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Mister #1

Mr. Perfect

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Wanting the perfect man doesn’t make me crazy. I just know what I like.

A powerful billionaire in a suit wasn’t even my first choice. McAllister Stonewall was never on my radar, I didn’t even know he existed.

But I do now.

His hands are all over me at work. The heat of his chest pressing against my bare back as he bends me over the desk is the only thing on my mind.

He is my most forbidden desires unleashed. He is my new secret obsession. He is my Mr. Perfect.

Until the moment I realize… There’s no such thing as perfect.

308 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 27, 2016

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About the author

J.A. Huss

122 books8,529 followers
J.A. Huss never wanted to be a writer and she still dreams of that elusive career as an astronaut. She originally went to school to become an equine veterinarian but soon figured out they keep horrible hours and decided to go to grad school instead. That Ph.D wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (and she really sucked at the whole scientist thing), so she dropped out and got a M.S. in forensic toxicology just to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

After graduation she got a job with the state of Colorado as their one and only hog farm inspector and spent her days wandering the Eastern Plains shooting the shit with farmers. After a few years of that, she got bored. And since she was a homeschool mom and actually does love science, she decided to write science textbooks and make online classes for other homeschool moms. She wrote more than two hundred of those workbooks and was the number one publisher at the online homeschool store many times, but eventually she covered every science topic she could think of and ran out of shit to say.

So in 2012 she decided to write fiction instead. That year she released her first three books and started a career that would make her a New York Times bestseller and land her on the USA Today Bestseller’s List eighteen times in the next three years. Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook Mr. Perfect was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her book, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018. Johnathan McClain is her first (and only) writing partner and even though they are worlds apart in just about every way imaginable, it works.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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Profile Image for SueBee★bring me an alpha!★.
2,417 reviews13.8k followers
August 15, 2017

★★★★ 3/4! Mr. Perfect, book 1 of 5. Endearing & eccentric Ellie finds herself in an unexpected office romance with her new boss, Mr. Perfect!

“Lie still, Miss Hatcher.” He says.
“I’ll take it from here.”

Books in The Mister series are stand-alones, but most enjoyed if read in order:
Book 1: Mr. Perfect
Book 2: Mr. Romantic
Book 3: Mr. Corporate
Book 4: Mr. Mysterious
Book 5: Mr. Match

Mr. Perfect (stand-alone, book 1) opens up to the new CEO of Stonewall Entertainment McAllister Stonewall, Mac aka Mr. Perfect arriving in town. Celebrity concierge Eloise Hatcher, Ellie makes a memorable first impression.

The story goes onto follow an accidental forbidden office romance with fun bantering and hot and bothered sex against walls and furniture while the mystery of Mr. Perfect is unfolding and the cocooned picturesque existence of Ellie is slowly unraveling.

Seven words to describe McAllister Stonewall, Mac aka Mr. Perfect: Mysterious, self-assured, cocky, commanding, determined, secretive and dirty-talker.

Nine words to describe Eloise Hatcher, Ellie: Adorable, kind, sweet, naïve, lonely, lovable, eccentric and endearing.

Mr. Perfect, told from dual POVs is the perfect blend of hilarious situations, fun bantering, forbidden romance and scorching hot office sex. It has a sweet ending with more on next-coming books to be explained. Up next is book 2, about Mr. Romantic.

Endearing heroine! Not-so-perfect albeit swoon-worthy hero! Off-the-charts sex! Entertaining plot!

“I take a picture of them as they stand there, my camera shutter set to silent. I��m sort of a stalker around here. I have a special Pinterest board where I collect gossip about my coworkers.”

Hero rating: 4.5 stars
Heroine rating: 5+ stars
Sexual tension rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4.5 stars
Plot rating: 4 stars
Dialogue rating: 4.5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: 5 stars
Overall rating: 4.75 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

ARC provided to me by author J.A. Huss in exchange for an honest review.
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790 reviews2,493 followers
May 5, 2016
3.75 Stars!!


J.A. Huss proves once again with this novel not only that she’s a talented writer, but also that she is a versatile author. 'Mr. Perfect' was like nothing I’ve read from her before. A fantastic blend of sweetness and sexiness, this first book in the series was highly entertaining from the beginning until the end, has two endearing main characters you will like from the start and plenty of humorous and also sexy moments.

“He might not think he’s perfect. Obviously that was his point by having me hunt for him in his house.
But right now, I do. I think McAllister Stonewall is about as perfect as a man can get.”


'Mr. Perfect' tells the story of Ellie Hatcher, a twenty-something young woman who works for Stonewall Entertainment as a celebrity consultant. She handled many celebrities for seven years now, but Ellie is ready for more. Even if she likes her job she wants something else, something different. On the day she plans to give her two weeks-notice, she finds out a new boss came to take over.

“Yeah,” I moan, squeezing both her breasts as I continue to kiss her. “You like it rough, don’t you, Miss Hatcher?”
“I don’t,” she says. “I don’t usually.”


The new boss is McAllister Stonewall, but Ellie never heard of him. He’s a mystery, but it seems she’s not a mystery for McAllister aka Mac. Their first encounter is…memorable to say the least. They try to fight the attraction building between them, but as times passes denying how much they want each other becomes harder and harder.

“Do you like to be full?” I ask, still kissing her between words. “When I get you in a proper bedroom I’ll shove my cock down your throat and play with your ass and pussy and then you will be completely full. How does that sound, Miss Hatcher?”

I had so much fun reading this story. I really was entertained from the beginning until the end. 'Mr. Prefect' was fun and sexy and very different from any other forbidden office romance I’ve read before. I guess simply because it was more fun than others. Told in dual POV, which I enjoyed very much, the story was fast-paced and the plot was solid and well structured.

