr zu empfehlen!
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298 reviews27 followers
November 28, 2022
will there ever be a book in this series I don’t give 5 stars—i don’t think so. this one was so so good and I read it in the spring but I’d love to read it again at Christmas because this book is a perfect Christmas time mystery. I loved the setting and the festive-ness of it all and the mystery was a lot of fun as always—those moments when Daisy and Hazel finally are getting somewhere and the murder is revealed is what I live for ✨✨
anyways i loved this one so so much and now I have to purchase the rest of the series from the UK because this is the last book published in the US but I have to continue this series—blackwells here I come!!
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12 reviews
February 7, 2022
This book makes me so happy! As my friend Chloe says 'like a perfect cup of tea' this book is so warm and comforting, i know its ages until christmas but it still makes me so festive! i have got to say this might be one of my favourites in the whole series! this is my second time reading it and i am sure i will read it many more times!
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644 reviews731 followers
December 17, 2020
Mistletoe and Murder is another in the series featuring Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells, teen detectives. It’s 1935, Hazel and Lucy are on holiday from boarding-school, visiting Daisy’s brother who’s studying in Cambridge, an excuse for extensive descriptions of hazy spires and snow-covered cobble streets. Needless to say, Daisy and Hazel are rapidly caught up in investigating a crime, murder to be precise, and in hot pursuit of their prime suspects. Robin Stevens’s pastiche of golden-age crime blended with features from classic boarding-school narratives can be clunky in places: the prose is frequently less than shining; and the decision to cater for readers who’ve missed earlier instalments slows down the early stages of the plot here, a bit heavy on the exposition in the first chapters. I also found the summaries of Daisy’s and Hazel’s notes on their progress slightly irritating; while Stevens’s depiction of 1930s’ Cambridge definitely falls into the kind of nostalgia, fantasy realms that make it so appealing as a tourist destination. But if readers can look past the flaws, then this is a fairly entertaining, undemanding seasonal read, which has a number of positive aspects.

An explicit influence here is Sayers’s Gaudy Night which Daisy happens to be reading, this segues into an exploration of wider issues around gender and identity, as well as a detailed consideration of life for women studying in this male-dominated environment: although there any similarities between Sayers and Stevens ends, this is far more incident-driven than her more mature work, and firmly aimed at a YA market. One of the other, and for me, particularly refreshing aspects of Stevens’s series is the way in which Hazel’s character works to expose some of the less palatable, problematic aspects of a great deal of golden age crime. Hazel foregrounds questions of representation versus invisibility and her character conveys a sense of what it might have been like to be on the receiving end of the kind of racism that’s either promoted or skated over in the vintage novels Stevens draws from – although Stevens’s approach isn’t always subtle. Overall for anyone who likes thoughtful school-inspired stories, vintage crime with festive trimmings and is looking for an escapist read – where I’m currently based, I seriously envy anyone who isn’t – then this is a more than decent option. 

Rating: 3.5

(One useful aspect of Stevens's extensive scene-setting is that it's possible for readers unfamiliar with the earlier instalments to jump in a this stage without missing anything significant.)
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1,440 reviews79 followers
January 25, 2020
3.5 stars

