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Stockholm Diaries #2

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2

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A beautiful photographer searching for her own path
A pro hockey player trying to leave his rough past behind
Do they have what it takes to make a relationship work?

This is a full-length, stand-alone episode in Caroline and Niklas’s relationship… but their journey is best enjoyed if you start from the beginning of their story, Stockholm Diaries, Caroline.

234 pages, ebook

First published April 5, 2016

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About the author

Rebecca Hunter

40 books550 followers
"The characters are likable and believable, and the sexual chemistry is intense. For those looking for a quick, smoking-hot read, this latest from Hunter will be sure to set them on fire while still embracing a romantic, feel-good vibe." - from Library Journal's starred review of Best Laid Plans

"Hunter has written her protagonists with great depth, carefully revealing how their pasts have shaped their personalities in this page-turner, which is filled with vivid sex scenes and intense emotion." - from Publishers' Weekly's review of One More Night

Rebecca Hunter is an award-winning author, reader, traveler, former English teacher, chocolate lover, and keeper of a very messy desk. She writes witty, sexy stories about complex characters and intriguing destinations. Her books have won the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award (NERFA), the HOLT Medallion contest, and Romance Writers of America's inaugural VIVIAN award.

For the latest news, free bonus stories and more, sign up for Rebecca's newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/dslDQf

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2,940 reviews38 followers
January 10, 2019
This was a good ending to their story. It starts off with Niklas and Caroline spending the summer together. Of course once the summer is over they have to decide on what comes next. They both have different things going on in their lives. However, by the end they both realize that their lives aren't anything without each other.
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1,534 reviews53 followers
April 22, 2020
I actually preferred the first book but was keen to see how they managed to get their happy ever after. It's well written and the hero is just delicious!! I was not so keen on Caroline as a lot of the time, I just could not figure out why she behaved as she did. However, Rebecca's writing is so good that you keep reading !!
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333 reviews
January 12, 2020
I enjoyed this book but found many of the themes and issues similar to the first book. Quick note - if you haven't read Book 1, you need to as Book 2 isn't a standalone. The book picks up in Hawaii where Niklas and Caroline are at the end of their holiday. They face the same decisions plaguing them in the previous novel: will Niklas' career and Caroline's desire to fulfil her professional dreams and choose her own path stop them from having a long-term relationship. When Niklas is offered a possible chance to get a contract with his old Detroit team and be close to Caroline, can she fit her plans into a life with him and will his problems from the past be an issue?

I had a few issues with this book that stopped me from giving it 5 stars and most of them centred around Caroline's character. I found a lot of the problems she raised were repetitive, especially if you've only recently read Book 1, which I had. She was still bringing up her past relationship with her ex, Brad, her determination to be a starving artist that makes it on her own and highlighting every negative thing that wasn't going her way without offering solutions to her dilemmas. She was very woe is me. It almost felt as though she was constantly trying to convince herself not to be with Niklas and if the author hadn't done such a solid job of describing the characters, you'd almost think she was self-destructive.

Caroline continued with her negative inner monologue that went back and forth with the 'will I or won't I' in regards to a future with Niklas. I understand that she didn't want to give up her dreams for a man only to regret it later but she really took this to the nth degree to the point where she was coming across as selfish and Niklas seemed to be the only one invested in the success of their relationship. She'd constantly go over what she perceived to be her problems (Niklaus leaving and her going her own way without him) and was pessimistic and extremely insecure which became frustrating for me to read. Caroline would make passive-aggressive comments and was constantly jealous of any female that looked at Niklas while being a little judgmental and quick to incorrectly assume what his thoughts, feelings and motives were. As you might be getting from my description, I was almost over Caroline and if it wasn't for the great role Niklas played, I might have been well and truly done.

Niklas, on the other hand, made the book. He was borderline perfection in a partner: compassionate, understanding, self-sacrificing and constantly putting himself on an emotional platter for Caroline to make her happy and feel secure in their relationship. He was always reassuring her that she was the one and, thank goodness, was the mature one in the relationship who could rationally look at their options and commit to a future as he worshipped the ground she walked on. There were some great steamy scenes as well :)

Overall, it was still a decent read, but Caroline's character started to get to me. Luckily, Niklas was a perfect book boyfriend and we were able to get a really lovely ending.
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1,878 reviews
December 28, 2018
In book two we catch up with Caroline and Niklas at the end of their travels and real life decision.
Will she go back to Stockholm with Niklas or stay in Detroit for a while and try to make a name for herself as a photographer.
For Niklas, its about either staying in Detroit to play for the Redwings or returning to Sweden to play for Djurgården, his former hockey team who offered him a one-year contract.
The struggle to have a life together in Detroit is not easy as her ex- is there and he isa nasty piece of work.
And being back in Detroit her dreams are suddenly suppressed .Caroline has feeling like she cannot be the person she wants to be.
Niklas, on the other hand, is willing to do whatever it takes for them to be together, but he wants to know that Caroline is all-in.
Caroline’s fear of giving herself to Niklas is completely understandable.She had such a sheltered life--with her parents trying to make decisions for her, then Brad taking over her life and making her set aside her dreams.
Will she finally believe that he is not her ex?
Really enjoyed this story and it was wonderful to see Caroline and Niklas come full circle.
Now I wonder if they’ll go to Mexico together, to meet her family there