As much as I enjoyed the humorous dialogue and easy banter between the two main characters, because trust me, I really did, what I enjoyed the most was the two MC’s portrayal. Ellie and Mac were well developed, endearing (even if neither of them is perfect) and so sexy together. Overall Ellie was a fun heroine, but I admit there were times when I wanted to slap her senseless. Mac was charming from the moment he was introduced, but a little too pushy for my liking. However, I loved his confidence, his dominant side and of course his dirty, filthy mouth. Their chemistry was off the charts and the sex scenes between them against the wall…on the desk…in the bathroom, well…were smoking hot. It goes without saying this first installment was steamy as hell, which I loved and I can only hope the next will be the same.

“You are a screamer, aren’t you, Miss Hatcher. I can tell. But if you do it now, I will gag you with my tie and that will take away the few minutes I have left to fuck you good and make you come. So don’t.”

I admit their relationship progressed faster than I would have preferred, but this aspect of the story didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

All in all, 'Mr. Perfect' was an enjoyable read filled with humor, steam and entertaining banter. If you are looking for a feel good funny/sexy read look no further and try this one! Can’t wait to read Mr. Romantic’s story!

“I want all of this, but I only want it with you.”
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3,088 reviews1,890 followers
May 3, 2016
This rating was really hard so I'm just going for a neutral 3 Stars. I didn't hate the book, and in fact I actually really enjoyed reading it. Most of my confusion comes from some of the things that happened in the beginning that didn't fully make sense to me and yet they were what started the whole relationship with Mac and Ellie.

Ellie Hatcher loved her boss from afar for seven years, and when she finally thought she was getting close to the date she's dreamed about for far too long he got sent away on business. But she doesn't give up on him. Instead she does her job as amazingly as she always has, and waits for the day that he will come back to her. And to fill up the lonely nights she makes Pinterest board of houses, dogs, kids rooms...basically a fake life of the two of them.

Then comes McAllister Stonewall, her fantasy hubby's brother. Mac comes to the company to take over running the place, and while he's there he completely disrupts Ellie's life. How can she want this man when she's waiting on her love to come back from China? She may not know the answer to that question, but she does know that once he grabs her with those rough hands of his, she never wants him to let go.

I want to go on a big huge rant right now about what it was exactly that had me so confused and left me wanting answers. But I can't without spoiling some of the book, which I don't want to do and be "that person" on GR. So let me just say that it was probably just me that wanted an answer. It didn't confuse me in the sense that I didn't understand it just confused me as to how Mac never questioned it, and I needed an explanation.

I was also a little puzzled my by own emotions. Even after I finished the book I can't decide if I liked Ellie or not. Sometimes I was laughing at her and enjoying her craziness but then others I was rolling my eyes and wanting to punch her. Mostly because of the Pinterest board that she coveted. I mean, the whole "in love with my boss for seven years" and fake interactions was a little desperate and delusional. Yet I could laugh at some of it.

And now that I'm done with that big mess of confusion lets move on to what I liked. The sexiness. That right there had me unable to take my mind from this book and the hotness of Mr. Perfect aka the man that will be starring in many fantasies from here on out. This book took office romance to a whole other level and now I'm just sitting in work each day hoping my boss has a secret brother that will come in and ravage me like Mac.

I also really liked how J.A Huss set up the rest of the series perfectly. The book didn't leave me with unanswered questions about Mac's past but it did leave me wanting more of the other Misters. It was great how we got that little bit of mystery but without being driven crazy needing to know more right away. Though I am impatiently waiting for the next book.

Overall, I did have a few issues with the book but in the end I enjoyed this reading experience and hope everyone that likes a sexy office romance will give this a try. I predict Mac will be the man of many dreams.
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1,342 reviews1,246 followers
May 4, 2016
~5 Mister Perfect Stars~
Mr. Perfect is featured in our TOP PICK VIDEO for APRIL!
"This is perfect. Every bit of this is perfect."
Mr. Perfect is truly perfect. J.A. Huss offers a masterpiece with a creative plot, complex characters, humorous text and an overabundance of sexy steam! For me, there is nothing better than laughing and swooning my way through a book. As the first installment of the Mister Series, Mr. Perfect makes quite an entrance on the scene on what promises to be another winning series from Ms. Huss.

"I am scenery to these people. I am a view."
Ellie Hatcher is a dreamer who lives life every day to its fullest. Offering an overabundance of quirky charm at her job, she spends her days with socialites and stars. While offering friendly advice and comfort to her clients every day, she "delivers them" from their private jets to their interview meeting place. Although she loves her job, she is ready for more. As she is formulating her exit strategy, a new boss arrives on the scene.
"And of course, that's when it happens, right? Life twists and things change when you're doing ordinary things and not paying attention."
"Kneel. And take my dick out."
McAllister Stonewall is perfect! He is sexy, successful, polished, and has a "take charge" aura that doesn't stop. Mac has been hired to take care of business with the company. However, when he sets his sight on Ellie, she becomes the only project that he wants to invest in.
"I gave you a promotion this morning, Miss. Hatcher."
"To what? Stairwell dick-sucker?"
"Undress me. If you can't ask for what you want, I'm happy to go first."
As the plot unfolds, it is revealed that Ellie and Mac share somewhat of an unconventional connection. The combination of their "mysterious connection" and the sexual chemistry that exists between them becomes a driving force that simply will not stop. Mac and Ellie explore their physical relationship on the desk in his corporate office, in the shower of his penthouse, and anywhere he can "bend her". Although she is such a "nice girl", Ellie is happy to go along for the ride. (Thankfully we get to watch!) In addition to their physical connection, they form a unique friendship that continues to blossom as the time passes. As Mac continues to foster Ellie's adventurous spirit, the true conflict arises. Ellie isn't quite sure that she can be "perfect enough" for Mr. Perfect? And, is Mr. Perfect really perfect?

