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Sam wants to go out but it's pouring with rain, so he and Grandpa decide to stay inside until the rain stops. Sam drinks hot chocolate and reads his books and dreams of adventures while Grandpa gets on with his important paperwork. Grandpa seems to have a VERY important letter to write. Then that very important letter has to be posted, despite the rain and floods. As they finally go outside, Sam and Grandpa have a magical adventure.

40 pages, Hardcover

First published April 1, 2016

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About the author

Sam Usher

60 books29 followers
Sam Usher’s first book, Can You See Sassoon?, was long-listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal. He is also the author and illustrator of Snow, Rain, and Sun, the companion books to Storm, the first of which was long-listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal. He lives in England.

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Profile Image for Hilary .
2,233 reviews398 followers
November 1, 2018
I've read a couple of books now by this author/illustrator and they follow the same pattern of a boy who wants to go out to see the rain/ the snow/ the wind, but Grandad takes a long time to get ready. I can see how children might empathise with the boys frustration of the adult world that doesn't or can't just rush straight out there. The stories are all very 'every day' life experiences until towards the end of each story where something impossible or extraordinary happens. In this story on the way to post a letter in the rain they go to Venice and try a gondola.

The story was nice enough, one I would happily take out of the library but not buy or read more than once. The illustrations were nice in places, they have a Quentin Blake feel to them, but not as good. I found the illustrations slightly dated and I didn't like the colours.
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Author 2 books80 followers
October 28, 2018
Πολύ χαριτωμένη εικονογράφηση. Βλέπω κάποια παράπονα στις κριτικές σχετικά με το πόσο απλή είναι η ιστορία. Η ιστορία είναι όντως απλή, απευθύνεται σε μικρά παιδιά που θέλουν να αγγίξουν την εικόνα, να γεμίσει το βλέμμα τους φαντασία και να ακούσουν μερικά απλά λογάκια την ώρα που θα πασπατεύουν το ανοιχτό (θέλω να ελπίζω) βιβλίο.
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1,717 reviews32 followers
March 25, 2017
The real winner and story teller of the book is the illustrations as they tell the story that words can't convey - a boy's imagation and desire to explore and enjoy.

It's raining. It keeps raining and the boy really wants to go explore the puddles, catch drops in his mouth, and envision and experience the imaginary as he splashes and dashes through the rain. Granddad is busy writing a letter and other things grandpops do until when finally the rain stops and he says, "let's go."

The adventure begins. The illustrations capture ships, pirates, flags, and oh so much more that runs through the mind of the boy as he enjoys his adventure.
A lovely hardcover book with glorious shinny spot gloss drops on the cover and inside you’ll find the enchanting and lively illustrations by the talented Sam Usher. A sure winner.