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,604 reviews3 followers
January 24, 2019
this is the continuation of caraline and niklas journey to HEA. Although this is 2nd and has same characters this is a standalone.in order to understand everything I would defiantly read the first. The author does a great job with the characters and keeping the story going. I can't wait for more from this author

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
11.3k reviews49 followers
January 25, 2019
They have landed in Detroit and he has a chance of making it back into a team. She still wants to follow her dreams. Can she still do that and have him? Will be let her go?.Will she get her dreams? See if it will work out

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
11 reviews
March 9, 2019
Characters you care about

The author takes the time and has the talent to develop the characters as real, complicated people. I enjoyed how the woman chose to stay with her dream and her promise to herself, but still resolved her relationship. I will definitely be reading more of her books.
3,305 reviews27 followers
December 21, 2018
The book is a good romance read. The story has a good story line. The characters are good. The story is a good love story read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
3,536 reviews
December 22, 2018
Niklas and Caroline's story continues in this book and they're in their impasse about how do they continue leaving and how to mesh their lifes.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,558 reviews15 followers
January 12, 2019
A captivating storyline continues. Good chemistry with the characters. Well written book, I liked reading it. It was a pleasured to read and review it.
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992 reviews6 followers
January 22, 2019
I got sucked in with the first page fast paced as the real dilemma as the characters journey through their relationship and detail provided to wet the reader interest.

April 11, 2016
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book is the second part of Caroline and Nicklas's story. We followed inmediately after the "almost happy final" of book 1, but soon realize that there is much more that the couple have to face to truly have a happy ending.

We encounter the couple in a "stolen time", in "vacation". Nicklas has free time due to no-hockey season, and launched to acompany Caroline in her traveling while she does her photography. They're away from all responsibilities and the issues that can jeopardize their relationship, so is obvious that are very reluctant to return to reality. Caroline more so, that she doesn't even want to discuss what will they do after.

First of all, I have to say that after all the agnst in the first book, and the more agnst I was sure was going to be in this one...I wanted to relish a little more in their happy time than just a few pages!! Seriously!! We suffer enough in book 1, we deserved more fluffy time!! xD I agree that more than a couple of chapters would have been pointless for the plot, but still...we deserved it!!! hahah at least a more lengthy chapter with gushyness!! but well, obviously the author wanted more sustance and that the plot stays on point, because it wouldn't have really add to the story the gushiness and could've lost it's value....but we can wish :P

From there we face the reality abruptly, and not in a way that changes too drastically to believe, but in how life really works. Every bought time ends with facing all the issues and problems at once, just how it is.

The couple have to face with Nicklas career. Caroline was set on returning to her home town and searching for work around there but still open and hoping for more travel. While Nicklas have to decided if searching for a job in her hometown, return to his previous team where he would face really difficult times because of the "troubles of his past", is the right choice to continue their relantionship. Or to try to sell the idea of coming together to Sweeden is the best.

Caroline, who ran away from her previous life in search of her independency and finding out who she is, and what she really wants, is afraid of her feelings for Nicklas, to leave everything for him, and to blindly follow him. Which is what she supposely left Brad for.
And all her issues are what every young girl goes from in this age, the ones who want independency and had fears of this kind of relationships because of what they represent. Especially with that background. So well done Rebecca!!Again we identify with this amazing character!!

Also I love the other issues that the author present. Caroline's catholic background; her racial issues, to be considered the stranger in Sweeden because of her mexican legacy; the worries of her parents that are conservative and would frown upon her status (living together but no prospects of marriage) with Nicklas; her doubts and feeling conserning sex and questioning is right to feel that. Maybe now it is no so much an issue now as a few decades before, now that there is more talk about women's sexuality. But in her background, in latinamerican families, in catholic families is still an issue to have certain doubts. And I loved that the author talk about this, and in such a respecting manner, to not hurt anyone with certain views. :)

When you want independency, it's truly a fear to lose it for someone, to leave everything for the unknown, specially when you have only met the other person for a few months, is really a huge risk despite the certainty of loving him. The author really achieved their compromise in this point, so neither would resent the other for their career choices, and could make a strong foundation for their relationship.

Of course you can't forget Nicklas!! The truyly hot, sensitive hockey player who already knows Caroline is who she wants and won't doubt to do whatever necessary. I really felt for him when Caroline had her concerns and he thought that he wasn't a priority. But he truly understand her problems, which made me love him more *.* He respect her, and tried to come to a solution for them, to continue as a couple. He really was the best in every way. And a truyly romantic! haha

Again, I truly loved this book!! :D you really loved this couple because they face real issues, adult problems, and come through stronger and more in love.

totally recomend it for everyone!! :D
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Author 23 books267 followers
April 23, 2016
After reading the first book in the Stockholm Diaries series, I absolutely had to read Book 2. Now we catch up with Caroline and Niklas at the tail end of their travels and real life is looming before them. For Caroline, it means finally deciding if she'll go back to Stockholm with Niklas or stay in Detroit for a while and try to make a name for herself as a travel photographer. For Niklas, it's about either staying in Detroit to play for the Red Wings (even though he's not really so keen on the idea of returning to the team after allegation that he'd abused a woman when in reality it was one of his teammates who was the culprit, but it would mean he and Caroline could be together) or returning to Sweden to play for Djurgården, his former hockey team who've offered him a one-year contract.