A fun, Christmas themed murder mystery with heart. These are absolutely appropriate for a middle grade audience! They do deal with death and pain, but also friendship, love, and justice. They bring up racial prejudice, sexism, ageism, and other intolerances. Mature themes, but done at the perfect level for a younger audience. Definitely check out this series if you're looking for cozy mysteries solved by clever girls.
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58 reviews5 followers
December 26, 2020
Si me gustan tanto estos libros no es solo por el misterio, sino por las perspectivas que nos muestran, tanto de género como de posición social o de racismo. Cómo por mucho dinero que tengas el color de tu piel basta para marcarte o que por ser mujer te subestimen hasta límites a veces insostenibles. En éste en concreto es donde (hasta el momento) han sido más patentes.
Una nueva aventura de mis detectives favoritas impecablemente desarrollada --e investigada-- hasta el final, como siempre 😻 Intriga de principio a fin, algunos giros inesperados y acción rápida que lo hacen "insoltable" 😋 Y un pequeño relato al final con un misterio extra 🤩
Detective Society for ever! 🔎
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102 reviews9 followers
July 17, 2022
Każda przygoda dziewczyn, o której czytam sprawia, że na mojej twarzy pojawia się uśmiech. Ta seria przynosi mi wiele ciepła i komfortu. Książki idealne na gorszy dzień! Są napisane bardzo przyjemnie i już od pierwszych stron jestem zaciekawiona, i tak było też tutaj. Uwielbiam pomysł na fabułę, klimat i moje cudowne bohaterki.
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1,198 reviews5 followers
December 20, 2020
This was my first A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery and I loved it. Immediately drawn into the book from the get go, I warmed up to the main characters after never having encountered them before and quickly got a feel for the book and what it was about. The author brought me up to speed with the characters and I didn’t feel at too much of a disadvantage with this being my first read of this series.

The plot and story was compelling and kept me guessing all the way through! I didn’t guess who the murderer was and loved following the young detectives in their quest to find out whodunnit. I also loved the updates of the suspect lists throughout and found it was easier not to get too lost with all the suspects and where they were in solving the case.

Great little book and even included glossary of words, a guide to Cambridge and their lingo at the end of the book. I love a festive murder mystery and this one was brilliant!
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Author 27 books87 followers
May 2, 2021

Always love Wells and Wong and this festive mystery caper set in the beautiful city of Cambridge was no exception. Robin Stevens writes characters so vividly that it feels as though you know them, and Daisy and Hazel now feel like friends. An empowering, feminist read with echoes of the Nancy Drew books I loved as a child. Perfect Christmas reading.
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20 reviews
January 2, 2022
I found the working out of who the murderer was a bit chaotic and random tbh but overall I thought it was a really good Christmas read. I loved the way other stories were also happening at the same time like Hazel and Alexander. There was also more of an insight in to Hazel's life in Hong Kong in this book as she became more open about it and less embarrassed from the influence of George.
September 28, 2022
The cozy fun murder mystery vibes(that sounds so wrong lol)are back with this 1! This was so great. Another location, visiting a family member at college at the women’s & mens college in Cambridge. We also get to visit with 1 “colleague” from the Orient Express (Alexander), & are introduced to his detective partner (George). I loved George’s character so much. Not only has Daisy met her match in this male version basically of herself lol, I love what he did for Hazel..without even realizing it probably. Not being “English”(that’s how it is said in the book) like Hazel, he has a more confident, defiant, proud approach to it that’s she has in the past when treated differently just for being from another country. As an example, there’s a part where a racist bigot is unhappy/angry that there are basically 4 non-English people in his presence/at his school, & he stares(going to quote book now):”rather accusingly, as though it was unreasonable of us all to be alive, & so close to each other. I felt embarrassed, as though I had made a mistake without noticing it - like eating with the wrong fork, or wearing the wrong sort of hat. Then I saw George's chin tip up again, & remembered that I had made no mistake at all. It really is not rude to exist, whatever anyone else says.” That’s my girl Hazel! There are even more examples throughout where George helps Hazel on this journey of hers of loving who she is, & where she comes from. It’s something to be dang proud of, cause Hazel rocks. She proves the effect George has had on her, & how much she rocks yet again when even though there’s a Chinese boy there she knows from home that she doesn’t like that much, & is 1 of the suspects -but she knows because he’s not English, once he’s accused, if they accuse him, there’s no taking it back. He won’t be listened to properly, or be able to defend himself. This is also set at Christmas time, so there’s even more added atmosphere with the holiday & the snow on top of the usual already amazing atmosphere the author creates. I had no idea whodunnit, & kept going back & forth-none being who actually dunnit lol. Daisy & Hazel’s friendship is so on point in this 1. I was so proud of Daisy too! She finally gave Hazel credit for figuring out the big break in the case! Lol & when Hazel is afraid a boy she likes will laugh if he knew, & Daisy says, “‘Why ever should he laugh?' asked Daisy, her face surprised. ‘You're Hazel. You're the best person I know. Don't I keep telling you so?’” My heart! That’s a lot from Daisy. You come to understand that’s just her, she doesn’t understand people on a feelings level, or emotions like that. I’ve actually grown quite fond of her. Still having the best time! Highly recommend! As usual, I read the BEAUTIFUL UK edition with cover by Nina Tara, but I also have the BEAUTIFUL US edition with cover by Elizabeth Baddeley.💜

