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Elements #3

The Silent Waters

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Our lives are a collection of moments. Some utterly painful and full of yesterday's hurts. Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow's promises.

I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me. Moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones—the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones—all included him.

I was ten years old when I lost my voice. A piece of me was stolen away, and the only person who could truly hear my silence was Brooks Griffin. He was the light during my dark days, the promise of tomorrow, until tragedy found him. Tragedy that eventually drowned him in a sea of memories.

This is the story of a boy and girl who loved each other, but didn’t love themselves. A story of life and death. Of love and broken promises.

Of moments.

(Book Three in the Elements Series. Complete Standalone. Coming Fall 2016.)

316 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 22, 2016

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Brittainy C. Cherry

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April 30, 2021
 photo DE154678-5BB8-46E8-AF55-C3F3EEFA84DA_zpsheg8lghz.png
“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist.”

No one can write a book quite like Brittainy C. Cherry. Her stories are moving. Her story-telling abilities are off the charts amazing and her books are always epic for me. Whenever I start a new book by her, I just know it will be exceptionally good. The Silent Waters is my 5th book by Brittainy, and I have to say- I think it’s my favorite one so far. That is a HUGE deal because she has written some of my favorite books ever. When you start this book, be prepared to be feel, to love, to be inspired, to have an unforgettable story engraved on your soul. And I’ll repeat BE PREPARED TO FEEL.

 photo 6C0E2063-7D21-4AC3-9B8C-C8DE0AE0B6BA_zpskkrfuyr4.png

Moments. When it comes down to it, that’s what all our lives are made of. A collection of moments. And a single moment can forever change your life… The Silent Waters is the story of Maggie Riley and Brooks Griffin’s moments. All the important moments in their lives, the other was a part of. It started when they were kids. A childhood romance turned into a lifelong friendship, turned into so much more.

Oh, my. The things I could say about this story. The things I want to say about this story. But you know what the best part of this story is? The way you will FEEL when reading. I don’t want to take that experience away from anyone so the actual story… yeah. Not talking about it at all. My lips are sealed. Experience the book. Feel the story. I am a reader who reads to feel. All of my favorite books have this in common- they have strong emotion and really dig deep and make me feel so much. This story has that quality in spades. Even though I’m not going to speak about the story, I will talk about the characters some.

 photo 33FF60E0-719B-4671-AB6C-201E3F1FA8CB_zpsd6rwiaad.png

Maggie Mae Riley is a special person. And so is Brooks Tyler Griffin. Maggie is someone I liked from the moment I met her. The more time I spent with her, the more I liked her. I felt for her. I understood her. Brooks and Maggie are two characters that belong together. I truly believe that. Brooks is a pretty incredible hero. One of my favorite things about a B Cherry book is that ALL of her characters are wonderful, not just the main ones. They all have a purpose to the story and depth to them. Maggie’s father, Cheryl, Mrs. Boone, Calvin, Katie, the list could go on and on. They are all great in their own right. Even the ones that I hated for a moment or two. Even the ones the frustrated me at times. I still loved them all.

In this story, there are heartbreaking moments. There are moments my heart soared. Moments that tore me apart, and moments that pieced me back together. Every moment of this book was special. Every single moment had an impact on me.

When I read a book by B. Cherry, I know it won’t be the same old same old romance story. I know it will be special. I know it will be beautiful. I know it will speak to my heart. Brittainy is one of the only authors that has that quality for me. No matter what she writes, it touches my soul and hits every single one of my love buttons.

 photo 32226090-9A31-4F2D-99ED-51C0D600B783_zpsmlprzy29.png
“Five minutes?” Five minutes. We stood there, staring at one another. Five minutes to erase any fears. Five minutes to remember who we were. Five minutes to find our own way, our own story.

This is a book that will stay with you. I can say with absolute certainty I will never forget reading this book. I will never forget the characters, I will never forget the words, and I will never forget how I felt when I read it. The tears that streamed down my face during those moments in the story… It’s a tale that will stay forever etched on my heart.

The Silent Waters is a truly exceptional read. Brittainy’s words are magical and the story was perfect for me. Don’t be surprised if you see this at #1 on my 2016 favorites list. I give it all the stars!
Sometimes the rain was more pleasing than the sun. Sometimes the hurt was more fulfilling than the healing. And sometimes the pieces of the puzzle were more beautiful when scattered apart.

 photo E0B4499A-EF7E-409A-8822-1FA2CD52EF9A_zpsbps7wzei.png
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Author 62 books15k followers
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August 17, 2021
~*~Official Blurb for The Silent Waters~*~


Our lives are a collection of moments. Some utterly painful and full of yesterday's hurts. Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow's promise.

I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me. Moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones—the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones—all included him.

I was eight-years-old when I lost my voice. A piece of me was stolen away, and the only person who could truly hear my silence was Brooks Griffin. He was the light during my dark days, the promise of tomorrow, until tragedy found him. Tragedy that eventually drowned him in a sea of memories.

This is the story of a boy and girl who loved each other, but didn’t love themselves. A story of life and death. Of love and broken promises.

Of moments.
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September 27, 2016


'The Silent Waters' is another wonderfully written story by Brittainy C. Cherry that I totally fell in love with. This author never ceases to amaze me with her amount of talent she possesses, with her amazing storytelling or with her unforgettable love stories that always are so unforgettable. This third book in the series was emotional, powerful, though-provoking, intense and like the other stories I’ve read by this author it made me feel so much.

"The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist."

Maggie’s life changes completely when her single father meets Katie. Practically over the night Maggie seems to have everything a little girl wants and needs – a caring mother, a beautiful home and two new siblings she’s eager to know better. From the moment little Maggie meets Brooks, his new brother’ best friend, she’s smitten beyond words. Even if Maggie is just a little girl she knows he’s IT for her and she knows that someday he will become her groom. Years later when Maggie is just then years old something tragic happens. She loses herself, she loses her voice, a piece of her being stolen from her forever.

“I hadn’t known you could hear someone’s voice so clearly in the silent moments.”

Maggie has a hard time moving on with her life. From that night that changes her life irrevocably, Maggie in some way stops living. She lives in silence, her pain and her demons being too much at times. The only one who seems to hear her, to hear her silence being her anchor over the years is Brooks, the boy who wants nothing more to fix the girl who means so much to him, the boy who constantly remembers her that she matters, that her voice matters.

“With each touch, I fell more for his spirit. With each kiss, I tasted a part of his soul.
In my mind, I whispered back to him, time and time again. With every tear and every heartbeat, I spoke to him. So quiet, yet so loud.”

'The Silent Waters' was a fantastic read from beginning until the end and it touched me more than I can say. Maggie and Brooks’s journey to happiness was intense, tumultuous and not very easy to read at times. However, I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed every minute of it and I honestly experienced everything these two characters experienced as the story unfolded. Their love story was epic, beautiful and it made me feel so much.

I loved Maggie and Brooks individually and I loved them together. These characters were wonderful developed and so endearing. I liked Maggie’s character from the moment she was introduced. I liked her as a little girl and I liked her as a woman. My heart broke for her and for how much she lost over the years. Her pain, her fears, her insecurities were wonderful portrayed. I felt them all as the story progressed, but I also felt her love for her family, her love for music and books and her love for Brooks. Her voice was powerful through the pages even if she didn’t have a voice and the chapters written from her point-of-view were honestly so hard to read at times, so emotional.

Brooks was as amazing hero. He was sweet, caring, thoughtful, considerate and so much more. I don't have enough words to tell you how much I loved his character. But what I loved the most was the way he loved Maggie -unconditionally, how over the years he became her anchor, how he never gave up on her.

“Five minutes?” Five minutes. We stood there, staring at one another. Five minutes to erase any fears. Five minutes to remember who we were. Five minutes to find our own way, our own story.

Maggie and Brooks’s friendship was beautiful. I simply loved the way they were with each other – their honesty, how easily they communicate with each other and I honestly loved all the sweet, heartwarming, but also heartbreaking moments between them. I never doubted these two characters are meant to be together because I felt how much they loved each other more and more with every single chapter.

As always, Brittainy C. Cherry’s supporting characters were fantastically portrayed and endearing in some way or another. All of them played a role in Maggie and Brooks’s story and all of them had so much depth. The supporting character I loved the most was Maggie’s father. The relationship between Maggie and her father was pure and simple wonderful. He was such a great father, so loving and so caring. I have to mention the author’s note in the end. It was short, simple, yet so powerful. Make sure you read it as soon as you finish Maggie and Brooks's story.

