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Dear Reader,

Like handshakes, house pets, or raw carrots, many things are preferable when not slippery. Unfortunately, in this miserable volume, I am afraid that Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire run into more than their fair share of slipperiness during their harrowing journey up--and down--a range of strange and distressing mountains.

In order to spare you any further repulsion, it would be best not to mention any of the unpleasant details of this story, particularly a secret message, a toboggan, a deceitful map, a swarm of snow gnats, a scheming villain, a troupe of organized youngsters, a covered casserole dish, and a surprising survivor of a terrible fire.

Unfortunately, I have dedicated my life to researching and recording the sad tale of the Baudelaire orphans. There is no reason for you to dedicate your-self to such things, and you might instead dedicate yourself to letting this slippery book slip from your hands into a nearby trash receptacle, or deep pit.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

337 pages, Hardcover

First published September 23, 2003

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Lemony Snicket

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Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood. His previous published works include the thirteen volumes in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Composer is Dead, and 13 Words. His new series is All The Wrong Questions.

For A Series of Unfortunate Events:

For All The Wrong Questions:

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357 reviews623 followers
March 25, 2023
Slippery SADNESS.

After leaving Caligari Carnival and Olivia the people pleaser behind, the self-sustaining Baudelaire travel to Mortmain Mountain; the secret location of the last headquarters of VFD; during their climb they meet a blast from the past, Carmelita Spats, the ultimate cakesniffer. The orphans then start a perilous ascent to rescue their kidnapped sister Sunny, and they befriend Quigley, the missing Quagmire triplet. A brief respite of research takes place; until they find Count Olaf at the peak and, unlike any other book before, calamity strikes again.

Ok, VFD doesn’t mean Very Fancy Doilies, or Village of Fowl Devotees, or Volunteers Fighting Disease, or even Valley of the Four Drafts. What VFD actually means is Volunteers Fire Department! This is so exciting!! I must have over-trusting idiot written on my forehead because I keep falling for these plot twists every single time! LOVED Quigley and his unwavering dedication to find his missing siblings, a noble soul just like Duncan and Isadora, the kind of friend the orphans need so much. Totally HATED Count Olaf, a heartless monster that likes to steal fortunes and throw babies from high peaks. And HATED her Royal Esmeship, a totally unfashionable girlfriend that likes horrible dresses and is overly obsessed with sugar bowls. The Baudelaire murderers and arsonists still fugitives, but ever so close to finding the truth that will finally set them free.

Another interesting sequel. The self-sustaining Baudelaire still strong and overcoming every calamity that befalls them. And now spiritually stronger and refusing to use Olaf’s tactics and villainous ways, like disguising, lying or trapping people into pits. Sunny stealing the spotlight and becoming so much more than a baby. Olaf getting cornered and starting to suffer several losses in his gang, although gaining some allies too. The plot keeps thickening, but the Baudelaire family is back together, and the secrets of VFD and the sugar bowl so much closer.

[2003] [337p] [Children’s] [3.5] [Almost Recommendable] [Baudelaire fugitives] [Quigley the cartographer <3] [White-Faced Women change of heart] [Die Olaf DIE!] [Die Esme DIE!] [Carmelita Spats is back <3 <\3] [Sunny is not a baby anymore <3]

★★★★☆ 1. The Bad Beginning [3.5]
★★★★☆ 2. The Reptile Room [3.5]
★★★☆☆ 3. The Wide Window
★★☆☆☆ 4. The Miserable Mill [2,5]
★★★★★ 5. The Austere Academy [4.5]
★★★☆☆ 6. The Ersatz Elevator
★★★★★ 7. The Vile Village
★☆☆☆☆ 8. The Hostile Hospital
★★★☆☆ 9. The Carnivorous Carnival [3.5]
★★★☆☆ 10. The Slippery Slope [3.5]
★★★★☆ 11. The Grim Grotto
★★★☆☆ 12. The Penultimate Peril [3.5]
★★★★☆ 13. The End
★★★★☆ 14. The Complete Wreck


TRISTEZA Resbaladiza.