"I'll fix it."
Told in dual POV, Mr. Perfect is fast paced with an upbeat banter, a unique setting, and complex characters. The relationship between Ellie and Mac is a perfect blend of a deep emotional bond and a "high-octane charged" physical connection. Despite their differences, they are "perfectly" matched! Additionally, the supporting characters were just as endearing as Ellie and Mac. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that both Ellie and Mac took as individuals and together. The unique plot was well constructed and had a few surprises along the way. The true heart of this story is about finding peace with yourself and with the people around you. I took my time enjoying every page because I didn't want it to end. The writing was light and yet quite complex. For a feel good funny read, Mr. Perfect certainly will not disappoint!
"I feel like we really know each other. Like we're on our way to something new. A relationship, and not one that is delusional. We're real."
"Just meet me in the hanger."

Overall, Mr. Perfect offers a vibrant cast of characters with quick-witted humor and plenty of steam. In addition to Mac and Ellie, Ms. Huss offers us a taste of the men to come! Needless to say, the anticipation of what is to come is great, and my Kindle will be waiting! J.A. Huss is quite a versatile writer and always draws me in with her passionate writing and complex characters every single time! If you are looking for a dominant hero with plenty of passion and wit, you need to meet Mr. Perfect now! Your body, heart, and soul will say thank you!

~Mister Series~
Mr. Perfect (Mister, #1) by J.A. HussMr. Romantic (Mister, #2) by J.A. HussMr. Corporate (Mister, #3) by J.A. HussMr. Mysterious (Mister, #4) by J.A. HussMr. Match (Mister, #5) by J.A. Huss

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!*

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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792 reviews1,001 followers
May 9, 2016
4 'Pinterest Dreams' Stars!
 photo Mr Perfect - J. A. Huss_zpsl93x5bn4.png

I am always in the mood for a good and lighter story. This book is not the typical story we've all read by J. A. Huss (darker, with big twists, etc.), the Mister series introduces a funnier but still the hot AF style that Julie writes for her readers.

Mr Perfect is the first installment in this new series and it presents the story of McAllister 'Mac' Stonewall (a wealthy, mysterious and sexy man who becomes the heroine's new boss and wants her since the beginning) and Eloise 'Ellie' Hatcher (the celebrity concierge of Stonewall Entertainment, a quirky woman who desires having the perfect life and the the perfect man but she discovers it is not that easy to find it).

Heath: I can make arrangements for the hot brother to get you off with his vibrating phone if you want.
Ellie: Oh, my God, Heath. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were getting my messages.
McAllister’s phone vibrates again and I look straight at him this time.
No. No. No. No. This is not possible.
Heath: He isn’t. I am.
McAllister looks straight at me and he winks. “Message received, Ellie.”

What was the aspect that hooked me up to Mr Perfect? First thing, the humour. The first chapters of the book I can only describe them as hilarious. Ellie's mad obssession with Pinterest, the text messages and the slide scene.. I was DYING OF LAUGHTER. Like crazy laughing out loud while reading that. Definitely, Mac and Ellie's love story starts in the weirdest/funniest way.

He thrusts into me, hard. Hard enough to make me gasp.
“You are a screamer, aren’t you, Miss Hatcher. I can tell. But if you do it now, I will gag you with my tie and that will take away the few minutes I have left to fuck you good and make you come. So don’t.”

Yep, the other thing I really enjoyed about this book was, obviously, the sex scenes. Damn, they are seriously HOT these two! Especially, Mac. You all know I fancy the dirty talkers ;) I loved Mac and Ellie's relationship and their crazy smokin' chemistry. I mean, who does not enjoy a hot office romance with a misterious man and a nerdy woman?

He’s Mr. Perfect, right? Perfect guys don’t fall for boring girls like me.

“I want a perfect life, I guess.”
“And yet I am not the perfect man.”
“Nope,” she says. “It appears not.”
I might have a little panic attack at her admission. Is she having second thoughts?
“But I don’t think you need two perfect people to have the perfect life.”

I quite digged the mystery around Mac, even though I was not expecting that! I was lighter than a normal J. A. Huss twist but as she said this series is different too! There were some aspects that I did not enjoy as much (Ellie's character got on my nerves some times and Mac's secret was not as surprising as I expected) but overall this was a pleasant read for me. I cannot wait for all the other stories on the Mister series! Nolan a.k.a Mr Romantic is next and it looks like it's going to be a good one too.

Mac: I made a Pinterest board. Perhaps you’d like to check it out?

This is perfect.
Every bit of this is perfect.
But only because Ellie is my Mrs. Perfect.

Therefore, my rating for Mr Perfect is 4 STARS because I quite enjoyed the plot of the story, the chemistry between the couple and the super-funny moments that Julie wrote for her readers. I am definitely excited to meet all the other Misters! If you want a lighter, funny and erotic love story, check this one out! I recommend it :)

Profile Image for Eda**.
698 reviews444 followers
May 1, 2016

** 3-3.5 STARS **

“I want all of this, but I only want it WITH YOU…”



The girl... OMG THAT F*CKING GIRL...

She pissed the sh*t outta me!

Other than that, I guess everything about the book was better than okay.

The thing about JA Huss books is that the REAL story reveals itself later. I'm pretty sure we will be MINDF*CKED in the other books, and my brain really can not wait to get pounded.. HARD! ;)

OVERALL: Dive in if you are a patient romance reader.
Profile Image for Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦.
293 reviews465 followers
May 19, 2016
*****5 Stars*****


“I like his power. I like the way he talks to me. The way he assumes I will just obey his commands. The way he holds me still when I feel like things are spinning out of control. The way he pulls me close.”

I absolutely love J.A. Huss. She knows how to deliver stunning works of fiction. "Mr. Perfect" is the first book in a series of stand-alones called the Mister series, which depicts the story of five college friends, Mr Perfect, Mr Romantic, Mr Corporate, Mr Mysterious and Mr Match.

"Mr. Perfect" was actually a surprising read for me, I didn’t expect it to be as light and fun as it was and the characters were actually different to what I anticipated. One of the themes of the book is the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” and I believe that was evident. I had a preconceived idea of what these characters were going to be like before I had even read it and I was pleasantly surprised.