All in all, 'The Silent Waters' was another wonderful story by Brittainy C. Cherry. It was beautiful, it was special and it will make you feel so much from the beginning until the end.

"She was right about me, and her, and us. She’d be the one girl I’d love forever. No matter how life tried to change us."

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August 3, 2020
2.5 Stars

I’m not going to lie, I feel terrible.

First of all, I would like to point out three things:

1. Brittainy C. Cherry is my favorite author. I’ve read all of her books and I loved them all. Well, all except this one.

2. I still believe Brittainy C. Cherry is one of the most talented contemporary romance authors.

3. Since I bought and read this book, I feel kind of entitled to express my personal feelings freely and openly.

This book started off beautifully and I loved every second of it. Right until the tragic event. After that everything went downhill for me.


1. I had a problem with the plot . The whole situation with the heroine pissed me off. I felt like everybody around her accepted her illness/trauma too easily and took it for granted. I think her parents didn’t do enough. I don’t understand why her loving and educated father, a university professor no less, didn’t try harder. Maybe the whole thing could have been avoided?

2. My feelings . This book is beautifully written. Although being tragic and profound, at times it felt too sappy and cheesy to me, borderline unbelievable. I missed that rawness, grittiness and realness that can be found in this author’s previous books. I simply couldn’t relate to the characters or the story.

3. The flow of the story . The leaps from one period to another felt too sudden and sharp. The ending felt a little bit implausible. Is it possible (from the medical point of view) for a person to start speaking again just like that after such a long period? Also, some parts of this book were really frustrating and boring for me.

Despite the above reasons, I feel like I should stress that the writing and the characterization are great.

If you haven’t read this book yet, do it. Brittainy C. Cherry is an amazing writer. A lot of readers loved this book, maybe I just chose to read it at the wrong time.


Enjoyment:: 2.5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Storyline: 3/5
Hero: 4/5
Heroine: 3/5
Secondary characters: 5/5
Hotness/chemistry: 2/5
Romance: 4/5
Angst: 4/5
Darkness level: 3/5
Humor: 3/5
Depth of the book: 4/5
POV: dual, 1st person

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1,176 reviews4,211 followers
December 31, 2016
Check out more of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com

I've now read several of Brittainy C. Cherry's books and she never ceases to amaze me with how emotional and heartfelt her stories are. I know that when I pick up one of her books I am going to be a mess before it is over. She breaks my heart into tiny pieces and then slowly puts me back together from the wreckage. It's a very love/hate relationship that I have with her work.

'The Silent Waters' was no exception. I fell in love with the characters and the beautiful, yet tragic, story. It made me fall in love. It gutted me. It broke my heart. It gave me hope. This is one book that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

We first meet Maggie as a young girl. Her father has remarried and she moves into her new home with her new family. Early on, she attaches herself to her slightly older step-brother and his best-friend, Brooks. She is the cute little girl that tags along everywhere that they go, crushing on Brooks and planning their wedding.

Initially, Brooks is irritated by Maggie and her girlish crush, until they kiss one day. From that point forward, the two are inseparable. Brooks and Maggie are the quintessential picture of childhood love.

On the day that Maggie and Brooks are supposed to have their "wedding" in the forest Brooks is late. A ten year-old Maggie goes into the forest that day, but is never the same again. What happened in the forest leaves her traumatized and her fear imprisons her.

The events of that day will have a ripple effect on everyone in Maggie's life. Guilt and "what-ifs" slowly eat away at the people Maggie cares about the most, damaging relationships and fostering resentment. Yet, Brooks' dedication to her is steadfast.

Over the years, life takes different characters down different paths. The dynamics of relationships change. Some grow stronger, some fade away. Old ghosts still linger, until the truth comes out so many years later.

I am being intentionally vague, because I don't want to spoil this beautiful story for anyone. This is a book that should be experienced. It is sentimental and emotional, but so worth it. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartfelt, well-developed, slow-burn romance. This story is fantastic!
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September 22, 2016
*****FIVE+++++++++++++++ STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}
(BR with Mel and Dee)

In that moment, I knew she had been right about everything all along. She was right about me, and her, and us. She’d be the one girl I’d love until forever. No matter how life tried to change us.”

 photo 8bd2b9afb1cd0601166fd6f4e7c58a0b_zps5cgmwvcd.jpg

Just reading that one of so many quotes I loved in this book, gave me the chills. THE SILENT WATERS is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE. If you’ve ever read anything by Brittainy C Cherry, then you are already aware of the amazing gift this woman has for storytelling. It was apparent from the very beginning of this book that it had the makings to be one of the ”Best of 2016”!!! The author is going to make you experience a gamut of emotions during this journey with Maggie May and Brooks. Having read several of Brittainy’s books in the past, my heart was prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride and I was more than ready to take the plunge!

Maggie May and Brooks Tyler have been childhood friends ever since she moved to Wisconsin with her father who had recently married a woman with two kids of her own. The cute letters back and forth between young Maggie and Brooks had me laughing so hard that my tummy ached. Oh but the laughter soon will die along with the adorable and exuberant voice of little Maggie May. Fast forward a few years, a ten-year-old Maggie has plans to wed her one and only true love, Brooks, out in the woods on the outskirts of their neighborhood. It is in these woods that Maggie goes through a traumatic experience that leaves a devastating psychological effect on her. Maggie has lost her ability to speak. But even through her darkest of times, there is a bright shining light that brings joy to her life in the form of a beautiful boy—Brooks!

Brooks' and Maggie May’s friendship was very much the pinnacle of the story for me. Even though Maggie has lost her ability to express herself vocally, the two communicate as if they were two halves of a whole. Their love of music and reading deepens the bond between them and during some particularly trying times it also soothes them. I fell so hard for Brooks. It is virtually impossible not to. His love for Maggie May knows no bounds, and really how could you not love a guy who would read his girl’s favorite books and then mail them to her with tons of post-it notes with his thoughts included??!! Seriously swoon-worthy to the millionth degree!!

There are several amazing secondary characters, one who deserves special mention is Mrs. Boone. The feisty old lady and Maggie have a truly special friendship. I got a kick out of her snarky attitude. What I love about this story is that it made me realize that I am too quick to judge people for their faults. There were a couple of characters that I immediately despised and I was not even willing to question what might be causing them to act out the way that they were. As the story develops we learn what drove those characters’ actions and it enabled me to forgive them.

This story is hard at times to endure and it had me bawling my eyes out one minute and then screaming in frustration the next. My advice to those of you who have not read this yet is to have a friend buddy read it with you. You are going to need someone to talk you down from throwing your kindle or iPAD across the room!! That is another thing that makes this story so fantastic – it really turned me into an emotional wreck. I felt so passionate about these characters and the heartbreak that transpires almost annihilated me!!

Do yourselves a favor and don’t wait even a minute to one-click and start reading this beautiful story! Whether or not you are a Brittainy C Cherry fan, I honestly don’t think you will be disappointed with this book!! For me, THE SILENT WATERS is going to be categorized as THE BEST BOOK OF ALL TIME!! It is one I will surely be re-reading over and over again for many years to come.

Make sure you read the author’s note at the end. If you didn’t love her before, that note will definitely turn you into an instant fangirl. I have even more respect for this amazing woman.

US: http://amzn.to/2cIZzKM
UK: http://amzn.to/2cJ0bAj

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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1,351 reviews2 followers
September 23, 2016
I am crying tears alright but not for the reasons you might think. Tears 'cos I spent all day reading this book and it did nothing for me. Nada! The only good thing about the book for me was the cover.
Saw all the five star reviews yesterday and decided to one-click.

Not going to say anything more. Don't want to spoil it for anyone and if I went on a rant, I probably would.

ARCs? I dunno! I'm wary of them and I will be in future, unless it is from an author that I am truly sure of.

It felt clichéd and banal to me. Sorry to be a party pooper here. Hope you enjoy it if you do read it. I was bored out of my tree.
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1,282 reviews3,268 followers
June 28, 2017

Unintentionally, I fell into The Gravity of Us (a brilliant book, btw) and with the warm fuzzies still swirling in my heart, I sought out other books by BC.

The Silent Waters came up with glowing reviews, so, I hopped onto the train. Part one was too funny for words with both protagonists, Maggie and Brooks, meeting and engaging with each other as very young kids. Too cute.

The book takes a dark turn when Maggie witnesses and endures a terrible tragedy. A tragedy which impacted, for 18 long years, her life and family.