DISCLOSURE: I reeived a complimentary copy from Candlewick Press to facilitate a review of my personal opinions which are freely given
Profile Image for Nick Swarbrick.
312 reviews32 followers
March 18, 2019
Another charming book in this series about weather - and this time we are confronted by the adult (Grandpa) putting off going out because of the rain: the child reader can surely identify with this. However, the eventual expedition is well worth the wait...
Profile Image for Connie T..
949 reviews4 followers
August 24, 2017
The cover, with its the raised raindrops, immediately drew me into the book. The end papers continue to reflect the theme and draw the reader along. The art is bright and colorful when it's telling the story of a boy who wants to go out and play in the rain. Interspersed with this is the story of a busy grandfather who tells the boy they must wait for the rain to end. Each time the grandfather says "no" there's a double page spread showing a gray outside world with rising water in the street. Finally, the grandfather's chores are done and the pair venture out in the world. It's at this point that my bubble is burst. The double page spread is a very busy, imaginative scene. Is this the boy's imagination at work, transforming a wet neighborhood? Do they live in Venice with canal boats? This leap just doesn't work for me. I would have preferred to see the everyday street transformed by the flooding yet looking very real.
Profile Image for Amanda.
3,654 reviews30 followers
May 6, 2017
From the moment I saw the cover with the raised-up, blobby raindrops on it, I knew this would be a book that was worth waiting for, and I was right! From the same author of Snow, the magic continues on a rainy day with further adventures for our hero and Grandad. Perfectly lovely.
Profile Image for Charly.
39 reviews18 followers
November 21, 2017
Beautiful illustrations, can't stop re-reading to look at them again and again. Lovely narrative but the majority of the story is told through the pictures.
Profile Image for Mel.
501 reviews16 followers
March 19, 2022
A nice story about a boy waiting with his grandpa for the rain to stop so they can go out on an adventure. Really wholesome and I loved that artwork in it. My son really liked the raindrop textures on the cover.
Profile Image for Brenda Kahn.
3,666 reviews53 followers
March 19, 2017
A beautiful picture book about a young boy who eagerly waits to go out with his grandfather on a rainy day. The gorgeous illustrations kind of remind me of a less-busy style of Peter Spier. Lots of lovely detail and bleeding watercolors. The kids I read this to asked me to borrow Snow from the public library.
Profile Image for Alex  Baugh.
1,954 reviews108 followers
March 20, 2017
Sam really wants to go out and play in the rain, there are raindrops to catch, puddles to splash in, adventures to have. But when he asks Grandpa if they can go out and play, Grandpa says to wait till the rain stops, But will is ever stop? Meanwhile, Grandpa sits and writes his important letter, over and over and over, trying to get it right. Until, finally, the rain stops and Grandpa's letter is finished. Did Sam and Grandpa miss all the fun of a rainy day? No siree bob, they did not. The rain just wasn't finished, after all.
You couldn't ask for a more perfect rainy day book. Every kid will relate to Sam's desire to get out of the house and have some fun. More than that, young readers will have some fun spotting Sam's stories and toys in his adventures when he finally gets out of the house. Fans of Sam Usher's Snow are already familiar with Sam and his Grandpa, and Usher follows the same story structure in Rain as in that book, and newcomers are sure to want more Sam and Grandpa after reading Rain.
Usher's ink and watercolor illustrations reflect the wetness of the rain, the dryness of the house, and vividness of Sam's imagination.
Profile Image for Heidi.
2,648 reviews53 followers
April 17, 2017
A young boy wakes up to pouring rain, but unlike many people, he's thrilled as he thinks of all the adventures he can have in the rain. But his grandfather is not so eager to go out in the rain so he asks Sam to wait and wait and wait. After each time the grandfather asks Sam to wait the illustrator presents a full two-page spread. And the reader gets to watch the water level rise in each of these two-page spreads. When Sam and his grandfather do finally go outside I admit I was a bit surprised at the result, especially as it's apparent that the street is flooded. But needless to say, Sam gets his adventure after all. Usher has created a wonderful ode to the wonders of a rain-drenched world.
Profile Image for Cheriee Weichel.
2,427 reviews34 followers
September 29, 2018
This is my second Sam Usher book this week and I am becoming increasingly fond of his work and this granddad and grandson. It’s raining and the younger one wants to go out and do the usual outdoor rain stuff, like catch raindrops and splash in puddles. The elder wants to wait for the rain to stop. They wait and they wait. The grandson comes up with imaginative ideas of what he wants to do. They wait and wait until finally it stops and they head outside into a magical world.
Profile Image for ara.
26 reviews
December 6, 2021
I read this book when I was 22yo! It's amazing since this book comfort me in a beautiful way. I guess this book attract my innerchild and gives me a nostalgic feeling. I used to see rain as a time to be melancholic, but this child in the book was thrilled when he sees rain. Small things can make him happy in a gloomy day. Love it!
Profile Image for Aaron W. Matthews.
173 reviews12 followers
June 13, 2019
Excellently illustrated. Simple story. Great for a 3-6 year old. If your child is like mine, you’ll re-read this multiple times, but that’s okay because it’s about a 4-minute read if you stretch it out.
Profile Image for Elaine.
820 reviews14 followers
April 19, 2017
Simple, but well constructed story with gorgeous illustrations!
36 reviews
April 16, 2018
"Rain" by Sam Usher tells of a little boy named Sam who wakes up one morning and it was raining. He could not wait to get outside and play in the rain and jump in the puddles. However, his grandfather will not let him go outside because he is writing an important letter. After waiting and pleading to go outside, it was finally time for grandfather and Sam to go out. Sam mailed his grandfathers letter and they came back and drank hot chocolate. Sam hoped for it to rain again tomorrow. I loved the illustrations in this book as I feel that they accurately displayed Sams yearning for adventure and grandfathers seriousness when writing his "very important letter." But I did not care for the story. I found it to be boring and the main character to be whiny.
Profile Image for Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*.
6,001 reviews185 followers
July 8, 2020
Rain by Sam Usher. PICTURE BOOK. Templar, 2017. $17.