“When you like people you forgive their faults and look past their mistakes.”

I actually adored Ellie. I found her to be quirky, delirious, a bit manic and absolutely hilarious. I loved her dreams, fantasies and delusions about the kind of life she wants and feels she deserves. I also love the way she goes about expressing such fantasies. One of her most peculiar things has to be how she has a specific wardrobe for each day of the working week, I just loved that.

“This is it, I think. This might be the man I will fall in love with.”

To me Mac was indeed perfect. He’s powerful, compelling, handsome, tender and he loves to talk dirty. I absolutely loved him plus he has a really good heart, and wants to make the world a better place. He is dominating and controlling when it comes to sex but I could tell right away that he really cared for Ellie and embraced her idiosyncrasies. They made such a perfect couple and they were a lot of fun to read.


“That bed is sad, right? Lonely. Missing something. I’m missing something too. I think you’re my missing piece. But before you come upstairs to the terrace I just want you to know I never said I was perfect. I never claimed to be perfect.”

Hats off to J. A. Huss for writing such an incredible story filled with wit, charm, emotion and a lot of steam. It’s the kind of read that makes you feel really great after you’ve finished and wished you were reading for the first time again. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun sexy story filled with loveable characters. Can’t wait for the second instalment in the series, Mr. Romantic.

“Get it together, Mac. This is your only chance to win her over. You will not fuck her senseless until she buys into the dream.”

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943 reviews224 followers
April 28, 2016
4-3.5 Stars
I think this was my first book by this author. I loved it! For me it had the enemies to lovers vibe going on so you know I was eating it up reading it all night. It was sexy and very funny! I couldn't stop laughing at these two! The ending is where my rating dropped a bit. But I still loved this! Can't wait to read about Mr Romantic next:))
Profile Image for Beverly.
1,005 reviews801 followers
April 27, 2016
The one thing we have come to expect from Julie’s book is to expect the expected. Mr. Perfect is definitely unexpected, but in a different way. This is actually a romantic comedy, yes you read that correctly! As a fan of romantic comedies, I was very excited to read this one!

The story begins with us meeting Ellie, she is a bit of a mess to put it lightly. She has been fantasizing about her boss, well that’s not really the correct term, more like building a Pinterest life with him. I have heard of lots of woman creating secret boards about their weddings, etc, well Ellie has planned out their life.

McAlister Stonewall walks into her life and she completely forgets her perfectly pinned life with his brother, Heath. There is an immediate sexual connection and who doesn’t love an office romance?? Their relationship is smoking hot and takes off quickly during their brief time together.

Their connection is definitely fast and rocky to say the least. This story moved crazy fast and it felt like things were happening so very quickly between Ellie and Mac, which is true since most of it happens over just a week or two. I am not one who really looks for fact in my fiction, but I do like to feel the connection between my couple. I just wish there was a little more between these two.

I am impressed with how Julie has branched out and wrote a story completely light, fun and sexy book. I think people will love this one and definitely recommend when you are in the mood for steamy and fun.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

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3,263 reviews2,272 followers
May 3, 2016
I simply ADORE this author. She has written some of my favorite dark romances, so imagine my excitement when I found out she was going to be writing something totally different!


I LOVED this book from page one. It was funny as hell (that meeting scene at the beginning LMAO). Mac and Ellie were both really strong and well developed characters. The secondary characters were interesting and well written. I can not wait to read about the other guys. The sexy times were SMOKIN HOT. The plot flows nicely, and the ending wraps up with a slightly hanging bow. because of course there are four more guys to hear from.

This is one of those books that will make you laugh, smile, get angry, and rip your heart out, just to sew it back together again. All without the cliché OW drama and surprise babies that seem to be so prevalent in romanceland lately.

Profile Image for ☮ mary.
280 reviews
October 21, 2016

This book has to be a joke right ? Maybe a parody of what contemporary romance is supposed to convey ?

I do not undertsand how a delusional and unstable "heroine" being paired up with a shallow jerk can be exciting or gripping ? The whole plot is nowhere to be found ...


It's been a while since I have come accross such a clumsy and ridicuous crafted story ... the characters are too dumb for words and the sequence of events simply horrific !!


HOW ON EARTH did it garner so many high reviews ? Those fabricated five stars commentaries are meant to promote a really bad book. Cramming up tedious sex scenes does not make this "thing" a great romance !!

Jeez don't believe the hype please, there's nothing here worth a damn !! cheers
Profile Image for Christy.
3,709 reviews31.6k followers
April 24, 2016
4-4.5 stars!

 photo 095BF98D-838D-4588-B1E8-AA2661D685EB_zpsr72xtekw.jpg

I’ve been waiting for another book like this from JA Huss for a while now. I love the dark reads, the suspenseful ones, and how her stories are so unpredictable, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a funny and sexy read that makes me laugh. This book hit the spot. Of course, there was a bit of a twist, I wouldn’t expect anything else, but more than anything this book was fun and highly entertaining. After finishing it (it’s a standalone BTW) I am so excited for the rest of The Mister books! Especially Mr. Match ;)

Ellie Hatcher has been at the same job for seven years. She’s ready for a change. She’s great at her job, but she wants more. On the day she plans on giving her two weeks notice, a new boss takes over. McAllister Stonewall. I don't even know what to say about these two together. Their chemistry is off the charts hot and they are the perfect combination of sexy and fun when they’re together.

 photo 563BB46F-EB15-496C-957B-C20C9D76AE7F_zpsz8nte8ln.jpg

Mr. Perfect, better known as Mac is far from perfect, but you will love him anyway. He seemed a little brash at first, but honestly he was very sweet by the end and it surprised me in the best way. Ellie is one of the funniest and quirkiest characters. I mean that in the best way possible. Between her outfits of the week and delusional Pinterest boards, she was just the best. I love books with office romance. They have that bit of forbidden love that always make them extra hot. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one!!!