Unlike other reviewers who disliked this plot arc, I had no problem with the believability of Maggie's PTSD. A child's mind simply cannot process trauma in the manner that an adult would have done. It broke my heart.

That being said, the duration of her psychological disorder was entirely too long. Add to that the characterization of Maggie's parents, the other "adults", and all I felt was a disconnect with the story as a whole.

It seemed entirely too unbelievable that any parent would allow a 10-year-old regress into such a deep state of dissonance, much less one that sustains for 18 years.

Then the pace of the story simply ebbed, with little progress made for nearly 50% of the book. I was frustrated by and for Maggie. If she could upload a video to Youtube, why didn't she research her condition? How could she have read in excess of 800 books and not once been interested in seeking help FOR HERSELF?

Where there no psychologists that could have made house calls? Additionally, did Maggie ever receive requisite health care? I mean, she was 10 at the time of the incident. Did she never fall ill? Orthodontic care?

So many questions.

The love story itself was, in fact, uninspired and dare I say, predictable. I simply could not connect with them; moreover, the dialogue was insipid and cliche.

Let's not even speak of the resolution. 20 years? And that's how you resolve the issues?

I didn't buy it.
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3,231 reviews1,934 followers
November 30, 2017
*Amazon US*Amazon UK*

♫Audible listened to for a re-read 11/30/17♫

4.5 Stars
This book quickly became my favorite by Brittainy C. Cherry and I just want to forget all about reading it so that I can read it again and experience it all as if it's the first time. It's definitely the kind of book that will stick with me for years to come.

Brittainy wrote this story in such a way that it was as if she was speaking directly to me and telling me this beautifully heartbreaking story. This book was extra special from her and it honestly felt like she had somehow found out my deepest thoughts and put them into this story. Sounds crazy, but I honestly thinks that's how most people will feel once they read this.

I easily immersed myself into the world of Maggie and Brooks, and silence. You know when you read a book and the characters emotions become yours, and it's like you become them. That's how this book was for me. I didn't speak the entire time I was reading it, I didn't even listen to music which is a big deal because I have music playing at every possible second. I just read this incredible story of hurt, and loss, and guilt, and fear and felt everything along with these characters. I don't even think I have the words to describe how much I loved the journey Brooks and Maggie took me on honestly.

Brooks and Maggie had the kind of love that lasted through the pain, the tears, and the the moment that defines us all. I'm not talking about the happiest day of your life. I'm talking about the worst one, the day that broke us as humans, tore us apart and laughed in our face when we tried to put ourselves back together. That is the moment that will define you based on how you react to it. Brooks and Maggie had their moments years apart, and they both reacted differently to them, but the thing that didn't change was that they were there for one another. That is what made them the perfect couple.

I wanted to give this book five stars, I really really did. But there were parts in the beginning that had a little too much immaturity for me and it got to be a tad annoying, which is where the .5 got taken from my 5 star rating. Even with those times, though, I never stopped loving the characters.

I could probably go on and rant for even longer than I already have, but I'll stop here and just let you know that this is not a book you want to miss out on. It's something special and it needs to be read.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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975 reviews665 followers
September 19, 2016
★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★

It's been a while since I have been moved by a book as much as this one, I spent a good portion of my Saturday night crying, and the emotions that I felt whilst reading The Silent Waters were very intense and real.

Such a beautiful story of two childhood friends who love each other deeply, but where the timing is never quite right, and the circumstances of their lives keep them from achieving true happiness.

"I need you to know that even if you decide to never speak again, you’ll always have someone around to hear you, Maggie. All right? I’ll always be there to listen to your silence."

Maggie Riley and Brooks Griffin's story touched me so deeply, their journey is not an easy one, but the pain and the tears are outweighed by their wonderful friendship and their amazing moments together, and there were so many beautiful moments.

Maggie is an intelligent and loving woman, who is crippled by fear. She is surrounded by love, her father, her step-siblings, her step-mother, Brooks, they all love her, but nobody can help her to overcome her greatest worries, they can only do their best and be there for her and give her strength by being a strong family unit.

Brooks is Maggie's brothers' bandmate, and vows to always be there for her, sharing his love of music with her, whilst she shares with him her of books.

Brittainy Cherry has the ability to really pull me into a story, I felt like I was living it, and even though it hurt, the painful parts were what made the good parts sweeter. I could not put this book down, and I urge anyone who loves to read an epic love story that puts you through the paces, to pick up this truly inspiring book.

"You have a voice, Maggie May. You always have. Now it’s just time for the rest of the world to hear it. "

Straight onto the Top 2016 shelf...I simply loved it <3

The Silent Waters is a standalone contemporary romance, told from dual POV's

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites.

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904 reviews1,080 followers
April 11, 2017
"Do you promise me the same type of love I’ve read about in my books?
He shook his head, yawning. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer as I became engulfed by his warmth.
“No, Maggie May. I promise you so much more.”

*swoooooon* Brooks Tyler, I'm deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with you. I know you're not real but still a girl can dream huh? <3

What can I say more? Well, actually I'm speechless right now. This book literally took my breath away. I LOVED it so much. :)

Please do yourself a favor and read it ASAP! :)

"Not all broken things need to be fixed. Sometimes they just need to be loved. It would be a shame if only people who were whole were deserving of love.”

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2,377 reviews4,625 followers
September 23, 2016

”I loved how he could see me when the rest of the world forgot I existed.”

[image error]

Brittainy C. Cherry delivers yet another novel that will tug at your emotions the entire read. With her unique and endearing sense of humor, truly unforgettable quotes, and heart racing plot, this book made for a good great read. The heroine and hero are introduced as young children and their banter was fabulous!

”Maggie May makes me sick. The thought of her gives me nightmares.”

“You say that because you love her,” Jamie mocked me.”


Brooks Griffin’s childhood marriage proposals from Maggie Riley are so ADORABLE! The flow of the story is great and I was smiling happily when all of the sudden all the characters and a reader will be left sideswiped.


Our once bubbly, carefree, confident, heroine has now become a shut-in and a mute ever since the events of one night. As time goes on and her family grows she remains with her novels (loved all the book references) and Brooks as her anchor.

”I’ll be your anchor. I’ll help you stay grounded when you feel like you’re drifting away.”


The story is told in three parts as the characters grow the story spans years. I do wonder with the amount of therapy and concern that her family shows does Maggie not even discuss the events ever? Not even journaling? Just what did therapy consist of? I have to admit I got VERY antsy waiting for the heroine to address her situation instead of letting it run her. Has Bob not taught us anything?

[image error]

Anyway, years go by as Brooks is still tethered to Maggie and her to him, yet things are happening for his band and so she makes some big decisions.

”Tell me to stay, and I’ll stay,” he begged. “Tell me to go, and I’ll go, but don’t keep me here in limbo, Maggie May. Don’t let me leave, not knowing. Don’t make me swim in unknown waters, because I’m certain the unknown is where I’ll drown.”


The story takes some twists and turns with some good reveals as a reader hopes that Maggie will find her voice and be strong enough to step outside. The secondary characters in this story were terrific. I must give a shout out to her father, her stepsiblings, and of course Mrs. Boone!


The writing is wonderful and the story very sweet yet I have to implore readers to read “A Note from the Author” because that was one kick ass piece of writing. That was so heartfelt and real and that for me should have been this story just expanded. Hoping in the future as a mother of a child who has faced bullying and a speech impediment that Brittainy make’s it happen!

”She was right about me, and her, and us. She’d be the one girl I’d love forever. No matter how life tried to change us.”

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261 reviews159 followers
August 23, 2018
Español – English

De los libros de Brittainy C. Cherry que he leído el que menos me ha gustado.

Por partes es una buena historia, por otras es poco creíble.

Maggie May es una niña encantadora. Cuando tiene seis años su padre se vuelve a casar con una mujer extraordinaria con dos hijos de edades similares, Calvin y Cheryl con quienes encuentra una familia. Desde que conoce a Brooks, el mejor amigo de Calvin, y a pesar de que son niños se enamora perdidamente de el y cuando tiene diez años decide que se van a casar. El día antes de la “boda” es cuando sucede la tragedia que la sumirá en el silencio y agorafobia.

Esta es una de las partes poco creíbles. Como es posible que sus padres le permitieran llegar a ese punto? Con toda la ayuda que existe para este tipo de trastorno. Como la dejaron, siendo ellos personas cultas y educadas, su padre incluso profesor universitario? Si ella es una persona muy culta y usa internet, como es posible que no buscara ayuda para sí misma?