Throughout the book, we see the struggle both Caroline and Niklas are having with trying to have a life together in Detroit. Her ex- is there and he's a nasty piece of work. And being back in Detroit suddenly has Caroline feeling like she cannot be the person she wants to be. But she is afraid to take the plunge and leave the security of what she knows. Niklas, on the other hand, is willing to do whatever it takes for them to be together, but he wants to know that Caroline is all-in. And sometimes it feels like she isn't, which plays into his insecurities.

I really like how this series shows the pitfalls of being in a multicultural relationship as well as what's so wonderful about it. I also like how Rebecca has created an alpha male in Niklas without turning him into an asshole. I *really* hate this alpha male as jerk trend. I don't care how good they are in bed, a jerk is a jerk. And Niklas is NOT a jerk. I also found Caroline's fear of giving herself to Niklas completely to be believable. She has had such a sheltered life--with her parents trying to make decisions for her, then Brad taking over her life and making her set aside her dreams, so it's understandable that she is afraid of the same thing happening with Niklas.

I missed more of Stockholm in this story, but I knew it would mostly take place in Michigan. Really enjoyed this story and it was wonderful to see Caroline and Niklas come full circle. Now I wonder if they'll go to Mexico together, to meet her family there. :)
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1,509 reviews44 followers
October 10, 2016
* I received an ebook in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. *

This is the continuation of Niklas and Caroline's whirlwind romance that we read about in book 1. Book 1 didn't end as a cliffhanger, but the author decided to continue with their story and what happens next. This can be read as a stand-alone book but to completely understand everything that is going on you should read book 1 first.

I am not gonna lie, I wanted to love this book, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. I felt like at times the author was reaching for a storyline and at times she went too far off track. I enjoyed the relationship that they had built for themselves but then the doubt would creep in and it was a bit too much for the reader. I understand the reasoning behind the book, however, I felt like the author should have left perfect alone.

This story will have the reader groaning, becoming angry and at times wanting to curse the author for the characters actions and the problems that the couple encounter. Don't be dismayed by the change in the relationship, as there is plenty of tension, anger and avoidance in this one. The author will redeem herself and her characters before we reach the end! Overall this wasn't a terrible read, just not my favorite by this author. Don't miss out on this amazing author - start with her first book and keep going, she will instantly move to the top of your favorite author list!

***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.facebook.com/NerdGirl.ng ***
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1,181 reviews53 followers
March 31, 2016
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book starts off as Caroline and Niklas near their end of their travels and head to Detroit. Signalling the finale of their time together without other commitments, the book follows the character’s struggles as they try and plan a future together without either of them giving up what matters to them most.
It was a masterfully woven tale, so full of tension I couldn’t bear to put it down.

Rebecca Hunter has a talent for writing characters who feel unbelievably real. Caroline is still so fiercely stuck in the mistakes of her past she has trouble reconciling her future. She was so beautifully crafted you couldn’t help but wish to be a guiding hand on her journey.
Niklas has already given so much, and continues to do so. Honestly, I couldn’t fault any of his decisions as a character. He knew what that relationship would withstand, and didn’t overstep when push came to shove. I think his strength carried this story.
I loved the conflict of two people trying to meld their separate lives together, and the beautiful conclusion. Like the previous Caroline novel, we get a perfect happy ending.
Profile Image for Rebecca Hunter.
Author 40 books550 followers
February 27, 2016
Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, wasn't meant to be a series. But not long after the book was published, some readers asked, "What happens next?" I decided it would be fun to follow the readers' question: what happens after Niklas and Caroline's (first) happily ever after?

I began by writing a short story about the next step in their relationship, and that led to lots of ideas about different possible places to pick up on their adventure. Eventually, I decided to set a lot of the second novel in Detroit. I grew up in Michigan, and writing about it gives me the chance to "live" there again!

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2 picks up on some of threads of the first book, including hockey (of course), career vs. love, and seeing the world through the lens of a camera. I hope you enjoy reading the next episode in their story!
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307 reviews6 followers
April 14, 2016
Second book
God I loved this book
Caroline and Nick story continued
A photographer and a pro hockey player
The story starts out with them on there travel after he ran after her ....lovely
Then it all changes once they head back
Can life stay the same or will reality break there little bubble
Love can best anything or can it .......
This story is well written and the story will grip you making you unable to put it down .
I loved every minute of this read
Profile Image for Carole.
824 reviews
May 2, 2016
The story was interesting but I was irritated with Caroline.
She just couldn't see the bigger picture.
You have to love the patience of Niklas.
I feel he is too good for her.
I do enjoy Rebecca Hunter's writing style even though I wasn't fussed on Caroline.
This series will appeal to those that have the travel bug.
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