This story sucked me in at the first chapter. It’s one that is so fun to read, you won’t want to put it down! I loved finding out all about Mr. Perfect. I can’t wait for the other books in this series! If you love office romances, are looking for a steamy and entertaining book with a bit of a twist, this is one I highly recommend!

 photo D4E9CAD3-84FF-4435-8CD7-8C8799666051_zpsyqgln4og.jpg
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Author 6 books128 followers
April 27, 2017
Ellie Hatcher the celebrity concierge for Stonewall entertainment has a great imagination, she also loves to put her image of a perfect life on Pinterest boards and share them with her bosses son Heath by text messages to his phone even though the messages never get delivered, Until his older brother billionaire in a sexy suit McAllister Stonewall (Mac) turns the phone on and discovers Ellie's text's and now just wants to get the imaginative Ellie into his bed. But will Ellie be able to understand just why Mac has been missing from his own life for the past 10 years? And just why is he also known as Mr.Perfect? I loved it, the story line was interesting, the characters were terrific their comedic banter was hilarious and the sex was pantie wetting hot. Only problem I had was that I just didn't think any woman would let her new boss put his hand down her pants within the first 5 minutes of meeting him. Very hot narration by Rob Shapiro and Ava Erickson.
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2,101 reviews1,251 followers
April 28, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo fa7e46fd9ed7424c344fe738f02fe0_zpspjfzvlxp.gif

Office Romance….ummm yes please!!!!! A JA Huss book….you already know the answer to that. A JA Huss office romance book...all there is left to say is "OMG gimme." So you could imagine my excitement when Ms. Huss announced that she will be writing five office romance books. That’s right, five Misters. And the first Mister is Mr. Perfect. All there is left to say is Hey Mister…. Why do they call you Mr. Perfect?

 photo ef28330e0b98da1e80a4748e5338a1_zpsf8bpitoc.gif “I want your lips wrapped around my cock, Ellie. Wrapped around so tight it feels better than your pussy.”


Perfection. Who wouldn’t want the perfect life? Romance? The white picket fence? The 2.5 children? And of course the perfect man. And for Ellie Hatcher she wanted that life. Well if you looked up her secret Pinterest board, she wanted that perfect life. Some would say she’s crazy. Delusional. But for Ellie Hatcher, she didn’t care. It was the life that she wanted. The perfect life with Mr. Perfect. Well, the guy she lusted for whom she thought was Mr. Perfect. But as it turns out, nothing is perfect in Ellie’s life….that is until the real Mr. Perfect walked into her life. Or is he really perfect?

 photo ef28330e0b98da1e80a4748e5338a1_zpsf8bpitoc.gif “I have been perplexed by men before. Hell, I’m probably perplexed by most men. But this particular man has my jaw hanging open . How can he be so damn hot and so damn despicable at the same time?”

Ellie has been working for Stonewall Entertainment for seven years and has done everything she could and want from her job. After a while, her job held little excitement for her. That is until her new boss arrived. McAllister Stonewall, a powerful CEO billionaire who practically looked like he stepped off from a photo shoot of GQ magazine.


McAllister Stonewall is one gorgeous and stunning man. He exudes confidence, power, control, and a naughty sinful side. He is Mr. Perfect. His life should be perfect...right? Money, Confidence, Power and all that. So when Mr. Perfect gets a hold of the naughty messages Ellie has been sending to her former boss, Heath, Ellie is taken aback on how embarrassing that Mac has read every dirty thoughts, fantasies and seen her secret Pinterest boards. So what does any sane woman do...she hands in her resignation to avoid further humiliation and embarrassment.

 photo ef28330e0b98da1e80a4748e5338a1_zpsf8bpitoc.gif “It’s not the way he looks. That’s not what’s got my attention. I do like his bossiness. Which walks that fine line just between rude and fuck-hot. It’s definitely a contributor. I guess it’s all of that put together that makes him seem so… perfect. Maybe too perfect?”

Well, Mr. Perfect can’t let that happen since Ellie is a top employee and all their celebrity clients love her. So he offers Ellie a promotion and also fulfills her sexual fantasies. Mac is well aware that Ellie is attracted to him and so he does what every powerful CEO does. He takes control. He makes Ellie his. He pleases her in every dirty naughty way and Ellie loves it.

The chemistry between Ellie and Mac is off the charts HOT!!! Literally these two could set off the smoke detectors with their hot sexual attraction to one another. Let’s just say Mr. Perfect has perfected his way in pleasing a woman.


It can’t be JA Huss book without her little plot twists and secret revelations and so Ms. Huss had to incorporate her stamp of shocking the readers and keeping them on their toes by incorporating as to why Mr. Perfect was given that moniker. And of course, we are given an introduction to Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate, Mr. Match and Mr. Mysterious.

 photo ef28330e0b98da1e80a4748e5338a1_zpsf8bpitoc.gif “The special part comes later. When I push you face-first up against this window, squishing your tits against the cold glass as I pull your trousers down and finger your pussy until you come. That’s the part you won’t forget, Ellie. You’ll never remember how this food tasted. Good, or sweet, or whatever will be the only takeaway from that. But the morning your boss finger-fucked you up against your office window? Now that is a memory you’ll be masturbating to for years.”

All there is left to say Mr. Perfect was a perfect blend of erotic romance, humor, passion, and surprises. Is there a perfect happily ever after ending….I guess you have to read to find out. But what I can tell you it’s the perfect JA Huss ending and introduction to the Mister Series. On that note, go read this fun, sexy and sinfully entertaining read and discover why falling in love with a perfectly imperfect person is PERFECT.

 photo 447e73a54d1752b2a777b4ebb26259_zpsb6xdcayv.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...J.A. Huss
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1,042 reviews347 followers
May 4, 2016
4.25 Pinterest Board Stars

There is no doubt that JA Huss can deliver a book that is great. She can bring the angst, the dark and dirty, the epic romance, and now she brings hot fun! Mister Perfect is book 1 in her new series introducing new CEO of Stonewall Entertainment, McAllister Stonewell, or Mr. Perfect. He is rich, sexy, confident and exudes that "perfect package." Just what star concierge Ellie Hatcher could go for if she wasn't already mixed up in her mind's own version of perfection, his brother Heath Stonewall!

