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With You I Dance

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Meera Sagar had everything—the perfect job as a principal ballerina
(for a prestigious New York ballet company) and a man who loved
her as much as she loved him. But tragedy struck on the night
before her biggest performance, forcing her to do the one thing
she never wanted to do—come back home. To Mumbai.
Now, a year later, Meera is still trying to pick up the pieces, while
fending off marriage proposals from her well-meaning but
traditional Gujarati family, and figure life out all over again. By
starting a ballet school in Mumbai.
But she has two problems. One, she doesn’t know anything about
running a business. And two, she can’t dance. Not anymore.
Enter . . .
Abeer Goswami. Hotshot junior partner at a South Bombay law
firm and a man nursing a broken heart. When he meets Meera
again, the woman who left him, he tries his hardest to be her friend,
to help her . . . and not let the past get in the way.
And then . . .
There is the sexy Zoya Sehgal. Meera’s only friend in the city and
the woman Abeer is currently seeing.
They say triangles have pointy edges, for a reason.
Will Meera find a new dream in her ballet school? Can Abeer
and Meera find their way back to each other again? And, most
important, has Meera danced for the last time?
With you I dance is a warm, funny, at times heart-rending,
love story of second chances, true love, and finding yourself
when your dearest dream has vanished.

224 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2016

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About the author

Aarti V. Raman

40 books131 followers
Hi, there I’m USA Today Bestselling Romance Author Aarti V Raman. I write all shades and forms of romance or will in the future because I suffer from writing attention deficit disorder. I must tell all the stories! So, my romances range from romantic comedy, chick lit to romantic suspense and dark romance starring tortured billionaires and suffering military types!
Before I turned to writing and telling these stories full-time, I was a teacher, business journalist and editor for close to fifteen years. So my heroines are career-minded, city-living, strong-willed hot messes who still have their lives together. I believe in writing what I know and I know me best so most of these heroines are Indian (South Asian women of color).
I also believe in writing more of what I want so my heroes are indecently hot, filthy rich, fiendishly smart with secret hearts of gold. Thus, the angst and steam-meter are off the charts when stubborn force meets immovable object on the way to happy ever after. So does the banter and danger, because what’s love without a little bit of jeopardy, am I right?
I’m a TEDx speaker and 24 of my romances have hit the Amazon Bestseller Charts so I can also proudly call myself an Amazon 100 International Bestselling Author. My chick lit dramedy “The Worst Daughter Ever” has been optioned for screen. My bestselling Millionaire Foes series is part of the Writers on the Moon Project, on a time capsule to go to the actual moon. Most notably, I’ve been absolutely privileged to be part of two fantastic for-charity anthologies, Stand for Ukraine and Dissent.
I’m also known as Writer Gal. I live in Mumbai with my large and largely loveable extended family in a version of my three favorite words – Happy Ever After.

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Profile Image for Arti.
623 reviews99 followers
November 23, 2016
I love romance and this is one book that kept me smiling long after I had kept it after finishing the book, not once but twice. The cover is BEAUTIFUL. Full credit goes to the author and the designer. Even though the story is simple, it has been depicted beautifully with detailed descriptions. The language is simple and the flow is steady. The characters are life like, well developed. The conversations between the characters have been beautifully written, I could imagine it happening right before my eyes. The relationship that Meera shares with her brother has been depicted beautifully. She has described the feelings of both the characters.

The author has covered many emotions in the book: humour, love, friendship, chemistry between the main protagonists, fighting hidden demons, sibling love and also parental pressure. The book is also about making your dreams come true.

My favoutite character was Abeer, once he came into the story, I could not put the book down. He is so perfect, and I soooo loved him. Understanding, supportive, dependable, adorable, I can’t put an end to the list of objectives that I have for him. Even after Meera left him devastated, he is still there to help her as a friend, giving up everything for her.

All in all, a completely flawless book. There us but one flaw…. An epilogue would have been the icing on the cake.

Her English is impeccable, even the simple words that she has used have been used in such a way that has made the book all the more likable. The font size and the spacing are very good (I could read without my glasses!!!)

UNPUTDOWNABLE, complete romance.

Highly recommended.