This also completed prompt 2(Double it up-2 books in the same series of by the same author. I finished book 4 Jolly Foul Play September 10th.)for Series September hosted by BooksandJams & Sarah’s Nightstand on YT.
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3,912 reviews122 followers
March 31, 2021
Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are spending the Christmas hols in snowy Cambridge. Hazel has high hopes of its beautiful spires, cosy libraries and inviting tea-rooms - but there is danger lurking in the dark stairwells of ancient Maudlin College.

Two days before Christmas, there is a terrible accident. At least, it appears to be an accident - until the Detective Society look a little closer, and realise a murder has taken place. Faced with several irritating grown-ups and fierce competition from a rival agency, they must use all their cunning and courage to find the killer (in time for Christmas Day, of course).

The perfect winter/Christmas read! However this book is also enjoyable at any time throughout the year.
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Author 7 books89 followers
August 4, 2018
Oeh. Tof dat ze nu een strijd aangaan met anderen die de moord willen oplossen.

Recensie binnenkort op myperfectbooklife
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118 reviews
October 14, 2020
Extremely well researched and compelling mystery. Also love seeing Hazel’s evolution. And all of the queer representation!
May 9, 2020
Liebe Daisy,
Liebe Daffy,
schön, dass ihr euch zu unserer kleinen Weihnachtsfeier mitten im Frühling kommen konntet. Vielleicht erzählt ihr einmal selbst, warum wir nun alle mit Lametta im Haar vor unseren Ostereiern sitzen?
Daffy: Nachdem wir das Rätsel rund um die ungeheuerlichen Vorkommnisse am Guy Fawkes Day gelöst hatten, wussten wir, dass es zu Weihnachten hoch hergehen würde. Daisy und Hazel wollten sich schließlich auf einen Ausflug nach Cambridge begeben. Uns war sofort klar, dass die Detektei Wells und Wong auch dort nicht untätig bleiben würde und so sind wir natürlich mit den beiden gereist. Da Weihnachten noch gar weit weg ist, haben wir das nächstbeste Fest bei den Ohren- äh beim Schopf gepackt, um uns in’s Getümmel zu stürzen.
Daisy: Wo andere Christmas in July zelebrieren, hauen wir das große Fest schon zu Ostern in die Pfanne und futtern unsere Ostereier mit einer Tasse Kinderpunsch.