No worries here, this is no triangle, no book with cheating. No, this is a rom-com of sorts as Ellie Hatcher and Mac Stonewall find themselves otherwise engaged in a series of wrong person but maybe right time? As Ellie comes to terms with her professional life rut, she is thrown for a loop when her new boss calls her on her daydreams and pushes her against the wall, literally. Ellie just wants to escape Stonewall Entertainment with whatever dignity she has left after a series of belly laughing events including a Pinterest board bombshell! With chemistry off the charts, Mac chases Ellie into offices, stairwells, and hangars all too get a piece of her spark! While trying to move onto bigger professional things, Ellie has her mind clouded by the dirty talk and bent over the desk action that Mac is providing.

It is with complete entertainment that JA Huss brings Mr. Perfect to the table. Of course there is no perfect man, but every girl wants her dreams and their idea of perfect. Mac is no where near perfection but you will love him no less! He is a bit pushy, way sexy, but a bit shady. Ellie's trepidation is totally understood but damn that libido! When the new CEO is fitting your with Victoria Beckham dresses, offering you weekends of bedroom bliss and provides you a new office in under an hour, why not?

AHHHH! While this read is really fun and definitely hot, it still has a good story to tell. The finding of one's perfect is all in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps to find that slice of perfection, one has to be alright with themselves...or just loved enough to not care! I found the overall story to be well done. I couldn't connect initially with Ellie and Mac as the "relationship" was as fast as the attraction. But I appreciated the hesitation and the getting to know one another segments that were fun and a bit quirky. Whether it was the office wardrobe schedule, the creative way in which butter was used, or the fun office moniker assigned employees, Ellie Hatcher will definitely steal hour heart...she totally stole Mac's!

Bring on Mr. Romantic!!!!
October 11, 2022
Getting busy at the office!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Narration: 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Romance: 💚🖤💙💜❤️
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📙📘📔
World building: 🌏🌍🌎🌏
Character development: 🤓🙂😎😕🥰

The heroine: Ellie Hatcher - she works for Stonewall Entertainment and has for seven years. She also lives on the Stonewall billion dollar tech campus at a modern condo. The campus covers 150 acres and has a bunch of restaurants, spas, gyms and more. She is an entertainment concierge and works out of an office in the jet hanger and she deals with all the celebrities that come in for interviews on the hugely successful “Daily E” show. She plans on putting in her two weeks notice.

The Hero: McAllister “Mack” Stonewall - billionaire CEO and heir to the Stonewall Entertainment fortune, he arrives at the tech campus to take over operations. McAllister is not happy that he has to take over since his brother Heath is off in China.

The Story: Ellie is quite a character, from her texting nearly everything that happens to her, along with Pinterest boards she creates to Heathcliff Stonewall’s undeliverable text address, She and Heathcliff nearly went on a date before he was sent to China, to her antics when she attends her first executive meeting in the conference room. Ellie has her own quirks and foibles and she is hilarious at times.

The book is told in dual points of view via dual narration. The narration is done by Rob Shapiro and Ava Erickson. I love Ava Erickson, she has so much emotion in her voice acting, her voice is very feminine and soft yet clear and sounds age appropriate for Ellie. Rob Shapiro has a deep and clear voice that sounds intelligent and commanding which is perfect for McAllister.

McAllister is inappropriately attracted to Ellie from the start. And after a big misunderstanding, things heat up really fast. I like steamy office scenes and romances with the boss and this one was all that and a bag of chips! There was also some mystery about Mack and secrets that take a while to come out. I really liked this story.

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February 1, 2017
Full review to come after my book binge ends. Long story short...I love the concept and writing. I'm a sucker for sexy series, so I'm definitely looking forward to more of the Misters. Mr. Perfect is a dual POV steamy read. Its's entertaining on a basic level, but I didn't buy into the relationship between Mac and Ellie. It started off as an insta-lust fest and continued that way through 80% of the book.

The audiobook is very well done! I loved both performances. Rob Shapiro and Ava Erickson knocked it out of the park. I'd definitely recommend them.
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December 1, 2016
This book Lost Me At Butter............................... Around 50%

Image result for butter animated gif

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May 6, 2016
May Contain Some Spoilers!

3.5 stars! Sexy , funny ,sweet more towards the end read:) hero was a bit to dominating for me( which was mostly HOT) for most of the book and it was a little too fast instalust . I would have liked a better apology for the text he sent Heath about her , But i still enjoyed most of this.

Need a better epilogue! I'm interested in Hero's friends books. I think Mr. Romantic might have been a womanizer but will see:)

safety: Not much about their sexual past is mentioned. We know they weren't virgins. Hero didn't seem like a big manwhore. One thing did bother me and this is just me being picky and my personal opinion . I got the impression he did anal before and was a pro at it. Just how he was prepping heroine and little things he said. i could be wrong though. lol yuck ! Heroine never done it before. No mention of prior condom use but I'm assuming they always used them. They use them together until they don't anymore. no talk about it just heroine mentioning shes on the pill in her inner dialogue . Very little OW/OM drama. Nothing too bad. just a jealous women who wants hero but he doesn't want her and never had sex or anything with her. He met here same time he met heroine. Om drama is some rockstar guy who heroine worked with before. He knew the hero from a long time ago . he trys to tell heroine to have sex with him for favors. He grabs her boob then hero walks in and stops it.
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August 22, 2016
2.5 stars

Not sure why this didn't really work out for me.
Or maybe I do.. :/ It was just too ridiculously Rom-Com,almost a bit too over the top.