Note: This review has been posted on my blog http://metroreader.wordpress.com
Profile Image for Shilpa Garg.
142 reviews80 followers
November 4, 2016
Meera has it all – a job she loves as ballerina at a prestigious ballet company in New York City and a man who loves her as much as she loves him. On the biggest night of her life, she butchers her performance and that forces her to run away from everything she loved. She comes back home at Mumbai.

A year later, as she is still licking her wounds, trying to reject marriage proposals from well placed Gujarati boys she figures out that she needs to open a ballet school of her own.

But she has two issues at hand. (A) She has no idea of running a business and (B) She is not able to dance anymore.

Meera’s path is crossed once again by Abeer whom she had loved and left without a word. Abeer is now a hotshot junior partner in a law firm. Despite left in lurch by Meera earlier, heart broken Abeer like a true friend helps her in every possible way.

Meera’s only friend in the city, Zoya helps her set her business but apparently she is in a relationship with Abeer. Will Meera find a new dream in her ballet school? Can Abeer and Meera find their way back to each other again?

With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman is all about second chances in love and in life. In this book, Aarti charts Meera’s journey as she weaves her way through struggles and pain to mend her broken heart and soul.

What I liked about this story is its characters. They are all convincing and relatable as they all have their flaws and fears. Meera’s character has flaws, quirks, and baggage that real people possess. The author has fleshed out her character beautifully. I loved Abeer. He is so sorted and mature for his age. The no-nonsense Zoya and funny Bullet caught my interest too. What I also liked about With You I Dance is how these characters evolved during the course of the story. The little character defects, flaws and fears are overcome and thus making them a better and stronger people having faced the great difficulties within the story line.

The dialogues have a natural rhythm to it, and at no point feel forced or contrived and that makes the story shine a bit more brightly. With its easy pace and and compelling storyline, I found With You I Dance immensely difficult to put it down. I finished reading it at one go and that speaks a lot about the book.

With You I Dance has it all. There's passion, beautiful romance, humor and wit, action and drama and all so realistic. It also comes with a great message that while it’s true that you may not get it right the first time, but when you do get a second chance, and the universe smiles at you,destiny lends a hand and fate brings you together again. Do not mess it up!!

With You I Dance is a recommended read.

Profile Image for Shilpa Suraj.
Author 26 books77 followers
May 18, 2016
With you I dance is a sweet, simple love story about second chances and finding the courage to take them. When Meera's career comes crashing down around her she runs home leaving her budding romance with Abeer behind in the shambles. A year later, she's trying to rebuild her life brick by brick and finds herself face to face with Abeer again. The rest of the story takes off from there as Abeer and Meera circle each warily while trying hard to ignore the chemistry that explodes between them. Meera is a flawed, complex character who is struggling to find her feet after the catastrophic implosion of the only life she's ever wanted. Her character is well written and beautifully etched but the person who truly caught my interest was Abeer. Suave, sorted and scandalously sexy, he owned the pages he appeared in. All in all, a light read that had me cheering the protagonists on.
Profile Image for Shree.
Author 2 books10 followers
June 10, 2016
Note : This review has been published in my blog Book and Ink

When this book was released, the social media was buzzing about the writer and her previous book which was strong enough to pick my curiosity. Eventually, Fingerprint! Publishing offered me a copy and I lapped up to the offer.

The story is about a dancer, her lost dreams and love. Our protagonist, Meera, returns home to Mumbai and tries to pick up the lost shards of life. Enter Zoya, her best friend who is this insanely good looking woman who intends to help Meera out. However, Meera has a bigger battle to fight – her lost love is back into her life and her poor form on stage. What follows is her journey of mending her wounded heart and soul.

The writing is simply perfect without the additional drama and masala that the story has immense scope for. The characterization was soulful and realistic. The writer managed to give equal importance to all the characters immaterial of the role they played. My only qualm would be that Abeer’s character – he was simply too perfect. He was this perfect gentleman for a good part of the story. For the torture that Meera subjected him to, he should have been a bit aggressive. Meera’s character however was bang on perfect. It was realistic to the point that I felt I was reading the life story of just another woman rather than a work of fiction. The pacing was quite even with very little twists and turns. The story isn’t exactly unheard of or unique. That said, the writing is what made the book an interesting read. If only the writer had introduced bit more twists and turns! The whole ‘triangle’ part of the story also made the plot interesting to read.