Y el final? Si fuera más predecible lo pondría en la sinopsis.

Aun así me gustó mucho la relación de Maggie y Brooks. Pero por lo que terminé poniéndole cuatro estrellas es por nota de la autora, es desgarradora y alentadora a partes iguales.


This is Brittainy C. Cherry's book that I liked the least.

By parts it is a good story, by others is little credible.

Maggie May is a lovely girl. When she is six years old, his father remarries an extraordinary woman with two children of similar ages, Calvin and Cheryl, with whom she finds a family. Since she meets Brooks, Calvin's best friend, and even though they are children, she falls madly in love with him and when she is ten decides that they will get married. The day before the "wedding" is when the tragedy happens that will plunge her into silence and agoraphobia.

This is one of the little credible parts. How is it possible that her parents allowed her to reach that point? With all the help that exists for this type of disorder. How did they leave her, being them cultured and educated people, their father even a university professor? If she is a very cultured person and uses the internet, how could she not seek help for herself?

And the end? If it were more predictable it would be in the synopsis.

Even so, I liked the relationship of Maggie and Brooks. But for what I ended up ratting it with four stars is by the note of the author, it is heartbreaking and encouraging in equal parts.
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September 23, 2016

Title: The Silent Waters
Series: Elements #3
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Release date: September 22, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

There are very few times throughout the year I can say that I have a book hangover, and that's what this book has me nursing right now. I have a pile of ARCs to start reading, and I just can't move past this hauntingly beautiful story. These characters are truly a feast for every starving reader out there. They satisfy that craving for a book that will bring you to your knees.

Tall words, I know.
But truth, nonetheless.

Powerful, impactful, memorable. That is what you get with The Silent Waters. You slip into this book's shores gently, and get covered in a wave of emotion before you can blink.

Maggie and her father are drifting after her mother leaves, never staying in one place too long. But when he meets Katie everything changes. They have a new home, a new family, and a chance at happiness again. She settles into her life there and flourishes. As a child, Maggie has a light about her that shines and blinds everyone in her path. Most of all, her father. They have the type of relationship and bond that will melt you into a gooey puddle. The unconditional love that they have between them was absolutely beautiful. It not only grew in the happier times, but held solid in the darker days. They made my heart so happy.

"The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist." He'd said those words to me every single day, as long as I could remember.

Brooks is her brother's Calvin's best friend and though he tries to hate her, her charm was irresistible. The beginning of their story is just about the cutest thing I've read. Their letters to one another made me feel warm all over, and I fell so easily into how they begin to connect.

One moment in ten-year old Maggie's day is the turning point in her life. Her bright light is dimmed and nothing will ever be the same again.


Maybe I'd fallen so deep into the back of my mind that I'd never have to remember what it was like to feel, to hurt, to break, to breathe.

Maggie's pain and inner demons will cut you deep. Her daily battle to fight back the fear and anxiety that plagues her is difficult enough. But the effects on everyone around her are large and staggering. Like a fissure in the strong foundation of their family, they slowly started to crack under the strain. One constant through it all, through all the aches of her struggle was Brooks. His ability to listen to her, to hear her without words became her comfort and her home. Sharing their love of music and books together, they become inseparable and their time together treasured.

Evolving past friendship wasn't the choice you would imagine. It just was. It was a realization more than a choice, these two people accepting what they were. They slipped easily into passion, and Brooks and Maggie were everything you could ask for. But time moves on, and Maggie is frozen in place.

I've never read a story like this. One that will make you hurt and happy, then fearful and excited at the same time. My emotions were turning in every direction, leaving me feeling wrung out and limp. Turning the pages becoming like a traumatic relief. You want her to conquer everything that imprisons her, what she holds inside so silently.

In my mind, I whispered back to him, time and time again. With every tear and every heartbeat, I spoke to him. So quiet, yet so loud.
I love you, too. I love you, too. I love you too...

Maggie and Brooks have a love story that's not simple or easy, nor is it convenient. But it's patient, and gentle, and everything right about falling for someone who fits you completely in every corner of yourself. I always come away from a Brittany C. Cherry book feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of what she expresses in her stories. How she manages to wreck you so painfully but make the end point of the journey so unforgettably good never ceases to amaze me.

I have high standards when it comes to this author because I know what she can deliver and once again she came through with flying colors. In fact, this is probably sitting in the top spot now as my favorite book by her, which is really saying something. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shout from the rooftops now to anyone who will listen to give this book a chance.

"It's not fair, you know, because every time I tried to move on your love kept pulling me back."


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February 8, 2021
Words have the power to help, heal and even save lives... but what happens when your voice is stolen? 😱

📚 “𝐈’𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞." 📚

Maggie May grew up with her father and never had a real home until he fell in love and decided they would move in with his new wife and her two children. When she first arrives at the house, she meets the boy next door, Brooks Tyler, and immediately falls in love - she even plans their wedding, to which he finally agrees, even though she is only 10... 💙
But on the intended wedding day a few days later, something terrible happens to little Maggie May. Something that changed everything and turned her from an opinionated, happy and naughty girl to a girl without a voice and even years after, the only one who could hear her, is Brooks. What happened that day? Will she ever find her voice again...? 🌊

📚 "𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐱𝐞𝐝. 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐈𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐛𝐞 𝐚 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐟 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞." 📚

The beginning was so great! I cried with laughter from their young love (even though the hero did not want it at first 😂) and the story went on to become full of pain and depth. 💙
But at some point, it become pretty depressing, with too much drama and the plot dragged on for no reason... I have to admit that towards 85% I was a bit exhausted, and if I hadn’t heard the audio, I would probably have skipped parts of it. 😬

Plus, the hot guy on the cover looks 40+ so I thought it was going to be a "more mature" story, but it didn't happen, and any connection between Brooks and the guy on the cover is coincidental... LOL. 😂

Despite everything, Brittainy's writing is special and moving as always... and of course, broken characters are my kryptonite, and there are two of them in here. 👑

3.5 stars.

• I listened to the AUDIO version. 🎧
• This is the third book in the Elements series, but the book can be read as a stand alone.


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📖 GOOᗪᖇEᗩᗪᔕ: https://bit.ly/3acMRMP

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April 12, 2018
“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exists” is going to become my life motto after this quite perfectly written, heart wrenching book about two people who fight with inner demons but also love each other unconditionally. I love the both characters. I love the way how to find each through their silent turmoils. I love how their friendship grow and how their love endure the struggles and how they find their happiness by destroying the wall they build around themselves and how they explore the happiness.
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August 8, 2022
TW for assault, trauma, violence, and murder

THE EMOTIONSSSSSS. I've been putting this book off for awhile because I knew it would be emotional. But oh my gosh did this book break my heart and put it back together again. When Maggie was young, she witnessed and went through something so horrifying that she never spoke again. She also could never bring herself to leave the four walls of her home where she feels the safest. Brooks has always known Maggie was the one, but when his band has the chance to go big, he leaves Maggie behind. That's all I want to say about this book, but oh my gosh the complexity of this romance. Maggie is a character you just want to wrap up in a big hug. She loves her books and stories and just wants the best for the ones she loves, even when they're being not the best to her. There were so many important relationships in this book and I loved how intricate each and every character was, no how big or small they were. This is a soulmates kind of romance and you just know Maggie and Brooks are meant to be. I loved Brooks and how sweet and swoony he was. Even when he was gone, he was always there for Maggie. I loved watching Maggie's journey and seeing her go through so much in her life. This is definitely one of my favorite Brittainy C Cherry books to date!
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September 22, 2016
LIVE http://amzn.to/2cFxajI


"There's this magnetic pull of friendship between us, Maggie May.You're my magnet."

Brittainy has once again proved how talented and brilliant an author she is!The Silent Waters was an original, intense, emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking story. The characters were so well developed that I loved all of them.They felt realistic, they weren't perfect but who is? Even we aren't perfect!


Maggie was so sweet and nice, I really loved her and Brooke immediately became one of my top book boyfriends! They had the perfect dynamic. They were so sweet and adorable.

I highly recommend it to everyone, beautiful stories like this should be read by everyone.