Después de dejar el Carnaval Caligari y a Olivia la complaciente atrás, los autosuficientes Baudelaire viajan a la Montaña Mortmain; el lugar secreto de la última base de comando de VFD; durante el viaje se encuentran con una bomba del pasado, Carmelita Spats, la oledora de pasteles por excelencia. Los huérfanos luego empiezan un peligroso ascenso para rescatar a su secuestrada hermana Sunny, y traban amistad con Quigley, el trillizo Quagmire perdido. Un breve respiro de investigación tiene lugar; hasta que hallan al Conde Olaf en la cima y, a diferencia de cualquier otro libro anterior, la calamidad golpea otra vez.

Ok. VFD no significa Vistosas para Fiestas Decorativas, o Villa de los Fieles Devotos, o Voluntarios Frente Deflagraciones, o incluso Valle Fuertes Vientos. ¡Lo que VFD realmente significa es Voluntarios Departamento contra Fuegos! ¡Esto es tan emocionante! Debo tener escrito idiota sobre confiado en mi frente porque sigo cayendo con estos giros de trama ¡una y otra vez! AME a Quigley y su inmovible dedicación para hallar a sus hermanos perdidos, un alma noble justo como Duncan e Isadora, el tipo de amigo que los huérfanos necesitan tanto. Totalmente ODIE a Olaf, un monstruo sin corazón que disfruta robar fortunas y arrojar bebés desde altas cumbres. Y también ODIE a Esme, una novia carente de moda que le gustan vestidos horribles y totalmente obsesionada con cuencos de azúcar. Los asesinos e incendiarios Baudelaire siguen aún fugitivos, pero cada vez más cerca de encontrar la verdad que finalmente los hará libres.

Otra interesante secuela. Los autosuficientes Baudelaire todavía fuertes y sobreponiéndose a cualquier calamidad que cae sobre ellos. Y ahora espiritualmente más fuertes y rehusándose a usar las tácticas de Olaf y sus formas villanescas, como disfrazarse, mentir o atrapar gente dentro de pozos. Sunny robando el protagonismo y convirtiéndose en mucho más que un bebé. Olaf arrinconado y empezando a sufrir varias pérdidas en su banda, aunque también ganando varios aliados. La trama se sigue espesando, pero la familia Baudelaire está reunida otra vez, y los secretos de VFD y el cuenco de azúcar mucho más cerca.

[2003] [337p] [Libro para Niños] [3.5] [Casi Recomendable] [Fugitivos Baudelaire] [Quigley el cartógrafo <3] [Cambio de corazón de las Mujeres Cara-Blanca] [Muere Olaf MUERE!] [Muere Esme MUERE!] [Carmelita Spats volvió <3 <\3] [Sunny ya no es una bebé <3]
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1,825 reviews48.6k followers
October 20, 2019
I have, in one way or another, been in the midst of rereading this series for several years.

Which is just fine with me. If there’s a way I can somehow read these books forever, hmu.

You may be tempted to say “Well Emma, there is. You could read a page of it every day for the rest of your life, or something like that.”

But I urge you to resist that temptation, because you will sound very very foolish. In fact, I dare you to so much as TRY to read a page of any of these stories and put it down. You can’t. Impossible. THEY’RE TOO FUN.

This is a particularly good installment in this very good series (and ignore the fact that I say that about just about every installment in this series) for reasons including the following:
- everything is starting to come together!!!
- Sunny is becoming a real character, rather than a bundle of sharp teeth and baby-talk jokes
- SECRETS are REVEALED (and the only thing I love more than secrets is the reveal of secrets)
- JOKES are HILARIOUS (this is always true of this series)

Mostly I am very pleasantly surprised, because I don’t remember this being a section of the Baudelaire story I’m especially fond of and here I am, fond.

What a treat.

Bottom line: Will I ever continue this reread?? Who knows! Probably! Three books to go!


i couldn't encapsulate my love for this series with all the adjectives in a Verbose, Fond Dictionary.

(more of a) review to come / 5 stars, obviously


yes, i'm confidently continuing this reread i began two years ago and put on pause one year ago. what about it
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Author 72 books51k followers
April 4, 2023
I'm getting boring with 3* for the last 8 volumes in the series ... this one drifts close to 2*.