The cover deserves a special mention. It is beautiful and conveys the crux of the story line well. The title has also been quite suitably justified by the story.

MY SAY: Perfect summer read

Profile Image for Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws.
1,608 reviews239 followers
June 30, 2017

Meera, born to a somewhat conservative family, had spread her wings early on. As a result, she was living her dream life as the Principal Dancer of a prestigious Ballet Company. But as fate would have it, she had to return to Mumbai following an onstage mishap. Starting her life anew with her parents trying to get her ‘settled’ is hard. But Meera has support in form of Zoya, a friend and Abeer, an old flame. Setting up a new dance school, fighting the attraction to Abeer and the complication of Abeer and Zoya dating has Meera on the edge. Can she find a semblance of balance in her life and will she ever dance again?

The Character of Meera is done really well. She is independent and headstrong. At the same time, she is also very vulnerable. The nuances of her character make her feel very real. Zoya’s character has been treated well too. I can see why Meera and Zoya are friends in the first place. There are some personality similarities there but, Zoya is an individual who knows her mind very well. As for Abeer, do guys like that really exist? He seems flawless and as such a little hard to believe in him.

The plot is straightforward and doesn’t have any twists lurking in the pages. The storyline, as a result, is very much predictable. What makes the book interesting to the reader is its narrative, the character of Meera and the love triangle.
Profile Image for Sundari Venkatraman.
Author 77 books218 followers
October 29, 2016
The story is about Meera Sagar, the elder child of Ashok and Sarita Sagar. The parents find their daughter unreasonable and stubborn, especially her mother. In our society, it’s expected of a girl to prepare herself to become a housewife all through her growing years. She may study, go to work – yeah, we have evolved that much – but at the end of the day, she’s meant to get married and reproduce. The ultimate goal of a woman!

Meera doesn’t care for that. It’s not that she’s against marriage. It’s just that she wants to make something of herself. Being stubborn, she gets her own way when she insists on moving to New York to study ballet at Juilliard School. She ekes an existence for herself there, getting to be an understudy of an understudy. As luck would have it, with both the artiste playing the main role in Swan lake and the understudy falling ill, Meera gets the opportunity of a lifetime, getting to be under the limelight.

But what does Meera do with this chance? She freezes on stage before throwing up her lunch. That’s it! Her career is over. Finito! She rushes back to India with her tail between her legs. At this point she’s not only messed up her career but also her love life. Yeah, her relationship with Abeer!

Abeer Goswami is a hotshot lawyer and in love with the difficult Meera. But when she disappears from New York, he believes she’s dead to begin with. Later, he finds out that he’s been dumped without a bye-your-leave. That too, immediately after he proposed marriage. The shattered Abeer moves to Mumbai to continue to build his career, working long hours.

Meera’s back and her parents want her to get married. But is the headstrong woman ready to listen? Not at all. She wants to set up a ballet school in Mumbai. Sarita loses it while businessman Ashok makes a deal with his daughter in the pretext of helping her. Then there is Niketu aka Bullet, her younger brother whose actually the wiser one.

Abeer and Meera’s paths cross again, but it looks like he’s in a relationship with her best friend Zoya. At every point, Meera’s life seems to get worse than before. Will she bounce back and find herself? Will she ever live a happy life?

The book is all about Meera’s journey in finding herself and has been beautifully narrated. I liked the way the author has touched upon ballet, a young girl’s dream to learn this uncommon dance form. Well-researched and presented, I must say. Not saying too much or too little, it’s just right.

I liked Meera’s characterisation the best. Abeer was her perfect partner. Zoya’s character was well drawn, as were Sarita and Ashok. Bullet brought with him many light moments and he’s a wonderful brother, even while being his wild self.

The title is perfect for the book. The language is excellent and the proofing is near perfect. What more can a reader ask?

No, I couldn’t think of any negative points in this one. I finished reading it with a wide smile on my face. A beautiful romance indeed!

VERDICT: I loved the book.
Profile Image for Shalini (muffytales).
140 reviews70 followers
October 25, 2016
This story is about Meera, a dancer who decided to move to New York to learn ballet and make it her profession. But on the night of her biggest performance, her dreams comes crashing and she has no other way but to move back to her home in India. While she tries to pick up her broken pieces, her parents attempts to get her married and settled. She asks for help from Zoya, her childhood friend. Zoya is feisty, and a no-nonsense girl who is also insanely goodlooking. She decides to help Meera out only that Meera can’t dance anymore. She then finds herself face to face with Abeer Goswami, whose heart she broke into zillion pieces just before returning home. Will Meera be able to dance again? Will Abeer and Meera go back to how they were?