No ! I'm completely serious ! Every-time the leads copulated (What? I'm a med student you guys !) Fine...*rolls eyes* 'made fifty-shades kinda love') they ALWAYS made sure they we're in closed but still public areas and they ALWAYS got an actual round of applause from everyone OUTSIDE his office cabin...Like always..Now that's a little excessive...at-least according to me..

It started off great,I actually adored Ellie as a character.I even thought this one had the potential to be one of my favorites.
But unfortunately, the plot just ended up boring me out.All LOT happened but by the time I was in 50%, I could careless about the story.Just wanted to finish this so bad by then.

On the fence about reading the squeal to this..So we will see.
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July 1, 2016
Oh wow...i totally did not see this coming. Felt like i needed a short, smutty read today and thought i'd found it. I dont think I've ever been this pleasantly surprised by a book before. This book was AMAZING!! I freaking loved it! Although there were completely over the top scenes and i literally cringed in embarrassment for the heroine, i freaking loved the plot!
Delusional, dreamy, simple girl meets rich, sexy, dirty-talking Mr Perfect who hides a secretive past. They meet, they bang THEN they date. I loved how there was near to none angst as both the hero and heroine took every step to behave maturely. Can't give much away but this book had all the feels, sex scenes were unbelievably hot and the best part; we get to meet Mr Perfect's 4 other hot friends in a series of books the author promises to release 2 months apart. Each one is a standalone yet interconnects which each other as more secrets are revealed. A definite recommendation!
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February 8, 2017
Honestly this book captured my attention for the first 50% then i kinda lost interest halfway afterwards but i sucked it up i wanted t know what happened! But it was only for 10% then it continued being da bom.com Then when his true identity was exposed was when things got interesting again!
Then like wth Heath? Why so mean to leave Ellie like that! I was hoping to meet him at the end but nope such not even a peak aside from when Ellie read the texts..

It was an interesting plot and did i mention hot? Hahaha omg soo intense xx

Gotta love it! And check out the other Misters ⭐️

Ciao for now ❤️
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March 4, 2017
A brand new Series by JA HUSS!!!! Five books, Five MISTERS!!!! Two months between releases! 2016 just turned into a fantastic year!

For those of you who are familiar with the twisty-suspenseful storytelling of JA Huss, you won’t find that darkish-suspense here, and although we get a few twists to the story (because I don’t think she has it in her to not give us those twists), what we do get is a contemporary romance that had me laughing out loud, instantly falling in love with both characters and feeling so many emotions as our heroine, Ellie is pushed to her breaking point.

There is no doubt I love the way this author tells a story, I’ve been a dedicated reader for her books since I discovered Tragic three years ago. But with Mr. Perfect, I realized that it isn’t always about the unexpected events that make my head spin that causes me to love her books, it’s about the type of characters she gives us.

In Mr. Perfect, Ellie works for a huge company that is involved in a lot of things, but mostly is the epicenter of a huge production-ish company. She is the concierge to the stars, befriending them, greeting them, ensuring that they have all the things they need, but she dreams to be so much more. Seven years she’s worked there and for the last few months, Ellie’s been a busy bee creating her own little world in which she and the boss’s son live happily ever after. But what happens when an unknown son comes into the picture and all those bits of her pretend life are seen?

Mac appears to begrudgingly take his spot within the company. He can’t help but be intrigued by Ellie Hatcher as he spies into her personal thoughts, but it is certain within moments of meeting her, that he is going to have her. But Mac, or Mr. Perfect is far from perfect and his life before the moments he enters the building doesn’t seem to exist.

A hot-as-sin unconventional office romance, where JA Huss heats up, not the sheets – but the desk and every flat surface within reach!

I adored this story. I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond the typical – great writing, amazing story, epically hot hero – but I got all that and so much more. Ellie was the star of the show for me. I loved her to pieces and she worked her way into my heart instantly. She made me laugh, and yes, even cry and I loved every second of it. A good heroine in a book is hard to find, but Ellie was so much more than just good. I loved that her character grew so much throughout the story and that she was far deeper than what she appeared to be at first. I had a small flashback to the first time I met Rook and felt that strength and that softness – Ellie was a bit of a less troubled (in the life experiences) version of Rook. But I’ve read that Ms. Huss always tosses a bit of herself into her characters and maybe that is why I feel that connection between these characters.

Now, we know with all Huss books, we get the surface story and we get the story that bubbles up from beneath that surface. Mr. Perfect is a little mysterious, not at all insincere, but troubled in a way that keeps him slightly hidden and out of reach. We do get the details of his story, but being that this series is five parts and each of the Misters are connected to a single event in the past, I am sure the full story will only be revealed in time (see Tragic to Guns To DD&D to Wasted Lust to HEA scenario).

And I have to include the disclaimer that I have claimed the Misters. I am hoarding them all and you can suck it. I just enough to take on all five :) #TheMrsToTheMisters

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April 29, 2016
I don't even have enough words to describe how much I hated this book. I am trying not to write as many bad reviews because they always come out as rants and I know for sure that is exactly what will happen if I attempt to write a real review for this book. So I am just going to make a few points.

--Ellie was 100% certifiably insane. I was embarrassed for her the entire book. Not once did any of her actions make sense. NOT ONCE.
--Mac was a douche. He talked her into doing all of these crazy sexual things in her workplace while saying "its fun." Yeah no bitch. It's not fun. If a women says no 5 times but then says yes the 6th time it doesn't make what you're doing ok. It also doesn't help when you tell her she's boring, delusional, she needs professional help, she has a stick up her ass all because she didn't want to suck you D in the stairwell, or let you fuck her on her desk or eat breakfast half naked IN HER OFFICE!
---It pisses me off that Mac wants to do all these things but it pisses me off more that Ellie lets him.
--At the end when Mac finally gives Ellie what she wants, she walks away because she now sees him as "too perfect". She's not up to his standards.
--Oh and they never actually got to know each other. Like nothing at all. They had lots of sex at the office. There was no talk of family, no talk of the past, no talk of where they went to school, favorite foods, color, movie, nothing. BUT Mac was madly in love with her after a few days?.. Just no. Ive said it a million times, instal-love does not bother me as long as it is written right. This was not that.