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August 18, 2019
Si el primer libro de la serie me encantó y pensé que era imposible de superar, estaba muy equivocada. Este no solo me ha gustado más, sino que se ha convertido en uno de mis libros del mundo.
Esta es la historia de Brooks y Maggie. Maggie está enamorada de Brooks desde que tiene uso de razón. Conoció a Brooks el primer día que llegó a la casa de su nueva familia. Su padre se ha enamorado de una nueva mujer y a partir de ahora han creado una familia juntos (que me ha encantado que los padres aceptaran a los hijos del otro y los quisieran como hijos propios y no hubiera drama alrededor de ese tema como lo hay en otros libros). Un día, teniendo Maggie 10 años, sucede algo que la deja sin habla, literal, para el resto de sus días. Nadie es capaz de sacarla de sus pensamientos y su bucle de ansiedad y terror, el único que lo llega a conseguir de vez en cuando es Brooks. Los años pasan, dejan de ser niños y ellos siguen sintiendo algo el uno por el otro. Pero no va a ser una relación fácil, ya que Maggie no solo perdió el habla, tampoco es capaz de salir de casa desde ese día... ¿Podrán Maggie y Brooks mantener una relación a pesar de todo lo que se lo impide?
Me ha encantado este libro y me quedo corta con ese término. Me ha hecho sentir muchísimas cosas. He sentido miedo, terror, pánico, nervios, amor, tristeza, felicidad, esperanza, dolor, frustración, sorpresa, rabia, odio... de verdad, me estaba volviendo loca sintiendo todas esas cosas y muchas de ellas a la vez. Y siempre diré que los libros que me hacen sentir, para mí son los que consiguen las 5 estrellas, ya que son libros que se quedan para siempre en mi corazón y en mis pensamientos.
Brittainy C. Cherry escribe GENIAL. Tiene una narración muy fluida, adictiva, pero a la vez consigue crear unos momentos tiernos y preciosos con unas frases muy potentes que te llegan al alma. Sin duda, pienso leer todo lo que escriba esta autora.
He amado a todos los personajes de este libro. A los padres de Maggie. A sus hermanos. A su vecina. A sus amigos. Pero sobre todo he amado a Maggie y a Brooks. Son dos personajes TAN HUMANOS y a los que les suceden cosas tan impredecibles que hacen que su vida dé un cambio tan radical, que llegamos a entender sus pensamientos y sentimientos. Y por supuesto, a pesar de lo doloroso que es, entendemos los caminos que toman en sus vidas. Es impresionante la química que tenían este par y lo que me han hecho sentir... los quiero muchísimo.
Si buscáis una historia de amor preciosa, con drama (mucho drama xD como a mí me gusta), de superación, con unos personajes increíbles, llena de sentimientos y donde la música tiene un importante papel... tenéis que leer este libro. No os vais a arrepentir, prometido.
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November 14, 2018
4.5 The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist ★'s

“I needed her to know we’d make it work, no matter what. I needed her to know she was and always would be my biggest dream.”

Ohhh my poor bleeding heart!!! That was one hell of an emotional ride! Again Brittainy C. Cherry managed to bring tears to my eyes within the first few chapters. Ugh. How in the world does she do that? Honestly, she knows just how to shatter my heart, then make it whole, then shatter my heart, and then make it whole all over again. The books that pull at the heartstrings will always be the best. The Silent Waters is just what you'd expect it to be when reading a Brittainy C. Cherry book. It was raw, emotional, and uplifting. Alrighty then, I'm onto the last book in this series The Gravity of Us :) :)

♥By the way, that beautiful man on the cover is Luke Ditella!♥ (sigh)
I just love these covers!!

*Each book is a complete standalone with different characters.*
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March 14, 2017
¡AL FIN! Lo prometido es deuda, una review más COHERENTE y OBJETIVA ya está en el blog jajaja

Aunque si quieres arriesgarte a leer la cursilería de aquí abajo eres bienvenid@ dicen que a veces mis reseñas son chistosas jajaja pero esta es más sentimental...

Una nota de la chica con el corazón roto, pero con ilusiones nuevas
Por: Viri Villarreal.

A ti que me lees o piensas hacerlo,
Pasé mucho tiempo pensando y debatiendo conmigo misma sobre si debía postear esta reseña alguna vez. (Lo que significa la noche pasada ahhaha) O si tendría el valor suficiente si quiera de escribirla. Para que me comprendan un poco debo decir primero como soy. Los que me conocen bien, saben que soy la persona más dura y en algunos casos insensible a la hora de leer los libros. Soy muy quisquillosa y aunque hay libros que me conmueven.
Solo dos me han hecho llorar. Este es el tercer libro en mi vida.
Así que esta nota va a todas las personas que odian la cursilería. Por favor, no leas este intento de reseña si,
1. Odias la cursilería (puedes estar seguro que aquí hay de sobra y a veces me pongo en plan súper intensa eh...)
2. Quieres leer una reseña (aquí están mis sentimientos. Es así, aún no estoy preparada mentalmente para hacer una reseña coherente y objetiva porque claramente me encantó)
3. Si buscas una reseña corta. Sorry, a veces me explayo demasiado.

Gracias por leerme.
Por siempre y para siempre jamás.

PD. En serio, he leído mi reseña antes de postearla, porque bueno... me expone como demasiado jaja, así que si en alguno de los puntos antes mencionados no concuerdan. NO SIGAN LEYENDO. Por cierto, justo acababa de terminar el libro cuando escribí todo lo que van a leer. Vamos con mi “intento” de reseña pues ahaha.

Hay un completo caos en mi mente. Estuve toda la noche pensando en todas las cosas que me gustaron del libro, y en cómo iba a compartirlas. Pero llegue a la conclusión de que era demasiado. Hoy no voy a hablar de cómo fue la narración del libro, (que fue Fresca, conmovedora y emocional) ni de cómo sus personajes fueron HUMANOS y me llegaron al corazón, o de las veces que odié y amé a algunos de ellos al mismo tiempo. Nop. Está es una reseña de sentimientos. De experiencias. Porque eso fue para mí leer "The silent waters" una experiencia. Conmovedora, inexplicable. Compleja. Dura. Desgarradora, pero sobre todo Liberadora.

Leer sobre el amor de Maggie May & Brooks fue deliciosamente intenso. Fue algunas veces demasiado para mí pobre corazón dolido pero otras... fue como respirar aire fresco.

Amé está historia más de lo que debería.
Amé estos personajes más de los que alguna vez pensé.
Entendí a todos y cada uno de ellos más de lo que podría ser posible.
Me enamoré, reí, lloré y fantaseé con ellos más de lo que quería.
Es un libro de momentos, pero también de personajes. Si no conectas con ellos es posible que la historia no te guste tanto como a mí.

Siempre he creído que los libros al igual que la vida, son de momentos, los indicados, llegan cuando tienen que enseñarte algo. Leer este libro fue una de las experiencias más tristes y gratificantes de mi vida. Porque me hizo recordar que todos podemos, que igual va a costarnos demasiado ser quienes deseamos ser. Pero es un himno a la osadía guardada en lo profundo de cada uno de nosotros.
He llorado más de lo que quisiera admitir, he adorado a los personajes más de lo que debería, he sufrido, reído y explotado en cada página que pasaba. Mi corazón se ahogó en esas aguas profundas que fueron las páginas de este libro.

Al principio quise ser egoísta. Si. Porque este es de esos libros en los que te cuesta hablar. De esos libros que te ponen en evidencia. De los que tocan tu alma .
Porque yo también fui una Maggie May, y porque estoy segura de que todos en algún momento de nuestras vidas somos, fuimos o seremos un poco como ella. No nos engañemos, vivimos en un mundo de estereotipos y es obvio que alguna vez seremos Maggie May. Por eso amé tanto este libro. Porque, aunque a veces nos cuesta encontrar nuestro camino, nuestra voz. Siempre habrá un mañana.
Este, es de esos libros que no quieres que terminen. Que se disfrutan. Se lloran. Se ríen. Se viven. Ni si quiera sé cómo empezar esta reseña, ni siquiera sé si es lo que quiero hacer. Este libro fue diferente... Ha pasado a mi queridísimo y sufrido top 10 de los mejores libros, ni siquiera se a cuál voy a sacar de la lista así que mejor no hablemos de eso jaja.