I developed an instant liking to Meera, for I love dance and I go through something which I feel is dancer’s block (if ever there is such a word!). The angst, the dread, the distress is what I go through as a dancer who is afraid to boogie down anymore and the author was brilliant in portraying the emotions of lost dreams and love. As I read the blurb, I wanted the book to give prime importance to dance. And it did, for dance was the soul of the book.
Each characters were etched perfectly and they doesn’t fail to touch the reader’s heart. Whether it is the no-nonsense attitude of Zoya, or the caring (in his own way) little brother of Meera’s or the perfect gentleman that Abeer is. He has been put through hell by Meera and though in his heartache he listens to what she has to say and guess what, there is no love without forgiveness.
People mess up. But in love and life, do not let one mistake ruin a beautiful thing!
We also get to see a beautiful bond of friendship between the school friends- Meera and Zoya. Though they are so different, Meera is confident in confiding in her. Even when she thinks Zoya and Abeer are together, she wishes the best for her friend. They are friends who are there for each other through thick and thin. The author also brings to light the typical mindset of Indian parents, who tries to marry off their daughter to a good, earning guy and wishes to see her ‘settled’. Her parents feel she failed them by returning home, leaving her career and what she called ‘her dream’. I was impressed by the quirky little brother who always wanted to see his sister happy.
The flow of story was great with twists and turns and the writing was impeccable. I was hooked from the word go and totally loved this story of second chances and following your heart.

Do I Recommend? Dance and Love! And I knew, it had to be a book that I would love. And yes, I did! You would love too.
Rating: 4 on 5
Profile Image for Abhilash Ruhela.
564 reviews56 followers
May 31, 2016

There are few authors who become your favorite with their first book itself. The case of Aarti V Raman is the same. Her book "Kingdom Come" was so terrific and thrillin that I couldn't believe for days that a female author have written it. Since then I waited for her next book and finally I got my hands upon her latest book "With you I dance" published by FingerPrint Publishers- one of my favorites. The cover page of the book is so delightful and pleasing that you can't move ahead without glancing a look at the book. The book is basically about a girl who couldn't perform on one of her biggest days of life because of which she loses all the determination and will power in life due to which she leaves New York. She returns back to India only to find the boy whom she left behind in New York without giving any explanation through a common friend, Zoya.

Aarti has a brilliant command over the language because of which she makes every sentence of hers a story in itself. The most that I like about her writing is the conversations that take place between several characters. She just gives life to the characters through the dialogues she gives them. The first half of the book is exciting as you want to know in which direction will the protagonist move ahead in life. Her introduction with Zoya and Abeer makes the whole premise very interesting. The second half is more about the confusions that takes place between these three friends and how Meera, the protagonist, finds it hard to prove herself right to each one of them.

The chapters are nicely divided and I liked the fact that Aarti didn't expand the scenes unnecessarily. Writing a short book after writing something like Kingdom Come shows her maturity to treat different stories in their respective flavors. Talking about the drawbacks of this book, I would say that I didn't find anything new in this one. Because of her previous book, I had big expectations from this one but it wasn't any close to her own standards. It's just a light read and you won't find exciting twists and turns happening but everything keeps moving in the same flow. In the end, you would be disappointed to read such a plain stuff which could have been treated in a much better way. I give this one just 2.5 stars out of 5. I hope Aarti Raman will bounce back with her next work.


Profile Image for Gayathri.
231 reviews55 followers
August 17, 2016
See more at: Musings Over Nothing

Meera Sagar had nothing to do but to return back to India after an on stage debacle during her very first performance as a principal ballerina at New York. She is failing at resisting her parents' attempt to get her married and settled, as any typical Indian family would want to, but she has a larger problem at hand. She isn't able to dance anymore. Enter Abheer and Zoya, who trust her dreams and give her a lifeline to save herself. Does she or rather can she? Read the book to find out.