It’s raining and a young boy wants to go out and play. Will the rain stop or will he set off through the downpour to have an adventure with his granddad?

A plot that is at times a bit confusing, as though some pages are missing, is greatly helped by illustrations reminiscent of Quentin Blake. Younger readers should be able to overlook content weaknesses and instead enjoy the imagery of a cold wet day and feel cozy throughout the read.

Profile Image for Olivia S.
705 reviews5 followers
March 20, 2018
The cover of this book is so neat, and a lot of the illustrations, especially of the rainy street, are cool. The story is pretty weak, though. A boy wants to go outside and play and have adventures in the rain, but his grandpa keeps saying no. When grandpa needs to mail an important letter, they go outside and the rain has stopped. Even though it starts raining again while they're out, apparently grandpa's need to mail the letter is more important than the boy's desire to play in the rain earlier, because they stay out in the rain. The boy enjoys it and hopes for more rain tomorrow. Blah.
Profile Image for Abby Hargreaves.
341 reviews39 followers
July 13, 2017
Rain is a cute and quick read with watercolor illustrations reminiscent of old Roald Dahl covers. As a tribute to rain, Rain reiterates the magic of cloudy weather and imagination. The cover is especially innovative with shiny rain drops and a title that seems to be carved out of fog on a window. Lovely and old fashioned, this book is good for both one-on-one and storytime.
151 reviews2 followers
July 27, 2019
This is a tale of a young boy's imagination when it rains, with which every child - but maybe not every adult - will identify. Our young (unnamed) storyteller wants to go outside into the rain, not just to catch raindrops in his mouth, splash in puddles or enjoy reflections in them, but to voyage with sea monsters to a floating city with fancy acrobats and musical boatmen. Perhaps I, as an adult reading this book, learned more about how children see the world than a child would who already sees such potential in it! The engaging predictability for young readers of asking the same question repeatedly is employed here: 'but did the rain stop?'; it's followed each time by the beauty of a double-page water-colour spread accompanied solely by the single word answer 'yes' or 'no', located subtly hidden on the page. Eventually, the rain stops and grandad and young boy enjoy a Venetian carnival boat journey illustrated with such detail that you could spot features in it for some minutes, or design some simple creative writing classroom task for children purely out of it - even if in reality, Sam Usher makes it clear to us that the two characters have simply gone out amongst the puddles and raindrops to post a letter. Perhaps I was left slightly confused as to why the grandfather justifies waiting so long for the rain to stop by telling his grandson 'the very best things are always worth waiting for': if this is a message of patience, it potentially comes across closer to selfishness! Nevertheless, it's an endearing story that encourages children to use their imagination to consider everyday realities such as the weather. I wonder what children in a KS1 class might find concealed taking place in a storm, a hot sunny day or a wintry snow? Subsequent investigation reveals Sam Usher has also written books entitled 'Sun' and 'Snow', so perhaps KS1 pupils completing National Curriculum Science and Geography weather requirements might be able to use grandad and grandson's further adventures to investigate the weather more, and simultaneously make creative links worldwide around it.
Profile Image for ade.
272 reviews16 followers
December 26, 2020
Buku Rain ini sebenernya adalah buku bergambar, karena emang beneran full buku bergambar (apasih), kisahnya memang tentang Sam yang ga sabar pengin keluar rumah, padahal saat itu lagi hujan. Sam ini tinggal sama kakek, dan kakek bilang ke Sam, untuk menunggu hujan reda baru keluar rumah, kebetulan Sang Kakek memang ingin keluar rumah untuk ke Box Surat, ada surat penting yang harus ia kirim. Jadi sembari menunggu hujan reda, sang kakek pun melanjutkan Kembali menulis surat.