Estos personajes estuvieron tan profundamente planeados que se robaron un cachito de mi corazón. Quizás soy muy dramática. Quizás estoy hablando de más. Pero entiéndame. Es el sentimiento el que pone estas palabras. Porque hablo desde el corazón. Llegue a la conclusión de que no puedo hacer una reseña objetiva. Porque obviamente me encantó el libro. Más que eso de hecho. Lo disfruté como muy pocos. Y es que cuando descubres algo importante quieres compartirlo con todo el mundo, pero este libro fue diferente. Lo quería para mi solita. Estuve TAN devastada que por momentos tenía que parar y controlarme para no explotar totalmente. Porque como lo he dicho antes y lo seguiré repitiendo. Un libro está hecho de personajes y de historias en conjunto. Cuando no logras empatizar con alguno de ellos, por más que sea una buena historia nunca podrás SENTIRLO. Vivirlo.
Pero cuando amas tan profundamente a los personajes, te conectas con ellos, los aceptas en ti. Los vives , como yo lo hice... bueno, simplemente vas descubriendo su historia de la mano, junto a ellos.

Sé que me estoy pasando, y quizás piensen que estoy loca por toda la cursilería que estoy escribiendo, pero ¿a quién le importa? Esta es mi voz, y si algo aprendí del libro es que las palabras son el arma más poderosa del mundo. Por eso y porque no debo (ubican como me fuerzo a mi misma para postear esta review haha) ser egoísta estoy haciendo esta reseña. Para animarte a leer un libro que podría pellizcar tu corazón justo como lo hizo conmigo.

Ok, si, lo acepto. Hubo algunas cosas a las que no les encontré sentido. Pero es que yo viví este libro. Lo hice de la mano de ellos. Y cuando algo te hace sentir tan intensamente como "The silent Waters" lo hizo conmigo... bueno, es el corazón quien manda en la puntuación.

NO DIGAS QUE NO TE LO ADVERTÍ. Si ya llegaste y leíste todo, (que valor) me conoces un poquito más, soy así de intensa y cursi a veces ahaha, ahora, solo resta decir que es para mí, un libro inolvidable.

PD: NO tiene nada que ver con los anteriores, y a pesar de mi claramente “no objetiva reseña” si debo decir que es el que más me ha gustado de la serie. También quería aclarar que pensé en poner las frases que más me gustaron. Pero cuando me di cuenta, mi kindle estaba repleto de ellas así que no pude escoger. Además... fue una reseña MUYYYYYYYYY LARGA jaja.

PD2: Nunca leo las notas de la autora, es una manía que tengo, pero esta vez no se que pasó por mi mente que me hizo hacerlo, quizás estaba tan aferrada que no quería terminar de leer. El caso es que lo hice y fue simplemente ESPECTACULAR. Si leen el libro, no dejen de leer la nota de la autora. Ahora si me voy a llorar al rincón jajaja es broma.
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September 20, 2016
One Million Beautiful Stars****************

(ARC kindly provided by author)
(BR with my lovelies, Patty and Mel)

Brittainy C. Cherry wrote a book that spoke to my heart; every word consumed me, pained me, and enlighten me. The beauty and power of this novel felt unprecedented to me. An encouraging story that will forever stay engraved in my heart.

 photo 638A27B7-847F-4E4B-BE67-0F3EBB8C8E73_zpskn4zlmwr.jpg

Maggie May was a girl that was always happy. She fell in love with a boy who gave her light, when she was scared of the darkness. When she was ten years old she witness something horrific that took away her voice, her childhood and her faith in the world.

Brooks has only ever loved one girl; Maggie May. When they were little he used to get annoyed by her plans of their future wedding, but as they grew up, her smile was the one thing he couldn't live without.

Brooks and Maggie had a special bond, they could communicate through a simple look, or with a song. Their mutual love of music was something that solidified their bond through the years. Sharing lyrics and stories, and getting lost together in a world where there was no pain or darkness was the most precious thing they had in the world.

Life isn't easy for Maggie, fear always reign over her life. Guilt and pain affected every person around her. Her once easy relationship with her mom and sister is now almost non-existing , thanks to all the demons that live inside their little yellow house.

Luckily for Maggie Brooks is always there, also her dad, they are both her constant, the ones that no matter time or distance, no matter how many times she disappoints them by allowing fear to keep her trapped, they are always there, loving her.

 photo 65FEDEE6-EEBF-493D-88EF-20F71BDD7708_zpsjf64dkio.jpg

The center of this book is love; beautiful, patient, loyal love. Through love Maggie will be able to break the shackles that have held her hostage, through love she will be able to give back to her family everything they gave to her, and because of love she will be able to forgive and mend those relationships that have suffered because of the silence.

This book was a hard read, but I can also tell you, that I swear I could see the pages of this book glow with a powerful shine, that will blind your eyes and fill your heart with hope and courage.

This book is a gift for those who lost their voice, to those who are afraid to speak and are missing out on life because they are scared.

A beautiful, romantic, and heartwarming novel full of music, that you are going to want to give to everyone in your life, and you will treasure forever.

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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1,515 reviews3,762 followers
July 27, 2017
3.5 Stars

Overall Opinion: This is a tough one to rate for me. I did think it was one of those stories that you truly feel like these characters were soulmates-- which is what I really look for! I liked both characters, and I felt for their struggles and traumas. And I cried! That also tells me I connected at least on some level to the story! So that's all good...

I just had some issues with the reality of it at times. .

So -- I'm really struggling with my rating on this one because on one hand I loved it, and on the other I didn't...I'm going to go with a 3.5 stars. I just don't think I can rate it any higher because of my issues with the believability.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Maggie and Brooks' story. Maggie and her Dad move in with her new step-mom (and her son a and daughter) when Maggie is 6. Brooks is her new step-brother's best friend. She is convinced that they will be married and has it all planned. After witnessing a traumatic event, Maggie is no longer the bubbly kid she was before and becomes a mute and agoraphobic. Brooks decides that he will always help her and tells her that he will always be her anchor. As they grow, so does their relationship. There are some events that separate them, but their love for each other never goes away. When they are reunited, they both serve as each other's saviors in getting through their struggles...and get a HEA.

POV: This alternated between Maggie and Brooks' POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I never skimmed, and I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No. They've known each other since they were young children.

H rating: 4 stars. Brooks. I really liked him. I felt like he did need to allow her to explain herself before their separation more, and I was also disappointed with the OW -- but it WAS 10 years, so I guess I can give him a break ;)

h rating: 4 stars. Maggie. LOVED her as a young child at the beginning. I felt like she was pretty strong overall considering her trauma, and I appreciated her loyalty and love for Brooks.

Sadness level: Moderate. I was expecting more tears tbh. I did cry some, but it didn't turn into an ugly cry, and I never needed tissues.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Low. More about emotional connection rather than the physical act.

Descriptive sex: Not really. I wouldn't say it was fade to black, but it had minimal descriptions.

Safe sex: Not sure there was any mention of safe sex practices.

OW/OM drama: Yes, but mild

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Separation: Yes

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This had good closure with a jump ahead epilogue and a HEA ending. I do wish that we saw them as an actual couple after both of them healed more, seen how they navigated their new realities, or even experienced some of her "to do" list...but that's me being greedy again ;)

How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: I'd call this Safe with exception
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September 23, 2016
O.M.G. This book. The Silent Waters has owned my heart since the moment I read the first word. Cherry’s writing is so poetic and uniquely beautiful, I find myself getting lost in her stories.

The Silent Waters is the story of Brooks and Maggie and believe me when I tell you their story is one of epic love, my favorite thing. Maggie and Brooks meet when they are five. Maggie’s father marries Katie and Brooks is her son’s best friend. They actually meet on the day Maggie arrives there with her dad. The boys are playing video games and can barely spare her minute of their time, but as they get older Brooks feelings toward Maggie change.

This story follows Maggie and Brooks throughout years of their lives. It shows how over time they come to rely on each other and eventually fall in love. I don’t think there are words to do this story justice, because if you have read this book you know this story is about so much more than two kids growing up and falling in love. It’s about loss, it’s about love, it’s about hope, it’s about friendship, it’s about perseverance and sacrifice. This is an honest story of how life isn’t always fair, but true love always wins.

When I first read The Silent Waters my heart felt like it had been ripped open. My heart was broken for how unjust life is and how I wanted to rescue these two fictional characters. That’s how you know a book is epic. You finish the story, go to bed, only to wake up thinking about two fictional characters that you cannot be convinced are not real. They stay with you long after you finish the last page because their story came to life for you.