The book opens with a double whammy of the oft-mentioned bad science combined with the not infrequent impossible-to-visualise scene.

The Mortmain Mountains are bizarrely cube-shaped and have the expected vast vertical cliffs... one of which our heroes are hurtling toward in a loose caravan. This then begs the question ... how is there a slope for them to hurtle down? And the broader question about how a car is driven to the top of the tallest such mountain...

Anyhow - this hurtling caravan is stopped with drag chute and by pouring a sticky combination of cooking ingredients on the wheels... a witches' brew containing as an ingredient that famously sticky substance ... uh ... olive oil...

Anyhow - we get some Quagmire action in this volume and ... wait for it ... snogging!

Sunny has a bunch of solo scenes with the enemy in which she shows her language, walking, and cooking skills all improving.

Olaaf is deserted by some old cronies and meets some new ones. Carmelita Spats is back - yay! And we get to see the VFD head-quarters, albeit in reduced circumstances.

The Sugar Bowl features - the ownership of which become the driving force behind much of the remaining series.

Um.. there's a frozen waterfall, a variety of highly strained VFD acronyms, including the somewhat risible Verbal Fridge Dialogue.

Issues of good vs evil and the greying of the space in between continue to feature.

Celyn enjoyed it - for me it was one of the weakest volumes, just not really managing to be much more than a collection of things that happened.

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1,014 reviews97 followers
September 18, 2019
The Slippery Slope, book number ten in A Series of Unfortunate Events, begins right where book nine left off. It’s as terrifying as ever with poor little Sunny Baudelaire now separated from her older siblings and in Count Olaf’s clutches. Not only is Sunny in danger, but Violet and Klaus are in their own horrifying predicament: speeding down the Mortmain Mountains in an uncontrolled caravan. As they descend further and further away from Sunny, they scramble to concoct a plan, and contemplate when and if they’ll be reunited with Sunny again.

Violet and Klaus moved closer to one another, and felt the icy winds of the Mortmain Mountains blow down the road less traveled and give them goosebumps. They looked at the dark and swirling waters of the Stricken Stream, and they looked down from the edge of the peak into the mist, and then looked at one another and shivered, not only at the fates they had avoided, but all the mysterious fates that lay ahead.

Every time we begin reading the next book in this series, it feels like a little more hope is lost, yet we must continue to find out the truth about what happened to the Baudelaires’ parents. It doesn’t matter how grimm things get, these kids are extremely intelligent, persevering, always polite, and incredibly strong; they stick together and pull themselves to safety time and time again.

Sunny’s been one of our favorite characters since the beginning, and she’s matured tremendously over the course of the series. Her character really shines in this book as it’s made clear that she’s simply too smart for Count Olaf and his accomplices in the Mortmain Mountains. It’s hilarious the things that she’s able to teach her older siblings too. We’re looking forward to discovering her part in solving the mystery of V.F.D. and of course their parents.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the recurring (and my favorite) themes in this series is loyalty, because the Baudelaires are willing to do anything for one another–even if it means risking their lives. They know that Count Olaf is wrong with all his despicable crimes, but at the same time (especially in this installment) they want to do what’s right. They find themselves “fighting fire with fire” and can’t ignore the thoughts running through their heads that two wrongs don’t make a right.

I’ve heard multiple people say that these books aren’t good for children, but I disagree. The books are educational, teaching a good amount of vocabulary and multiple idioms. Not only that, we just love these characters as they have so many good qualities. The constant adversity in their turbulent lives does seem negative, but what’s important is how they handle these situations, in my opinion.

What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.

Something else we appreciate is the way the author brings characters into the series that are mentioned in previous installments, and at other times connects them. It’s always a nice surprise.

Overall, this turned out to be an excellent addition to the series. The book was full of suspense! After the cliffhanger ending, we moved right on to book eleven which I’ll review soon.