Sementara Sam? Ia terus menerus melihat keluar jendela, sembari berpikir kapan kah hujan ini reda..

Pada akhirnya, Ketika hujan reda, Sam dan Kakek keluar rumah, dari situ Sam menyadari, ternyata menunggu itu memiliki moment terbaik sendiri, karena akan banyak hal indah yang didapatkan dari menunggu. Saat keluar rumah Sam begitu bahagia, ia melewati genangan air, bertemu banyak orang. Hujan Kembali turun di tengah perjalanan tapi memori indah yang sam lalui begitu banyak.

“You See, The Very BEST Things are always worth waiting for”

Buku ini memang terlihat simple, tapi makna nya dalam sih, bagaimana mengajarkan kita untuk sabar, untuk menunggu guna mendapatkan hasil yang jauhh lebih baik. Sama sih kayak kita memiliki keinginan tapi tak kunjung dikabulkan, padahal sebenarnya ada hal indah yang jauh lebih baik dari keinginan kita itu.

Sebagai buku bergambar, illustrasi di Rain ini sangat colourful, khas komik amerika gitu sih, jadi ga bosen bacanya, bukunya juga super duper tipis, beberapa menit juga kelar, dan kayaknya kalau lagi butuh motivasi, bisa baca berulang-ulang untuk menambah semangat.
April 29, 2019
Rain, is a children's book about a little boy who LOVES to play in the rain. One day while it is pouring down rain, the little boy asks his grandpa to go outside! Unfortunately, his grandpa tells him no. The little boy continues to ask his grandpa to go outside and play, but he keeps saying no! Eventually, after the rain stops, the little boy and his grandpa go outside. While they are outside, they have this whimsical adventure and enjoy their time outside together! The little boy learns that sometimes it is better to wait!

I loved this book and thought that it was so cute! The cover of this book was super cool as it was textured, and the illustrations inside were beautiful! I thought the message of this story was also super important, as it emphasizes the importance of waiting. Because sometimes, the best is yet to come!

You could use this book in a classroom for a weather unit for little kids! You could talk about the different types of weather and read this book as you talk about rain. You could ask the kids what they do in the rain, what they wear, and how they feel when it rains. For a little bit of an older age, you could print out sequencing cards and have the students retell what happens in the story.
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769 reviews30 followers
August 1, 2020
I wanted to like this more than I did. It's a story of a little boy who wants to go play in the rain, but his grandfather makes him wait until he (the grandfather) has received and replied to a very important letter. By the time they go out, the street has flooded so completely, I'd be panicking about water splashing over the doorstep and into the house, not to mention whatever is going on in the basement you can no longer see. I liked the book until that point. Once they leave the house, I am confused as to whether the gondolas are real or imaginary. Same with acrobats & such. The boy mentions wanting to visit the floating city & see the acrobats & carnivals & musical boatmen, but...if a gondola picks you up from your flooded front steps, doesn't that mean you already LIVE there?? Or maybe some of it is supposed to be real? Or...?
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