Wir erleben mit Hazel und Daisy also ein richtiges Weihnachtsabenteuer in Cambridge. Könnt ihr uns ein bisschen von dem Schausplatz berichten?
Daisy: Die Autorin selbst hat tolle Texte vor und nach ihrer Geschichte angestellt. Ihr persönlicher Bezug hat dem Buch eine tolle Note gegeben, wie ich finde. Man spürte beim Lesen, dass ihr dieser Ort wichtig ist. Und dass sie ihn so gut kennt, sodass sie kleine Änderungen vornehmen konnte, die ich als Nichtkennerin aber keineswegs in Frage gestellt habe, weil alles schlüssig klang. Ich war gefühlsmäßig direkt an der Seite von Daisy und Hazel und habe Weihnachtsgeschenke eingekauft, umgeben von StudentInnen und hoheitlichen Gebäuden.
Daffy: Gemeinsam mit den beiden machen wir nämlich diese altehrwürdige Universitätsstadt unsicher. Ich habe das Glück sie selbst nicht nur aus Filmen, wie der Entdeckung der Unendlichkeit, zu kennen, sondern persönlich dort gewesen zu sein. Mit den beiden Detektivinnen und ihren Freunden durch die historischen Gemäuer zu streifen, Chelseaschnecken zu schnabulieren und jeden Winkel der Stadt unter die Lupe zu nehmen, hat meine Zeit in dieser wunderbaren Stadt direkt noch einmal aufleben lassen. Ich habe direkt Sehnsucht bekommen, Cambridge wieder zu besuchen: am liebsten bei Schneefall, wie im Buch. Bei den Beschreibungen werden Kleinmädchenträume direkt wieder wach.

Daisy und Hazel treffen ja nun so richtig auf eine andere Detektei. Wie war die Dynamik zwischen den Jungen und Mädchen und hat es den Ermittlungen vielleicht auch gut getan?
Daisy: Das war in der Tat höchst interessant. Alexander kannten wir ja nun schon, doch seinen Kumpel lernen wir erst in dieser Geschichte kennen. Plötzlich wurden aus vier Augen acht, die die Geschehnisse bemerken und bewerten. Es findet ein reger Austausch statt, wodurch wir immer wissen, was wer denkt und kombiniert hat. Das hat mir richtig gut gefallen.
Daffy: Es war tatsächlich ganz anders, als ich erwartet hatte. Ich möchte nicht zu viel verraten, aber nachdem ich den vorherigen Band gelesen hatte, dachte ich, dass die Beziehungen der Figuren zu einander ganz klar abgesteckt wären. Es war erfrischend, dass sich hier doch neue Dynamiken ergeben haben. Wir kennen die beiden Mädchen nun doch schon sehr gut und lasst mich eins vorweg nehmen: Daisy hat ihren Traum, die beste Detektivin zu sein, längst noch nicht abgeschrieben und läuft durch die neugewonnene Konkurrenz zu neuen Höchstformen auf. Hazel ist natürlich an ihrer Seite dabei; obgleich sich die Dynamik zwischen den beiden ebenfalls weiterentwickelt hat und die Fronten nicht mehr so klar sind, wie sie einmal schienen.
Daisy: Da kann ich nur beipflichten uns sagen, dass es eine sehr gelungene Nebenhandlung geworden ist. Im letzten Buch haben Hazel und Daisy ihre Haltung und Ansichten neu ausgelotet und hier tritt es in Kraft. Auch eine kleine Wette zwischen den Detekteien bringt Würze ins Spiel und entfacht in mir als Leserin geradezu Konkurrenzdenken, weil ich selbstverständlich Wells und Wong für immer bin.

Wo wir gerade über Jungen und Mädchen sprachen: Wie geht die Autorin denn allgemein mit Rollenbildern und -klischees um?
Daffy: Dadurch, dass in die Ermittlungen dieses Mal beide Geschlechter verwickelt waren, wurden die vorherrschenden Ungerechtigkeiten auf Grund von Geschlechterdifferenzen in Cambridge der 30er Jahre schnell ersichtlich. Leider keineswegs nur im Bezug auf die Detektei, sondern auch auf die gesellschaftlichen und bildungsrechtlichen Bedingungen für Frauen der Zeit. Erschreckend eigentlich, wenn man bedenkt, wie kurz diese Epoche erst zurück liegt und für wie selbstverständlich wir unsere Privilegien heute nehmen. Hier hat die Autorin wieder ganze Arbeit geleistet, Ungerechtigkeiten aufzudecken, ohne jedoch mit dem erhobenen Zeigefinger dazustehen. Dadurch, dass wir die Geschichte aus Hazels Sicht erleben und daran teilhaben, wie selbstverständlich einige Restriktionen für sie sind, während andere Dinge sie doch zum Nachdenken bewegen, kommt man nämlich ganz automatisch selbst in’s Grübeln.
Daisy: Wie Daffy schon sagt, empfinde ich es auch als ganz große Bereicherung, dass wir diese Geschichten aus der Sicht von Hazel erleben. So vieles, was die Autorin aufgreift, sei es Hazels Herkunft und ihr Zurechtfinden in einer neuen Kultur, die Judenverfolgung, Homosexualität oder Verweigerung der Frauenbildung erleben wir durch Hazels Augen und wie sie direkt auf die Informationen, die sie bekommt, reagiert. Hazel und auch Daisy hinterfragen die Dinge und die Haltung, die die Gesellschaft zu der Zeit vertreten hat. Es wird aber sehr jugendlich aufbereitet, dabei jedoch nie klein gespielt oder gar verniedlicht. Diese Bücher greifen relevante Themen auf, stellen sie in einen Kontext und hinterfragen sie.