Though I had no affinity towards the protagonist Meera (rather felt irritated with her, more on that follows), I did like the feisty, helpful yet no nonsense Zoya better. Abheer is definitely drool worthy but I hated that he was not given his due, by both Meera and the author. That brings on my personal rant over the protagonist, Meera. I do understand her flightiness and her trying to be independent and self-standing etc but it didn't work its magic on me. I personally hated her double standards and disrespect to everyone else's feelings and lives. But you know what, it is long since I have felt something for a character - be it good or bad. Kudos on doing that, Author Aarti.

I liked the overall easy pace and postivity throughout the story, even after all that is lost. I liked the flawed characters and realistic storyline. Pick it up if you want to read an easy romance that doesn't ask you to pawn your brain and grammar for a storyline.
Profile Image for Nilima.
126 reviews9 followers
November 24, 2016
But like Abeer says Meera is a train wreck and she keeps wrecking her chances and relationships with those close to her.
Meera is going to loose herself, her dreams, her dance, love of her life, chance to make her parents proud.... Does she let go so easily? Does she Dance again?
The characters and their evolution. The language is good. No errors. But I found the pace a little slow or I wanted action and Meera to string her life back faster :)
The flow is like the waves of self-doubt, misery, confusion in Meera's head. It went twirling repeatedly.
Read full review: Book Review: With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman
Profile Image for Surbhi Sareen.
Author 1 book18 followers
October 10, 2016
With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman is a unique novel that has everything special in it be it the characters or the plot. I got this book from The Book Club in return of an honest review. Lets get into the details:

Cover- THe cover is colourful and has an image of a guy and the girl standing closely to each other. The visual please our eyes and we want to know more about it. The colourful cover add positive vibes in our moods and we can start it on a happy note.

Title- With You I Dance is an intriguing title that gives us a vague picture that it has something to do with a dance, maybe a story related to a dance competition. But when we open the book and turn the pages our image gets clearer.

Blurb- Once upon a time Meera Sagar had everything-the perfect job as a principal ballerina and a man who loved her as much as she loved him. But tragedy struck on the night before her biggest performance, forcing her to do the one thing she never wanted to do-come back home. To Mumbai. Now, a year later, Meera is still trying to pick up the pieces, while fending off marriage proposals from her well-meaning but traditional Gujarati family, and figure life out all over again. By starting a ballet school in Mumbai. But she has two problems. One, she doesn’t know anything about running a business. And two, she can’t dance. Not anymore. Enter Abeer Goswami. Hotshot junior partner at a South Bombay law firm and a man nursing a broken heart. When he meets Meera again, the woman who left him, he tries his hardest to be her friend, to help her and not let the past get in the way. And then There is the sexy Zoya Sehgal. Meera’s only friend in the city and the woman Abeer is currently seeing. They say triangles have pointy edges, for a reason. Will Meera find a new dream in her ballet school? Can Abeer and Meera find their way back to each other again? With you I dance is a warm, funny, at times heart-rending, love story of second chances, when your dearest dream has vanished”.
Plot- The plot is beautifully woven and revolves around Meera Sagar, who loses everything from her job to relationship on a tragic day. This incident just breaks her somewhere and she tries to set the broken pieces of life where she comes across her old friend, Zoya Sehgal and her old beau, Abeer Goswami who help her find herself.

Themes- The prominent theme is of dance. Meera Sagar is a fantastic dancer or say a professional Ballarina from New York. Life takes a turn when she has to leave her dance and she develops a phobia that she can't dance but slowly she realises that dance is the only thing she knows and is capable of doing. The story starts with a dance and ends with a dance.

The other theme is of love. Meera and Abeer are true lovers. When Abeer propose Meera she leaves him. Feelings of guilt overpower Meera whereas feelings of animosity and hatred are developed in Abeer's mind. When they meet each other, things take a halt. Meera has to answer all the questions of Abeer and when the truth is uncovered both come close to another only to be separated by their egoes. Thus their relationship seems love- hate relationship which keeps on changing everytime but their love never changes.

Friendship plays a significant role in this novel. Meera Sagar and Zoya Sehgal are school friends and then destiny brought them together when Meera was planning to open a dance school. Inspite of so much of gap, they shared the same close bonding. Meera could confide in her. We saw all the colours in their friendship be it fight, be it teasing or be it helping each other through thick n thin.