You can also read this review @www.readrantrockandroll.com
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9,566 reviews56.6k followers
January 30, 2019
The Slippery Slope (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #10), Lemony Snicket
The Slippery Slope is the tenth novel in the children's novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. It was illustrated by Brett Helquist and released on September 23, 2003. In the novel, Violet and Klaus Baudelaire make their way up the Mortmain Mountains to rescue their sister Sunny from Count Olaf and his troupe. They meet Quigley Quagmire, a character who they thought to be dead, and visit the headquarters of a mysterious organization called "V.F.D." They are reunited with Sunny and manage to escape from Olaf. The book has received positive reviews and been translated into several different languages.
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز بیست و پنجم ماه آوریل سال 2011 میلادی
عنوان: آبشار یخ زده: مجموعه ماجراهای بچه‌‌ های بدشانس کتاب دهم؛ نویسنده: لیمونی اسنیکت؛ مترجم: رضا دهقان؛ تهران، ماهی، 1384؛ در 237 ص؛ شابک: 978964794804؛ چاپ سوم 1386؛ پنجم 1388؛ موضوع: داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان امریکایی - سده 21 م
عنوان: سراشیبی لغزنده؛ نویسنده: لیمونی اسنیکت؛ مترجم: حسین قنبری؛ مشهد، شریعه توس؛ 1384؛ در 276 ص؛ شابک: 9648557152؛
بودلرها در کوهستانی با «کوییگلی» برادر «ایزادورا» و «دانکن»، دو قلوهایی که در مدرسه دیدند، روبه رو می‌شوند و با کمک او «سانی» را نجات می‌دهند. ا. شربیانی
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282 reviews419 followers
April 19, 2018
UPDATE: 19/Jan/2017

Ignore everything I said before, I like this book more now that I've finished the entire series.

This series is REALLY dragging out. I'm so close to finishing it and discovering what everything means! BTW me giving a bunch of these books 3 & 2 stars does not me I don't like them.
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2,022 reviews185 followers
April 21, 2021
This story well and truly throws out the status quo of the previous novels. It’s refreshing and long overdue.

I loved all the information we got about V.F.D. It’s a lot more than I remembered getting.
Of course, there are always more questions that could be answered.

In my audiobook version, there is a (kinda annoying) song that is scattered throughout the chapters but plays in full at the end which was an interesting decision.
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673 reviews5,641 followers
July 17, 2020
A bit of an uneventful step-down from the Carnivorous Carnival and not an awful lot happened, and 10 books in, the repetitiveness is really grating. I still enjoy my time reading these books because they're short and I am intrigued, but I'm just waiting for this to be over now haha.
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597 reviews296 followers
May 21, 2020
همچنان حس می‌کنم دارن دور خودشون می‌چرخن و یه اتفاق بارها به سبک‌های مختلف اتفاق می‌افته... :))
واقعیتش حوصله‌م سر رفته و احتمالا ادامه‌ی جلدها رو سریع‌تر و سرسری بخونم تموم شه...
یادگاری از کتاب:
کمتر پیش میاد یه آدم کتابخون آدم بدجنسی باشه.
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324 reviews170 followers
March 26, 2017
I liked this one more than I thought I would!! Some of these books were starting to be a little redundant and it was getting kind of old :P But I liked this one a lot! We got to meet a certain new character and I was really happy about that person being introduced :D I can't say who because of spoilers lol It's hard to believe though that I only have three more books left in this series and then I am done!
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2,034 reviews1,421 followers
January 25, 2023
This is the tenth instalment in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series.

Sunny Baudelaire has been separated from her two elder siblings and is in Count Olaf's clutches without any means for escape. Must she use her own wits, and sharp teeth, to defeat him, or will Violet and Klaus be able to concoct a scheme to enter his lair and return their not-so-baby sister to safety?

Just like in the previous series instalment, this featured a return of many former enemies, all colluding together to bring about the Baudelaire's destruction and gain their wealth as their own. I loved seeing how all that had previously transpired led up to the present moment and how new reveals were made as continuously as new mystery were presented. This series was a mixture of fun and tragic, before now, but I am truly seeing how cleverly twisted and well-plotted it is, for the first time. All is not as it had previously appeared and there is far more to the sinister Count Olaf, the Baudelaire fortune, and the disappearance of the sibling's parents than there previously appearred to be.
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1,641 reviews123 followers
April 7, 2017
Audiobook. Narrator Tim Curry.