In my opinion, there are two parts of what make a story unforgettable, an unforgettable plot and a beautifully written story, Cherry delivered on both accounts. First, I fell in love with Brooks and Maggie's story, because like I said it’s epic. Then came the unforgettable plot that left me broken and healed at the same time. That’s what Brittainy’s writing does, she tells an emotional heartfelt story that leaves you broken and whole at the same time. Her writing makes you stop and think and reread, not for clarification, but you so you can allow the words to really marinate, so you can feel every emotion.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s real and heartfelt. It’s about strength and finding your voice. This book made me feel on so many levels and made me fell that high that only awesome books can deliver. I should absolutely warn you, though, this book will cause a HUGE book hangover, but no worries it will be worth it.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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September 30, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 1 from Elements series
POV: First Person - Dual

Maggie May Riley was a precocious young girl. Her happy and bubbly personality captured the hearts of people around her. But a traumatic experience took away her voice and locked her up in her personal prison and forever changed the course of her life and her loved ones.

Brooks Tyler Griffin was the boy that captured Maggie's innocent young heart. He went from incredibly annoyed to utterly smitten by her tenacity. When she was sinking, he was there to keep her from drowning. But sometimes a rogue wave could crash by and pull you even deeper under.

Once in a while I came across books that punched me in the heart and left a lasting beautiful ache. This book is one of them.

I loved how he could see me when the rest of the world forgot I existed.

Maggie was such an adorable kid. So young and innocent, and to see that bright light dimmed away really hurt. I could relate to her on every level and I understand her coping mechanism.

Why couldn’t I fix her ? Why couldn’t I take her pain and make it my own?

Brooks was someone anyone could use as a friend. He was kind, loyal and patient. I love how much selfless he was, even if it hurt him to do so.

These two latched to my heart since the very beginning. Their letters both as kids and adults did things to my heart haha! I understand the actions of every single characters in this book no matter heroes or villains. And, oh I adore Mrs. Boone!

Being in love with someone didn’t mean you only loved them during the sunbeams. It meant you stood by their side during the cloudy nights, too.

I really like the story and how it turned around, but I wasn't fond of the last 10% or so. It was too much too soon. I would prefer if it was wrapped up with a little more layers to make it more realistic.

That night I realized a few things about life. Sometimes the rain was more pleasing than the sun. Sometimes the hurt was more fulfilling than the healing. And sometimes the pieces of a puzzle were more beautiful when scattered apart.

Silent Waters is a beautiful story of hurt and healing which reminds us no matter how strong we are, we could always use an anchor to secure us from drifting away.

I very rarely use music in my review but this song wouldn't leave my head while I read this. So I decided to include it. The lyrics is perfect for the story.

I Will Be by Leona Lewis

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything OK

Standalone books in the series:
The Air He Breathes (Elements, #1) by Brittainy C. Cherry The Fire Between High & Lo (Elements, #2) by Brittainy C. Cherry The Silent Waters (Elements, #3) by Brittainy C. Cherry

✨ ♔ ✨ . . . (F)BR With Loyda . . . ✨ ♔ ✨

Copy won from Amazon giveaway

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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September 21, 2016
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TITLE: The Silent Waters
SERIES: (Elements, #3)
AUTHOR: Brittainy C. Cherry
CHAPTERS: Prologue | 45 | Epilogue
RELEASE DATE: 23rd, September 2016


BUDDY READ WITH -❥Chatterbooks book blog ❥
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THE SILENT WATERS: Even though it states that this is part of a series it can be read as a complete standalone. Spoken in Dual Perspectives Brooks & Maggie May

In the 'Prologue' we meet young Maggie, in the year 2004 at six years old, her little family which consists of herself and her father are moving in with Katie her father's new fiancee, the first night she wakes up her new brother's best friend who was sleeping over, Brooks who lives right across the road, he comes into her room to see if she's ok and once he hears that she's scared of the dark, he goes and gets a night light for her, which is shaped like a rocket ship.


Our lives are a collection of moments. Some utterly painful and full of yesterday's hurts. Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow's promises.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I felt protected by a rocket ship given to me by a boy I've just met.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It all started with a rocket ship night light and a boy who didn't know her who came to her rescue. A little girls imagination ran wild, in 2008 ten year old Maggie declared her love for Brooks and claimed him as hers, even going as far as organising the wedding of the century.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic What to you think about the colours purple and pink for the ceremony?
We should probably move in together, but I'm too young to have a mortgage.
Maybe we can stay with your parents until you get a steady job to support me and our pets.

I think the author has captured the true essence of a young girls first crush perfectly. Poor Brooks didn't know what hit him, he had nowhere to run, like a deer caught in the headlights he just went along with her hair brained ideas even though he declared he didn't like her one bit.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We are not getting married
We are not having pets.
We aren't even friends.

The day where the ceremony was to take place was the day she lost her voice, lost her will to speak, lost the true essence of her innocence. From that day onwards she became to scared to leave the house and was home schooled from that day onwards by her step mother.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I was about to marry a boy who didn't know it yet,
but was going to be my best friend once we made it to our ten year anniversary.
He probably needed those ten years to realize he did indeed want to be my husband.
and we'd obviously live happily ever after.

This progresses through the ages until Maggie is Twenty-Eight, from the age of ten to now nothing really changed in her life, until one traumatic event made her take the steps to break the chains binding her to the house where she'd imprisoned herself to for a lifetime.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic If you decide to never speak again.
You'll always have someone around to hear you Maggie.
I'll always be there to listen to your silence.

I crazy loved the early stages of Brooks and Maggie's friendship, her crazy railroading antics to claim this man to her were hilarious. I fell for these two characters hard. What was so refreshing with this book was for the fact that Brooks wasn't a broken down hero where she strived to fix him which made this even more unique.

There is no better feeling in the world than to pick up a book to find yourself transported to a world of feels. And this book delivers that tenfold. I've only been a relatively new follower of this authors due to this series. Her penmanship is outstanding, she brings all her characters to life with how the storyline flows effortlessly. Each book is beyond unique, if you haven't read this authors works before I urge you to take that leap, you won't be disappointed, she may even become one of your most favourite authors to follow like she fast became mine.

If I were to claim a #BOOKBOYFRIEND it would be Brooks, damn that guy just had the patience of a saint, a heart of gold, he pretty much had everything going for him, he stole my heart and hasn't given it back. Loved his character.


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October 4, 2016

*****5 Stars*****

“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exists.”


What a beautiful and moving story. I honestly can’t remember the last story I read which moved me in such a powerful way. “The Silent Waters” was inspiring, touching, heartbreaking and filled with a deep and profound love. “The Silent Waters” is the third instalment to the “Elements” series, but can be read as a standalone. I have loved all of Brittainy C. Cherry’s books that I have read. They always have the ability to make me feel so many different emotions. This story completely blew me away and I know this is one story that will stay with me forever.

Maggie May Riley was such an outgoing child who was full of energy. She always looked on the bright side and let nothing get her down. Her father Eric, had a love for his daughter which was so special; they had such a strong bond. Eric falls in love with a woman and moves the two of them to live with his new love and her two children. This is where she first met her new brother’s best friend, Brooks and he really captured her attention.

“This time is forever.”

When Maggie May was ten years old, her voice was stolen from her through traumatic circumstances. Imagine being so consumed with fear, that you lose your ability to speak and constantly feel as if you are being choked. Maggie is a character I instantly fell in love with from the beginning when we were first introduced to her at the age of six. I loved reading about her story and the moments she experienced which forever changed her life.


“She’d be the one girl I’d love until forever. No matter how life tried to change us.”

Brooks is one of the most amazing characters I have ever had the privilege to read. He is sweet, patient, kind and understanding. He shares his love of music with Maggie and vows to show her the world. He’s her best friend and her anchor and he loves her deeply. Maggie and Brooks have the kind of love most people only dream of; they are the reason romance novels were invented.

“Someday you’re going to see the whole wide world, Maggie May, and on that day, when you step outside breathe in your first breath, I want you to find me. No matter what, find me because I’m going to be the one to show it to you. I’m going to help you cross things off your to-do list. I’m going to show you the whole wide world.”


“The Silent Waters” was such a phenomenal read. Brittainy knows how to draw out absolutely every emotion from me. Her writing is outstanding and quite poetic. Her beautiful words will stay with me forever. There was nothing I didn’t like about this story. It was pure perfection. I urge anyone who has not read this one as yet, to do so especially if you love emotional, heartbreaking, inspirational stories with lovable characters and a deeply profound story. I also urge anyone who reads the book to please take the time to read Brittainy C. Cherry’s authors note at the end of the book, which is truly inspiring.

“I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me, moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones – the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones – all included her.”
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September 26, 2016

 “Not all broken things need to be fixed. Sometimes they just need to be loved. It would be a shame if only people who were whole were deserving of love.”