The next theme is of family and relationships. Meera belonged to a GUjarati family and they were pretty traditional. When their daughter comes home from New York, completely broken and shattered, the family thinks that she is good for nothing and they decide to marry her. They think they have done their part by sending her to New York to pursue her dreams, but she failed so she needs to accept her failure and move forward and marry a nice earning guy. But her brother, who is naughty and fun loving tries his best to save his sister from this. He tries to figure out the reason behind her sadness and does all those things which can make his sister happy and smile. He even succeeds in it towards the end.

Characterisation- The author has mastered the art of characterisation. She has portrayed three main characters who are entirely opposite to each other and complement each other very well. I feel the delineation of Meera Sagar could have been tough because she is a complex character and difficult to understand. She keeps a lot of secrets. Her life takes a huge turn when one sudden day she loses her job and nobody trues to figure out the reason behind it. She leaves the country quitely without meeting her beau, Abeer who loves her like anything. After an year, when life plans to brong back the broken pieces she is unabale to face anything. It is hard for her to accept the things be it her lost job or be it her broken relationship. She lives a life of a coward and when Abeer comes back to the picture, then only she realises how much she loves him. Her confidence comes back slowly and Zoya and Abeer only help her in coming out of a huge mess which she has created.

Zoya Sehgal is a sexy model and a pragmatic lady who happens to be Meera's school friend. She is happy to meet her friend and when they catch up, they don't feel that they are meeting after a long time. Soon, Zoya becomes Meera's confidante and helps her in coming out of her depression and stress. She even helps her in setting up a dance school. She uses her contacts and make her come out of her messed up life.

Abeer Goswami is a lawyer by profession who happens to be in love with Meera Sagar. Their love story takes a drastic turn when Meera disappears suddenly from his life. When he sees her again after an year, all his pain, anger and hatred comes out. He tries to be mean to her but when he comes to know about her bad times, his hatred transforms into love again. He tries his best to make her come back to her normal life. He makes her laugh again and does all the things to bring back her confidence. But at times it is difficult for us to understand her mind.

Style- The author has amazingly used the words to match up with this novel. She has used simple and lucid language that keeps the text original. The use of sentences from simple to complex to compund is impeccable. The use of ballarina concept is unique. It discard all the idealistic conventions of a typical love story. Some lines touch your heart. The texture and printing of the book is an icing on the cake. Overall, it is a treat to one's eyes.
Profile Image for Shantala  (Shanaya Tales).
304 reviews64 followers
April 20, 2018
I have been reading a lot of romances these days. Partly because I need something light to go along with Anna Karenina, but mostly because there is a lot going on in my life right now, and I cannot deal with heavy reads at the moment (outside of Anna Karenina that is). Plus I can really use some of that uncomplicated joy that romances never fail to bring with them. I am sure we can all do with more of that. :)

Having said that, most romances these days tend to blend into each other. Not this book though. With You I Dance is a heartwarming tale of love & loss, and most importantly of second chances in life. I loved both Meera & Abeer - beautifully etched, deeply flawed characters, that you cannot help cheering for.

However I have to admit that there were times when I felt like Abeer was too forgiving, too supportive, and just too nice in general. But then I had to take a pause and consider what exactly was my problem with nice guys? I mean, he was just acting like any guy who was very much in love.

And to be honest, in real life, guys like Abeer are the ultimate dream. Smart, successful, sorted, and a compassionate soul in an extremely good looking package - what more can one ask for? I guess I was just used to the dark, brooding, complicated men in fiction, and found Abeer to be different. But it was a good kind of different, a refreshing kind of different, and so I am not complaining. :)

All in all: It's an easy, breezy read, which will hold your interest and warm your heart. Perfect read for a cozy weekend in.

- Shantala @ Shanaya Tales
Profile Image for S.
1,313 reviews31 followers
May 8, 2017
Simply beautiful story... The book was not available in US and ain't I glad I asked my friend visiting India to bring it for me . Just loved the amazing story. This is the first book I am reading written by Aarti and am impressed by how beautifully and fluid the story flow was and it was written beautifully with no loopholes in the plot. Meera and Abeer's chemistry was absolutely perfect. I can't wait to read more stories from this author. Definitely a must read and recommendation for all romance lovers.
Profile Image for Reet Singh.
Author 10 books83 followers
August 4, 2021
I bought the paperback version of With You I Dance almost as soon as it released but never got round to reading it because my TBR list was as long as the winding road to bookish heaven usually is.