Yes, Tim Curry gets 100 stars!!! Woo-hoo! Hurray!!!

And....I love his "evil chuckle". Makes my "evil chuckle" come out and play. Lol

Mr. Curry's pronunciation of Count Olaf is a tad bit different than my pronunciation.

His: O'Laugh. Mine: Ol' Off. His seems to be more appropriate.

You can see how the author improved his stories. A Series of Unfortunate Events now seems more like a long continuous adventure. During the first four novels, it felt more like little "Unfortunate Events" with no cohesion.

Onward ho.....
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639 reviews1,038 followers
May 7, 2016
This one was funny and thrilling in parts though it did lag a bit for me and I don't know why. It took me a few days to get through this one. I'm glad we know who that scout really was and we've run into more mysteries. I'm interested to see how the last three books wrap all of this up.

Now starting The Grim Grotto! :)

- Richard
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245 reviews1,863 followers
January 22, 2018
Este ha estado súper guay y me encanta que por fin se estén empezando a descubrir COSAS. He muerto un poquito con la escena en la que se dan cuenta de que Sunny ya no es un bebé. Y ay, que después de tantos libros le tengo muchísimo cariño a los Baudelaire. Ya sólo tres libros más y se acabó. :(
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1,757 reviews757 followers
February 17, 2017
While this book did lag for me a bit at the beginning, once it got going it was fantastic! There's a lot of exciting reveals and discoveries that really makes this one of the more interesting books of the lot and starts to set up the end of the series. I think my favourite part though would have to be the immense growth we see in Sunny throughout the book. It's where she starts to really become a child rather than a baby. As per usual with this series, I really loved this book and can't wait to get started on the next in the series!
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236 reviews102 followers
October 15, 2022
Did you know the Baudelaire siblings have grown up? Well did ya? You do now. Yup, especially Sunny. She's no longer a baby. She's like a toddler pre-teen now or something. Lemony Snicket has beaten this idea into the readers' heads well and plenty here. Ok that's cool and all, but how old are they? He didn't really say or hint how much time has passed from book 1 until now. He still jokes that nobody can understand Sunny besides her siblings, but she's speaking plain English at this point. I guess he didn't want to be bothered with the details of time.

Regardless of their age, one thing is clear: the siblings are no longer running scared from Count Olaaf. I felt the tide shifting and this book solidified the concept that the siblings are now equal rivals to him instead of victims. We haven't had pesky guardians to interfere with them in quite some time and the siblings are fast learners to trickey equal to that of Count Olaaf. Refreshing entry as we get another supporting character. Even though everyone is scattered, there is definitely an anti-Olaaf resistance gathering.
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2,960 reviews485 followers
May 12, 2020
The books in this series are getting even more exciting as I continue my quest to follow the Baudelaire orphans on their unfortunate adventures. In the tenth installment, Klaus and Violet have to do some creative planning in order to reunite with Sunny who has been kidnapped by Count Olaf and his gang of villains. Some old favorites from past books re-appear and there are some delightful twists that deepen the mystery of V.F.D. and the Snicket file. I cannot believe that I stayed away from the series this long as it is such a fantastic read!

Goodreads review published 12/05/20
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196 reviews106 followers
February 17, 2019
2.5 stars. More complex writing in this one (for a middle grade book) and the author makes contradicting points like describing the mountains as square but also vertically sloping? However I did still enjoy it overall but it just wasn’t as engaging or interesting as some other books in the series.
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652 reviews89 followers
October 26, 2020
Well-read people are less likely to be evil

There was so much plot wise that happened in this book and still things i would like answered but i have a feeling that i will be waiting until book 12 or 13 to get those ones answered.

The two oldest children are separated from Sunny for the entire book as Count Olaf takes her from them after the events of book nine in hopes to get the fortune.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean that it's nonsense.