OKay so this turned into a rant anyways but it was just a terrible, terrible book. I think think the moral of this story is: Good sex does NOT equal love!
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May 22, 2017
I just... I can't deal with you right now. There is so much shit I have to say but not right now. I'm hungry. I'll be back when I'm less hungry.

It apparently took me 2 weeks to get unhungry... that's actually a lie. I'm hungry right now. But anyway, my thoughts are IN. Here we go!

Final Rating: 2.25 stars

Ok, so I'm conflicted on how to rate this. I read this almost two weeks ago and I still don't know how to feel about it.

It started off great. It had a heroine who was almost legit insane, but it was cool because she (generally) kept it to herself. Ellie Hatcher is working for a company she has worked for since she was in college. She's like 27 or something, and she's kinda tired of it. She's very good at her job, but she wants to move on to bigger and brighter things. So anyways, she also has this crush on the CEO's son. Actually, she's kind of obsessed. But before they ever have a chance to even date, he's shipped off to China. She begins texting him, but she soon realizes that he isn't getting any of her messages because of the little "undelivered" message below her texts. Setting aside the fact that that's not how phones work (at least not iPhones, I don't know about the others) it starts out relatively harmless. She texts the guy messages he'll never see, and she feels safe in the knowledge that they will never be seen. When has that ever been a good idea where technology is concerned? Never, but people still manage to leak shit all the time so I find it in the realm of "could be a true story". These messages she sends get more and more crazy by the day. Let's just say, as soon as you create this imaginary life involving someone you barely know–to the point where you have pictures of what your children would look like and a house picked out–you done jumped onto, and then off of, the crazy train because regular crazies are scared of you.

I'm sure you can figure out what happens next: Ellie keeps texting until suddenly, she realizes that all of her crazy has been DELIVERED. And to none other than her imaginary boyfriend's brother AND new boss: McAllister Stonewall.

And obviously, he's smokin' hot, and picking up what she's putting down–a.k.a. a fuckton of crazy. So she's rightfully embarrassed, mortified, humiliated, take your pick. And thus begins a weird romance/seduction. It reminded me a bit of Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard, which you know I can get behind. In fact, the similarities to that book is what drew me to the blurb in the first place. It was funny, cute, and oh-my-god-embarrassing. It was all going so well!

That is, until we get toward the end. Mr. Perfect loses his mystery and it is all kinds of fucked up.

All that said, I don't think it was the author's intention to send this message, but the fact remains that it's there. The book was enjoyable, but it ended up making me very uncomfortable.

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August 13, 2017
“It’s not the way he looks. That’s not what’s got my attention. I do like his bossiness. Which walks that fine line just between rude and fuck-hot. It’s definitely a contributor. I guess it’s all of that put together that makes him seem so… perfect. Maybe too perfect?”

Well, Mr. Perfect... You get a big two thumbs up from me!


I have never read a book by Ms. Huss. [insert audible gasp here]


However, when I read this book blurb, I knew I had to rectify that situation. MY. GAWD. MAN. I'm glad I one-clicked this little rascal!

Hot and sexy Mr. Perfect, a.k.a. Mac, is a dirty talking alpha male with a secret past. Taking over as CEO of Stonewall Entertainment, he finds himself drawn to Ellie Hatcher, the sweet and adorable celebrity concierge who has been a loyal employee of the company for the past 7 years. The chemistry is powerful and soon we're reading about hot and steamy panty dropping sexcapades these two experience. And when I say hot... I mean H..H..H..H..HAWT!


I must admit, when I first started reading, I wasn't sure I was going to finish this story. I found Ellie's delusions almost unbearable... seriously, seriously ridiculous. And her 1st day stairwell encounter with Mac had me like.... WHHHAAAAAT?


But, I one-clicked and I was determined to see this book through. And, HOT DAMN, I'm glad I did! Overall this book was fun, smutty, and absolutely laugh out loud hilarious at times. I could not put the Kindle down! Ms. Huss does a great job of giving the reader a glimpse of the rest of the Hotties in this Mister Series. While this is a standalone book, all 5 of these men are connected by the same one event in the past. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. Bring on Mr. Romantic!

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1,600 reviews139 followers
May 14, 2016
5 star smut. 2 star story.

I love office romances - all of that sneaking around and forbidden trysts in the stairwell. This was an office romance with some smoking hot smut but I had some issues buying their story and I didn't really get a sense of forbidden from their relationship

Ellie's a celebrity concierge for an entertainment company, Mac's the hot, rich new boss. There's some fabulously smutty desk sex and tits-squashed-against-the-window sex along with some deliciously dirty talk. That part was stellar

Ellie's an interesting character, witty and quirky and this started really well, but it started to lose me early on with the texts. There was a mix up but I just don't see how the mix up happened and my confusion grew as I tried to understand where her writing dream suddenly came from and what her new job was supposed to be. Then I didn't get what her issues were and I really didn't like all of the pdas. So yeah, the story didn't really work for me.

Happily though, the smut was plentiful and the chemistry worked or I probably wouldn't have been able to finish this.

This is a standalone but there's recurring characters. If you're looking for an easy, low angst read with some good smut and you're able to suspend disbelief then this would be a good one, but idk, perhaps I wasn't in the right mood but this wasn't quite what I was hoping for unfortunately.
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May 5, 2016
Really liked this book, it was steamy and funny and cute. Very excited for the rest of the series cause all the other 'Mister's' definitely caught my attention. So happy that J.A. Huss decided to release these every 2 months! Recommend this one for anyone looking for a hot contemporary read with an Alpha guy and a sweet girl, with lots of humour :)
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