It still is long - yay - but I decided to tackle the TBR more actively and am glad I picked up Aarti's lovely book. I enjoyed the story - the characters have soul and their struggles are real. The writing is impressive and the romantic scenes were beautifully laid out. Abeer is dreamy - sigh!
Profile Image for Rubina.
Author 16 books85 followers
December 19, 2016
I am no stranger to Aarti V. Raman's style of writing. Her Kingdom Come had left such an impact on me that it’s inevitable that I will compare WYID with KC. But her versatility as a writer makes it very difficult for me to do that.
No two books can be so different in terms of their writing style, voice, and narration. No author can depict women in so many shades. While Ziya left me feeling strong, Meera of WYID invoked the mother in me. I wanted to protect her. To take away her pain.
​As an artist, I could relate to Meera. Can I imagine myself, waking up one morning and finding out that I cannot write anymore? Can you imagine getting up one morning and finding that the thing that makes you accept all the bullshits on this planet, has vanished? That is Meera's pain.
​Of not being able to dance because a fear has resided in her heart. Fear or guilt of not doing enough, whatever you want to call it, is stopping her from living her dreams and fulfilling her ambition. Ms. Raman has really focused on the psychology of an artist in WYID.

The self-centered streak that is residing in every artist. That the world revolves around our artistic inclination. Let the emotions of others be damned. Meera does the same. Her pain is larger than life and that hides all the love and passion that Abeer has for her. She sees her broken heart, her pain but not once does she feel his. Many readers might feel that this makes Meera a very selfish person. I can assure you that no artist will find a fault with Meera.

Having read KC, I could not but observe that the author has held back in this one. Zoya is such a beautiful character and I expected more from her than just being a cause of a conflict. Meera herself comes out as a complete woman, a heartbroken dancer but the lover in her is rather subdued. While she grew as a woman with every page turn, she made me want to hug Abeer and tell him, "Dude, get used to being the second best in her life. You chose an artist to fall in love with."

The one relation that really touched my heart was that of Meera and Bullet. Ms. Raman has caught the sibling rivalry yet the complete acceptance of each other's fault. Of hating each other for just existing to the powerful protective love siblings feel of each other. I truly connected with Meera at this level. Ms. Raman has no doubt, a very clear understanding of family and friends and the different shades in a relationship. That itself will connect you to Meera.

Abeer, on the other hand, is a guy to die for. Understanding, compassionate and patient. A perfect lover, who gives the right space to his lover to heal.
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May 31, 2016
I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The cover of the book is adoring.

The story is engaging. I was hooked right from the beginning and found myself racing from page to page. The author has written this so well, very descriptive, intelligent, full of incredible imagination.

Meera went to New York to study and become the best.But she had no other option but to return to her home,Mumbai.She was so used to Manhattan and all the fashion and glamour it offered.

Zoya Sehgal was Meera's old friend.They had gone to school together,from kindergarten to the tenth standard.
Zoya was now a headhunter for one of those companies that provided executive business solutions.She was fantastic at facilitating different kinds of deals.

Meeting Abeer again .Kissing Abeer. Again.
As if it wasn't enough that she'd given him up for good - whenever she'd allowed herself to think of him.So sure ,so confident; he had made her feel desire with every caress,every touch.He still make her feel desired.

Being in love with one was akin to having a relationship with your phone.

Abeer knew himself as well as any man could know himself.He knew his own flaws,his failings and his strengths too.He knew what he was good at. He was a man extremely comfortable in his own skin.

What a amazing description of all characters seemed like so real.The writing was really superb, it totally gets and holds your attention.
I absolutely loved this book and am sure that you will too!
I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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December 20, 2016
With You I Dance is a tale of heartbreak, love and flawed people who come together to make perfection. It is a love story full of passion, perseverance, and fighting for love. Meera and Abheer make the perfect couple yet they fall apart, find each other again and they keep working to be good enough for love and for each other.