VFD is a massive symbol of this book right now and we finally get what the organisation stands for and it literally stands for 'Volunteer Fire Department'. Am i a little disappointed with what it stands for? 100% because i had a feeling that it would be something a lot more creative and i just feel let down with that name for the organisation.

For one thing i am glad that the story plot has moved away from the kids just moving from one caregiver to another because that's all the plot for books 1-7 were and i'm glad that the author finally moved away from that. I feel like in the last few books it's been just the children trying to survive on their own and see how much they've learned in their short time away from their parents.

A major character and huge plot turning point was in this book and i was completely shocked when i was reading this one because it was one i wasn't expecting. Quigley Quagmire one of the Quagmire triplets is actually alive and well after it being stated that he in fact died in a house fire much like the Baudelaire's parents and what i am most sad for is for Quigley and his siblings cause they all have no idea that he is in fact alive and well however has not seen them since that day.

Once again the Baudelaire children have escaped from count Olaf and only just and now they are on their way to wherever their next adventure is to unlock the truth about their parents and finally get the answers about everything.
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445 reviews83 followers
February 7, 2017

It's so hard to choose a favourite Quagmire.

...Just kidding, no it's not. Quigley is the best, hands down.

This was also more incredible than I remembered! So much information on VFD. We get to see more of Count Olaf's undisguised (literally) nastiness. There's the unexpected return of Carmelita Spats. We get to see Sunny be a hero in her own right (there's the surprisingly powerful quote "I'm not a baby"). There's the somewhat redemption of the white-faced women. There's the addition of two new villains: the man with a beard but no hair and the woman with hair but no beard. There's more hinting at our faithful narrator's role in this whole thing.

Basically, a lot of great and important things happen in this installment.
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3,398 reviews146 followers
February 27, 2016
The Slippery Slope is the tenth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events by American author, Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler). As we once again join the unlucky Baudelaire orphans, they find themselves separated: Sunny held captive in Count Olaf’s car while Violet and Klaus seem destined to perish in a runaway caravan down a steep hill.

Having narrowly escaped a burning hospital and already suffered the loss of their parents, the threat of marriage, slave labour, hypnosis, a terrible boarding school, being thrown down a lift shaft, being thrown in jail, acting in a freak show and the murder of their Uncle Monty and Aunt Josephine at the hands of the evil Count Olaf and his nefarious assistants, the siblings are ever-vigilant of his reappearance, although this instalment sees them travelling with him, in disguise, to the Mortmain Mountains . Luckily these well-mannered and uncomplaining children are also very resourceful: Violet invents, Klaus researches and Sunny bites.

Snicket’s tone throughout is apologetic, sincere and matter-of-fact as he relates the unfortunate events in the children’s lives; his imaginative and even surreptitiously educational style will hold much appeal for younger readers, as will the persistent silliness of adults. Snicket’s word and phrase definitions are often hilarious. As always, the alliterative titles are delightful and Brett Helquist provides some wonderfully evocative illustrations.

After seemingly marking time for the last few books, finally, there are some developments that begin to unravel the mystery of the fate of the Baudelaire parents, and an unexpected ally assists Violet and Klaus as they try to rescue Sunny. But their concern for their baby sister is apparently unwarranted, as Sunny not only takes care of herself, but also manages to overhear some vital information, and, luckily, her communication skills have improved exponentially.

Our ever resourceful orphans use a sticky mess to get themselves out of a sticky mess, as well as utilising hammocks, a ukulele, forks, a hand mirror, a breadknife and couple of coats for various purposes. They find coded messages in unusual places and are surprised by facts revealed about their parents. Will the Baudelaires reach the alternate VFD headquarters before Count Olaf does, and will they find a surviving parent there? Readers will have to read the next instalment, The Grim Grotto, to find out.
3.5 stars
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1,143 reviews598 followers
August 17, 2016
Mini Review: These last few are just getting better and better! The stories are different, there's more suspense, and I'm just overall more interested. Really excited to be nearing the end!
Profile Image for Jessica Mae.
218 reviews27 followers
May 2, 2018
100% going to put "The World is Quiet Here" on the wall of my future library. 📚💕
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