This book was simply amazing. Every time I read a Brittainy Cherry book, I fall more and more in love with her writing. She doesn’t just tell you a story, she takes you on an amazing journey. These characters, they’re so raw and real, and so amazingly developed, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Brittainy is a one-click author for me, if she writes it, I’ll read it.

“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist.”

The Silent Waters is Book 3 on The Element Series, although this is a series of books that revolve around the elements, Book 1 (The Air He Breathes), Book 2 (The Fire Between High and Lo), these books are complete standalones. The books are totally unrelated and the characters do not cross books. So you could skip the previous 2 books, although I strongly suggest you read them all. You will not be disappointed, they’re all amazing.

The Silent Waters tells the story of Maggie May and Brooks, neighbors, childhood best friends, and eventually lovers as they go through the best and worst experiences of their lives. From the prologue through the epilogue the story spans a few decades. Now, I’m not sure how much I want to say, I know I must sound like a broken record but sometimes you need to go into some books blind and discover them by yourself. And I definitely thing this is one of those. So, I will try not to spoil major plot points.

“I hadn’t known you could hear someone’s voice so clearly in the silent moments.”

Maggie May is a beautiful, smart and lively child that experiences a traumatic event that marks it forever. She is such a beautiful and amazingly developed character, I dare you not to fall in love with her. I felt so much for her and her struggles. She was truly remarkable.

“I didn’t always feel like smiling, but Brooks? He made me feel as if smiling was all I ever wanted to do.”

“He drove me crazy. His hold, his touch, his voice, his words. Everything about his soul lit me on fire, and I was proud to burn beside him.”

“I loved him. I wasn’t certain when it had happened. I wasn’t certain if it was a group of moments collected over time or simply the heroic act he’d performed while I was sleeping, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter when, or why, or how it had happened. It didn’t matter how many moments gathered together to form the love. It didn’t matter if it was right or wrong.”

And Brooks, what can I say about Brooks. He’s amazing and beautiful, patient and understanding. He was Maggie’s anchor, her beacon of light through the darkness. He was hers, completely. I loved everything about Brooks. He also went through a dark time and was able to overcome everything life threw at him. He’s definitely at the top of by Brittainy heroes, along with Logan.

“She quietly chuckled and rolled her eyes. I loved that. I loved when she laughed, even though it was so quiet. It was the closest thing I had to her voice.”

“It was freeing to feel so much with someone who felt it too. It was during those moments that I felt I learned the most about her. It was in those moments that she learned the most about me.”

“I love you, Maggie May,” he whispered, looking into my eyes. “I mean, I keep staring at you, and I can’t help but think, ‘Wow. I’m really loving this girl right now.’ You know? Everything about you, I love. The easy days and the hard ones, too. Maybe I love you even more on the hard days. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say it yet, because I don’t know if you’re ready, but that’s okay. You take all the time you need, but I wanted to let you know, because when you love someone, I think you gotta scream it, otherwise the love in your chest becomes a bit heavy. It weighs you down, and you start wondering if the other person loves you, too. I’m not worried about that, though. I’m just sitting here, next to you, looking at the small freckles on your face that most people miss, thinkin’ about how much I love you in this moment.”

The love between them was definitely my favorite part of the book, it was so pure, so real, so powerful. It’s what kept them both going in difficult times and what kept me hopeful that they totally deserved a happy ending.

“Do you promise me the same type of love I’ve read about in my books? He shook his head, yawning. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer as I became engulfed by his warmth. “No, Maggie May. I promise you so much more.””


“Maggie May, you’re my favorite song.”


Being in love with someone didn’t mean you only loved them during the sunbeams. It meant you stood by their side during the cloudy nights, too.


“I was thankful for it all, the quiet moments and the painful ones, too. I was thankful for her willingness to allow me to bleed out against her. I was thankful for her bleeding out onto my soul.”

I also loved all of the secondary characters, they were all a great addition to the story and made it more complete. I loved Maggie's dad, her brother and sister, the band mates and especially Mrs. Boone.

This book, it will hook you from the prologue all the way to the author’s note at the end. I felt a lot while reading this book. Happiness, sadness, fear, frustration, love, anger. It was truly a journey. It was also so moving and inspirational. And beautiful, just beautiful. As you can see, I have so many highlights, it’s not even funny. So much beauty in those words!

“That’s what true love meant to me. True love meant you could laugh at mistakes. True love meant you could whisper secrets. True love meant you never had to dance alone.”



“Love didn’t come with guidelines. It flowed into a person with only hope as its current. There wasn’t a list of rules to follow, making sure you cared for it correctly. It didn’t give you instructions to keep it pure. It simply showed up quietly, praying you wouldn’t let it slip away.”



So, needless to say, I absolutely, 100% recommend The Silent Waters. It’s one of my favorite books this year. It has all the feels and you will not be disappointed! And if you haven’t read the other 2 books in this series, do me a favor and pick those up too, they’re amazing.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series.


“What he didn’t know was that he was the biggest adventure of my life. He was my favorite journey, my anchor that always led me home.”



“Moments. Humans always remember the moments. We recall the steps that led us to where we were meant to be. The words that inspired or crushed us. The incidents that scarred us and swallowed us whole. I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me, moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones—the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones—all included her.”




*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*



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September 22, 2016
Fair warning. This review is probably going to suck because there’s nothing I can say that will adequately convey the way The Silent Waters affected me. I admit I was hesitant to read it. I wasn’t sure I was emotionally prepared for a book whose synopsis clearly states that it’s heartbreaking and tragic. However, I have absolutely no regrets about reading this book other than the fact that I’m now left with a massive book hangover.
“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist.”
Every single character is so well developed I’d swear they are real people. I felt as if they were my father, my best friend, my sister, and my neighbor. The relationships between all characters—even the seemingly minor ones—are explored to their fullest advantage, making them integral to the entire storyline. I guarantee that you will ship Maggie and Brooks hard. Really hard.

I’m going to be completely honest. This story wrecked me at times. You may want to have some tissues nearby since there is sorrow, but there are also plenty of moments of laughter, hope, encouragement and, above all, love. I’m telling you this book has all the feels!
He deserved to be loved out loud, and my love was a whisper in the wind that obviously only he could hear.
Brittainy C. Cherry’s writing is superb, and the plot development is so well constructed that its impact sneaks up on you bit by bit. This is definitely my favorite work of hers I’ve read so far.

My advice to would-be readers is to risk your heart. You will be rewarded with a wonderfully inspirational journey. I can say with utmost certainty that The Silent Waters is one of the most devastatingly poignant books I’ve read this year. I will hold the characters and this story in my heart for a long time.

Recommended for fans of:
Tear jerkers
Best friends
Rock stars

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review.**

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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Author 46 books5,458 followers
September 25, 2016
I finished! And survived. This is going to be one of my favorite books ever! So beautiful. And that author's note... Wow. No wonder why Maggie May felt so relatable to me. Kinds of makes me love Brittainy Cherry even more now. And really made me want to just contact my friends and hug them.

For some reason, I find this story comparable to Sweet Gum Tree, even though they don't really have much in common. I guess the way the characters started up young together and had to go through their tragedies until they could make it together at the end is what made me compare them. Both were so good! My heart is happy yet sad, but fulfilled all at the same time after reading this! It's not just a story; it's an experience. I'm glad I read it.

Half-way Through Review : (Sep 24, 2016, 55% finished!)

I swear, reading this book is like wading out into the ocean! At first, it was like a nice relaxing, frivolous day on the beach. The scenes of Brooks and Maggie when they're six and ten were so cute and fun and easy to read. Eager for more, I just kept sifting my toes through the sand, page after page and straying farther from the shore until I encountered the shocking drop off moment, when things got more intense and deeper. Wow. Did not see that coming. But it was all still good. My feet could still touch bottom, and the water--I mean, the story, sorry--felt so nice, so I just kept swimming and swimming, unable to put it down, once again flipping page after page until ack, this all feels so deep and kind of like I'm drowning in my own tears from how sad everything is, only to look up and realize I'm out in the middle of the freaking ocean now, no land in sight, and this book is bottomless. Feels like sink or swim time. If this story doesn't kill me, I'm going to be forced to climb out of the Silent Waters at the end a much stronger person. What an experience. PS-and yes, I've been up since 1:30am, reading (it's five now) so I might possibly be talking in crazy lingo. Still an awesome book, though!
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