Meera has her dance and that is what soothes her and scares her. The author has struck a near perfect balance with the conflict which envelopes Meera and the love and support that surrounds her as she tries to find her anchor and overcome her debacle. Almost like a phoenix she rises and her grit is what kept the story moving. I felt her pain, helplessness, and hunger in her to win. Aarti has penned a very emotional story, almost as if she has laid her heart out along with the words.

Abheer with his love and faith in spite of his baggage and the treatment meted out to him made him a real hero for me. The beauty of the characters is their shades of grey, like real life no one is perfect and that is alright. I loved reading about the failings and failures of people very much like us.

Zoya is the perfect, beautiful, hot and successful friend – the one that you can go to with no matter what. She is the bright light in the gloom that surrounds Meera as she tries to find her balance. I wanted to know more about her. I wish Aarti would write about her, maybe another book? What makes Zoya tick?
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March 8, 2017

Dance is a form of art. Dance is a form of expressing emotions. Dance is medium of expressing love. But what if dance is your first love?
With you I Dance is a romantic story of Meera and her love for a dance form called Ballet. Abeer is her love interest; he is her motivation, her support but ballet is her first love. Meera had only one dream since she was three; to become a ballerina. She fights with her parents and convinces them to let her go to New York to join the prestigious ballet company there. But on the day her long cherished dream was gonna come true, she freezes on stage before her first big performance and destroys her future prospectus. Heartbroken she comes back home to Mumbai.
After she comes back, she faces another dilemma which each and every Indian girl faces once she comes to a marriageable age. But she doesn’t want to get married, she wants to start her own ballet school and fulfill her dream. Since she has to prove to her parents that she can run a business of which she has zero idea or experience she seeks help of her childhood friend Zoya. But she comes face to face with Abeer whom she loves and had left on that unfateful night without any answer or explanation.
Will Meera face her inner demons and rise? Will Abeer take her back in his life?

to read more about my review click on link below to my blog
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June 17, 2016
************** I got a free review copy in exchange of an honest review. ***************

With You I Dance is not a typical romantic novel but a unique and sweet love story of two complex characters.

The readers are taken on a roller coaster journey by the author where they learn to fall in love with themselves. No one is perfect in this world and the author teaches us to accept ourselves the way we are, with all our flaws and yet feel proud to be what we are. It is a story about life that is full of challenges, second chances, a story about chasing our dreams, and about fulfilling them by never giving up. Sometimes in order to put things right we end up making matters worse and then are left confused as to what is right and what is wrong. But the beauty of WithYouIDance is that the protagonist comes out triumphant from the chaos of life.

The reader gets hooked to the book right from the beginning. One can feel the pain, the joys and the struggles of the protagonist while reading the novel. And how can I forget Abeer? His character is simply adorable.

This is the first book by the author that I read , so I was reading it with a fresh and neutral perspective without much clue about what to expect. The author has done a commendable job in weaving a beautiful tale of a young girl’s journey and her never say die attitude.
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October 27, 2016
With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman is good book to read . It is 3rd or 4th book( I do not know must about it) which has traditionally published .I love Aarti ′s style of conveying stories but in this book I found it difficult understand Meera ′s behaviour not even once I have seen her shed tear which I feel has made the female look like an alien .And what is this ,Meera does not feel anything for Abeer but she wants him .Abeer on the other hand made me feel like a lazy smart ass whose only mission is to see Meera′s happiness .

I feel there was no dynamism in both the lead characters as they did not allow nature to heal their broken hearts .They wanted to do things by taking a slight revenge .

Apart from these flaws I love Meera′s respect towards her family especially Zoya who helps Meera to start her own dance academy despite certain issues .

I liked Zoya ‘s and Niketu′s character they are quiet interesting to read without these character the book would not have won million of hearts .All in All I can say With You I dance is excellent book to read during Diwali holidays .

Do read this book for Abeer′s smile and kisses he shares with Meera .

5 colourful stilettos
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December 10, 2016
With you I dance is a well crafted book with equal amounts of everything, placed in right nooks and corners, for entertaining the readers. It was a simple, neat and very precise tale containing limited proportions of varied emotions.

You can read the complete review here -
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August 18, 2016
WYID is a happy young romance that will bring dreams into your eyes - past ones and new ones - and a smile on your face.
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290 reviews
July 18, 2016
The book is an attempt at an Indian version of chiklit. Three stars for the acceptable language. Story line leaves much to be desired.
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