Das klingt sehr beeindruckend. Kommen wir noch einmal konkret auf diesen Fall zu sprechen. Ihr hattet bei den letzten Ermittlungen bemängelt, dass die Hinweise geradezu auf der Straße lagen. Wie hat euch diese Ermittlung gefallen?
Daisy: So viel besser als der vorherige Fall! Ich hatte das Gefühl, die möglichen Täterinnen bei “Feuerwerk mit Todesfall” gar nicht richtig zu kennen und ihre Motive empfand ich auch nicht als triftig genug, um einen Mord zu begehen (wobei…ist Mord jemals zu rechtfertigen?). In diesem Fall haben wir zuerst alle Figuren kennen gelernt und schon kombinieren können, wer in welcher Beziehung zu wem stehen könnte. Ich muss gestehen, ich hatte von Anfang an eine Person fest im Blick und war der Meinung, hier genau richtig zu liegen. Daisy wäre schwer enttäuscht von mir - ich hätte ihrer Detektei keinen Erfolg eingefahren, denn das hat sich als völlig falsch erwiesen. Daffy und ich haben währenddessen auch viel hin und her überlegt, was einen Wells und Wong Fall einfach noch großartiger macht!
Daffy: Ausgezeichnet. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, diesen neuen Schauplatz mit unseren beiden liebsten Protagonistinnen zu erkunden. Es gab viele versteckte Hinweise zu sammeln und Theorien aufzustellen. Obwohl ich mit einigen dieser, so wie Daisy mit ihrer/m Verdächtigen, völlig daneben lag, war es aufregend zu versuchen, alle möglichen Figuren zu durchschauen. Der Fall war so verzwickt, dass ich zwischenzeitlich jede und jeden für verdächtig befunden habe. Ein wahrer Knobelspaß also.

Weil wir natürlich absolut gespannt sind wie es weiter geht, vielleicht noch ein paar Worte über die Zukunft? Wann werdet ihr zu Daisy und Hazel zurückkehren und was erwartet ihr vom nächsten Fall?
Daisy: Das Allerbeste natürlich! Nein, nur ein kleiner Spaß. Obwohl ich schon einige Hoffnungen in eine Reise nach Asien setze. Das könnte höchst, höchst, höchst spannend werden.
Daffy: Und natürlich hoffen wir, möglichst bald starten zu können! Es ist so wunderbar, Zeit mit den beiden zu verbringen! Was ich gehört habe, verschlägt uns unser nächster Fall in Hazels Heimat: Hongkong. Was sie dort wohl erwarten wird? Hoffentlich gibt es bald wieder internationale Flüge, damit wir direkt losstarten können!

Darauf stoßen wir mit unserem Kinderpunsch an und wünschen euch ein wundervolles Weihnachtsfest mitten im Frühjahr. Wir danken für eure Zeit und verabschieden uns für dieses Mal.
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